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                       Legg Mason Brings 14 New Investment Strategies to Asia

Hong Kong – 8 November 2010 – Legg Mason Global Asset Management has introduced 12 new
investment strategies to the region through its investment affiliates: Legg Mason Capital Management,
Legg Mason Hong Kong, Royce & Associates, Western Asset, Permal, Batterymarch and
ClearBridge Advisors. The new investment strategies provide a diverse range of equity and fixed
income funds across Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

“Product innovation continues to be a key focus for Legg Mason and we have been focusing our
efforts on bringing new cross border funds to Asia. By introducing 12 new funds to the region, we aim
to provide local investors with access to a wider array of investment strategies through a single point
of contact,” said Lennie Lim, Managing Director, Head of Asia Distribution, Legg Mason Global Asset

Legg Mason has 46 cross border funds registered in Hong Kong, 32 in Singapore and 16 in Taiwan.
“The new investment strategies registered across the our key Asian markets reflect our client’s
investment appetite, and are well positioned to take advantage of the market environment”,
concluded Mr. Lim.

Of the 14 newly introduced strategies, 5 new funds are now authorized in Hong Kong:

Investment Affiliate               Fund                         Investment Objective
Legg Mason Capital                 Legg Mason Capital           The Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital
Management                         Management Opportunity Fund  appreciation by investing in equity securities, debt
                                                                securities, derivatives and other financial
Legg Mason Hong Kong               Legg Mason LMHK China Fund  The Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital
                                                                appreciation by investing at least 70% of its Total
                                                                Asset Value in equity and equity-related securities
                                                                issued by or providing exposure to companies that
                                                                have their seat or registered office located in or
                                                                that conduct the predominant portion of their
                                                                activities in China or Hong Kong.

  SFC authorization is not a recommendation or endorsement of a product nor does it guarantee the commercial merits of a
product or its performance. It does not mean the product is suitable for all investors nor is it an endorsement of its suitability for
any particular investor or class of investors.
                                                                                        News Release

Royce & Associates         Legg Mason Royce Global     The Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital
                           Smaller Companies Fund      appreciation by investing at least two-thirds of
                                                       its Total Asset Value in equity securities issued
                                                       by mid- and small-cap companies with stock
                                                       market capitalisations of less than US$5 billion.
Western Asset              Legg Mason Western Asset    The Fund seeks to achieve total return through
                           Global Blue Chip Fund       income and capital appreciation by investing in
                                                       debt securities that are rated A- or higher by S&P
                                                       or other agencies, or equivalent quality, including
                                                       corporations and supernational organisations
                                                       whose long-term debt is rated A- or higher by
                                                       S&P or other agencies, or equivalent quality.
The Permal Group           Legg Mason Permal Global    The Fund seeks to generate absolute returns over
                           Absolute Fund               the medium-term through a macro style investment
                                                       process. The Fund will invest primarily in other
                                                       open-ended collective investment schemes,
                                                       transferable securities listed or traded on
                                                       Regulated Markets (including ETF’s, closed-ended
                                                       funds and REITS) and financial derivative


About Legg Mason
Legg Mason, Inc., headquartered in Baltimore, USA, is a global investment management firm with
assets under management US$673.5 billion as of September 30, 2010 serving clients in 180
countries. Legg Mason’s wholly-owned, independently-operated investment subsidiaries manage
equity and fixed income assets across the world’s major markets. Collectively, they offer a broad
spectrum of asset management styles.


•    INVESTMENT INVOLVES RISKS. Past performance is not indicative of future results.
•    The Fund may invest in a single country which may give rise to increased risk over more
     diversified funds.
•    Investors should read and understand the Fund’s most current offering document, including
     details of risk factors relevant to the Fund before making an investment in the Fund.

This document is for information only and nothing contained herein constitutes investment advice. All
data, opinions, estimates and other information are provided as of the date of this document and may
be subject to change without notice. Investment returns are denominated in the Fund’s base currency.
Where the Fund’s base currency is not US/HK Dollars, US/HK Dollar-based investors are exposed to
exchange rate fluctuations. This document does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell
any units or shares in any fund and the distribution of this document in jurisdictions other than Hong
Kong may be restricted. Any person coming into possession of this document should seek advice for
details of, and observe, such restrictions (if any). This document has not been reviewed by the Hong
Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

Issuer of this document: Legg Mason Asset Management Hong Kong Limited.