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									PR Campaign

By: Amber Schultz
Before We Get Started…

 CUNA vs. CUNA Mutual Group vs. CUNA
  Credit Union (Now Great Wisconsin Credit
  –   Name associations
  –   Locations
  –   Relationships between them
  –   Differences between the three

 Strengthen the corporate culture
 Maintain and build positive relationships with
  credit unions and their members internationally
 Increase the number of retirement plan
SWOT Analysis

 Strengths
  – Leader in financial services to credit unions and their members
       Specialized niche  credit unions
  – Been around since 1935, nonprofit mutual insurance company
  – High Fitch Rating (AA-, Very Strong)
 Weaknesses
  – Number of credit unions in industry is decreasing
  – Lots of layoffs in the company due to efficiency issues
       Loss of faith in company
       Loss of corporate culture
  – Arrogant reputation
SWOT Analysis Cont.

 Opportunities
  – Could go public and sell stock
  – Offer new types of insurance currently not available
      Crop insurance to farmers, auto insurance
 Threats
  – Other insurance providers
      specifically Vanguard, Principal Financial, Fidelity and
       Minnesota Life
  – Banks and other financial institutions
  – Legislative regulations that could change credit
    union’s tax-exempt status
Target Audiences

 CUNA Mutual Employees
 Credit Unions and their members
  – Current clients and prospective clients
 Generation X and Y credit union employees
 CU Leagues
 Non-credit union members
  – Prospective credit union members (farmers

 CUNA Mutual is a great employer
 CUNA Mutual is the leader in providing financial
  services and insurance to credit unions
  worldwide (credible)
 “We want to be your partner” – Want to create
  financial security for credit unions and their
  members and to be the best at serving our
 CUNA Mutual is actively involved in the
  communities it serves
The Main Objective to Strengthen the Corporate Culture
Is to Effectively Communicate the Mission, Goals and
Brand Promise of CUNA Mutual to All Employees

 Strategy 1: Keep internal staff educated and informed
  on all products and services provided by CUNA Mutual
   – Intranet system with access to all PDF forms of products,
     brochures, booklets, codes, presentations, etc.
        Brand promise, logo, slogan should carry through on all documents,
         e-mails, communications internally
   – Provide training sessions and monthly meetings for questions,
     updates, changes, etc.
   – Offer optional computer/informational classes for individuals
     seeking extra help or guidance in an area on a one-on-one level
   – Have hard copies of all product summaries available to everyone
   – Conduct phone conferences for updates or hand-on computer
   – Provide access to competitor’s products
   – Require mandatory tests for advancement designations
Effectively Communicate the Mission, Goals and
Brand Promise of CUNA Mutual to All Employees

 Strategy 2: Raise employee loyalty and keep
  employees pleased
   – Provide competitive pay and benefits
   – Provide equal opportunities for advancement
   – Keep employees challenged with multiple tasks
   – Conduct monthly one-on-one meetings with managers
   – Conduct periodic (annual/semi-annual) confidential surveys to
     employees for feedback and ideas
   – Make sure all employees are know about and are comfortable with a
     crisis communication plan
   – Give employees incentives for hard work
        Blue jeans Fridays
        Seasonal parties
        Treat days
        Grill outs
The Main Objective to Build and Maintain Relationships
With Credit Unions and Their Members Is to Provide the
Highest Quality Customer Service and Care

 Strategy 1: Provide quality products that are
  easy to access
   – Do some research and keep products competitive
       Availability and price-wise
   – Send out surveys to clients to see what their specific
     wants and desires are (rate the current service)
   – Provide 24/7 internet access for clients to their plans
   – One point of sales contact instead of multiple ones
   – Live people taking phone calls instead of machines
Provide the Highest Quality Customer
Service and Care

 Strategy 2: Continue to be leaders and contributors in
  the community – “People Helping People”
   – #1 corporate donor to The United Way in Madison and
     Waverly, Iowa
   – Match or raise donations to current organizations CUNA
     Mutual already supports
         Filene Institute, Children’s Miracle Network, Natural Disaster
          Relief funds, financial literacy programs, etc.
   –   Offer opportunities for employees to volunteer
   –   Offer grants to other nonprofit agencies
   –   Sponsor local community events for walk/runs
   –   Have donation boxes for certain charities or organizations in
       the offices
 The Main Objective to Increase Retirement
 Plan Participation Is to Raise Awareness of
 the Program

 Strategy 1: Reach out to generation X and Y credit
  union employees and members
   – Use direct mailings to get them thinking about their retirement
   – Provide access to online resources
   – Send out retirement plan calculators
   – Send pamphlets/brochures about different retirement plans
     offered by CUNA Mutual
   – Send out e-mails
   – Web advertising on their credit union’s page
   – Advertisements in credit union magazines/newsletters
Raise Awareness of Retirement Plan

 Strategy 2: Reach out to non-credit union
  employees and members
  – Provide new types of insurance to benefit non-
    members to get them to join a credit union and use
    the services
  – Promotion incentives for new members
  – Offer credit union discounts for a certain quota of
    new members in a certain time period
  – Offer lowered interest rates to new members via
    print ads, TV commercials or radio ads

 Conduct research to find out if:
   – Employee satisfaction within CUNA Mutual increased
   – There is a clear understanding of the CUNA Mutual mission,
     goals and brand among employees
   – Customer satisfaction increased
   – There are more clients with CUNA Mutual than before
   – More products and services are being used
       New services like crop insurance
   – There is an increase in Generation X or Generation Y plan
     participants (Which is more? Which had a higher focus?)
   – Discounts and promos were being taken advantage of
       Increases in number of credit union members

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