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									  Personal Calculators
 Pocket and Personal Printing Calculators

General Information
   Hewlett-Packard introduced the world’s
first pocket scientific calculator in 1972.
Since then, Hewlett-Packard has introduced
numerous other pocket and personal printing
calculators with technologically advanced
features; each with different capabilities for
different levels of problem sophistication. To
properly select a calculator, you must consid-
er not only the problems you’re facing today,
but those you’re likely to face tomorrow.
Personal Calculators
  If your problems are fairly straight for-
ward but still include coordinate conversions,
log and trig functions, the new HP-31E may
be the model for you. The new HP-3 1E is the
lowest priced scientific pocket calculator
Hewlett-Packard offers, yet it has all the
functions and features you’d expect to find in
a quality scientific pocket calculator. For ad-
vanced calculations, the new HP-32E may be
ideal for you. It contains all the features and
functions of the HP-31E plus advanced stat-
istics to handle even the toughest of prob-
   For repetitive or iterative problems the new
HP-33E keystroke programmable has the
problem-solving power to meet your need.
The HP-33E remembers a series of key-
strokes as you press them, then executes the
sequence later at your command.
   If you require keystroke programmability
plus the advantages of Continuous Memory,
pick up either the HP-19C or HP-29C. The
Continuous Memory feature of these calcu-
lators makes it possible to retain programs-
even with the calculator switched off. And
the HP-19C gives you a printed record of
your scientific and engineering problems.
   If your problems are more business orient-
ed, take a look at the HP-37E or HP-38E.
These calculators provide the desirable
combination of financial, mathematical, and
statistical capabilities frequently used in
business transactions. And for the business-
person that must evaluate large numbers of
investment alternatives, the HP-92 provides       mable HP-97 Printing Calculator. The HP-      identical power of the HP-97 in the classic
solutions quickly, easily, and accurately. The    97 is the most powerful personal calculator   pocket size ’
thermal printing feature gives you an indis-      ever made by Hewlett-Packard. The HP-97         Whichever H P calculator you select, you
 pensable record of time and money solutions.     combines exceptional programming power        can be assured that it is the finest in its
   For the ultimate in problem-solving power,     with a battery-operated printer, all in one   class.. .the standard of H P quality permits
 Hewlett-Packard offers the fully program-        self-contained unit. The HP-67 provides the   nothing less.
                                                                                                     Scientific Pocket Calculators
                                                                                                                            Model H P - l 9 C / 2 9 C

    0   Advanced programming features                                            A complete range of preprogrammed functions and fea-
    0   Merged keystrokes provide greater memory efficiency                      tures
                                                                                 Fast and easy editing


    The HP-I 9C and HP-29C are a pair of advanced programmable cal-            Increment/decrement storage register and skip on zero.
    culators with Continuous Memory. Continuous Memory retains a               Addressing
    user’s programs or data, even with the power turned off. The HP-19C        Label addressing: indirect addressing of labels and data storage;
    combines a full range of scientific functions, advanced programming        relative addressing; three levels of subroutines.
    features and RPN number entry with a battery powered printer in a          Editing: single step execution; single step and back step inspection of
    convenient hand-held size. The HP-29C offers the same features and         a program; insert/delete editing; position the calculator at any step i n
    functions in an even smaller “pocket size.” These functionally identi-     program memory. Pause-review intermediate results.
    cal calculators provide exceptional utility to professionals and stu-
    dents in science or engineering fields.                                    General
                                                                               Display: fixed decimal, scientific and engineering notation.
    Specifications                                                             Print select switch: print only when you desire; print digit entries
    Pre-Programmed Functions                                                   and functions automatically; or trace an executing program.
     Angular: Sin, Cos, Tan, Sin -I,    Cos -‘, Tan -l; Hours - Minutes
      - Seconds Conversion to decimal hours; polar/rectangular conver-         HP-19C Physical specifications
      sion; degrees, radians, grads angular modes.                             Power: 1 15 Vac (or 230 Vac) f 10%. 50 to 60 hz.
      Logarithmic: Log, lox, Ln, ex.                                           Size: 40mm H x 88mm W x 165 mm L (1.6” x 3.45” x 6.5”).
      Statistics: Summations n, Zx, Zy, Zxz, Zyz, Zxy; deletion of un-         HP-29C Physical specifications
      wanted data; mean, standard deviation.                                   Power: AC 115 (or 230 V) & lo%, 50 to 60 hz.
      Other: +, -, f, x, yx, xz, K, dx, 1/x, %. Integer truncation; fraction   Size: 30.2mm H x 68.3mm W x 130.2 mm L (1.2” x 2.7“ x 5.1”).
      truncation: absolute value.
    Programming features: 98 steps of Continuous Memory (all func-             Ordering information                                              Price
    tions merged); 16 Continuous Memory data storage registers; 14             HP-19C Printing Programmable with Continuous                       $275
    volatile data storage registers; four-register stack; last-X register; x   Memory
    # y. x = y, x > y, x 5 y; x # 0, x = 0, x > 0, x < 0 conditional tests;    HP-29C Programmable with Continuous Memory                         $175
    Scientific Pocket Calculators
    HP-3 l E , HP-32E, HP-33E

    New easy-to-read display
    Self-check capacity
    Improved accuracy

                                                                                                        The new HP-33E provides extraordinary
                                                                                                      problem-solving power plus versatile key-
                                                                                                      stroke programmability to solve repetitive
                                                                                                      problems quickly and easily. The HP-33E re-
                                                                                                      members a series of keystrokes as you press
 HP-3 1E                                           HP-32E                                             them, then executes the sequence later at
    The new HP-3 1E is a no-nonsense machine         The new HP-32E is the most powerful sci-         your command. Programming removes the
 that provides an excellent blend of math-         entific preprogrammed calculator ever built        drudgery of lengthy or repetitive calculations
 ematical and scientific functions at the          by HP. The HP-32E is packed with dozens of         saving time for decision making. The HP-
 lowest price ever for a Hewlett-Packard cal-      invaluable mathematical and scientific func-       33E features 49 lines of Program Memory.
 culator.                                          tions to help solve even the toughest of prob-     An instruction occupies only a single line of
    The HP-3 1E has the functions you need for     lems.                                              memory whether a keyboard operation has
 science or engineering. Exponentials, reci-          The HP-32E has extensive statistical capa-      one, two, or three keystrokes. In addition to
 procals, square roots, pi and per cent at the     bilities; normal distribution, linear regression   the 49 lines of fully merged program mem-
 touch of a key.                                   and estimate, correlation coefficient, and two     ory, the HP-33E has a variety of specialized
    Computes sine, cosine, or tangent, arc sine,   variable means and standard deviations. 15         functions to make programming more useful
 arc cosine, and arc tangent-all        with a     addressable storage registers. The HP-32E          and powerful.
 choice of degrees, radians, or grads mode.        provides exceptional utility for managers,
   The HP-31E gives you Rectangular/Polar          statisticians or anyone who must reduce and
 Conversions, Logarithms, Metric Conver-           interpret data.                                    HP-33E Specifications
 sions, Four Addressable Registers and LAST                                                           Preprogrammed functions
 X, Two Display Modes, Stack Review, Selec-                                                           Trigonometric/Mathematic: DEG, RAD,
 tive Clearing Options. The HP-31E is de-          HP-32E Specifications                              GRD modes, SIN, COS, TAN and inverses,
 signed to help cut through the toughest           Preprogrammed functions                            R t P, DEG t RAD, H 2 H.MS,
                                                                                                          '                 '
 scientific and mathematical problems.             Trigonometric/Mathematicai:              DEG,                                             +,
                                                                                                      LOG, lox, LN,ex, y X , X I/x, x ' , ~ , -, x,
                                                   RAD, GRD Modes, SIN, COS, TAN and                  +, %, ABS, INT, FRAC,        I

                                                   inverses.        R 2 P,         DEG 2 RAD,         Statistics: 51, s, r, L.R., x, y, E+, E- (n, Ex,
 HP-3 1E Specifications                            H 2 H.MS, SINH, COSH, TANH and in-                 zx2, zy, zyp, Zxy).
 Preprogrammed functions                           verses. LOG, lox, LN, ex, yX,% I/x, x2, T ,        Programming: SST, BST, GTO, GSB,
 RAD, GRD modes, SIN, COS, TAN and in-
                                        DEG,       +,-,                         -
                                                          X, t , % , A % , % E . -                    RTN, R/S, PAUSE, NOP. 3 levels of Sub-
                                                                                                      routines, 8 Conditional tests.
                                                   Statistical:X, s, r, L.R., x, y, E+, E- (n,Ex,
 verses, R + P, DEG      =  RAD, LOG, lox,         Ex', ZY, W.    ZXY),Q.Q-'. n!
 LN, ex, y X , 6I/x, T , +, -, +, x, %.                                                               General
                                                   General                                            Clearing options: CLX, STK, REG,
 General                                           Clearing options: CLX, REG, 2, ALL,                PRGM, PREFIX
 Clearing options: CLX, STK, REG, ALL,             PREFIX                                             Memory: 8 Storage Registers, LAST X, 49
 PREFIX                                            Memory: 15 Storage Registers, LAST X               Program Lines
 Memory: 4 storage registers, LAST X.              Recharger Power Requirements: 90 to                Recharger Power Requirements: 90 to
 Recharger Power Requirements: 90 to               120 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz, or 198-242 VAC, 50           120 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz, or 198-242 VAC, 50
 120 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz, or 198-242 VAC, 50          to 60 Hz.                                          to 60 Hz.
 to 60 Hz.                                         Size: 30 mm H (1.2") x 75 mm W (3.0") x            size: 0 mm H (1.2") x 75 mm w (3.0") x
 Size: 30 mm H (1.2") x 75 mm W (3.0") x           140 mm L (5.6").                                   140 mm L (5.6").
 140 mm L (5.6")
                                                   Ordering information                               Ordering information
 Ordering information                    Price     HP-32E Advanced Scientific               Price     HP-33E Programmable Scientific           Price
 HP-31E Scientific Calculator              $60     Calculator with Statistics                $ 80     Calculator                                  SI00
                                                                                                  Ab CALCULATORS
                                                                                                 Financial Pocket Calculators
                                                                                                                           HP-37E, HP-38E


                                                              HP-37E                                                                      HP-38E

  The new HP-37E is the basic calculator you need for answers to          internal rate of return (IRR) for up to 20 groups of uneven cash flows
most business and financial problems such as pricing, compound in-        with up to 99 cash flows in each group. The HP-38E provides capa-
terest, trend lines and more. The HP-37E can solve for the fifth vari-    bilities that are invaluable to business managers and business stu-
able given four-n (number of compounding periods), i (interest rate),     dents alike.
PV (present value), PMT (payment) and FV (future value). Key the
elements of the problem in any order. The HP-37E’s ability to modify      HP-38E Specifications
the variables in a problem continuously make it ideal for solving prob-   Financial: Number of periods, Interest rate per period, Present val-
lems in complex or changing business situations.                          ue, Payment, Future value. Accumulated interest, Payment to princi-
                                                                          pal, Remaining balance. Ordinary and Annuity due switch. Simple
HP-37E Specifications                                                     interest. Net present value, Internal rate of return. Automatic entry
Preprogrammed functions                                                   for grouped or individual cash flows.
Financial: Number of periods, Interest rate per period, Present val-      Percent: Percent, Percent of total, Percent change.
ue, Payment, Future value. Accumulated interest, Payment to princi-       Mathematical: Four arithmetic functions, Reciprocal, Square root,
pal, Remaining balance. Ordinary and Annuity due switch.                  Exponentiation, Natural logarithm and antilogarithm, Factorial.
Percent: Percent, Percent of total, Percent change, Price.                Stetistical: Two variable mean and standard deviation. Weighted
Mathematical: Four arithmetic functions, Reciprocal, Square root,         average. Linear estimate of x and y values, Correlation coefficient.
Exponentiation, Factorial, Natural logarithm and antilogarithm.           Summations (n,Zx, Zx’, Zy, Zy‘, Zxy) and error correction.
Statlstlcal: Two variable mean and standard deviation, Linear esti-       General
mate and correlation coefficient. Summations (n, Zx, Zxz, Zy, Zy’,        Clearing options: CLX, Clear all, Clear finance, Clear statistics,
Zxy) and error correction.                                                Clear prefix, Clear program.
General                                                                   Control functions: Enter, x-y exchange, Roll down, Change sign.
Clearing options: CLX, Clear finance, Clear all.                          Store and Recall. Enter exponent. Round, Integer, Fraction. Two
Control: Enter, x-y exchange, Roll down, Change sign. Store and           shift keys. On-off switch.
Recall. Shift key. On-off switch.                                         Programming Functions: Program/run, Go to, Tests (x d y,
Registers: 7user.s. 5 financial, 4 operational.                             x = 0). Single-step, Back step. Pause, Run/stop. Memory Map.
Recharger Power Requirements: 90 to 120 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz,or               Calendar Functions: Date with day of week, Number of days, Date
198-242 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz.                                                 Format switch (month-day-year or day-month-year).
Size: 30 mm H (1.2”) X 75 mm W (3.0”) X 140 mm L (5.6”).                  Display: 10 digits, Low-level battery indicator.
Ordering information                                            Price     Registers: 20 user’s, 5 financial, 4 operational, Last x register. 8 pro-
HP-37E Business Management Calculator                             $75
                                                                          gram lines (expandable to 99).
                                                                          Recharger Power Requirements: 90 to 120 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz,or
HP-38E                                                                    198-242 VAC, 50 to 60 HZ.
  With all the capabilities of the HP-37E, the new HP-38E is a pow-
                                                                          Size: 30 mm H (1.2”) X 75 mm W (3.0”) X 140 mm L (5.6”).
erful financial calculator that includes programming. The HP-38E
combines a wide array of financial functions with the ability to re-      Ordering information                                             Price
member all the keystrokes in a calculation and repeats them with the      HP-38E Advanced Financial Calculator with Program-                 $120
touch of a key. The HP-38E calculates net present value (NPV) and         mability
  Desktop Printing Calculators
  HP-92A, HP-97A

                                HP-97A                                                             HP-QPA

HP-92                                                                     plus a battery-operated printer, all in one self-contained unit. An ex-
   The HP-92 Investor is a portable printing financial calculator for     tra-large display provides easy readability and a buffered keyboard
the person who must evaluate a large number of investment alterha-        allows data to be keyed in at high speed. The HP-97 solves your prob-
tives quickly, easily, and accurately. The HP-92 solves problems in-      lems faster and with less chance for error.
volving time and money; compound interest, balloons, discounted
cash flow, bonds and notes, depreciation, net present value, internal
rate of return. The flick of a switch engages the quiet thermal printer   HP-97 Specifications
that provides an indispensible record of your calculations. 30 storage    Preprogrammed functions
registers. Printing and clearing functions. And with all its powerful     Mathematical: Sin, Cos, Tan, Sin-',     Cos-', Tan-'; Degrees, ra-
computational capability, the HP-92 fits into a standard-sized brief-     dians, grads angular modes; Coordinate conversion; Degree/radiam
case-an invaluable feature for the person on the go.                      conversion; Hours/minutes/seconds addition and conversion to deci-
                                                                          mal hours; Log, lox, Ln, ex; Integer truncation; Fraction truncation;
                                                                          Absolute value; Rounding; -, x, +, yx. x', 1/x,<N!,         %, %CH,
HP-92 Specifications                                                      7r.
                                                                          Statistical: Summations n, Cx, Zx2, Zy, Cy', Xxy; Deletion of un-
Compound Interest: [n]. [12X], [i]. [12+], [PV], [FV], [PMT]              wanted data; Mean, Standard deviations.
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis: [NPV], [IRR]
Bonds and Notes: [PRICE], [YIELD], [IS, ST], [MT], [CALL],                Programming features
[CPNI                                                                     Card Reader features: Record/Load all data registers; Load select-
Depreciation: [STL], [SOYD], [DB], [BOOK], [LIFE], [SAL],           ed data registers; Record/Load entire program memory; Merge pro-
[NII. IN21                                                          gram subsections; Angular mode, flag settings, and display status are
Percentage: [%I, [A%], [%E]                                         recorded with program recording and reset with program loading.
Calendar: 2000 Year Calendar, [Date         +  Days], [A Days], [g] Addressing: Label addressing; Indirect addressing of labels and data
[PRINT X]                                                           storage; Relative addressing; 10 user-definable keys or 20 user-defin-
Statistics: [Z+], [Z-1, [XI, [SI, [L.R.], [yl, [rl                  able labels; Three levels of subroutines (GSB).
Storage: [STO], [RCL]                                               Conditionals: x = y. x # y, x > y, x I x f 0, x = 0, x < 0, x > 0;
Printing and Clearing: [AMORT], LIST: [FINANCE], [PRINT             Four flags; Increment, decrement storage registers and skip on zero.
XI, LIST: [STACK], LIST: [REG], -[XI, [CLX], [CL FIN], [CL          Editing: Single step execution; Single step and back step inspection of
REG] [CLZ], [CLEAR]                                                 a program; Insert/Delete editing. Position the calculator at any step
Number Entry and Manipulation: [ENTER Tl, ICHSl, Ix z~ _ _ in program memory (GTOmm).
                                                  ._ -   - - . vl
[R TI [R 11% [EEX], [RND], [LAST XI
Mathematics: [yxl, [eX], [LNI, [ f i l , [l/xl, [+I [-I [XI [+I     General
Power: AC: 115 or 230 V LO%, 50 to 60 Hz.                           Memory: 224 steps of program memory.
                                                                    Display: Up to IO significant digits with selective round-off to de-
Size: 63.5 mm H (2.5") x 229 mm W (9") x 203 mm L (8").
                                                                    sired number of places in fixed decimal notation.
Ordering information                                         Price  Power: 90- 127 VAC or 200-254 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz. 5.0 V dc for
HP-92 Investor                                                $495  nickel cadmium rechargeable battery pack.
                                                                    Size: 63.5 mm H (2.5") x 228.6 mm W (9") x 203.2 mm L (8").
  This is the most powerful personal calculator Hewlett-Packard has       Ordering information                                            Price
ever made. The HP-97 combines exceptional programming power-              HP-97 Fully Programmable Printing Calculator                      $750
                                                                            PERSONAL CALCULATORS

  Increase versatility of your calculator                                               Customize your HP calculator t o your need

  In keeping pace with the growing number of H P personal calculator     neering as well as Medicine, Navigation, Real Estate, Taxes and
owners, Hewlett-Packard offers solutions to most imaginable needs in     Games.
the form of accessories. H P software, hardware and supplies will sig-     To keep your H P calculator operating a t peak efficiency, several
nificantly increase the versatility and usefulness of your calculator.   different models of rechargeable battery packs, reserve power pacs,
As your problem-solving capabilities grow, H P grows with you. By        and DC rechargers are available to counter untimely power losses; at
putting the “Application Pacs” and “Solutions Books” to work for         home or in the field.
you, you may find that the solutions you require already exist.
Application Pac topic areas include:                                       To complement the software, H P provides a full line of personal
     Stat Pac                           Games Pac                        calculator accessories to keep your HP calculator safe and sound. To
     Math Pac                           ME Pac                           protect against a “mysterious disappearance” of your calculator,
     EE Pac                           0 Surveying Pac                    there is a ruggedly-designed, key-operated security cradle available
     Business Decisions Pac             Navigation Pac                   to protect your investment. For printing models, a six-foot security
     Civil Engineering Pac                                               cable is available. For some models, H P offers a hard leather case to
     Clinical Lab & Nuclear Medicine Pac                                 guard against normal environment conditions in the field, as well as a
  Solutions Books, 40 total, cover numerous topic areas. Included are:   stylish, black, soft leather case. From battery pacs to blank program
Statistics, Math, Business, Surveying, Mechanical & Electrical Engi-     cards, H P has the accessories for your needs.

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