Club Sports Handbook by liaoguiguo


									 Club Sports Handbook                                                                                          2008-2009
 Club Sports Office: (408) 551-7182      Malley Center: (408) 554-4068      Fax: (408) 551-7180       Web Site:

TABLE OF CONTENTS                              CLUB SPORTS OFFICE
Alcohol           15
Apparel           10                           Erin Patchett                Katrina Blanton-Hubbard             Joe McDonnell
Approved Drivers 14                            Assistant Director           Student Coordinator                 Student Coordinator
Athletic Trainers 12                           Office: (408) 554-5480       (408) 551-7182                     (408) 551-7182
Bellomy Field     17                           Cell: (408) 533-5724   
Budgets           8                  
Cash Advances 10
Cell Phones       14
Club Spt. Council 2
Conduct           15              Welcome to the Santa                  through a broad scope of             Program is designed to
Contracts         12              Clara University Campus               recreational, educational            enhance the student
Copies            6               Recreation Club Sports                and competitive programs.            experience. It is not a path
Donations         9               Program. The handbook is                                                   leading clubs to varsity
Eligibility       5               designed to guide all club            CLUB SPORTS MISSION                  status under the SCU
Emergency Proc. 13                officers in the organization,                                              Intercollegiate Athletics
Equipment         17              management, execution                                                      Department.
Expenses          10              and administration of their
Facilities        16              respective clubs. Please              The Club Sports Program              The Club Sports Program is
Fac/Staff Part.   5               take time to read this                provides students the                administered by Campus
Finances          8               handbook thoroughly as                opportunity to participate           Recreation and is overseen
FLEX              9               club officers are responsible         on competitive club teams            by the Assistant Director of
Flyers            7               for all of the information            that compete against other           Recreation and two Club
Funding           8               included in this document.            intercollegiate club teams           Sports Student
Fundraising       9                                                     and to enhance their                 Coordinators.
Hazing            15              CAMPUS RECREATION                     collegiate experience by
Health Insurance 12               MISSION STATEMENT                     providing a well-rounded
Injuries          12                                                    education through
Intramurals       5               Campus Recreation seeks               physical, social, and
Invoices          10              to enrich the lives of                leadership development.
Logos             6               students, faculty and staff           The SCU Club Sports
Mailbox           6
Malley Access     4
Malley Center     16
Marketing         7
Media             7               General Information
Nat. Travel Fund 8
Officer Duties    3                   The Club Sports Program is           skills including program          and the NCAA.
Org Chart         2                   designed to provide                  planning, delegation of           Clubs are student-initiated
Parking Permits   4                   participants with an                 responsibility and                and student-managed so
Paying People     10                  opportunity to:                      authority, group                  members are actively
Practices         18                   Participate in a wide              dynamics, fundraising,            involved in determining the
Prospective Athl. 15                    variety of sports and              financial management,             objectives and procedures
Purchasing        10                    develop lifelong leisure           and public relations              of their club. The decision-
Receipts          11                    values                                                               making duties are the
Recognition       5                    Learn new sports skills          CLUB SPORTS DEFINED                 responsibility of the student
Reimbursements 11                      Practice and refine                                                  members and officers. The
Required Forms    19                    existing sports skills           Santa Clara University              clubs with the most success
Reserving Rooms 17                     Engage in advanced,              defines a Club Sport as a           and stability are those with
Resources         6                     structured intercollegiate       participation-based                 active members and
Results           14                    competition                      student organization whose          dedicated officers.
Revenue           9                    Develop a feeling of             members compete
Risk Mngmt.       12                    belonging and                    regularly to pursue a goal-         Our clubs compete with
Scheduling        18                    understanding among              driven interest in a sport. All     clubs from other universities
Social Websites   15                    individuals and groups           Club Sports represent Santa         and are not intercollegiate
Sponsorships      9                    Develop and maintain             Clara University and must           sports teams. Club Sport
Stanton Field     17                    physical fitness                 comply with the rules and           teams do not recruit or
Travel            14                   Develop leadership skills        regulations set forth by the        offer scholarships.
Trips             14                    and capabilities                 University, their national
Volunteers        4                    Develop organizational           governing organization,
FAQs              20

                    Club Sports                             Director of Recreation –      Executive Board President –
                Organizational Chart                        Janice DeMonsi                Ellen Metzger

                                                            Assistant Director of         Club Sports Council
                                                            Recreation – Erin Patchett    Executive Board Vice
                                                                                          President – Colin
                                                            Club Sports Coordinators –    Niedermeyer
                                                            Katrina Blanton-Hubbard
                                                            and Joe McDonnell             You can reach any of
                                                                                          these people by emailing
                                                            Club Sports Council 
                                                            Executive Board
                                                            Chairperson – Katrina

                                                            Club Sports Council

                                                            Club Sports Office Staff
                                                            Responsibilities include:         club forms and maintain
                                                             General administrative          budgets for each team.
                                                              guidance and assistance        Assist with the continuing
                                                              with all club business.         development of policies
                                                             Communicate regularly           and procedures for the
                                                              with the designated club        Campus Recreation Club
                                                              representative.                 Sports Program.
                                                             Advise the CSC (Assistant      Assign facilities for
                                                              Director of Recreation)         practices, games, and
                                                              and serve as Chair of the       any special events held
                                                              Council (Club Sports            on campus.
                                                              Coordinator).                  Enforce all policies and
                                                             Advise officers on              regulations as defined by
                                                              matters of liability,           the Department of
                                                              promotions, brochures,          Athletics and Recreation
                                                              travel, budgets,                and Santa Clara
                                                              equipment purchases,            University.
                                                              scheduling, and                Have final authority
                                                              fundraising.                    (Assistant Director) on all
                                                             Process and track all           club business.

Club Sports Council (CSC)
EXECUTIVE BOARD              discuss ideas, issues,         the CSC is made up of 18        the Council.
                             budgets, discipline, and       members (1 Team Rep for        Attending all meetings
Each spring the current      agendas prior to CSC           each of the 18 different        (approximately 2 per
CSC elects a new President   meetings. The duties of the    Club Sports teams). Each        quarter) on Sunday
and Vice President of the    Executive Board are listed     club may choose the             evenings at 9pm.
CSC Executive Board.         on the CSC Constitution        person that will serve as      Passing along rulings and
These elected students       which is available online or   their Team Rep but that         other information from
serve as leadership of the   in the Club Sports Office.     person must be an elected       meetings to their team
Council and must carry out                                  officer of that club.           officers and members.
the CSC Constitution. The    TEAM REPRESENTATIVES           Responsibilities include:      Assisting with special
Executive Board meets with                                   Serving as the liaison        events and serving on
the Club Sports Staff to     The voting membership of          between their team and       Council committees.
 Club Sports Officers                                                                                                             3

Club Sports are self-administered and the daily operations                University, the Department of Athletics and Recreation,
of each club are mainly the responsibility of its officers and            the Club Sports Handbook, and the SCU Student
members. The contribution of each member is vital to the                  Handbook.
club's success. However, it is the president who is ultimately           Serve as liaison between the club and the administrative
responsible for ensuring that the club functions properly.                staff concerning club activities. Communication with the
Each club president should delegate responsibilities                      Assistant Director of Recreation or Club Sports
among officers and club members.                                          Coordinator is expected on every aspect of the club
                                                                          and is critical to the success of each club.
Each club must have a minimum of 2 officers. For clubs                   Establish and collect club dues.
with larger membership, the ratio must be 1 officer for                  Select volunteer and paid coaches/instructors.
every 15 team members to ensure that one person does                     Attend all scheduled club meetings called by the Club
not face the impossible task of fulfilling all duties and                 Sports Staff.
obligations. Typical club officers include president, vice-              Inform club members and coaches of all responsibilities,
president, treasurer, equipment manager, publicity                        obligations, policies, procedures, and crucial deadlines.
manager, safety manager, etc. All club officers must meet                 Follow up to ensure compliance.
the standards described in the Eligibility Policy for                    Submit a Team Roster Form prior to the first practice.
Participation in Student Activities in the SCU Student                   Ensure that every participant properly fills out the
Handbook which includes maintaining a cumulative GPA                      Informed Consent and Release of Liability Form, Medial
of at least 2.0.                                                          Information and Authorization Form, and Conduct
                                                                          Guidelines. All three forms must be on file in the Club
Responsibilities of the Club Sports Officers include but are              Sports Office before members can practice and/or
not limited to:                                                           participate in any club-sponsored event.
 Provide leadership and direction to the club.                          Update the team roster as membership changes and
 Follow regulations as stipulated by Santa Clara                         submit to the Club Sports Coordinator.

                                   Check the club's mailbox          Authorization Form for              paperwork, and checks
   Officer                          regularly in the Club
                                    Sports Office at the Pat
                                                                      each team member and
                                                                      the Emergency Contact
                                                                                                          to the Club Sports
                                                                                                          Coordinator with the
Responsibilities                    Malley Fitness and                Card given out at the               Club Sport listed clearly
                                    Recreation Center.                beginning of the year.              on the top of the
 Continued…                        Check email regularly            Inform the Club Sports              document.
                                    and reply promptly.               Coordinator of any                 Inform incoming officers
                                    Important information will        address and/or phone                to your club of all
                                    be conveyed via email in          number changes of any               operating procedures.
                                    regards to club activities,       officers during the school         Additional duties are
                                    deadlines, etc.                   year.                               discussed under the
                                   Satisfy financial                Obtain approval for                 other headings of this
                                    obligations that the club         competition and                     handbook. The points
                                    has incurred which are            practice schedules for              mentioned above should
                                    not covered by funds              each quarter and                    not be considered a
                                    allocated through                 coordinate facility                 complete list of the Club
                                    Campus Recreation.                requests and usage with             Officers’ responsibilities.
                                   Keep accurate records             the Assistant Director of
                                    of club income and                Recreation.
                                    expenditures and ensure          Fulfill requirements for
                                    funds are properly                getting people
                                    deposited.                        approved to drive for all
                                   Fulfill all national              club events.
                                    governing body and/or            Have all promotional
                                    league obligations.               items approved by the
                                   Become familiar with the          Assistant Director of
                                    Injury Report Form and            Recreation prior to mass
                                    emergency procedures.             reproduction, posting, or
                                   Ensure that two club              distribution.
                                    officers, coaches, or            Submit a Program
                                    members are First                 Funding Summary and
                                    Aid/CPR certified.                schedule a budget
                                   Have on hand at all               meeting with the Club
                                    practices, games, and             Sports Coordinator by
                                    special events: Medical           the 3rd Friday of the fall
                                    Information and                   quarter.
                                                                     Submit ALL forms,

      Did you know you can see past Club Sports Award winners at
MALLEY CENTER ACCESS           Club Sports Coaches/Instructors
Each club will be given
                               The philosophy of the Club       Responsibilities of the Club        Letter of Agreement in
free Malley Center
                               Sports Program is to             Sports Coaches include but          addition to the Coach
Membership cards for two       emphasize student                are not limited to:                 Letter of Agreement.
coaches that are good for      leadership and                    Each new academic                Stay up-to-date on club
access to the Pat Malley
                               participation. It is the           year, read and sign the           activities, competitions,
Fitness and Recreation
                               responsibility of each club        Coach/Instructor Letter           meetings, etc.
Center (this card will not     to secure the services of a        of Agreement and                 Adhere to all Santa Clara
allow coaches to take
                               volunteer coach/instructor         attach copies of any              University, Department of
fitness classes). Coaches
                               if they so choose to have a        new or updated                    Athletics and Recreation,
who misuse their card will
                               coach. The coach should            certifications and/or             national governing body
lose future access             limit his/her contributions to     licenses.                         and/or league policies
privileges to the facility
                               those involving coaching          Coaches MUST submit               and regulations.
and the Club Sport they
                               skills and knowledge.              the Coach/Instructor             Exercise reasonable care
represent may also face
                                                                  Letter of Agreement               and caution in the
disciplinary action.           Contract for coaching              whether they will be              execution of all
                               services is between the            receiving payment from            coaching duties in order
Malley Center
                               coach and the club.                the club or not.                  to minimize the risk of
Membership cards are           Coaches are not                   Unpaid (or volunteer              injury.
only valid September –         employees of Santa Clara           coaches) must also               Read and understand
                               University.                        submit the Volunteer              this handbook.
If your club has more than
two coaches that need
access to the Malley           Hiring Coaches
Center for practice, the
additional coaches will be     Officers MUST meet with the       Risk management               Malley Center membership.
given laminated passes         Assistant Director of              experience
that give them access to       Recreation prior to having        Past experience in club       Your league may also be
the Malley Center only         a new coach sign the               coaching                      able to assist you with
during scheduled practice      coaching agreement form.                                         spreading the news about
times. The coach                                                HIRING TIPS                     your open coaching
CANNOT use the Malley          A knowledgeable and                                              position or may have a list
Center for anything other      experienced coach should         Most teams that have had        serve that they can use to
than your club’s practices     be chosen by the club.           success finding a new           send out the position
(i.e. no working out, etc).    Clubs may wish to consider       coach have done so by           announcement.
                               the following:                   contacting local youth
Please email the Assistant      Prior coaching                 clubs, high school coaches,     Other ideas include online
Director if your club wishes     experience and                 as well as local collegiate     coaching forums, Craigslist,
to get either Malley             technical knowledge of         coaches.                        flyers in local businesses.
Center Membership cards          the sport
or the laminated cards for      CPR/First Aid training         If your team is unable to       Please be sure to let the
your coaching staff and         Certification by the Club      pay a coach, be sure to         Assistant Director of
allow 3 business days for        Sport's governing body (if     highlight some of the other     Recreation know if you
processing.                      applicable)                    advantages of the position      need help with yours
                                Safety awareness               such as receiving a free        search.

Teams may purchase
various types of SCU           Volunteer (Unpaid) Personnel
parking permits for their
coaches/volunteers. Only
non-Santa Clara University
affiliates that coach or       All volunteer personnel          trained professional            volunteer’s certifications
volunteer are eligible for a   (whether unpaid coaches          (Athletic Trainer, Physical     and experience and will
permit. To purchase a          or volunteer medical             Therapist, Physician, etc),     inform the team if the
permit, fill out the Campus    personnel, etc) must be          they must submit proof of       volunteer is or is not
Safety Parking Permit          approved by submitting a         their certifications prior to   approved.
Application and submit to      Volunteer Letter of              working with a club. The
Club Sports Office. Club       Agreement. If the                Assistant Director of
presidents will be notified    volunteer is serving as a        Recreation will review the
when the permit is ready.
MEMBERSHIP                                                                                          NON DISCRIMINATION

Each new* Club Sport will           the Club Sports Program          D. To be academically          Santa Clara University
undergo a probationary              Title IX compliant.                 eligible, all members       does not discriminate on
period of one calendar           3. There must be evidence              must have a minimum         the basis of race, color,
year during which they do           of interest and                     cumulative G.P.A of         national and/or ethnic
not receive funds from              commitment from                     2.00. All G.P.A             origin, sex, marital status,
Campus Recreation, do               students (PLAYER                    requirements are            sexual orientation,
not have a vote in the Club         ELIGIBLITY):                        checked at the end of       disability, religion,
Sports Council, and do not          A. Each team must have              each quarter using the      veteran's status, or age in
receive any priority for                a minimum of 15                 current rosters on file.    the administration of any
facility scheduling.                    registered Santa Clara          Students below the          of its educational policies,
                                        University students as          required G.P.A. will be     admissions policies,
Should the Club Sport team              active members or 1.5           notified that they          scholarship and loan
meet each requirement                   multiplied by the               cannot participate in       programs, athletics or
outlined below to the                   minimum number of               practice or games for       employment-related
satisfaction of the Club                players needed for a            the entire following        policies, programs and
Sports Council, then the                team sport (i.e. 6 x 1.5        quarter. This policy is     activities.
team will achieve full Club             = 9 for volleyball).            from the SCU Student
Sport status.                           Permission may be               Handbook.                   INTRAMURAL
                                        granted, under certain       E. All Club Sport              PARTICIPATION
Once Club Sport status is               circumstances, for              members must be in
achieved, the following list            teams to have less              good standing with          We encourage all Club
of requirements must                    than the required               the university in order     Sports athletes to utilize the
continue to be met in order             roster amount but can           to participate on a         various services that
to maintain Club Sport                  prove interest and              Club Sport. Students        Campus Recreation has to
status.                                 commitment.                     placed on Disciplinary      offer you. Aquatics,
                                    B. All active Club Sport            Probation will not be       Intramurals, Lifetime
*Applications from                      members must be                 able to compete with        Recreation Classes, Open
prospective club teams are              current Santa Clara             their team (as stated in    Recreation, and the
not being accepted for 08-              University students.            the SCU Handbook)           Weight Room are just a
09 due to a cap placed on               Depending on                    and are not allowed to      few of the areas you can
the program by the                      league’s rules, these           travel with their team      become involved with.
Department of Athletics                 can be                          to competitions             However, please note that
and Recreation.                         undergraduate or                (officially or              Club Sports team
                                        graduate students. A            unofficially).              members are NOT
CRITERIA                                roster cap will not be       F. All Club Sport              ALLOWED to participate
                                        implemented however             members must have           on intramural teams of the
1. The primary activity of              each team may                   their own private           same sport in order to
   the club must involve                choose to hold tryouts          health insurance or         keep intramural play fair
   physical activity and                in order to keep their          must have SCU health        and fun for all other
   competition. Physically              team size                       insurance. The injured      participants. For example,
   active clubs that do NOT             manageable. Teams               party is responsible for    a club volleyball player
   compete will not be                  that do not manage              all financial obligations   CANNOT play on any type
   considered for                       their roster size will not      incurred in any             of intramural volleyball
   application into the Club            necessarily be given            treatment                   team (3-on-3, 6-on-6, etc).
   Sport Program. Instead,              more resources                  necessitated by an
   non-competing clubs                  (funding, facilities,           injury. Santa Clara         FACULTY/STAFF
   can apply to be                      etc.).                          University and the          PARTICIPATION
   Registered Student               C. Current SCU faculty or           Department of
   Organizations under                  staff wanting to                Athletics and               See section “C” to the left
   Associated Students                  participate in a Club           Recreation are not          for more specific
   Santa Clara University.              Sport must be                   responsible for any         information. If your club
2. The club’s primary                   approved through the            injury or property loss     does have faculty or staff
   activity must not                    Assistant Director of           incurred by any             participants, your roster
   duplicate that of an                 Recreation. Their               participant in the Club     must clearly note which
   existing registered                  participation, if               Sports Program.             participants fall under that
   student organization,                approved, will be            G.Alumni may only              category!
   Club Sport, or                       limited to practice             participate in Club
   intercollegiate sport. The           sessions. No faculty or         Sports alumni games
   exception to this policy is          staff will be allowed to        and events.
   Women’s Club Volleyball              participate in
   which was added in the               competitions or hold
   spring of 2007 to make               leadership positions.
Membership, Cont’d
6 TYPE TITLE HERE                                                                                RESOURCES

                                                                                                 Recognition as an official
 H. To be eligible,                    If a person not on          both compose and             Santa Clara University
    participants must                   the official                abide by an annual           Club Sport includes the
    properly and                        approved Women’s            budget. The Assistant        following privileges:
    completely fill out                 Club Volleyball             Director of Recreation        Use of the Santa Clara
    three required forms                roster is found             and Club Sports                 University name and the
    prior to any                        practicing and/or           Coordinators must               ability to represent SCU
    participation:                      competing with the          approve all budgets and         in competitions.
     Informed Consent                  team, it will result in     expenses.                     Eligibility for General
       and Release of                   the Women’s Club          10. To retain Club Sport          Fund and National
       Liability Form                   Volleyball team             status, each club must          Travel Fund.
     Medical Information               being dropped as a          adhere to all procedures      Use of the Club Sports
       and Authorization                Club Sports at Santa        and ensure that the club        Office and Malley
       Form                             Clara University.           is managed in a                 Center Conference
     Conduct Guidelines               Please see the Club         responsible manner. No          Room as well as other
     Any potential                     Sports Council              Club Sport is guaranteed        campus facilities for no
       athletes under the               Disciplinary                permanent status. The           fee.
       age of 18 must have              Guidelines for              Assistant Director of         Office services including
       their required forms             additional                  Recreation and Club             photocopying, faxing,
       signed by their                  information.                Sports Council will review      phones, and computers
       parents prior to         4. The club must offer an           the status of each Club         (club business only).
       participation.              activity that falls within       Sport at the end of every       o Each team will
 I. For Women’s Club               the acceptable safety            academic year. Those               receive $75 dollars of
    Volleyball participants        guidelines established by        Club Sports wishing to             copy and mailing
    only:                          the Club Sports Staff            remain active for the              credit. Additional
     Must submit one              and/or Santa Clara               following year must                expenses over $75 will
       Financial Aid Award         University.                      submit an Intent to                be charged back to
       Form per player.         5. The club must offer              Continue Form to the               the club.
     Must be on the               activities for which             Assistant Director of           o Copies must be made
       official approved           acceptable and                   Recreation at the end of           by Club Sports Office
       team roster.                approved facilities and          the Spring Quarter.                Staff or Front Desk
     The official                 equipment are available                                             Staff.
       approved team               for games and practices                                        A mailbox inside the
       roster will be              as well as the resources                                         Club Sports Office for
       created by the              to provide support for the                                       the purpose of
       Director of                 Club Sport through staff                                         communication with
       Compliance within           and finances.                                                    members and for
       two weeks of the         6. The Club Sports Program                                          conducting club
       submission of all           must be Title IX compliant                                       business:
       Financial Aid Award         with an equal number of                                             “Club Sport”
       Forms. Until the            men’s and women’s                                                   Malley Center, 715
       official approved           teams.                                                              500 El Camino Real
       roster is returned to    7. Club Sports will be                                                 Santa Clara, CA
       the Club Sports Staff,      approved and registered                                             95053
       the Women’s Club            by the Assistant Director                                      Use of the registered
       Volleyball team will        of Recreation and the                                            SCU logos* on apparel,
       not be able to hold         Club Sports Council                                              equipment and
       official Club Sport         based on the criteria                                            websites.
       practices.                  outlined in this                                               Ability to link club
     If a participant             handbook.                                                        website to Campus
       intentionally or         8. The existence of club                                            Recreation website.
       unintentionally fails       leaders with knowledge
       to disclose any             of the activity, time                                         *When using the logos on
       information about           commitment, and ability                                       uniforms, equipment, etc.
       receiving                   to follow and enforce                                         you MUST use a licensed
       athletically-related        Club Sports policies and                                      vendor. For more
       aid, the Women’s            procedures.                                                   information about vendors
       Club Volleyball          9. Club Sport teams must                                         & licensing please visit:
       team will be                demonstrate financial                                         http://santaclarabroncos.
       dropped as a Club           stability. Teams must be                            
       Sports at Santa             proficient in allocating                                      bio/licensing.html
       Clara University.           funds appropriately and
MARKETING                                                                                                                     7

 Club Sports must have all publicity and promotional                officially registered student organizations, University
 efforts (flyers, newspaper ads, posters, radio                     offices, academic departments, administrative offices,
 announcements, press releases, etc) approved by the                and faculty and staff groups. Chalk messages, using
 Club Sports Coordinator and/or Assistant Director of               water-soluble chalk, may be placed on paved
 Recreation.                                                        sidewalk areas in and around residence halls, on the
                                                                    east plaza of Benson Memorial Center, on the west
 STUDENT LIFE CHANNEL                                               porch of Benson Memorial Center, and on paved
                                                                    sidewalk areas immediately adjacent to the Benson
 The Student Life Channel (SLC) is intended to be a                 Memorial Center. Chalk messages on sidewalks in other
 resource for on-campus students, staff, faculty, alumni            campus locations, on outdoor stairs and ramps, on
 and guests of the University. It is primarily available in         planter boxes, and on walls and other building surfaces
 the common areas of the Benson Memorial Center and                 are prohibited (taken from SCU Student Handbook).
 anywhere LincTV is available. Advertising on the SLC is
 available only for those events or news of interest to             MEDIA INQUIRIES
 Santa Clara University students and must be submitted
 to the Benson Memorial Center for approval by a                    If your Club Sport team is contacted by any local or
 recognized university entity. Please stop by the Club              campus media representatives, please direct them to
 Sports Office for information on how to submit your                the Director of Media Relations for the Department of
 event to the SLC.                                                  Athletics and Recreation. No Club Sport should talk to
                                                                    the media without talking to the Assistant Director of
 CHALKING                                                           Recreation and/or Director of Media Relations first.

 Chalk messages pertaining to University-sponsored
 events may be placed in the designated areas by

                                FLYERS                              the following statement:        Upon approval of flyer,
                                                                      If you have a disability       the club should make
                                To post flyers at the Pat                                            approximately 80 copies
                                Malley Fitness and                    and require a
                                                                      reasonable                     of the flyer.
                                Recreation Center or in the
                                                                                                    Copies should be
                                Benson Center:                        accommodation,
                                                                                                     delivered to the housing
                                 Submit sample flyer to              please call [name of           office in the basement of
                                  Club Sports Office for              individual] and [phone         Benson.
                                                                      number (voice)] or 1-         Those flyers will be
                                 Club Sports Staff will                                             distributed to all
                                  approve the flyer (if no            800-735-2929 (TTY-
                                                                                                     Community Facilitators,
                                  changes are required) or            California Relay) at           Resident Directors,
                                  will return the flyer for the       least [number of hours]        Assistant Resident
                                  club to make changes.               prior to the event.            Directors and Graduate
    Nearly every form
                                 The club must submit two                                           Resident Directors to pass
    mentioned in this
                                  copies of the final draft                                          along to students in the
  handbook is available                                           To post flyers on other
                                  of the flyer to be hung in
        online at                                                 indoor bulletin boards on          residence halls.
                                  the Malley Center.                                          campus:
                                 The club should deliver
     club/forms.cfm                                                The club must submit a
                                  two copies to the info
                                  desk at Benson to be              sample flyer to Club
                                  posted.                           Sports Office for
                                 Flyers in the Pat Malley          approval.
                                  Fitness and Recreation           Upon approval of flyer,
                                  Center will be posted for         the club may only post
                                  a maximum of two                  on boards they have
                                  weeks.                            received approval for.
                                 It is NOT acceptable to          To get approval, please
                                  post flyers on campus             contact the department
                                  without getting approval          that maintains the board.
                                  from Club Sports Staff.
                                 Flyers may NOT be               To have flyers delivered to
                                  handwritten nor have            the dorms:
                                  items scratched out.             The club must submit a
                                 Printed material                  sample flyer to Club
                                  publicizing all events on         Sports Office for
                                  campus must contain               approval.

Understanding how finances work for Club Sports at Santa          o A meeting with the Club Sports Staff must be scheduled to
Clara University is crucial to the success of each team.            review the summary.
                                                                 At the end of each month, the Club Sports Coordinators will
ACCOUNT TYPES                                                     e-mail a budget which shows each club’s current balance.
                                                                 The club treasurer should review his or her own records to
                                                                  verify the account total and send any discrepancies to the
 University Account – The Club Sports Office administers a
                                                                  Club Sports Coordinators.
  university account for each of the 18 clubs. All club
  expenses and revenue come in and out of these
                                                                UNIVERSITY FUNDING
 Gift Account – Each club team has a development
                                                                 The Club Sports Program receives $20,000 from the Office of
  account in which donations are deposited. These
                                                                  Student Life to be used among the 18 teams. This money is
  accounts are administered by the Development Office
                                                                  divided into the General Fund and the National Travel Fund.
  but any revenue into these accounts will be included in
                                                                 General Funds are given to all teams. The amount given is
  the club’s University Account (see above).
                                                                  determined on a yearly basis by the Club Sports Staff based
 Endowments – Club Sports are able to open endowment
                                                                  on recommendations from the Club Sports Council.
  accounts that are overseen by the University CFO. The
                                                                 National Travel Funds are given to teams that apply to the
  minimum amount to open one of these accounts is
                                                                  Club Sports Council for assistance with post-season expenses.
  $100,000. If you would like to learn more about
                                                                  The amount available will depend on the previous year’s
  endowments, contact the Assistant Director of Recreation.
                                                                  allocations and the amount of money used for the General
 Foundation Accounts – Foundations are a special type of
  account that are only available to state schools and thus,
                                                                 Any funds which remain unused at the end of the year will
  are not available at SCU.
                                                                  go into the Club Sports General Account and the Club Sports
 Outside Bank Accounts – Accounts outside the university
                                                                  Council will make recommendations on further distribution.
  are strictly prohibited. All club funds must go through the
                                                                 There is little or no additional funding available to the Club
  university account.
                                                                  Sports Program. Campus Recreation will provide some
                                                                  financial support for Club Sports when possible.
                                                                  o No Club Sport team will be fully funded by the Department
                                                                     of Athletics and Recreation.
 The Club Sports Office keeps the official budgets for all
                                                                  o Teams must meet the majority of their budgetary needs
  clubs. However each club should also designate a
                                                                     through fundraising and club dues.
  treasurer to monitor their budget.
 Every fall, each club must plan their team budget for the
  upcoming year and turn in a Program Funding Summary
  by the 3rd Friday of the fall quarter.
  o These budgets should be zero-based with all projected
     expenses and revenues.
  o Clubs should use past budgets, equipment catalogs,
     and online research to plan the most accurate budget.
  o Clubs must budget for post-season expenses and should
     not assume any specific amount of support from the
     National Travel Fund.

 National Travel Fund (NTF)

The National Travel Fund            which will make               expenses for any                grant funding in excess of
will be allocated to support        recommendations to            coaches or non-                 what the club has
teams in post-season play           the Club Sports Staff.        competing members of            fundraised.
as part of supporting the          All Club Sports should        team attending                  o The amount of dues
program’s goal to be                budget for the post-          nationals.                         charged/collected.
nationally competitive.             season as if receiving       The following factors will         Club dues are not
 Teams in good standing            no money from the NTF.        be considered when                 considered fundraising
  are eligible to request          Requests cannot be            reviewing National                 dollars.
  NTF for post-season               made for coaches’             Travel Fund requests:          The number of team
  expenses.                         salaries, equipment, or       o The amount fund-              members required to
  NTF requests will be              regular season travel.           raised by the team.          travel.
  presented at a special           Requests also cannot         The Council will never
  meeting of the CSC,               be used to cover
    Revenue                                                                                                                           9

   All revenue received by the club must be turned into             o Candy sales, car washes, raffles, youth clinics,
   the Club Sports Office within 48 hours of receipt.                 merchandise sales, food/drink sales at home events,
                                                                      food brochure sales, pot luck dinner party, rummage
   FUNDRAISING                                                        sales, bingo benefit, garage sales, white elephant
    A fundraising event is permitted only if the project is          auction, bottle/can drive, rubber wristband sales,
     consistent with the purpose of the organization and              holiday sales, benefit night at local restaurant
     University policy. Any direct solicitation at open
     events on campus must be previously approved by              USING FLEX WITH FUNDRAISING
     the Assistant Director of Recreation.
    The net proceeds of the fundraising event must be             Fill out a FLEX form with the Assistant Director of Recreation.
     used for the stated purpose of the organization, for a        Turn form into Mary Johnson in the Event Planning Office
     purpose related to the goal of the particular Club             (Benson 214) within 72 hours of when the sales will begin.
     Sport, or for a donation to a charitable organization.        People may pay for your merchandise with FLEX at the Info
    Under no circumstances may any payment of profit               Desk in Benson.
     accrue to the benefit of any individual member(s) of          The club should take the receipt given to the purchaser at
     the organization.                                              the Info Desk as proof of sale.
    Clubs must get all fundraising events approved by             All FLEX receipts should be turned into the Club Sports
     the Club Sports Staff by submitting a Fundraiser               Office.
     Request Form at least TWO WEEKS prior to the                  The total amount charged via FLEX will be transferred to
     anticipated event date.                                        your club account approximately 1 week after the end of
    Revenue from fundraisers must be turned into the               the month.
     Club Sport Office no later than 48 hours after the            The Assistant Director of Recreation will receive an email
     club receives it.                                              when the transfer is complete and the amount of the
    Common fundraising methods include:                            transfer; this email will be forwarded to the club officers.

DONTATIONS OVERVIEW                                                  appointment with the              general sponsorship
                                SOLICITED DONATIONS                  Club Sports Coordinator           details, copies of any
Donations are gifts given to                                         to see previous letters           letters/mailings going out
a club for nothing in return.    If your team wants to              requesting support from           to the companies, etc.
Donations are tax                 send out a mailing to              alumni, friends, and             It must be very clear what
deductible and the                alumni, friends, family,           family.                           your team will need to do
University will send all          companies or others, a                                               to honor the sponsorship
donors a letter recognizing       written proposal must be         SPONSORSHIPS                        and what the company
the donor’s contribution to       submitted to the Assistant                                           will give your team in
the club.                         Director of Recreation for       Sponsorships are deals              return.
                                  approval.                        between teams and                  Clubs cannot sign any
UNSOLICTED DONATIONS             Written proposal should          companies where                     contract related to
                                  include a sample letter to       something is exchanged for          sponsorships without first
 The donor indicates in          be mailed or given out           advertising. For example, a         submitting it for review
  writing his/her desire to       and what the market              company may give your               (see Contracts section).
  make a monetary                 value is of any                  team money to pay for              The Assistant Director of
  donation.                       merchandise that will be         uniforms in exchange for            Recreation will notify all
 The donation is                 given to donors in return        your team putting the               Club Sports within seven
  addressed to the specific       for donations.                   company’s logo on the               days of their request if
  Club Sport or Assistant        The Assistant Director of        uniforms. A sponsorship is          they have received
  Director of Recreation.         Recreation will notify all       NOT tax deductible!                 approval.
 The donation is                 Club Sports within seven
  forwarded to the                days of their request if          If your team wants to           THANK YOUS
  Development Office.             they have received                 contact companies to
 The monetary donation is        approval.                          solicit sponsorships, you       The university sends a thank
  listed in the club’s           The copying charges as             must submit a                   you letter to all donors but
  university account.             well as the postage will           Sponsorship Request             we recommend that all
 Those donors who do not         be billed to the club.             Form. This form asks for        clubs also send their own
  wish to make their             Sample letters are                 information such as a list      thank you to each donor!
  donations tax deductible        available in the Club              of the companies you
  may simply give money           Sports office. If interested,      wish to contact (include
  to the club.                    you may make an                    name and address),

          You can find a list of important dates and upcoming club meetings at
University accounts are         Expenses
not like outside bank
accounts where money           PURCHASES UNDER $5000           include the Club Sport          receive a W-2. However,
can be withdrawn quickly.                                      team, company name,             they will receive a 1099
                                The Assistant Director of     address, and contact            and must claim their pay.
The spending of club funds       Recreation must               number, total amount           If you know he/she is an
is supervised by the             approve any purchases         owed, and tax                   SCU employee, please
Assistant Director of            of equipment, uniforms,       identification number.          make a note on the
Recreation and all               etc.                                                          Guest Speaker Form to
paperwork MUST be               Purchases may be            ORDERING APPAREL                  expedite payment.
submitted at least fourteen      placed on the Assistant
days prior to the desired        Director of Recreation’s     Prior to purchasing         CASH ADVANCES
need for that money or for       Purchasing Card.              apparel, the club must
the payment of bills.           If the company                submit an Apparel            If your club needs cash
                                 accepts MasterCard,           Request Form to the           for travel and/or other
Paperwork that is                you will have to set up       Assistant Director of         club expenses you may
submitted early will be          a 15 minute meeting           Recreation.                   request an advance of
processed as soon as             with the Assistant           Once the apparel has          club funds.
received, but paperwork          Director of Recreation        been approved, follow        An Advance Request
received late will not have      to discuss and order the      the steps above to pay        Form must be submitted
any guarantees and may           equipment (either             for the merchandise           with the amount of
be delayed.                      online or over the            (either “Purchases            money and what
                                 phone).                       Under $5000” or               denomination of bills you
APPROVED EXPENDITURES           Receipts must be              “Paying Invoices”).           would like.
                                 turned in within 24 hours                                  Advance requests must
Examples include but are         of the order or the         PAYING A COACH                  be made at least 14
not limited to:                  charges will be                                             days prior to your
 Equipment – nets, goals,       cancelled.                   To pay a coach with           departure date in order
  balls, pads etc.              All items will be shipped     club funds, submit an         to receive the funds on
 Travel Expenses – gas,         to the Pat Malley Fitness     Independent                   time.
  hotels, airfare                and Recreation Center         Contractor Agreement         The person filling out the
 League/Association             where it will be handed       Form.                         request is the person
  Dues                           over to the club.            This form must be filled      responsible for returning
 Tournament Fees               All equipment                 out completely                all left over money and
 Facility Rental Fees           purchased by a Club           including the coach’s         all receipts of
 Food and Beverages             Sport becomes the             social security number        expenditures within THREE
  (for club activities only)     property of that Club         so that the pay can be        DAYS of using funds.
 Trophies/Awards                Sport.                        reported to the Federal      The receipts and excess
 Uniforms                      Please note that              Government.                   money must be
 Insurance                      California law states        Independent                   submitted along with a
 Tournament or                  that every item must be       Contractors are not           Non-Travel
  Competition Related            taxed so additional tax       SCU employees, are            Reimbursement Form in
  Expenses – officials fee,      will be charged to your       NOT paid on the               order for the advance to
  tape, promo flyers             club for any item with a      university payroll and        be cleared
 Paying Coaches                 tax lower than 8.25%.         will NOT receive a W-2.      If the expense was more
 Parking Permits (we are                                      However, they will            than the advance and
  not responsible for          PURCHASES OVER $5000            receive a 1099 and            you would like to be
  parking citations)                                           must claim their pay.         reimbursed for the
                                Purchases over $5000                                        overage, submit a
UNAPPROVED                       must be made through        PAYING OTHER PEOPLE             reimbursement form (see
EXPENDITURES                     the Assistant Director of                                   “Reimbursements” next
                                 Recreation by                To pay a referee, trainer     page).
Examples include but are         providing a quote from        or other person with
not limited to:                  the company with              club funds, submit a        PER DIEM
 Alcoholic Beverages,           which the purchase will       Guest
  Tobacco Products, or           be made.                      Speaker/Honoraria            To request per diem,
  Drugs                                                        Form.                         submit the Meal Money
 Personal Expenses            PAYING INVOICES                This form must be filled      Receipt Form 14 days
 Personal Equipment -                                         out completely                prior to departure.
  shoes, bicycles, sticks,      All bills that need to be     including the person’s       The daily rate is $27 per
  etc.                           paid should be                social security number        person.
 Hotel movies                   submitted to the Club         so that the pay can be       You must resubmit the
 Credit Card Finance            Sports Staff at least 4       reported to the Federal       Meal Money Receipt
  Charges                        weeks prior to due            Government.                   Form within 3 days of
                                 date.                         Guest speakers/officials      returning from your trip
                                Only actual invoices          are NOT SCU                   with each member of
                                 and bills can be paid.        employees, are NOT            the team’s initials
                                All invoices, bills or        paid on the university        (indicating that they
                                 payment requests must         payroll and will NOT          received their per diem).
Expenses, Continued                                                                                                          11

 REIMBURSEMENTS                                                   REIMBURSEMENT FORMS             reimbursee that he/she
                                                                                                  needs to come back to the
  All reimbursements will be made to the individual who          There are 2 different           Malley Center to pick the
   purchased the item/items.                                      reimbursement forms to fill     forms up from their team
  Reimbursements for travel-related expenses must be             out in order to be              mailbox and take the forms
   submitted on the Business Expense Form (see list to right).    reimbursed. Each form is        to the Bursar’s Office where
  Reimbursements for non-travel expenses must be                 for a different category of     he/she will be reimbursed
   submitted on the Non-Travel Reimbursement Form (see            expense (either travel          with cash on the spot. The
   list to right).                                                related or not travel           reimbursee must have a
  It is important to fill in the name of the person receiving    related).                       photo ID or they will not
   the reimbursement and the home address on the top of                                           receive their reimbursement.
   the form.                                                      BUSINESS EXPENSE FORM
  If multiple pages are required, please put the total of                                        REIMBURSEMENTS > $100
   the receipts on the bottom of each page, as well as the        Gas
   grand total of the reimbursement on the front page and         Food on trips                   Reimbursements totaling
   be sure to number the pages on the top.                        Airfare                         over $100 will be done via
  The University will ensure that the expenditures occurred,     Hotels                          the University accounting
   that they were valid and that proper documentation             Car rental                      software and will result in a
   exists to support the payment.                                 Tournament entry fees           check to the reimbursee.
                                                                  Taxis or shuttles               The check will take 2-4
 RECEIPTS                                                         Tolls                           weeks to be cut and when
                                                                  Parking fees                    ready, our office will notify
  When requesting the reimbursement, the ORIGINAL                                                the reimbursee that he/she
   receipts are needed.                                           NON-TRAVEL                      needs to come to the
  The receipts must provide information on how payment           REIMBURSEMENT FORM              Malley Center to pick it up.
   was made (check/cash/credit card) and who actually                                             If the reimbursee would like
   paid the expense.                                              Equipment                       the check mailed to them,
  Receipts may NOT include any personal items or items           Uniforms                        we will need a current
   that are prohibited for purchase with University funds.        Merchandise to sell             mailing address.
  Receipts for hotels must be itemized (i.e. the receipt         Team banquets
   should list all of the rooms that were paid for).              Postal charges                  OLD REIMBURSEMENTS
  Reimbursements for airfare must include a receipt listing      Gifts/prizes/awards
   the number of tickets purchased and the names of the           Facility Rentals                Effectively September 1,
   travelers.                                                     Miscellaneous supplies          2008, the Club Sport Office
  Receipts from restaurants must be itemized (i.e. the                                           will no longer process
   receipt should list each item, food and beverage,              REIMBURSEMENTS < $100           reimbursement requests for
   ordered).                                                                                      receipts over 2 months old.
  If receipts do not meet the above requirements,                Reimbursements totaling         Please submit your receipts
   additional proof of the expense(s) will need to be             under $100 will be done         for reimbursement in a
   submitted. For example, copies of a bank statement or          via the Bursar’s Office.        timely manner. Please
   credit card statement showing the expense.                     After the correct form and      contact the Assistant
  NOTE: In the case of itemized receipts for hotels and          receipts are turned in and      Director of Recreation if you
   restaurants, we MUST have the original receipt and             signed by the Assistant         have questions on this
   additional documentation will not be accepted as               Director, the Club Sports       policy.
   further proof!                                                 Office will notify the

Document Detail and Consistency

Documents related to club         back for correction if the      and supporting                 happened and not find
expenses and revenues             document is incomplete or       documentation. If              gaps in the record.
that are submitted for            if something is unclear. This   necessary, explain
processing must be                unnecessary step will cause     inconsistencies in a note or
completed properly as             delays in processing so         on the paperwork itself.
specified for the particular      special care should be          Provide enough detail to
type of transaction               taken the first time.           ensure that an auditor, or
mentioned in the previous                                         someone unfamiliar with
sections. The Club Sports         It is important to ensure       the situation, will
Staff will send a document        consistency between forms       understand what has


RISK MANAGEMENT                                                                                      The Cowell Health
                                                                                                      Center (408-554-4501).
                                                                                                      Hours are limited to 8:00
GENERAL GUIDELINES              include:                            to make arrangements              a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday
                                 A private medical plan            for Athletic Training             through Friday. Campus
To provide a safe and            SCU insurance through             services but the Club             EMTs are available 5:00
positive recreational             the Cowell Health Center          Sports Office can assist          p.m. - 6:30 a.m.
experience for all                (408-554-4501)                    you if you need help. A          The closest emergency
participants, it is necessary                                       list of local physical            room is located at
to make efforts to prevent      Students that do not have           therapy clinics is posted         O’Connor Hospital at
accidents and injuries          health insurance cannot             in the Club Sports Office.        2105 Forest Ave in San
before they happen. It is       participate in the Club            If clubs do not hire              Jose (2.5 miles from
strongly recommended            Sports Program.                     Athletic Trainers, then           campus).
that every Club Sport                                               somebody with First Aid          The club president must
implements and practices        PHYSICAL EXAMS                      and CPR certifications            ensure that an Injury
the following safety                                                should be present (i.e.           Report Form is
guidelines:                     Serious injuries may occur          coach or team safety              completed ASAP
 Club Sport officers, club     during participation in a           officer).                         following an injury.
   members, coaches, and        competitive sport. For             The Department of                This report must be
   instructors must maximize    participants own benefit            Athletics and Recreation          submitted within 24
   participant safety at all    and to reduce such risks,           Training Room and Sports          hours of each
   practices, games, and        the Club Sports Program             Medicine are NOT                  occurrence or
   other activities.            STRONGLY encourages                 available for use by any          immediately after
 Develop and practice          each Club Sport athlete to          Club Sport team or                returning from a trip
   safety guidelines relevant   get a physical examination          individual.                       where the incident
   to your sport.               prior to participation every                                          occurred.
 Inspect fields and            year.                             PROOF OF LIABILTY                  First Aid and follow-up
   facilities prior to every                                      INSURANCE                           treatment (emergency
   practice session,            EMERGENCY MEDICAL                                                     room, hospitalization,
   game/match, and              TREATMENT                         If using a non-Santa Clara          etc.) must also be
   special event. Report                                          University facility that            documented and
   unsafe conditions to the     To be eligible to join a Club     requires proof of liability         submitted with the Injury
   Club Sports Coordinator,     Sport team, each person           insurance or certificate of         Report Form.
   Assistant Director of        must fill out the Medical         insurance:                         Club officers should
   Recreation, or Malley        Information and                    Submit the contact                have copies of the Injury
   Center Front Desk staff      Authorization Form.                  name, address, phone             Report Form on hand at
   and do not use facilities     This form contains                 number, fax number,              all club events.
   that are unsafe.                emergency contact                 stipulation of the
 At least two members for         information as well as            agreement (hours of use,       LOCAL CLINICS
   each club must be               releases club leaders to          rules or policies), dates of
   certified in First Aid/CPR      take seriously injured            use, and policy amount          Rose Garden Health,
   and a first aid kit should      teammates to the                  to the Assistant Director        1947 The Alameda, San
   be available at each            emergency room.                   of Recreation.                   Jose, (408) 249-0789
   game/practice session.        One copy of this form will       This information must be         More Physical Therapy,
                                   be filed in the Club Sports       submitted at least THREE         2145 The Alameda, San
HEALTH INSURANCE                   Office and the other              WEEKS in advance.                Jose, (408) 248-6886
                                   copy is given to the club                                         Center for Sports
Santa Clara University and         president.                     CONTRACTS                           Medicine, 455 O’Connor
the Department of Athletics      Club presidents must                                                Dr, San Jose, (408) 947-
and Recreation do not              have this form (for all        If a club is required to sign       2522
provide accident or                members of the team)           a contract, the contract           Rehabilitation West, 591
medical insurance for club         with them at all team          must be submitted to the            W Hamilton Ave,
members and are not                practices, games, and          Assistant Director of               Campbell, (408) 379-
responsible for paying             special events.                Recreation to be reviewed           0737
medical costs associated                                          with the University’s Risk         San Jose Orthopedic
with injuries incurred          ATHLETIC TRAINING                 Management staff.                   and Sports, 125 N
through participation in        SERVICES                          Students cannot sign                Jackson Ave, San Jose,
club activities.                                                  contracts related to Club           (408) 254-7722
                                 During competition, it is       Sports. The club must allow
It is required that all club      recommended that a              2-4 weeks for this review.
members have an                   certified Athletic Trainer is   Examples of possible
accidental/medical plan in        on site to assist with any      contracts include
effect prior to participating     injuries. It is the             equipment rental, facility
in club activities. Examples      responsibility of the club      rental, etc.
                                                                                                 AMERICAN RED CROSS            13
Emergency Procedures                                                                             ADULT CPR OUTLINE

ON BELLOMY FIELD                IN THE MALLEY CENTER             OFF CAMPUS                      Only trained people can
                                                                                                 provide emergency care!
 Assess the situation.          Assess the situation.           Assess the situation.
 If an emergency, call 911      If an emergency, alert          If an emergency, call 911     Remember…
  or Campus Safety (408-          the Malley Center Front          immediately.                    CHECK - CALL - CARE
  554-4444) immediately.          Desk staff immediately          Notify the facility                    and
  o Two blue emergency            and they will call 911.          personnel, if they are            ABCs: AIRWAY -
      phones are located on      Provide necessary first          present.                      BREATHING - CIRCULATION
      Bellomy Field.              aid/CPR (only if certified)     Provide necessary first
 If someone is available,        until paramedics arrive.         aid/CPR (only if certified)   1. Check the scene.
  have him/her alert the         The Facility Supervisor will     until paramedics arrive.      2. Check the victim for
  Malley Center Facility          arrive with the AED and         Once paramedics arrive           consciousness (call 911
  Supervisor (408-554-4068).      can assist with first            or injured person is             if unconscious).
 Provide first aid/CPR           aid/CPR/AED.                     transported, a club           3. Check for signs of life
  (only if certified) until      Both the Facility                officer or coach is              (ABCs - open airway,
  paramedics arrive.              Supervisor and a club            required to contact the          lock/listen/feel for
 If the Malley Center was        officer must document            Assistant Director of            breathing, scan body
  notified, the Facility          the injury.                      Recreation IMMEDIATELY.          for severe bleeding).
  Supervisor will arrive with    Once paramedics arrive           o If the Assistant Director   4. If not breathing, give 2
  an AED and can assist           or injured person is                of Recreation is not          rescue breaths.
  with first aid/CPR/AED.         transported, a club                 available, leave a
 Once paramedics arrive          officer or coach is                 message and then           IF BREATHS GO IN…
  or injured person is            required to contact the             attempt to contact         5. Begin CPR (30
  transported, a club             Assistant Director of               the Director of               compressions, 2
  officer or coach is             Recreation IMMEDIATELY.             Recreation.                   breaths).
  required to contact the         o If the Assistant Director      o Emergency Contact           6. Stop only if the scene
  Assistant Director of              of Recreation is not             Cards will be                 becomes unsafe, EMS
  Recreation IMMEDIATELY.            available, leave a               distributed during the        arrives, an AED arrives,
  o If the Assistant Director        message and then                 fall quarter and all          you are too exhausted
      of Recreation is not           attempt to contact               Club Sport teams must         to continue, or the
      available, leave a             the Director of                  have this card at all         victim shows obvious
      message and then               Recreation.                      practices, games, and         signs of life.
      attempt to contact          o Emergency Contact                 special events.
      the Director of                Cards will be                The club president must       IF BREATHS DO NOT GO
      Recreation.                    distributed during the        ensure that an Injury         IN…
  o Emergency Contact                fall quarter and all          Report Form is                5. Re-tilt head and give 2
      Cards will be                  Club Sport teams must         completed immediately.           more breaths.
      distributed during the         have this card at all        Any player that is            6. If breaths still don’t go
      fall quarter and all           practices, games, and         hospitalized or seeks            in, their airway is
      Club Sport teams must          special events.               treatment in an                  obstructed
      have this card at all      The club president must          emergency room cannot            (unconscious choking
      practices, games, and       ensure that an Injury            practice or participate in       victim).
      special events.             Report Form is                   competition until the         7. Begin modified CPR (30
 The club president must         completed immediately.           Assistant Director of            compressions, mouth
  ensure that an Injury          Any player that is               Recreation receives a            check, 2 breaths).
  Report Form is                  hospitalized or seeks            note from the doctor          8. Stop only when you
  completed immediately.          treatment in an                  that clears the athlete to       have cleared the
 Any player that is              emergency room cannot            resume practicing or             airway which will be
  hospitalized or seeks           practice or participate in       playing their respective         confirmed by your two
  treatment in an                 competition until the            sport.                           breaths going in,
  emergency room cannot           Assistant Director of                                             making victim’s chest
  practice or participate in      Recreation receives a                                             rise.
  competition until the           note from the doctor
                                                                                                 CONSCSIOUS CHOKING
  Assistant Director of           that clears the athlete to
  Recreation receives a           resume practicing or
  note from the doctor            playing their respective
                                                                                                 1. Once victim can no
  that clears the athlete to      sport.
                                                                                                    longer cough or speak,
  resume practicing or
                                                                                                    begin series of 5 back
  playing their respective
                                                                                                    blows followed by 5
                                                                                                    abdominal thrusts until
                                                                                                    object is removed.

 Effective July 1, 2008, in
 California, all drivers are       Club Sports teams away           departure.                        during the year, a new
 prohibited from using a            and at home represent           Any person transporting           copy must be
 handheld wireless                  Santa Clara University.          teammates to practices,           submitted to the Club
 telephone while operating         All Club Sport trips are dry     games, or other club-             Sports Office.
 a motor vehicle, (Vehicle          events for athletes and          related events must be          o The driver’s personal
 Code (VC) §23123).                 coaches.                         approved by the Club              auto insurance will be
 Motorists 18 and over may         All club activities that         Sports Office. To                 accountable in the
 use a "hands-free device."         occur off campus require         become an approved                event of an accident
 Drivers under the age of           a Travel Form (this              driver:                           or injury.
 18 may NOT use a wireless          includes but is not limited      o Fill out and sign the        Club Sport teams cannot
 telephone or hands-free            to games, practices,                Driving Roster Form.         rent or drive 12 or 15-
 device while operating a           fundraisers, league              o Submit copies of a            passenger vans or RVs.
 motor vehicle.                     meetings, and special               current driver’s license
                                    events).                            and auto insurance.
                                   The Travel Form is due at        o If a driver’s insurance
 COMPETITION RESULTS                least FOUR DAYS prior to            changes or expires

 Upon return from
 competitions, the club
 must submit a Results Form       Team Trips
 within three days.
                                  Team trips begin and end         especially important for        Bay Area.
 All results will be posted on
                                  in the Bay Area and while        those teams that travel
 the Club Sport portion of
                                  away on a trip, this             during our spring break.        There are no exceptions to
 the Campus Recreation
                                  handbook and the SCU             Individuals are not allowed     this policy as it was handed
 website within a week.
                                  Student Handbook governs         to stay behind for other        down to the Campus
                                  all behavior (i.e. no drug or    non-club related plans.         Recreation Program by
 TRAVEL DEALS                     alcohol use while on a Club                                      Santa Clara University’s
                                  Sport trip).                     For example, if a team          General Counsel.
                                                                   travels to Arizona for a
 These are the travel deals
                                  When a team leaves               competition, no team
 the Club Sports Office is
                                  campus for a competition,        member may stay behind
 aware of at this time. If
                                  the trip does not “end” until    in Arizona. The trip will not
 your club encounters
                                  all team members are back        be considered over until all
 other deals, please
                                  in the Bay Area. This rule       team personnel and
 forward them to the Club
                                  applies all year long but is     athletes arrive back in the
 Sports Staff so that all clubs
 can be made aware of

 Sheraton Gateway Los
 Angeles (near airport)           Approved Drivers
    $99/night.
    Contact Michael
     Hoffs at 310-258-
     4781to receive the            Any person transporting           during the year, a new          anresources/policy/704.c
     rate.                        teammates to practices,            copy must be submitted          fm?menu=700. The
    Do not forget, you           games, or other club-              to the Club Sports Office.      policy is also posted in
     cannot sign a                related events must be            The driver’s personal           the Club Sports Office.
     contract without             approved by the Club               auto insurance will be
     getting it approved          Sports Office. To become           accountable in the
     by the Assistant             an approved driver:                event of an accident or
     Director of Recreation        Fill out and sign the            injury.
     first.                          Driving Roster Form.           Prior to driving to or from
                                   Submit copies of a               Club Sports events, each
                                     current driver’s license        driver must also review
                                     and auto insurance.             the University’s Vehicle
                                   If a driver’s insurance          Policy found online at
                                     changes or expires    

TEAM CONDUCT                                                                                     The SCU Student
                                                                                                 Handbook states that
CLUB SPORTS COUNCIL              events or when traveling,        the Club Sports Council        “alcoholic beverages shall
DISCIPLINARY GUIDELINES          each club continues to           Disciplinary Guidelines        not be served or
                                 represent Santa Clara            which are online at            consumed at any
The basic concept                University. Any reports by      University-sponsored
underlying the Club Sports       other teams or                   ub/forms.cfm. The              intercollegiate or club
Handbook is that students,       administrators of activities     document is used by the        sport athletic event or
by enrolling at Santa Clara      that reflect negatively          Council when determining       recreational sports
University, assume a duty to     upon the University will         the consequences of            activity.” Club Sports
conduct themselves and           result in disciplinary action.   policy violations and          teams are expected to
their Club Sport team in a       Further, all clubs must          includes information on        obey this mandate.
manner compatible with           comply with the rules and        minor infractions,             Please see the SCU
the University’s purpose as      regulations set forth by the     intermediate infractions,      Student Handbook for the
an educational institution.      University, the Department       major infractions, hearings,   complete SCU Athletic
Club members are                 of Athletics and                 appeals, and fines.            Beverage Policy.
expected to act in mature        Recreation, their national
and responsible manner           governing organization,          All officers are responsible   All Club Sport trips are dry
both on and off-campus,          and their league.                for knowing the contents of    events for both the
when participating in club-                                       this document.                 athletes and the coaches.
related activities. When         All Club Sports officers
involved in off-campus           should be very familiar with
Prospective Club Members (Non-SCU Students)                                                      The definition of hazing is
                                                                                                 provided in the Santa
 Club Sports coaches,             criminal law.                   Club Sport funds cannot      Clara University’s Student
  officers and members            Prospective club                 be used to reimburse         Conduct Code.
  cannot engage in any             members must come                coaches or officers for
  formal or informal               with a parent or legal           any expenses related to      Hazing is strictly prohibited.
  activities with                  guardian and must stay           meeting with or visiting     Even if no alcohol is
  prospective club                 with them if event is            prospective club             involved and all
  members still in high            overnight.                       members and their family     participants are willing,
  school without the              Prospective club                 members.                     many actions will still
  knowledge and                    members cannot                  If coaches and/or            qualify as hazing. To
  permission of the                arrange to stay on- or           officers hold                report violations of this
  Assistant Director of            off-campus with current          informational sessions       policy, please contact the
  Recreation.                      Club Sports athletes.            with prospective club        Assistant Director of
 The Assistant Director of        o Prospective club               members and parents,         Recreation or the Office of
  Recreation must approve             members may stay on-          they must hand out or        Student Life.
  all materials distributed to        campus only if                read the following
  prospective students.               arrangements to do so         information:
 The purpose of any                  are made officially           o Mission Statement          SOCIAL WEBSITES
  meetings, visits, or events         through Admissions.           o Campus Recreation
  should be to give                o During spring quarter,            and the Club Sports       All Club Sports members
  prospective club                    the Admissions Office            Program do not offer      are advised to be mindful
  members information                 offers overnight stays           scholarships              about what they put in
  that will help them make            for admitted students.        o Campus Recreation          online profiles at sites such
  a decision about where              The admitted student             and the Club Sports       as Facebook and
  they want to pursue their           can make specific                Program cannot            MySpace. Your choices
  academic and                        requests regarding               provide any assistance    reflect upon Santa Clara
  extracurricular pursuits.           who his/her host is.             getting prospective       University, the Department
                                      Any Santa Clara                  students admitted into    of Athletics and
SPECIFIC POLICIES                     University student can           SCU                       Recreation, the Club
                                      become a host by              o Campus Recreation          Sports Program and you. If
 Club must receive                   contacting the                   and the Club Sports       online evidence of
  permission from the                 Admissions Office.               Program cannot            behavior that violates the
  Assistant Director of           Club Sport funds cannot             provide any assistance    Club Sports Handbook or
  Recreation in advance.           be used to pay for food,            with financial aid        SCU Student Handbook is
 No alcohol, drugs, adult         lodging, transportation or          packages from the         brought to the attention of
  entertainment,                   any other expenses for              University                Campus Recreation staff,
  gambling, sexual                 prospective club                 o Club Sports are funded     disciplinary action may
  harassment or hazing.            members and their                   primarily through dues    result.
 No activities that violate       family.                             and fundraisers

                                    FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT
Whether for a Club Sport
practice, game, or meeting           Due to limited facilities,           should be reported                 to reserve. Please remember
all club athletes must have           being a recognized Club              immediately to the                 that merely submitting a
an SCU Access card to                 Sport does not guarantee             Assistant Director of              request does not guarantee
enter the Malley Center.              availability of University           Recreation or Club Sports          a reservation. Clubs are
Coaches should either use             facilities.                          Coordinator.                       urged to put in a request as
their Malley Center                  Campus Recreation                   Clubs are responsible for all      soon as they are aware that
Membership card (if they              facilities must be shared            aspects of game                    they will need a facility.
have one) or their                    among all Campus                     management when
                                                                           hosting events (site               Spaces available to reserve
laminated quarterly pass.             Recreation program areas
                                                                           preparation, equipment             in the Pat Malley Fitness and
Club Sports athletes and              (Intramurals, Fitness, Open
                                                                           set-up and take-down,              Recreation Center include 3
coaches are not exempt                Recreation) as well as
                                                                           conduct of participants            gym courts, 1 outdoor
from the facility policy that         within the Club Sports
                                                                           and spectators, crowd              basketball court, 1
states all users must have an         Program itself which
                                                                           control, facility clean-up,        multipurpose room, and 1
ID to enter the building!             includes 18 different teams.
                                                                           care of visiting teams and         conference room.
                                     All practices, games, and
FACILITY SUPERVISORS                  special events require               officials, etc).
                                                                          Each club hosting an               There are 3 fields available
                                      approval by the Club
                                                                           event is responsible for           to reserve on Bellomy Field.
The Facility Supervisor is the        Sports Staff.
                                                                           making sure that visiting          Lines vary depending on the
acting building manager on           All facilities must be kept
                                                                           teams are aware of the             season.
duty for the Malley Center,           clean and returned to their
Sullivan Aquatic Center, and          original condition after             facility rules.
                                                                                                              Availability of the Malley
Bellomy Field. Please                 each practice or game.
                                                                         CAMPUS REC FACILITIES                Center and Bellomy Field is
request assistance from the          Any misuse of a facility
                                                                                                              subject to change without
Facility Supervisor if there is a     may result in loss of facility
                                                                         Campus Recreation facilities         notice and is based on
problem with set-up,                  privileges.
                                                                         are available for Club Sports        scheduled Campus
reservations, or                     Any damage to facilities
                                                                                                              Recreation programs.
maintenance issues. The
Facility Supervisor has the                                                                                     
final authority in all situations    MALLEY CENTER POLICIES                                     denied access to any recreation facility,
and should be notified if of                                                                    or asked to leave the premises
any emergencies.                      Patrons must have current membership to                  immediately.
                                       the recreation facilities and must present              Non-marking court shoes must be worn in
HOSTING EVENTS                         their current ID to the front desk staff upon            all activity areas. Any patron wearing
                                       entering. All Club Sport athletes and                    shoes that mark the court will be asked to
 To reserve facilities for an         coaches must show proper ID in order to                  change shoes before he/she may
  event, fill out and turn in a        gain access to the facility.                             continue the activity. Also, close-toed
  Facility Request Form at            All patrons must wear shirts and shoes at                shoes must be worn in the weight room
  least 2 MONTHS before                all times while in the facility, unless in the           and patrons may not participate in socks
  the event.                           locker rooms. An exception is the                        or bare feet.
 Once event is approved,              gymnasium area.                                         Locker rooms are provided for patrons to
  make an appointment                 Food and drinks need to be kept in the                   use for their convenience. Teams should
  with the Assistant Director          lobby and may not be taken into any                      be made aware that they must provide
  of Recreation to discuss             other part of the facility. Gum is not                   their own towels as well as locks for the
  specific needs and                   allowed in the recreation facilities.                    day use lockers.
  situations regarding the             Enclosed water bottles with water only are              Any patron vandalizing recreation facilities
  event(s).                            allowed in activity areas; however, no                   in any manner (kicking, hitting, writing,
 If the event is taking place         glass containers are allowed. Hosting clubs              etc.) will be removed immediately. Patrons
  in the Pat Malley Fitness            will be expected to assist the facility staff in         may also be held financially responsible
  and Recreation Center, a             enforcing facility rules.                                for any damage.
  roster of teams that will be        No rollerblades, bikes, or skateboards are              Patrons exhibiting abusive behavior, either
  entering the facility must           allowed in recreation facilities.                        verbally or physically, toward a fellow
  be provided in a timely             No pets are allowed in recreation facilities             patron or a recreation employee will be
  manner so that                       except guide dogs assisting a disabled                   asked to leave the facility immediately.
  arrangements may be                  person.                                                  Patrons may also be suspended from using
  made to allow them into             No tobacco product or alcohol of any                     recreation facilities for abusive behavior. If
  the facility.                        kind is allowed in the recreation facilities.            patrons refuse to leave the facilities upon
 All visiting team members            Patrons or spectators under the influence                the request of a recreation employee,
  entering and using the               of alcohol will be asked to leave the                    Campus Safety will be called to remove
  Malley Center must sign              facilities immediately.                                  the patron.
  and complete an                     No weapons or firearms of any kind are                  In the event of a medical emergency,
  Assumption of Risk and               allowed in the recreation facilities. Patrons            patrons should inform the Malley Center
  Liability Form.                      possessing any weapon or firearm will be                 Front Desk staff immediately.

RESERVATIONS                   Facilities and Equipment, Cont’d
Teams may request room         BELLOMY FIELD POLICIES               Bellomy when it is closed              returning the field to its
reservations in buildings on                                        will face disciplinary action          original condition after all
campus to hold team             In the event of inclement          and may be charged a                   uses.
meetings, information            weather or poor field              fee for field repairs.                Club may be charged for
meetings, etc. To do this,       conditions, Bellomy Field         Clubs must report any field            clean-up costs if not
you must email the Assistant     may be closed.                     hazards (holes in field,               returned to original
Director of Recreation the      The decision to close              protruding sprinkler head,             condition.
number of people the room        Bellomy field will be made         broken glass, etc.)                   If bleachers are used for
must hold, day/time              each day by Campus                 immediately to the Malley              practices or games, they
preferences, and special         Recreation Staff at noon.          Center Front Desk staff                must be returned to their
equipment needed (i.e.          If Bellomy is closed, club         (554-4068) so it can be                original location.
DVD player). You will be         officers and coaches will          corrected as soon as                  No bicycles and/or motor
notified via email if a room     be e-mailed by Club Sports         possible.                              vehicles are allowed on
reservation was able to be       Staff.                            NO alcoholic beverages                 the fields (grass or dirt
made or not. Please             During inclement weather,          are permitted on or                    areas).
request room reservations 72     Club Sports may be                 around Bellomy Field. Club            No pets are allowed on the
hours in advance. Anything       allowed to practice non-           Sports are expected to                 fields.
less than 72 hours may not       ball skills or conditioning in     enforce this policy before,           The use of tobacco
result in a reservation.         the Malley Center                  during, and after an event             products is not allowed on
                                 (pending availability). If         with players and                       the fields.
TEAM EQUIPMENT                   space is available, Club           spectators                            Guns, knives, or weapons
                                 Sports Staff will notify club     Clubs are responsible for              of any kind are prohibited.
All team equipment is the        officers and coaches and           facility upkeep and
property of the Club Sport       times will be scheduled on         maintenance during
team, not Campus                 a first-reply basis.               practice, games and
Recreation.                     Clubs that are found using         tournament play. Clubs
                                                                    are responsible for
                                STANTON FIELD POLICIES                                   in field, broken glass, etc.) immediately to
All donated equipment must                                                               the Malley Center Front Desk staff (554-
be approved by the               No food or beverages are allowed on                    4068) so it can be corrected as soon as
Assistant Director of             Stanton Field.                                         possible.
Recreation before                The following items and actions are also              NO alcoholic beverages are permitted on
acceptance. If no tax             prohibited on Stanton Field: golfing, any              or around Stanton Field. Club Sports are
deduction is desired for the      sharp or pointed object, animals, bicycles,            expected to enforce this policy before,
item, the club will be            chewing gum, chairs, smoking, sunflower                during, and after an event with players.
notified if the item is           seeds, vehicles/scooters.                             Players, spectators, and others found with
approved and then the            Stanton Field is to be used only for                   alcoholic beverages will be asked to
club can receive the item.        scheduled and authorized teams.                        remove those beverages from the area.
Those wishing to get a tax       Prior to schedule usage, all team members              Game play and/or practice will stop until
deduction for a donated           are required to read and sign the Stanton              rules are complied with and may be
item must follow these            Field Agreement Form.                                  subject to cancellation.
procedures before the item       Only participants are permitted on                    Enforcement of this policy will follow the
can be accepted:                  Stanton Field. Spectators must remain                  guidelines established by Santa Clara
 The donor indicates in          outside the fenced area.                               University for violation of university policy.
   writing his/her desire to     In the event of inclement weather or poor              Security and safety are of great
   donate the item. This can      field conditions, Stanton Field may be                 importance and therefore, individual or
   be via letter or email.        closed.                                                team violations will be directed to the
 The value of the item must     If Stanton is closed, club officers and                Office of Student Life (OSL) and the
   be noted in the letter         coaches will be e-mailed by Club Sports                Director of Recreation.
 The letter/email must be        Staff.                                                Club may be charged for clean-up costs if
   addressed and sent to the     During inclement weather, Club Sports                  the field is not returned to original
   Assistant Director of          may be allowed to practice non-ball skills             condition.
   Recreation.                    or conditioning in the Malley Center                  NOTE: Any violation of the stated Stanton
 If the donated item is          (pending availability). If space is                    Field policies will result in the loss of access
   approved, the                  available, Club Sports Staff will notify club          to that facility for all 18 Club Sports and
   letter/email will be           officers and coaches and times will be                 the rest of the Campus Recreation
   processed and sent to          scheduled on a first-reply basis.                      programs (intramurals, fitness, youth sports
   Development.                  Clubs that are found using Stanton when it             camps, etc).
                                  is closed will face disciplinary action and
                                  may be charged a fee for field repairs.
                                 Clubs must report any field hazards (holes

 In the fall and spring
  quarter, Intramurals         PRACTICE POLICIES                Although there is no limit        (or B squad or 2nd team,
  have priority in                                               to away games and total           etc) game will occur.
  scheduling on Bellomy        Clubs are limited to the          number of games, the             Clubs cannot schedule
  Field and in the winter      number of hours they can          approval of all                   games to miss classes;
  quarter, Club Sports         practice while in and out of      competition schedules is          post-season play is the
  have priority in             season.                           at the discretion of the          only exception to this rule
  scheduling. The Malley        Out-of-season limit is          Assistant Director of             policy.
  Center is shared all           eight hours of practice         Recreation. Games                Any changes to a club’s
  three quarters by Club         per week (only six can be       requested in excess of            competition schedule
  Sports, Intramural Sports      scheduled in Campus             required league play are          must be communicated
  and Open Recreation.           Recreation facilities).         not guaranteed to be              to the Assistant Director
 Priority within the Club      In-season limit is twelve       approved.                         of Recreation
  Sports Program will be         hours of practice per                                             IMMEDIATELY.
  given based on which           week (only eight can be       PRACTICE SESSION FACILITY          Any changes to a club’s
  teams are in season for        scheduled in Campus           USE REQUEST FORM                    home competition
  each quarter.                  Recreation facilities).                                           schedule are not
 The Practice Facility         Practice times must be         Required two weeks prior          guaranteed to be
  Request Form must be           after 5:00 p.m. on              to practices.                     approved and should
  submitted by stated            weekdays.                      Used to request facilities        not be advertised as
  deadline which will be        Mandatory practices are         that will be used on a            changed until approval is
  emailed to club officers.      NOT allowed during finals       regular basis for practice.       granted by the Assistant
  o If a team requires on-       week.                          Please be sure to request         Director of Recreation.
     campus space for           Practices and games             a second and third               Due to the limited
     practice but does not       can only be held during         preference in case your           amount of field space for
     have that form in by        the academic year.              first choice is not               Campus Recreation
     stated deadline, they                                       available.                        programs, Club Sports
     will receive the lowest   COMPETITION POLICIES             Bellomy will be divided           teams are not allowed to
     priority.                                                   into sections and clubs           host post-season games
 The Assistant Director of    Club Sports teams are             will be assigned a part of        or tournaments.
  Recreation will make         limited to the number of          the field to practice on.
  the practice schedules       competitions they can             Depending on the day,         FACILITY REQUEST FORM
  based on the requests        participate in while in and       one to three clubs will
  submitted and will have      out of season and all             practice at one time and       Required two months
  final say on the             competitions must be              clubs will have to be           prior to events.
  schedule.                    approved by submitting a          flexible with their            Used if your club needs
                               Game Request Form (see            scheduling request. If          to use Campus
FIELD LINES                    Facility Scheduling below).       Intramural Sports games         Recreation facilities to
                                                                 are scheduled, please           host a tournament,
Please note that field lines    Out-of-season (this                                             special event or
                                 includes pre-season)            do not disrupt games or
will be chalked during the                                       practices on their              fundraiser.
fall quarter instead of          home game limit is one                                         Be sure to indicate
                                 game.                           scheduled field space.
painted. This means that it                                                                      exactly how much of the
is crucial for clubs to give    Out-of-season away                                              facility you need (one
                                 games are not limited.        GAME SCHEDULE REQUEST
the Assistant Director of                                      FORM                              court, two fields, a
Recreation notice of all        In-season home games                                            meeting room, etc) and
scrimmages at least two          limit is four games (teams                                      what additional
                                 in larger leagues may not      Required two months
weeks in advance.                                                prior to games.                 equipment you need
                                 be restricted to 4 in order                                     (scoreboard, tables,
                                 to allow the team to           Used to request approval
                                                                 of competition schedule         chairs, cones, flip cards,
                                 remain in good standing                                         water coolers).
                                 with their league).             as well as request
                                                                 facilities for any home        Each Club Sport team
                                In-season away games                                            will be held financially
                                 are not limited.                games.
                                                                If a team wants to add a        responsible (retail cost)
                                Total number of games is                                        for replacing any
                                 not limited.                    tournament or game not
                                                                 on the original request,        damaged or missing
                                Teams that do not have                                          equipment.
                                 true “in seasons” and           they must submit a new
                                 “out of seasons” will be        form for approval.
                                 limited to 4 home events       For scheduling purposes,
                                 per year unless facilities      be sure to indicate
                                 are available.                  whether or not a B side
REQUIRED FORMS                                                                                                                 19

There are a variety of different reasons the Club Sports          Volunteer Letter of Agreement
Office requires teams to fill out forms for club business.         o Required for any coach or personnel that is UNPAID.
Some forms are required based on university policy,               Independent Contractor Form
others are required as the easiest means of getting info           o Used to pay coaches.
from clubs in a timely manner, etc.                               Campus Safety Parking Permit Application
                                                                   o For teams that want to purchase permits for their
Below is a list of our current forms, sorted based on                coaching staff.
when they should/must be turned into the Club Sports
Office.                                                          REQUIRED FOR VOLUNTEERS

REQUIRED PRIOR TO PRACTICING/COMPETING                            Volunteer Letter of Agreement
                                                                   o Required for any personnel that is UNPAID.
   Team Roster Form
   Informed Consent and Release of Liability Form               REQUIRED ON A ON-GOING BASIS
   Medical Information and Authorization Form
   Conduct Guidelines                                            Injury Report Form
   Women’s Club Volleyball Financial Aid Form                     o Due within 24 hours of injury
   Stanton Field Agreement                                       Non-Travel Reimbursement Form
                                                                   o Due within two months of purchase (but sooner than
REQUIRED BY THE THIRD FRIDAY OF FALL QUARTER                          that is highly recommended).
                                                                  Apparel Request Form
 Program Funding Summary                                          o Due prior to purchasing any apparel whether for team
  o Schedule a meeting to review this form with a Club                use or for sale.
    Sports Coordinator before the third Friday of the             Release of Liability Form
    fall quarter.                                                  o Required for any non-SCU people using Malley/Bellomy
 Club Sports Constitution (if updated)                               for any events other than a schedule competition.
                                                                  Sponsorship Request Form
REQUIRED TO TRAVEL TO GAMES OR PRACTICES                           o Due prior to contacting any outside organization about
                                                                      sponsorship opportunities.
 Driving Roster Form                                             Stanton Field Agreement
  o Must submit copy of current driver license and                 o Due prior to using Stanton (applies only to teams
    auto insurance with this form.                                    scheduled on Stanton).
                                                                  FLEX Form
REQUIRED TWO MONTHS PRIOR TO EVENT                                 o Due to Event Planning Office at least 72 hours prior to
                                                                      merchandise sales.
 Game Schedule Request Form
 Facility Request Form                                          REQUIRED FOR OFFICIALS/REFEREES/TRAINERS/OTHER PAYEES

REQUIRED TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO EVENT                                 Guest Speaker/Honorarium Form
                                                                  Used to make one-time payments for professional services.
 Practice Session Facility Request Form
 Advance Request Form                                           REQUIRED AT NEW OFFICER TRAINING (END OF SPRING QTR)
 Fundraiser Request Form
                                                                  Intent to Continue Form

 Travel Form


 Results Form
 Business Expense Form (if applicable)
 Meal Money Receipt Form (if applicable)


 Coach Letter of Agreement
  o Required before coach works with team in any

                           Get the Required Forms Checklist at
          It is a directory of all the various Club Sports forms, logged by when they are due to the Club Sports Office!
                         FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS!
TURNING IN ITEMS TO THE CLUB SPORTS OFFICE                             write a personal check for the entry fee and then submit a
                                                                       reimbursement form so that you can be reimbursed for
 I have forms/checks/cash to turn into the Club Sports Office,        that amount.
  where do I leave it?                                              We are traveling next month and we don’t want to have to
  o Forms can be left in the Club Sports Inbox on the wall           pay for gas and hotels ourselves, what can we do?
     behind the door in the Club Sports Office (room 114).           o You can submit a request for a cash advance. These
     Checks can also be left in the same inbox but must be in          requests must be submitted 2 weeks prior to departure.
     an envelope! All cash must be handed directly to a Club           This allows the team to withdraw cash from the club
     Sports Coordinator or the Assistant Director of Recreation.       account so that the team can pay for things like gas,
     Be sure to leave notes with everything you drop off so            hotels, etc up front rather than having to put those
     that we know exactly what it is and what we should be             expenses on a personal credit card and requesting a
     doing with it.                                                    reimbursement after the trip. If you request a cash
                                                                       advance, you must save all receipts and after the trip, turn
BECOMING AN APPROVED DRIVER                                            in all left over money plus all of the receipts.

 Why I am not an approved driver, I signed the form and           CLUB DUES
  turned in copies of my driver license and auto insurance?
  o The most common mistakes are people turning in a copy           What do I do with the club dues I’ve received?
     of their vehicle registration, AAA membership card, or          o Whether paid via cash or check, all dues should be turned
     health insurance care rather than their AUTO INSURANCE            into the Club Sports Office within 48 hours of receipt. We
     CARD. Many people also turn in copies of their expired            will then deposit the dues into your club account.
     license or auto insurance. We need current, valid copies!
                                                                   ORDERING APPAREL
                                                                    How do I go about ordering shirts, shorts, jerseys, etc?
 What forms does a person have to fill out to be eligible to        o First decide if you want to use an SCU logo or not.
  start practicing with a club?                                      o If YES - you will need to find a licensed vendor (Campus
  o See criteria “H” and “I” on page 6 of this handbook                Recreation uses Logo Locker in San Jose). The company
     (membership section).                                             MUST be licensed to use our logos, no exceptions. Fill out
 Where do I get _______ form?                                         the Apparel Request Form and Royalty Waiver Form prior
  o Nearly all of the Club Sports forms are online at                  to placing your order. If approved, you can proceed with All forms are              your order. Payment can either be made via your club’s
     also available in the Club Sports Office (room 114) at the        purchasing card (see Assistant Director of Recreation to
     Malley Center. They are located on the “wall of forms”            arrange this) or the company can send us an invoice to
     which is behind the door.                                         pay through the university.
                                                                     o If NO - you can use any vendor. Fill out the Apparel
RESERVING TEAM MEETING SPACE                                           Request Form prior to placing your order. If approved, you
                                                                       can proceed with order. Payment can either be made via
 How do I reserve a room that is big enough for my team to            your club’s purchasing card (see Assistant Director of
  have a meeting?                                                      Recreation to arrange this) or the company can send us
  o The Malley Center Conference Room can comfortably fit              an invoice to pay through the university.
    around 35 people (without using the tables) and is
    available for teams to reserve through the Assistant           INELIGIBLE PLAYERS
    Director of Recreation. If you need a room larger than
    that, rooms in other buildings on campus can be                 A member of our club is not eligible due to his/her
    reserved.                                                        cumulative gpa, is there any exception that will allow
  o To reserve, email the Assistant Director the date and time       him/her to at least practice with our club?
    you need a room, how many people the room must hold,             o A student with a cumulative gpa under 2.0 is ineligible for
    and any special equipment needed.                                   all club activities (practice, games, meetings) until his/her
                                                                        cumulative gpa rises above 2.0. There are no exceptions.
GETTING REIMBURSED                                                  A member of our club is on disciplinary probation, can the
                                                                     Club Sports Office assist with getting this person out of
 How do I get reimbursed for entry fees/gas/uniforms/etc?           trouble?
  o Page 11 of this handbook is dedicated to                         o If appropriate, the Club Sports staff may write a character
    reimbursements. Please read that section to determine               letter on behalf of a club athlete but it should be noted
    whether or not your receipts are sufficient and what form           that once a student gets involved in the judicial process
    you should turn in to get reimbursed.                               due to behavior in violation of the SCU Student Handbook,
                                                                        the Campus Recreation staff has no say in the process.
PAYING FOR STUFF                                                        We are not able to remove someone from disciplinary
                                                                        probation. Please make sure this is clear to all team
 How do I pay tournament fees?                                         members as each person’s off the field behavior has the
  o Submit your tournament registration form (filled out                potential to impact their status with the university and with
    completely) to our office and the university can cut and            their club team. When on disciplinary probation, team
    send the check. That process takes about 4 weeks. If the            members can practice with their team but cannot travel
    due date is sooner than 4 weeks, your other option is to            or play with the team.

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