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Maui Preparatory Academy

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                     JULY 1, 2009 – JUNE 30, 2010

Maui Preparatory Academy is fully accredited by the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools (HAIS)
                    and the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC).

Maui Preparatory Academy provides a
superior educational program in a safe,
        nurturing, and stimulating
 environment. We promote character
development, community service, and
 the values of sustainability. We foster
    a love of learning while instilling
       academic excellence, artistic
  expression, athletic achievement and
  the skills necessary for success in the
               21st century.
                                  Aloha Maui Prep ‘Ohana,
                                   At the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year, our ‘ohana suffered a
                                   profound loss. Loving parent, dedicated trustee and passionate Maui Prep
                                   supporter Tom Rosenquist passed away suddenly on September 17, 2009.
                                   This was a tremendous blow to our whole community. Tom touched our
                                   lives in so many ways, and he will never be forgotten. His legacy will
forever serve as an inspiration to all of us to dream big, work hard and, above all, to never forget: “It’s all
about the kids.”
The school year ended on a joyful note with the commencement of Maui Prep’s first graduates, the Class of
2010. From start to finish, this celebratory occasion was filled with emotion as the 400+ members of the
audience laughed, cried, and cheered as our eight graduates received their diplomas. All eight have headed
to college this fall.
Throughout the school year, there were numerous highlights. Our Middle School Science Olympiad Team
won the school’s first state championship and went on to represent Hawaii at the national competition, and
our History Day Team produced one of the two videos selected to represent the state at their national
competition. MIL athletes in cross country, swimming and track qualified for state championship meets,
and our Maui Prep thespians wowed audiences with two musicals, a lower school production of The
Aristocats and a middle school production of Thirteen.

This year marked the launch of our Schools of the Future
initiative funded by the Hawaii Community Foundation.
Building on our solid academic curriculum and utilizing
our HCF grant of $43,000, we began transforming our
students’ educational experience by creating an
environment that encourages student leadership,
multidisciplinary project-based learning, group
collaboration, personal reflection and creativity. In
acknowledgement of the first year’s success, we were
honored to receive a second year program grant of
$70,000 from HCF, one of the highest Schools of the
Future awards given to any school in the state.              4th / 5th Grade Class performing their cheer on School Spirit Day.

Maui Prep also experienced great success in our fundraising efforts this year. Under the terrific leadership
of Doug and Kelly Pitzer, the Annual Fund Drive 2009-2010 raised $200,501 in unrestricted funds, with
91% of parents, 97% of faculty and staff, and 100% of trustees participating. Restricted gifts for faculty
salaries, professional development, campus improvements, educational programs and financial aid totaled an
additional $430,516. The Jingle Bell Ball, skillfully chaired by Corie Bluh, raised $152,138 and the Tom
Rosenquist Legacy Golf Tournament (The TOM), under the stellar leadership of Jerry and Toni King, raised
$52,725. All in all, despite the challenging economy, we raised $835,880 for our students – wow!
Maui Prep’s continuing success is a testimony to all the remarkable people who make up our ‘ohana –
parents, grandparents, trustees, students, alumni, faculty, staff, donors, volunteers, foundations, businesses
and friends. We have created a powerful partnership devoted to serving the best interests of our
community’s children. And as Tom always said: “It’s all about the kids.”

George C. Baker
On May 28, 2010, ten years of intense work and incredible
community support came to fruition when Maui Prep
graduated its first class, the Class of 2010. What a proud
moment it was for the hundreds of people in attendance as well
as those far away who sent their messages of aloha.
After a half hour of marvelous live entertainment by our
talented Upper School Rock Band, the commencement
ceremony began with a blessing from Clifford Nae’ole followed
by a welcome from Mayor Charmaine Tavares. It featured
humorous and emotion-filled speeches by Valedictorian Trent
Rosenquist, Salutatorian Alex Lewicki and Middle & Upper
School Principal Leigh Fitzgerald. Underclassmen Devon
Bloss ’12 and Troy Otto ’13 beautifully performed the class
song, Time of Our Life. Headmaster George Baker reminded the
audience of the very special people who turned the dream of
Maui Prep into a reality and then went on to nurture and
sustain it. He honored our school Trustees, past and present,      The Class of 2010: (Front L-R) Chelsea Johnson, Samantha
                                                                   Hartsell, Carmella Lenta, Amanda Cuevas; (Back L-R) Chasen
and gave particular recognition to Maui Prep’s five                Bahouth, Alex Lewicki, Sean O’Hanlon, Trent Rosenquist
Board Presidents: Mr. Kim Carpenter, Tom Di Noto, Tom
Rosenquist, Tom Bell and Scott Shoemaker. Senior Class Advisor Barbara Kent awarded the very first Faculty Merit
Award to Samantha Hartsell and, finally, accompanied by cheers from the audience, our eight graduates received their
                                             Our love and congratulations go with the Class of 2010 as they head off
                                             to the following colleges:

                                                           Chasen Bahouth            Pacific University
                                                           Amanda Cuevas             Seattle University
                                                           Samantha Hartsell         University of Alaska Anchorage
                                                           Chelsea Johnson           University of Hawai’i, Maui College
                                                           Carmella Lenta            University of Hawai’i at Manoa
                                                           Alexander Lewicki         University of San Francisco
                                                           Sean O’Hanlon             New Mexico Tech
                                                           Trent Rosenquist          University of California, Santa Barbara
Senior Advisor Barbara Kent gives a lei to Faculty
Merit Award winner Samantha Hartsell.

                                        “Maui Prep has accomplished what it was designed to do. We all have
                                        worked so hard to stand before you. We are prepared, and we are ready
                                        for our next big step in life … Maui Prep is extraordinarily unique, and I
                                        have to say that I’m very happy to be part of this first graduating class,
                                        the Class of 2010!” Trent Rosenquist, Valedictorian

          “The close community of students and teachers that we have created here
.         at Maui Prep is second to none … As my time here at Maui Prep comes
          to an end, I realize that this school has provided me with everything I
          could ever want from a high school experience.” Alex Lewicki,
Maui Preparatory Academy Middle School students, in only their
second year of competition, placed first in their division at the State
Science Olympiad and won the opportunity to represent the state
of Hawaii at the national competition in May. The Science
Olympiad is an event that requires students to problem solve,
collaborate, and use their inquiry skills on site, with no adult
Science teacher Carrie DeMott worked with her Maui Prep students
almost every day after school for months to prepare them for
competition. “For such a young team (mostly 7th graders) and from
such a small school, I wasn’t sure it was possible for us to win first
in state,” said DeMott. “But with their hard work, dedication, and     State Champion Middle School Science Olympiad Team:
                                                                       (Standing L-R) Sydney Gilbert, Julia Addie Goldblatt, Santana
                                                                                      you work hard, you can Ancheta,
teamwork, the kids came out on top. It proves that no matter how small you are, if Foster, James Foster, Joshua succeed.Coach Carrie
                                                                       Huck, Stephan
Maui Prep is a                                                         DeMott; (Front L-R) Emma Archambeau, Samantha Shoemaker,
school that gives all kids a chance to shine.”                         Leiana Beyer, Caleb Bermudez

Our team could not have gone to the national competition without the help of many generous supporters. Our
deepest thanks go to the following individuals and businesses for making it possible:
Vince & Jennifer Bagoyo                     Jim & Lynn Foster                          Natividad Ragudo-Smith
R. Baird & Co.                              GE Foundation                              RLI Corp.
Carl Beyer                                  Brian Graham                               Hopoeloa Sagawinit
Cindy Bloom                                 Rayetta Hendrix/John Chinn                 Karyn Sanderson
Andrew Blumen                               Kaye Hesburn/Dick Hammond                  John Saunders
Marsha Bordeaux                             Joe Krueger                                Sean & Adam/Roy’s
Sandra Brown                                Jay Lapin                                  Keith & Alice Shimomura
Billy Caldwell                              Avery & Kathleen Loy                       Stephen & Monique Silard
Christina Campbell                          Aprim Lum                                  Steve & Debra Sturdevant
Susan Campbell                              Freeman Tam Lung                           Kevin Watson
Char & Jerry Christopher                    Maui Jim, Inc.                             What’s Cooking Maui
Kenneth Clark                               Martha Medeiros                            John & Leslie Woodlock
Dorothea Engeldorf                          Tricia & Bob Morrisette                    LaRue Ziebarth
Beverly Foster                              Michael O’Lear

In 2009, the Hawaii Community Foundation, in collaboration with the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools,
launched the Schools of the Future initiative. Understanding that the skills students will need to be successful in the
future may differ from those required in the past, the intent of the initiative is to work with schools to define what it
means to be a “21st century student,” to determine what skills students will need to be successful, and to create and
implement school-wide plans to establish new educational models to teach those skills. To encourage schools to
participate, HCF offered the chance to apply for grants of up to $75,000 each year for a period of five years. Maui
Prep was honored to be in the first group of schools selected, receiving a grant of $43,000 for 2009-2010.

This grant has already had a profound effect on our program. In the first year alone, we defined what it means to be a
“21st century student” at Maui Prep; developed faculty acceptance of and engagement with the initiative; launched our
first Senior Projects; supported and encouraged student-led project initiatives throughout the upper school; and
developed electives based on student interests and involving students in all aspects of planning and implementation.
As the year went on, teachers witnessed numerous instances of students taking responsibility for their own learning,
identifying real-world problems and collaborating with others to solve those problems.

Based on our success in the first year, Maui Prep was deeply gratified to receive a second year grant of $70,000 from
HCF to continue our work. With their continued support, we will expand upon the accomplishments of Year 1 and
advance our vision to the benefit of our students, faculty and community.
To Our Maui Prep ‘Ohana:

Congratulations! We did it – all of us working together!!! We reached our
Annual Fund goal of raising at least $200,000 for Maui Prep’s children, and we
did it with exceptional levels of participation from our parents, faculty and staff,
and trustees.

                                 Once again, our Maui Prep ‘Ohana has confirmed our belief that it really does “take a
                                 village to raise a child.” It definitely takes involvement from all of us – parents,
                                 grandparents, faculty and staff – to nurture every single child at Maui Prep. At the
                                 same time, it also takes involvement from our entire ‘ohana to nurture and sustain the
                                 “child” that is Maui Prep. The success of the 2009-2010 Annual Fund Drive
                                 clearly demonstrates that parents, trustees, faculty and staff are up to the challenge.
                                 By the end of the fiscal year, 91% of parents, 97%
                                 of faculty and staff, and 100% of trustees had
                                 given to the Annual Fund Drive. Fantastic!!                          2009-2010
                                 In addition to terrific donors, Maui Prep’s Annual
                                                                                            GIVING SUMMARY
                                 Fund 2009-2010 was blessed with a group of
                                 outstanding volunteers. Their commitment to this
                                 critical fundraising event laid the foundation for                  $200,501
                                 our success. Mahalo to each and every one.
                                                                                             JINGLE BELL BALL
                                  Finally, it is our pleasure to welcome and thank
                                  David and Kari Adams for saying “yes” when                         $152,138
                                  asked to chair this year’s Annual Fund Drive
                                  2010-2011. Under their leadership and with                   THE TOM
participation from our entire ‘ohana, we can be assured of the continued success
of this all-important all-school fundraising endeavor.
                                                                                            GOLF TOURNAMENT

Doug & Kelly Pitzer
Chairs                                                                                            MPA ANGELS
Annual Fund Drive 2009-2010
                                                                                             FOUNDATION GRANTS
        MAHALO       T O O U R 2009-2010 A N N U A L         FUND
                                                                                                 FINANCIAL AID
                  David & Kari Adams (Parent Chairs)
                  Ryan Kirkham (Faculty/Staff Chair)
                                                                                         ALLIANCE TO IMPROVE MAUI
         Christian Abbott                    Melissa Kreutner
         Sheri Arebaugh                      Amy Martin
         Katie Bertacchi                     Dean Otto                                                OTHER
         Carolyn Border                      Nohealani Ralar                                          $41,181
         Betty Fisler                        Matt Smith
         Lisa Gibson                         Wanda Sobel                                        TOTAL RAISED
         Carolyn Griffin                     Amy Taylor
         Kaori Imhoff                        Kristin Wheeler                                        $835,880
                    (GIFTS MADE TO THE SCHOOL: FISCAL YEAR JULY 1, 2009 TO JUNE 30, 2010)

 Maui Preparatory Academy is deeply grateful to all of the following donors whose gifts ensured the
        continued health and well-being of the school during the 2009-2010 academic year.

 BRIDGE BUILDERS ($20,000+)                               PUEO BRIDGE (CONTINUED)
 Cooke Foundation, Limited                                Mindy Cohen, Ph.D
 Jason & Concetta Cuevas                                  Jim & Lynn Foster
 Hawaii Community Foundation                              Walter Hester
 Greg & Jenny Kerrigan                                    Maui Jim, Inc.
 Mike & Angela Kroeger                                    Kent & Polli Smith Fund at the Hawai'i
 Brett & Elena MacDonald                                     Community Foundation
 The Mackin Family                                        Steven & Son Mi Tsue
 The Schober Family                                       Wenzel Family
 Scott & Elaine Shoemaker
                                                          THE 2005 SOCIETY ($2,005 TO $4,999)
 BRIDGE PLUS ($10,000 TO $19,999)                         In Honor of the Founding Year of the School

 Caputo Family                                            The Bergson Family
 Jim & Michelle Falk                                      Robert & Corie Bluh
 Lisa & Warren Gibson                                     Boeing Corp.
 Mary Anne & Nam Le Viet                                  Peggy Harmon & Rick Case
 Dave & Cathi Minami                                      Greg & Dana Howeth
 Jurg & Linda Munch                                       Karimabadi Family
 Dean & Michelle Otto                                     Doug & Kelly Pitzer
 Tom Rosenquist Family
 Bob Wilfur & Leslie Piper                                HEADMASTER’S COUNCIL ($1,000 TO $2,004)
                                                          Richard & Maureen Bergson
                                                          Dr. & Mrs. John Hales
                                                          Paris & Donna Nabavi
                                                          Krishna & Sherrie Narayan
                                                          Bill & Amanda Nguyen
                                                          Julie & Curtis Robb
                                                          Steven & Karin Sagar
                                                          Kent & Polli Smith
                                                          Rick & Alissa Waring
                                                          Wells Family
                                                          John & Leslie Woodlock

                                                          BENEFACTORS ($500 TO $999)
The Girls of the 7th Grade enjoying GLU (Good Luck,
Upper School) Day.                                        A & B Foundation
                                                          Scott & Melissa Berry
 PUEO BRIDGE ($5,000 TO $9,999)                           Carl Beyer
                                                          Randy & Tamara Blumer
 David & Kari Adams                                       Marsha Bordeaux
 Anonymous                                                The Border Ohana
 George & Marilyn Baker                                   Arnulfo & Luz Elizabeth Gonzalez
 Sally Bluh                                               Jason & Vania Jerome
                                                          Jagger & Justice King
Moffett Family                     Christian & Shari Abbott
The Pupunu Ohana                   Adam/Roy's
John Saunders                      Anonymous
Matt & Shawneen Schweitzer         Anonymous
Leo Slocombe & Jane Low            Anonymous
Christine & Jamie Spoletini        Anonymous
Rob & Kristin Wheeler              Anonymous
                                   The Archambeau Family
CONTRIBUTORS ($200 TO $499)        Vince & Jennifer Bagoyo
                                   Edwin Barton
Flaviana & Cornelio Ancheta        Joshua Baylosis
Anonymous                          Jesse & Mini Bermudez
Anonymous                          Jeff & Uilani Beyer
Arebaugh/Jio Ohana                 Biglow & Company Inc.
Molly & Chip Bahouth               Cindy Bloom
Andrew Blumen                      Preston & Karen Bloss
Fonte & Makanani Catugal           Sherry Boonstra-Barbier
Shannon Cleary
Lance & Cyndi Cowan
Betty Fisler
Gilbert-Hartsell Ohana
Brian Graham
Branden Hazlet
Chuck & Patty Johnson
Kelley Family
Jim & Kristen Kingwell
The Kirkham Family
David & Bernie Kreutner
Jay Lapin
Sang Gyu & Lena Lee                Senior Derek Cuevas is co-captain of Maui Prep’s
Michele Maynard                    new surf team.
The O'Hanlons
The Parnell Family                 Diane Boyd & Jeff Ferguson
Paul & Zelia Paulino               David & Alesha Brown
Laurent & Eileen Perchard          Sandra Brown
Randall-Durand Family              Betty & Bob Burkett
Pamela & Keenan Reader             Willow Burns
Scott & Debbie Sauers              Kiri Butler
The Severson/Gonzales Family       Billy Caldwell
Kris & Matt Smith                  Christina Campbell
Kirk & Shelly Snyder               Susan Campbell
Ken & Perry Stevens                Kawika Casco
Niel & Karen Thompson              Salvador Castillo
Gary, Toni and Cooper Thomson      Craig & Pamela Chernick
The Trouts                         Char & Jerry Christopher
Addie Vierra                       Kenneth Clark
Villatora Ohana                    John & Tera Deal
David W. & Karen S. Williams       Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
Patrick Williams                   Derek & Kristen DeCrausaz
Amy Wisthoff-Martin & Dan Martin   Carrie DeMott
Kenneth & Sandy Younger            Paul & Lisa DeSalvio
                                   Tom & Laurie Di Noto
                                   Byron Doan
DONORS (CONTINUED)                      John Moore
                                        Tricia & Bob Morrisette
Bud & Katie Egbers                      Diane Moser
Dorothea Engeldorf                      K. Ananth & Suhasini Narayan
Karen A. Fischer & John K. Eckhart      Virendra Nath
Leigh Fitzgerald                        Michael O'Lear
David & Denise Fleetham                 Ompoy Ohana
Jenny Ford                              Rebecca Pastrana
Beverly Foster                          Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Pedersen
S.W. Friedman Foundation, Inc.          Ana & Steve Phillips
Heather Goss                            Natividad Ragudo-Smith
Carolyn, Chip & Aidan Griffin           Edsel Ralar & Devlin Ralar
Carrie & John Hague                     Natalie Rezayani
Charlie & Kay Hallagan                  Marcy Rhody
Bill & Fran Hallas                      Gina & Monty Richmond
Larry & Kathy Hallas                    Debi Rolfing
Doug & Amy Hannie                       Jeffrey Rummel
Mark & Dottie Harshbarger               Hopoeloa Sagawinit
Rayetta Hendrix & John Chinn            Karyn Sanderson
Kaye Hesburn & Dick Hammond             Carolyn & Harold Schaubert
Emlyn H. Higa                           Ross & Kim Scott
Emily Homza                             Sean/Roy's
Erika Huck                              Keith & Alice Shimomura
Toni Johnson                            Stephen & Monique Silard
                                        Wanda Sobel
                                        Mary & Barbara Street
                                        Steve & Debra Sturdevant
                                        Karen Swierkos
                                        Roger & Sheri Torres
                                        Nino Toscano
                                        Laura Valenzuela
                                        Kaleo Vannatta
                                        Chad & Laurie Viela
                                        Thuy-Ha & Manny Vo
                                        Mr. & Mrs. Dick Vos
 Mei Lei Wegner singing at May
                                        Teresa Waldron
 Day 2010.                              Kevin Watson
                                        Judy Webster
Kawika, Nohealani & Namahina Kawabata   Carlos & Rosa Wegner
Carl Kobayashi                          What's Cooking Maui
Melissa Kreutner                        Witherspoon Family
Joe Krueger                             Kim Zeigler
Valerie & Richard Leon                  LaRue Ziebarth
Connie Lewicki
Michael & Nancy Long
Avery & Kathleen Loy
Aprim Lum
Jayda Lum Lung
Freeman Tam Lung
Tamara McGee & Dennis Frank
Martha Medeiros
Nikki Meenzhuber
Ray Mohrman & Michele Hodson
                                         Ray Mohrman working with the AP English Class.
Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or some other             Donors to Maui Prep can DOUBLE their gifts by taking
special occasion by making a gift to Maui Prep in           advantage of company matching gift programs. Check to
honor of a friend or family member.                         see if your company has a similar program and increase
                                                            your support for the school.
      In Honor of Warren & Lisa Gibson
          Craig & Pam Chernick                                               Boeing Corporation
                                                                              GE Foundation
                                                                               Maui Jim, Inc.

                                                         In June 2009, Maui Prep students present Tom
                                                         Rosenquist with a message of aloha when he
                                                         surpassed the $1 million mark in giving to the

        IN MEMORY OF GARY COCKER                    IN MEMORY OF KEITH LORAN, A Loving Father of 3 Kids
          Debevoise & Plimpton LLP                                  Dennis & Mary Ann Schober

                        IN MEMORY OF DOUGLAS HARKNESS, Grandfather of Sophia Pastrana
                                                    Rebecca Pastrana

                                        IN MEMORY OF TOM ROSENQUIST
                                         Parent, Trustee, Philanthropist
                       Edwin Barton                                 Jurg & Linda Munch
                       Biglow Company                               Mr. & Mrs. A.P. Pedersen
                       Betty & Bob Burkett                          Doug & Kelly Pitzer
                       Shannon Cleary                               Marcy Rhody
                       Tom & Laurie Di Noto                         Jeffrey Rummel
                       Bud & Katie Egbers                           Carolyn & Harold Schaubert
                       Karen A. Fischer & John K. Eckhart           Leo Slocombe & Jane Low
                       Carrie & John Hague                          Kent & Polli Smith Fund at the
                       Charles & Kay Hallagan                          Hawaii Community Foundation
                       Bill & Fran Hallas                           Mary & Barbara Street
                       Larry & Kathy Hallas                         Mr. & Mrs. Dick Vos
                       Mark & Dottie Harshbarger                    Judy Webster
                       Carl Kobayashi                               David W. & Karen S. Williams
                       Michael & Nancy Long
The Fourth Annual Jingle Bell Ball (A Night of Hopes & Dreams) was a rousing success. Many thanks to all
of our sponsors, donors and attendees for helping us raise over $150,000 for our students.

BALL SPONSORS                                                               Buzz’s Wharf Restaurant
                                                                            Cilantro Mexican Grill
Bluh Family                                                                 Cirque Polynesia
Central Pacific Bank                                                        Maggie Columbe Design
The Kroeger Family                                                          Cool Cat Café
Peter & Deborah Martin                                                      The Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery
  Foundation                                                                Déjà Vu Salon
The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua                                                   Brandy Donovan
                                                                            Christopher Egan Gallery
BALL DONORS                                                                 Mark & Judy Ellman
                                                                            Chris Evert
Richard & Maureen Bergson                                                   Everything’s Young & Rosie
Better Brands                                                               Expeditions
A. Leonard Bloch                                                            Flatbread Company
Kella Bodinus                         Peter & Jane Hehemann                 Fleetwood Family
Ann M. Caturia                        Greg & Dana Howeth                    Fourth/Fifth Grade Class
Sandra Chafin                         Gaye Jordan                           Friendly Charters
Mr. & Mrs. R. Dougal Crowe            Mori Karimabadi & Julie Battles-      Frogman Charters
Dellables Event Planner                  Karimabadi                         Gazebo Restaurant
Envisions Entertainment &             Barbara Kent                          Gerard’s Restaurant
   Productions                        Greg Kerrigan & Jenny Hickory         Grand Wailea Resort Hotel &
Epic Lighting                         Jerry & Toni King                        Spa
First Impression Interiors            Mike & Angela Kroeger
Julie Ford                            Leigh Anne Leggatt
Peter & Holly Geraci                  Lorry Lokey & Joanne
Anthony Martinez                         Harrington
Maui Electric Company                 Brett & Elena MacDonald
Pineapple Grill                       George & Hemma Mackin
Allen & Christina Prestegard          Todd Murphy
Quick Turn Photos                     Paris & Donna Nabavi
Rainbow Ridge Farm                    Krishna & Sherrie Narayan
Judy Siracusa                         Michelle & Dean Otto
Warren & Annabelle’s                  Nathan Papini
                                      Doug & Kelly Pitzer
GIVING TREE DONORS                    Mike & Michele Pupunu                 Decorations Chair Amy Hannie shown
                                      Robb Family                           here with Giving Tree she created.
David & Kari Adams                    Anna Severson-Gonzales
George & Marilyn Baker                Jamie Spoletini & Christine           Hali’imaile General Store
Jack & Caroline Belsom                   Lutzko                             Woody Harrelson
Gail & Chuck Bergson                  Amy Wisthoff-Martin & Dan             The Herkenrath Family
Robert & Corie Bluh                      Martin                             Hildgund Jeweler
Randy & Tamara Blumer                                                       John Steven Hindley
Ray & MaryBeth Chin                                                         Hoaloha Na Eha, Ltd.
                                      AUCTION DONORS
Ron & Leslie Dean                                                           Tiana Hohorio at Plush Beauty
Pamela Donnellan                      Zilla Adams, Artist                     Lounge
Jim & Michelle Falk                   Baron & Leeds                         Honolua Surf Company
Jim & Lynn Foster                     Bikram Yoga Lahaina                   Ho’oilo House
Mike & Marianne Gaertner              Blueroom Computing                    Hotel Le Crystal
Doug & Amy Hannie                     Body in Balance                       Hyatt Regency Maui
Island Spirit Yoga                    Merriman’s Kapalua                Royal Lahaina Resort
Kahala Sportswear                     Todd Mirzai, MD                   SBS Championship
Kapalua Marketing                     Patrick Molson                    Sansei Seafood Restaurant &
Kapalua Spa                           Napua Lani                           Sushi Bar
The Kapalua Villas                    Willie & Annie Nelson             Dorothy Savona
Russell Karaviotis                    Nespresso                         Schweitzer Sports Adventures
Kingwell Island Art                   NUANCE at the Hyatt Regency       John Severson
Kroeger Family                           Maui                           Matthew Smith Fine Art
Kula Fields                           OGGETTI                           Diane Sowers
La Boheme                             Jeffrey M. Oltman/Images by       Spanish for Keiki
Lahaina Divers, Inc.                     Jeffrey                        Speedi Shuttle/Speedi Parking
Lahaina Grill                         Pacific ‘O Restaurant             Stella Blues Café
Lahaina Ice Cream Parlor              Pacific Whale Foundation          Sugar Cane Train
Lahaina Inn                           Chef Ivan Pahk of Sansei          Tennis Magazine
Lahaina Music                         Passions Bloom                    Conrad C. Thiess
Lahaina Stables                       Jewelry by Jenelle Peterson       Trilogy
Lei Spa                               Pineapple Grill of Kapalua        Tropic Silk
Leilani’s on the Beach                   Resort                         Tropo & Hurricane Ltd.
Veronica Long at Plush Beauty         Pizza Paradiso                     ‘Ulalena at Maui Theatre
   Lounge                             PLUSH Fresh Handmade              Warren & Annabelle’s
Longhi’s                                 Cosmetics                      The Water Store
Jeff & Elizabeth Louis                Post Hotel & Spa                  Waterstone Partners Inc.
Lulu’s Lahaina Surf Club              Pride Charters                    West Maui Sailing School
   Restaurant                         Rainbow Ridge Farm Maui           West Maui Wellness Center
The Mackin Family                     Pamela Reader                     Westin Kaanapali Maui
Jersula & Dedrec Manaba               The Ritz-Carlton Club and         The Westin Kaanapali Ocean
Maui Classic Charters                    Residences, Kapalua Bay           Resort Villas
Maui Jim Sunglasses                   The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay   The Westin Princeville Ocean
Maui May Inc.                         The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua            Resort Villas
Maui Ocean Center                     The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel   Danielle Young at Plush Beauty
Maui Sunriders                        The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles        Lounge
MauiGrown Coffee Company              The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco   Zensations Spa
   Store                              Roy’s Kahana Bar & Grill

You are cordially invited to join our Maui Prep ‘Ohana for

                2010 JINGLE BELL BALL …
                 Imagine the Possibilities

             SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2010

Our dynamic team is planning a fabulous evening of dining,
dancing and supporting the students of Maui Prep. You won’t want
to miss this memorable kick-off to the holiday season.
                                Tom Rosenquist was a visionary who took the dream of a new school for
                                the children of West Maui and made it a reality. He poured his heart and
                                soul into the building of Maui Prep, and, in doing so, he inspired an entire
                                community. Tom was also an avid golfer so we have chosen The TOM
                                as one of the ways that our Maui Prep ‘Ohana will honor his memory and
                                his legacy year after year. Mahalo to Tournament Co-Chairs Jerry and
                                Toni King for organizing an awesome event and to all those participants
                                who helped to raise over $50,000 for our students.

TOURNAMENT SPONSORS                     Liberty Coin Gallery                    Kapalua Golf
                                        Maui Concierge Services                 Kapalua Golf Academy
Adidas                                  Maui Estates International              Kapalua Land Company
Cilantro Mexican Grill                  Maui Jim Sunglasses                     Kapalua Marketing
Duke’s Beach House                      Maui Oil Company                        Kapalua Realty
Jim Falk’s Valley Isle Motors           MauiGrown Coffee, Inc.                  Kapalua Spa
Honolua Surf Co.                        Moku Builders                           Kapalua Tennis Garden
Kapalua Land Company                    MURRAY PREP                             Kauai Lagoons Resort
Lahaina Grill                           Pacific Radio Group                     Jerry & Toni King
Michelob Ultra                          Pitzer Built Construction               The Kroeger Family
The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua               The Mark & Debi Rolfing                 Lahaina Grill
Roy’s Kahana                               Charitable Foundation                Lahaina Ice Cream Parlor
TaylorMade Golf                         Royal Lahaina Resort                    Longhi’s
                                        Sakamoto Properties                     Chef Joey Macadangdang
THE TOM CLUB                            Leo Slocombe & Jane Low                 Ted & Christy Martin
                                        TaylorMade                              Maui Jim, Inc.
Chuck Bergson                           Toni, Gary & Cooper Thomson
Gordon & Rashell Freedman               Title Guaranty Escrow Services
Jay & Karen Fritz                       UFO Parasail
Doug Pitzer                             Warren & Annabelle’s
Gary Planos                             The Water Store & Bloss
Brogan & Ann Ptacin                        Family
The Mark & Debi Rolfing                 Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
   Charitable Foundation                Whaler’s Realty Inc.
Jeffrey Rummel                          What’s Cooking Maui
Kent & Polli Smith
Hilton Unemori                          PRIZE & AUCTION DONORS
David & Karen Williams
                                                                            The TOM 2010 winning team – Pitzer Built #2.
                                        Bob Bangerter
HOLE SPONSORS                           Chuck Bergson
                                        Castle & Cooke Resorts                  Maui Land & Pineapple Co.
Adidas                                  Classic Resorts                         MauiGrown Coffee
Ashworth                                Cooke Island Distributors               Medi Spa Maui
Carrier Corp.                           The Dunes at Maui Lani Golf             The Melting Pot
Ray Chin                                  Course                                Merriman’s Kapalua
Classic Resorts                         Mark & Judy Ellman                      Michelob Ultra
Joline Dorner                           Francis I’I Brown Golf Courses          Norm Nouskajian
Goodfellow Bros., Inc.                  The Grand Golf Club                     Otis Elevator Co.
He-Man Landscaping                      Ka’anapali Golf Resort                  Dean Otto
He-Man Pest Control                     Kahili Golf Course                      Pineapple Grill
Honua Kai Sales Team                    Kapalua Club                            PING Golf
Jerry’s Kids
                                      Plantation House Restaurant       Richard Takese
                                      Poipu Bay Golf Course             TaylorMade Golf
                                      Princeville Prince Golf Course,   Titleist Golf
                                         LLC                            UFO Parasail
                                      Puakea Golf Course                Vision Enterprises
                                      The Ritz-Carlton Club &           Waikoloa Beach Resort Golf
                                         Residences, Kapalua Bay        Wailea Golf LLC
                                      The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua         Warren & Annabelle’s
                                      The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna          Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort
                                         Niguel                            Villas
                                      Royal Lahaina Resort              Kim Zeigler
                                      Sheraton Maui Resort
It was a picture-perfect day at the
Kapalua Bay Course.

          Students First – Our reason for being and the basic tenet for all decision-

          Pursuit of Excellence – In everything we strive to accomplish – working
          every day to be better than the day before

          Focus on the Individual – As a reflection of our humanity, we value the
          unique qualities of each child and nurture their personal development

          Seeking and Appreciating Challenges – To test our resolve, strength,
          conviction and maturity

          Exemplifying the Highest Moral and Ethical Behavior – In our lives
          and in our interactions with others

          Accepting and Appreciating the Differences of Others – Allowing us
          to grow with open minds and kind souls

          Promoting Environmental Stewardship – Developing an appreciation
          for and a commitment to preserving our distinctive island environment
                                            BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                               2010 – 2011
                                                 CHUCK BERGSON
                                                  TOM DONOVAN
                                                    JIM FALK
                                                MARY ANNE FITCH
                                                   LISA GIBSON
                                                  DANA HOWETH
                                                MICHAEL KROEGER
                                                  DAVID MINAMI
                                                  PARIS NABAVI
                                                   DEAN OTTO
                                                  KELLY PITZER
                                                  KARIN SAGAR
                                                SCOTT SHOEMAKER

                                               HEAD OF SCHOOL
                                                 GEORGE C. BAKER

 Your name is important to us. Maui Preparatory Academy is grateful to each donor listed in the ‘Ohana Giving Report.
Many hours were spent compiling these names. In spite of extensive efforts to avoid errors, they do occur occasionally. If
your name has been inadvertently omitted, misspelled, or listed in the wrong place, please call the Development Office at
                                  (808) 665-9966 so that we can correct our records.
        Maui Preparatory Academy acts in all its programs and policies without regard to race, sex, ethnic origin or religion.

                           PMB 186 5095 Napilihau St. #109B ● Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 96761
                                        (808) 665-9966 ●

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