VISAKHAPATNAM PORT TRUST
                                  TRAFFC DEPARTMENT

No.ITRA/SHP/FCIR/                                                    Dt.26.08.2009.
                                    C I R C U L A R No.79

         Sub:   Declaration of Trade Policy of Visakhapatnam Port Trust – Reg.

         For encouraging Exports / Imports through Port of Visakhapatnam at competitive
rates, it has been decided to introduce new Trade Policy of VPT to the Exporters /
Importers who ever enter into Memorandum Of Understanding with Port of Visakhapatnam
and handle the Minimum assured Traffic of 1 million tonnes or above per annum.

2)     Board of Trustees of Visakhapatnam Port Trust has resolved vide Resolution No.55 /
2009-10 to approve the Trade Policy, which states that;

   (a)      An MOU shall be entered with VPT, assuring to handle traffic of not less than
            one million tonnes per annum.
   (b)      The Exporter / Importer / Steamer Agent may reserve the berth 15 days in
            advance, duly depositing the Berth Hire Charges as a security, which will be
            forfeited in case of failure to avail the berthing facility. The berth may also be
            reserved 7 days in advance provided it is available without being reserved
   (c)      Preference will be given in allotting the stacking area and the Railway sidings,
            etc., keeping in view, the assured Minimum Traffic.
   (d)      The concession in Tariffs, as annexed overleaf will be extended after achieving
            the Minimum Traffic of 5 lakh tonnes.

3)     In view of the above, all the Trade members are hereby informed to make a note of
the above and utilize the same.

                 Authority: Secretary Lr. No.IADM/BDS/BM2/2009-10, Dt.6.8.2009.

                                                                           Traffic Manager
Copy to: PA to Chairman for kind information of Chairman/VPT.
Copy to: PA to TM for kind information of TM/VPT.
Copy to: All importers and exporters.
Copy to: The President Visakhapatnam Stevedores Association, Visakhapatnam.
Copy to: The President, Visakhapatnam Stevedores Association, Visakhapatnam.
Copy to: The chairman, Visakhapatnam Steamship Agents Association, Visakhapatnam.
Copy to: The President, Visakhapatnam Clearing & Forwarding Agents Association,
Copy to: All Trade for information
Copy to: Director (R&P) for information and to place on VPT website.
Copy to: Secretary / FA & CAO for information.
Copy to: All Shipping & Commercial officers of Traffic Dept., for information.
Copy to: HA (C) / HA (G) / DI (G) / DI (C) for information.


                                  CARGO RELATED CHARGES APPLICABLE TO THE
                                               MOU PARTNERS

                                                Concessional rate of wharfage for foreign cargo per tonne
Sl.                                                               (Figures in Rupees)
no.             Cargo Description
                                         up to 5 Lakh     5 to 20 lakh 20 to 30     30 to 40   40 to     50 lakhs
                                            tonnes           tonnes   lakh tonnes lakh tonnes 50 lakh     above
1          Alumina                          30.00              27          24          21
2          B.F.slag                         13.00             12           10          9
           C.P.Coke                         30.00             27           24          21
4          All types of Coal, Coke and
           Coal tar pitch
                                            24.00             22           19          17
5          Fertilizer (Including MOP)       26.00             23           21          18

6          Lime stone                       24.00             22           19          17
7          Liquid ammonia, Molten
           sulphur, Rock phosphate
           and sulphur
                                            25.00             23           20          18
8          R.R.Materials of all grades      30.00             27           24          21
9          Thermal coal                     15.00             14           12          11
10         Bauxite ore                      23.00             21           18          16
11         Iron ore (Mechanical)            95.00             86           76          67
           Iron ore Manual loading
           with tippling
12                                          45.80             41           37          32
           Iron ore (Mechanical
           without tippling)
13                                          62.70           62.70        62.70         56        50         44

      1.        The said rates applicable only for the MOU partners.

      2.        For coastal cargo applicable wharfage rate is 60% of the foreign cargo rates indicated
                above except for Iron ore, Iron ore Pellets and Thermal coal.

      3.        For Iron ore pellets existing charge of    Rs.2/- will be charged extra over the rate
                applicable for Iron ore.

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