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					                                                                 Kirk Miller
                                                                   Mr. Beach
                                                                ENGL 101 MT4
                                Then and Now

      Many things in the world have changed over the years.

Natural disasters, famine, world leaders, teen icons, and

fashion trends have all come and gone. One thing that still

persists today, despite our most valiant efforts, is

disease. Diseases have been around longer than we have, but

are things better now then they were hundreds of years ago?

The answer, I believe, is yes. With our advancements in

technology and knowledge, as well as health standards and

good sanitation, things are much better now then they used

to be.

                        London, England in 1632
   Disease/Cause of        # of                                    # of
        Death           Casualties     Disease/Cause of Death     Casualties
Chrisomes, and                         Executed and Prest to
Infants                         2268   Death                                   18
Consumption                     1756   Apoplex, and Meagram                    17
Fever                           1108   Murthered                               17
Aged                             628   Made away themselves                    15
Flocks, and Small
Pox                              531   Fistula                                 13
Teeth                            470   Planet                                  13
Bloody Flux                      348   Tympany                                 13
Dropsie                          267   French Pox                              12
Childbed                         171   Grief                                   11
Rising of the
Lights                            98   Cancer, and Wolf                        10
Pleursie and
Splees                            86   Burst, and Rupture                    9
Surfet                            86   Scurvey                               9
Measles                           80   Jawfain                               8
Impostume                         74   Plague                                8
Suddenly                          62   Falling Sickness                      7
Palsie                            25   TOTAL                              8238

Graunt, John. The Diseases and Casualties, the year Being 1632. The Bills of

                                                 Kirk Miller
                                                   Mr. Beach
                                                ENGL 101 MT4
      According to John Graunt’s Bills of Mortality, there

were over 50 diseases and causes of death in London,

England, alone in 1632. According to the data life back

then might not have been so good. I get a sense that living

back then was probably painful for many people. Since they

did not have the technology and treatments that we have

today, I would imagine that the remedies that these people

used to treat some of these diseases probably did more

damage than good. If a person went in to see a doctor for

Tetanus or lockjaw, they probably would have just broken

the patients jaw and sent them on their way, leaving them

wide open to infection and full of pain. Back then they

didn’t have the concept of sanitation so they did not have

good ways of keeping things sanitary; according to our

standards. A lot of times people would probably get

diseases and infection from things that they thought were

supposed to help them. For example, pouring water over open

cuts or wounds back then probably was not a good idea

because the water that they were using was most likely

unsanitary and full of microbes and germs that could cause

very serious infections or diseases.

      I also image that if a person made it through

childhood, then they were lucky. According to Graunt’s

                                                 Kirk Miller
                                                   Mr. Beach
                                                ENGL 101 MT4
data, most of the deaths, 2,268, occurred in infancy due to

Chrisomes, unbaptized and recently baptized infants. (It

sucked to be alive back then.) This was most likely because

babies are so susceptible to so many things, and coming

into a world that was unsanitary and lacking the knowledge

of how to handle these things didn’t help the infants

chances for survival. With all of the diseases that people

could get back then at such a young age life expectancy was

short, probably reaching only to about the mid thirties.

The biggest cause of this was the lack of knowledge and

technology that we have today.

      Today things in London are very different. Now the

people there have more advanced technologies and

treatments, and they have better knowledge of how to

prevent disease than they did in 1632. In fact, London is

home to some very highly ranked hospitals with A&E units.

Southwark has one of the best of the lot with two hospitals

rated three stars (a start being a symbol that represents

the quality of something; and the more “stars” something is

given, five stars being the highest, the better that

something is than something of the same sort with fewer or

no stars), and Camden is not far behind with a top-rated

hospital and one two star.(This is London, London’s Best…)

                                             Kirk Miller
                                               Mr. Beach
                                            ENGL 101 MT4
     Times have changed, and in many ways we are much

better off now than we were hundreds of years ago.

Nowadays we have much more sophisticated technology and

ways of treating diseases that used to plague the

world. We also have better standards of health and

sanitation that help us prevent many diseases that used

to be common. We have really come a long way.

                                                                         Kirk Miller
                                                                           Mr. Beach
                                                                        ENGL 101 MT4

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