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									             AUTOGRAPH & ESTATE AUCTION
                    WHITEHALL’S AUCTION
                  HAMILTON, ONTARIO, CANADA

Under instructions from Scotiatrust we have removed the contents from the Estate of
William I Gear to the above noted hall for convenience of sale. Included in this Estate is
a signature collection bequested from the Estate of Mr. Don Mitchell of Detroit,
Michigan 1980 (Cousin). This extensive collection (over 1,000 signatures) was compiled
by Mr. Mitchell between 1940 – 1970. The diversity of this collection was reported in
the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 1961.

The signature collection contains twelve Presidential & Vice Presidential signatures
including: J. F. Kennedy, Roosevelt, Truman, etc.; Military incl. Seven 5 Star
Generals; Numerous Silver Screen Actors, Katherine Hepburn, Groucho Marx, etc.;
Head of Organizations, Jimmy Hoffa; William R. Hearst; Howard Hughes; Numerous
Senators incl. Ted & Robert Kennedy, Rockefeller, etc.; Governors; John Connally
etc.; Religious Leaders, Father Flanaghan, etc.; Big Band, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King
Cole, etc.; Reporters, Edward R. Murrow etc.; Supreme Court; U.N. Delegates.

                     LISTING OF SIGNATURES
American Presidents:

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Signed 3 x 5 Card “War Department”, Chief of Staff, US Army, Dwight Eisenhower
Signed 8 x 10 photograph “with best wishes, Dwight D Eisenhower

Related Material:

Letter from Mary Jane McCaffree, Secretary fo Mrs. Eisenhower dated September 19,
1958 sending a signed card from Mrs. Eisenhower – Signed, Mamie Doud Eisenhower.
Letter from Mary Jane McCaffree dated March 17, 1959 stating that Mrs. Eisenhower
was sending an enclosed photograph of the President and herself. Photograph, 4 x 6,
b/w, signed Mamie Doud Eisenhower
Signed 3 x 5 card Dwight S D Eisenhower (son)
Signed 3 x 5 card Milton Stover Eisenhower (brother)
Gerald R. Ford. M.C.
Signed letter dated November 30, 1966, Congress of the United States, Office of the
Minority Leader, House of Representatives.

Signed 8 x 10 b/w photograph, “Best regards, Gerald R. Ford.

Herbert Hoover
Signed 3 x 5 card Herbert Hoover
Signed photograph 8 x 10 b/w “With best wishes Lou Henry Hoover, Herbert Hoover”

Related Material

Signed letter dated December 16, 1958 by Herbert Hoover Jr. acknowledging Mr. Don
Mitchell’s letter and enclosing his autograph.
Signed 3 x 5 card, Herbert Hoover Jr., December 15, 1958

Lyndon B. Johnson
Signed letter dated November 18, 1958, United States Senate, Office of the Democratic

2 - Signed 8 x 10 b/w photograph, Lyndon B. Johnson
3 – 8 x 10 b/w photographs, Lyndon Johnson, facsimile signatures
Related material

Signed b/w photograph 8 x 10 “Lady Bird Johnson”
John F. Kennedy:
Personalized Letter & Signature card dated 1958 U.S.S.
Personalized letter acknowledging election to presidency dated 1960 U.S.S.
Christmas Card from Senator & Mrs. John F. Kennedy signed “Jack”
8 x 10 photograph personalized “To Don…………………John Kennedy” black/white
8 x 10” black/white photograph President Kennedy with Peter Salinger personalized “To
Don Mitchell with the best regards Pieire Salinger
Envelope first day issue John F. Kennedy May 29, 1964
Letter received from Nancy Tuckerman, Secretary to Mrs. Kennedy on Mrs. John F.
Kennedy Letterhead (not dated) apologizing for not responding personally due to the
tremendous volume of mail and understanding requests of momentos of the President.
Enclosed with an “In Memoriam” of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Signed b/w photograph John F. Kennedy

Related Material John F. Kennedy

Signed letter dated March 3, 1959, Robert F. Kennedy expressing Mr. Mitchell’s
thoughtfulness in writing and stating that he is enclosing an autographed photograph.
Enclosed photograph 8 x 10 signed Robert Kennedy
Signed & personalized photograph “To Don Mitchell With Best Wishes Robert

Signed 8 x 10 b/w photograph, Edward M. Kennedy.

Ronald Regan:
Signed 2 x 3 card ink “Ronald Reagan”
Black and White 4 x 6 photograph from Village Station Los Angeles 24, Calif.
Personally Signed Black & White 8 x 10 photograph as President

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Signed card “Franklin D. Roosevelt”

Related Material:
Signed Business Card Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr.,
Poleti, Diamond, Rabin, Freidin & MacKay, New York
Signed 8 x 10 b/w photograph Franklin Roosevelt Jr.
Signed Letter dated July 9, 1965, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Franklin
D. Roosevelt, Jr.

Signed card “Eleanor Roosevelt”
Signed letter from Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, American Association for the United
Nations, Inc. dated May 19, 1947 stating “Today is the crisis of the United Nations”.
Letter dated and signed October 30, 1958 on personalized letterhead “Mrs. Franklin D.
Roosevelt, 202 Fifty-Sixth Street West, New York 19, N.Y. apologizing to Mr. Mitchell
that she deeply regrets that she has long since stopped giving out photographs.

Personalized and signed 8 x 10 b/w photograph “To Don Mitchell Good Luck and best
wishes, Elliott Roosevelt.
Signed letter, Elliott Roosevelt, Mayor, City of Miami Beach, dated May 1, 1967

Letter dated August 7, 1947 Los Angles 14, California, James Roosevelt.
Letter dated February 5, 1959, James Roosevelt, Congress of the United States, House of
Signed 8 x 10 b/w photograph, “Good Luck, James Roosevelt”

Harry S. Truman:
Signature 4 x 6 Card “Harry S Truman”
Signed Card 3 x 5 “Good Luck To Don”, Harry Truman, 10/12/58
Signed Giant Post Card The Harry S. Truman Library signed on reverse “Good Luck
Don”, Harry Truman, 11/7/58
Signed Colored Photograph, 10” x 14” Seated on Balcony with White House in Distance,
“Kind regards to Don Mitchell from Harry Truman 6/19/59

Vice Presidents:

Spiro T. Agnew

Personalized letter dated December 5, 1968 as Governor of Maryland thanking Mr.
Mitchell for acknowledgement of election to the Vice Presidency. “It is time to strive to
fulfill our pledge to the people and insure an America of leadership with pride and
dignity for the individual; an America of enlightened responsibility and respect for law.
With the continued participation of each and every one, this can be achieved. America is
once again moving forward. Sincerely, Spiro T. Agnew

8 x 10” signed black and white photograph.
Hubert H. Humphrey
Personalized letter dated 1949 enclosing autograph.
Personalized letter date 1959 thanking Mr. Mitchell for his “faith and confidence in his
efforts” Personalized b/w photograph 5 x 7
Personalized leter dated Februay 17, 1965 from Office of the Vice President
Signed 8 x 10 b/w photograph

Richard Nixon

Signed 4 x 6 black & white photograph with envelope Office of the Vice President dated

Signed 2 x 3 card Richard Nixon, The Vice President of the United States of America.

Signed 8 x 10 b/w photgraph “Best wishes from Richard Nixon”

Henry A. Wallace
Signed 3 x 5 card, 33rd Vice President

Canadian Prime Ministers:
John Diefenbaker
MacKenzie King
Louis St. Laurant
Lester B. Pearson
Pierre Elliott Trudeau
Creighton W. Abrams

Glenn O. Barcus; Admiral W.H.P. Blandy; Major General R. W. Bliss; Omar Nelson
Bradley; George Howard Brett; John Nicholas Brown; Arleigh Burke; Wilber Marion

John K. Cannon; Clifton B. Cates; Joseph James Clark; Mark W. Clark; Lucius D.
Clay; Clark McAdams Clifford; J Lawton Collins; Richard Lansing Conolly; Lt. Gen.
H. A. Craig; Major General L. C. Craigie; Kenneth F. Cramer; Joseph A. Cranston;
Willis D. Crittenberger

Major Gen. J. E. Dahlquist; Rear Admiral R. O. Davis; General Jacob L. Devers; James
H. Douglas; Admiral Louis E. Denfeld

Lt. General R. L. Eichelberger

General Muir S. Fairchild; Admiral J. F. Farley; James Vincent Forrestal; William B.

Rear Admiral Daniel Vincent Gallery; Thomas S. Gates; James M. Gavin; Robert R.
Gay; Leonard Townsend Gerow; Lt. General Alvan C. Gillem Jr.; Wallace H. Graham;
Leslie Richard Groves; Malcolm C. Grow

James C. Hagerty; Wade Hampton Haislip; Lt. General Charles Philip Hall; William
Frederick Halsey; Major General Reginald C. Harmon; Brig. General K. L. Hastings;
Maj. Gen. George P. Hays; Maj. General Lewis B. Hershey; Rear Admiral R. H.
Hillenkoetter; Lt. Gen. John R. Hodge; Maj. Gen. W. M. Hoge; Lt. Gen. Clarence
Ralph Huebner; Maj. Gen. E. S. Hughes; Patrick J. Hurley; Brig. Gen. Errol Hyistel

Maj. Gen. Harry A. Johnson; Secretary of Defense Louis A. Johnson; Maj. General A.
M. Jones; Rear Admiral J. C. Jones

General George Churchill Kenney; Rear Admiral Dixwell Ketcham; Geoffrey Charles
Keyes; Fleet Admiral Ernest Joseph King; Admiral Thomas C. Kinkaid; Maj. Gen.
Norman F. Kirk; Maj. Gen. Laurence S. Kuter

Brig. Gen. Frank Purdy Lahm; Maj. Gen. E. H. Leavey; Lt. Gen. John C. H. Lee; Maj.
Gen. Robert M. Lee; William L. Lee; Lt. Gen. Curtis E. LeMay; General L. L.
Lemnitzer; Maj. Gen. William G. Livesay; Maj. Gen. Ralph A. Loveland; Robert A.
Lovett; Gen. John P. Lucas; Lt. Gen. LeR. Lutes

Douglas MacArthur; Alfred Maximilian Gruenther; Maj. General A. C. McAuliffe;
Gen. Randolph McCPate; Brig. Gen. Robert A. McClure; Neil Hosler McElroy; Lt.
Gen. Raymond S. McLain; Lt. Gen. J. T. McNarney; W. C. Menninger
Donald M. Nelson; Admiral C. W. Nimitz; Lt. Gen. Louis Norstad

Maj. General E. E. Partridge; Edwin W. Pauley; M. B. Payne; Col. Mary G. Phillips;
Maj. Gen. Lewis A. Pick; Gen. Thomas Sarsfield Power; Vice Admiral J. D. Price

Maj. Gen. A. B. Quinton Jr.; Lt. Gen. Pete Quesado

Vice Admiral A. W. Radford; Admiral DeWitt E. Ramsey; Lt. Gen. E. W. Rawlings;
Brig. General John K. Rice; Gen. M. B. Ridgway; Kenneth C. Royal; Major Gen. Ralph
Royce; Maj. General George J. Richards; Captain Eddie Rickenbacker; Maj. Gen.
Clayton Russell

Maj. Gen. William R. Schmidt; Lt. Gen. Bernard A. Schriever; Brig. General S. H.
Sherrill; Lt. Gen. William H. Simpson; Rear Admiral Allan Smith; General Walter
Bedell “Beetle” Smith; General. W. Smith; Maj. Gen. Howard McC. Snyder; General
Brehon Somervell; Admiral George E. Stratemeyer; John Lawrence Sullivan; Maj.
Gen. Imist Swift; Stuart Symington

Maj. General Maxwell D. Taylor; Brig. Gen. Telford Taylor; Lt. Gen. L. K. Truscott
Jr.; Admiral Richard Kelley Turner; General Nathan F. Twining

Lieutenant General J. A. Van Fleet; General Harry H. Vaughan

General J. M. Wainwright; Lt. Gen. Walton Harris Walker; Brig. General Harold
Weber; Lt. Gen. A. C. Wedemeyer; Gen. William C. Westmoreland; General Earle
Wheeler; Gen. Thomas D. White; Lt. Gen. Ennis C. Whitehead; C. V. Whiteney; Maj.
Gen. Edward F. Witsell

Lt. Gen. Barton Kyle Yount

Rear Admiral Ellis M. Zacharias.

Fred George Aandahl (North Dakota); Sherman Adams (New Hampshire); J. Lindsay
Almond Jr. (Virginia)

Walter W. Bacon (Delaware); William S. Beardsley (Iowa); Robert D. Blue (Iowa);
Robert F. Bradford (Massachusetts); John W. Bricker (Ohio); Gordon Browning
(Tennessee); James F. Byrnes (South Carolina)

Millard F. Caldwell (Florida); Frank Carlson (Kansas); Elbert N. Carvel (Delaware);
Albert B. Chandler (Kentucky); R. Gregg Cherry (S. Carolina); Earle C. Clements
(Kentucky); John Connally (Texas)
Charles M. Dale (New Hampshire); Jimmie H. Davis (Louisiana); Paul A. Dever
(Massachusetts); Thomas E. Dewey (New York); Michael V. DiSalle (Ohio); Phil M.
Donnelly (Missouri)

Orval Faubus (Arkansas); James E. Folsom (Alabama); Sam C. Ford (Montana); Joe
Foss (South Dakota)

Dan E. Garver (Arizona); Ralph Gates (Indiana); Ernest W. Gibson (Vermont); Guy
Mark Gillette (Iowa); Dwight H. Green (Illinois); Ernest Gruening (Alaska Territory)

John H. Hall (Oregon); Averell Harriman (New York); Philip A. Hart (Lt. Gov.
Michigan); Thomas J. Herbert (Ohio); Christian Herter (Massachusetts); Lester C.
Hunt (Wyoming)

Olin D. Johnston (S. Carolina); Charles E. Johns (Florida)

Harry F. Kelly (Michigan); Dr. Eugene C. Keyes (Lt. Gov. Michigan); Goodwin J.
Knight (California); William L. Kuous (Colorado)

Alf M. Landon (Kansas); William Preston Lane Jr. (Maryland); Arthur B. Langlie
(Washington); Frank J. Lasche (Ohio); J. Bracken Lee (Utah)

Thomas J. Mabry (New Mexico); Lester Maddox (Georgia); James L. McConaughy
(Connecticut); Jim McCord (Tennessee); Robert B. Meyner (New Jersey)

Sidney Preston Osborn (Arizona)

John Orlando Pastore (Rhode Island & Providence Plantations); Okey L. Patteson
(Virginia); Frederick G. Payne (Maine); Val Peterson (Nebraska); Vail M. Pittman

Oscar Renebohm (Wisconsin); Abraham Alexander Ribicoff (Connecticut); Nelson
Rockefeller (New York); Winthrop Rockefeller (Arkansas); George Romney

Henry Schricker (Indiana); W. Kerr Scott (North Carolina); Bill Scranton
(Pennsylvania); Allan Shivers (Texas); Kim Sigler (Michigan); Earl Snell (Oregon);
Harold Stassen (Minnesota); Adlai E. Stevenson (Illinois); William G. Stratton

Herman Eugene Talmadge (Georgia); Melvin E. Thompson (Georgia); James Strom
Thurmond (S. Carolina); William M. Tuck (Virginia)
George C. Wallace (& Laureen Wallace, Alabama); Monrad C. Wallgren
(Washington); Earl Warren (California); Fuller Warren (Florida); G. Menen William
(Michigan); Simeon Willis (Kentucky); F. L. Wright (Mississippi).

George D. Aiken, Vermont; Warren Robinson Austin, Vermont

Raymond Baldwin, Connecticut; Joseph H. Ball, Minnesota; Allen W. Barkley,
Kentucky; Theodore G. Bilbo, Mississippi; Owen Brewster, Maine; Harry Bird,
Virginia; John W. Bricker, Ohio; Styles Bridges, New Hampshire; J. Melville
Broughton, North Carolina; Owen Brewster, Maine; C. Wayland Brooks, Illinois;
Harlan J. Bushfield, S. Dakota; Hugh Butler, Nebraska

Harry P. Cain, Washington; Dennis Chavez, New Mexico; John Sherman Cooper,
Kentucky; Arthur Capper, Kansas

Everett McKinley Dirksen, Illinois; Thomas J. Dodd, Connecticut; Paul Douglas,
Sheridan Downey, California; Forrest C. Donnell, Missouri; John Foster Dulles, New
York; Henry C. Dworshak, Idaho

Zales N. Ecton, Montana

Homer Ferguson, Michigan; Ralph E. Flanders, Vermont; J. Allen Frear Jr.,

Walter F. George, Georgia; Barry Goldwater, Arizona; Guy Gordon, Oregon; Robert
Griffin, Michigan

Carl Hayden, Arizona; Robert C. Hendrickson, New Jersey; Horace Hildreth, Maine;
Lister Hill, Alabama; Clyde R. Hoey, N. Carolina; Spressard L. Holland, Florida;
Cordell Hull, Tennessee

Irving M. Ives, New York

William Ezra Jenner, Indiana; Olin D. Johnston, S. Carolina

Estes Kefauver, Tennessee; James P. Kem, Missouri; Harley M. Kilgore, W. Virginia;
William F. Knowland, California

Robert M. LaFollette Jr., Wisconsin; William Langer, N. Dakota; Russell B. Long,

Warren G. Magnuson, Washington; George W. Malone, Nevada; Edward Martin,
Pennsylvania; Pat McCarran, Nevada; Joe McCarthy, Wisconsin; John L.
McClellan, Arkansas; Ernest W. McFarland; J. Howard McGrath, Rhode Island;
Kenneth McKellar, Tennessee; Brien McMahon, Connecticut; Pat McNamara,
Michigan; Eugene D. Millikin, Colorado; Wayne Moore; George Murphy,
California; James E. Murray, Montana; Francis J. Meyer, Bert H. Miller, Idaho

Matthew M. Neeley, West Virginia

Herbert R. O’Conor, Maryland; W. Lee O’Daniel, Texas; Joseph C. O’Mahoney,

Claude Pepper, Florida; Charles E. Potter, Michigan

Clyde M. Reed, Kansas; Chapman Reuercomb; W. Virginia; Richard B. Russell,

Andrew F. Schoeppel, Kansas; John Sparkman, Alabama; John Sparkman, Atlanta;
John B. Swainson, Michigan

Glen H. Taylor, Idaho; Robert Taft, Ohio; Elmer Thomas, Oklahoma; Edward J.
Thye, Minnesota; Charles W. Toby, New Hampshire; Millard E. Tydings, Maryland

A. H. Vandenbert, Michigan

David I. Walsh, Massachusetts; Arthur V. Watkins, Utah; Kenneth S. Wherry,
Nebraska; Wallace H. White Jr., Maine; John J. Williams, Delaware; George A.
Wilson, Iowa; Alexander Wiley, Wisconsin

Milton R. Young, North Dakota.

William O’Dwyer, New York
Harley E. Knox, San Diego
Fiorello LaGuardia, New York
Roger D. Lapham, San Francisco
Richard J. Daley, Chicago

Meade Alcorn, Chairman, Republican National Committee
George V. Allen, Assistant Secretary of State
Clinton P. Anderson, Secretary of Agriculture
Robert B. Anderson, Secretary of Treasury
B. M. Baruch, Political Presidential Advisor
Herman B. Baruch, American Embassy Netherlands
Ezra Taft Benson, Secretary of Agriculture
Eugene F. Black, Attorney General
Chester Bowles, Congressman
Charles F. Brannan, Secretary of Agriculture
Edward W. Brooke, Attorney General
Edmund Brown, Attorney General
Paul M. Butler, Chairman, Democratic National Committee
William Christian Bullitt Jr., Diplomat
Oscar L. Chapman, Secretary of Interior
W. L. Clayton, Under Secretary of State
Ramsey Clark, Department of Justice
Secretary Douglas Dillon, Treasury Department
J. M. Donaldson, Postmaster General
George A. Dondero, Committee on Public Works
John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State
Charles H. Elson, Congressman
Arthur Sherwood Fleming, Secretary Health, Education and Welfare
Orville L. Freeman, Secretary of Agriculture
James C. Hagerty, Press Secretary
Charles A. Halleck, Congressman
Robert Emmet Hannegan, Postmaster General (Owner of St. Louis Cardinals)
Fred A. Hartley, Congressman
B. B. Hickenlooper, Congressman
John Hilldring, Secretary of State
Harold L. Ickes, Secretary to the Interior
William Alexander Julian, Treasurer
J. A. Krug, Secretary to the Interior
Nicholas deB Katzenbach, Department of Justice, Director of Public Information
Harold Knutson, Chairman, Committee on Ways and Means
John V. Lindsay, Congressman
Clare Booth Luce, Writer, Ambassador to Italy
Charles Luckman, Chairman, Citizen Food Committee
Mike Mansfield, Office of Majority Leader
Joseph William Martin Jr., Speaker U.S. House of Representatives
Eugene McCarthy, Congressman
Neil McElroy, Secretary of Defense
Paul V. McNuff, Ambassador Philippines
Robert S. McNamara, Secretary of Defense
Earl C. Michener, Congressman
James P. Mitchell, Secretary of Labor
Ivey Baker Priest, Treasurer of the United States
James Patterson, Connecticut House Representative
Wilton B. Persons, Assistant Dwight Eisenhower
Melvin Price, Congressman
B. Carroll Reece, Chairman, G.O.P.
Carroll Reece, Chairman, Republican National Committee
Wilber P. Rogers, Cabinet Administrator
Charles Sawyer, Secretary of Commerce
Lewis B. Schwellenbach, Secretary of Labor
Fred Andrew Seaton, Secretary of the Interior
John Wesley Snyder, Secretary of the Treasury
Margaret Chase Smith, Congresswoman
John R. Steelman, Assistant to President Truman
Arthur E. Summerfield, Postmaster General
Robert Ewing Thomason, Congressman
Llewellyn E. Thompson, U.S. Ambassador to Austria
Maurice J. Tobin, Secretary of Labour
Robert C. Weaver, Secretary Housing and Urban Development
Sinclair Weeks, Secretary of Commerce
Willard Wirtz, Secretary of Labor

Justice Tom Clark; Justice Harold H. Burton; Justice Hugo L. Black; Justice William J.
Brennan Jr.; William Orville Douglas; Charles E. Hughes; Justice John M. Harlan;
(William) Frank Murphy; Edward S. Piggins, (Circuit Court Judge, Detroit); Wiley
Rutledge; Potter Stewart (I know it when I see it); and, others.

Ralph J. Bunche, Under Secretary United Nations;
Sir Alexander Cadogan, U.K. Delegation to the United Nations;
Thomas K. Finletter, Ambassador to the United Nations
Arthur J. Goldberg, Ambassador to the United Nations
Prince Aly Khan, Pakistan Mission to the United Nations
Trygue Lie, Secretary General, United Nations
Dr. Quo Tai-chi, Chinese Delegation to the United Nations New York City
Andrew Sisters (LaVerne, Maxene; Patty). Irving Ashby; Jan August

Phil Baker; Gurney Bell “The Sportmen Quartet”; Pat Boone; Victor Borg; Bobby Breen

Frankie Carle; Carmen Cavallaro; June Christy; Nat King Cole; Perry Como; Buddy
Clark; Frankie Craig; Bob Crosby

Walter Damrosche; Dardanelle (Marcia Marie Mullen); The Dinning Sisters (Jean, Jayne,
Ginger); Tommy Dorsey

Tennessee Ernie Ford; Ella Fitzgerald

Genevieve (Jack Parr)

The Harmonicats (Jerry Murad, Al Fiore, Dan Les); “Hildegarde”; Eddie Howard

Ink Spots (Bill Kenny, Herb Kenny, Billy Bowen, Charlie Fuqua)

“Bull Moose” Jackson

Stan Kenton

Frankie Laine; Liberace; Guy Lombardo; Alice Lon

Freddy Martin; James Melton; Ethel Merman; Johnny Miller; Art Mooney; Vaughn

Gertrude Niesen

Alvino Rey; Jimmie Rodgers

Dorothy Shay; Charlie Spivak; Jo Stafford

Martha Tilton; Tommy Tucker

Fran Warren; Lawrence Welk.
Religious Leaders:

Rt. Rev. Msgr. E. J. Flanagan “Father Flanagan Boys’ Town” Boys’ Home Inc.
Billy Graham
Norman Vincent Peale, Pastor
James A. Pike
Oral Roberts
Cardinal Spellman

Newspaper, Military, Television Reporters:

H. R. Baukhage, Whitehouse Reporter
Hugh Downs
George Fielding Eliot
Frazer Hunt
Fulton Lewis Jr.
Edward R. Murrow
Eric Sevareid
Carl Spaatz & others.

Company Leaders/Presidents:
David Brinkley, N.B.C.1965
L.L. Colbert, President Chrysler Corporation 1958
Harlow H. Curtis, President General Motors
John Charles Daly, Vice President, American Broadcasting Company 1958
Frederick Donnor, Chairman of the Board General Motors
Allen W. Dulles, Director, Central Intelligence Agency, C.I.A. 1958
James A. Farley, Chairman, The Coco-Cola Export Corporation 1947
William Clay Ford, Vice President Ford Motor Company 1958
John Gordon, President General Motors
Carl R. Gray Jr., Vice President, Chicago and North Western Railway System 1947
William Randolph Hearst, Hearst Newspapers 1958
Jimmy Hoffa, Truck Drivers Local Union No. 299 dated 1958
J. Edgar Hoover, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, F.B.I.
Howard Hughes, Hughes Tool Company, 1948
Eric Johnston, President, Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.
Jesse H. Jones, Publisher, The Houston Chronicle
Richard T. Leonard, Vice President, United Automobile-Aircraft-Agricultural
Implement Workers of America (UAW-C10)
John L. Lewis, President, United Mine Workers of America, 1947
Joseph E. Ragan, Warden, Joliet Illinois State Penitentiary
E. V. Rickenbacker, Chairman of the Board, Eastern Air Lines 1959
R. J. Thomas, Vice President, Vice President, United Automobile-Aircraft-Agricultural
Implement Workers of America (UAW-C10) 1947
Walter P. Reuther, President, Vice President, United Automobile-Aircraft-Agricultural
Implement Workers of America (UAW-C10) 1947

Walter Abel; Robert Alda; Desi Arnaz; Fred Astaire; Portland & Fred Allen; Steve

Lucille Ball; Tallulah Bankhead; Jack Barry; Kenny Baker; Ralph Bellamy; Freddie
Bartholomew; John Barton; Constance Bennett; Polly Bergen; Milton Berle; Jack
Berry; Richard Boone; Harry Blackstone; Janet Blair; Charles Boyer; Karl Breneman;
Joe Evans Brown “Joe ‘E’ Brown”.

Madeleine Carroll; Jack Carson; Joseph Cotton; Imogene Coca; Bud Collyer; Buster
Crabbe; Bing Crosby; Bill Cullen; Linda Carnell

Dennis Day; Jimmy Dean; Cecil B. DeMille; Billy DeWolfe; Walt Disney; Fifi
D’Orsay; Joseph Dunninger; Jimmy Durante

Ralph Edwards

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.; Charlie Farrell; Frank Fay; Grace Fields; Henry Fonda; Lynn
Fontainne; Susanna Foster; Kay Francis; Mona Freeman

Dave Garroway; Jackie Gleason; George Gobel; Arthur Godfrey; Charlotte
Greenwood; Ken Griffen; Merv Griffen

Connie Haines; Helen Hayes; Peter Lind Hayes; Mary Healy; Katharine Hepburn;
James Hilton; Judy Holliday; Bob Hope; Hedda Hopper; Tom Howard; Marsha Hunt;
Bob Hutton

Al Jolson; Allan Jones;

Boris Karloff; Sammy Kaye; Buster Keaton; Emmett Kelly; Gene Kelly; Patsy Kelly;
Paul Kelly; Kay Kendall

Ted Lewis; Jerry Lewis; John Loder; Edmund Lowe; Art Linkletter; Bela Lugosi:

Donald MacBride; Jeanette MacDonald; Irene Manning; Mary Martin; Groucho
Marx; Jayne Meadows; Lt. Rip Masters; Lulu McConnell; Harry McNaughton; Don
McNeill; Victor Moore; Gary Moore; James Milton; Ken Murray; Jan Murray;
Kathryn & Arthur Murray; Rose Murphy; Marilyn Maxwell; Elsa Maxwell
Cliff Nazarro; Harriet Hilliard (Nelson); Jimmy Nelson (Danny O’Day, Farfel etc.);
Ozzie Nelson.

Donald O’Connor; Olsen & Johnson; Terry O’Sullivan; Jack Owens

Jack Paar; Bob Paige; Peter Palmer; Betsy Palmer; Bert Parks; Eddie Peabody; ZaSu
Pitts; Eleanor Powell; Dick Powell; Robert Preston

Martha Raye; Gene Raymond; Frank Remley; Edward G. Robinson; Roy Rogers (Dale
Evans & Trigger); Mickey Rooney; Charlie Ruggles; Andy Russell; Peggy Ryan

George Shelton; Ann Sheridan; Dinah Shore; Penny Singleton; Frank Sinatra; Red
Skelton; Gale Storm; Ed Sullivan; Pat Suzuki

Lyle Talbot; Franklin “Burr” Tillstrom

Jack Webb; Mae West; Bert Wheeler; Betty White; Margaret Whiting; Marie Wilson;
Don Wilson; Gretchen Wyler

Alan Young; Robert Young; Henry Youngman; Joe Yule (Jiggs)

Detroit Politicians

Eugene I Van Antwerp, Mayor 1948; John F. Ballenger, Police Commissioner; Wilber
M. Brucker; Jerome P. Cavanagh, Mayor 1965; Albert E. Cobo, Treasurer; Albert E.
Cobo, Mayor 1949; William A. Comstock, Councilman 1942; F. Couzens; George A.
Donders, M.C.; Charles F. Edgecomb; George Edwards, President, Common Council,
City of Detroit 1947; Roman S. Gribbs, Mayor 1969; Carl Hinshaw, M.C.; Thomas D.
Leadbetter, Clerk 1947; Donald S. Leonard, Commissioner, Michigan State Police;
Louis C. Miriani, President Pro Tem; Edward C. Mooney; Del A. Smith, Councilman,
City of Detroit 1948; Harry S. Toy, Commissioner, Department of Police, 1948.

R. Stafford Cripps, British Labour Politician
Arthur Eden
Herbert Vere Evatt, Foreign Minister, Australia
H. C. Hansen, Prime Minister Denmark
Generalissimo Chaing Kai-Shek, President of China
Aga Khan
Carlos P. Carcia, President Philippines
Eduardo S. Gonzales, President Argentina
Selwyn Lloyd, Spekaer House of Commons Great Britian
Robert Gordon Menzies, Prime Minister of Australia
Thomas Walter Mitchell
Lord Mountbatten
Gamal Abdel Nasser, President General Isreal
Prince Rainier & Princess Grace, Monaco
President Rhee, President of Korea
Carlos P. Romula, Ambassador Philippines
Josip Broz Tito, President Yugoslavia
Edward Duke of York, Wallis, Duchess of Windsor


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