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February 2011 Activity Report


									                        February 2011 Activity Report
The following are highlights of the TDC’s monthly activities. Please scroll down for the
corresponding full report summary with detailed information on specific programs.

  •    TDC unveiled 2011 Group Business Media Plan to include 30 cooperative partner opportunities.
       This program is outlined on our BSW partners’ website under Media Plan/Co-op Opportunities
  •    Launched Online Spring Partner Program
  •    Staff worked in conjunction with LKM to approve all leisure co-op ads with Beaches of South
       Walton creative and partner creative
  •    Staff worked in conjunction with LKM to provide advertorial support for leisure and group
       business publications

   •   TDC implements new SEM/SEO program
   •   Navigational changes are being made to website
   •   Staff monitors and updates the website with content daily
   •   Staff continues to monitor and update and with all
       relative information through Simpleview and EZ Publish
   •   Staff worked in conjunction with LKM to solidify the contract with to provide events to

  •    Generated coverage in more than 13 regional and national publications including Family Travel
       Network, H Texas Magazine, and Orlando Magazine achieving more than 1.26 million in
  •    Marketed Yahoo Travel ranking as top beach destination for 2011 by distributing the news via
       press releases, the website and PR Newswire
  •    Worked with national and city media outlets including USA Today, Chicago Sun Times, National
       Geographic Traveler.
  •    Conducted training with Elisa Smith, the TDC’s new communication coordinator

  •    TDC hosted three successful workshops to include; Social Media 101, Let’s Talk Website and
       What You Need To Know; Kick-off To 2011 Season
  •    Pitched Artist of the Year photo-story and planning social media promotion
  •    Increasing awareness of Art in Public Places program
  •    Sponsorship application and guidelines were approved and marketed through display ads, a
       press release to local print and online media and emails to individuals/businesses who have
       applied for sponsorship in previous years
  •    Working on marketing efforts for E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center Open House

                                                                   Nunc cursus magna quis
  •    Updated six-month plan for social media channels
  •    Facebook posts were viewed 263,257 times in February with 700 post feedbacks
  •    Promoted Feb sweeps, events, activities, what’s new at the beach and helped clarify algae
       mistaken for oil
  •    Eliminated spam Twitter followers and stopped following unauthentic tweeters
  •    1,075 Twitter followers in February with a Klout score of 38

   •   Houston Lunch & Learn – February 3, 2011, Houston, TX: 40 planners attended
   •   SITE Global – “Share the Love” Conference – February 17-19, 2011
   •   Destination Showcase – February 24, 2011 – Washington, DC: Approximately 800 planners in
       attendance and received 3 RFP’s
   •   Meeting Journalist FAM – Prevue Magazine: destination article for May/June issue
   •   Beaches of South Walton sales team award: “2010 Partner of the Year-DMI Hotels”
   •   Brochure Distribution: Boston Globe Travel Show and New York Times Travel Show
   •   Meeting planner postcard mail out: targeted 2,493 planners in key market cities
   •   Travel agency requests: AAA offices from Cincinnati & Mansfield, OH
   •   Spring meeting planner FAM – May 11-14: have received 120 planner applications
   •   DMAI Sales Academy I Training: attended by Sales Associate-Cricket Johnson
   •   Request For Proposal: Corporate – 11
   •   Request For Proposal: Wedding - 16

  •    Staff assisted 1,423 visitors through the Visitor Information Center during the month of February
       (an increase over 1,237 assisted in Feb. 2010 and 1,131 in Jan. 2011)

  •    Brand Identity process nearing completion, brand foundation elements will be presented during
       council orientation on March 9th.

  •    TDC’s advertising agency, LKM, and Research Company, Kerr and Downs, are working
       collaboratively to develop methodology and testing approach for new brand.

  •   Continue to Preserve, Protect and Enhance our Beaches
  •   Federal Feasibility Study coordination continues
  •   Public release of report forthcoming after Division and Headquarter review
  •   Public Workshop scheduled and on-time
  •   Coordination with Taylor Engineering discussed in Jacksonville at FSBPA conference
  •   Beach monitoring report submitted and comments received from FDEP
  •   Preparing for pre-hurricane season monitoring
  •   Federal lobbying ongoing
  •   Congress not taking appropriations requests
  •   Working with Marlowe & Company to directly lobby Corps of Engineers

  •   Participated in weekly conference calls with the state and various agencies regarding the Deep
      Water Horizon incident and status of statewide cleanup effort
  •   Participated in bi-weekly conference calls BP Local Community Support Coordinator to discuss
      detailed issues that deal with operations.
  •   Beach Maintenance has been working with Scat 9 on beach survey program throughout the
      county. The purpose it to determine what level of response is appropriate based on survey
  •   OSAT meeting scheduled for Tuesday March 1st at 2:00 to go over water and sediment quality
      testing and what we can anticipate for the spring, summer and fall.
  •   Sherriff office, TDC, County Finance and County Environmental met with BP officials to discuss
      the removal of the sand berms located at the coastal dune lake outfalls.

  •   Santa Clara over flow parking project is 80 percent complete
  •   BCC awarded the bid to Utility Solutions for the Point Washington Boat Ramp and restroom
      facility, waiting for contracts to be executed
  •   Charles E. Cessna Boat Ramp replacement permits have been submitted and awaiting approval
  •   Bayou Arts Center parking lot project is scheduled to be completed on time
  •   BCC awarded beach access rebuilds to Backwood Bridges, waiting on county to review contracts
  •   BCC awarded Lupin Beach Access bid to Decks & Such, waiting on county to review contracts
  •   Blue wave way finding signs along 30A are being painted

  •   Launched the “TDC Buzz”. an informational employee newsletter to be distributed at monthly staff
  •   Began the 2011-2012 Budget preparation –
  •   Worked with OMB and Legal to prepare contracts and amendments for Kerr & Downs and LKM
  •   BP Deepwater Horizon Incident legal claim for Lost Bed Tax Revenue
  •   BP Deepwater Horizon Incident reimbursement claim

The following is a full summary of TDC’s monthly activities.

Reorganized the marketing department. Marketing team reports directly to the Executive Director.

Group Business Media Plan
LKM presented BSW with an advertising plan targeted to the meetings and conventions market on
February 4th.
   • Create both print and online cooperative partner programs to compliment partners’ meeting plans.
   • Enhance Association exposure
   • Heighten meeting planner connection between BSW and individual partners.
   • Concentrate on core geography / minimize waste
   • Generate qualified group business leads
The plan was accepted and staff worked in conjunction with LKM to approve the following BSW brand
meetings ads.
           o Gulf States Annual Directory
           o Tallahassee Annual Directory
           o Georgia Annual Directory
           o Louisiana Annual Directory
           o MSAE Directory
           o Meetings South April 2011 Insertion
Seemore - Beach Safety Campaign
Staff worked in conjunction with LKM to approve the following Beach Safety ads.
           o See South Walton Booklet
           o Hilton Sandestin In-room book
           o In-room Destin

COOPERATIVE PARTNER PROGRAMS (available on partners’ site under Media Plan/Co-op
Group Business
   • The Group Business Cooperative Partner Program was announced in the February 10th edition
        of “The Connection”, sent exclusively to bed tax collectors.
   • The program included 30 partner opportunities, open to any lodging partner with a minimum of
        400 sq ft of dedicated indoor meeting space (to include full AV capabilities and food and
        beverage service) and who through their overall sales mission actively solicits group and meeting
        business was eligible to participate in these programs.
   • An email announcement was sent to meeting partners on February 15th.
   • Full program details and sign up materials were uploaded and available for download on the
        partner site,, from February 14-18th.
   • The sales window opened February 18th, sign-up forms were accepted February 18th-22nd
   • Partners were notified of their placements on February 25th.
Print - Leisure
Staff worked in conjunction with LKM to approve the following co-op ads with Beaches of South Walton
creative and partner creative.
            o Cooking Light April 2011 Insertion
            o Oprah May 2011 Insertion
            o Garden & Gun Apr/May 2011 Insertion
            o Coastal Living April 2011 Insertion
   • Each co-op showcased 3 partners wrapped with BSW branding assets.
Leads sent to mail house for fulfillment of visitor guides and other collateral in February
   • 98 consumer leads from website
   • 300 consumer reader services leads from media buys

Online - Leisure
   • The Online Spring Partner Program Launched February 22, 2011. The Spring Programs runs
       until 4/17 followed by the Summer Program from 4/18-6/30.
   • Tags are in place to measure effectiveness, track conversions, provide demographic information
       and help optimize performance.
   • A complete monthly report will be provided on March 15.

  • Materials for “The Wonder of WaterColor” Sweepstakes was created and approved. Went live on
     February 1, 2011.
  • Total entries: 8876
  • Total Subscribers: 823
  • Total partner requests (leads): 1521

Staff supported the following advertorial opportunities:
   • Profile copy for Gulf Sates MPI Annual Directory
   • Talking points and images for a full page of advertorial in Conde Nast Traveler May issue
   • Convention South April online “Follow Up” and “Hot Dates/ Hot Deals” program
   • showcase listing
   • Expanded listing in the Meetings Florida issue
   • Full page advertorial for Garden & Gun April/May VISIT FLORIDA coop
   • Partial page listing in Coastal Living May issue
   • Listing in Coastal Living April VISIT FLORIDA coop
   • Third page advertorial in Oprah May VISIT FLORIDA coop

Main Site
   • Staff continues to monitor and update and with all
      relative information through Simpleview and EZ Publish
   • Staff worked in conjunction with LKM to solidify the contract with to provide events to
   • LKM & BSW have been conducting weekly calls to discuss website issues. The following
      modifications are being made to correct existing site’s complications:
          o LKM presented an interim site outline and comps to the TDC and its partners on 2/17,
              which outlined navigational changes, site reorganization, the addition of KPI’s and other
              requested enhancements.
          o The outline was approved and LKM will begin implementing site changes.
          o LKM continues to streamline data feeds, correcting calendar of events issues, Simpleview
              feed, 30A feed, Seemore feed and other chronic issues such as missing logos, out of
              order photos and repetitious listings.
          o LKM will be managing video hosting and will contact current provider for information.
          o Functionality to support monthly sweepstakes built and pushed live Feb 1st.

• March content was submitted and approved. The following went live March 1:
          o Homepage story “Spring Forward in Beaches of South Walton”
          o Top Five: Tips to Keep Active during Vacation

• Copy updates were made.
• Other team reports will be folded into plan and uploaded to Google docs for sharing.

Consumer eNewsletter
  • February consumer enewsletter dropped on 2/16.

Sweeps eNewsletters
  • February sweeps enewsletter dropped to TDC consumer list of 93,139 subscribers on 2/10/11
     and to a paid targeted list of 420,000 through Dunhill Vacations on 2/17/11. It sent 3,632 visitors
     to the site and generated 2,803 sweepstakes entries for a cost per click of $1.16 and a cost per
     entry of $1.50.
  • March sweeps email was submitted and approved on 2/25.

TDC eNewsletter
  • Complied and distributed weekly enewsletter to bed tax collectors
  • Complied and distributed monthly enewsletter to tourism industry

To further reach the site goals, LKM presented BSW with an aggressive SEM/SEO program, which went
live on 2/7. The program is broken down per budget allocations and targets 10 states within the following
Ad Groups:
    •   Family Vacations – 30%
    •   Romantic Vacations – 30%
    •   Golf Vacations – 15%
    •   Florida Vacations – 10%
    •   Weddings – 5%
    •   Groups & Meetings – 5%
    •   Sweepstakes, Featured Destination – 5%
The program was approved.

January Web Stats are below, full February statistical workbook will be provided March 15th.


Total Visits                                                22,393
 2010 Visits (USDM site until new site launch, May 2010)     35,674
 % Change in Visits, 2010 to 2009                           -37.23%
 Visitors                                                    18,140
 Overall Pageviews                                           92,391
 Average # of page views, per visit                           4.13
 Average Time on Site (min:sec)                               3:42
 Bounce Rate (site-wide)                                    38.72%
Traffic Sources
 Visits from Search Engines                                 70.41%
 Visits from Referring Sites                                17.97%
 Direct Traffic                                             11.55%
Traffic Sources By Geography
 All US visits                                               20,950
 Canadian visits                                               593
     Florida                                                 3,354
     Georgia                                                 2,276
     Tennessee                                               1,705
     Texas                                                   1,646
     Alabama                                                 1,206
     Ohio                                                      781
     Kentucky                                                  767
     Illinois                                                  763
     Missouri                                                  753
Social Media Traffic – Referrals
 # of clicks from Facebook                                     102
 # of clicks from Twitter                                       6
       KLOUT Score (100 is top score possible)                 38
 # of clicks from Flickr                                        0
 # of clicks from Youtube                                       0
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
1) # of site searches                                         1,720
2) # of video views                                           3,921
3) # participating in sweepstakes:
     WaterColor Resort & Inn – February                        n/a
    KPIs to resolve:
3) # of Travel Guides ordered from site                        n/a
4) # of new newsletter subscriptions (coming in Feb)           n/a
5) # of brochure downloads                                     n/a
6) Add This sharing                                            n/a
7) # of clicks to partners' sites i.e. downstream traffic   to be built


The following coverage tracked by Beaches of South Walton TDC:
       (Full articles posted on

Generated coverage by TDC and C&P:

 Publication/Link        Date           Story Title                        Theme                     Circulation
Smart Meetings      February 2011   Way Up North,         Northwest Florida meetings                34,000
(1, 2)                              By Way Out
Family Travel       February 2011   Beaches of            Family travel to Beaches of South         3,259
Network                             South Walton          Walton
                                    Family Vacations
Meetings South      February 1,     Back to the           Gulf coast meetings rebounding from       25,053
                    2011            Beach                 oil spill
Prevue              February 1,     Florida: The          Florida meetings destination              44,801
                    2011            Sunshine State        overview; Q&A with Pamela Watkins
                                    Business. But
                                    Don’t Forget to
                                    Bring Your Flip
Florida Travel &    February 1,     The Emerald           Northwest Florida destination             103,389
Lifestyles          2011            Coast: 24 miles       overview
                                    of alluring sugar
                                    white sands
Kiddy Travel        February 2,     South Walton,         Family travel to BSW                      Not available
                    2011            Florida Beaches
Metro World News    February 2,     Lift the lid on       Destination overview                      609,335
                    2011            one of Florida’s
                                    best-kept secrets
Orlando Sentinel    February 3,     The Panhandle         Spotlight on Topsail Hill State           172,271
                    2011            Beaches               Preserve Park
H-Texas             February 7,     Watercolor Inn:       Girlfriend travel to WaterColor Inn &     53,192
Magazine            2011            Florida’s             Resort during the 30A Songwriters
                                    Watercolor Inn is Festival
                                    Music to my ears
Beyond Doorways     February 10,    A Beach Cruiser Destination overview                            Not available
Travel              2011            and Florida’s
                                    Scenic Byway
                                    30A     February 22,    Grayton Beach:        Grayton Beach overview                    33,863
                    2011            Romantic Old
The Tennessean      February 25,    Sandy Beaches         Destination overview                      127,538
                    2011            Beckon
Westchester         March 1, 2011   The Beaches of        Destination overview, family travel       59,900
Parent                              South Walton,
                                    Florida: Relaxed
                                    family fun along
                                    the Gulf of
                                                   Total Circulation / Unique Visitors per Month:   1,266,601+

Local coverage of TDC activities:

       Publication/Link         Date             Story Title          Theme              Circulation
       Walton Sun          February 12,       Hair Today, Art   Art in Public         12,000
                           2011               Tomorrow          Places: Peggy
                                                                Jones Feb.
       Northwest Florida   February 10,       Biophilia Center  TDC Partnership       29,304
       Daily News          2011               Opening to Public with Biophilia

       Northwest Florida   February 9, 2011   Bed taxes lag in   December bed         29,304
       Daily News                             Okaloosa, Walton tax collections
                                                                 down 3.12%
       Panama City         February 1, 2011   Back to the        Gulf coast           25,183
       News-Herald                            Beach              meetings
                                                                 rebounding from
                                                                 oil spill
       Emerald Coast       February-March     Social Studies:    Photos of the        22,400
       Magazine            2011               TDC Annual         TDC Annual
                                              Meeting            Meeting
       Beach Breeze        February 3, 2011   Peggy Jones        Art in Public        6,000
                                              Exhibit at Coastal Places: Feb.
                                              Branch Library     Exhibit

       Beach Breeze        February 10 &      TDC hosts           Workshop            6,000
                           17, 2011           workshops, Feb.     announcement
       Beach Breeze        February 17,       TDC Advisory        TDC Advisory        6,000
                           2011               Board Members       Board
                                              Selected            announcement

       WMBB News 13        February 17,       Panhandle Beach Santa Rosa          TBA
       (ABC)               2011               Named Best in   Beach named top
                                              the World       10 by Yahoo
                                                              Total Circulation :    136,191

  In monitoring coverage, the following articles that were tracked but not generate by the TDC or
      • Miami Herald, Birmingham News, Pensacola News Journal, Boston Sunday Globe, Sunday
        Telegram (Worcester, MA), Florida Trend, Florida Travel & Lifestyles, Prevue Magazine, Smart
        Meetings, Insurance & Financial Meetings Magazine, Smart Meetings, Meetings South, Orlando
        Magazine, The Tennessean, Yahoo Travel, South Florida Business Journal, Yahoo Finance,
        Beyond Doorways Travel

  TDC Staff is responding to media queries by promoting spring and summer travel and combating the
  misperceptions created by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. The following press contacts were made:
     • Completed Q&A on gulf coast recovery for Charlotte Crane at Florida Trend.
     • Pitched BSW as destination for Valentine’s Day to Judy Colbert for a feature she was writing for
         the Howard County Times (Baltimore/D.C.)

   •   Connected with Karim Shamsi-Basha, editor of the new 4LOVE magazine that will reach over
       50,000 readers in Nashville and Birmingham, about visiting the area in March.
   •   Provided what’s new information, quotes and testimonials to Ashley Wright, freelance writer
       compiling the Northwest Florida Insider's Guide for Convention South magazine.
   •   Provided comprehensive information on the area to Lori Rackl of the Chicago Sun Times for
       spring break story she is developing. BSW will be one of three other recommended spring break
   •   Provided comprehensive information on the area to Peggy Loftus conducting research for
       National Geographic Traveler July/Aug Beach issue.
   •   Provided information on Seagrove to Rebecca Feldhaus writing a story for the Paducah Sun.
   •   Conducted fact checking with Laura Cassels at VISIT Florida regarding Britton Hill, highest point
       in the State of Florida for article in AARP Magazine.

C&P Media Relations
C&P is identifying opportunities and aggressively pitching media outlets reaching our target
demographic in target geographic markets. The following activities were conducted in February:
   • Continued updating a report to track media coverage;
   • Continued discussions with media about spring press trip;
   • Discussed future trip to BSW and story opportunities with Roy Williams at Birmingham News;
   • Pitched desk side meetings for D. Moliterno in New York City; Worked on scheduling a call with
      Travel + Leisure reporter;
   • Pitched desk side meetings for T. Louthain in Washington D.C. Secured a meeting with Laura
      Bly at USA Today and a phone call with travel freelance writer Barbara Benham;
   • Corresponded with Coastal Living travel editor re: May editorial opportunity;
   • Revised BSW boilerplate with latest accolade from Yahoo! Travel;
   • Corresponded with USA Today on a story opportunity; worked on securing spring reservation
      figures for the story;
   • Monitored and responded to several publicity opportunities through the HARO list-serve,
      including, Discovery’s Planet Green,,
      and others.

  • TDC Executive Director Dawn Moliterno, Walton County Commissioner Scott Brannon, and
     Jennifer Jenkins with LKM attended Conde Nast PR Event on Thursday, February 10th in New
     York City. The team met with Good housekeeping, Coastal Living, 6 editors from Conde Nast
     Traveler, loyal readers and team members. Pitched new partnership with Biophilia center and
     scheduled appointments with editors in Birmingham.

   • Staff traveled to Baltimore/D.C. for a professional development class with Destination Marketing
       Association International (DMAI). While in town, staff held a desk side appointment with Laura
       Bly at USA Today. Staff is now working with her on a story she has been assigned on the Gulf
       Coast for the April 8 issue.

   • Staff worked with VISIT Florida to support and benefit from the Share a Little Sunshine Road Show
       (Orlando, D.C., New York and Chicago). Forwarded information and invited partners to supply
       package giveaways. TDC sent promotional items for street teams to distribute to coincide with
       D.C. media event with Governor Scott.

Group press trips are an effective way to bring multiple journalists from non-competing publications to
the destination at one time. Staff conducted the following activities:
       • Worked with Curley & Pynn to develop invitation for spring press trip, scheduled for April 7-
           10, 2010.
       • Next steps: secure accommodation partner and build itinerary. Curley & Pynn to begin
           inviting/securing media.

Customized press trips are organized when media are on a specific assignment or cannot attend a
group press trip. They provide more flexibility and customization for a particular theme or topic. They
also allow for a journalist to have a more personal experience with their family, spouse or friend.

In February, staff assisted the following media with customized tours:
    • Hosted Kathie Farnell and Jack Purser on assignment for and Seethe
    • Provided sample itinerary to Roxanne Stritt, freelance writer from Atlanta, coming to Alys Beach
       for a romance story.
    • Hosted Paul Love of Florida Travel and Lifestyles for story on DeFuniak Springs as part of
       Florida’s Best Small Towns feature. Paul also spent two days on Scenic 30A conducting
       research for a second story highlighting best Florida road trips.

  • C&P updated “What’s New” leisure backgrounder with additional information;
  • C&P drafted two versions of a spring news release featuring Yahoo Travel and best beach rankings (regular and 400-word for distribution through PR
     Newswire); and,
  • C&P began drafting a formal invitation for the spring press trip.

  • Continued an ongoing audit of BSW media lists and expanded the lists throughout the month;
  • Developed the following dashboard for tracking results and documenting the status of
     achievements toward reaching outlined goals.

                                      2010/2011 Dashboard

  •   Continued researching travel bloggers and reporters to evaluate their influence and suitability for
      future press trips and pitching;
  •   Updated 2011 PR timeline as needed;
  •   Updated public relations section of “Beach Momma”;
  •   Researched and reviewed corporate and internal communications plans and sent
      recommendations to the client;
  •   Helped develop Image Awards and Silver Anvil award entries on behalf of BSW;
  •   Provided travel and hospitality industry trends for monthly enewsletter;
  •   Contacted recently married couples for feature in an updated weddings backgrounder;
  •   Provided client with pricing of PR Newswire news release distribution services. Continued liaison
      with PR Newswire for contract negotiations;
  •   Developed and revised a plan for the BSW Back to Your Beach and Beach Whites family portrait
      program. Developed a potential media list for the program;
  •   Developed messaging for D. Moliterno’s New York desk side appointments;
  •   Supported T. Louthain with correspondence to BTCs;
  •   Reviewed VISIT FLORIDA’s Share a Little Sunshine Tour program and provided the client with
      Florida tourism research to share with Governor Scott;
  •   Reviewed and provided recommendations to client on Travel Writer News Service;
  •   Continued compiling listings of 2011 editorial calendars for travel, lifestyle, weddings and meetings
      publications nationally and in top markets. Pitched accordingly; and,
  •   Monitored news alerts and social media conversation on BSW daily.
  •   Responded to Walton County red tide incident including monitoring news reports of the incident
  •   Strategized and evaluated the appropriateness and effectiveness of potential opportunities
      surrounding the BP oil spill anniversary;
  •   Researched sources of government studies to support oil messaging statements;
  •   Researched BP gas stations in top feeder markets;
  •   Continued monthly postings on BSWUpdate website with new beach photography and copy.

Facilitated three workshops on February 17, 2011, the workshops were recorded and can be found on
the Partner Site ( under “Get Involved” on the right side:
    • Social Media 101	
  Jumping into the world of social media.
    • Let’s Talk Website - Strategies the TDC will employ to enhance the performance of the
    • What You Need To Know; Kick-off To 2011 Season - Representatives from the Walton
        County Sherriff's Office, South Walton Fire District, and other County Divisions reported on
        beach safety, Leave No Trace, beach activities ordinance, beach bonfires, hurricane
        preparedness, and more.
    • Pitched Artist of the Year photo-story and feature to VIE magazine
    • Planning April Social Media promotion with Artist of the Year Allison Wickey and Art in Public
        Places program to increase interaction and exhibit participation.
    • Planning April 7th Bayou Arts Center open house with Cultural Arts Association
    • Working to improve Art in Public Places program by increasing awareness (adding to Partner’s
        site, regular mention in The Edge, inclusion in social media)
    • Drafted and distributed press release on March Art in Public Places Exhibit at Coastal Branch
        Library featuring My Studio Artists.
    • Marketed and distributed new Event Sponsorship Application and Guidelines following BCC
        approval with return deadline of April 4, 2011 through display ads, a press release to local print
        and online media and to individuals/businesses who have applied for sponsorship in previous
    • Drafted and distributed press releases on sponsorship program applications now available and

    •   Working with E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center to market April 9th open house
    •   Attended the Friends of 30A monthly meeting.
    •   Created and distributed weekly newsletter, The Connection, each week to 820 individuals,
        including bed tax collectors and their staff.
    •   Created and distributed monthly newsletter, The Edge, to 906 individuals and businesses in
        tourism industry

Staff is implementing social media strategies with the support of LKM to increase followers and
conversations with visitors and potential visitors. The following was accomplished during February:
   • Updated six-month plan for Facebook, Twitter, TwitPic, Flickr, Foursquare, etc. making
         adjustments for new FB page layout tab redesign and creating Foursquare.
   • Conducted February 17th workshop for Social Media 101
   • Facebook posts were viewed 263,257 times in February with 700 post feedbacks
   • Less than 9% of BSW Facebook fans reside in Okaloosa, Walton or Bay Counties; majority from
         Atlanta, Pensacola, Ocala, Dallas, Livingston, Nashville, Birmingham, and Hendersonville, TN.
   • Promoted February’s Wonder of Watercolor Sweepstakes on all social media channels with 175
         referrals from Facebook and 12 from Twitter
   • Promoted events and activities (Valentine’s Tour of Homes, Sandestin spa special, VISITFlorida
         Groundhog Day, First Friday Artwalk in Seaside, Girls’ Getaway in Rosemary, studio b.’s
         entertaining with chocolate, Super Bowl viewing, E.O. Wilson Biophilia partnership, Seaside Yard
         Sale, Camellia Festival, National Margarita Day, Vision Airlines spring sale, press coverage, etc.)
   • Promoted photos of BSW daily life / romance and dining
   • Continued “What’s New at the Beach” posts on Mondays (Seaside special package, Sandestin
         coverage in Golf Week, the Meltdown on 30A, 30A Coastal Cruisers, Vue on 30A, etc.)
   • Helped clarify algae mistaken for oil 2/20 with instant posts on Facebook and Twitter generating
         5,668 impressions
   • Eliminated spam Twitter followers and stopped following unauthentic tweeters to improve Klout
         score (measure of influence)
   • Created list of partners and influencers to follow and interact with
   • Set up Hootsuite account to monitor, manage and schedule tweets Cross pollinating pages
         between social media channels
   • 1075 Twitter followers 2/28/11 with Klout score of 38 (up from 17 2/1/11)

Houston Lunch & Learn – February 3, 2011 – Houston, TX
Beaches of South Walton sales team coordinated and implemented a Lunch & Learn in Houston, TX.
This was the first time that this meetings market has been tapped. Due to direct Southwest flights now
available from Houston to the Northwest Florida Beaches International airport, this market can help
increase group business by making it easier and faster to get to the destination. Staff and partners were
able to network with the planners, share a meeting video on the destination and provide collateral and
gifts to each planner in attendance. Keynote speaker was Steve Rudner, Attorney at Law who spoke on
“Leveraging Attrition & Cancellation to Mutual Advantage.” Approximately 40 meeting planners from the
Houston metro area attended the luncheon. Participating Beaches of South Walton that participated
         Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa
         ResortQuest of Northwest Florida
        Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort
        Seascape Golf, Beach & Tennis Resort

SITE Global – Share The Love Conference – February 17-19, 2011
SITE (Society of Incentive Travel Executives) – “Share The Love” conference took place at Sandestin
Golf and Beach Resort. Planners and suppliers from the Southeast were in attendance. The theme of
the conference was celebrating our families, communities and our planet. The TDC was a sponsor for
the Friday lunch. This provided an opportunity to share the “Meet me at the Beach” meetings video and
invite planners to register to attend the spring FAM in March. The meeting reps from Beaches meeting
facilities were invited to attend the lunch and host one of the tables. This provided the sales staff with an
opportunity to network with the planners and promote their meeting facility.

Properties participating in the luncheon and/or Marketplace were:
       Seaside Cottage Agency
       Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort
       WaterColor Inn & Resort
       ResortQuest of Northwest Florida
       Marriott Courtyard & Residence Inn at Sandestin
       Seascape Golf, Beach & Tennis Resort
       Embassy Suites at Miramar Beach
       Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa

Destination Showcase – Washington DC – February 24, 2011
Beaches of South Walton attended Destinations Showcase in Washington, D.C.- North America's largest
one-day event bringing conference, convention, and trade show professionals together with exhibiting
meeting destinations from across the U.S. These annual shows are the only event featuring only
destinations as exhibitors allowing planners to focus exclusively on meeting destinations. This year there
were approximately 800 planners and 628 suppliers in attendance. In addition to Beaches of South
Walton, other Florida destinations included:

       Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel
       Daytona Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
       Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau
       Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau
       Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention & Visitors Bureau
       Osceola County-Kissimmee Convention & Visitors Bureau
       Palm Beach County Convention & Visitors Bureau
       St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & The Beaches
       Tampa Bay & Company
       Visit Jacksonville
       Visit Orlando
       Visit St. Petersburg/Clearwater
       Visit Tallahassee

Sales Academy I – DMAI – February 21, 2011
Cricket Johnson – Sales Associate, attended Sales Academy I through Destination Management
Association International. Sales Academy I is the first component of a two-part educational program
tailored for destination management professionals in every area of sales. This one-day program, focused
on group meetings and events, is targeted for new bureau sales professionals with one month to two
years of sales experience. Course topics included:

              Structure & Role of a Destination Marketing Organization
              Industry Acronyms/Definitions
              Selling Unique Benefits Against the Competition
              Handling Objections
              Follow-up Skills

Meeting Journalist FAM – Prevue Magazine
Katherine Manfredi, a freelance meeting writer with Prevue Magazine visited Beaches of South Walton
February 15-18 to experience the destination first hand for an article in the May/June issue of Prevue.
Katherine was provided complimentary accommodations by Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa
and visited many of the meeting facilities in Beaches as well as restaurants, state parks, and learned
everything about YOLO boarding. Katherine was also invited to participate in the SITE Share the Love
conference that was held at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort during this timeframe. Katherine also
interviewed key players within the SITE organization for the article.

Beaches of South Walton – Sales Award
Beaches of South Walton sales team was selected as the “2010 - Partner of the Year” with DMIHotels
based in Chicago, IL. DMI represents over 200 hand-picked hotels, DMCs, CVBs and upscale retreats in
popular event and meeting destinations throughout the U.S. Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and Europe.

Spring Sales FAM – May 11-14, 2011
The TDC sales team, along with our meeting properties, will host a meeting planner FAM to educate
planners in our new and emerging markets the benefits of bringing their clients to Beaches of South
Walton for their meetings. To date, we have received 117 registration forms from planners who would
like to attend.

Request For Proposal – Corporate
NOTE: The number of room nights for each RFP listed below, equates to the estimated number of
individual rooms/accommodations needed during the specified timeframe of that group stay.

Group:                American Association of Airport Executives Finance & Administration Conference
Timeframe:            February 2012 & 2013
# of attendees:       Approximately 125-150
# of room nights:     500

Group:                Hospitality Performance Network-Sales Team Conference
Timeframe:            May 2011
# of attendees:       25
# of room nights:     100

Group:                Georgia Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting
Timeframe:            May-June 2012, 2013, 2014
# of attendees:       Approximately 240-275
# of room nights:     330

Group:                MS Nurses Association Nurse Practitioner Conference 2012
Timeframe:            April 12-15, 2012
# of attendees:       200
# of room nights:     275

Request For Proposal – DMI Hotels
The TDC has formed a partnership with DMI Hotels based out of Chicago, IL to represent the destination
meeting properties to their meeting planner clients across the U.S. Beaches meeting properties who opt
to participate in the program are sent RFP’s that will mesh with their properties specific meeting space

Group:                National Jewish Summit Committee Meeting October 2011
Timeframe:            October 11-21, 2011
# of attendees:       400
# of room nights:     4000

Group:                Hershey Central/South District Reviews Meeting
Timeframe:            August 15-19, 2011
# of attendees:       55
# of room nights:     220

Group:                Cargill, Inc – Wayzata, MN
Timeframe:            January 1-15, 2011
# of attendees:       100
# of room nights:     411

Group:                Cargill, Inc – Wayzata, MN
Timeframe:            June 16-19, 2011
# of attendees:       125
# of room nights:     375

Group:                Cargill, Inc – Wayzata, MN
Timeframe:            June 2-5, 2011
# of attendees:       125
# of room nights:     375

Group:                Society of Actuaries – Schaumburg, IL
Timeframe:            June 15-17, 2011
# of attendees:       20
# of room nights:     40

Group:                Certified Registered Nurses - Day of Science & The Conference
Timeframe:            October 1-7, 2012
# of attendees:       Approximately 120
# of room nights:     527

Request For Proposal – Wedding
Group:            Lien Wedding – Murfreesboro, TN
Timeframe:        July 04, 2011
# of attendees:   20
# of room nights: 15

Group:                Mancuso Wedding – New Orleans, LA
Timeframe:            November 11, 2011
# of attendees:       80
# of room nights:     15

Group:              Bisch Wedding – Newnan, GA
Timeframe:          June 01, 2012
# of attendees:     25
# of room nights:   15

Group:              Bitely Wedding – Monticello, AR
Timeframe:          July 30, 2011
# of attendees:     20
# of room nights:   10

Group:              LeVaughn Wedding – Freeport, FL
Timeframe:          September 2012
# of attendees:     100
# of room nights:   75

Group:              Morton Wedding – Mount Vernon, TX
Timeframe:          July 2011
# of attendees:     20
# of room nights:   20

Group:              Matthews Wedding – Bloomington, IL
Timeframe:          November 2011
# of attendees:     10
# of room nights:   15

Group:              Reuille Wedding – Fort Wayne, IN
Timeframe:          June 2011
# of attendees:     20
# of room nights:   16

Group:              Atkins Wedding – Atlanta, GA
Timeframe:          October 2011
# of attendees:     100
# of room nights:   20

Group:              Weede Wedding – Louisville, KY
Timeframe:          June 2011
# of attendees:     40
# of room nights:   40

Group:              Maeser Wedding – St. Louis, MO
Timeframe:          July 2011
# of attendees:     25
# of room nights:   Home already booked

Group:              Wagner Wedding – Indianapolis, IN
Timeframe:          September 2012
# of attendees:     150
# of room nights:   75

Group:              Alandt Wedding – Houston, TX
Timeframe:          October 2011
# of attendees:     75
# of room nights:   75

Group:                Hansen Wedding – Windsor Heights, IA
Timeframe:            August 2011
# of attendees:       20
# of room nights:     20

Group:                Ruggery Wedding – Mansfield, TX
Timeframe:            July 2011
# of attendees:       15
# of room nights:     24

Group:                Logel Wedding – Indianapolis, IN
Timeframe:            June 2012
# of attendees:       50
# of room nights:     20

Meeting Publications
Smart Meetings – February 2011 issue

Prevue Magazine -

Brochure Distribution
In conjunction with VISIT FLORIDA, Beaches of South Walton participated in brochure distribution at
the following tradeshows:

New York times Travel Show – NY, NY – February 25-27, 2011
Now in its 8th year, The New York times Travel Show is the largest consumer and travel tradeshow
produced in the U.S. Over 25,000 attendees plus 500 trade professionals visited the Expo in 2010.
Approximately 600 tourism boards, destinations, operators, outfitters and spas from around the globe
attend the show.

Boston Globe Travel Show – Boston, MA – February 11-13, 2011
The Boston Globe Travel Show draws nearly 25,000 consumers and travel industry professionals who
book more than $5 million in tourism related businesses.

Postcard Mailout
A total of 2,493 meeting postcards were sent to target markets to remind planners that Beaches of
South Walton is a premier beach meeting destination and to encourage them to promote the destination
to their clients.

Travel Agency Requests
Beaches of South Walton collateral and brochures were requested from the following travel agency
AAA Allied Group-Cincinnati, OH
AAA Ohio Auto Club-Mansfield, OH

Convention/Meeting/Wedding/Reunion Support
American Feed Industry Association - Silent Auction
National Association of Fraternal Insurance Counselors – Hilton hosted meeting
SITE Global - Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort hosted meeting
Mettler Toledo - Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort hosted meeting
Child Care Services-Silent Auction

March Happenings

Planning Connection – Gainesville, FL
Visit Florida VIP Meeting Planner Event – Chicago, IL
Southeast Tourism Society Annual Conference – Beaches of South Walton

    •   Staff assisted 1,423 visitors through the Visitor Information Center during the month of February
        (an increase over 1,237 assisted in Feb. 2010 and 1,131 in Jan. 2011)
    •   Staff created March calendar of events, which is made available for visitors to the center.
    •   Visitor Services staff sold $368.75 in BSW merchandise during February (a decrease from $456
        in Feb. 2010 and $77.75 in Jan. 2011)
    •   Staff compiled informal research gathered from 41 surveys conducted at the Wlaton County
        Snowbird meeting to assist in determining winter visitor interests and length of stay. Top findings
            o Top 3 places Snowbirds visit from: Canada, Michigan, Minnesota
            o The average length of stay is three months (January – March)
            o The majority have been returning for 5-10 years. One couple reported this is their 19th
                year returning to the area
            o Top 3 activities Snowbirds reported interest in: dining, golf and shopping

  • Working with LKM to implement immediate publication deadlines and place materials
  • Developed Seemore QR Code

Phase one - Strategic Brand Analysis
Report complete and shared with TDC team on January 7th
Process included:
   • Customer Analysis: Trends, Motivation, Unmet needs, segmentation, etc.
   • Competitor Analysis: Brand image/identity, strengths, vulnerabilities, positioning
   • Self-analysis: Existing brand image, brand heritage, strengths, organizational goals and values

Phase two - Brand Identity Development and Stakeholder Validation
Stakeholder validation was held during workshops with TDC team on January 7th and partners on
February 17th
Process included:
   • Four key elements that act as the foundation of the brand, i.e. Brand as a Product, Person,
      Organization & Symbol. The validation process included aligning with current and past research
      findings and looks forward to upcoming trends and behavioral conditions. This is then distilled
      down to one platform from which all messaging, imagery, and identity will spring. The soul of the
      brand is defined along with the relationship or value proposition for each target audience.

Deliverables to be presented to TDC on March 9th. Final report delivered by March 16TH.

Phase three - Brand Implementation
The creation of all brand elements and tactics based on key findings from the Strategic Brand Analysis
and Brand Identity Development process.

Implementation of a brand includes the following steps:
   • Development of Brand Foundation – position and story
   • Consumer Confirmation and Affinity Testing
   • Tool Development & Guiding Principals
   • Tactical & Creative Execution/Project Management CORE
   • Planning & Program Development
   • Tactical & Creative Execution/Communication Planning SUPPORTIVE

LKM will present the Brand Identity and will kick-off the brand foundation and consumer testing with TDC
on March 9th

Oil Response
    • LKM, Curley & Pynn and TDC team modified strategic marketing plan for BP grant submission.

   •   Contracts currently with purchasing in the county and working to have completed the first part of
   •   LKM has given Kerr & Downs all BSW background research
   •   LKM is educating Kerr & Downs on the Brand Evolution process and working with them to
       develop methodology and testing strategy.

   • Continued to work with Mobile District to complete the draft Walton County Federal Shore
      Protection Feasibility Study. The District has submitted the draft report to the South Atlantic
      Division for final review. The report is scheduled to go to Headquarters for review in March with
      public release soon afterwards.

  • Workshop has been scheduled for April 6, 2011 at 6pm at the Sandestin Hilton. Agenda will
     include presentations by Taylor Engineering and Seahaven Consulting. Topics include a
     discussion of the Western Walton County Beach Restoration Project and three-year monitoring
     results; and an update of the Federal Shore Protection Project.

  • Easement drafting dependant on federal feasibility study release. Work to be started upon
     release of report for public review and continue through the year.

  • All monitoring for 2010 is complete and comments have been received from FDEP. Preparing for
     pre-hurricane season monitoring.
  • Post-storm monitoring will be performed in event of an impact by a hurricane.

  • Marlowe & Company and Seahaven Consulting continue to work toward securing ongoing federal
     funding. Due to changes proposed by Congress, consultants are identifying ways to influence the
     decision making process via the Corps of Engineers. There are adequate federal funds to
     complete the feasibility study phase, but additional funding will be needed for future phases.

   •   Every Wednesday at 2:00pm the state holds a conference call to discuss issues regarding the
       Deep Water Horizon incident. All counties that were affected by the incident participate in that
       call. Billy Makee, Walton county environmental manager and Dave Sell participate in the call. It
       allows a platform for counties to keep informed what is happening state wide regarding the
       cleanup effort.
   •   Every other Wednesday Gwen Marshall, BP Local Community Support Coordinator holds a
       conference call. The purpose is to discuss detailed issues that deal with operations. Scat Team 9
       (operations), U.S. Coast Guard issues, Federal Fish and Wildlife issues and Counties issues.
   •   Beach Maintenance has been working with Tom Freeman Scat 9 almost on a daily basis.
       Currently Scat 9 is conducting beach surveys in segments throughout the county. Beach
       maintenance participates in the surveys to either concur or disagree with the survey results. The
       purpose it to determine what level of response is appropriate based on survey results. Currently
       there are 40 segments that have transition from recovery to Monitoring & Maintenance. Scat
       Teams will continue to inspect these segments for any changes that might occur
   •   There is an OSAT meeting scheduled for Tuesday March 1st at 2:00. The meeting will be at the
       TDC conference room. The presentation will go over water and sediment quality testing and what
       we can anticipate for the spring, summer and fall.
   •   Sherriff office, TDC, County Finance and County Environmental are meeting with BP officials to
       discuss the removal of the sand berms located at the coastal dune lake outfalls. The meeting is
       scheduled for February 10th at 10:00 am at the Sherriff substation. Preble Rish is working with
       FDEP to get the permit to remove the sand.

Santa Clara Over Flow Parking Project
   • Project is on schedule, on budget and 80 percent complete.

Point Washington Boat Ramp and Restroom Facility
   • BCC awarded bid to Utility Solution on the February 22 BCC Meeting. Contracts are being
       reviewed by County Legal prior to notice to proceed is issued.

Charles E. Cessna Boat Ramp Replacement
   • Permit submittals have been sent off to the Corps for their review. We are waiting for approval or
      comments from the Corps in order to know how we can proceed on the boat ramp rebuild.

Bayou Arts Center Improvements
   • Project (parking lot) on schedule and on budget with storm water improvements at 70 percent

Beach Access Rebuilds
   • Bid was awarded by the BCC on February 8th meeting to Backwood Bridges. County Legal is
      reviewing contracts prior to notice to proceed can be issued.

Lupin Beach Access
   • BCC awarded bid to Decks & Such on February 8th meeting. County Legal is review contract
      prior to notice to proceed can be issued.

Other Business
   • Beach maintenance staff continues performing daily cleaning and general maintenance of all
      TDC facilities and boardwalks.
   • Blue wave way finding signs located along 30A were removed and are currently being painted..

   • TDC Monthly Analysis – The report for February is the actual BTC for the month of January.
     The numbers are provided by the clerk’s office on the last day of each month.
   • January 2011 – 4.5% collections $294,736.65 for a decrease of -5.04% over January 2010, the
     YTD collections is reporting that a 2.32% increase over 2010.
   • One important note is that the clerk’s office reported a $19K enforcement collection that
     spanned a total of 3 years, so the number is inflated compared to the normal monthly collection.
   • The clerk’s commission of the bed tax is 3% of total monthly collections.
   • The clerk’s office is pleased to report that they have had an overwhelming response to the BTC
     letter that was mailed to all homeowners in South Walton.
   • 2011-12 budget preparation has begun. We have updated budget worksheets that will help
     clearly define the intent and costs associated with each line item. Also, these forms will help
     determine ROI as we continue to look back and evaluate the programs. The budget will not be
     complete until we have completed the 2011-12 Strategic Plan in April.
   • The “TDC” Buzz is an employee newsletter that announces any internal changes in
     policy/procedure in the TDC or County, upcoming important dates, personal and professional
     highlights. This newsletter is prepared and distributed each month to all staff.

   • Met with attorneys and team to discuss the status of the claim for lost bed tax revenue and how it
     is being processed through BP for review. The claim was filed and received by BP but we are
     still awaiting a response.
   • Working with the BP Government Claims facility to provide all documentation they need to
     proceed in reimbursing the TDC for contingency funds that were used to obtain sand samples
     and crisis communications training, on-site response with national and local media, all web
     initiatives and satellite media tours to be broadcast of over 40 news bureaus in various markets
     to address the negative effects of the DWH incident.

  • The TDC is working with all county divisions in creating appropriate social media guidelines to
     distribute to all county employees regarding proper use and etiquette of social media outlets.

  • There will be a mandatory Simpleview (customer relations manager) training for all TDC staff on
     March 16 and 17 to increase the level of opportunity that the program offers.

  • The BCC appointed the TDC Advisory Council on February 8th. The people selected will be
     presented with a thorough TDC Orientation on Wednesday, March 9th to inform them of the
     purpose and mission of the TDC, BCC and contracted consultants.


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