PALMER MEMORIAL EPISCOPAL CHURCH
                                           MINUTES OF VESTRY MEETING
                                                19 OCTOBER 2010

This regularly-scheduled monthly meeting of the Vestry of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church was held
following Bible study among the vestry.

Clergy present:       James W. Nutter, Todd Bryant, Sam Craven, Bob Gilman
Vestry members present: Jeanine Baker, Ken Brown (Jr Warden), Randy Byrd, Tim Herbert, Kathy
Jackson, Stuart Kensinger (Sr Warden), Steven Killworth, Danna Kurtin, Sue Murphy, Joel Shannon, Philip
Tardy, Cathy Thompson
Also present: Jim Lober, Margaret French

I          Call to Order:                   6 pm

II         Overview:
           A.    Minutes: Minutes of the vestry's meeting in September were approved.
           B.    Vestry is host for Meet on the Patio of 24 October.
           C.    Validation of data: Danna Kurtin reported that calls will need to be made to the many
                 members of the parish who have not completed forms that update their
           D.    Search for priest: Danna Kurtin reported that the two candidates in whom the committee was
                 interested have withdrawn their applications.

III        Encounter: Report by Fr Todd Bryant:
           A.   Celebrations:
                1.      Thanksgiving for Vickie Harshbarger's leadership of Altar Guild
                2.      Kathy Herrin is new directress of Altar Guild
                3.      Blessing of the Animals
                4.      Canterbury's Wednesday classes begin this week.
           B.   Business:
                1.      Privacy screens have been installed in the chancel, apparently where they were twenty
                years ago.
                2.      Mosaic service is drawing a crowd that numbers consistently in the 60s.
                3.      Fr Bryant is considering a greeters' ministry that covers both parking lots.
                4.      Palmer 101 course is being offered by Pat Reed and Doug French, to a group that fills
                the brides' room.
                5.      Fr Nutter's class that is offered Wednesday nights is off to a good start.
                6.      The event for newcomers will be held 4 November.
                7.      A new Connect Ministry will be offered for mingling long-time members with
                newcomers to the parish.

IV         Grow: Report by Fr Bob Gilman.
           A.   Celebrations:
                1.     Kim Rogers has arrived to lead education at Palmer.
                2.     Sunday School
                3.     Order of St Luke has a member at the front of the nave after services, available for
                prayers. The members go out into the parish family as do lay Eucharistic ministers.
                4.     Meet on Patio ministry

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7/4/11--5:55 AM
                      5.     Singer Ashley Cleveland will perform at Palmer in mid-January, 2011. Tickets will be
                      $15 for adults, $5 for students or children.
           B.         Business:
                      1.     Grow Sunday, for bringing friends to Palmer, will be 31 October.
                      2.     Pre-school: An issue arose and was resolved.
                      3.     Faith Alive weekend: Jim Lober reported that Palmer will host this event during the
                      weekend of 25-27 March 2011. The parish will need to support the event with such features as
                      food, venues for small-group meetings, and attendance. Facilitators will come from outside
                      4.     Stewardship: Margie French reported that the packets have been mailed.
                      5.     Finances: Tim Herbert reported.
                             (a)      The deficit continues to shrink, and at the end of September was approximately
                             (b)      Discussion was had concerning the annual Diocesan Assessment and
                             Missionary Asking figures.

V          Serve: Report by Cathy Thompson.
           A.     Celebrations:
                  1.      Safeguarding God's People classes
                  2.      Palmer Place apartments. A two-bedroom, two-bath unit soon will be open.
                  3.      Walking the Mourner's Path. Half of the attendees have been non-Palmers.
                  4.      The Gathering, for respites for caregivers.
           B.     Business:
                  1.      There is currently discernment about the renewals of two ministries: Health &
                  spirituality lunches, which Fran Wallis is reviewing; and the jobs ministry.
                  2.      Integration of Palmer's ministries into Texas Medical Center: Susie Dennis is working
                  on this matter.
                  3.      Serve Sunday will be 9 January 2011, with a mardi gras theme.

VI         Committee report, attached: Finance Committee

Prayer and adjournment: There being no further business to come before the vestry, this monthly
meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:15 pm with a prayer by Bob Gilman.

Respectfully submitted,

Helen L.-Toombs
Clerk of the Vestry
(O) 713.348.4626
                                                       Future Meetings
                                                      16 November 2010
                                                      21 December 2010
                                                       18 January 2011

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7/4/11--5:55 AM

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