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									                                                 Legal and Democratic Services
                                                  Wayne Baxter, Chief Procurement Officer

                                                                Corporate Procurement Unit
                                                                             4th Floor West
                                                                                  Civic Hall
                                                                                   LS1 1UR
                                                 Contact Name: Stephen Priestley
                                                 Telephone: (0113) 2476664
                                                 Fax: (0113) 2478862
                                                 Email: stephen.priestley@leeds.gov.uk

                                                 Your ref:
                                                 Our ref: LCC5981

                                                 Date: Thursday 31 January 2008

Dear Sir


                                  INVITATION TO TENDER

 You are invited to submit a competitive Tender for the above, the following documents are
 attached to enable you to prepare and submit your offer:

  One copy of the Tender Documents comprising:
      Section 1    Acknowledgement receipt proforma
                   Instructions to tenderers
                   Items to be submitted with your tender


www.leeds.gov.uk               switchboard : 0113 234 8080
                     Tender evaluation criteria
                     Service specification / project brief

        Section 2    Terms and conditions

        Section 3    Form of tender
                     Schedule of prices
                     Declaration of non-collusive tendering

        Section 4    One tender envelope label (for hard copy submissions only) or One pre-
                     addressed tender envelope

 You are reminded that tender bids can be submitted either:

  i.     in soft copy format electronically via the internet using the Councils electronic tendering
         system by logging on to scms.alito.co.uk (the preferred option); or

  ii.    in hard copy format via the postal system or delivered by hand, etc.

 Please refer to item 8 of the “Instructions to Tenderers” for information on how to submit your
 tender. Failure to comply with these instructions may invalidate your tender.

 The documents to be submitted as your tender response must be as specified on the “Items
 to be submitted with your tender” page in Section 1 of the attached documents. You must
 comply fully with the “Instructions to Tenderers” when submitting your bid.

 Irrespective of the method of submission, the deadline for the return of your tender bid
 is noon on Wednesday 12th March 2008.

 Please study the documentation carefully and in the event of any enquiries please contact in
 the first instance Stephen Priestley, telephone (0113) 24 76664 (fax. 0113 2474677). All
 other enquiries should be directed to Sarah Hulme, telephone Leeds (0113) 39 51093, email

 Yours faithfully

 Stephen Priestley
 Procurement Officer


www.leeds.gov.uk                   switchboard : 0113 234 8080



 Please return this Acknowledgement Receipt Proforma promptly to the following address:

 Corporate Procurement Unit
 4th Floor West
 Civic Hall
 LS1 1UR

 marked for the attention of Stephen Priestley

 Receipt acknowledged of the following documents:

    Invitation to Tender letter dated 24 January 2008             one copy
    Acknowledgement Receipt Proforma                              one copy
    Instructions to Tenderers                                     one copy
    Items to be submitted with your tender                        one copy
    Tender evaluation criteria                                    one copy
    Service Specification/Project Brief                           one copy
    Terms and Conditions                                          one copy
    Form of Tender                                                one copy
    Schedule of Prices                                            one copy
    Certificates                                                  one copy
    Declaration of non-collusive tendering                        one copy
    Tender envelope label/Pre-addressed Tender Envelope           one number
    European Parliament Resolution on Fair Trade and
     Development (A6-0207/2006)                                    one copy

 I/We* confirm that I am/We are* able/not able* to submit a tender in accordance with the
 tender documentation


 For and on behalf of


 *delete as appropriate


www.leeds.gov.uk                switchboard : 0113 234 8080
                     TENDER DOCUMENT FOR
                   1st JUNE 2008 to 31st MAY 2010
     With the option to extend for a further period of 12 months
                        £150,000 per annum


www.leeds.gov.uk       switchboard : 0113 234 8080
                                LEEDS CITY COUNCIL


                           INSTRUCTIONS TO TENDERERS


SECTION        HEADING                                       PAGE

1              GENERAL                                          1
2              ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT                       1
3              CONFIDENTIALITY                                  1
4              DECLINE OR INABILITY TO RETURN                   2
5              QUALIFIED TENDERS                                2
6              VARIANT BIDS                                     2
7              TENDER QUERIES                                   3
8              TENDER SUBMISSIONS                               3
10             ACCEPTANCE PERIOD                                5
11             SUFFICIENCY & ACCURACY OF TENDER                 6
12             INCURRED EXPENSES                                6
13             THIRD PARTY ISSUES                               6
14             PRICING & PAYMENT                                7
15             PUBLICITY                                        7
16             FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT 2000                  7
17             ITEMS TO BE SUBMITTED WITH YOUR TENDER           9
18             SERVICE SPECIFICATION/PROJECT BRIEF             10
19             TENDER EVALUATION CRITERIA                      17


www.leeds.gov.uk              switchboard : 0113 234 8080


    1.1   It is essential to observe and comply with the following
          instructions in the preparation and submission of your Tender.
          The Council reserves the right to reject a Tender that does not
          fully comply with these instructions.

    1.2   Notwithstanding the fact that the Council has invited you to
          tender for the Contract or included you on any list of selected
          Tenderers, the Council makes no representations regarding your
          financial stability, technical competence or ability in any way to
          carry out the Contract.

    1.3   The Tender must be completed in English.

    1.4   Although Leeds City Council will be the local authority for the
          purposes of this procurement one or more of the other local
          authorities in the Yorkshire and Humber region may choose to
          access the concluded Framework Agreement and order Goods
          and Services, without creating any obligation on behalf of any of
          them to do so.

    1.5   Where any such authority elects to place an order under the
          Framework Agreement a legally binding contract shall be created
          between the particular local authority and the Contractor at that
          time to which the terms of this Framework Agreement will apply.

    1.6   In relation to any other public sector organisations who have their
          headquarters in the Yorkshire and Humber region, they may also
          place orders under this Framework agreement whereupon a
          legally binding contract shall be created between the particular
          public sector organisation and the Contractor at that time to
          which the terms of this Framework Agreement will apply.


    2.1   To confirm receipt of the Tender Documentation, the Tenderer is
          requested to complete and return the Acknowledgement of
          Receipt Proforma in the attached Section 1.

    2.2   It is the Tenderer‟s responsibility to ensure that all the documents
          listed in the Tender Documentation have been received and are
          complete in all respects.


    3.1   The Tenderer shall treat the Tender Documentation as private
          and confidential.

    3.2   The Tenderer shall not disclose either:

                                Page 1
          3.2.1   the fact that they have been invited to tender or release
                  details of the Contract; or

          3.2.2   details of their Tender in whole or in part prior to the
                  award of the Contract by the Council or on receipt of
                  notification that the Tender has not been accepted as the
                  case may be, other than on an “in confidence” basis to
                  those who have a legitimate need to know or whom they
                  need to consult for the purpose of preparing the Tender.


    4.1   If for any reason the Tenderer is unable to submit a Tender or
          wishes to decline to Tender, then the Council officer named
          below (“the Officer”) should be contacted either in writing to
          Corporate Procurement Unit, 4th Floor West, Civic Hall, Leeds,
          LS1 1UR or alternatively by fax or by e-mail:

          Name: Stephen Priestley

          Email: stephen.priestley@leeds.gov.uk

          Tel:    0113 2476664

          Fax:    0113 2478862


    5.1   Tenders must not be qualified and must be submitted strictly in
          accordance with the Tender Documentation. The Tender must
          comprise the documents specified in the attached Section 1.
          Tenders must not be accompanied by statements that could be
          construed as rendering the Tender equivocal and/or placing it on
          a different footing from other Tenders. Only Tenders submitted
          without qualification strictly in accordance with the Tender
          Documentation as issued (or subsequently amended by the
          Council) will be accepted for consideration. The Council‟s
          decision on whether or not a Tender is acceptable will be final
          and the Contractor concerned will not be consulted. Qualified
          tenders will be excluded from further consideration and the
          Tenderer notified unless otherwise provided by law.


    6.1   Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 5.1 above, where
          Tenderers are asked to submit a variant bid alongside a standard
          bid under paragraph 5.1 above they may submit (on a separate
          sheet with their tender submission) any variants on the
          Specification or Scope, Terms and Conditions of Contract or any
          alternative proposals in a separate envelope.

                                 Page 2
    6.2   Any Tenderer proposing to submit a variant bid of the kind noted
          in paragraph 6.1 must, as a minimum, complete the tender
          template provided on the basis requested in the Tender


    7.1   All queries regarding the Tender Documentation which may have
          a bearing on the offer to be made should be raised by the
          Tenderer to Stephen Priestley, at least ten (10) working days
          before the due date for return of Tenders.

    7.2   If relevant, answers to Tender queries will be circulated to all


    8.1   Submission of Tenders or any other documents which are to be
          sent to the Council must be made in either hard copy format (i.e.
          paper) or soft copy format (i.e. electronically).

    8.2   Hard Copy Tenders

          8.2.1   The Council cautions that no hard copy Tender will be
                  available for consideration unless it is received no later
                  than 12 noon on Wednesday 12th March 2008 and
                  delivered to the address below by post or by hand in the
                  addressed Tender envelope or by affixing the Tender
                  Envelope Label:

                  Corporate Procurement Unit
                  4th Floor West
                  Civic Hall
                  LS1 1UR

                  Late hard copy Tenders, for whatever reason, will not be

          8.2.2   To avoid the disqualification of a hard copy Tender, the
                  anonymity of the Tender Envelope must be preserved.
                  Hence, no indication of the Tenderer must appear on the
                  enclosed Tender Envelope i.e. it must bear no details of
                  the name, mark, slogan or logo of the Tenderer.
                  Publicity devices and company postal franking also
                  infringe this condition and should not be used. It is
                  recommended that the Tenderer check that their
                  procedure for “stamping-in” documents it receives has
                  not breached this requirement.

                               Page 3
      8.2.3   Special postal delivery services (e.g. Datapost or private
              courier) breach this fundamental requirement unless
              prior arrangements are made to negate the requirement
              for the acknowledgement of receipt and the defiling of
              the envelope with identity bearing labels.

      8.2.4   Hard copy Tenders must be completed and where
              necessary signed and dated by the Tenderer.

      8.2.5   Any Tenderer that has downloaded the Tender
              Documentation via the Council‟s website but wishes to
              submit a hard copy Tender may do so by either:

                (a)   Requesting a pre-addressed Tender Envelope
                      no later than seven (7) days prior to the deadline
                      for tender submissions as stated in paragraph
                      8.2.1 above; or

                (b)   attach the enclosed Tender Envelope label to a
                      plain envelope prior to the tender submission

      8.2.6   Receipt of a hard copy Tender will only be issued by the
              Council on request. The only acceptable proof of
              delivery of a hard copy Tender is the Council‟s official
              receipt signed by an officer within the Corporate
              Procurement Unit. Such officers will not sign private
              courier delivery notes or anything of a similar nature and
              such items will not be accepted as evidence of delivery.

8.3   Soft Copy Tenders

      8.3.1   Soft copy Tenders must only be made via the Council‟s
              Supplier      and      Contract      Management        System
              (http://scms.alito.co.uk) specifically set up for the purpose
              of receipt of said Tenders, no later than 12 noon on
              Wednesday 12th March 2008. Late soft copy Tenders,
              for whatever reason, will not be accepted.

      8.3.2   Soft copy Tenders will not be permitted via the Council‟s
              Supplier      and      Contract    Management    System
              (http://scms.alito.co.uk) after the stated deadline has

      8.3.3   A limit of 8Mb per Tender applies when lodging a soft
              copy Tender via the Council‟s Supplier and Contract
              Management System (http://scms.alito.co.uk). Tenderers
              will be unable to lodge an electronic tender where the
              combined file size exceeds 8Mb. Please note, however,
              that Tenderers may repeat the lodgement process as
              many times as is necessary to submit all the appropriate
              documents so long as the combined file size per
              lodgement does not exceed the stated 8Mb limit.

                            Page 4
            8.3.4   Electronic signatures are not required when making a
                    soft copy Tender.

            8.3.5   Soft copy Tenders will automatically be receipted upon a
                    successful lodgement via the Council‟s Supplier and
                    Contract Management System (http://scms.alito.co.uk).

     8.4    While submitted Tenders, whether made in hard or soft copy
            format, will be treated in the strictest confidence, the Tenderer
            should be aware that they will be made available to Trading
            Standards Departments, the Office of Fair Trading and other
            appropriate regulators (as the case may be), if so required.


     9.1    At any time after the issue of the Tender Documentation and
            before the closing date for the submission of Tenders, the
            Council reserves the right to issue Tender Amendments detailing
            any changes to the Tender Documentation or tender process.
            Tenderers must take these amendments into account in the
            preparation of their tender submission.

     9.2    Tenderers must not make any unauthorised alteration or addition
            to any Tender Documentation.

     9.3    In the event that discrepancies are discovered within the Tender
            Documentation, the Tenderer should notify Stephen Priestley in
            writing or by fax or by email using the contact details set out in
            paragraph 4.1.


     10.1   The Tender will be deemed to remain open for acceptance or
            non-acceptance for not less than 90 days from the tender
            submission. The Council may accept the Tender at any time
            within this prescribed period. The Council shall, however, not be
            bound to accept the lowest or any Tender.

     10.2   If the Council has not accepted the Tender within the specified
            period then the Tender shall remain in force without variation, but
            the Tenderer may at any time thereafter give notice in writing (“a
            Notice”) to the Council to accept the same.

     10.3   Delivery of a Notice must be made by hand or by registered post
            or post with recorded delivery.

     10.4   Upon service of a Notice the Council shall have 7 days within
            which to accept the Tender (not including the day of service) or
            the Tender will be deemed to have been withdrawn. In any
            event, the Tenderer shall not withdraw the Tender except in the
            manner provided under this paragraph 10.

                                 Page 5

     11.1   Tenderers will be deemed to have examined all the documents
            enclosed and by their own independent observations and
            enquiries will be held to have fully informed themselves as to all
            matters relating to the scope of the work to be carried out in their
            resulting tender submission.

     11.2   Tenderers are reminded to check the accuracy of their Tender
            prior to submission thereof.

     11.3   If the Council suspects that there has been an error in the pricing
            of the Form of Tender and/or Schedule of Prices, the Council
            reserves the right to seek such clarification as it considers
            necessary from the Tenderer only.

     11.4   The Council reserves the right to disqualify incomplete Tenders.

     11.5   Tenderers shall familiarise themselves with all regulations,
            byelaws, and all other factors that may affect their Tender.


     12.1   The Council shall not be responsible for, or pay any losses or
            expenses which may be incurred by the Tenderer in the
            preparation and submission of their Tender, including (but not
            limited to) the attendance at any pre or post tender meetings, the
            delivery of any presentations by the Tenderer to the Council in
            relation to their proposal, site visits or other negotiations.

     12.2   The Council will not accept claims for additional charges relating
            to the work made by the Tenderer or the Contractor after
            acceptance of the Tender if, in the reasonable opinion of the
            Council, such additional charges should have been established
            by proper inspection of the Tender Documentation prior to


     13.1   The Tenderer should provide any potential third parties it
            appoints to assist with the Contract with all necessary technical
            and commercial information to enable such third parties to
            accurately quote to the Tenderer.

     13.2   It is the policy of the Council not to respond to any direct
            approach from such potential third parties seeking details about a
            particular Invitation to Tender.

     13.3   Tenderers must declare the share of any contract they intend to
            sub-contract and list any proposed third parties in their tender

                                  Page 6

     14.1   Pricing

            14.1.1 The Tenderer should complete the enclosed Form of
                   Tender and/or Schedule of Prices noting the following:

                      (a)   At its discretion, the Tenderer may submit a cost
                            for any or all of the items detailed on the
                            Schedule of Prices.

                      (b)   The currency in which all prices, costs or rates
                            stated on the Form of Tender and/or Schedule of
                            Prices must be quoted is Pounds Sterling and
                            whole pence (i.e. to two decimal places).

                      (c)   following any introduction of the Euro, Pounds
                            Sterling is substituted as the currency of the
                            United Kingdom then all references in the Form
                            of Tender and/or Schedule of Prices to “Sterling”
                            or “£” shall be construed as references to “Euro”
                            or “€” (as the case may be) at the agreed
                            Sterling-Euro conversion rate on the date of that
                            substitution PROVIDED that the provisions of
                            this paragraph shall not apply during any
                            transitional period when Sterling is a sub unit of
                            the Euro

                      (d)    All prices quoted should be exclusive of VAT.

     14.2   Payment

            14.2.1 The Council‟s standard payment terms are 30 days from
                   invoice receipt. If the Tenderer is able to offer the
                   Council a discount on different payment terms such
                   arrangements should be detailed on the enclosed
                   appropriate Schedule.

            14.2.2 The Council will make no payment or allowance in
                   respect of any Tender.


     15.1   No publicity or other information relating to this project is to be
            released by any Tenderer without the prior written approval of the


     16.1   In accordance with Freedom of Information Act 2000, from
            January 2005, public organisations must respond within 20
            working days to written requests for information from anyone.
            The information requested must be supplied unless it falls into
            specified categories of information which include: confidential,

                                 Page 7
personal, trade secret, or information which would or would be
likely to prejudice the tenderer's or the Council‟s commercial
interests. These categories are exemptions under which
information need not be disclosed.

It will be the tenderer's responsibility to state in their tender
submission any information which they regard as confidential,
personal information, trade secret or may prejudice their
commercial interests and to discuss this with the Council prior to

Tenderers are advised that information which falls into the
Council‟s agreed interpretation of the legal definition of
confidentiality, personal information, trade secret or prejudice to
commercial interests may still have to be disclosed in some
circumstances. For example, if there were very strong public
interest reasons for disclosure, the Council may have to disclose
trade secrets, or information that would, or would be likely to
prejudice a Tenderer‟s commercial interests. The Council may be
forced to make information public as a result of an appeal by a
member of the public against our initial decision not to reveal
information. The public can appeal through the Council‟s internal
complaints procedure and ultimately to The Information
Commissioner‟s Office, the government organisation responsible
for enforcing the Act.

Tenderers will also need to provide with their tender submission
a contact within their organisation to ensure that should the
Council need to consult on an information request it can do this
promptly. If the Council is unable to contact anyone to consult it
may have to release the information to ensure that it remains
within the 20 working days deadline.

Further detailed guidance on contracts with third parties, in
particular confidentiality clauses, and the implications of The
Freedom Of Information Act 2000 are available on the Council
Web www.leeds.gov.uk site under Information Governance.
Please also see The Information Commissioners Office web site
using      the     link      from    our     web      site   or

                     Page 8

Tenderers are required to submit all the pages contained in the sections of
this Tender Documentation specified below, duly completed where required,
as your Tender bid:

Form of Tender                             Section 3
Schedule of Prices                         Section 3
Certificates                               Section 3
Declaration of non-collusive tendering     Section 3

No other documentation should be sent with the submission. Any additional
documentation may invalidate the Tender submission.

                                  Page 9



Fair trade is a scheme that guarantees that farmers and workers in the
developing world receive a fair and stable price for their product or crop. The
money they receive covers the cost of production, a stable wage and pays an
extra amount or „social premium‟ that producer organisations can invest in
business development and social or environmental schemes that will benefit
the wider community.


The regional fair trade project for Yorkshire and the Humber aims to develop a
regional commitment to fair trade. Twenty-two local authorities in Yorkshire
and the Humber region have been invited to work together to promote fair
trade among their own community and support towns and cities across the
region in achieving Fairtrade status.

The project has been funded by the Yorkshire and the Humber Regional
Centre of Excellence (please see www.yhcoe.rcoe.gov.uk), one of nine
regional centres of excellence in the UK. The regional centres were created
by the Department for Communities and Local Government in February 2004
– originally to deliver the National Procurement Strategy and, more recently,
the Gershon Review.

One of the main aims of the project is a joint procurement arrangement
between local authorities in the region for the supply of fair trade products.

The purpose of this tender is to implement a regional framework contract for
fair trade products. The local authority purchasing consortium, Yorkshire
Purchasing Organisation (YPO), as well as the twenty-two local authorities in
the region have been invited to take part in and utilise this contract for the
supply of fair trade products.
Leeds City Council‟s Procurement Unit is responsible for co-ordinating the
tender process in consultation with YPO and participating local authorities
from the region.

Local authorities in the region have the opportunity to join this contract at any
time during its term.


The Fairtrade Foundation co-ordinates a nationwide Fairtrade Towns
campaign in the UK. Please see www.fairtrade.org.uk

                                   Page 10
One of the five goals UK Boroughs, Cities, Towns, Villages and Zones must
carry out to be awarded Fairtrade Town status is for the local authority to do
the following :
   The local council must pass a resolution supporting Fairtrade, and serve
    Fairtrade coffee and tea at its meetings and in offices and canteens.
The following Boroughs, Cities, Towns, Villages and Zones in Yorkshire and
the Humber have already been awarded Fairtrade Town status:

            1.   Baildon                      11. Ilkley
            2.   Bingley                      12. Hull
            3.   Bradford                     13. Leeds
            4.   Cherry Burton                14. Mirfield
            5.   Doncaster                    15. Northallerton
            6.   Harrogate                    16. Otley
            7.   Haworth                      17. Rotherham
            8.   Hebden Bridge                18. Sheffield
            9.   Holme Valley                 19. Shipley
            10. Hornsea                       20. York

The following Boroughs, Cities, Towns, Villages and Zones in Yorkshire and
the Humber are working within Fairtrade Town criteria.

            1.    Batley & Spen               8.    North Yorkshire
            2.    Beverley                    9.    Richmond
            3.    Chapel Allerton             10.   Scarborough
            4.    Cleckheaton                 11.   Todmorden
            5.    Knaresborough               12.   Wakefield
            6.    Malton                      13.   Whitby
            7.    North East

The regional fair trade project for Yorkshire and the Humber aims to assist
towns and cities in achieving and maintaining Fairtrade Town status.

Local authorities that take part in this contract will be able to ensure that they
have met one of the goals towards Fairtrade Town status by providing

                                    Page 11
Fairtrade products in their canteens, commercial outlets, meeting rooms and
service provision. Towns that already have Fairtrade Town status can make
sure they maintain their award.


The regional fair trade project for Yorkshire and the Humber is inviting
suppliers to provide fair trade products that carry the FAIRTRADE Mark or
equivalent. For a product to be deemed equivalent to the FAIRTRADE Mark
by the tender evaluation panel suppliers are required to meet the costs to
provide ‘independent third party verification’ that the certification
scheme or label for the product(s) you are supplying meets the following
criteria :

1. Your fair trade criteria is independently audited to ensure compliance with
   minimum standards and to monitor improvements.

2. A minimum and stable price has been set for the fair trade products at a
   level that covers the cost of sustainable production for producers.

3. In addition to the minimum and stable price an extra amount or „social
   premium‟ is provided to the fair trade farmer or producer for investment in
   future improvements.

4. A living wage is paid to the farmer or producer. Certified producers are
   required to show year-on-year progress towards „living wages‟ for hired

5. A code of conduct includes key elements of improved trading practices,
   such as pre-financing and producer support networks.

6. Certification is available for large scale plantations as well as smallholder
   producer organisations. A distinction in fair trade standards is made
   between large scale plantations and smallholder producer organisations
   with an aim of protecting the interests of the smaller players.

7. Production of a plan giving details of how to comply with environmental
   standards. You can see the environmental standards that are in place for
   Fairtrade certified products at : http://www.fairtrade.net/standards.html

8. The supply chains of products are checked to ensure the relevant
   ingredients have been bought from certified producers at or above the
   minimum price and in accordance with other trading standards. You can
   see the trading standards that are in place for Fairtrade certified products
   at : http://www.fairtrade.net/standards.html

9. A product may carry the certification label only if 100% has been sourced
   from certified farms.

                                  Page 12

The local authorities in the Yorkshire and Humber region recognise that our
activities have an effect on the society in which we work, and that
developments in society affect our ability to work successfully. We are
committed to achieving environmental, social and economic aims to tackle
these effects. Fair trade forms part of local government‟s socially responsible
procurement targets.

18.3.1          Community Benefits

The regional fair trade project for Yorkshire and the Humber is committed to
working together with local communities and other partners. The National
Procurement Strategy for Local Government encourages councils to achieve
community benefits through procurement and to actively engage with a
diverse range of suppliers, including small and medium-sized enterprises

To this end, the regional fair trade project for Yorkshire and the Humber would
like you to provide details of what community benefits your organisation can
offer when providing this contract.

Contractors should be aware that only a community benefit that relates to the
subject matter of the contract itself can be taken into account in the evaluation
of any tender. However the regional fair trade project for Yorkshire and the
Humber is keen to encourage contractors to put forward all the community
benefits they can offer as part of their tender and be innovative in terms of how
those benefits relate to the subject matter of the contract.

An example of a community benefit could be sending educational literature
concerning fair trade to schools, voluntary and community groups and / or
providing awareness raising talks to these organisations.

18.3.2          Environment

The contractor shall ensure that they work in a manner which minimises the
impact on the environment, including, but not limited to:

a)       The efficient use of energy;
b)       The use of biofuel in delivery vehicles;
c)       The minimisation of packaging and in particular non-recyclable
d)       The recycling of waste, including cans, bottles, plastic cups, cardboard
         and paper;
e)       The purchase of recycled items, when available.

The contractor shall work towards improving sustainability for this contract and
report to the client on this on a quarterly basis.

                                        Page 13
The contractor shall use local/regional delivery networks and minimise food
miles whenever possible.

18.3.3          Packaging

Packaging used in the execution of the Contract shall be designed with
sustainability in mind, and where possible should be manufactured of the
absolute minimum :

a) from recycled, recyclable, reusable or biodegradable materials

b) using low energy processes, and

c) using processes that generate least waste

Please demonstrate how the packaging on the goods supplied will be
minimised and the sustainability of the materials and processes used
maximised, whilst affording protection and meeting end user needs.

The regional fair trade project for Yorkshire and the Humber considers pallets
to be returnable and therefore, pallets shall be collected by the Contractor free
of charge or returned to the Contractor by the Council at the Contractor's cost,
for re-use, recycling or disposal in an environmentally sustainable manner.
Please provide details of how you intend to fulfil this requirement.


We are inviting tenderers for this contract to provide prices for the following
five fair trade lines :

         1. Hot and cold drinks (to include filter and instant coffee, hot
            chocolate, teas, sugar, smoothies, fruit juices.) Vending machine
            drinks are not invited.
         2. Snacks and biscuits (to include biscuits, brownies, cereal bars
            cakes and muffins.)
         3. Chocolate and sweets.
         4. Dried fruit & nuts.
         5. Other food stuffs (to include pasta, rice, savoury snacks, spreads
            and yoghurt).
The price schedule consists of a core list of products based on Leeds City
Council‟s last 12 months usage. The quantities are to be used for guide
purposes only.
Tenderers are asked to submit price lists for others items not contained in the
core list.
This contract will be a framework arrangement.

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The region‟s local authorities are committed to supplying fair trade products in
their commercial outlets. If you are unable to provide fair trade products
your tender will be considered non compliant.

Specifications:      All products must be produced in compliance with
                     the parameters of the European Parliament
                     Resolution on Fair Trade and Development (A6-
                     0207/2006). (See attached).

Verification:        Where a product is supplied which is deemed equivalent
                     to a product with the FAIRTRADE Mark, the supplier must
                     provide independent third party evidence that the product
                     they are supplying is equivalent to the FAIRTRADE Mark.
                     Such evidence shall be provided at the suppliers cost.

In addition we would like the supplier(s) to provide awareness raising material
on fair trade for the staff of the contracting authority during Fairtrade Fortnight
each year.

Prohibited Food Additives

Tenderers must ensure they are familiar with the List of Prohibited Food
Additives (See Appendix A attached) that must not be present in any products
offered for contract and must complete the Food Intolerance Data Sheet. (See
Appendix B attached). The process of irradiating food is not allowed for items
supplied under this Contract.

Food Labelling Regulations

All goods supplied under this contract must conform to Food Labelling
Hygiene and Refrigeration Regulations in force at the time.

Genetically modified organism statement

No products supplied to the Council must contain any Genetically Modified
ingredients, derivatives or additives. By submitting a Tender the Tenderer
warrants compliance with this specification requirement.

Please enclose with the Tender, all relevant procedures and documentation to
substantiate the Tenderer‟s declaration relating to food contents.

Ingredient declaration sheet/intolerance data sheet

Tenderers are required to attach with their tender Ingredient Declaration
Sheet(s) for each item offered. The sheet must list all ingredients and state if
animal or vegetable fat is used in the production of goods offered.

Shelf life

Products supplied must have a minimum shelf life of three months from date of
delivery. Cartons must state clearly the „sell by date‟, as well as the individual

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wrappers. User departments will be instructed to reject products which fail to
meet this requirement.

(i)    No diminution of product weights will be permitted during the Contract
       term unless approval to do so is given by the Supervising Officer.

(ii)   Due to the nature of the products, damaged cartons will be immediately
       rejected by the various establishments. Please ensure adequate quality
       checks are in place, prior to delivery.


The contractor must comply with the delivery times as requested by the
evaluation panel.

The regional fair trade project aims to minimise food miles and will allocate
points to suppliers that have sub-regional delivery networks in place.

The Contractor will from the outset of the contract provide local authorities
participating in this tender with a list of sites, locations, carriers and brokers
whom may transport, store and deliver under this contract.

Delivery vehicles must be fitted with an audible reverse warning device.

Suppliers should specify what delivery arrangements they will put in place in
the method statement.

Responsibility will lie with suppliers to resolve delivery problems with the local
authority they are supplying to.


The contractor is required to attend quarterly review meetings during the first
year of the contract following which reviews will revert to half yearly meetings.
Review meetings with the evaluation panel will discuss progress, product
development, new product availability, health eating options and other issues.

The contractor is expected to provide reports to each participating authority
quarterly on sales, volume of individual products supplied, first time deliveries.

Please provide details of how will you market the contract as a co-ordinated,
managed process to client groups such as local authority catering services,
commercial outlets, schools and social services catering provisions?


Tenderers must provide full product specifications and literature (including, for
example, countries of origin) to be supplied under this contract.

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Tenderers are requested to submit a method statement setting out how they
intend to meet the requirements of the Contract and providing evidence in line
with the requirements of the quality criteria.

This tender will be evaluated on best value for money, quality as well as price
will be relevant.


19.1 Introduction
     This document describes the method the Council will use to evaluate
     each tender submission, which must contain sufficient information to
     demonstrate how the Tenderer will meet the requirements of the Service
     Specification/Project Brief. It is important to ensure that any information
     submitted is relevant to the Quality Criteria detailed below. Information
     which is not relevant will not be taken into account.

19.2   Evaluation Method

       Tender submissions will be evaluated on both quality and price. A score
       will be awarded for each element of the evaluation criteria. The maximum
       amount of marks available for price will be 700. The maximum amount
       of marks available for quality will be 300. The quality evaluation criteria
       that will be used to assess the compliance of offers to the Service
       Specification/Project Brief are detailed in item 18.
       Information from both the Method statement and the Supplier
       Questionnaire will be used in this evaluation.

19.3   Quality Criteria

       Each of the following quality criteria has been determined and weighted
       in accordance with its relative importance to the Service
       Specification/Project Brief. In addition to the written tender submission,
       Tenderers may have to provide a method statement in support of their
       tender and/or be invited to present their proposals to an evaluation panel,
       who will determine the extent to which the criteria have been met.

          Supply Chain                   90 marks
          Service Delivery               90 marks
          Business Processes             35 marks
          Communications                 35 marks
          Customer Care                  35 marks
          Sustainability                 15 marks

       See following evaluation model (Appendix C).

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19.4   Evaluation Approach

       Each member of the evaluation team will assess each submission and a
       mean score calculated. The team will consist of representatives from the
       following :

          A panel consisting of officers from the participating local authorities

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Appendix A


Listed below are food additives and ingredients which will not be accepted in
any product supplied.

Tenderers should ensure that these prohibited additives and ingredients are
not present in any product offered for contract.


E102          Tartrazine                  E127        Erythrosine

E104          Quinoline Yellow            E128        Red 2G

E107          Yellow 2G                   E129        Allura Red AC

E110          Sunset Yellow               E132        Indigo Carmine

E120          Cochineal                   E133        Brilliant Blue FCF

E122          Carmoisine                  E142        Green S

E123          Amaranth                    E154        Brown FK

E124          Ponceau 4R                  E155        Allura

E180          Pigment Rubine


All ingredients with G.M.I.‟s present and those not requiring declaration under
E.U. Labelling Regulations.

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Appendix B


Please state if the products offered Indicate „Yes‟ or „No‟   If „Yes‟ state item
under this contract contain any of                            Number        as    Price
the following:                                                Schedule
Soya and Soya Products
Egg and Egg Products
Cows Milk and Milk Products
Pork Gelatine
Beef Gelatine
Fish and Fish Products
Unrefined Nut Oils and Derivatives
Genetically Modified Organisms
Added Natural Colour
Irradiated Ingredients

                         DIETARY REQUIREMENTS

Please state if the products offered Indicate „Yes‟ or „No‟   If „No‟ state item
under this contract are suitable for:                         number   as   Price

Signature ………………………………………………. Date…………………….

Print Name ……………………………………………………………………………


For and on behalf of …………………………………………………………………..

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Appendix C


                                                           QUALITY ASSESSMENT FORM

The evaluation of the submitted bids takes into account both price and quality. Price makes up 70% (maximum 700 points) and quality
makes up 30% (maximum 300 points) of the overall score (maximum 1,000 points).

1.    PRICE

      600 points is to be awarded to the lowest priced bid. Other bidders are to awarded points relative to the difference from the lowest price


      A quality score is to be allocated for each category of quality criteria using a scale of 1 to 10.

      For example:

         A score of 10 is to be allocated when a bidder‟s Method Statement exceeds the set criteria
         A score of 7 is to be allocated when a bidder‟s Method Statement meets the set criteria
         A score of 5 is to be allocated when a bidder‟s Method Statement meets the set criteria in part and there are some identified areas of
         A score of 3 is to be allocated when a bidder‟s Method Statement falls well short of the set criteria are there are significant areas of
         A score 0 is to be allocated when a bidder has failed to provide any evidence

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                                                       Quality Criteria

Supply Chain (90 points)
 Social Accountability.
 Evidence of a developed supply chain
 Vetting arrangements for potential suppliers (supplier quality assurance)
 Arrangements for ensuring that the supply chain can provide products that meet the requirements of the Specification (e.g.
   social considerations, quality, freshness, prohibited additives and other food related requirements and assurance schemes).
 Storage arrangements of ingredients, produce and products up to the point of delivery to the Establishment.
 Arrangements for ensuring food safety, ethical supply chain and product traceability.
 Arrangements in place to ensure sustainability of market place.

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                                                    Quality Criteria

Business Processes (35 Points)
    Arrangements in place to reduce transactional activity e.g. less invoices and less orders
    Arrangements in place for an efficient and effective receipt of clients requirements.

Service Delivery (90 points)
 Contingency arrangements for a service during periods of emergency
 Arrangements for providing nutritional advice to users of the service
 Arrangements for ensuring that service innovation and improvement are an integral part of the contract
 The ability to deliver a flexible service to all potential clients
 Added Value
 Arrangements in place for the delivery of goods to client departments

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                                                   Quality Criteria

Communication (35 points)
 Details of the communication strategy to be implemented for
  1) Awareness raising material on fair trade for the staff of the contracting authority during Fairtrade Fortnight each
  2) Communicating between staff, supervisor and contract manager
  3) Communicating with service users and other Stakeholders

Customer Care (35 points)
 Provide details of your customer care and complaints procedures
 Evidence of written feedback and action planning
 Arrangements for monitoring and reviewing the procedures

Sustainability (15 points)
 Arrangements in place to minimize „food miles‟
 Appropriate and well maintained “green” low carbon emission delivery fleet
 Use of biofuel in delivery vehicles
 Recycling of waste

Community Benefits
 Awareness raising material / talks provided concerning fair trade to the local community (schools, voluntary,
   community and faith groups)


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