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									Excelling With
    Honor. . .
The Fraternity’s Strategic Plan

                                                                         Excelling With Honor…
           SPRING 2001                                                   Our Future is Now
  Published continuously since 1883.                                     Dear Brothers:

      Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.                                          As Regent of our Fraternity, alumni often ask me about the future
           9 Lewis Street                                                of our great Fraternity and what alumni can do to support and
           P.O. Box 1869                                                 promote the Fraternity. My short answer to the last part of that
        Lexington, VA 24450                                              question is, "Your Fraternity needs you more today than at any
                                                                         point in time in our modern history. Get involved as a volunteer
       Phone: 540.463.1869                   Howard Pickett              and as a donor, you won’t regret it."
        FAX: 540.463.1669
                                          My own experience as a volunteer for Sigma Nu over the last 22 years, serving from Chapter
                                          Advisor to Division Commander to my current position as your 54th Regent, has been one of
                                          the most rewarding experiences of my life. It has afforded me the chance to give back to an
     R. Bradley Beacham (ΛΕ)
                                          organization that has given me so much. It can do that for you, too, but only if you get involved.
       James A. Owens (ΙΡ)
                                          When it comes to the question about our future, my answer is simple, "It will be as bright as we
    PRODUCTION CONSULTANT                 resolve to make it." Your High Council left Grand Chapter last August with a clear, two-point
        Jason Guyton (ΜΕ)                 mandate from the alumni and undergraduate delegates: "Define how Sigma Nu will maintain
Carden Jennings Publishing Co., Ltd.      its current prominence. And, what must we do to improve and ensure the Fraternity experience
                                          for the future?" I want you to know that my first order of business as your Regent was to
        ASSOCIATE EDITORS                 appoint a Strategic Planning Group charged with the responsibility of developing a road map
          Penny Dudley                    and plan that, when accomplished, will position Sigma Nu Fraternity as the premier men’s fra-
          Barbara Hunter                  ternity in North America. The result is a Strategic Plan addressing nine key strategic goals for
                                          our Fraternity, a refined Mission Statement and a new Vision Statement. I hope you will read
          CONTRIBUTORS                    about this plan on pages 16 & 17 of this issue.
     R. Bradley Beacham (ΛΕ)
        Todd Denson (ΛΛ)                  Regardless of the quality of our Strategic Plan, it will happen only if we, every single living Sigma
     Nelson C. Kanning (ΒΞ)               Nu, resolve to make it happen through alumni support and donor generosity. As you enjoy this
         Julia C. Littlefield             issue of The Delta, I ask you to consider right now how you will support Sigma Nu. Perhaps
       David Mainella (ΖΦ)                you have some time to give as an advisor or house corporation officer of an undergraduate chap-
       James A. Owens (ΙΡ)
                                          ter. Maybe you can attend the College of Chapters or Grand Chapter. Or, perhaps, you would
             Ida Paxton
                                          like to become an alumni “specialist,” called upon when needed to work on specific programs.
          Art Tribbie (ΓΠ)
                                          There are a variety of ways in which you can share your time and experience for the betterment
      Kevin K. Weaver (ΜΑ)
         E.G. White (ΒΗ)
                                          of Sigma Nu, and more than one that will fit your schedule constraints.

                 •••                      We also need you to become a donor to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation. If you are
                                          already a donor, we need you to continue your support. There are few causes that equal the edu-
       The Delta of Sigma Nu              cational mission of our Fraternity…your support of the Foundation will directly allow the con-
            is published by               tinuing pursuit of Love, Honor, and Truth on hundreds of campuses by thousands of under-
      Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.           graduates. Your contribution is tax-deductible and will make you feel great!
 Sigma Nu Educational Foundation, Inc.    I am honored to serve as your Regent and look forward to working with you as we resolve to
Material for consideration should be      work together for the improvement and success of our beloved Fraternity. Membership in
sent to the attention of the editors in   Sigma Nu is for a lifetime. What will you do for Sigma Nu?
                 care of
                                          Yours in Brotherhood,
    The Delta of Sigma Nu,
        P.O. Box 1869,
     Lexington, VA 24450                  Howard Pickett
    e-mail: sigmanuhq@aol.com
 8 THE PALMOUR Hbecomes an
    A past Regent’s home

       Atlanta-based law firm office.

            U FOR L
10 SIGMAofNCharles R. IFE Jr,
   Profiles            Pugh,
       professional photographer and
       David Schlothauer, a national
       track and field masters champion.

   Sigma Nu’s new Strategic Plan.

   Sigma Nu alumni of West
       University reunite for brotherhood.                                 Sigma Nu
20 ZETA NuUalumni of Ohio
         M REUNION                                                           and the
       University get together to discuss the
       plans of reorganizing the chapter.
                                                                   Valley of the Sun
                                                                    Sigma Nu’s Biennial Grand
24 Listing of the generous donors who have
       WILLIAM P. YATES LEGACY SOCIETY                                 Chapter found a home in
                                                                   Phoenix, Arizona, in August
       benefited the Sigma Nu Educational                         2000. This recap of the places,
       Foundation.                                                events, awards and people is a
                                                              shining example of the far-reach-
26 1869 FOUNDERS CIRCLE avenue are
   Members of this on-going giving
                                                                ing impact Sigma Nu is having
                                                                 on its members and the nation.

28 2000 DELTA Dof theDONORS Dues
   A complete listing
                          2000 Delta

DEPARTMENTS                      Alumni News             12
                                 ΣΝ Military Scrapbook   15
                                 Scholarships            21
                                 Books                   22
                                 Sigma Nu Central        23
                                 Chapter Eternal         31
                                 LEAD Center             32
     Sigma Nu and the
    ugust 9-13, 2000 marked five monumental days for       Valley
A   Sigma Nu, as collegiate and alumni brothers descend-
    ed upon the Valley of Sun for the 59th Grand
    Chapter. As usual, there was plenty of work to be
done during the legislative sessions and committee meet-
ings. But there was also plenty of fun. Special events
                                                           the Sun
included an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game, visit to
the campus of Arizona State University, and an alumni
reception, including alumni from the greater Phoenix
area. And, of course, the Grand Chapter was highlighted
by a closing banquet and awards program.

The Grand Chapter kicked off with a Sigma Nu visit to
Bank One Ballpark, to see the Arizona Diamondbacks take
on the Montreal Expos. This game was more special when
GREG SWINDELL (Υ, TEXAS) was called on to pitch for the
Diamondbacks. Not only was Brother Swindell pitching
for the home team, he was cheered on by 300 enthusiastic
Sigma Nus!

2 L The Delta of Sigma Nu                                      www.sigmanu.org
The Alcohol-Free Housing Review Committee presents its proposal that will        Regent Howard Pickett          Guest Speaker Mike Marchev
govern the Fraternity in years to come.

After a night of fun, it was time to get down to business.                  VMI) was also elected to a second term as Vice Regent.
Regent Dan Rodriguez (ΖΥ, Arizona State) took the gavel                     Elected to their first term as Vice Regents were Torr Brush
after introductions of the Sigma Nu leadership and officially               (ΕΛ, Utah), Jay Pitts (∆, South Carolina), and Steve
called the 59th Grand Chapter to order. Two Sigma Nu                        Ratterman (ΒΗ, Indiana).
Brothers then officially welcomed the Grand Chapter to
Tempe and the Pointe Hilton South Mountain Resort. Neil                     Sigma Nu Fraternity’s alcohol-free housing initiative also saw
Giuliano (ΖΥ, Arizona State), Mayor of Tempe, welcomed                      a great amount of debate and discussion. Led by a commit-
the Fraternity and shared some of his experiences as a Brother              tee of students and alumni volunteers, alcohol-free housing
and as a one-time live-in advisor to Zeta Upsilon Chapter.                  was incorporated into the Fraternity’s existing Risk Reduction
J.D. Smith (ΕΛ, Utah), General Manager of our host resort,                  Policy and Guidelines. The newly developed policy links chap-
then welcomed Sigma Nu to his hotel and credited Sigma Nu                   ter performance with the ability to have alcohol present at a
as his training ground for leadership.                                      chapter’s facility. Performance to be considered includes aca-
                                                                            demic achievement, compliance with existing policies, gener-
With the Fraternity officially welcomed, noted leadership                   al chapter management, financial management, and atten-
scholar Mike Marchev spoke to the Grand Chapter body,                       dance at Grand Chapter and College of Chapters. The
challenging each member to develop a leadership vision, set                 Alcohol-Free Housing Review Committee included colle-
goals, and pursue those goals with everything in their power.               gians: Noah Borton (ΛΙ, Southern Utah), Andrew Crouse
Marchev urged the men of Sigma Nu to “become the excep-                     (Ν, Kansas), Kevin Devore (ΒΚ, Kansas State), Justin Dill
tion.”                                                                      (ΕΞ, Mississippi), Jamey Fauque (ΓΦ, Montana), Scott
                                                                            Iverson (ΚΠ, Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo), Jeff Jarvis (ΗΖ,
An all-star ritual team, comprised of Brothers from across the              Louisiana Tech), Doug McColl (ΚΧ, Furman), Nicholas
U.S, then opened the Grand Chapter. Several key items of                    Murphy (ΓΙ, Kentucky), Justin Schmidt (ΕΘ of ΣΝ, MIT),
Fraternity business were discussed and decided throughout                   Chad Turnbull (ΖΥ, Arizona State), Eric Yukich (ΒΙ, Mount
the three days of business sessions. Major items of discussion              Union); and alumni: Torr Brush (ΕΛ, Utah), Doug Kane
included a review of the Fraternity’s budget for the next bien-             (ΕΚ, North Dakota), Hart Smith (ΖΥ, Arizona St.), Walt
nium, and discussions of future updates to The Law of Sigma                 Sokoll (ΖΗ, Tufts), Matt Young (IΦ, Wittenberg).
Nu Fraternity.
                                                                            “The vote of our Grand Chapter is a signal to all that our
Grand Chapter also saw the election of the new High                         members are dedicated to our educational mission of devel-
Council. Dave Nyman (ΛΙ, Southern Utah), who had com-                       oping leaders for society and will not let the misuse of alcohol
pleted a term as Vice Regent, was elected Regent-Elect. Don                 inhibit our pursuit of this mission,” commented Brad
Densborn (ΒΗ, Indiana) was elected to his second term as                    Beacham (ΛΕ, Texas Christian), Sigma Nu Fraternity’s Chief
Grand Treasurer. Mike Jaszczak (∆Α, Case Western / Α,                       Operating Officer.

Spring 2001                                                                                                   The Delta of Sigma Nu L 3
   Sigma Nu Educational Foundation President Jim Cherry presents the              Newly Elected Regent Howard Pickett and the
      Education in Community Service Award to Eta Zeta Chapter.                  Honorable Mention Rock Chapter Award Winners.

Balancing the deliberation on these challenging issues were            Friday night, alumni in attendance were joined by area Sigma
opportunities to celebrate the Sigma Nu success stories of the         Nu alumni for a reception hosted by the Sigma Nu
biennium. Thursday’s honor luncheon recognized the chap-               Educational Foundation. Foundation President and Past
ter award winners for manpower and scholarship awards. The             Regent James Cherry (ΗΠ, Hampden Sydney) greeted alum-
Gallaher Cup, Sigma Nu’s highest academic honor, was pre-              ni and reported on the efforts of the Educational Foundation
sented to the Beta Rho Chapter at the University of                    to continue to support the important educational work of
Pennsylvania. A complete listing of academic award recipi-             Sigma Nu Fraternity. Members of the Foundation’s board of
ents can be found on page 7.                                           directors participated throughout the Grand Chapter and also
                                                                       met to discuss Foundation matters. The reception was a great
Later that evening the Zeta Upsilon Chapter hosted the entire          chance for many present to renew old friendships, centered
Grand Chapter delegation to a cookout on the campus of                 around the bonds of Sigma Nu brotherhood.
Arizona State University. After dinner, several chapters were
recognized for their excellence in using the LEAD Program.             The Grand Chapter concluded with a closing banquet and
These awards, along with an update on the tremendous                   awards ceremony. In addition to announcing the winners of
progress the program has made, were presented by David                 some of Sigma Nu’s highest honors (a complete listing of
Mainella (ΖΦ, Bradley), consultant to the LEAD Program.                award winners can be found on page 5), Regent Rodriguez
Mainella also discussed LEAD Phase IV, which was piloted to            thanked retiring council members Charles Rowe (ΒΞ,
a select group of collegians prior to the start of Grand               William Jewell) and Sam Dibitonto (∆Ξ, Nevado-Reno) for
Chapter. Assisting Mainella with the Phase IV sessions was             their service, before officially installing Howard Pickett (ΒΤ,
Bryan Morris (Η, Mercer), a former Leadership Consultant               NC State) as the new Regent. Brother Pickett then installed
for the Fraternity’s staff.                                            the new High Council. Pickett concluded the evening by
                                                                       addressing the Grand Chapter with his vision for the
                                                                       Fraternity in the next century, inviting the collegiate brothers
                                                                       to attend the College of Chapters in Lexington in June 2001,
                                                                       and all in attendance to join together again at the 60th Grand
                                                                       Chapter, to be held in Toronto, Canada, in the summer of

                                                                       The 59th Grand Chapter was a time of learning, sharing, and
                                                                       appreciation for all who attended, and it is clear that Sigma
                                                                       Nu has truly made an impact on Phoenix and its legendary
                                                                       Valley of the Sun. L

                   Sigma Nu’s All Star Ritual Team

4 L The Delta of Sigma Nu                                                                                              www.sigmanu.org
Greek Advisor of the Year   Honor. Mention Division            Alumni Chapter                Division Commander            Chapter Advisor of
     Mindy Sopher,          Commander of the Year             Officer of the Year                  of the Year                  the Year
    Greek Advisor of           Matt Young, ΙΦ                    Joe Dea, ∆Α                   Tim Huerta, ΗΦ              David Wylie, HZ
      N. C. State                (Wittenberg)               (Case Western Reserve)             (Cal. State/L.A.)            (Louisiana Tech)

       LEAD Chapter of the Year -- Mu Pi (Philadelphia University)                   Beta Kappa - a 2000 Rock Chapter Award Winner

                    2000 MERIT AWARD WINNERS                                                    2000 ROCK CHAPTER
      Scholar of the Year – Shreeram Akilesh, ∆Β (Dartmouth)                                      AWARD WINNERS
     Athlete of the Year – Gjaison E. White, ΛΙ (Southern Utah)                               Beta Kappa (Kansas State)
           Talent of the Year – Stuart Ambrose, Ξ (Emory)                                    Zeta Omicron (North Texas)
    Man of the Year – Robert Burrough, ΜΒ (Alabama/Huntsville)                                Kappa Pi (Cal/Poly-SLO)
                                                                                                Kappa Chi (Furman)
                ALUMNI AWARDS (not pictured at top)
       Alumnus of the Biennium John Meador, ΓΥ (Arkansas)
                                                                                               HONORABLE MENTION
    House Corporation President of the Year – Joe Lewis, Ξ (Emory)
                                                                                               ROCK CHAPTER AWARD
     Honorable Mention Division Commander of the Year – Walt
                                                                                                    Nu (Kansas)
                         Sokoll, ΖΗ (Tufts)
                                                                                                  Beta Eta (Indiana)
                                                                                               Delta Omicron (Idaho)
                                                                                                  Zeta Phi (Bradley)
                  Eta Zeta Chapter (Louisiana Tech)
                                                                                              Eta Zeta (Louisiana Tech)
                                                                                                Mu Pi (Philadelphia)
                        2000 ALPHA AFFILIATES                                                Mu Rho (Northwestern State)
              Robert D. Burrough, ΜΒ (Ala./Huntsville)
                Daniel C. Gunter, III, ΒΤ (N. C. State)
                   Yuwynn E. Ho, ΒΨ (Cal/Berkeley)
              Nicholas J. Langenfeld, ΛΙ (Southern Utah)
                      Corey J. Luke, ΖΦ (Bradley)
               Jason M. Lyons, ΜΠ (Philadelphia Univ.)
                    Tom S. Mickelson, ΖΦ (Bradley)
                   Nathan L. Scherich, Σ (Vanderbilt)
              Chadwin T. Sandifer, ΛΦ (Central Arkansas)
                Michael D. Watson, Jr., ΕΞ (Mississippi)

   Spring 2001                                                                                                The Delta of Sigma Nu L 5
                                THE 2000 HALL OF HONOR INDUCTEES
                                            The Hall of Honor is awarded to those members whose
                                           distinguished service to Sigma Nu has brought enduring
                                          strength and vitality to the Fraternity. Membership in the
                                                Hall of Honor is Sigma Nu’s highest distinction.

                                      JOSEPH G. CUTLER                              JOHN C. THOREN, JR.
                                       GAMMA CHI #62                                 ZETA UPSILON #135
                                  UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON                        ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY
    Born August 20, 1921, in Walla Walla, WA, at age four Cutler                   Born in Illinois on May 1, 1939, and a resident of Arizona since
moved with his family to Yakima. There, he attended a junior college,         1944, Brother Thoren received his degree from Arizona State in 1962
where he was tapped into ΦΘΚ honorary society. In 1941, he trans-             and served two years in the Army from 1963-1965.
ferred to the Univ. of Washington. There he pledged ΣΝ and was pres-               Upon his discharge, he entered his family’s woodworking business
ident of his candidate class. He majored in economics and business,           and became its president in 1975. During the succeeding decades, he
with a focus on foreign trade. In 1941, Cutler enlisted in the service,       developed the company into a highly respected and successful custom
requesting assignment to the US Army Air Corps. Instructed to return          interior woodworking concern.
to classes until called, he was initiated in 1942, and was elected vice            In 1973, he was president of the Arizona chapter of the
president of the Junior IFC and to Pan Xenia, the foreign trade hon-          Architectural Woodworking Institute. In 1975, he was recognized by
orary society. In 1943, he was awarded his degree.                            the national organization as its Outstanding Chapter President. He
    In the Army Air Corps he trained as a bombardier and received his         served on the board of directors of the National A.W.I. He has also
commission and wings in 1944. He served in the European Theater               been a member of the Arizona Association of Manufacturers and chair-
with the 351st Bomber Group of the Eighth Air Force, flying in the            man of its Marketing Committee. In addition, he served on the
lead bomber in numerous bombing raids over Germany.                           Producers Council and was a member of the Construction
    In 1945, he returned to Yakima and entered the insurance business         Specifications Institute of the National Sub-Contractors Association.
with the United Pacific Insurance Co. Later he accepted a position with            For his alma mater, he served as the Alumni Representative in the
John L. Wortham & Son of Houston. In 1947, he and his wife,                   Office of Student Affairs and was chairman of the Alpha Drive
Suzanne, moved to Texas, where he spent his entire career with the            Housing Cooperative, a group composed of ten fraternity house cor-
Wortham firm. He became a full partner in 1965, serving as a key exec-        porations at ASU. In 1979, he was named to the ASU IFC Hall of
utive officer and member of the firm’s Executive Committee.                   Fame for his services to ASU’s fraternity row.
    With Sue, whom he lost to cancer five years ago, he is blessed with            On the national level as a volunteer, he has served fervently. In
two sons and two daughters, one granddaughter, and three grandsons.           1969, he was chairman of Sigma Nu’s Centennial Celebration Dinner
He is a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Houston, where he          held in Phoenix. From 1969 to 1977, he served as Division
has served as deacon, treasurer and ruling elder. His community and           Commander for Division 42. From 1967-1973, he was an enthusias-
civic service has included more than a decade as a coach and time serv-       tic supporter of the General Fraternity’s regional seminars and served
ing the Boy Scouts.                                                           as host committee chairman, as well as seminar leader in leadership
    He has remained in close contact with his chapter and was an active       development, pledge education, rush techniques and programs and
member of the supporting alumni group. He has made significant con-           alumni relations. He was a seminar leader in chapter leadership and
tributions to Gamma Chi, most notably supporting the creation of the          alumni relations at the College of Chapters and at the 1972 Grand
chapter’s library, which was named in his honor in 1998.                      Chapter "mini-university" for Division Commanders. He has partici-
    His Educational Foundation activities have also been significant.         pated in many Grand Chapter workshops, and served on various
He has served as a Director since 1986. In 1990, he was elected vice          Grand Chapter committees. He was Host Committee Chairman for
chairman of the Board of Directors and in 1997 became chairman upon           the Grand Chapters previously held in Arizona in 1974 and 1988. He
the death of Brother Paul Scheetz. Cutler retired as chairman at the          served on Long-Range Planning and Alumni Commissions.
May 2000 Foundation meeting.                                                       In 1977, he was appointed to the High Council to fill the unex-
    Intrigued by the conversion of an 1870 federal-style home into the        pired Grand Councilman term of Brother Mo Littlefield upon his
Ethical Leadership Center under Brother Dick Fletcher’s direction, he         appointment as Executive Secretary of the Fraternity. He moved
and Sue designated a contribution to the addition of the welcoming            through the chairs and served as Regent for the 1982-84 biennium.
courtyard at the entrance and the hospitality terrace at the side. These           He was elected a director of the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation
additions enhanced the appearance and fraternal usage of the Center.          in 1997. He has been a faithful supporter of the Foundation, particu-
    He and Sue were among the first to be designated as Foundation            larly by his unique and substantial contribution to the renovation of
Honored Benefactors, having exceeded over $250,000 in support.                the Foundation’s executive council room in the Lexington
    Not only generous with his treasure and talents, but also with his        Headquarters, where the handsome millwork, paneling, bookcases and
time, he has been a tireless traveler on fund solicitation trips and visits   cabinetry exemplify the superior craftsmanship and expertise of his
with current and potential donors which have resulted in major contri-        company.
butions to the Foundation.                                                         He confirms for all of us that "Sigma Nu is for life."
    He is a self-effacing, unselfish and dignified man of honor devoted
to his beloved Sigma Nu.

6 L The Delta of Sigma Nu                                                                                                        www.sigmanu.org
                    THE 2000
                   HALL OF FAME
Induction into the Hall of Fame is awarded to those alumni, liv-
ing or deceased, who have distinguished themselves in their
respective fields, thus bringing credit to the Fraternity.                        Regent’s Award for Academic Excellence Award Recipients

                         AL R. MICHAELS
                   ETA KAPPA, SAN DIEGO STATE
Sportscaster. Named Sportscaster-of-the-Year several times; called the
U.S.A. hockey team's dramatic quest for the gold medal in the Winter
Olympics at Lake Placid, 1980; joined the ABC Monday Night
Football team in 1986; did play-by-play for numerous World Series,
All-Star Games and League Championship Series.
                   MAURICE F. “TEX” WINTER
                      DELTA TAU, OREGON STATE                              Gallaher Cup Winner Beta Rho         Certificate of Merit Award Winner
Basketball Coach. UPI Coach-of-the-Year, 1959; Sigma Nu Basketball       Chapter - University of Pennsylvania        Delta Beta - Dartmouth
Coach-of-the-Year, 1963; member of the NBA Championship teams in
Chicago in 1991-93 and 1996-98; authored a book on basketball,                        THE 2000
Triple Post Offense; currently an assistant coach of the Los Angeles
Lakers.                                                                        CHAPTER ACADEMIC AWARD
                      W. THOMAS JOHNSON
                            MU, GEORGIA
Journalist. Sigma Nu’s Man-of-the Year, 1962; served as Assistant                              THE GALLAHER CUP
Deputy Press Secretary and Special Assistant to U.S. President Lyndon                   Beta Rho (University of Pennsylvania)
B. Johnson; Chief Operating Officer Dallas Times Herald; CEO The
Los Angeles Times; president of Cable News Network (CNN), 1990;                                THE BRONZE CUP PLAQUE
Chairman and CEO of the CNN News Group.                                                             Xi (Emory)
                      F. GREGORY SWINDELL                                                  CERTIFICATE OF COMMENDATION
                            UPSILON, TEXAS
Professional baseball pitcher. In 1988 became Major League Baseball’s                              Gamma (Duke)
first ten-game winner; was the youngest member of the 1984 Olympic                       THE CERTIFICATE OF MERIT AWARD
team; named to the All-Time College All-Star Team by Baseball
America; was the first three-time finalist for the USBF Golden Spikes                        Delta Beta (Dartmouth)
Award; currently pitches for the Arizona Diamondbacks.                      INDIVIDUAL CHAPTER SCHOLARSHIP IMPROVEMENT AWARD
                          GENE A. BUDIG                                                 Iota Lambda (Jacksonville State)
                       DELTA ETA, NEBRASKA
Educator. President of Illinois State University, 1973; in 1977 became             REGENT’S AWARD FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE:
youngest President of West Virginia University since the turn of the                       Lambda (Washington & Lee)
century; 14th Chancellor of the University of Kansas; 7th President of                       Beta Rho (Pennsylvania)
Major League Baseball’s American League, 1994.                                                Gamma Phi (Montana)
                       LLOYD M. BENTSEN                                                         Delta Mu (Stetson)
                            UPSILON, TEXAS                                            Epsilon Omicron (Southern California)
United States Senator. Became youngest member of Congress in 1948                           Eta Gamma (Georgia State)
at age 27; elected to the Senate 1970-1993; Sigma Nu’s Distinguished                         Eta Chi (Old Dominion)
Alumnus-of-the-Year, 1982; Chairman of the Senate Finance
Committee since 1987-1993; 69th U.S. Secretary of the Treasury                            Theta Iota (Middle Tennessee)
(Jan. 1993 - Dec. 1995).                                                                 Iota Lambda (Jacksonville State)
                                                                                             Kappa Delta (Duquesne)
                       D. ROBERT GRAHAM                                                        Kappa Chi (Furman)
                         EPSILON ZETA, FLORIDA
United States Senator. 38th Governor of Florida, 1978; received three                   Lambda Gamma (Eastern Illinois)
Allen Morris Awards as a member of United States Congress and                            Lambda Lambda (Nicholls State)
Senate; selected “Most valuable member of the Senate” in 1972 by St.                      Lambda Phi (Central Arkansas)
Petersburg Time; elected to the U.S. Senate in 1986 and is currently                    Mu Gamma (UNC/Wilmington)
serving in his third six-year term in the U. S. Senate.
                                                                                          Mu Epsilon (Coastal Carolina)

Spring 2001                                                                                                      The Delta of Sigma Nu L 7
     Past Regent’s Home becomes an Atlanta-based Law Firm Office
                                SIGMA NU with honors and as senior captain in the           Palmour had cultivated. So, if anyone ever

            OMETIMES THE
                                             battalion of cadets. Having started a          sees an Atlanta lawyer with a chrysanthe-
                                             career in teaching, he returned to his alma    mum on his lapel, chances are he is with
            OF THE ORDINARY. JOHN M. mater as instructor in history and Latin.              the firm of Stokes & Murphy. And if he
                                             There he received a promotion to full pro-     isn’t a Sigma Nu, at least he has a
O’DONNELL (∆∆, PENN STATE), A LAW fessorship and commandant of the cadets.                  Pittsburgh colleague who is.
                                             In 1900, however, he bought an interest            Brother O’Donnell’s first experience
                                             in the Georgia Military Academy, located       with house restoration came in 1966,
PITTSBURGH, PICKED UP ON THE SIGNIFI- in College Park, where he acquired what               when he was elected commander of the
                                             became known as the Palmour House.             Delta Delta chapter at Penn State
                                                 After four years as proprietor, profes-    University to deal with the aftermath of a
FIRM WHEN THE ATLANTA OFFICE DECID-          sor and commandant of cadets at the            fire that destroyed the chapter home. He
                                             academy, he sold out his interest to pursue    was one of 33 members living in the
ED TO PURCHASE AND RESTORE A a career in life insurance. He continued                       house, but only 15 were in the house
VICTORIAN HOUSE IN COLLEGE PARK TO living in the College Park home, however,                when the fire struck about 10 a.m. on
                                             with his wife, the former Mary Crenshaw,       February 24. Tragically, the housemother,
USE AS ITS HOME OFFICE.                      and children. He was very successful in his    Marguerite Yeungert, 67, found trapped
                                             new profession and at the time of his          and unconscious on the dining room
    Lo and behold, an early, if not original death in 1934 was associate general agent      floor, died from burns and smoke inhala-
owner, of the home was Oscar Palmour with Connecticut Mutual Life for the                   tion. Two students had minor injuries,
(K, North Georgia), a dedicated Sigma State of Georgia.                                     and all the residents lost everything except
Nu involved in the leadership of the             Some sixty years later Stokes and          the clothes they were wearing.
General Fraternity before the establish-     Murphy caused a stir among residents of            A news report of the fire did not
ment of the national office in College Park when it signed a contract on                    explain why Mrs. Yeungert was not able to
Indianapolis. He was instrumental in the the Palmour House contingent on rezon-             escape the building in time. There was
management of the Atlanta Grand ing of the property for office use. Another                 speculation that she may have run back
Chapter December 30-January 1, 1912- hurdle was to have the building placed on              into the house to retrieve possessions, but
1913, and served as division inspector the National Historic Register and assure            Brother O’Donnell refutes that claim.
from 1915 until his election to the High the community that every effort would be           “Her concern for the young men of our
Council in 1921. He was regent in 1926- made to have renovations and expansions             house cost her life as she went back into
1927.                                        in keeping with specifications by a historic   the burning building trying to make sure
    Brother Palmour, initiated by the preservation expert. There followed a                 that none of us were still inside,” he
Kappa chapter in 1890, felt strongly the public hearing in March 1996, when the             asserts.
influence of John Alexander Howard and law firm won approval.                                   Athough the community rallied to
other early Sigma Nu leaders. He graduat-        The restoration plans included a           offer what aid they could to the fire vic-
ed from North Georgia College in 1896 chrysanthemum garden, which Mrs.                      tims, O’Donnell shouldered the responsi-

8 L The Delta of Sigma Nu                                                                                            www.sigmanu.org
bility of finding lodging for his fraternity    in collecting insurance proceeds and our
brothers, working with           IFC and        options in terms of rebuilding. He was a
University officials to work out an ill-fated   warm human being whose very nature was
plan to develop a “fraternity park” for its     to support young people.”
56 fraternities, and meeting with the                When it was determined that the dam-
chapter’s alumni to reach the right deci-       age from the fire was not as irreparable as
sion about rebuilding their home. “It is        first feared, the house corporation decided
difficult to imagine a more beneficial          to go ahead with rebuilding. Brother Dick
experience,” he says, recalling how his         Fletcher facilitated a loan through the
leadership was put to the test.                 General Fraternity, which together with
    Key figures in the negotiations were        insurance proceeds enabled the complete
the Fletcher brothers of Delta Delta. Pete,     restoration. A few years ago, the chapter
a professor of forestry at Penn State, was      burned the mortgage on that loan.
the chapter’s advisor and secretary of the           After a stint in the army with a tour of
house corporation and building commit-          duty in Vietnam, Brother O’Donnell
tee. Dick Fletcher was the General              earned a law degree from the University of
Fraternity’s executive secretary, and Jack      Pittsburgh. He served as president of the
and Steve Fletcher sat in on the meetings       Delta Delta Property Corporation until he        Past Regent
as well.                                        left for Ohio in 1978. From there he            Oscar Palmour
    “Pete was always available if I had a       moved to Chicago but in 1995 returned to
problem,” says O’Donnell. “He was               Pittsburgh as a partner with Stokes &
always ready to listen. Dick, too, was most     Murphy. L
supportive. He kept me abreast of progress

Spring 2001                                                                                     The Delta of Sigma Nu L 9
                                                                           Charles R. Pugh, Jr.
                                                                         Professional Photographer

         harles R. Pugh, Jr. (Σ, Vanderbilt), now retired in his on the Journal-Constitution sign that read “Covers Dixie like the
         hometown of Erwin, TN, started out in pre-med at dew.” There he shot three exposures of a Klansman walking under
         Vanderbilt University, where he was initiated in 1940. His the sign. The middle exposure, which caught the subject directing
biology professor, however, noticed his difficulty with drawing and a profane gesture, appeared on the front page.
suggested he photograph his specimens instead and label them on         Over the years his talent has delighted many, including famous
matte paper. An A on the course should have told Charles some- people such as movie starlets, entertainers, and six U.S. presidents.
thing, but he says he may never                                                                     A classic shot of Louis Armstrong
have become a professional photog-                                                                  captured the jazz musician’s most
rapher had it not been for a fellow                                                                 recognizable trademarks: the wide
Sigma Nu, Hoyle R. Fields                                                                           grin, trumpet and handkerchief.
(ΕΗ,Tennessee).                                                                                     Jimmy Carter liked one of Pugh’s
    “He asked me to help him use                                                                    photographs so much he asked for a
the university’s Speed Graphic on a                                                                 large print to display in his home.
school assignment. After showing                                                                    And, just at the perfect moment, a
me the basics, he let me shoot some                                                                 genial Ronald Reagan, campaigning
school assignments for the year-                                                                    in Atlanta, responded to the pho-
book,” he recalled. “I was lucky and                                                                tographer’s offer to shake hands.
made some good pictures.”                                                                           “You have to plan ahead for pic-
    That he did, over and over                                                                      tures,” Pugh says.
again, as a freelancer in Erwin, TN,                                                                    Besides Carter and Reagan, he
a reporter for the Knoxville Journal,                                                               took pictures of Richard Nixon,
and staff photographer for nearly                                                                   Gerald Ford, and Lyndon Johnson,
30 years for the Atlanta                                                                            but his favorite presidential subject
Newspapers, Inc.                                                                                    was Dwight Eisenhower. “He was
                                       Ted Kennedy, a young politician on the way up, shakes
    Among his first successes was a                                                                 the best. ‘Yes, sir; no sir’ – what a
picture of a young lady at a wed-      the hand of photographer Charles R. Pugh, right.             perfect gentleman.”
ding reception. Wearing a strapless                                                                     But his favorite subject of all
gown, she was carrying three plates                                                                 was poet Carl Sandburg, who lived
of food when she spotted the young                                                                  in Flat Rock, NC. In his travels
man with camera. Her gown had                                                                       Pugh stopped often to visit this
slipped and while struggling to pull                                                                man he liked best. The feeling must
it up, she opened her mouth wide                                                                    have been mutual, for neither of
to holler a loud “No!”                                                                              Sandburg’s watchdogs, the collie
    The girl was the daughter of a                                                                  nor the Great Dane, ever barked
college president who signed a                                                                      when he arrived. “They seemed to
release before Brother Pugh entered                                                                 sense my presence,” he said.
the picture in a contest in Chapel                                                                      Photography has been a chal-
Hill, NC, where it won first prize.                                                                 lenge, Pugh says, offering some
    Another triumph came when he                                                                    pointers to the aspirant photojour-
was new on the staff of the Atlanta                                                                 nalist: “Always make two or three
papers. The Ku Klux Klan was                                                                        pictures instead of just one. Choose
                                        Poet Carl Sandburg at work in the study of his home
picketing the Atlanta newspaper                                                                     your background so as not to dis-
building. Two other photographers       in Flat Rock, NC.                                           tract what you want to emphasize
had already taken pictures on                                                                       in the foreground. Just use your
assignment, but the chief photographer called Charles in and said, eyes to express what you want to show on the film. Express your-
“Get something different.” With some trepidation, he took his 35 self.” L
mm Leica out to the sidewalk, where he sat near the framed logo                   Photos courtesy of The Atlanta Journal Constitution

  10 L The Delta of Sigma Nu                                                                                         www.sigmanu.org
                                                          David Schlothauer
                                       National Track & Field Masters Champion
                                                                                 thrown with all five: the hammer, discus, shot, javelin and weight.

                                      ongevity and fitness are often
                                     attributed to perseverance and              In August 1999 in Orlando, FL, he was gold medalist at the USA
                                     determination. Setting a                    Track and Field Masters National Championships in hammer, dis-
                              prime example is David Schlothauer                 cus and shot. In addition, he was gold medalist in the hammer, dis-
                              (∆Ρ, Colorado State), a retired busi-              cus and shot at the Ocean State Senior Olympics, where he set a
                              nessman of Naples, FL. In 1999, at                 new American record in the hammer throw for his age group; 80-
                              the age of 81, he won national and                 84.
                              regional championships in as many                      Brother Schlothauer was in Eugene, Oregon, August 10-13,
                              as five track and field events for                 2000, for the USA Track & Field National Masters Outdoor
                              those in his age group.                            Championships, where he added a bronze medal in the Javelin to
                                  That may not seem too unusual                  his list of accomplishments.
                              these days, but just as Brother                        Born and raised on a farm in Ft. Morgan, CO, Brother
                              Schlothauer decided to participate in              Schlothauer participated in high school track and field competi-
                              Senior Olympics, he was diagnosed                  tion after an injury ruled out his continuing with football. He
                              with an inability to absorb Vitamin                attended Colorado State University (then Colorado A&M) on a
                              B-12. This condition caused a series               Union Pacific Scholarship and graduated in 1940. During World
                              of ailments, the most severe of which              War II, having enlisted in the U.S. Naval Air Corps, he served two
                              affected his balance.                              years overseas as a patrol plane commander in an anti-submarine
                                  “Since three of the track events in            squadron.
                              which I participate require spinning,                  After the war he married and helped start a radio station in Ft.
  Photograph: David           my imbalance posed a real chal-                    Collins. From there he moved to Washington, DC with a trade
  Schlothauer prepares        lenge,” said Schlothauer. “It was                  association and then completed a 25-year career with the Balfour
  to throw the weight at      almost a year before I could master a              Company, Attleboro, MA, as group vice president for educational
  the Collier Senior          turn without falling or stumbling.                 products. Retiring in 1985, he became involved with SCORE
  Games in January            After two years of practice, I can now             (Service Corps of Retired Executives), counseling those interested
  2000.                       occasionally spin twice throwing the               in starting a business. About that time he became aware of the
                              hammer and weight.”                                Senior Olympics.
    Because the ability to turn two to three times before a throw                    Brother Schlothauer says he could not have succeeded in ath-
makes a big difference in its distance, it appears Brother                       letic competition without the love and support of his wife, Shirley
Schlothauer’s spins are paying off. In June 1999, at the USA Track               Norton, and his family, including two children and four grand-
and Field National Masters Weight Pentathlon held in Greeley,                    children. “No one can accomplish anything without someone
CO, he won the largest number of points based on the distance                    there behind him,” he says. L

                                          JoS. A. Bank Corporate Card
                                              Program Announced

                                   The value of your Sigma Nu membership just                    JoS. A. Bank specializes in professional, corporate
                                   improved. Sigma Nu is pleased to announce a spe-              casual and casual men’s clothing. Whether it’s a tra-
                                   cial relationship with fine men’s clothier JoS. A.            ditional corporate suit and tie, or a more relaxed
                                   Bank. Now, all members of Sigma Nu can enjoy                  business-casual look, JoS. A. Bank has the style and
                                   these benefits, through our Corporate Card pro-               quality to make you feel comfortable and look
  The Corporate Card is NOT a      gram:                                                         appropriate.
 credit card. Call 800-285-2265
for the JoS. A. Bank location near-
                                    • 20% off all regularly priced merchandise                   Visit your nearest JoS. A. Bank today for your free
                                    • Free garment pressing service for life                     Corporate Card, or call 800-285-2265. You’ll like
 est you. Or, visit our web site at
                                    • 24-hour tailoring service upon request                     what you see, and what you save.
                                   • Advanced notice of sales and exclusive in-store events
                                   • Free membership—Corporate Card membership is
                                     absolutely free

  Spring 2001                                                                                                      The Delta of Sigma Nu L 11
A lumni
   NEWS                                                                                                Beta Eta, Indiana

                   Sigma Nu Wedding Sets Record

                                                  Ever heard of a Sigma Nu wedding?
                                              Well, this one takes the cake!
                                                  And the cake it took was a groom’s
                                              cake, white, two layered, and iced with a
                                              replica of the five-armed star in black
                                              and gold. It was a surprise at the recep-
                                              tion from the bride’s family.                  Patrick Shoulders & Clarence Doninger
                                                  Furthermore, the May 29, 1999,
                                                                                          Patrick Shoulders is the recipient of the Indiana
                                              marriage ceremony of Maury Gaston
                                                                                          Bar Foundation Fiftieth Anniversary Presidential
                                              (ΒΘ, Auburn) and Nancy Runyan
                                                                                          Award. Brother Shoulders was recognized as
(ΑΓ∆, Alabama) assembled the largest number of Sigma Nus for a wedding in
                                                                                          being a generous and enthusiastic proponent of
recorded history.                                                                         law-related education in Indiana. As the Director
    The groom, who received Beta Theta’s E. Meade Wilson award for the brother            of the Indiana State Bar Association’s Committee
who best exhibits service and love to the Fraternity, served as chapter recorder and      on Citizenship Education, Brother Shoulders
treasurer for three years and currently is a member of the house corporation. In the      donated hundreds of hours by working directly
wedding party was his father, Ware Gaston (ΒΘ), bestman, and brother Joel Gaston          with students, teachers, and community mem-
(ΒΘ), a groomsman. Another Beta Theta brother, Bill Wakefield, also served as a           bers to improve their understandings of the law
groomsman.                                                                                and legal system. He attracted new teachers and
    The bride is equally rich in Sigma Nu heritage. Participating in the ceremony was     schools to the program, spoke and judged
her father, Joe Runyan (Θ, Alabama), and her brother, Walt Runyan (Θ 1653), a             numerous We the People and Project Citizen
groomsman. In addition, the bride’s grandfather and great-uncle were initiated by the     events, and secured additional funding for the
Iota chapter, Samford University, and she has many cousins in the Epsilon Xi chap-        Advisory Committee.
ter at the University of Mississippi.
                                                                                          IU Athletic Director Clarence Doninger
                                                                                          received the Indiana University Alumni
                                                                                          Association’s President’s Award at the President’s
                                                                                          Award Luncheon on December 9, 2000, in the
                                                                                          Tudor Room at the Indiana Memorial Union.
                                                                                          This is the Alumni Association’s most prestigious
                                                                                          award given to eight alumni (one representing
                                                                                          each of the IU campuses) each December for
                                                                                          their outstanding volunteer efforts on behalf of
                                                                                          IU and the Alumni Association. The award was
                                                                                          presented to Brother Doninger by National
                                                                                          Alumni Association Chairman Pat Shoulders.

                                                                                                  Beta Iota, Mount Union

                                                                                          Dr. Victor "Vic" John Boschini, Jr., President of
With the groom and bride are pictured sixteen Sigma Nus from four chapters.               Illinois State University, received the Robert H.
                                                                                          Shaffer Award from the Association of Fraternity
From left, front row, kneeling: Ware Gaston (ΒΘ), Harry Toothaker (ΒΘ), Bill
                                                                                          Advisors. Established in 1980, the Robert H.
Wakefield (ΒΘ), Cleve Poole (Θ), and Will Hopkins (ΒΘ); middle row: Walt
                                                                                          Shaffer Award recognizes an educator who has
Runyan (Θ), Joe Runyan (Θ), groom Maury Gaston (ΒΘ), bride Nancy Gaston,
                                                                                          given exceptional and long-term service to the
Gordon Isbell (ΒΘ), Allen Whitman (ΒΘ), Brian Keeter (ΒΘ); back row: Ray                  betterment of men’s and women’s fraternities.
Melick (Μ, Georgia), unidentified ATO, Phil Morris (ΕΞ, Mississippi), Joel                The award is named in honor of Robert H.
Gaston (ΒΘ), Hoyt Chip Howell (Θ), David Coggin (ΒΘ), and Ronnie Brindley                 Shaffer, professor of education at Indiana
(ΒΘ). L                                                                                   University.

12 L The Delta of Sigma Nu                                                                                             www.sigmanu.org
     Prior to his position at Illinois State he was a
member of the administration at Butler
University where he was Associate Provost. Prior
to serving at Butler University, Dr. Boschini
spent eight years at Indiana University in various                 Four Freshmen Society Draws Sigma Nus
administrative posts. Nonetheless, throughout
his career, he has sought positions at schools with         At least two Sigma Nus
fraternity and sorority communities and contin-         have joined a growing
ued to provide the kind of upper level support          number of supporters to
these communities needed to survive and indeed          the Four Freshmen Society
                                                        to keep alive a tradition of
                                                        unique vocal harmonies
      Gamma Upsilon, Arkansas
                                                        accompanied by instrumen-
                          David Boling, an              tals begun more than fifty
                          attorney with the             years ago by the popular
                          Antitrust Division,           singing group of that         Tom Eggert, center, meets the Four Freshmen in 1999.
                          Foreign Commerce              name.                         From left, Brian Eichenberger, Greg Stegeman, Tom
                          Section     at    the             Vern I. McCarthy, Jr.
                                                                                      Eggert, Bob Ferreira, and Kevin Stout
                          Department         of         (ΒΓ, Missouri Valley), of
                          Justice, was one of           Oak Brook, IL, and E. Thomas Eggert II (ΒΣ, Vermont), of Lakeview, NY, are
                          six U.S. federal gov-         doing their part. Brother McCarthy attended a concert at Fitzgerald s Night Club
                          ernment employees             in Berwyn (near Chicago) in December 1999, and Brother Eggert attended a con-
      David Boling        selected by a bi-             cert in September 1999, where he had his picture taken with the group.
                         national committee                 “The composition of the Four Freshmen has changed since their genesis at
to enter the Mike Mansfield Fellowship                  Butler University in Indianapolis in 1948,” reports Brother McCarthy. “However,
Program in September 1999.
                                                        under the direction of Bob Flanigan, a member of the original group, their style has
    The Mansfield Fellowships, directed by
the Mansfield Center for Pacific Affairs in
                                                            Brother Eggert adds that the influence of another original member, Ross
Washington, D.C., were established by
Congress in 1994 to build a core group of U.S.          Barbour, also plays a part in the activities of the Four Freshmen. “In fact,” he said,
government officials as a resource to their             “the Four Freshmen started playing musical chairs in 1953 (no pun intended). This
agencies on Japan issues. They provide for a            continued until 1973 when finally the group remained together until sometime in
year of full-time work in Japan preceded by a           the 1980s when the current group was formed.”
year of full-time study in the U.S. of the                  The group has made more than 46 albums for Capitol Records, including a new
Japanese language and area studies.                     release Still Fresh. They have six Grammy nominations and have won many awards.
    Brother Boling, of Pine Bluff, AR, hopes            “Many broadcasters agree that the current group sounds better than the originals,”
to examine legal reforms that the Japanese gov-         said Eggert.
ernment is undertaking and their effect on the              The Four Freshmen Society can be contacted at P. O. Box 9804, McLean, VA
Japanese legal system and the Antimonopoly              22101-0804. L
Law regime. He holds B.A. and J.D. degrees
from Arkansas and a Master of Laws from
Columbia.                                                                                       Southwest Florida Sigma
Harley W. Goodman, Jr., of Little Rock, AR,                                                     Nus Meet
was the 1999-2000 president of the American
Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-                                                A group of Sigma Nus from different
Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE).                                                    chapters met for the first time at the St.
    Goodman, retired president of Goodman                                                 George and the Dragon restaurant in
Engineers, Little Rock, said his goal for the
                                                                                          Naples, FL, on March 11, 2000. From
organization is to “raise our members’ aware-
ness of the global economy and how ASHRAE
                                                        left: George Grant (ΓΞ, Missouri-Rolla); Gil Dodson (ΒΖ, Purdue);
can seize opportunities to advance HVAC&R               Holmes Osborne (ΓΨ, Syracuse); Don R. Borgeson (ΕΡ, Michigan State);
technology.”                                            Russell Staggs (ΒΥ, Rose-Hulman); Chuck Roberts (ΒΗ, Indiana); and
                                                        Robert McMichael (ΒΝ, Ohio State). L
              Alumni News continued on pg. 14.

Spring 2001                                                                                                    The Delta of Sigma Nu L 13
                              During his 25       turned 94, after ten dives, his doctor advised   porate community.
                          years of service in     him to give it up. Green, the eldest Delta          He has served as director of develop-
                          various positions, he   Epsilon alumnus to attend the chapter’s 90th     ment for The Pride of Baltimore, Inc.,
                          received three          Anniversary Founders’ Day, was the life of the   where he was responsible for all aspects of
                          Region VIII Energy      party, says his chapter brother and Grand        public and private fundraising for
                          Awards      and     a   Historian Michael Grant, of Oklahoma City.       Maryland’s Goodwill Ambassador.
                          Distinguished           According to Grant, on that occasion the agile   Previously, he was associate director for
                          Service Award. He       nonagenarian focused his energy to the dance     the Annual Fund at The Johns Hopkins
                          served the Arkansas     floor until the wee hours.                       University. He holds a baccalaureate
 Harley Goodman, Jr. chapter as president                                                          degree in government and politics.
                         in 1969-70. Having                 Delta Phi, Maryland
joined ASHRAE in 1962, he was elevated to                                                                 Epsilon Sigma, Rhodes
the grade of Fellow in 1988 and Life Member               W.
in 1992.                                Howard has been                                            Chuck McGrady,
                                        named director of
    Throughout his 40-year career, Brother                                                         owner of Falling
                                        development for
Goodman specialized in health care facilities                                                      Creek Camp near
and is a registered professional engineer in     Baltimore                                         Asheville, NC, was
Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas.                for                                      re-elected in May
                                        Retarded Citizens                                          1999 as president
         Delta Epsilon, Oklahoma        (BARC), one of                                             of the national
                                        the largest private,                                       Sierra Club and is
                                        non-profit organi- Michael W. Howard                       serving his second
                                        zations providing                                          one-year term.
                                        programs and services to persons with                          Brother              Chuck McGrady
                                        mental retardation and other develop-                      McGrady, a lawyer
                                        mental disabilities.                                       who gave up his practice several years ago
                                            BARC provides vocational training,                     to fulfill his dream to run a summer
                                        residential services and supported employ-                 camp for children, is respected for his
                                        ment programs to more than 2,000 resi-                     love of nature, his soft-spoken but res-
                                        dents in the Baltimore area. Brother                       olute leadership, and his ability to build
       Philip Green and his instructor  Howard, who has extensive background                       bipartisan support for the environment.
                                        in development and fundraising, will                       The 108-year-old club has 550,000
Philip Green, 98, of Harbor, OR, was 86 solicit major contributions and handle                     members. L
when he took up skydiving, but when he outreach to foundations and the local cor-

                                                                          Sigma Nu Named 13th President of
                                                                                Texas Tech University
                                                          On August 1, 2000, David J. Schmidly (ΖΠ, Texas Tech) became the
                                                          13th President of Texas Tech University. He was officially inaugurated as
                                                          President in a ceremony held on January 27, 2001. Dr. Schmidly joined
                                                          Texas Tech University in 1996 in the dual role of Vice President for
                                                          Research and Graduate Studies and Graduate Dean. In 1999, his duties
                                                          were expanded to include responsibility for the University’s technology
                                                          transfer activities. Prior to joining Texas Tech, Dr. Schmidly served on the
                                                          faculty and administration of Texas A&M University for 25 years, includ-
                                                          ing five years as CEO and Campus Dean of Texas A&M’s Galveston cam-
                                                          pus and six years as Head of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
                                                          Sciences in College Station.
                                                              As President of Texas Tech University, Dr. Schmidly has chartered an
                                                          ambitious campaign to make Texas Tech one of the top 100 universities
in the United States and the institution of choice for high school students in Texas. The major themes of his administration will
be access and diversity, excellence, engagement, technology and partnership. Dr. Schmidly is the first native of West Texas and
only the second Texas Tech graduate to serve as president of the University. His wife Janet is also a Texas Tech graduate. L

14 L The Delta of Sigma Nu                                                                                                  www.sigmanu.org
                                                                                                                                 T ap RY
                                                                                                                             MIL        k

  Tindall Promoted to Major General                                        as an aviator and later as a company commander and bat-
                                                                           talion executive officer at Fort Knox, KY.
                            Brig. Gen. John R. Tindall, Jr.,                   Since 1974, when he left active duty, he has served as
                            U.S. Army Reserve (ΕΗ,                         the administrative officer and headquarters commandant
                            Tennessee), of Radcliff, KY, a for-            for the 100th Division (Maneuver Training Command). He
                            mer commander of his chapter,                  has held senior leadership positions with the !00th
                            was promoted to major general                  Division, and in 1996 the Army Chief of Staff appointed him
                            in December 1999. Prior to his                 assistant division commander, 85th Division (Exercise)
                            promotion, he assumed com-                     and commanding general, 1st Brigade (Battle Command
                            mand of the 100th Division                     Staff Training).
                            (Institutional Training), with                     Among his numerous decorations are the Legion of
                            headquarters in Louisville, KY.                Merit, the Bronze Star, the Meritorious Service Medal with
      Brother Tindall was graduated from Tennessee in 1967                 five Oak Leaf Clusters, and Air Medal with seven Oak Leaf
  with a B.S. in business administration. He was commis-                   Clusters.
  sioned through the university’s ROTC program and in over                     In civilian life, Brother Tindall is owner and manager of
  seven years of active duty, he served as a platoon leader                W&T Sales and T&T Rentals of Radcliff. He and his wife
  and then as a battalion adjutant before completing flight                Mary have five children.
  school and graduating as an aviator. In Vietnam, he served
                                             The Last Jump
                                             Lt. Col. Jim Doyle (∆Φ, Maryland) and Cadet Andrew Varner (∆, South Carolina)
                                             prepare to make their last unit jump with the 360th Civil Affairs Airborne Brigade.
                                             Cadet Varner, a graduate student at the University of South Carolina, has been
                                             awarded a Fulbright scholarship to spend a year of study in Bahrain. Lt. Col. Doyle
                                             has assumed command of the 319th Quartermaster Battalion in Cleveland, OH. He
                                             was jumpmaster for Cadet Varner on his first and now last jump with the unit.

                Vim X Rye Pins Grandson                                                          Three-Generation Legacy
With the five-armed star he received from the Gamma Upsilon chapter at
the University of Arkansas in January 1942, Vim X Rye (ΓΥ, Arkansas),         Matthew T. Simpson (ΗΡ, Western Kentucky) became a third-generation
of Bay City, TX pinned his grandson, Vim X Head, a finance major a            Sigma Nu at his initiation in September 1999. His father, Thomas E.
Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, TX, when the latter was       Simpson (ΗΡ, Western Kentucky) and grandfather, Faust Y. Simpson
initiated into the Eta Tau chapter on January 16, 2000. “I am very proud      (∆Π, George Washington) are attorneys and partners in the law firm of
not only of my grandson but also of his choice of fraternities,” said         Simpson & Simpson in Morganfield, KY. Both elder Simpsons are former
Brother Rye. “My fifty-eight year association with Sigma Nu has served        district attorneys currently practicing civil law. Brother Faust is also a for-
me well through lasting friendships and pride in our organization.”           mer circuit judge. Three generations of Sigma Nu are represented by, from
                                                                              left, Thomas E. Simpson, Faust Y. Simpson, and Matthew T. Simpson.

  Spring 2001                                                                                                     The Delta of Sigma Nu L 15
EXCELLING                                        WITH                   HONOR
Sigma Nu Leaders Adopt Bold Goals
Recent Meeting Focuses on Progress and Opportunities Ahead

                            Howard Pickett, Sigma Nu Fraternity Regent,         “This Strategic Plan is a
                            announced in March that the Fraternity’s
                            High Council recently adopted a bold
                            Strategic Plan identifying nine clear priorities
                                                                               living document that will guide
                            for the Fraternity over the next five years.
                                                                               all of our actions and decisions
                            This major announcement comes as Sigma
                            Nu’s High Council, made up of seven alumni          in keeping with our Mission
                            and four undergraduate Fraternity members,
                            undertook its spring meeting in mid-March.                  and Vision.”
                            The main item on the board’s agenda became
    Howard Pickett
                           the new Strategic Plan.

Over the course of several months last fall, including two weekend-long                Sigma Nu is grateful to
                                                                                           Ginny Carroll,
meetings, a group of undergraduate and alumni Fraternity leaders
                                                                                 an associate of LikeMindedPeople,
appointed by the High Council held lengthy and lively discussions cen-          who provided strong leadership and
tered on the Fraternity’s purpose and vision for the future. Guided by a        guidance throughout the Fraternity's
strategic planning expert, the product of their work is the Fraternity’s             strategic planning process.
Strategic Plan, a revised Mission Statement and a new Vision Statement.

Pickett stated, “Our most important job as the Fraternity’s elected leaders
is to prepare the organization for the opportunities and challenges of         Sigma Nu Strategic Planners
tomorrow. The High Council believes firmly that implementation of
                                                                                       Nick Murphy, ΓΙ, Kentucky
this plan of action will secure Sigma Nu’s position as the premiere men’s
                                                                                 Jordan Wu, ΚΓ, Cal. St. Poly - Pomona
fraternity for decades to come. It is our roadmap to the future and a call        David Casinelli, ΙΝ, Southern Maine
to action.”                                                                     Stephen Whilden, ΚΕ, Appalachian State
                                                                                    Matthew Young, ΙΦ, Wittenberg
“We are proud of the work done by our Sigma Nu Strategic Planners,”                   David Mainella, ΖΦ, Bradley
said Pickett. “They have laid a deliberate course that will lead to the               James Owens, ΙΡ, Charleston
achievement of our Mission and Vision.” The Fraternity’s High Council              Brad Beacham, ΛΕ, Texas Christian
and Trustees also participated in the process along with staff members,             Todd Denson, ΛΛ, Nicholls State
Pickett noted.                                                                  David Glassman, ΛΠ, Eastern Michigan
                                                                                   Dan Rodriguez, ΖΥ, Arizona State
                                                                                         Mike Long, ΕΒ, Drury
"I can assure you that this plan will not sit on any shelf," said Pickett.
                                                                                        E.G. White, ΒΗ, Indiana
"It is a living document that will guide all of our actions and decisions in         Pete Fagella, ΖΥ, Arizona State
keeping with our Mission and Vision. We will review the plan annually                 Joe Wood, ∆Τ, Oregon State
and update it as necessary, evaluating progress frequently along the way."                Torr Brush, ΕΛ, Utah
Pickett added, "This is the right thing to do for our Fraternity that has            Steve Ratterman, ΒΗ, Indiana
given so much to so many for more than 135 years. We are the keepers                   Jay Pitts, ∆, South Carolina
of the honorable Sigma Nu traditions of excellence and leadership, and         Michael Jaszczak, ∆Α, Case-Western Reserve
as such we are called upon to lead the way."                                          Don Densborn, ΒΗ, Indiana
                                                                                    David Nyman, ΛΙ, Southern Utah
                                                                               Howard Pickett, ΒΤ, North Carolina State

16 L The Delta of Sigma Nu                                                                                   www.sigmanu.org
 Strategic Plan
The Sigma Nu Strategic Plan includes the
pursuit of nine two- to five-year goals:

                Image                         based curriculum for its members. The                         Finance
 The Fraternity must deliberately set out     Fraternity will continue to develop and        The Fraternity must operate in a fiscally
to tell the real story of Sigma Nu to the     provide educational programs and mini-         sound manner. Sigma Nu will ensure the
world. By doing so, Sigma Nu will trans-      mum standards that assist chapters and         availability of financial resources to ade-
form its organizational image to one that     members in pursuing the Vision and             quately support the strategic plan.
is reflective of its Vision and Mission and   Mission of Sigma Nu.
of its 150,000 plus living members                                                                            Staff
           Technology                                                                        The Fraternity’s staff will oversee imple-
                                              As the demographics and needs of today’s       mentation of the strategic plan. Sigma
The Fraternity must commit itself to          students change, Sigma Nu must adopt           Nu will recruit, train, and maintain a
implementing cutting edge technology to       new methods of recruiting members.             professional staff to ensure the availabili-
achieve its purposes. The Fraternity will     Sigma Nu will increase the quality and         ty of staff resources to support the strate-
create an online community to provide         quantity of recruitment tools and train-       gic plan.
for the exchange of data and information      ing available to undergraduate chapters to
between all Fraternity constituencies.        encourage constant growth.

      Alumni Volunteer                          Value of Membership                          Periodic updates regarding the imple-
          Program                             Sigma Nu must ensure that it is meeting        mentation of the plan will be provided in
The Fraternity’s continuing success will      the needs of its members as they relate to     The Delta and a comprehensive State of
be determined in large part by the orga-      the Fraternity’s Mission and Vision.           The Fraternity report will be given at the
nization’s ability to engage its own alum-    Sigma Nu will create and implement             2002 Grand Chapter in Toronto. The
ni as volunteers to support and guide         measurement tools to evaluate various          Fraternity invites feedback regarding the
undergraduate members and other alum-         aspects of the Fraternity experience.          plan, the full text of which can be found
ni. The Fraternity will develop and                                                          at www.sigmanu.org.
implement an alumni volunteer structure                  Real Estate
for chapter and organizational support        Much of today’s fraternity experience          Sigma Nu Fraternity was founded at
and optimal alumni involvement.               involves student housing.          As the      Virginia Military Institute in 1869 and
                                              Fraternity’s houses age and as student and     today provides leadership development
         Education and                        academic housing needs change, the             and a whole educational experience at
                                              Fraternity must be prepared to respond.        more than 200 colleges and universities
           Standards                                                                         across North America. The Fraternity’s
                                              Sigma Nu will develop internal and exter-
As an educational organization, dedicated     nal expertise for the efficient manage-        members, alumni and undergraduates,
to the development of individuals, the        ment of the Fraternity’s real estate assets.   are committed to Excelling with Honor.
Fraternity must continue to provide the
most effective leadership and principle-

Spring 2001                                                                                           The Delta of Sigma Nu L 17
                                               Gamma Pi Chapter:
                                               The Best of Times and
                                               the Worst of Times
                                               By Art Tribbie, Gamma Pi

        he ninety years from 1904 to 1994 were the “best of        sadness over the breakup of the chapter. They agreed that the

T       times” for Sigma Nu’s Gamma Pi Chapter at West
        Virginia University (WVU). Over these many years,
hundreds of young men at WVU pledged and were initiated
                                                                   existing “worst of times” needed to be brightened up. Joe sug-
                                                                   gested having a reunion for all Gamma Pi alumni in fall 1999.
                                                                   The brothers agreed that a reunion was a good idea, and plans
into Gamma Pi chapter. The chapter was always at the top of        were hastily made to form a reunion planning committee.
the fraternities at WVU, winning many trophies for athletic             In January 1999 the planning committee of seven brothers
prowess, musical performances, and other interfraternity con-      met formally for the first time, and each was given a specific
tests. Chapter brothers were leaders in virtually all of the       task. A necessary first step was to obtain an up-to-date address
organizations at the University, and many of these fine young      list of Gamma Pi alumni from Headquarters. The next step,
men went on to have superlative careers in a host of fields. The   the initial mailing, disclosed that the address list was not cur-
friendships developed during their undergraduate years provid-     rent in many cases. There followed an intensive effort, involv-
ed lifelong enjoyment for the men of Gamma Pi. At football         ing many phone calls, e-mails and networking with located
and basketball games, class reunions, and chance meetings, the     brothers to reach out to others with whom they were in con-
brothers would greet each other and renew memories. On each        tact. These efforts paid off when a valid mailing list began tak-
occasion the same conclusion was reached: their undergraduate      ing shape.
years in Gamma Pi chapter were the best years of their lives.           The committee selected October 1-3, 1999, as an ideal
    Unfortunately, bad times followed the good times, and in       weekend for the reunion. WVU would be playing Navy in
1994 the chapter went inactive for a variety of reasons. No        football, and a number of other activities could be held before
longer did the alumni brothers have a fraternity house to visit    and after the game. Blocks of rooms were reserved at local
when they were back on campus. Contacts among the brothers         hotels and banquet rooms, tailgate site, and golf course
waned and the proud history of Gamma Pi was seriously dam-         secured. In April the second mailing, using the updated
aged by the absence of the collegiate chapter. If men can have     address list, provided details about the reunion, and the
broken hearts, there certainly were many among the brothers        response was overwhelming. By midsummer the expected
whose best years of their lives were now clouded by the closure    attendance of 25 had grown to over 100. Encouraged by such
of the chapter. It had become “the worst of times.”                enthusiastic response, the planning committee worked diligent-
    In fall 1998 Brother Joe Reynolds was at WVU for a foot-       ly through August and September to assure a first-class event.
ball game and ran into several other brothers who shared Joe’s          The first event scheduled on Friday, October 1, was a golf

18 L The Delta of Sigma Nu                                                                                        www.sigmanu.org
tournament at the Mountaineer Golf Course owned by Brother         Brother John Cluss (E, Bethany), of Uniontown, PA, present-
Paul Kapnicky. Ten foursomes competed under beautiful fall         ed him with a framed rendition of The Builder, a poem with
skies and warm temperatures, and a low score of seven under        special significance to those whose good works for the
par claimed first place. Concurrent with the golf tournament,      Fraternity are beyond measure. Brother Cluss, now retired, is a
Brother Ed Flowers, retired vice president of WVU for institu-     long-tenured division commander and a member of Sigma
tional advancement, conducted a campus tour for non-golfers.       Nu’s Hall of Honor. The evening’s program ended on a high
    All the while, brothers and their wives kept coming to         note to the strains of the Orlando Colombo orchestra, which
town. The final count was 113 brothers registered for at least     played for dancing late into the night.
one reunion event. Formal registration began at 5:00 p.m. at           On Saturday a gathering of more than 200 brothers and
the Lakeview Resort and Conference Center in Morgantown.           their guests enjoyed a pre-game tailgate party under a large tent
At the social hour, the excitement of brothers greeting brothers   near the WVU stadium. Although Navy won the exciting foot-
they hadn’t seen in decades was overwhelming. A great week-        ball game on a late field goal, the spirit of Sigma Nu at WVU
end had swung into full force.                                     came out the victor. Afterwards, most of the brothers and their
    At the early evening chapter meeting James Owens (ΙΡ,          guests attended an informal dinner at the Mountaineer Golf
Charleston) and Brad Beacham (ΛΕ, TCU), chief administra-          Course, where the program featured stories of Gamma Pi days
tors from Sigma Nu Headquarters, staged a meaningful pro-          and a moratorium on the “no fibs allowed” rule.
gram. It was announced that the Gamma Pi Alumni Chapter                During a Sunday morning farewell brunch at the Lakeview
had been formed to keep the brothers in touch. Brother Joe         Resort, brothers parted company in agreement that “the best of
Gluck (Ε, Bethany), Morgantown resident, longtime dean of          times” had indeed returned, if just for a weekend, and should
students at WVU, and now special counselor to students, was        be repeated in two or three years. Various brothers frequently
taken in as an affiliate member of Gamma Pi, to the glee of all    had discussed the re-establishment of Gamma Pi at WVU, and
the brothers. At the close of the chapter meeting, the brothers    the reunion planning committee agreed to study the matter
marched into the resort’s banquet hall singing the Sigma Nu        and advise their fellow alumni of recommendations for perma-
Marching Song. An added feature of the evening was a wel-          nently turning the “worst of times” back into “the best of
come by WVU President David Hardesty, followed by dinner           times.” L
served to the 190 in attendance.
    Brother Art Tribbie served as emcee for the after-dinner
program. Brothers Owens and Beacham gave a briefing on the
current state of Sigma Nu. Next on the agenda was a recogni-       Photographs (clockwise from left):
tion given to Brother Mo Littlefield (∆Ν, Maine), retired exec-    Memorabilia from yesteryear;
                                                                   Brothers get registratered for the
utive director of Sigma Nu, who could not attend because his       reunion; Bob Shingleton (l) and
flight from Maine was cancelled because of bad weather. The        Ron Justice (r) at the tailgating
evening’s special honoree, however, was Brother Joe Gluck,         tent; Joe Reynolds and wife,
who has made extraordinary contributions to WVU through            Margaret; Brothers Billheimer (l),
more than 50 years of service, and he hasn’t yet really retired.   Kapnicky (c) and Harrison (r)
                                                                   before the golf tournament; Joe
Brother Joe regaled the crowd with choice stories as only he       Gluck receives a gold Sigma Nu
can do and was presented with a gold Sigma Nu watch and a          watch from Brothers Stoops, (l)
certificate for a Gamma Pi brick in the Pathway of Honor at        and Tribbie (c).
Headquarters in Lexington, VA. As part of the tribute to Joe,

Spring 2001                                                                                             The Delta of Sigma Nu L 19
O     hio University’s Zeta Mu chapter alumni are still on a tear
      — forty years or more after the fact.
    For the seventh time since 1983, the brothers, mostly from
                                                                        Sigma Nu’s policy
                                                                    of alcohol-free housing
                                                                    is working for todayís
the fun-loving ‘50s, staged a three-day reunion in mid-October      students in an era when
1999 in Worthington, OH. Attendees numbered 108 — 58                campuses, communi-
brothers, 42 wives and friends, and four widows. Guests             ties and students expect
included University President and Mrs. Robert Glidden and           more from fraternities
Kevin K. Weaver (ΜΑ, Baylor), a director of the General             than partying, said Weaver. “They’re looked upon to provide
Fraternity’s office.                                                community service and leadership and encourage scholarship
    Featured throughout the weekend was a reconstituted             because students expect to get the most out of their college
Sigma Nu quintet that was highly popular on and around the          experience,” he said. He pointed out also that the new policy
campus in its heyday. Roger Carter assembled a mix of singers       banning alcohol on property was adopted two years ago to rein-
that spanned the `50 decade: Don Painter, Keith Stoudt, Al          force the already established risk reduction policy and eliminate
Galletly, and Dennis Ransbottom. Brother Ransbottom was             other abuses, including drugs and hazing. An obvious side ben-
also reunion committee chairman. Also finding their way to the      efit is cleaner houses, better kept and in better repair.
mike were campus entertainers Jerry Stoudt and John                     While the Zeta Mu alumni wait for the return of their chap-
Murchek, who helped reprise the times and tunes of the era.         ter to Ohio University, they are planning the chapter’s 50th
    The weekend kicked off with a pizza/sub party on Friday         anniversary reunion there in 2001, according to reunion
night, when the singing began. In addition, the affable             reporter Duane St. Clair. Jack Ellis, a retired university vice
President Glidden updated the audience on recent develop-           president for development and now associate director of the
ments on campus, including a program to provide computers           universityís Cutler Scholars Program, will help organize the
in all dormitory rooms for freshmen and sophomores.                 event, as he did the 1997 reunion in Athens. A Columbus-
    At the Saturday dinner, Dot Hornsby, widow of Jay               based group, including Lee Whitaker, Don Wickerham and
Hornsby, recalled the brotherhood and friendship among fra-         Ransbottom, will remain at the core of the reunion committee.
ternity members in college and afterwards. Sigma Nu staff man           Over the years Wickerham has compiled and computerized
Weaver reported on his meeting with the University’s Greek          information about Zeta Mu Brothers. His records account for
advisor, a preliminary step toward the recolonization of the col-   286 brothers, including several who are deceased.
legiate chapter, which closed in 1994. He explained that the            For information, contact dwickerham@aol.com,
process will be delayed at least two years to give officials the    leewhit@columbus.44.com or ellis@ohiou.edu.
opportunity to see how the recolonization of another fraternity
fits in with the other 15 fraternities on campus. When the
administration gives the nod, Sigma Nu will be ready to return
to campus. At that time the General Fraternity will help recruit,      Pictures from left to right: Sigma Nu Staff man Kevin K.
educate and train those who want to establish and operate a         Weaver addresses the alumni of Zeta Mu; A group of alumni have
chapter that meets the University’s expectations for size and       a discussion with the President of Ohio University; and Ohio
academic standing.                                                  University President Glidden addresses Zeta Mu alumni.

20 L The Delta of Sigma Nu                                                                                          www.sigmanu.org
Scholarships Awarded to                                                                     Annual Hossman Scholarships Awarded
                                                                                            at Gamma Chi Chapter       & Roach
                                                                                            Scholarship Endowment to Benefit Ole
Deserving Students                                                                          Miss Sigma Nu Athletes.

                                                                         cial recognition was given to Brother Cutler for his continued

      he Carl L. Hossman Scholarship, administered through the
      Sigma Nu Educational Foundation, was awarded to three              support of education and scholarship at Gamma Chi through
      candidates in the 1999 class at the Gamma Chi chapter,             his recent contribution for the chapter-wide ethernet installed
University of Washington. Recipients Matthew Diaz, Boavinh               by collegiate member Daniel Martuchev.
Tran, and Beau Robert Lee Cline each were awarded one                        Representing the Hossmans on the committee is Brother
quarter’s tuition at the university for the 1999-2000 academic           Hossman’s son, Carl L. Hossman, Jr. The elder Hossman
year.                                                                    attended the University of Washington on an athletic scholar-
    In addition, the second annual Sigma Nu of the Year                  ship. He worked to help pay for his education but shortly before
Scholarship, also in memory of Brother Hossman, was awarded              graduation accepted a full-time job with Signal Oil Company.
to Gamma Chi’s current commander, Adam Stalker, who                      His bride encouraged him to finish his degree, and he did so
received a full year’s state tuition.                                    through extension courses while continuing to work full time.
    Brother Diaz, of East Los Angeles, CA, was a high school

scholar-athlete and salutatorian of his graduating class. Brother          n memory of her husband, J. Gordon Roach, Sr. (ΕΞ,
Tran, of Vancouver, WA, who seeks a degree in business, held               Mississippi), Kathrine C. Roach has established a scholarship
several local and regional leadership positions in his high                endowment through The University of Mississippi Foundation
schoolís chapter of the national Distributive Educational Clubs          for members of the Epsilon Xi chapter who are scholar athletics
of America. Brother Cline, of Ferndale, WA, is a young man of            and leaders on the Oxford campus.
academic, artistic and entrepreneurial talents who is deter-                 Brother Roach, of McComb, MS, played football for the
mined to complete his undergraduate degree without loans or              Rebels in 1923 and was a charter member and the first com-
financial support from his parents. ”I want it all to come from          mander of the Epsilon Xi chapter. Dr. James W. Davis, an
the result of my own hard work,” he said.                                Epsilon Xi alumnus who is dean of the School of Accountancy
    According to scholarship committee spokesman Richard                 and the chapter’s faculty advisor, said the scholarship is a fitting
Venneri, all of the candidates interviewed were ”exceptional             memorial. ”John Gordon Roach, Sr. was a Sigma Nu scholar
men of honor who have excelled in such areas as scholarship,             athlete with a demonstrated leadership ability,” he said.
athletics, community involvement and extracurricular activities.             After earning an undergraduate and law degree at Ole Miss,
— It was a daunting task to select only three outstanding young          Brother Roach returned to his hometown of McComb during
men from the eight,” he said. He pointed out that three of the           the Depression and was elected county prosecuting attorney.
twelve declined to apply because they felt their fellow brothers         He engaged in a successful private law practice and was elect-
had a greater need of financial assistance than they.                    ed a circuit judge. Active in civic affairs, he helped charter the
    The selection of the most outstanding upperclassman                  McComb Lions Club and served as its first president.
proved equally difficult. Brother Stalker was named from a slate         Throughout his life he remained loyal to his alma mater and
of three chapter leaders nominated by the collegiate brothers.           regularly attended football games with his wife and children.
Adam served as recorder, lieutenant commander and for two                    His son, John Gordon Roach, Jr., also of McComb, is an
years as alumni chairman before being elected commander. A               Ole Miss alumnus and an attorney whose son, John Gordon
business major who graduated during the winter quarter 2000,             Roach III, is an Ole Miss freshman and a candidate of the
Adam was also manager of the university’s student newspaper.             Epsilon Xi chapter. ”This scholarship is very appropriate,” he
    The Hossman scholarship recipients were announced at the             said. ”I think my father would have been very proud.”
annual Homecoming Breakfast attended by more than 150. At                    Epsilon Xi alumnus Carson Hughes, a Jackson, MS, attor-
that time Emcee Jeff Roberts also announced the dedication               ney, pointed out that Mrs. Roach’s gift to the University recog-
of the Chapter Library in the names of the three alumni who              nizes two areas that her husband ”loved, participated in, and
funded the remodeled room in 1994: Joe Cutler (1942), Otto               contributed to, both during college and after graduation.” L
Geiser (1949) and Dennis Peterson (1952). In addition, spe-

    left to right: Adam Stalker, Boavinh Tran, Carl Hossman, Jr., Beau           left to right: Carson M. Hughes, Mrs. Kathrine C. Roach
                    Robert Lee Cline, and Matthew Diaz                                 (widow of J. Gordan Roach), and Jimmy Davis

Spring 2001                                                                                                  The Delta of Sigma Nu L 21

 Gary L. Christy:
 Good Wyoming Stock: The Legacy of Joe and Arlene Watt

      The Sigma Nu Educational Foundation has received a copy of the book Good
 Wyoming Stock, a biography of Joe Watt (Ε∆, Wyoming) and his wife Arlene. The
 author, Gary L. Christy, although not a Sigma Nu, is a nephew of Arlene Watt.
      The book is a saga of families coming west, of homesteaders, farmers and
 ranchers. The central story is about a couple who started with five cows and a
 homestead and built a major ranch and cattle business. Together they made their
 lives and the lives of many others in their beloved state of Wyoming into some-
 thing worthwhile.
                                                                                       Joe Watt, right, shares a fraternal moment with his fraternity
      Brother Watt, 94, son of a pioneer ranching family, was reared on the historic             brother and fellow rancher Cliff Hansen.
 Triangle T ranch near Moorcroft. After attending the University of Wyoming with
 the class of 1928, he returned to the homestead with his wife to supervise the
 growth of his ranch. At the same time he became director of the Teton National
 Insurance Company and president of the National Bank of Newcastle. In addi-
 tion, he was appointed by then Governor Clifford Hansen (Ε∆, Wyoming) as a
 trustee of the University of Wyoming, serving terms as president and as treasurer
 of the Trustees. He and his family have been generous longtime contributors to his
 community and to the University, particularly to benefit the school of agriculture.
 His most recent philanthropic project includes the creation of a livestock arena
 and teaching center named in memory of Cliff and Martha Hansen’s daughter.
      In 1966 Brother Watt was named to the Board of Directors of the National
 Cowboy Hall of Fame, and the following year he was initiated by the Epsilon
                                                                                          Robert L. Willett                    Robert E. Powell
 Delta chapter as an alumnus. In 1970 the University awarded him an honorary
 Doctor of Laws degree. He was recently nominated for “Citizen of the Century”
 and was honored with a dinner in the community of Sheridan on that occasion.
                                                                                       Robert E. Powell:
                                                                                       The Bugle Is Silent

 Robert L.Willett:                                                                          Robert E. Powell (ΓΙ, Kentucky), of Frenchburg,
 The Lightning Mule Brigade: Abel Streight’s 1863 Raid                                 KY, has donated to the Sigma Nu Educational
                                                                                       Foundation a signed copy of his historical novel The
 into Alabama                                                                          Bugle Is Silent to be shelved in the Richard R.
                                                                                       Fletcher Honor Library.
      Civil War scholar Robert L. Willett (∆Θ, Knox/Ξ, Emory), of Cocoa Beach,              The novel is based on the lives of the people in a
 FL, has donated to the Sigma Nu Honor Library a signed copy of his second             small community that was engulfed in the Battle of
 book, The Lightning Mule Brigade: Abel Streight’s 1863 Raid into Alabama.             Perryville (KY) during the War Between the States.
      In the first book-length description of this often overlooked event, Brother     The publisher can be found on the Internet at
 Willett brings to light an episode that, according to author Edward G. Longacre,      BuyBooksontheWeb.com.
 illustrates “all the elements of quality fiction: an engaging cast of characters, a        A journalist for newspapers and magazines,
 swift-moving plot, a deft mix of comedy and high drama, an outcome held in sus-       Brother Powell has recently helped establish a small
 pense until the last minute, and an exciting denouement. Streightís raid contains     town weekly newspaper, The Foothills Courier, in
 them all.”                                                                            Frenchburg, and presently is an advisor for the pub-
      How a brilliant scheme by Colonel Abel Streight of Indiana to disrupt rail-      lication. In addition, he is writing another historical
 road connections in Rome, GA, went awry is told in a compelling, fast-paced,          novel of an earlier period about American settlers in
 well-documented narrative. A combination of obstacles presented themselves, not       the Kentucky-Indiana region.
 the least of which was Col. Streight’s shrewd and victorious opponent, Brig. Gen.          A native of Danville, KY, he was graduated from
 Nathan Bedford Forrest of Tennessee.                                                  the University of Kentucky, where he was initiated
      A retired banker, Brother Willett, with the help of his wife Donna, has          into the Gamma Iota Chapter in 1953. He also holds
 researched the Civil War for more than 38 years. His first book, One Day of the       an M.A. in mass communications from Morehead
 Civil War: America in Conflict, April 10, 1863, published in 1997, was selected by    State University. He formerly taught school and is a
 the History Channel Book Club to be its featured book in November 1999.               veteran of the U.S. Navy.

22 L The Delta of Sigma Nu                                                                                                      www.sigmanu.org


                   Littlefield                      White                      Kanning                     Weaver

              Littlefield Awarded                            assist the coaches in developing their programs and              Weaver Named Director of
                NIC Gold Medal                               establishing high ethical standards.                                Alumni Programs
                                                                 E.G. came to IU in 1966 following an outstand-
    Maurice “Mo” Littlefield (∆Ν, Maine) was                 ing athletic career at South Bend Riley High School.          The Fraternity has taken steps to provide alumni
awarded the NIC Gold Medal from the North                    At Riley, E.G. participated in both football and swim-    volunteers with the additional resources and support
American Interfraternity Conference during its annu-         ming. In 1986, he was named to the Athletic Hall of       they need. As a part of the Strategic Plan (see pages
al meeting on December 2, 2000. The Gold Medal,              Fame at Riley High School.                                16-17), the Fraternity has added a director level staff
the most distinguished award given by the                        While an undergraduate at IU, E.G. was a mem-         position dedicated to the full time support and
Conference, is awarded to individuals who have               ber of the Sigma Nu and the IU Student Foundation         advancement of alumni and volunteer programs.
demonstrated lifelong commitment to volunteer and            along with participating on the football team. E.G.       Kevin Weaver (MA, Baylor) has been named
professional service to the Greek movement.                  was a member of the 1967 Co-Big Ten                       Director of Alumni Programs for Sigma Nu. The
    E. G. White, (ΒΗ, Indiana), Chief Executive              Championship team and the Rose Bowl team. He
                                                                                                                       main responsibilities of this position include oversee-
Officer of the Sigma Nu Foundation, stated, “This is         was named co-captain of the 1970 team and was
                                                                                                                       ing the Division Commander program as well as
a proud day for Sigma Nu to have Brother Mo receive          named to the Academic All-Big Ten team in 1970.
                                                                                                                       working with House Corporations, Chapter
such a distinguished award recognizing his unparal-          E.G. received the Jake Gimbel Award given to stu-
                                                             dent athletes for distinction in scholarship, athletics   Advisors, Alumni Chapters, and Alumni Clubs.
leled dedication, sacrifice and service to the Greek
                                                             and mental attitude.                                          Division Commanders, who were recently
                                                                 Following his graduation, E.G. stayed at the Uni-     appointed by the Fraternity’s High Council, will
    Littlefield’s journey as a leader within the fraternal
                                                             versity where he completed an MBA in 1975 while           focus their efforts on working with the alumni in
community began with his initiation into Sigma Nu
at the University of Maine. Upon graduation, he              employed as a Senior Development Director at the          their Division. The Division Commanders will assist
served as a consultant from 1960-1963 before begin-          IU Foundation. E.G. continued working at the IU           the Headquarters staff in recruiting, training, and
ning a career in higher education. Littlefield worked        Foundation until the middle of last year. Currently       maintaining chapter advisors and alumni advisory
in various areas of university administration at the         E.G. is treasurer of the I-Men’s Association, a life      boards for the chapters in their Division.
University of Maine, Gorham State College, and Old           member of the IU Alumni Association and a mem-            Additionally, Division Commanders will lead the
Dominion University.                                         ber of the Varsity Club. E.G. and his wife, Sharon,       effort to establish regional alumni clubs and alumni
    Mo’s other achievements are just as distinguished.       have one son, Brett.                                      chapters within their Division. With almost 60
He is the recipient of several interfraternity service           David Ellies (ΓΝ, Michigan), Director of              Divisions throughout the United States and Canada,
awards and the Fraternity Executives Association             Development at IU, stated, “It was a very emotional       the Division Commanders will play a vital role in cre-
Distinguished Service Award (1999). In 1990, he was          evening for Brother White. E. G.’s late father, Eugene    ating opportunities for alumni involvement and
inducted into the Sigma Nu Hall of Honor, the high-          G. White, was a recipient of the Clevenger Award in       interaction.
est distinction awarded by the Fraternity. He served         1985, making E. G. and his father the only father and         In addition to Division Commanders and
as Executive Director of Sigma Nu from 1977-1997.            son recipients of this prestigious award.”                Chapter Advisors, the Fraternity will begin utilizing
Retired as the Executive Vice President of the Sigma                                                                   volunteers in various specialist roles. Alumni with an
Nu Educational Foundation, Mo currently serves on                   Kanning named Director of                          interest or expertise in a specific area of chapter oper-
its Board of Directors.                                             Recruitment and Expansion                          ations (such as recruitment, or the LEAD Program)
                                                                                                                       will have the opportunity to help a chapter in their
              White Receives                                     Nelson Kanning (ΒΞ, William Jewel) has recent-        specific area of expertise. Alumni with interest in
          Z. G. Clevenger Award                              ly joined the Sigma Nu Headquarters staff as the          learning more about these specialist opportunities
                                                             Director of Expansion and Recruitment. He is excit-       should contact the Fraternity’s Director of Alumni
    On January 6, 2001, former Regent and current            ed to have the opportunity to create a program that
                                                                                                                       Programs, Kevin Weaver, at the Headquarters, or e-
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating                 will propel Sigma Nu’s future growth. Nelson gradu-
                                                                                                                       mail snhqkkw@aol.com.
Officer for the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation,             ated from William Jewell College with a BS in
                                                                                                                           Throughout the remainder of the year the pro-
E.G. White (ΒΗ, Indiana) was selected as one of the          Business Administration with an emphasis in Science.
                                                                                                                       grams, resources, and information for alumni will
three recipients of the 2000 Zora G. Clevenger               Nelson is the seventh member of his family who has
                                                             been initiated at the Beta Xi chapter. As a collegian     continue to develop. The Fraternity’s alumni volun-
Award. This award is presented to living I-Men (var-
                                                             he served as the rush chairman, social chairman, lieu-    teers will receive the support and resources they need
sity letter winners) who have made outstanding con-
                                                             tenant commander and commander. Outside of the            in order to support the undergraduate chapters. This
tributions to Indiana University through service to its
                                                             chapter he was a member of the football team, served      support will include a new training program for
athletic program. Mr. Clevenger, a coach and athlet-
ic director of IU, was characterized by his commit-          on IFC and the student senate. In the fall 1999 he        alumni volunteers, materials for alumni clubs and
ment to excellence, high ideals, and principles. He          was recognized as a V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. honoree for his        chapters, and increased support from the Fraternity
was devoted to his staff and worked untiringly to            volunteer service in the North Kansas City area.          staff.

   Spring 2001                                                                                                                     The Delta of Sigma Nu L 23
           The Bridge Builder                                 William P. Yates . . .
           Will Allen Dromgoole
                                                              Sigma Nu’s Builder
                                                    Most everyone is familiar with the poem The Bridge Builder. This
                                                    beautiful and timeless poem tells the story of a man that builds a
      An old man travelling a lone highway,         bridge not for himself but for the generations to come. Sigma Nu
       Came at the evening cold and gray,                                                                  .
                                                    is fortunate to have had such a builder in William P Yates (BP    ,
                                                    Pennsylvania) who, at the time of his death on July 26, 1945,
      To a chasm, vast and deep and wide,           made a bequest to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation.
     Through which was flowing a sullen tide.       Brother Yates’ bequest left three-quarters of his estate to Sigma
                                                    Nu, resulting in the formation of the Sigma Nu Educational
     The old man crossing in the twilight dim;
                                                    Foundation. In an effort to salute Brother Yates for his vision and
     The sullen stream held no fear for him;                                                .
                                                    unparalleled generosity, the William P Yates Legacy Society has
     But he turned when safe on the other side      been established.

       And built a bridge to span the tide.                        .
                                                    The William P Yates Legacy Society is for those individuals who
                                                    have included the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation in their
                                                    estate plans. Inclusion can be accomplished through bequests,
     "Old man," said a fellow pilgrim near,         charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities, or any other
   "You’re wasting your time with building here;    documented planned giving arrangement.
    Your journey will end with the closing day;
                                                    Current members of the William P Yates Legacy Society are list-
      You never again will pass this way;           ed on page 25.
    You have crossed the chasm deep and wide--
                                                    If you wish to include the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation in
     Why build you this bridge at eventide?"        your will, the appropriate language is as follows: "I give, devise,
                                                    and bequeath (the sum of/percentage of/residue of my estate) to
                                                    the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation, a not-for-profit corpora-
     The builder lifted his old gray head:          tion with principal offices in Lexington, Virginia, to be utilized for
 "Good friend, in the path I have come," he said,   the general benefit of the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation, Inc.
                                                    (or for the specified program within the Foundation)." The
        "There followeth after me today.
                                                    Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable entity, and its Federal Tax ID
     A youth whose feet must pass this way.         number is 54-6035735.
   This stream which has been naught to me
                                                    Or for more information, you may contact:
   To that fair-haired youth may a pitfall be;
    He, too, must cross in the twilight dim;                 SIGMA NU EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION
 Good friend, I am building the bridge for him."                             .
                                                                            P O. BOX 1869
                                                                       LEXINGTON, VA 24450
                                                                      PHONE: (540) 463-1869
                                                                        FAX: (540) 463-1669

24 L The Delta of Sigma Nu                                                                            www.sigmanu.org
William P.Yates Legacy Society
 L. Alton Absher (ΕΗ, Tennessee)          Parker F. Enwright                   Charles L. Mavity            Frank B. Shuffelton (ΕΝ, Miami)
  Elliott V. Anderson (ΕΛ, Utah)            (ΒΟ, Sewanee)                     (ΕΕ, Oklahoma St.)              Robert H. Smith (Ρ, Missouri)
      Frederick L Anderson                  Eve M. Fair,                      Richard W. Meffley                   Evelyn Casey Steen
         (ΒΧ, Stanford)                Widow of J. Russell Fair               (∆Ξ, Nevada/Reno)             (Mrs. John F. Steen - Ε, Bethany)
                                           (ΒΗ, Indiana)                      Ralph E. McWhinnie
           Anonymous                                                                                                W. Selden Steiger
                                           Ronald R. Fisher                     (Ε∆, Wyoming)                   (∆Λ, Brown/∆Μ, Stetson)
     Dorothy E. Baldwin,                 (ΓΒ, Northwestern)
   Widow of John H. Baldwin                                               James E. & Pauline F. Miles               W. W. Stevenson
        (ΕΜ, Butler)               J. Allen Frear, Jr. (∆Κ, Delaware)            (Η, Mercer)                     (∆Ζ, Western Reserve)
 Douglas A. Benson (ΓΖ, Oregon)        John H. Fry (Ρ, Missouri)                Carl P. Miller, Sr.             and Helen M. Stevenson
                                          George O. Gibson                     (ΒΚ, Kansas State)                    John B. Stobbart
 William H. Bentley (ΒΡ, Penn.)
                                        for George E. Gibson            Clare G. Miller (ΒΝ, Ohio State)            (ΕΝ, Miami-OH)
     Marie Louise Booksh,              (ΓΟ, Washington Univ.)
  Widow of Thomas S. Booksh                                                  M. Goodbar Morgan                     David W. Stockmeier
        (ΒΦ, Tulane)                     Henry L. Griffith, Jr.              (ΕΣ, Rhodes College)                (ΙΒ, Virginia Wesleyan)
                                          (ΓΤ, Minnesota)                   Henry A. “Hank” Nabors                Florence Sweeney,
   Mrs. Ann D. Breneman,              and Marion Wease Griffith
 Widow of Claude R. Breneman                                                   (ΕΞ, Mississippi)              Widow of Robert D. Sweeney
  (∆Π, George Washington)                   Wayne H. Gillis                  Dorothy L. Nelson,                    (ΓΝ, Michigan)
                                       (Ι, Samford/Θ, Alabama)           Widow of Thomas M. Nelson              John W. Swobe Memorial
       Ehney A. Camp, Jr.
         (Θ, Alabama)                     Raymond W. Klink                     (Ρ, Missouri)                       (∆Ξ, Nevada/Reno)
                                           (ΒΝ, Ohio St.)                       James A. Nichols                   Eldon W. Tamblyn
      Robert W. Chambers
         (Ξ, Emory)                   George W. Krausmann, Jr.                  (ΕΗ, Tennessee)                    (ΖΑ, Puget Sound)
                                          (ΖΖ, Florida St.)                  J. Christian Nowlin, Jr.        Edwin R. Thomson (Ν, Kansas)
      Oliver M. Chatburn
    (ΕΟ, Southern California)             Austin S. Landry                   (Α, V.M.I./Β, Virginia)         Warner M. “Tubby” Washburn
                                         (ΗΝ, SW Louisiana              William B. Oakley (Θ, Alabama)            (∆Β, Dartmouth)
  Floyd A. Chipman (Ν, Kansas)          /ΛΘ,Birmingham-So.)
        Joseph G. Cutler                                                Michael D. Osterhout (Η, Mercer)       Col. Robert A. Webster, Jr.
                                          Gavin R. Larrimer                                                         (∆Φ, Maryland)
       (ΓΧ, Washington)                   (BΝ, Ohio State)              William W. Palmer (ΖΕ, Norwich)
                                                                                                                 and Anna A. Webster
      Theodore R. Dalton             M. E. Littlefield (∆Ν, Maine)             Thomas R. Panko
        (∆Γ, Columbia/                                                   (ΘΓ, Southern Miss./Φ, L.S.U.)      R. H. Craig Weston (Ν, Kansas)
      ΕΙ, William & Mary)            Darwin L. “Larry” Longman                                                Charles H. Weyhenmeyer, Jr.
                                         (∆Ρ, Colorado St.)              Kenneth S. Purdie (Α, V.M.I.)
    C. B. Daniel (Θ, Alabama)                                                                                        (ΖΦ, Bradley)
                                   Oliver Ludwig III (ΚΖ, Villanova)          Charles H. Randolph
       Margaret C. Davis                                                       (ΓΛ, Wisconsin)                       Alice M. White,
        (former staff )                   Ormond F. Lyman                                                         Albert Leonard White
                                           (ΓΜ, Illinois)                      James H. Reiman                       (ΒΧ, Stanford)
   John D. Davies (ΕΜ, Butler)                                            (∆Α, Case Western Reserve)
                                          Martha P. Lynn,                                                       E. G. White (ΒΗ, Indiana)
     Richard W. Dodderidge             Widow of John E. Lynn                    Jane Mills Rhodes,
       (ΒΚ, Kansas State)                                                Sister of W. W. “Dusty” Rhodes            Samuel E. Williams
                                           (Ρ, Missouri)                                                          (ΕΡ, Michigan State)
     and Ann T. Dodderidge                                                          (ΕΟ, USC)
                                          Robert N. Maddox                                                   Fred R. Wittnebert (Γ∆, Stevens)
  Benjamin F. “Jeff ” Donathan             (ΓΥ, Arkansas)                   Kurt Riesen (Ν, Kansas)
        (ΓΥ, Arkansas)                                                  Arthur B. Rupert, (ΒΣ, Vermont)       J. David Wright (ΕΖ, Florida)
                                       Robert L. Marchman, III
        Donald W. Eakin                      (Ξ, Emory)                   Philip F. Ruth (∆∆, Penn St.)       Harry W. Wilcott (ΖΗ, Tufts)
       (ΕΝ, Miami-Ohio)                                                                                             William P. Yates
                                          Richard M. Marcks                      J. Paul Scheetz
      E. Thomas Eggert II                    (Β, Virginia)                        (Ρ, Missouri)                    (ΒΡ, Pennsylvania)
         (ΒΣ, Vermont)                                                        and Alice R. Scheetz                Ralph L. “Sam” Young
                                           Robert F. Markt
         Preston C. Ellett                 (ΓΝ, Michigan)                Edgar Scofield (Ε∆, Wyoming)                (ΓΥ, Arkansas)
      (ΕΙ, William & Mary)                                                                                          Arthur W. Zahn
                                           Ralph J. Mathews             Gerald R. Sherratt (ΕΥ, Utah St.)
                                         (∆Ρ, Colorado State)                                                   (ΕΟ, Southern California)

Spring 2001                                                                                                 The Delta of Sigma Nu L 25
   Founders Circle
   The 1869 Founders Circle was announced at the annual meeting        administer private gifts to support, assist, encourage and promote
of the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation in 2000. The Founders           the educational goals of Sigma Nu Fraternity. Such programs
Circle is the premier gift club for the Sigma Nu Educational           include the LEAD Program, staff support services for chapters and
Foundation. There are several ways to qualify for membership to this   educational conferences like the College of Chapters and the educa-
prestigious group. Those people who give a minimum of $1,000           tional portion of Grand Chapter. People, programs and facilities are
annually unrestricted automatically become members. Another            all in need of continuing investment, and funds provided by the
method is a $1,500 annual gift of which $500 is unrestricted and       1869 Founders Circle make the difference.
$1,000 may be designated for a specific program (LEAD Program,            Donors will be invited back to Lexington for the festivities sur-
chapter educational endowment fund, or a scholarship program).         rounding the annual meeting, which has typically been held in May.
Also, a one-time $20,000 unrestricted gift will qualify for lifetime   There will be a plaque located at the Shrine of Sigma Nu listing the
recognition in the 1869 Founders Circle. Investment in the 1869        names of these important benefactors. Members of the Founders
Founders Circle will benefit the Legion of Honor in many ways.         Circle will also receive recognition during their first year in publica-
The Sigma Nu Educational Foundation’s purpose is to raise, and         tions such as The Delta and Foundation News Briefs.
     Clifford R. Alexander              D. Lawrence Faulkner               Robert L. Marchman, III                    Dale L. Runyon
         (ΕΝ, Miami/Ohio)                     (Θ, Alabama)                          (Ξ, Emory)                            (∆Θ, Knox)
         Anonymous                          Lester L. Frame                   Richard M. Marcks                      Milton V. Sanden
                                              (ΕΠ, UCLA)                            (Β, Virginia)                     (ΓΒ, Northwestern)
     Arizona Community
         Foundation                       Lincoln B. Frazier                   Charles L. McCain                     Richard C. Searles
                                             (ΓΝ, Michigan)                        (ΒΦ, Tulane)                          (ΒΗ, Indiana)
      William D. Barron
            (∆Ν, Maine)                  Edward D. Gardner                   Bradley G. McDonald                      Paul C. Seltman
                                              (ΖΧ, Houston)                       (∆Ε, Oklahoma)                    (ΗΕ, Kentucky Wesleyan)
       Larry D. Berning
           (ΒΗ, Indiana)                 Max A. Gonzenbach                    Weir W. McDonald                       Edward L. Shearer
                                            (ΕΡ, Michigan St.)                    (∆Τ, Oregon St.)                      (ΓΝ, Michigan)
     William H. Boyd, Jr.
             (Υ, Texas)                 John and Rachel Gross                John B. McGowan, Jr.                     Barclay Simpson
        Paul W. Broome                   Living Trust (ΒΡ, Pa.)               (∆Π, George Washington)                 (ΒΨ, Cal./Berkeley)
       (∆Σ, Carnegie-Mellon)             Craig H. Haesemeyer            The McKale-Salmon Fdn. Trust               Thomas J. Stokes, Jr.
                                               (ΒΜ, Iowa)                                                               (Σ, Vanderbilt)
      Paul W. Bryant, Jr.                                                    Alfred A. McKethan
           (Θ, Alabama)                    Robert H. Harris                        (ΕΖ, Florida)                    William M. Suttles
                                              (ΒΘ, Auburn)                                                                (Η, Mercer)
        James L. Burton                                                          Dane A. Miller
          (∆Ε, Oklahoma)                  B. J. "Bud" Hinkle                   (ΗΜ, Kettering Univ.)                  Roger L. Teigen
                                               (Ν, Kansas)                                                              (∆Ε, Oklahoma)
        James C. Cherry                                                       James H. Nobles, Jr.
      (ΗΠ, Hampden-Sydney)               Joseph A. Hourihan                        (ΓΥ, Arkansas)                  Louis H. Thompson
                                              (∆Χ, Trinity)                                                        (∆Π, George Washington)
      Melvin H. Clingan                                                          Alfred J. Olsen
            (Ν, Kansas)                  Russell F. Kearney, Jr.                   (ΕΑ, Arizona)                    John C. Thoren, Jr.
                                             (ΕΞ, Mississippi)                                                         (ΖΥ, Arizona St.)
     Jeffrey A. Concepcion                                                     Robert A. Olstein
           (∆Χ, Trinity)                   Brian A. Kemper                       (ΕΡ, Michigan St.)                   Boyd C. Tinsley
                                              (ΒΖ, Purdue)                                                               (Β, Virginia)
       John J. Cummins                                                     Thomas R. Panko, Ph.D.
     (ΓΟ, Washington/St. Louis)           Mary Ann Kofoed                       (ΘΓ, Southern Miss.)               William G. Townsend
                                                                                                                        (∆Ε, Oklahoma)
      James W. Curington                  Robert D. Krestel              George E. Pickett, Jr., Assoc.,
           (Θ, Alabama)                     (ΕΡ, Michigan St.)            Inc. (ΒΤ, North Carolina State)          David C. Underwood
                                                                                                                        (ΒΚ, Kansas St.)
        Joseph G. Cutler                  J. Smith Lanier, II                Howard C. Pickett,
         (ΓΧ, Washington)                     (ΒΘ, Auburn)                   (ΒΤ, North Carolina State)             George N. Wagnon
                                                                                                                        (ΒΟ, Sewanee)
       Margaret C. Davis                    Ralph C. Leslie                    John R. "Jay" Pitts
           (Former Staff )                   (ΒΝ, Ohio State)                   (∆, South Carolina)                   Randall L. Ward
                                                                                                                        (ΒΤ, N.C. State)
       H. Matthew Day                      Tom J. Lightsey                      Marcus R. Plyler
        (∆Ξ, Nevada/Reno)                  (ΘΠ, West Georgia)                   (ΙΧ, NC/Charlotte)                 Julian A. Watters, III
                                                                                                                         (Θ, Alabama)
   James R. "Jay" Denny, III             Maurice E. Littlefield                 Ervin S. Queen
            (Λ, W & L)                         (∆Ν, Maine)                      (ΓΠ, West Virginia)                 Gordon T. Wells, II
                                                                                                                         (∆Μ, Stetson)
     Donald K. Densborn                   Thomas M. Lofton              H. Willis and Anna A. Ratledge
           (ΒΗ, Indiana)                       (ΕΜ, Butler)                 Foundation (ΓΓ, Albion)                 William W. Wilson
                                                                                                                        (ΒΤ, N.C. State)
    Richard W. Dodderidge                  Michael D. Long                    James H. Reiman
          (ΒΚ, Kansas St.)                     (ΕΒ, Drury)                   (∆Α, Case Western Reserve)               Joseph F. Wood
                                                                                                                       (∆Τ, Oregon St.)
        Allan J. Donald                   Robert N. Maddox                    Michael J. Romano
        (Ψ, North Carolina)                   (ΓΥ, Arkansas)                       (ΖΦ, Bradley)                 Chivers R. Woodruff, Jr.
                                                                                                                          (Ι, Samford)
      Virgil W. Duffie, Jr.             Steve A. Malachowski                    David C. Ruegg
        (∆, South Carolina)                (ΕΟ, Southern Cal.)                  (ΒΨ, Cal./Berkeley)

26 L The Delta of Sigma Nu                                                                                                   www.sigmanu.org
                                                                                                                           Contributions to the Delta Dues
                                                                                                                           Program support The Delta magazine and
                                                                                                                           its website www.sigmanu.org, as well as

                                                                                                                           help develop new modes of communi-
                                                                                                                           cation with alumni and collegians. Many
                                                                                                                           thanks are extended to those who have

Akron (Kappa Lambda)             Robert G. Brockmann           John S. Cluss                   Sean E. Moroney                Cincinnati (Eta Lambda)            William C. Carry
  Gary J. Gruccio                Melvin R. Canode              Roger W. Cogley                 John M. Witt                     Gordon W. Air, M.D.              John Q. Nichols, Jr.
  Douglas A. Lutz                James B. Cochran              Mario Di Paolo                California State/Northridge        Charles M. Dillard               John N. Penn, III
Alabama (Theta)                  William L. Cravens            Milton L. Draper, Jr.         (Iota Upsilon)                     Gerald L. Lamb, Jr.              Thomas G. Weeks
  C. Wayne Adkinson              Jimmy D. Cypert               W. Malcolm Fitch                Mitchell C. Salberg              Kevin S. Powell                 Creighton (Iota Tau)
  Byron J. Colley, Jr.           Gregory D. Dunkum             Joseph C. Gluck                 David S. Stone                 Clemson (Theta Zeta)               Martin R. Keefe
  D. Sims Crawford               Charles B. Faulkner           John H. Lammert, Jr.          California State/San               Raymond B. Davis, Jr.            Robert R. Rauner
  Warren F. Ellis                James C. Fitzgerald           George E. Pohle               Bernardino (Lambda Chi)            Mark E. Dodds                    Patrick J. Riordan
  J. S. Flowers                  Ronald Gardner, Jr.           Thomas M. Scribner              Julian A. Gutierrez, IV          John W. Floyd                   Dartmouth (Delta Beta)
  James L. Forman, II            Claude L. Gibson              Donald L. Sloan               California/Berkeley                Scott M. Frierson                Hugh J. Jones, II
  Tharpe Forrester, Jr.          Nathan G. Gordon              Arthur D. Tanenbaum           (Beta Psi)                       Coastal Carolina                   George T. Mascott, Jr.
  Benjamin D. Frazier, Jr.       George L. Hackney             Richard P. Umbel                Howard B. Alvord               (Mu Epsilon)                      Davidson (Eta Alpha)
  Russell S. Hager               Charles F. Howell             Donald N. VanGilder             Carl F. Burger                   Thomas J. Laney                  Robert K. Ramsey
  Gregory L. Holmes              Harper S. Jackson             David M. Vella                  Kenneth J. Churich             Coe (Beta Epsilon)                Dayton (Kappa Iota)
  Ernest H. Hornsby              E. W. Johnson                 William T. Weaver               Robert G. Hickle                 David P. Buchmueller             Michael R. Hanlon
  John T. Hubbard                Bradley W. Jolly            Birmingham-Southern               Harold C. Holmes, III            Rudy O. Drost                   Delaware (Delta Kappa)
  Gerald R. Hynson               William E. Keenan           (Lambda Theta)                    John P. Lavery, Jr.              Clinton J. Martin                Ferdinand Barnum, M.D.
  George W. Jeter                James H. Nobles, Jr.          Elbert S. Allen                 Martin B. McNair                 Thomas O. Peterman               Clay Bridgewater
  William B. Kimbrough, III      Dimitris P. Papaleonardos     Todd A. Brown                   Dwight L. Merriman, Jr.          Hal W. Walter                    Walter M. Kittle
  Edgar M. Lewis, III            K. Dan Pappas                 William P. Harkins              Ronald E. Silva                Colgate (Delta Upsilon)            George H. Kumler
  Fred W. Sellers, Jr.           Robert L. Parker              Seth B. Thompson                John W. Soper                    Robert G. Booth                  Joseph M. Lank
  Robert R. Smith                Gale L. Pate, Jr.           Bowdoin (Delta Psi)             California/Chico                   Edmund B. Case                   James M. Montgomery
  Luther S. Turner, Jr.          Houston P. Roark              William A. Bellamy, Jr.       (Iota Kappa)                       Harry B. Cornwell                Carl R. Nordstrom
  Julian A. Watters, III         Ward F. Rosen                 Richard Drukker, III            David B. Markss                  William H. Cowper, Ret.          Albert F. Parker
  Thomas W. Wilder, III          James B. Shore                Benjamin A. Karsokas          California/Davis (Zeta Xi)         Charles W. Harvey, Jr.           Frank S. Pettyjohn, M.D.
Alabama/Huntsville               Don C. Thrailkill           Bowling Green (Epsilon Chi)       Richard L. Almeida               Charles W. Hatcher               John W. Ponton, Jr.
(Mu Beta)                        Herman A. Tuck, Jr.           James D. Clymer                 Timothy A. Biggar                Earl J. Hoag, Jr.                James C. Stewart
  John C. Awbrey                 Charles E. Turner             John E. Gronda                  Michael S. Calora                Frederick S. Lockwood, III       Samuel J. Talucci
  Matt M. Youngkin               Bennie B. Weil                Charles A. Hodges               Ubaldo Tonella                   Keith B. Mountain                Alexander Whitney, Jr.
Albion (Gamma Gamma)             Richard H. Wolfe              Dale Hungerford                 Chiles R. Wilson                 Laurence A. Stults               Donald J. Willenborg
  Philip E. Geissinger         Arkansas/Little Rock            George E. Ledford             California/Irvine                Colorado (Gamma Kappa)            DePauw (Beta Beta)
  Joseph N. McCall             (Eta Xi)                        George H. McClain             (Lambda Omicron)                   Norman T. Allen                  Kenneth W. Anderson
  Michael J. Mutchler            Charles S. Harper             Thomas A. Montemarano           Donald E. Killmer                Dan T. Englehardt                Floyd J. Buck, Jr.
  David M. Saxman                Kenneth C. Ketcher          Bradley (Zeta Phi)                Robert F. Quon                   Dale L. Farrand                  James F. Burleigh
  George T. Stribley             Robert L. Simpson             James L. Bixby                  David J. Triepke                 James E. Fuoco                   Keith A. Conley
  James A. Von der Heydt         David V. Wren                 Theodore D. Evans             California/San Diego               Edward V. Garnett                Eugene L. Delves
Appalachian State              Armstrong State (Theta Psi)     Floyd C. Foster               (Kappa Rho)                        Richard L. Jones                 Alfred D. Dixon
(Kappa Epsilon)                  Jack B. Fowler, Jr.           Daryl J. Godke                  Jason D. Carnahan                Gerald J. Klaus                  Donald C. Findlay
  Jerry R. Adams               Ashland (Eta Psi)               William R. Mattson, Jr.       California/Santa Barbara           Henry N. Kuhlman                 Fredrick J. Kunze
  John K. Curtis                 Howard T. Boyle, II           Earl A. Minnich, Jr.          (Kappa Eta)                        Jeffrey D. Lovell                Alan C. Levinson
  Sterling B. Merrill          Auburn (Beta Theta)             Michael J. Romano               Dominic J. Giacalone             Ronald F. Marchand               J. R. Miles
  James C. Waters, Jr.           William P. Biggs              George T. Shaheen               Glenn P. Griffee                 John A. Miller, Jr.              Hubert H. Myers
Arizona (Epsilon Alpha)          Harris S. Burns, Jr.          Walter V. Wollnik, Jr.        Carnegie-Mellon                    Eric J. Murphy                   Robert B. Nelson
  Joseph D. Boogaart             Corley Chapman, Jr.         Brown (Delta Lambda)            (Delta Sigma)                      Sean B. Orenstein                Gerald H. Nessenson
  Allen L. Brown                 Bryan T. Craven               Joseph Kenney, Jr.              David A. Babcock                 Ray G. Rhoton                    Brian M. Pease
  Charles D. Brumm               Robert M. Dixon             Butler (Epsilon Mu)               Larry D. Barto                   Horace B. Van Valkenburgh, IV    Michael P. Porter
  Keith R. Carey                 William Lawrence, Jr.         James M. Allegretti             Ronald B. Caldwell             Colorado Mines                     Thomas F. Sandblom
  Robert S. Coutchie             Charles M. Lee                Donald R. Batrich               Curtis S. Campbell             (Gamma Eta)                        John F. Schneider
  Henry E. Dahlberg              Duncan P. Liles, Jr.          John D. Davies                  Ralph E. Edwards                 John M. Anderson                 Stephen H. Stout
  Kenneth L. Geiger              Robert I. McLeod              James W. Gibson                 Francis J. Grisnik               Robert H. Chaisson               Dewey D. Suster
  Richard L. Goreham             William B. Millis             Merrill R. Huntzinger           Henry E. Holets                  John D. Haley                    Richard A. Warne
  William M. Moe                 William C. Mitchell           Ovid B. Jones                   Robert J. Lasker                 Daniel Oakland                   John W. Wehrenberg
  David S. Ticknor               William Poole                 Joe M. Kelley                   Robert MacLachlan, Jr.           John Robertson, Jr.             Drury (Epsilon Beta)
  Charles J. Trantanella         Henry Reeves, Jr.             Dale J. Lareau                  Donald L. Sheppard             Colorado State (Delta Rho)         Richard B. Anderson
Arizona State (Zeta Upsilon)     Marion J. Smith, Jr.          James T. Lockwood, Jr.          Raymond W. Smith                 Roy J. Earley                    Paul C. Beran
  Elliott M. Brown, Jr.          Kenneth B. Streater           Thomas M. Lofton                Bruce M. Updike                  Martin R. Keefe                  Samuel E. Logan
  Richard B. Burgess             James E. Thomas               Lloyd W. Olcott                 Robert H. Welk                   Henry N. Kuhlman                 Michael D. Long
  Gregory J. Emery               William M. Williams           Jerry C. Prescott               Floyd L. Wiseman                 Seth D. Sims                     Jeffery G. Shore
  Michael W. Hendrex           Austin Peay (Kappa Mu)          Melvin C. Seitz, Jr.          Case Western Reserve               Kevin R. Stromberg              Duke (Gamma)
  John W. Kaufman                Michael S. Caldarelli         Richard C. Snyder             (Delta Alpha)                    Columbia (Delta Gamma)             Alfred J. Applegate
  Kenneth D. Knott               Tony D. Marable               William H. Strauss              Bradford W. Hicks                Raymond A. Bizzigotti            Walter R. Benson, M.D.
  Leonard E. Marotte           Ball State (Theta Nu)           Hugh K. Thatcher, Jr., M.D.     Donald A. Jackson                Frank E. Cahill, III             John T. Butters, Jr.
  Robert D. Robbins              David L. McCoy              California Poly/Pomona            Myron G. Mochel                  Daniel P. De Palma               Warren J. Collins
  John M. Robison                Steven C. Schafer           (Kappa Gamma)                     Donald R. Parmelee               Alexander E. Lancaster, Jr.      Marshall T. Corey
  Daniel Rodriguez               Jay W. Shipley                Joel C. Bartlett, M.D.          Frederick O. Snyder              Harrison W. Moore, Jr.           Stuart E. Dow
  George E. Saylor               John M. Strantz               Mark C. Chaput                  William R. Soukup                Edward M. Rizzi                  Charles E. Eaton
  John M. Toliver, Jr.         Baylor (Mu Alpha)             California State/Fullerton      Central Arkansas                   Robert Smalley                   Claude L. Gibson
  Marvin R. Weide                Christian A. Burton         (Lambda Upsilon)                (Lambda Phi)                     Connecticut (Epsilon Phi)          Robert L. Grillo
  H. Cameron Williams            John N. Curl                  Bryan W. Davenport              James L. Barr                    Arthur F. Blum                   Harold K. Hine
  David E. Willock               C. Todd Meddings              Lloyd W. Lee                  Charleston (Iota Rho)              Edmund H. de Mattia              Robert E. Kuhnhein
Arkansas (Gamma Upsilon)         Kevin K. Weaver               Scott F. Rangel                 Jack W. Herndon                  Richard M. Grant                 Joel W. Mayers
  Anthony B. Adams             Bethany (Epsilon)             California State/Los Angeles      Thomas J. Laney                Cornell (Gamma Theta)              Bradley A. Perkins
  John Bagby, Jr.                John P. Blaho, Jr.          (Eta Phi)                         James A. Owens                   Matthew T. Blackwood             Frank W. Tracy, Jr.
  George W. Baldridge            Charles E. Brown              Charles J. Fite                                                  Nicholas J. Carino               James W. Ward

   Spring 2001                                                                                                                               The Delta of Sigma Nu L 27
Duquesne (Kappa Delta)           James B. Coyne                  Frederick G. Lauckner        Franklyn E. Frick             William B. Hornback, Jr.        Gordon R. Kuhn
  Brad G. Masterson              Michael J. Good                 David B. Singleton           Donald H. Geiger              James P. Hudson                 Maurice E. Littlefield
  Michael T. Sheleheda           Edward J. Kroman, III           Jack E. Stalsby              George L. Irvine              John G. Hundley                 Joseph D. Mokarzel
East Carolina (Eta Beta)         Brandon S. Smith             Idaho (Delta Omicron)           David H. Kruse                Robert E. Hutchens              Frank G. Schaible
  Millard D. Maloney             Rod S. Ward, Jr.                Howard C. Baker              Wayne D. Seibold              Carl R. Lencke                  James D. Thompson
  James E. Phelps, Jr.         George Washington                 Carl G. Berry                John E. van der Linden        Michael H. Lowry              Mankato State
East Tennessee (Theta Chi)     (Delta Pi)                        Jason D. Carnahan            Osgood J. Whittemore, Jr.     George R. Moseley, Jr.        (Lambda Delta)
  Bryan K. Adams                 Wallace I. Babcock              Ralph M. Conant, Jr.         Elmer M. Wilharm              Frederick E. Nichols            Paul A. Swanson
  Jason R. Berry                 Ethan S. Baumfeld               Robert W. Farmin             Richard B. Winchester         Omer E. Pace, Jr.             Maryland (Delta Phi)
  Ronald G. Edmond               John C. Christie                Robert R. Granville        Jacksonville (Kappa Theta)      Sidney A. Phillips              Donovan G. Bachtell
  Jerry L. Stinson, II           Joseph L. Fleming               Patrick J. Hamilton          Brian P. Joyce                Robert E. Powell                Michael P. Bercu
Eastern Illinois                 Thomas P. Harrison, Ret.        George H. Handy              Matthew J. Pope               Timothy D. Reynolds, DMD        Gerard F. Consuegra
(Lambda Gamma)                   Harry M. Hodge                  Andrew C. Jensen           Jacksonville State              Edward E. Thomas                Robert E. Creager
  Brad R. Hettich                Charles C. Klein                Robert J. Koontz           (Iota Lambda)                   Donald 0. White                 Neal J. Edwards
  Michael J. Pilon               Michael S. Kridel               Mark A. Robinson, III        John C. Awbrey               Kentucky Wesleyan                James W. Harbour, II
Eastern Kentucky                 Thaddeus A. Lindner             Darryl M. Selleck          Johns Hopkins                  (Eta Epsilon)                    Robert M. Haskey
(Theta Theta)                    Frank E. Mann                   James G. Towles            (Theta Epsilon)                 Adam H. Potter                  Richard L. Hoddinott
  Bradford H. Blain              John B. McGowan, Jr.            Bobby L. Webster             Stanley H. Konefal, Jr.      Kettering (Eta Mu)               Deane E. Keith
  Larry W. Cleveland             Lawrence K. Pavlu               Dean R. Wendle               Allan M. Wiser                Maurice J. Flynn                Christopher B. Lawson
  T. Philip Refbord              Floyd C. Plowman                Steven E. Zimmerly         Kansas (Nu)                     Robert T. Mintus                Leroy A. Rossi
  Michael P. Soult               John D. Scott, Jr.           Idaho State (Eta Eta)           Bedford H. Berrey, M.D.       Michael J. Patton               Harry F. Vollmer, III
Eastern Michigan               Georgia (Mu)                      Robert H. Jones              Charles A. Bishop, Jr.       Knox (Delta Theta)               Steven E. Walker
(Lambda Pi)                      John P. Bridges, Jr.            Robert C. Taylor             William M. Cohn               Donald E. Dixon               Mercer (Eta)
  John G. Flood                  Joseph W. Butler, II            William C. Watt              Charles M. Connor             Jack L. Fayhee                  William K. Baker, USN
  David J. Glassman              Floyd L. Carr                Illinois (Gamma Mu)             Thomas R. Fields              Lewis C. Montgomery             Howell P. Bell, III
Eastern New Mexico               John B. Cobb                    John A. Andreos              Paul A. Hodge, III            John H. O'Connor                H. Taylor Butler, III
(Eta Sigma)                      Richard D. Craft                Kenneth R. Apel              Charles H. Hyer               Earl W. Ralf                    Charles L. Calhoun
  Joseph W. Clymire              Ernest R. Griner                William A. Boncosky          Ralph M. King, Jr.            Alan W. Schmidt                 T. G. Halbrooks
  Gary W. Cozzens                William W. Hall                 Herschell G. Emery           William H. Lytle              Paul S. Shimotake               Gregory W. Howard
  Kenneth D. Fadke               James D. Hays                   Richard R. Heinzman          Steven B. Moon                Lloyd E. Sommers                Bryan Morris
  Evan B. Payne                  Ellis A. Mansour                Kenneth R. Honecker, Jr.     Paul J. Parker                Jack A. Stouffer                Michael D. Osterhout
Eastern Washington               J. Harold McCard                George K. Hughes, Jr.        Jon P. Parman                 Joe Thompson                    John D. Persons, Jr.
(Theta Lambda)                   George W. McKenney, Jr.         David H. Johnston, Jr.       Robert A. Parrish            Lafayette (Gamma Epsilon)        James W. Thomas, Jr.
  Douglas L. Brockway            J. Lamar Merk                   Paul J. Maton                Mark A. Putman                Steven J. Batta                 Ronald D. Wagner
  Brian L. Campbell              Wilmer E. Newsome, Jr.          Cyrus A. Mayer               Richard L. Rippey, II         Bernard W. Brady                Thomas A. White, Jr.
  Rodney G. Nicholls             Robert W. Richards              Richard D. Montz             Robert B. Riss                George W. Crouch              Miami (Zeta Beta)
Emory (Xi)                       William T. Rountree             Kenneth E. Welch             James A. Roberts              Donald C. Dates                 Calvin W. Reynolds
  Richard E. Caesar              William V. Scoggins             John L. Werner, Jr.          Jack W. Robison               Hilton N. Rahn, Jr.             Donald 0. White
  Herman N. Hamner               James P. Swann, Jr.             George H. Wilkinson          Gary R. Schaub               Lamar (Zeta Psi)               Miami/Ohio (Epsilon Nu)
  Charles M. Harden, Jr.       Georgia Southern                  Stanford E. Workman          M. James Swords               James T. Fiedler                William S. Andersen
  John E. Holman               (Theta Kappa)                  Illinois State (Theta Rho)      James A. Weatherby            William P. Harrigan, III        Robert J. Bertoli
  Robert L. Marchman, III        Cecil T. Christopher, Jr.       David N. Abbott              Robert W. Wheeler             Michael J. Landry               Wayne J. Byers
  Carl G. Renfroe                Anthony B. Fair                 Mark A. Myers                Bruce W. Zuercher            Lander (Theta Phi)               Jack G. Ellis
  Dallas D. Sawyer, Jr.          Walter C. Lownes             Indiana (Beta Eta)            Kansas St. (Beta Kappa)         Everette G. Lancaster           James M. Grealis
  Charles E. Suber               Wallace P. McCullough, Jr.      Richard P. Bail              Dennis C. Albright            Rowland D. LeMaster             John A. Hurley
  Carl J. Weinmeister, III       Ferrell L. Penland              Larry D. Berning             Dean W. Arnold                Charles B. Magaha               George S. Johnston, Jr.
Florida (Epsilon Zeta)           David W. Simmons                Dwight L. Cragun             Joel W. Athey                 Donald H. Scott                 James S. Johnston
  Amos E. Bassett, Jr.           David D. Whitlaw, Jr.           Donald K. Densborn           Earl W. Couchman, Jr.        Lehigh (Pi)                      Bernard R. Josif
  Lawrence A. Beck             Georgia State (Eta Gamma)         George S. Gamble, Jr.        David F. Crews                William R. Brady                George B. Leighninger
  Hollis H. Buchanan             William L. Ash                  Wendell W. Gish              Richard W. Dodderidge         Charles E. Brown                John T. Leininger
  Charles B. Costar, Jr.         Jett B. Conn, Jr.               Charles F. Goss              Glen R. Ferlemann             Wayne H. Carter, Jr.            Erich D. Lenz
  Timothy P. Culbertson          Richard H. Coreno               David B. Leaf                Ronald L. Grojean             Herman J. Edwards, Jr.          William B. Mayberry
  George M. Dykes, III           Walter C. Lownes                Thomas M. Lofton             John N. Gutschenritter        Joseph J. Fater, Jr.            William F. McKee
  Robert L. Ely, Jr., Ret.       Shanon D. Smith                 Marcus M. McShurley          Charles D. Heinze             Thomas J. Freeman               George E. McNeal
  Patrick R. Fitzgerald        Georgia Tech                      J. R. Miles                  Galen W. Johnson              William P. Liptrot              Shawn R. Nally
  Gordon Hays                  (Gamma Alpha)                     Robert J. Minkler, Jr.       Stephen D. Kelly             Louisiana State (Phi)            Howard F. Newberry
  William D. Hearne, Jr.         Florence L. Breen, Jr.          John A. Myers                John H. Khoury                Alan L. Ash, Jr.                David B. Penske
  Robert B. Kirkconnell, Jr.     George F. Britt                 J. Robert Shine              Benjamin R. Lantz, Jr.        Robert S. Bennett               Robert S. Ruototo
  Allen G. MacCartee, Jr.        James A. Conner                 John F. Sievers              Ronald G. Michaelis           Henry W. Bethard, III           Dennis M. Sassano
  John S. Montanye, Sr.          Thomas P. Dowell, Jr.           John D. Smiley               Robert G. Reinke              Richard G. Gilly                Paul F. Shook
  Edmund W. Morton, III          Clifford T. McConnell           James H. Sparks              Stephen S. Sage               Robert P. Hodges                Dean J. Smith
  Alfred V. Pope, Jr.            Matthew G. McKenna              E. G. White                  George D. Schumacher          Keith A. Jarrett, Jr.           Jack E. Stephens
  Patrick M. Scanlon             Benjamin B. Mills, Jr.       Indiana State (Iota Psi)        Jerry D. Spencer              Albert W. Laser, Jr.            James V. Stoneman
  Thomas H. Wakefield            Franklin O. Mitchell            James A. Celarek             Michael A. Steiner            George D. Nelson                Carl W. Wilke, Jr.
  James D. Wright                Oswald Newell, Jr.           Indiana Univ. of PA             Vance N. Templeton            John F. Reid                  Michigan (Gamma Nu)
Florida State (Zeta Zeta)        George F. Schminke, III      (Iota Alpha)                    Joseph H. Tognascioli, Jr.    Charles B. Schweizer            Rowland P. Bolton
  Stephen D. Brown               William V. Scoggins             Robert G. Grimes, Jr.        David C. Underwood            Robert J. Turner, III           Christopher M. Brugman
  Gregory S. Galliford           William C. Scott, Jr.           John J. Henry                Robert E. Wallerstedt         James W. Wade, II               Thomas J. DeVries
  Andrew J. Hoyt                 James P. Swann, Jr.          Iowa (Beta Mu)                  William P. Winslow, III      Louisiana Tech (Eta Zeta)        Ralph E. Edwards
  Edgar F. Leonard             Gettysburg (Zeta Sigma)           William E. Beye            Kent State (Zeta Gamma)         Glen E. Andrew                  Theodore M. Hamady
  Robert P. Miller               Jeffrey S. Bacon                Robert E. Booth              Robert J. Bernstein           Richard A. Chitwood             Jeffrey J. Hering
  John G. Oertel                 Jonathan M. Castro              Robert V. Hicklin            Gilbert G. Dubray             John L. Christian               Max E. Kelly
  George E. Saylor               Robert W. Ekman                 Robert H. Kastner            Darren A. Ewaska              James W. Fondren, Jr.           Richard G. Lassy
  Jeffrey M. Serzan              David G. Esworthy               Thomas D. King               Clifford C. Foust             Donald M. Gregory, Jr.          John R. Lewis, Jr.
  Harry B. Spence, Jr.           Kenneth H. Geils                John P. Mulroney, Jr.        John P. Frankenburger         David G. Hilton               Michigan State (Epsilon Rho)
  John R. Tomberlin, Jr.         James S. Hinman, Esq.           John E. Skelley              William D. Reppa              James O. McCrery, III           Michael J. Bienkowski
  Carl R. Torsleff               Phillip O. Hutchison            David Stern                  Edward H. Saxton              James D. Rogers                 Donald R. Borgeson
  James E. Vincent               John D. Mumford, Jr.            William L. Taylor            Donald E. Schuller            Stafford J. Vallery, II         John W. Brophy
  Douglas W. White               Andrew J. Nedelka               Douglas V. VanTreeck         Robert C. Wiedlund            David F. Wylie                  Jack H. Cameron
Fresno (Zeta Kappa)              Anthony N. Riviello, Jr.        Howard S. White            Kentucky (Gamma Iota)          Louisiana/Lafayette (Eta Nu)     Stephen M. Cerovsky
  John E. Croson                 David G. Shelly                 Jon R. Wilson                John Aboud, Jr.               Brent E. Hill                   Steve G. Contos, Jr.
  Richard F. Engel             Hartford (Mu Iota)             Iowa State (Gamma Sigma)        James W. Atkins, Jr.         Maine (Delta Nu)                 Michael J. Cutlip
  Peter L. Heckenlaible          Steven J. Goldie                Gerald W. Cady               Hugh O. Barber, Jr.           Richard L. Corbett              James S. DeMond
  Clarence R. Mortensen          Andrew W. Zold                  Charles C. Cook              Allen R. Bruce                Richard O. Gordon               John D. Fedewa
George Mason                   Houston (Zeta Chi)                Daniel P. Dodd               Robert C. Cayce               Charles A. Hanson               Robert J. Foss
(Lambda Beta)                    Edward A. Guthrie, III          John F. Duston, Jr.          Leslie M. Clark               David D. Holmes                 E. Patrick Fox
  Scott M. Albrecht              David N. Jones                  Freeman H. Forrest           John D. Goldstein             John F. Hooper                  Jack C. Gale

   28 L The Delta of Sigma Nu                                                                                                                              www.sigmanu.org
  Jack D. Goodrich            Kenneth E. Hickel             Donald E. Pickett               Joseph N. McCall             Marty J. Perry               Ryan S. Maibach
  George T. Guerre            William C. Kaiserman          John G. Spain                   Milton V. Sanden             James C. Sindt               Frank N. Manwaring
  Norman H. Hofley            John B. Krause                Charles G. Wall, Jr.            Raymond A. Sanford           Hi W. Staten, Jr.            Loren T. Mathews
  Michael J. Holmes           George P. Lambros           North Carolina/Asheville          Arthur R. Schiltz            Laurence E. Thomas           William A. McGown, Jr.
  Stanley C. Johnston         Warren L. Little            (Mu Eta)                          James S. Simpson, Jr.        David L. Whitfield           Morgan L. Miers
  James A. Lewis              Glen P. Marcus                Daniel P. Quesnel               George K. Spangler         Old Dominion (Eta Chi)         David E. Mirra
  James P. Marakas            Fenton L. Maynard             Stephen E. Tharrington          Allen G. Spencer             Ronald A. Baker              George F. Norris
  Gerald F. Marshall          Keith A. Robinson           North Carolina (Psi)              John E. Wayland              John M. Head                 Joseph C. Palermo
  Robert W. Miller            Robert T. Seitz               Joseph A. Adams               Norwich (Zeta Epsilon)         John J. Kelly                Mark G. Pickett
  Joseph F. Mueller           John R. Stenbeck              James F. Bishop, Jr.            Guy S. Huntley, USAR         John H. Kleinsmith           Thomas M. Pickford, P.E.
  Robert A. Olstein           Brice Toole, Jr.              Malcolm S. Burgess, Jr.         Viesturs Zagars              Kemp P. Parrish              Jack E. Pruitt
  Jeffrey Prang               Terrence G. Wilson            Edgar T. Cato                 Ohio (Zeta Mu)                 Carl L. Ragland, Jr.         John N. Ralston
  Douglas C. Zboril           Maxford K. Yandt              Henry T. Clark, Jr.             Delmar D. Dowling            Jeffrey A. Ramirez           David W. Rish
  Robert L. Zerull          Montana State (Zeta Nu)         Noel Dunivant, Jr.              Jack G. Ellis               Thomas A. Rhodes              Philip J. Roberts
Middle Tennessee              Richard O. Bell               Charles E. Eaton                Kenneth Grambley             Anthony W. Savage            Edward D. Rollert
(Theta Iota)                  Russell W. Crawford           Darden J. Eure, Jr.             Ivan T. Hofmann, III         David W. Stockmeier          Mark E. Russell
  Tony D. Marable             John H. Egeland               Leslie A. Farfour, Jr.          David H. Kruse             Oregon (Gamma Zeta)            Raymond M. Schneider
Midwestern (Eta Upsilon)      Ralph K. Miller               Vance T. Forbes, Jr.            George P. Melvin             Edward J. Healey             Ronald P. Sellberg
  Bradley K. Amidei           Donald D. Vaniman             Benjamin D. Frazier, Jr.        Richard E. Norman            Lloyd J. Knutson             Dean J. Smith
  C. Paul Shubert           Morehead State (Theta Tau)      William C. Griffin              Carl D. Ransbottom           Edward M. Miller, Jr.        William R. Soukup
Minnesota (Gamma Tau)         John M. Clevenger, Jr.        Frank M. Holmes                 Robert R. Williams           Charles J. Ramos             William B. Spargur
  Harry E. Bank               Paul D. Price                 Eugene F. Howden, DDS           James W. Wilson            Oregon State (Delta Tau)       Robert C. Taylor
  George M. Bickel, Jr.     Mt. Union (Beta Iota)           Benjamin E. James, Jr.        Ohio State (Beta Nu)           Scott M. Burlingham          Robert D. Ulrich, Jr.
  Lester S. Dame, Jr.         Robert B. Abrams, Jr.         Richard E. Kelly                Stephen M. Bower             Steven L. Clark              Joseph M. Williamson
  Francois X. Delzer          Herbert A. Barry              James T. Little, Jr.            Brian C. Dietz               Leonard L. Coldwell          Thomas C. Williamson
  Duane H. Engebretson        Lawrence R. Brosnan, II       Paul J. Maton                   Chalmer J. Dyer, Jr.         Rick R. Colver             Rhode Island (Zeta Rho)
  Glenn E. Engebretson        John A. Burnquist             James G. Oglesby                Glen R. Ferlemann            Donald C. Eldredge           Matthew W. Davis
  Douglas E. Fox              Curran D. Chidester           Charles M. Redfern, Jr.         Jerauld D. Ferritto, Jr.     George C. Frisbie            Richard L. Dennis, Jr.
  Karl F. Keller              Clifford T. Ermlich           John M. Roberts                 Daniel K. Graham             Richard C. Hafenrichter      Robert J. Rose
  Robert A. Kieffer           James R. Hartland           North Dakota                      J. R. Greenleaf              John E. Moore                Richard K. Stenmark
  Morris A. Knutsen           Richard L. Hurley           (Epsilon Kappa)                   Herschel K. Headley          Howard I. Sargent          Rhodes College
  Donald B. Mathiason         Richard O. Maag               Francois X. Delzer              Robert W. Hedland            John S. Second             (Epsilon Sigma)
  Richard A. Novak, Ph.D      Ralph H. Matz                 Chad R. Frost                   James E. Johnson             Robert S. Trouton            Ronald W. Eades
  William R. Olsson           William F. McKee              Robert L. Gunderson, M.D.       Michael J. Kobold            Joseph F. Wood               Allen D. Mills
  Patrick M. Parins           Robert R. Riley               Jeffrey A. Helgerson            Gavin R. Larrimer          Penn State (Delta Delta)       John B. Neeld
  Robert U. Reid              William W. Shilts             Brad D. Jacobs                  John P. McQuaid              Albert B. Bowker             Will W. Owen, Jr.
  Edward C. Ritchell          James M. Switzer              Marvin L. Kaiser                Arthur H. Miller             Grant F. Breining            Randall R. Rhea
  V. P. Schneider, Jr.        Donald P. Watson, Jr.         Charles W. Kops                 George R. Nelson             Dan P. Downey                Gordon Robertson, Jr.
  Kenneth O. Stonesifer       Michael D. White              David L. Laird                  Ernest J. Palisin            Harry E. Engle, Jr.          Michael H. Sadler
  Arthur W. Swanstrom       Murray State (Theta Delta)      Donald M. Laird                 William S. Robson, DDS       Robert W. Free               John C. Schultz
Mississippi (Epsilon Xi)      Ralph E. Barnwell, Jr.        William L. Maurer             Oklahoma (Delta Epsilon)       Albin R. Hoffman             Paul M. Thompson
  William D. Bell, III        James E. Mills                Alroy D. Piepgras               George N. Austin, M.D.       Nicholas D. Hollick          Neely F. Wix
  Edward W. Coker, Jr.      Nebraska (Delta Eta)            Alan W. Purdon                  John C. Boggs                William C. Masseth           Milton L. Wray
  Hal E. Hill                 Clinton C. Banks            North Dakota State                Virgil H. Butler             Raymond Rod                Rochester (Lambda Eta)
  George I. Puckett           Clinton C. Banks            (Eta Theta)                       James E. Cohlmia             Ernest W. Russom, III        Eric J. Lavonas, M.D.
  Samuel J. Sliman            Terry A. Burke                John D. Benschoter              Michael N. Cohlmia           Roy H. Sinclair, Jr.         Lee S. Richman
  John M. Sullivan            Charles C. Cook               Arvin E. Hagen                  James D. Cossey              Robert L. Wilson           Rochester Inst. of Tech.
  William D. Trahan           Paul L. Dunn                  Shawn R. Vasichek               Edwin W. de Cordova          William E. Yoder           (Mu Zeta)
  Earl R. Wilson              Donald R. Grant             North Georgia (Kappa)             Herschell G. Emery         Pennsylvania (Beta Rho)        Kurt W. Stoskopf
  John R. Young               L. W. Harris                  Michael E. Anderson             Stephen G. Gattis            Daniel D. Cowell           Rollins (Epsilon Tau)
Missouri Valley               Thomas L. Hedges              Philip W. Cate                  Jeffrey C. Greene            Carl R. Fischer, Jr.         George W. Milam, Jr.
(Beta Gamma)                  Arthur C. Jetter              Barry R. Hendricks              Mayfield J. Huff            Thomas J. Johnston, Jr.     Rose-Hulman (Beta Upsilon)
  Jack K. Buckley             William A. Koehn            North Texas (Zeta Omicron)        Homer C. Hyde, Jr.           Bruce C. Kaercher            Floyd C. Butel, Jr.
  James C. Helm               Lewis A. Kremer               John M. Barba, Jr.              Joel P. Ivy                 Terry O. Lympus, DMD          Myron J. Clark
  Robert E. Woodsmall         Robert J. Martin, M.D.        Kent L. Bass                    Herbert A. Johnson, Jr.      Robert B. Nussbaum           John A. Derry
Missouri/Columbia (Rho)       Kelly J. Ridgway              Frank D. Bracken, Jr.           Timothy A. Keegan            Orville R. Walls, III        Joseph R. Griffin
  Jerrald D. Bucksath         Frank H. Sargent              Michael T. Brasher              Philip B. Keeley           Presbyterian (Zeta Theta)      Lane A. Harkless
  Carl E. Corbin, Jr.         Stanley M. Truhlsen, M.D.     James E. Coln                   Robert W. Lykins, M.D.       Roland F. Cinciarelli        Russell E. Heelan, Jr.
  Patrick S. D'Orazio       Nevada/Las Vegas (Iota Mu)      James V. Cooper, Jr.            Bradley G. McDonald        Puget Sound (Zeta Alpha)       Lanny A. Jines
  William F. Hooten, Jr.      Philip L. DaQuino, II         Richard Jordan                  Alonzo W. McKinney           Willis E. Peacock            Charles R. Stewart
  John Latshaw                Donald A. Hilke               Scott C. McCally                Grover S. McMakin            Ramsey M. Phipps             Charles B. Strickland
  John C. Rain              Nevada/Reno (Delta Xi)          Charles G. Oxford               James C. Norton              Jason E. Ritchie           Salisbury State (Iota Xi)
  John C. Rain, Jr.           Jackson E. Batchelder         Richard W. Perkins              Jerry W. Rizley             Timothy J. Zagurski           David L. Jones
  Bernard C. Rice             William F. Cahoone, Jr.       Edward H. Stewart               Timothy B. Shepherd        Purdue (Beta Zeta)           Sam Houston (Mu Mu)
  Theodore A. Smith           Kenneth J. Corica             Joseph A. Wysong                Joseph A. Wysong             Burton C. Aamodt             Ryan C. Buck
  Soren P. Sorensen, Jr.      Stephen E. Cox              Northeast Louisiana               Donn E. Young                Joseph A. Baird            Samford (Iota)
  Theodore W. Stolz           Sam D. Dibitonto            (Kappa Psi)                     Oklahoma State                 Frederick L. Bronnenberg     Robert M. Blake
  Raymond W. Weidemann        Edward M. Johnson             Joel L. Waller                (Epsilon Epsilon)              Harry H. Carlson             Robert W. Hensarling, Jr.
Missouri/Rolla (Gamma Xi)     Roderick G. MacKay          Northern Arizona (Eta Iota)       Richard J. Alaback           Donald R. Case               Paul J. Maton
  Robert M. Brackbill         Thomas J. Turrentine          Kristopher W. Boyer             William H. Allen, Jr.        Stanley J. Chastain          Robert I. McLeod
  William E. Ellerman         Richard L. Vial               Joseph F. Dox, Jr.              James T. Atherton            John P. Clayton              Roland B. Smith
  Harold W. Flood           New Hampshire                   Eric P. Hailey                  Eugene B. Ball               Christopher L. Day           Ferman D. Solomon, Jr.
  Marion F. Hawthorne       (Iota Sigma)                    Michael R. Myrick               Barney U. Brown, Jr.         Gilbert C. Dodson, Jr.       James J. Stewart
  Donald H. Johnson           Jonathan N. Aliber            Brian S. Pieper                 Allen R. Burnham             Robert J. Enneking           Milton L. Wray
  William F. Oberschelp       Gregory M. Pope             Northern Illinois (Theta Eta)     Larry G. Cassil              James C. Esterline         San Diego State (Eta Kappa)
  Charles H. O'Neill          James D. Ware                 Gene J. Heino                   William D. Clift             James F. Fishburn            Ryan L. Edmonds
  John L. Painter           North Carolina State            Eric J. Miller                  Dwight C. Colville           Michael S. Gedonius          R. Patrick Fuller
  Stephen R. Reilly         (Beta Tau)                      Gregory J. Ramel, Jr.           John H. Ford, Jr.            John A. Gilroy               Jeffrey L. Giarde
  Robert L. Siddall           Lester A. Foster, Jr.         Paul E. Seils                   Marlin Glass, Jr.            William A. Goshorn           David C. Nastri
  William J. Vark             Merrion D. Gill             Northwestern                      William J. Gooden            Craig A. Gunckel             H. Cameron Williams
  Carl E. Zerweck, Jr.        Patrick F. Gorham           (Gamma Beta)                      Jerry R. Gregg               William A. Hammer            Kevin N. Williams
MIT (Epsilon Theta)           Roger A. Gregg                Kenneth W. Anderson             Jess Harris, Jr.             Bradley J. Heilman         San Jose (Zeta Iota)
  William C. Mitchell         Jack L. Hardy, Jr.            Barry K. Berghorn               Douglas M. Hawkins           Edward H. Holloway, Jr.      Kenneth M. Alviso
Montana (Gamma Phi)           David S. Jolley               John C. Kingsbury               Clarence W. Lambert         Thomas Josivoff               Raymond V. Caruso
  Gordon C. Buck              Laurence D. Leavitt           George B. Leighninger           Robert D. Maddox             Douglas C. Knowles           Tracy R. Claus
  John J. Burke, Jr.          Richard W. McKay              Neil J. Lucchese                Grover S. McMakin            Larry A. Kring               Charles London
  Ronald L. Farrell           William M. Miller, III        John E. McArdle                 James L. Menzer              Jordan B. Longwell           John L. McDonald

   Spring 2001                                                                                                                       The Delta of Sigma Nu L 29
  Kent A. Tibbils                 Henry F. Beede             Texas (Upsilon)              Utah (Epsilon Lambda)            Eric J. Lavonas, M.D.         Ervin S. Queen
  Elias P. Totah                  William E. Bratton           John L. Burke, Jr.           Timothy G. Chatterton          James O. McCrery, III         Arthur S. Tribbie
Seton Hall (Lambda Rho)           Ki L. Cotter                 Richard K. Colbourne         Robert K. Haerr                Marty J. Perry                James E. Udick
  Eberhard R. Grosse              Hugh L. Hilleary             Richard D. Davis             Craig B. Hurst                 Samuel J. Sliman              Wayne G. Wegwart
Sewanee (Beta Omicron)            Peter L. Jensen              James C. Fitzgerald          Brian L. Johnson             Washington (Gamma Chi)          John A. Wilson
  William R. Boling               David L. Leal                Eric Guerrero                Robert J. Koontz               Arthur W. Anderson, Jr.     Western Illinois
  H. K. Timberlake, Jr.           David G. Patterson           Gary P. Hite                 Earshel W. Newman              Harold C. Block, Jr.        (Kappa Alpha)
  William D. Trahan               David H. Quinn, Jr.          Mayfield J. Huff             Harry R. Ostler                Marshall D. Boyd              Roy L. Albiani
Slippery Rock (Lambda Tau)        Robert O. Shreve             Willis E. Jarrel             Roger C. Pettey                Claude O. Cunningham          John E. Schwarberg
  Scott E. Carpenter            Stetson (Delta Mu)             Edwin B. Law                 Harold K. Smoot                Joseph G. Cutler              Thomas B. Strayer
  Nicholas J. VanNess             Thomas M. Barratt            Lloyd E. Pratt, Jr.          Norman G. Stead                Daniel E. Frank             Western Kentucky (Eta Rho)
South Alabama (Theta Mu)          Milton S. Cooper             Edward L. Rehmann            John A. Thorson                Larry W. Lesley               David A. Butler
  Christopher E. Gay              Henry E. Cosper              Raymond Rod                Utah State (Epsilon Upsilon)     Theodore K. Lund              Robert P. LaGrange, II
  David M. Thompson               Gordon Hays                  Paul R. Smith, Jr.           Larry A. Andersen              David Maginnis                Christopher J. Zirkelbach
South Carolina (Delta)            Allan E. Meyer               William A. Smith             Robert E. Corey                Patrick C. McEvoy           Western Reserve
  William J. Bruce                Richard H. Schaefer          Edward H. Stewart            Jay M. Hamilton                Kenneth C. O'Hare           (Delta Zeta)
  Eugene C. Cathcart              Gordon T. Wells, II        Texas A&M (Kappa Sigma)        John H. Jolley                 Robert E. Reid                Maynard C. Burkhardt
  Lewie W. Earhardt               William L. White, Jr.        Robert E. Kollman            Dwayne E. Manful               Darrel D. Schultz           Westminster (Epsilon Psi)
  Robert L. Gaines                Charles N. Wolfe           Texas Tech (Zeta Pi)           Jack J. Rasmussen              Merrill A. Street             Robert S. Cipolla
  James M. Gillam               Stevens (Gamma Delta)          Kevin M. Buschmann           Gerald R. Sherratt             Graham A. Tash                William G. Douthett, III
  Eugene K. Jones                 Julius A. Ballanco           Robert A. Clark              Vern H. Weatherston          Washington & Lee (Lambda)       P. Richard Hackenburg
  Donald L. McLaurin              Scott C. Banks               Leroy O. Grawunder, Jr.    Valdosta (Mu Nu)                 Ernest V. Echols              George E. Holy
  Ryan P. Mitchell                Bruce A. Barnaba             Bill L. Gunnin               Louie L. Leiwalo               Henry H. Fisher               Glenn C. Marshall
  Foster M. Routh, Jr.            Glenn E. Borsuk              James E. King              Valley City (Iota Iota)          Daniel L. Giger               Gordon R. Mast
  George R. Tindall               Richard J. Byrne             Raymond W. Mires             Dale V. Johnson                Ronald L. Gutberlet           Thomas B. McIntire, Jr.
South Dakota (Theta Beta)         Gerardo J. Chirico           Harold G. Nash               Duane A. Reinisch              William Hamilton              Albert B. Nichols, Jr.
  Charles B. Fullerton            Alan J. Cohen                Hugh E. Pettigrew, Jr.     Vanderbilt (Sigma)               Paul A. Hodge, III            Joseph D. Sholl
  Anthony F. Heilman              Robert W. Davenport          Larry S. Price               Antonio J. Almeida, Jr.        John G. Koedel, Jr.           James W. Wiggins
South Florida (Theta Alpha)       Paul G. Donohoe              Russell E. Smith             Donald E. Begley, II           Vincent T. Lathbury, III      Laurence C. Wright
  Greg J. Gross                   John J. Galligan             Philip E. Teeling, Jr.       William C. Bond                George W. Lowry             William & Mary
  Dale E. Hansen, Jr.             Peter J. Gallo, III          Richard S. Wynne             William F. Brock, Jr.          Samuel Price                (Epsilon Iota)
  Sidney L. Matthew               Christopher M. Gittleman     James L. Zurlis              James E. Carrico               Thomas N. Tagle               Eric J. Kadel, Jr.
  Thomas G. Newman                Andrew J. Gorun            Texas/Arlington                Quentin C. Cassen              William C. Wilbur, Jr.        Willis P. Lanier, III
  Nathan S. Pendleton, IV         Joseph S. Hinksmon         (Iota Omicron)                 Robert E. Cowan, Jr.           Henry I. Willett, Jr.         Andrew E. Sage
  Brendan S. Serrao               Mark J. Hirsch               Donald R. Agee               Hunter D. Hollins            Washington State                Robert B. West
  Michael J. Show                 George J. Koechlein          Alan E. Petsche              Robert E. Johnson            (Delta Iota)                  William Jewell (Beta Xi)
Southern California               Robert E. Lee              Texas/San Antonio              John B. Neeld                  Herbert E. Hammond            Jerry W. Hubbard
(Epsilon Omicron)                 Marc F. Levin               (Mu Theta)                    William S. Painter             George R. Holte               Raymond E. Keithcart
  Thomas S. Baker, Jr.            Steven J. Marrano            Derrell Rhoden               Steven J. Palumbo              Mark D. Johnson               Fred T. Renshaw
  Beau M. Blanchard               James F. Morris            Toledo (Lambda Psi)            Charles R. Pugh, JrCP          Scott C. Johnson              William J. Rolinitis
  Erik S. Burns                   Richard E. Munczinski        William N. Forsyth           R. Paul Rich                   John W. Judy, Jr.             Charles J. Rowe
  George R. Caddle, Jr.           Walter B. Peters           Toronto (Zeta Delta)           Alfred M. Smith                Aaron T. Price                Billy C. Womack
  Clarence E. Carder              Anthony Rosati               Ross E. Good                 Jesse J. Stewart, Jr.          Daniel E. Slagle            Winthrop (Kappa Xi)
  Kenneth J. Corica               John Schick                  Wray S. Morrison             Thomas J. Stokes, Jr.          Richard S. Thompson           Michael B. Johnson
  Raymond F. Freschi              Arthur J. Schmidt          Trinity (Delta Chi)            Billy T. Sumner                Kenneth M. Uriu             Wisconsin
  John L. Grigsby                 Ero C. Selander              Anthony Aloi                 James A. Wilkirson             Douglas F. Walton           (Gamma Lambda)
  Robert G. Hickle                Willis S. Simmons            John R. Barber             Vermont (Beta Sigma)             Lyell M. Williams             James W. Braak
  Michael Liang                   Axel O. Velden, II           Graham A. Day                Lynn A. Davis, Jr.           Washington/St. Louis            James E. Brunner
  Norman W. Madge                 Andreas L. Viru              James Dougherty              Edward T. Eggert, II         (Gamma Omicron)                 Kenneth J. Cummins
  William H. McGurty            SW Texas (Eta Tau)             James A. Grant               Kenneth A. Laplant             Richard L. Batterberry        Steven J. Ehrmann
  John E. Moore                   Michael D. Howard            George C. Sturges            John S. Stark                  Walter W. Blood, III          Eugene D. Farley
  Christopher D. Quinn            Philip T. Weisman          Tufts (Zeta Eta)             Vincennes (Iota Zeta)            Robert B. Brown               Eugene O. Gehl
  George B. Reichart            Syracuse (Gamma Psi)           William F. Buchas            Brent A. Fisher                Leonard A. Buss               James R. Hanson
  Jeffrey L. Taylor               Alexander J. Baye            Paul K. Dober                John P. Ott                    Thomas W. Chamblin            James C. Key, Jr.
  Al L. Vistaunet                 Marshall T. Corey            Bradley R. Frank           Virginia (Beta)                  John J. Cummins               Gene G. Kuehneman
Southern Illinois                 Robert C. Dickinson          Clarence D. Peterson         Peter A. Arntson               Carl J. Deutsch               Harold L. Michael
(Mu Lambda)                       Allan C. Fadden              Stanley D. Romaine, Jr.      William A. Barden, Jr.         Ralph H. Dumbell              Elwyn F. Nelson, III
  Gregory T. Peelman              James F. Gardner, Jr.        Charles J. Trantanella       Donald C. Beaumont             Gary J. Gray, M.D.            John R. Rowe, II
  Christiaan P. Van Deur, Jr.     Edwin J. Gros, Jr.         Tulane (Beta Phi)              Geoffrey L. Brice              Oscar P. Hampton, III         Richard G. Schenk
Southern Maine (Iota Nu)          Nelson H. Henderson, Jr.     Charles Clark, Jr.           Ralph A. Corley, III           Timothy J. Heinrich           Thomas L. Schwaab
  Kenneth J. Ballard              William F. Mattlage          James M. Cutshaw             William E. Dvorak, Jr.         Kenneth E. Krancher           Percy A. Spence, Jr.
  William E. Leigher              Walter E. Roslund            Joseph F. Faccone, III       William M. Goodman             Paul W. Proctor, Ph.D       Wofford (Eta Omicron)
  Isaac B. Shainblum              William T. Zimmerman         Peter D. Hamilton            William F. Jensen, Jr.         Houston P. Roark              Donald Walker, Jr.
Southern Methodist              TCU (Lambda Epsilon)           H. S. Kendrick, III          John E. Jones, Jr.             Robert L. Rowland             John B. Yorke
(Iota Theta)                      R. Bradley Beacham           Michael P. Porter            Wayne Kendrick, Jr.            Douglas A. Scotti           Wyoming (Epsilon Delta)
  Kevin R. Shelley                Richard K. Hogrefe, Jr.      Henry T. Ritchie             Dennis C. Kuhnemund            Brent C. Sobol                Charles V. Brandon
Southern Mississippi              Michael S. Hudec           Tulsa (Zeta Lambda)            Edgar C. Lawson                Lewis C. Vollmar              Charles M. Christensen
(Theta Gamma)                     Mark A. Rubick               Andrew J. Alder              Edward D. McGuire, Jr.       Wesleyan (Epsilon Gamma)        Edward H. Clay
  Stephen A. Carter               James M. Spencer             Jeffrey S. Boyce             Walter D. Neighbors            Roger S. Hanford              Joseph T. Curry
  James M. Drago                Tennessee (Epsilon Eta)        Charles J. Gasperi           Brooke Peirce                  Roger P. Kellogg, DDS         Clifford P. Hansen
Southern Utah                     Clayton L. Anderson          Robert P. Platt              John F. Pitas                  Samuel M. Tuthill, Ph.D       Howard H. Heady
 (Lambda Iota)                    William G. Baird             James V. Pruitt              Samuel Price                 West Georgia (Theta Pi)         David W. Irwin
  Philip C. Bateman               Jonathan L. Bell           UCLA (Epsilon Pi)              Newell B. Wallace, Jr.         Stephen R. Connelly, Jr.      Ralph E. Klink
Southwest Missouri                David P. Brown               Keith R. Carey               Charles R. Wilbur              Brian D. Ragan                Harry W. Konkel
(Theta Sigma)                     Cary V. Hancock              Jason M. Clark               A. N. Yarbrough              West Texas A&M (Eta Delta)      Willard Roth
  Kindrick R. Barker              James P. Hess, III           Robert B. Edmondson        Virginia Tech (Theta Xi)         Ned G. Cross                  John C. Shaffer
  David E. Janicke                Roy E. Hopper                John L. Franks, Jr.          Gregg R. Alexander           West Virginia (Gamma Pi)        George C. Sims
  Clifford G. Johnson             Bethel T. Hunt, III          Robert G. Meidel             Michael C. Galvin              David A. Berry, Jr.           John F. Welsh
  Stuart L. Knapp                 Nathan L. Kerr               David J. Miclean             James P. Green                 George G. Bilderback, Jr.     Jesse D. Winzenried
  Michael D. Long                 William E. Ledgerwood        Edwin I. Mosher, Jr.       Virginia Wesleyan                Gordon E. Billheimer          Rick L. Zarling
  John H. Modesette, Jr.          Albert W. Lewis              John L. Simpson            (Iota Beta)                      John H. Cushard              (Non Sigma Nu)
  Jeffery G. Shore                Dee M. Lineberger, Jr.       Martell A. Smith             Kemp P. Parrish                James C. Essig                Linda F. King
  Theodore A. Smith               James B. Mason               Roy M. Steward, Jr.          Frederick W. Reutlinger        Daniel B. Fleming, Jr.        Charlotte B. Wittnebert
  Dolman W. Vineyard              Sidney L. Matthew            Robert L. Toolen             David W. Stockmeier            John D. Freedman
  Paul C. Ziegler                 James L. Scobey, Jr.         Clifford E. Trotter, Jr.   VMI (Alpha)                      Robert L. Huss
Stanford (Beta Chi)               Hollis S. Tidwell            William C. Whitney           Larry W. Cleveland             Edison W. Keener
  James B. Anderson                                            Charles F. Wilber            Stuart L. Knapp                Robert G. McCartney

   30 L The Delta of Sigma Nu                                                                                                                           www.sigmanu.org
Chapter Eternal                                                                          CLARENCE WILLIAM LAMBERT
                                                                                      EPSILON EPSILON, OKLAHOMA STATE

                                                                                  Clarence W. Lambert (Epsilon Epsilon, Oklahoma State)
                    JOHN L. BURKE, JR.                                     entered the Chapter Eternal on November 22, 2000. Brother
               UPSILON, UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS                                Lambert, who served as Sigma Nu’s Grand Marshal from 1972-
                                                                           1974, will be remembered as a very loyal and faithful brother of
     John L. Burke, Jr. (Upsilon, University of Texas) of Dallas, Texas,   Epsilon Epsilon Chapter. He also served as chapter advisor, house
attorney and judge, entered the Chapter Eternal on August 30,              corporation treasurer and board member. In 1972, Epsilon Epsilon
2000.                                                                      chapter established the Clarence Lambert Alumni Service Award.
     Brother Burke attended the University of Texas from 1940 to                In 1939, Brother Lambert and his wife, Mary Ruth, moved to
1943 when he left school to join the U.S. Marine Corps. He                 Stillwater, OK, where he began a career in construction, which
received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from             spanned over 70 years. He was a member of the Stillwater Lions
Southwestern University in Georgetown through a Marine College             Club, Chamber of Commerce, RAR, Knife and Fork, OSU Posse,
Training Program. After World War II, he attended SMU law                  and Knights of Columbus.
school, finished third in his class, and a year ahead of schedule.              An avid trap shooter, he won 7 state championships and was
Brother Burke retired from the U. S. Marine Corps as a Captain in          inducted into both the Oklahoma and the American Amateur Trap
1961 following the Korean War. He received two Purple Hearts for           shooters Hall of Fame. He worked with the Boy Scouts as a District
service and wounds in World War II and the Korean War.                     Commissioner and after retirement taught construction estimating
     In 1991, Brother Burke was appointed as a U.S. Administrative         at OSU.
Law Judge with the Office of Hearings and Appeals. He served in                 He was recognized as Boss of the Year by the National Secretaries
this position in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Fort Worth, Texas and            Association and served on various advisory committees for the loca-
five years ago transferred to Dallas, Texas. Before becoming a judge,      tion and construction of community facilities. He was a member of
Brother Burke worked in Dallas as a private attorney specializing in       the Associated General Contractors of Oklahoma and was recog-
family law. "He was an old-fashion lawyer who enjoyed helping peo-         nized as its Builder of the Year and a member of the Oklahoma
ple," says wife Marilyn Burke. "John was such a family man and             Builders Hall of Fame.
devoted father and husband that he thought if he specialized in fam-            Brother Lambert is survived by his wife, Mary Ruth, eight chil-
ily law instead of criminal law, this would be the best way for him to     dren, 30 grandchildren, and 26 great-grandchildren. Memorials may
help people."                                                              be made to Clarence Lambert’s Endowed Scholarship Fund at OSU
     In addition to his wife, he is survived by sons John and Kevin,       for construction management students or Judith Karman Hospice,
daughter Sharon, and three grandchildren.                                  Inc., PO Box 818, Stillwater, OK 74076.

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Spring 2001                                                                                                  The Delta of Sigma Nu L 31
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                    Phase III and Phase IV Sessions
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                                 HIP                             EV E L
                                     • ETHIC
                                             S • ACHIEVEME NT • D

Module One: (Organizational Development)               •   Networking
 • Effective Meetings
 • Delegation                                          •   Conflict
 • Strategic Planning
 • Goal Setting                                        •   Success Tips for the
                                                           First Year on the Job
Module Two: (Personal Development)
 • Scholarship                                         •   Managing Your Money
 • Appreciating Differences                                After Graduation
 • Wellness                                            •   Servant Leadership
 • Etiquette
 • Fitness                                             •   Negotiating Salary Offers
 • Effective Listening
                                                       •   Senior Retreat
Module Three: (Risk Reduction)
 • Crisis Management                                   •   Shadowing & Mentoring Program
 • Date Rape
 • Alcohol Abuse
 • Substance Abuse
 • Fire Safety

32 L The Delta of Sigma Nu                                                                  www.sigmanu.org
Profile of a
Champion                                                                               By John Dodderidge (BK, Kansas State)

     eaching the game of basketball has dominated Tex Winter’s life for more than half a century.       become an All-American at
     Only over the past decade has he been rewarded for the long hours he has put into the gym.         USC. If not for pulled mus-
     Winter, who nearly retired from coaching in 1983, joined the Chicago Bulls as an assistent         cles, he would have repre-
coach and consultant in 1985. Six years later, the Bulls won the first of their six NBA championships   sented the U. S. at the
in the 1990s with Winter on the bench charting plays.                                                   1948 Summer Olympics in
      Once again, Winter thought about retiring from coaching after the 1998 season. Instead, he        London.
rejoined former Bulls head coach, Phil Jackson in Los Angeles last year. Winter and Jackson teamed            During an AAU track
up to put together another championship team as the Lakers captured the 2000 NBA Title.                 meet in Nebraska in 1947,
      As the 78-year-old Winter is back with the Lakers for his 54th year of coaching, he’ll never      Winter met Kansas State
forget his days as a Sigma Nu at Oregon State in the early 1940s.                                       basketball coach Jack
      A basketball standout at Compton Junior College in southern California, Winter went to Oregon     Gardner and was offered an
State on a basketball scholarship along with two players from Long Beach City College in 1942.          assistant coaching job.
All three of them were greeted at the train station in Oregon by a group of OSU Sigma Nus.              That was the beginning of
      ”They put me in the guest room and I thought that was awfully nice.” Winter said. ”I think        Winter’s long run in the
they recognized at the time we were on basketball scholarships and we didn’t have a lot of              coaching profession.
money.”                                                                                                       After four seasons
      Members of the Delta Tau chapter encouraged Winter and his friends from California, Don Cecil     assisting Gardner at Kansas
and Bob Howard, to go around and rush some of the other fraternities. Winters remembers telling         State, Winter won 262
them he liked the Sigma Nu house and had no intention of looking at any others.                         games and eight Big Eight
      ”That’s how naive I was about the joining process. I think they would have liked to have got-     championships. He took two               Tex Winter makes plans to win
ten rid of me, but I liked the guest room. I was living in style,” jokes Winter, who was initiated      teams to the NCAA final four
                                                                                                                                                        in life and on the court
along with Cecil and Howard.                                                                            and was named the national
      Two other players from the Oregon State basketball team were also Sigma Nus. Don Durdan           college caoch of the year by UPI in 1958. His 1959 team was ranked first nationally by both wire
and Lew Beck. Both were starting guards, while Winter was a reserve guard.                              service polls at the end of the regular season.
      According to Winter, the OSU Sigma Nus referred to the basketball players in the house as the           ”The Sigma Nus (at Kansas State) were very good and had me up to the house a number of
Five Stars of Sigma Nu. Unfortunately, Winter’s time at OSU was cut short by the service. He spent      times. I was a sort of advisor at one point. I got away from that because I felt as though it was a
three years in the Navy. Instead of going back to Oregon State, he got married and enrolled in          conflict of interest,” added Winter, who also coached collegiately at Washington, Northwestern,
Southern California in 1946.                                                                            Long Beach State, and Louisiana State.
      “I enjoyed that experience a whole lot,” Winter remembers his days at Sigma Nu. “I think it             Known for teaching the famous triangle offense in college, Winter has carried that over to the
was really good for me because I was naive and knew little of fraternities. It was a wonderful expe-    NBA. Both the Bulls and Lakers have run the triangle attack, also known as the triple-post offense.
rience being able to live at the OSU chapter home. I worked in the kitchen for my meals. They           Winter wrote a book about the triple-post offense in 1962 and published it again in 1999.
were very good to me. Had I returned, I would have lived in the house again.                                  In 2000, a biography of Winter’s life was written by Mark Bender. Trial By Basketball tells the
      Winter played his last season of college ball at USC for coach Sam Barry in ‘46-’47. Winter       inside story of how Winter survived the trials of coaching basketball due to his character and honor.
had been recruited by USC to pole vault and was naturally attracted to his beloved basketball.          He is still recognized today as one of the most respected coahes of the game and will hopefully
      A Pacific Coast Conference champion pole vaulter at Oregon State, Winter would go on to           join his mentors and peers in the hall of fame. L

                                                                                                                   THE LISTED AREAS DO NOT CURRENTLY HAVE A DIVISION
        Division Commanders                                                                                        COMMANDER. IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE AS A CHAPTER
                                                                                                                   ADVISOR, HOUSE CORPORATION MEMBER, OR OTHER

             Still Needed                                                                                          ALUMNI INVOLVEMENT AND WOULD LIKE TO LEARN MORE
                                                                                                                   ABOUT THE DIVISION COMMANDER RESPONSIBILITIES,
                                                                                                                   PLEASE   CONTACT    KEVIN WEAVER AT THE
                                                                                                                                       Western South Carolina
                                                                                                                                       Western North Carolina
                                                                                                                                        Southwestern Virginia
                                                                                                                                          Northern Indiana
                                                                                                                                       Nebraska / South Dakota
                                                                                                                                          Central California
                                                                                                                                         Southern California
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