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                Spring 2010

                                                          A SAMPLING OF
                                                 JEWISH FAMILY SERVICES
                                                                        The following vignettes tell about
                                                                                   what we do everyday.

                                                 In mid December, a Slidell woman was attacked and
                                                 robbed in her home. The robber stole $62 and
                                                 slit the woman’s throat.
                                                 Luckily, this woman was a Lifeline
What’s Inside
                                                 subscriber, and as she was being attacked
President’s message ............ 2               she had the presence of mind to press her
Board of directors ................. 2           Lifeline ‘help needed’ button. The Lifeline system
                                                 responded, repeatedly calling out, “your help call is in
List of JFS services .............. 3
                                                 progress.” The robber got frightened and pulled the phone out of
L&L success ......................... 4          the wall, but the help call had already been sent. The Lifeline response
Passover Baskets ................. 4             center followed the protocol and called the woman’s son. He went over
Director’s message ............... 5             right away, found her in a pool of blood and he immediately called 911.
Staff list ................................. 5   The son said that without Lifeline, she would have died.

What we’ve been doing ........ 6
Homemaker .......................... 7           COUNSELING & PSYCHOTHERAPY
Teen Life Counts................... 8            Our psychotherapy department consists of 6 full and part time master’s
Loan Program ....................... 9           level counselors and social workers. We see individuals, couples and
Catch-a-Cab ....................... 10           families.
Car donations ..................... 10           Mark, age 14, and his mother sought counseling after Mark’s father
Major Donors ...................... 10           died from a rapidly debilitating illness. Mark came to JFS because
                                                 of school refusal, violent outburst at home and school, and frequent
Contributions .......................11
                                                 thoughts of suicide. Mark said that he felt hopeless and had no future
Come Together ................... 12
                                                 dreams or aspirations. After a brief hospitalization for suicidal ideation,
                                                 Mark transitioned to a more appropriate school environment where
                                                 he could receive individualized attention. His mother’s counseling has
                                                 focused on strengthening her parenting skills, while Mark’s counseling

                                                                                                     Services…continued on page 6
PRESIdENt’S LEttER                                                            2010 JFS
Josh Rubenstein                                                               BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                                                              Joshua L. Rubenstein
Dear Friend of Jewish Family Service:
                                                                              Gilbert N. Braunig
                                                                              Vice President
What a season for New Orleans! As I write this,                               Benay Bernstein
my first letter to our community as President of                              Treasurer
JFS, we’ve just elected a new mayor, the Saints                               Julie Weiner
have won the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras is hard                                   Secretary

on the heels of Drew Brees and Reggie Bush,                                   Brian Bain

and Passover is right around the corner.                                      Brian Baum
                                                                              Debbie Bresler
This is also a special season for Jewish Family                               Vivian Cahn
Service. In the last few months, we’ve launched new seminars for educators    Dr. Vadim Gelman
and counseling professionals, expanded our Bikur Chaverim/friendly visitor    Sherrie Goodman
program thanks to the financial support of Federation, provided counseling    Dr. Jack Hudson
services and financial assistance to members of the community, and            Barbara Hyman
learned of a remarkable situation where one of our Lifeline units saved the   Robin Kanner
life of a woman who was attacked in her home.                                 Lee Kansas
The next two years will be challenging for our agency but we are poised       Fran Lake
to meet those challenges. Like our city, we are emerging from Katrina         Betty B. Lazarus
yet facing new fiscal challenges in an environment where the demand for       Sheri Levine
our services is greater than ever. Our Board of Directors is focused on       Charles A. Levy, III
maintaining our level of service, and where possible, expanding service       Jane Leyens
within our mission while being financially responsible. Over the next two     Rabbi Yossie Nemes
months, Deena Gerber, our Executive Director, and I will be meeting with      Alexa Pulitzer
each Board Member to discuss the areas they feel we excel and the areas       Ann L. Rabin
where we can improve. Whether you are a supporter of the agency or a          Taavi Reiss
recipient of our services, I encourage you to contact me and express your     Ricky Rosenberg
thoughts regarding JFS. Please send an email to jfs@jfsneworleans.org or      Henry Rosenblat
send a note to the office.                                                    Louis Shepard
                                                                              Peter Sperling
One of our ongoing programs, distribution of foodstuffs for Passover to
                                                                              Rob Steeg
those who cannot prepare Seder meals due to infirmity or circumstance,
                                                                              William Tiep
will take place on March 28th. We will pack meals at the Uptown JCC and
                                                                              Nancy B. Timm
distribute them throughout Metropolitan New Orleans. If you are interested
                                                                              Roselle Ungar
in volunteering in packing, distribution or in some other way, please
                                                                              Lauren Wakeman
contact us.
                                                                              Lorraine Williams
Andi Lestelle and Jonathan Fawer are hard acts to follow, and I am            Jennifer Zurik
honored to have been asked to be JFS President for the next two years. I      Jonathan Fawer
look forward to working with our excellent Executive Director and staff to    Immediate Past President
ensure that JFS, like our Saints, fields a winning team for years to come.    Deena Y. Gerber, LCSW
                                                                              Executive Director

                                                                              If you are interested in serving on
                                                                              the Jewish Family Service Board,
                                                                              please contact Deena Gerber at
                                                                              (504) 831-8475 or email her at
                                     Josh Rubenstein

Page 2 | Family Ties | Spring 2010
JFS is a leading provider of social services for the entire community at all age levels. JFS provides guidance
and psychotherapy for individuals and families under the supervision of our highly trained staff of experienced
therapists and counselors. For more information about the listings below, please call (504) 831-8475. Services are
available by appointment and are offered on a sliding fee scale.

  o Counseling – Guidance and psychotherapy                 o Passover Food Baskets – Traditional
     for individuals of all ages, couples and                   holiday food selection for Jewish families in
     families                                                   financial need, nursing home residents and
  o Case Management – Planning assistance for                   those needing assistance in celebrating the
     long-term care                                             holidays
  o I & R – “Information about” and “Referral               o Rosh Hashanah Gift Bags – New Year’s
     to” a variety of mental health resources and               bounty for the elderly and homebound
     social services available in our community             o Literacy and Latkes – Annual book drive for
  o Adoption – Home studies and post-                           schools and families in need
     placement reports
  o Teen Suicide Prevention – “Teen Life Counts”          FINANCIAL RESOURCE CENTER
     is the largest Louisiana suicide awareness &            o Financial Assistance - Cash grants to Jewish
     prevention program                                         families and individuals in crisis
  o Bikur Chaverim – A volunteer-based program               o Interest Free Loan Program - Up to $5000
     providing home visits to adults who are                    interest free loans available for emergency
     homebound or partially homebound                           financial assistance, business & adoption/
  o Divorce Mediation Services - Resources for                  fertility treatments
     every member of the family                              o Newcomer Loan Program - Assistance for
                                                                newcomers to the city
  o Parenting Skills Group – Enhance parenting            SERVICES FOR SENIORS
     skills and teach effective and positive                 o Community Nursing- An innovative study
     discipline techniques                                      designed to create a better understanding of
  o Stress & Coping Skills Group – Teaches                      the long-term effects of trauma on the elderly
     adults techniques to mobilize the healing               o Homemaker – Home help and transportation
     power of the mind to enhance mood and                   o Lifeline –Security at home through electronic
     energy                                                     emergency response system
  o Parents of Troubled Adults – For parents of              o Catch-a-Cab – Assisted transportation
     adult children suffering from mental illness,              through taxi coupons for elderly Jewish
     substance abuse or other difficult situations              adults
  o Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) -
     Emotional regulation, distress tolerance,
     interpersonal effectiveness, and mindfulness
     are the four key areas

                                                                                Spring 2010 | Family Ties | Page 3
LAtkES A SuCCESS! Over 1,000 Children’s Books Distributed
Thanks to the generosity of the
New Orleans Jewish community,
we collected and distributed over
1,000 books to children in the New
Orleans area. Books were donated
to NCJW’s HIPPY program, the
Westbank Community School in
partnership with Hadassah, and
Sojourner Truth Academy.
At right, Ellie Zurik, Josephine
Huynh, and Mia Montelibano
celebrated their 3rd birthdays
together at Daneel Park. Instead
of presents, they requested that
guests bring books for the Literacy
& Latkes Chanukah Book Drive.
Start saving your books
for next year!

                                      This year, Jewish Family Service is busy planning the 25th annual
                                      Passover Food Baskets Project. Passover baskets are delivered to
                                      anyone in the community who needs a little extra help fulfilling the mitzvah
                                      of commemorating the Exodus from Egypt. Recipients include—but are
                                      not limited to—the elderly, families in need, refugees from the former
                                      Soviet Union, and nursing home residents.
                                      The baskets are paid for, assembled, and delivered by volunteers and
                                      organizations throughout the New Orleans Jewish community. They are
                                      filled with traditional Kosher Seder foods and ritual objects created by local
                                      Religious school children.
                                      Volunteers are needed to help pack and deliver the food on Sunday,
                                      March 28th at the Uptown JCC. We will begin packing at 9am and delivery
                                      will begin at 11am. Breakfast will be provided. Families are welcome and
                                      To volunteer, please contact Suzy Lazarus at 831-8475 or suzy@
                                      Also, if you are aware of a family or individual who could use a Passover
                                      Food Basket, please contact Suzy at 831-8475 as soon as possible.
                                      Donations of any amount are being accepted to defray the cost of the
                                      baskets, each of which feeds two people and costs $100. Please make
                                      checks payable to Jewish Family Service and mail to: Jewish Family
                                      Service, 3330 W. Esplanade Avenue, Suite 600, Metairie, LA 70002.

Page 4 | Family Ties | Spring 2010
Jewish Family
Service Staff
                                            dIRECtOR’S LEttER
Deena Gerber, LCSW
                                            Deena Gerber
Executive Director

Counseling/ Case Management
Toby Bonnett, LCSW
Case Management/Clinical Social Worker
Kimberley Christensen, LCSW
Clinical Social Worker
Julie Hoffman, GSW                          Dear Friends of JFS,
Homemaker Coordinator/Clinical
Social Worker                               Jewish tradition teaches us that we are
Sharon Kirkpatrick, LCSW                    responsible for each other. It is up to each person
Clinical Social Worker
                                            to help meet the current needs of our community,
Candice Rosenblum, LCSW
Clinical Social Worker, Northshore Office
                                            and also to secure the future (as best as we can) for our children and
                                            our children’s children.
Suzy Lazarus, GSW
Case Management/Clinical Social Worker
                                            That is why JFS has joined with Jewish Endowment Foundation
Miriam Bleich, GSW                          in Create a Jewish Legacy. You can create a permanent legacy by
Case Management/ Clinical Social Worker
                                            leaving a bequest to JFS. There’s no limit on the amount you may
Christina Roux, GSW
Clinical Social Worker                      set aside from your estate--you can make a gift as large or small as
Margaret Winston, LPC                       you’d like.
Licensed Professional Counselor
                                            Leaving a legacy is an opportunity to help shape the future, it reflects
Natasha Ramer
Resettlement Case Worker                    what is important and meaningful to you.

Lifeline Emergency Response System          Right now clients are knocking on our communal door. The needs
Marilyn Kline                               are growing faster than our traditional sources of funding as we all
Lifeline Program Manager
                                            navigate challenging economic times.
Jan Miller
Lifeline Representative                     JFS needs the resources to secure our future, so that each and every
Jane Levine                                 person who turns to JFS will, in turn, find the help that is needed- the
Lifeline Marketing Representative
                                            kind of help you wish to provide to your extended family.
Community Nursing Project
Paul Groch, MSW                             The JFS Leave a Jewish Legacy campaign is our chance to set a
Community Nursing Project Director          course of stability, dignity and security for years and generations to
Cynthia Miranda, RN                         come.
Program Representative, Facilitator
                                            I hope that you will consider being a part of Jewish Family Service’s
Family Life Education
Ellie Wainer                                Leave a Jewish Legacy. We are all in this together.
Teen Life Counts Coordinator
Carol Schudmak, RN
Social Work Student Intern
Diana Winingder
Administrative Staff
Debra Louque
Office & Finance Manager
Marlis Hampton
Administrative Assistant                                             Deena Gerber
Jennifer Hill
Administrative Assistant
Betty Galloway
Tiffany Okoree
Renee Johnson
Valerie Vaughn
                                                                                  Spring 2010 | Family Ties | Page 5
Services…continued from page 1

                                 has helped him to develop coping
                                 skills to manage anger, depression
                                 and to process the loss of his father.   BY THE
                                 Through his counseling, Mark has
                                 been able to address the primary task
                                 of adolescence: discovering his own      In the 6 month period between
                                 values, goals, and identity. Thanks      July and Dec of 2009 :
                                 in large part to JFS’ counseling and     • 706 individuals received
                                 intervention, Mark now is working
                                                                            Lifeline service - 183 pressed
                                 towards his high school diploma,
                                                                            their button for emergency
                                 applying for his first job, openly
                                 discussing his thoughts and feelings
                                 with his mother, and articulating his    • 67 older adults received 2723
                                 hopes for his future.                      hours of weekly or bi weekly
                                                                            Homemaker service
BIKUR CHAVERIM                                                            • 388 people were provided with
Literally translated, “Bikur Chaverim”                                      1920 hours of psychotherapy
means “Visiting Friends.” This program
matches up a person who is lonely,                                        • 212 people received 763 hours
isolated, in an assisted living or nursing                                  of case management services
home facility, or could use a new friend,                                 • 23 financially strapped
with a volunteer who is interested in offering his or
                                                                            households received $21,214
her most precious gift - the gift of time.
                                                                            to help with food, rent and
A 92 year old woman who has precarious health, lives with and is            utilities.
cared for by her daughter. She worries about what her daughter, who
                                                                          • 2709 students in 32 high
suffers with emphysema, will do when she is gone. The visitor sees
her twice a month and has weekly phone contact. They have been              schools participated in Teen
a match for over a year and during that time they have gone from            Life Counts. 250 were
awkward acquaintances to dear friends - they have enriched the              identified as being at risk for
quality of each other’s lives and have come to rely on each other for       severe depression or suicidal
friendship and support. Part of the success of this program is the          ideation. Every single one
monthly meeting of the volunteers - where under the guidance and            of them saw a mental health
inspiration of Toby Bonnett (a JFS social worker) volunteers deal with      professional within 24 hours of
the challenges and opportunities of this unique type of friendship.         being identified.

                                                                          • Over 1000 books were
 JFS Professional development:                                              distributed to 3 groups of at-
      The clinical staff at JFS has received the following                  risk students in New Orleans
      recent training:                                                      through the Literacy and
                                                                            Latkes Channukah book drive.
     4 Postvention Training               4 Adolescent
     4	 Sensorimotor –                      Development                   This is just some of what we do.
                                                                          Our success relies on our highly
        Affect Regulation,                4 Anxiety in Children           trained and dedicated staff, a
        Attachment & Trauma               4 Mind-Body Training            committed and involved board
     4 Skills Training in DBT                                             and the financial support of the
                                          4 Collaborative Divorce         community.
     4	 Eating Disorders

Page 6 | Family Ties | Spring 2010
Enhancing the Quality of Life of Older Adults and People with Disabilities

Since 1975, The JFS
Homemaker program has been
at the forefront of assistance
for older adults and people with
disabilities. JFS homemakers
help with everyday tasks,
ensuring a safe and independent
environment at home. A new
client describes her experience
with her homemaker:
“I’m very happy with my
homemaker. She tries to help
me in every way that she can. I
don’t even have to ask her to do
something, she just does it! She
also sits down with me to laugh
and talk with me which means so
much to me.”                              “ She also sits down with me to
Homemakers understand the
varying needs of individual
                                            laugh and talk with me which
clients. Ongoing training
ensures the effectiveness of the            means so much to me.”
program, thus improving the
quality of life of clients.

        How The Homemaker Program Works
        Homemakers visit clients either weekly or twice a month for 3.5 hours on a regular time
        schedule. Services include light housekeeping, transportation, laundry, shopping, meal
        preparation, errands and personal care.

        For information about JFS Homemaker Service and how it can improve your quality of life (or
        that of a friend or relative) contact Julie Hoffman, MSW, GSW, at 831-8475.

        The homemaker program is supported through a very generous grant from The Harry and
        Jeannette Weinberg Foundation, The United Way of Greater New Orleans and Jewish
        Federation of Greater New Orleans. Homemaker program fees are available on a sliding scale
        based on income.

                                                                               Spring 2010 | Family Ties | Page 7
tEEN LIFE COuNtS: Warning Signs
Each year, Teen Life Counts (TLC) volunteers teach
high school and middle school students about
Warning Signs of Suicide. The goal of the program
is to help teens identify friends who exhibit or
experience these symptoms and get them to a
trusted adult who can get them the professional
help they may need.

Some of these warning signs include:
BEHAVIORAL:                          VERBAL:
o Crying often or for no reason      o Direct statements:
                                                                            If you notice a cluster of symptoms
o Lack of energy                     o “I want to die”                      in yourself or someone else, contact
o Sleeping too much or not           o “I don’t want to live anymore”       JFS at 831-8475.
  enough                             o Indirect statements:                 BECOME A TLC VOLUNTEER
o Increase or decrease in            o “I hate my life”                     TODAY
                                     o “ I want to go to sleep and never    Twice a year, JFS offers two-day
o Loss of interest in and              wake up”                             training for school professionals
  withdrawal from hobbies,
  sports, job, or school             o “They’ll be sorry when I’m gone”     and community volunteers on
                                     o “Soon the pain will be over”         suicide prevention. Volunteers
o Drop in grades. Difficulty
                                                                            must be 21 or older and must be
  completing assignments or
  paying attention in class          THOUGHTS/FEELINGS:                     available during school hours to
                                     o Feeling sad or hopeless all the      teach the curriculum. You can make
o Giving away possessions
                                       time                                 a difference in a teen’s life. Contact
o Tying up loose ends: planning                                             Ellie at (504) 831-8475.
  a funeral or writing an obituary   o Not enjoying things enjoyed
  or will                            o Feeling confused, having a hard      DO YOU KNOW A SCHOOL THAT
o Impulsiveness and risky              time making decisions                SHOULD BE INVOLVED?
  behavior                           o Can’t seem to concentrate            We offer classroom curriculum for
o Previous suicide attempt(s)        o Feeling angry, irritable, destruc-   upper and middle school students,
o Suicide attempts or                  tive or violent                      educational and training workshops,
  completions by family or           o Feeling isolated and lonely          crisis intervention and more. If you
  friends                                                                   are interested in bringing the TLC
                                     o Guilt, self-blame, sense of worth-
o Increased use of drugs or            lessness and low self-esteem         program to a school you know,
  alcohol                                                                   contact us at (504) 831-8475.
                                     o Feeling anxious or having panic
o Neglecting personal                  attacks                              SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR
  cleanliness and appearance                                                GENEROUS SUPPORTERS
                                     o Distorted thinking – hard to re-
o Frequent mention of death in         member ever feeling good             Teen Life Counts is generously
  poetry, writing, or art work
                                     o Lack of interest in plans for the    supported through the United
o Change in sexual behavior            future
                                                                            Way of Greater New Orleans, the
o Self-harm, such as cutting,        o Thinking about suicide
  burning or choking oneself                                                Louisiana Children’s Trust Fund, The
                                     o Feelings of despair                  Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown
o Suddenly seeming happy after
                                                                            Foundation, and The Bruce J. Heim
  showing many of these signs
  for a period of time                                                      Foundation.

Page 8 | Family Ties | Spring 2010
During these uncertain economic times, the JFS financial resource center provides a sense of security
through our diverse interest free loan program. Up to $5,000 is available per household.

        ➡	Housing Loans
        			➡ Medical Loans*
        					➡ Educational Loans
        								➡ Technical/Vocational Training
        												➡ Advanced Degree in Social Services or Education
        															➡ Business Loans
        																		➡ Adoption/Fertility Treatment Loans

         *Most medical emergencies are beyond the capacity of JFS, however, assistance may be available for
         necessities not completely covered by health insurance such as medications and medical equipment.

                                      Eligibility Requirements
                                         - Jewish residents of New Orleans ages 25+ with a history of
                                           financial independence and demonstrated ability to repay the
                                         - New Orleans residency for at least one year from the time of
                                           completing the application
                                         - Proof of income & credit history
                                         - Net assets cannot exceed $50,000 (exclusive of primary resi-
                                           dence and primary vehicles)
                                         - Guarantors may be required

                                                Repayment Terms
                                                  - All payments must be made through automatic bank
                                                  - Repayment period not to exceed 5 years from date
                                                    loan note is signed
                                                  - Loans recorded in Jefferson Parish, La

                                                                               Spring 2010 | Family Ties | Page 9
       A T C H-A-CA B                                MAJOR dONORS
   C                                                 Our grateful appreciation to these generous donors.
                                                                JEWISH FEDERATION
                                                                     UNITED WAY
                                                        GOLDRING FAMILY FOUNDATION
                                               HARRY AND JEANETTE WEINBERG FOUNDATION
                                                     GREATER NEW ORLEANS FOUNDATION
                                            JOE W & DOROTHY DORSETT BROWN FOUNDATION
CAtCH-A-CAB                                     STATE OF LOUISIANA CHILDREN’S TRUST FUND
Staying Connected to                                  JEWISH ENDOWMENT FOUNDATION
                                                                     ADELE CAHN
the Community
                                                                     HOLLEY PAVY
Independence begins with mobility for                        ROSAMARY FOUNDATION
many older people. Although some                                 MARGIE BISSINGER
no longer carry a driver’s license,                              ANNE LOWENBURG
Jewish residents 65 years of age
                                                   NATIONAL COUNCIL OF JEWISH WOMEN
or older are able to stay connected
                                                                     ANN BRENER
to the community through the JFS
Catch-a-Cab program. The program                      MR. AND MRS. CHARLES (RUSTY) LEVY
is the brainchild of Adele Cahn who                        MR. AND MRS. JACOB KARNO
understood the connection between                            MR. AND MRS. KEN PAILET
affordable transportation and                             MR. AND MRS. MARVIN JACOBS
continued vitality and well being.
                                                       MR. AND MRS. MITCHELL HOFFMAN
Participants in the program can                           MR. AND MRS. RICHARD KAHN
purchase $100 worth of cab coupons
                                                             MR. AND MRS. ROB STEEG
for $25.00. Coupons may be ordered
                                                                      SARA STONE
every three months. Metry Cab, White
Fleet Cab and Checker Yellow Cabs
currently participate in the program.
Taxi Cabs may be used for:
                                          GEt dOuBLE MILEAGE WHEN
• Attending Synagogue                     YOu dONAtE YOuR CAR
• Visiting friends and family
                                          Help JFS and Receive
• Doctor’s visits
                                          A Tax Benefit
• Grocery stores, bank and
  shoppingmalls                           If you have a car or truck that you
                                          would like to get off of your hands,
• Emergencies
                                          consider the benefits of donating it to JFS. We
• Miscellaneous weekly and monthly        receive a portion of the proceeds of the eventual sale and you receive
  travel needs                            the benefit of a charitable donation on your income taxes.
In addition to Adele Cahn’s generosity,   Its easy. Call JFS at (504) 831-8475 or CARS at 1-877-JFS-4CARS. Tell
JFS would like to thank the Cahn          them that you are donating your vehicle to JFS of Greater New Orleans.
Family Foundation and the Jewish          A convenient pick up time will be arranged by CARS (Charitable Auto
Endowment Foundation for making           Resources). A tax receipt will be issued when the vehicle is picked up.
Catch-a-Cab possible.                     Please make sure that you have a clear title to the car.

Page 10 | Family Ties | Spring 2010
                                         through August 31, 2009
GENERAL CONTRIBUTIONS               Mr. Donald and Mrs. Nathalie Johnston   Sanford & Barbara Maslansky
Ms. Marjorie Esman                        Ms. Kim Kline                     Dr. Bennie Nobles
Cohan Family Trust                  Mr. Bobby Kohlmann                      Libbye Gordon
Ferber Family of Houma Foundation         Dr. & Mrs. Gregory Rich           Jeffrey & Debbie Friedman
Goldring Family Foundation          Mr. Avran Kronsberg                     Lou & Susan Good
Mrs. Beverly Jacobs                       Ms. Sara Rabin                    Marjorie Bissinger
Ms. Mindy Lieberman                 Mrs. Cheryl Lampert                     Alexa Pulitzer
Mr. Jordan Leiberman                      Ms. Gertrude Beerman              Devin & Lauren Wakeman
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Levy                   Mr. and Mrs. Howard Green         Rose Mendlinger
Ms. Melissa Miller                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oubre, Sr.   Dov & Margie Glazer
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pailet               Mr. and Mrs. Dan Watsky           Patricia Reardon & Richard Latner
Mr. Peter Rothstein                 Mrs. Miriam Levine                      Sanford Pailet
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Braunig      Celia Katz
CONTRIBUTIONS IN HONOR OF           Mrs. Sara Pick                          Brian Bain
Mr. Jimmy Fried’s 90th birthday           Ms. Sherrill Herman               Elmo Orgeron
     Ms. Barbara Jacobs                   Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lazarus       David & Mildred Covert
Ms. Margo Garon                     Mr. Henry Rosenfeld                     JL Fischman MD Memorial Foundation
      Ms. Diane Africk                    Mr. and Mrs. Howard Green         John Gilcrease
Mrs. Vivian Kahn’s Birthday         Mrs. Eva Stricks                        David Radlauer & Julie Schwartz
     Mrs. Frances Wolff                   Ms. Anne Chirinos                 Lillian Rodos
Ms. Celia Katz                      Mr. Jeffrey Willner                     Sandra Heller
     Ms. Mildred Covert                   Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wainer        Jane Bories
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Liberman’s      Mrs. Bluma Wolfson                      Steven & Lee Rittvo
granddaugher’s Bat Mitzvah                Mr. and Mrs. Thorne Harris III    Temple Sinai
      Mrs. Judith Rattner           Mrs. Fannie Yokor                       Beth Israel
Dr. and Mrs. Harlan Pollock’s             Mr. Leo Laventhal                 JCC
50th anniversary                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard              Jewish War Veterans of America
      Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wainer              Schorenstein                  New Orleans Jewish Day School
Mr. Joshua Rubenstein               Mr. Irving Zimmerman                    Jewish Federation of Greater
(becoming JFS President)                  Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fagan                New Orleans
     Ms. Sherri Tarr                                                        Touro Synagogue Sisterhood
Ms. Madeline Schneick’s birthday    CONTRIBUTIONS TO JFS TEEN LIFE          Gates of Prayer Sisterhood
     Ms. Elma Rosenfeld             COUNTS                                  Shir Chadash
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Stern’s          In honor of Mr. and Mrs.
anniversary                         Jeno Kalodzi                            ROSH HASANAH CONTRIBUTIONS
     Mr. and Mrs. George Rothkopf        Mr. and Mrs. Lee Sands             Ms. Rose Mendlinger
Judge Miriam Waltzer                Marrero Land and Improvement            Ms. Eugenia Yuspeh
     Mr. and Mrs. Randal Pick       Ms. Holley Pavy                         Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Goldman
                                    Ponchatoula High School
CONTRIBUTIONS IN MEMORY OF                                                  CHANUKAH CONTRIBUTIONS
Mr. Jack Berke                      CATCH-A-CAB CONTRIBUTIONS               Mrs. Mildred Covert
      Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wainer    Mr. Stanley Caron                       Mr. Jay Handelman
Mr. Myron Burnstein                                                         Ms. Sandra Chass Morris
     Dr. Janie Beers                PASSOVER CONTRIBUTIONS
     Mr. and Robert Cohen           Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Berenson
     Ms. Brenda Coleman             Mrs. Beverly Jacobs
     Ms. Janet Fagan
     Mr. Harry Freiberg, Jr.
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Allan Kanner
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Levy
                                                                               JFS thanks
     Mrs. Revelle Gershman
     Mrs. Harriet Handelman
                                    Dr. Gary Reiss
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steeg                  its contributors.
     Mr. and Mrs. Peter Klein       Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zelman
     Mr. and Mrs. Allen Koltun      Mr. and Mrs. Leon Zurik                    It is their
     Mr. Rene Lehmann               Cathy & Charles Glaser
     Mr. and Brandt Loev
     Mr. and Mrs. Sam Menszer
                                    Ricardo & Diane Guevara
                                    Marjorie McCants
                                                                               generous gifts
     Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Miller
     Ms. Mary Virre
                                    Larry & Ann Rabin
                                    Joshua Rubenstein                          that make the work
     Whitney National Bank          Lee & Jacob Kansas
Mrs. Louise Hillebrand              Jack & Dorothy Fisher                      of JFS possible
     US Green Building Council –    Marshall & Julie Wise Oreck
         LA Chapter                 Mark & Susan Friedman

                                                                            Spring 2010 | Family Ties | Page 11
     “Come Together”
                Fundraiser November 14, 2009

                                                                                    Andi and Terry Lestelle
                                                                                                               Bruce Spizer with Hugo and the Honeybees

                                                 Susan Good, Jennifer Zurik
    Trisha Ward, Sarah Mayeux, Billy Tiep

                                                                                               Gilbert Braunig, Larry & Naomi Orlansky, Josh Rubenstein

Richard Buchsbaum, Ann Rabin     Nancy Timm, Hallie Timm, Rachel Timm, Steve Timm          Henry & Susan Rosenblat        Bill Goldring, Diane & Alan Franco

                    JEWISH FAMILY SERVICE                                                                                      Non-Profit Organization
                    3330 West Esplanade, Suite 600 Metairie,                                                                        U.S. Postage
                    Louisiana 70002                                                                                                    PAID
                                                                                                                                    Permit #605
                     PHONE: (504) 831-8475                                                                                         New Orleans, LA
                     E-MAIL: jfs@jfsneworleans.org
                     WEBSITE: www.jfsneworleans.org

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