To be Completed by Bidders
SL.                                             Particulars                                                Guaranteed
NO.                                                                                                         Technical          Deviations
01    Place where Equipment to                Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore
      be supplied

02     GENERAL                   2.1 Required for detection and measurement of Partial Discharges
                                     (PD) in Turbo & Hydro generators, large AC motors and Power
                                     transformers at site.
                                 2.2 The system shall be complete in all respect with PD free voltage
                                     source, Blocking capacitor, PD measuring system and dedicated
                                     software for acquisition & analysis of the data and any other
                                     essential and necessary accessories.
                                 2.3 The supplier shall submit a list of users who have been using this
                                     equipment for the past five years at site.
03    RELEVANT                   3.1 The system shall be compliant to all relevant sections of the IEC –
      STANDARDS                      60270.

04    CAPABILITY &               4.1 Shall provide computer-aided, phase resolved PD-data acquisition;
      FEATURES                       storage, analyzing and post-processing facilities
                                 4.2 Shall provide simultaneous PD data and test voltage acquisition.
                                 4.3 Shall be able to measure all the PD quantities as per IEC – 60270.
                                 4.4 Shall display - Apparent charge (q), Average magnitude, Pulse
                                     repetition rate (n), Pulse repetition frequency (N), Average
                                     discharge current (I), Discharge power (P) & Quadratic charge
                            rate (D) digitally on LCD colour display.
                       4.5 Diagnostic tools for Partial Discharge failure recognition and
                            statistical data evaluation
                       4.6 Automatic PD calibration of the measuring circuit and display of
                            the measuring signals
                       4.7 Transmission of the Partial Discharge data via modem
                       4.8 Hardware settings shall be completely controlled by software
                       4.9 Polarity recognition of the PD pulses
                       4.10 Double pulse resolution 10 S
                       4.11 Shall have minimal Superposition error and single pulse
                            recognition capability up to 100 kHz pulse repetition rate
                       4.12 Resolution of the digital signal acquisition shall be at least 12 bit
                       4.13 Protocol generator for creating customer specific test reports
                       4.14 Setup window of the Measuring system for default settings shall
                            be password protected
                       4.15 Extensive possibilities of replay, display and evaluation including
                            graphical presentation of different functions like q-n, q-, n-,
                            q-n- of the stored data
                       4.16 Provision for processing of the stored data using different
                            statistical methods
                       4.17 PD failure type recognition with user expandable PD-reference
                            database of typical fingerprints
05   SENSITIVITY            Minimum detectable apparent charge at 50 matching impedance
                             shall be <5 pC
06   BANDWIDTH              20kHz – 500kHz with switchable amplifiers
07   MEASURING RANGE        Auto-ranging, upto 100000 pC,
08   DISPLAY SYSTEM    8.1     Automatic channel synchronization.
                       8.2     Selectable as Ellipse, Straight line, Sine wave.
                       8.3     The magnitude of the apparent charge, the phase position and the
                               event-time of each PD signal & instantaneous value of the
                               voltage shall be recorded and stored simultaneously with a
                               resolution up to 12 bits.
8.4   Continuous monitoring in real-mode
8.5   PD events shall be visualised and analysed in the replay-
      mode based on the stored PD data without any loss of
8.6   Data shall be post-processed and displayed in 2D and
     3D graphs of q-n, q-, n-, q-n-
8.7   Shall provide “Finger print analysis” of 2D and 3D
     presentations of PD data
8.8 Replay of all PD quantities & derived quantities in compliance
      with specification of International Standard IEC 60270
8.9 Time & Voltage dependent quantities of all defined quantities
         Apparent charge (q)
         Pulse Repetition rate (n,N)
         Average discharge current (I)
         Quadratic charge rate (D)
         Discharge Power (P)
         PD Frequency distribution
         Average discharge current displayed as a function of phase
           & time
         Phase & polarity resolved segmental or continuous 2D &
           3D display
8.10 Statistical Data evaluations:
         All phase & polarity resolved statistical PD parameters (q,
               o Maximum, minimum, mean value, standard
                    deviation, distribution, skewness, variance,
                    kurtosis, cross correlation etc.
8.11 PD diagnosis
               o PD failure recognition & identification,
               o Data base with classical PD failures
09   HARDWARE            9.1     Good dynamic range, using wide-band, switchable
                                 amplifiers/attenuators (0-90dB) covering the range 20KHz-
                         9.2     Efficient noise suppression facility using wide-band PD-
                                 processing technology
                         9.3     High resolution digitalization of the PD-signals and the test
                                 voltage (12 bit)
                         9.4     Additional VHF band amplifier and software module shall be
                                 provided for detection and location of faults in power cables
                         9.5     To connect to the coupling capacitor for decoupling of PD pulses
                                 as per IEC 60270 shall be provided
                         9.6     Shall have over voltage protection circuit
                         9.7     Shall have low voltage capacitor for measuring the test voltage
                         9.8     Multiplexer shall be provided for multi channel testing of the test
10   SOFTWARE            10.1     User-friendly software tool for PD data acquisition, measuring,
     TOOLS                        storing, analyzing and post processing and display in 2D and 3D
                                  graphic forms of q-n, q-, n-, q-n- patterns
                         10.2    The software shall provide expert system for statistical evaluation
                         10.3    Expert system for PD fault recognition and, finger print analysis.
                         10.4    Compatible with Windows 2000/XP or higher and interface to
                                 other Windows-Applications shall be possible.
                         10.5     Additional software for detection and location of PD faults in
                                 power cables shall be provided.
                         10.6     All dedicated softwares shall be supplied in original in CDs
11   DISPLAY EXPANSION        Up to full screen
12   WINDOW GATING            To eliminate measurement at one or two defined positions on the
13   EXPANDED PULSE           A section of the cycle shall be captured and displayed as a separate
     DISPLAY                   window.
     GENERAL                  The transformer shall be 1, 50Hz
                              Duty cycle: 5min. ON - 15min OFF
                              PD Level : < 2pC
                              Shall have continuously adjustable output voltage.
                              Input circuit breaker with indicator
                              External interlock provision
                              “Zero Start” interlock.
                              HV ON/OFF Pushbuttons with indicators
                              Digital Voltmeters & current meters with 1.0% accuracy
                              Manual & Auto control of output voltage
                              Over voltage & transient protection devices
                              Input & Output cables with grounded shield
                              Shall be portable and rugged.
     OUTPUT                       Voltage: 0 – 15 kV rms- continuously variable
                                  Current: 4.0 Amps
                                  Accuracy: 1.0% FS
     INPUT SUPPLY             190 – 260 V AC, 50Hz
15   DATA PROCESSING       15.1 Associated Laptop computer requirements: Pentium IV/ Dual
     SYSTEM                     core or higher, 1.0 GB RAM, 80GB HDD, 1.44 MB 3.5” floppy
                                disk drive, DVD Read/Write facility, SVGA (800x600) active
                                matrix thin film 10.4” colour LCD monitor,
                           15.2 Suitable USB, Serial, Parallel ports, Keyboard, mouse, SVGA
                                video port, Ethernet card etc.
16   ACCESSORIES           16.1    PD input cables: co-axial shielded cables of 20 m length
                       –           2 sets
                           16.2    Measuring impedance for PD detection on the basis of balanced
                                   bridge (IEC 60270)
                           16.3    Shall provide appropriate HFCT couplers for detection and
                                   measurement of PDs in Power Transformers - 6 nos.
                        16.4   Other suitable couplers, if any may be quoted separately
                        16.5   Original operating & maintenance manual in English - 2 sets
                        16.6   High-density plastic moulded rugged transport cases for all
                               separate units and accessories.
                        16.7   Wheeled Transport trolley for easy movement and
                               transportation at the time of testing under variety of site
                        16.8   Colour Laser jet printer shall be provided.
17   CALIBRATOR         17.1   Calibrator for external calibration of the PD measuring
                               circuit in pC of apparent charge from 5pC up to 10000 pC.
                        17.2   The calibrator shall have external terminals for measurement of
                               series capacitance & magnitude of the calibrating pulse input to
                               the series capacitor.
                        17.3   Accuracy : 5%,  1 pC
                        17.4   Rise time shall be less than 60 n sec
                        17.5   Pulse repetition rate : 500 Hz
                        17.6   Battery powered

18   PORTABLE PARTIAL   18.1    Shall provide a portable PD free testing transformer of
     DISCHARGE FREE            rating 15kV, 60kVA as an integral part of the detector
     TESTING                   system.
     TRANSFORMER AND    18.2    PD level at 15kV shall be less than 2pC.
     CONTROL PANEL      18.3    The operation of the testing transformer shall be software
                        18.4    Shall have provision for setting up of user defined test
                               sequences, Test voltages & dwelling time
                        18.5    Control panel shall have indicators, tripping circuit and
                               safety beacon.
19   PORTABLE BLOCKING               Portable, 1000pF, 15kV.
     CAPACITOR (POWER                Tolerance: ± 5%
     SEPARATION FILTER)              Tan delta: Less than 0.004
                                     PD level shall be less than 2pC at 15 kV
20   CALIBRATION                  The PD detector system shall be calibrated to meet all the
                                   requirements of as per IEC – 60270 at internationally accredited
                                   laboratory with uncertainty calculations.
                                  Calibration Certificate shall be provided
21   ENVIROMENTAL                    TEMPERATURE
                                           o Storage : -5C – +55C
                                           o Operation : -5C – +50C
                                     HUMIDITY
                                           o 95% RH Non condensing at 40C
                                     EMC
                                           o Shall be compliance as per relevant international
22   SAFETY                          Shock proof, Vibration proof and Safety requirements as per
                                      relevant international Standards.
23   PRE DESPATCH            The system shall be inspected by two CPRI Engineers for five
     INSPECTION, TESTING      working days at the manufacturer works before dispatch
     & TRAINING            Scope of inspection:
                             The system shall be inspected for the following requirements
                                        Excitation source for Output, Accuracy of the voltage
                                          measurement, PD level
                                        Loading capability
                                        Software features
                            Lodging and local Transport such as To & Fro Transportation
                              between airport & Hotel, to inspection site shall be borne by the
24   INSTALLATION &               Installation, Commissioning & successful demonstration of test
         COMMISSIONING                        equipment at CPRI shall be the responsibility of the supplier.
  25     WARRANTY                            One year warranty from the date of successful commissioning at

       Note:
        1. Deviations if any from the specifications given above which provides improvement in the functioning of the equipment shall be clearly brought
           out with their advantages.
        2. Any additional features other than the above may be brought out clearly.
        3. A list of customers (with details like name of contact person, address, phone & fax no.) to whim the similar systems were supplied may be
           furnished along with the performance certificate.

It is confirmed that the offer meets all the clauses in all respect.


This offer meets most of the clauses except for the deviations indicated in the deviation statement.

Strike whichever is not applicable.

                                                                                                                        Signature of the bidder with seal

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