A Celebration Concert

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					   Ann Arbor Pioneer High School
                       Department of Music

              A Celebration Concert
                                         for the
          2011 GRAMMY National Signature School Award

             Brass & Percussion Ensemble
                      Jazz Band
                   A Cappella Choir
                 Symphony Orchestra
             Music Theory & Technology
                   Symphony Band
      David A. Leach, Chair, Performing Arts Department and Director of Bands
   Jonathan Glawe, Director of Orchestras, Guitar, Survey of African American Music
                    Steven R. Lorenz, Director of Choirs, Voice
  Nancy Waring, Associate Director of Bands, Music Theory and Technology, Orchestra
               Rochelle D. Martinez, Humanities-Music, Piano, Guitar

                          Hill Auditorium
                                   Ann Arbor, Michigan
                            Thursday, May 26, 2011
                                  8:00 p.m.
        PLEASE TURN OFF                                       NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY
    ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES.                                    ALLOWED DURING THE
EXIT QUIETLY IF CHILDREN IN YOUR                                   PERFORMANCE.
       CARE BECOME NOISY                                   PLEASE MAKE CERTAIN CAMERAS
    OR VISUALLY DISTRACTING.                                  ARE SET TO SILENT MODE.
      GRAMMY® Signature Schools
 The GRAMMY Foundation® Signature Schools program recognized
the top 36 public schools across the country for outstanding commitment
               to their music education programs in 2011.
     Determined by a blue-ribbon panel of top music educators and
 professionals, schools are awarded grants for their music departments.
This year, Pioneer High School finished as the top school in the country:
the GRAMMY National Signature School. In addition to this prestigious
 award, the GRAMMY Foundation presents a $15,000 grant to the Ann
            Arbor Pioneer High School Department of Music.
   Grants were awarded to 36 top U.S. Public High Schools for music
    excellence, and 27 Enterprise Awards were granted this year to
                  economically underserved schools.
The GRAMMY Foundation is supported in part by Best Buy, Campbell's
Labels For Education Program, the Ford Motor Company Fund, Gibson
             Foundation and the Hot Topic Foundation.
   The GRAMMY Foundation was established in 1989 to cultivate the
   understanding, appreciation and advancement of the contribution of
  recorded music to American culture — from the artistic and technical
   legends of the past to the still unimagined musical breakthroughs of
future generations of music professionals. The Foundation accomplishes
    this mission through programs and activities that engage the music
    industry and cultural community as well as the general public. The
     Foundation works in partnership year-round with The Recording
   Academy® to bring national attention to important issues such as the
     value and impact of music and arts education and the urgency of
 preserving our rich cultural heritage. For more information, please visit
 GRAMMY® Signature Schools
The Pioneer High School Department of Music
          gratefully acknowledges
   The GRAMMY Foundation
            Best Buy
 Campbell’s Labels For Education
   Ford Motor Company Fund
       Gibson Foundation
     Hot Topic Foundation
      for their steadfast support of the
GRAMMY In The Schools Project

                            Brass and Percussion Ensemble
                                          David A. Leach, Director of Bands
Asclepius: Fanfare for Brass and Percussion ............................... Michael Daugherty (b. 1954)

                                         Steven R. Lorenz, Director of Choirs
The Star Spangled Banner .......................................................... Francis Scott Key (1779-1843)

                                Welcome and Introductions
                                      Jayne Bower, Master of Ceremonies

              2011 GRAMMY National Signature School Award
                                                      Special Guests
                                       Howard Hertz, Board of Directors
                                 National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences
                                               Dr. Michael Daugherty
                                       GRAMMY Award-Winning Composer
                                              Michael White, Principal
                                                   Pioneer High School
                           Robin Bailey, Coordinator Fine & Performing Arts
                                               Ann Arbor Public Schools

                           Jonathan Evans, ‘11 President, Symphony Band
                      Robert Eisentrout, ‘11 Ensemble Manager, A Cappella Choir
                           Jenny Shen, ‘11 President, Symphony Orchestra

                                                    Jazz Band
                                          David A. Leach, Director of Bands
Braggin‘ In Brass ............................................... Duke Ellington (1926-1991) Arr. David Berger
They Can‘t Take That Away From Me .................. George (1898-1937) & Ira Gershwin (1896-1983)
‗Round Midnight ...... Cootie Williams (1911-1985) /Thelonius Monk (1917-1982) Arr. Dave Wolpe
Count Bubba ................................................................................... Gordon Goodwin (b. 1954)

                                                  A Cappella Choir
                                               Steven R. Lorenz, Director of Choirs
Consecrate The Place and Day from Triptych ................................ Lloyd Pfautsch (1921-2003)
Sure On This Shining Night ................................................................. Gerald Custer (b. 1953)
                                                Commissioned by the Friends of The Pioneer Choirs

Water Night ......................................................................................... Eric Whitacre (b. 1970)
Witness .......................................................................................arr. Jack Halloran (1916-1997)

                                             Symphony Orchestra
                                            Jonathan Glawe, Director of Orchestras
Overture to Candide .................................................................. Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990)
Serenade for Strings ........................................................Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)
       IV. Finale (Tema russo) Andante — Allegro con spirito

                                   Music Theory & Technology
            Nancy Waring, Associate Director of Bands, Music Theory & Technology, Orchestra
                                Audio Presentation of Original Student Composition
Life ............................................................................................................. Gary Hall II ‗12

                                                   Symphony Band
                                                David A. Leach, Director of Bands
Elsa‘s Procession to the Cathedral .................Richard Wagner (1813-1883) Trans. Lucien Cailliet
Asphalt Cocktail .................................................................................... John Mackey (b. 1973)
             Commissioned by Mr. Howard J. Gourwitz as a gift to Dr. Kevin L. Sedatole and the Michigan State University Wind Symphony
Robert Eisentrout ‗11         JinYoung Lee ‗11                   Jordan McKay ‗13          Jack Pilutti ‗12
  Slauson/Haisley               Slauson/Lawton                     Tappan/Burns Park          Slauson/Eberwhite
Chewon Lee ‗11                Jordie Liao ‗13                    Gabriel Novak ‗13         Schuyler Robinson ‗11
  Korea                         Slauson/Lawton                     Illinois                   Forsythe/Wines

                                                  Jazz Band
Clarinet                      Piano                              Trombone                  Bass
Jim Campbell ‗11              Erik Hettmer ‗11                   Chris Haddlesey ‗11       Aidan Cafferty ‗11
  Slauson/Dicken                 Forsythe/Haisley                  Forsythe/Wines             Forsythe/Daycroft
                              Mario Sulaksana ‗12                Max Hully ‗11            Adam Olszewski ‗13
Alto Saxophone                   Slauson/Eberwhite/Bryant          Honey Creek/Indiana        Tappan/Allen
Monica Fink ‗12                                                  Jack McKarns ‗12
  Tappan/Burns Park           Trumpet                                                      Vocals
Anna Mayne ‗11                Jesse Lemons ‗13                                             Leila Hofer ‗11
                                                                 Hope Wilson ‗11              Tappan/Burns Park
  Tappan/Bryant/Pattengill       Ypsilanti/Lincoln                 Belleville
Aaron E. Wilson ‗11           Richie Peterson ‗11                Jonathan Evans ‗11
  Tappan/Holt                    Tappan/St. Thomas                 Slauson/Bach
                              David Shao ‗11
Tenor Saxophone                  Forsythe/Lakewood               Percussion
Julia Pakela ‗11              Jacob Swanson ‗11                  Riley Bean ‗11
  Forsythe/Haisley               Forsythe/Wines                    Slauson/Emerson
Will Smith ‗11                Jordan Vale ‗11                    Charlie Geronimus ‗12
  Tappan/Burns Park              Tappan/Farmington Hills           Emerson/Burns Park
Baritone Saxophone                                               Andrew Hess ‗11
Takeo Cauley ‗12
  Slauson/Dicken                                                 Tim Rittinger ‗11

                                     A Cappella Choir
Soprano                       Alto                               Tenor                     Bass
Kelsey Detering ‗13           Marissa Alaniz ‗11                 Iman Aslani ‗13           Samuel Kidd ‘14
  Slauson/Dicken                Slauson/Lawton                     Slauson/Lawton            Emerson
Libing Dong ‗11               Emily Ause ‗12                     Robert Eisentrout ‗11     Julian Jocque ‘11
  Tappan/Angell                 St. Margaret's                     Slauson/Haisley           Slauson/Eberwhite
April Hadwick ‗11             Julia DeVarti ‗12                  Nicolas Gonzalez ‗11      JinYoung Lee ‗11
  Tappan/Allen                  Tappan/Burns Park                  Slauson/Lawton            Slauson/Lawton
Jenny Nathans ‗13             Rebecca Fisher ‗11                 Chewon Lee ‗11            Jordie Liao ‗13
  Slauson/Eberwhite             Slauson/Lawton                     Korea                     Slauson/Lawton
Victoria Reackhof ‗11         Kelsey King ‗12                    Jordan McKay ‗13          Alex Massingill ‗11
  Slauson/Angell/Bach           Slauson/Lawton                     Tappan / Burns Park       Rudolph Steiner/ Mack
Karina Stribley ‗13           Suh Eun Lim ‗11                    Andrew Neevel ‗12         Jack Pilutti ‗12
  Tappan/Pattengill             Thailand/Korea                     Slauson                   Slauson/Eberwhite
Cristina Tamer ‗11            Jessa Miller ‗11                   Gabriel Novak ‗13         Paul Reece ‗11
  Slauson/Lawton                Slauson/Eberwhite                  Illinois                  Forsythe/Wines
Taryn Thomas ‗11              Cara Pardon ‗11                    Schuyler Robinson ‗11     Michael Shack ‗11
  Tappan/Bryant/Pattengilll     Slauson/Lawton                     Forsythe / Wines          Forsythe/Wines
Allison Wier ‗12              Madeleine Polovick ‗13             Mark Strader ‗13
  Tappan/Bryant/Pattengilll     Slauson/Eberwhite                  Slauson/Lawton
                              Marielle Saunders ‗12              Lukas Trierweiler ‗13
                                Tappan /Allen                      Slauson/Lawton
                              Sherry Wan ‗12
                          Music Theory & Technology
                                                         Gary Hall II ‗12

                                  Symphony Orchestra
Violin                           Caleb Lei ‗15                    Cello                       Bassoon
Arjan Arora ‗11                    Slauson                        Edward Bottke ‗12           Nick DeMarsh ‗11
  Forsythe/Haisley               Angel Li ‗12                        Tappan                     Forsythe/Abbot
Peter Bae ‗12                      Slauson/Lakewood               Allison Brooks-Conrad ‗13
  Ann Arbor Christian            Julia Rothchild ‗12                 Slauson/Bach             Clarinet
Sera Bird ‗11                      Tappan/Hebrew Day              Holger Bruns ‗12            James Campbell ‗11
  Ann Arbor Christian            Helen Rucinski ‗13                  Germany                    Slauson/Dicken
Irina Chen ‗14                     Emerson                        Andrew Chou ‗11             Julia Pakela ‗12
  Greenhills/Ann Arbor Open      Amanda Said ‗12                     Emerson                    Forsythe/Haisley
Christopher Chou ‗14               Slauson/Lakewood               Joseph Jang ‗12             Bass Clarinet
  Forsythe/Haisley               Emma Sandberg ‗12                   Slauson/Dicken
                                                                                              Anna Mayne ‗11
Sarah Court ‗13                    Emerson                        Jennifer Johnson ‗12          Tappan/Bryant/Pattengill
  Tappan/Pattengill              Elizabeth Sandberg ‗12              Slauson/Dicken
Claire Crause ‗13                  Emerson                        Paul Kim ‗13                Trumpet
  Tappan/Pattengill              Jenny Shen ‗11                      Tappan/Pattengill        Jacob Swanson ‗11
Harrison Fang ‗11                  Slauson/Lawton                 Emily Kindred ‗13             Forsythe/Wines
  Slauson/Lawton                 Brenda Shih ‗11                     Tappan/New York          Isabel McKay ‗11
Maiko Flaviat ‗11                  Forsythe/Northside             Danny Luan ‗13                Tappan/Burns Park
Danny Jung ‗14                   Jacob Winick ‗12                    Slauson/Dicken
  Tappan                           Tappan/Burns Park              Livia Luan ‗13              Horn
Richard Gu ‗11                   Austin Yoo ‗12                      Slauson/Dicken           Rennie Cotner ‗13
  Forsythe/Haisley                 Slauson/Lawton                 Jon Lyu ‗13                   Slauson/Lawton
Alice Hou ‗12                    Gabby Zacks ‗13                     Forsythe/Illinois        Kevin Flannagan ‗12
  Tappan/China                     Slauson/Hebrew Day             Ananya Mayukha ‗13            Ann Arbor Open
Daniel Huang ‗12                                                     Emerson/Lawton           D‘Arcy Cook ‗12
  Slauson/Dicken                                                  Steve Merritt                 Slauson/Lawton
                                 Nathan Carrillo ‗12                                          Veronika Olszewski ‗11
Andrew Huang ‗14                   Slauson/Dicken                 Khanh San Pham ‗11
  Slauson/Lawton                                                     Tappan/King                Tappan/Allen
                                 Jazmine Cooper ‗12
Grace Hwang ‗11                    Tappan/Pattengill              Daniel Rothchild ‗13        Trombone
  Slauson                                                            Emerson/Hebrew Day
                                 Greg Fuller ‗11                                              Hope Wilson ‗11
Daniel Jiang ‗11                   Forsythe/Wines                 Eli Schultz ‗11               Belleville
  New York                                                           Emerson
                                 Kathy Liu ‗12                                                Chris Haddlesey ‗11
Dana Johnson ‗13                   Slauson/Lawton                                               Forsythe/Wines
                                 Mari Pando-Girard ‗13            Flute
Kiyoon Jung ‗12                                                                               Tuba
                                   Forsythe/Burns Park            Carly Renner ‗11
  St. Francis of Assisi/Lawton
                                                                     Emerson/Burns Park       Jonathan Evans ‗11
Josh Jung ‗13                    Bass                                                           Slauson/Bach
  Tappan/Angell                                                   Kayoon Jung ‗12
                                 Aidan Cafferty ‗11                  St. Francis/Lawton       Percussion
Oliver Kendall ‗11
  Rudolf Steiner/Washington DC
                                   Forsythe/Daycroft              Joella Bennett ‗11          Kerry Fingerle ‘12
                                 Anthony Fulton ‗13                  Forsythe/Haisley
Tae-Ho Kim ‗13                     Slauson/Eberwhite
                                                                                                Tappan/Burns Park
  Tappan/Korea                                                    Oboe                        Andrew Hess ‗11
                                 Xavier Goovaerts ‗12
Andrea Kriz ‗11                    Forsythe/Abbot                 Linda Relson ‘11
  Slauson/Lawton                                                                              Michael Saunders ‗12
                                 Oliver Hill ‗12                     Slauson/Bach
Giancarlo Latta ‗13                                               Norah Rast ‘13
  Ann Arbor Open/Dicken                                                                       Eric Yamakado ‗11
                                 Adam Olszewski ‗13                  Ann Arbor Open
Steven Lee ‗11                     Tappan/Allen
  Slauson/Dicken                                                                              Tim Rittinger ‗11
Michael Lee ‗15                                                                                 Forsythe/Northside
                                       Symphony Band
Piccolo                        Bassoon                   Trumpet                      Harp
Joella Bennett ‗11             Annie Zhang ‗11           Isabel McKay ‗11            Celisa Gutierrez ‗12
   Forsythe/Haisley              Slauson/Lawton            Tappan/Burns Park            Huron Valley Catholic
                               Nick DeMarsh ‗11          Leila Hofer ‗11
Flute                            Forsythe/Abbot            Tappan/Burns Park          Percussion
Carly Renner ‗11               Rosie Curtis ‗11          Jacob Swanson ‗11           Eric Yamakado ‗11
   Emerson/Burns Park            Tappan/Daycroft           Forsythe/Wines               Pinckney
Kayoon Jung ‗12                Eric Zimmer ‗11           Ruby Emberling ‗13           Kerryann Fingerle ‗12
   St. Francis/Lawton            Tappan/Pattengill         Tappan/Burns Park            Tappan/Burns Park
Natalie Martin ‗12                                       David Shao ‗11              Andrew Hess ‗11
   Slauson/Lawton              Bass Clarinet               Forsythe/Lakewood            Forsythe/Pennsylvania
Iris Chen ‗12                  Anna Mayne ‗11            Jordan Vale ‗11             Michael Saunders ‗12
   Greenhills/St. Thomas         Tappan/Pattengill         Tappan/Farmington Hills      Tappan/Allen
Rachel Bielajew ‗11            Zachary Marentay ‗11      Amelia Diehl ‗13             Charlie Geronimus ‗12
   Tappan/Burns Park             Forsythe/Lakewood         Slauson/Eberwhite            Emerson/Burns Park
Skye Heurta ‗12                Alayna Coverly ‗13        Evan Park ‘11               Jae Hyun Choe ‗11
   Forsythe/Okemos               Slauson/Eberwhite         Tappan/Honey Creek           Novi/Korea
Olivia Lee ‗11                                           Tyler Leach ‗13              Riley Bean ‗11
   Slauson/Columbus, OH        Contra-Bass Clarinet                                     Slauson/Emerson
Sowdeepya Nadimpalli ‗12       Konstantin Kecman ‗11                                  Jared Kaufman ‗12
                                 Slauson/Eberwhite       Aaron Baum ‗13
   Slauson/Dicken                                          Tappan/Burns Park            Slauson/Hebrew Day
Anna Latterner ‗14             Alto Saxophone                                         John Fan ‗14
   Slauson/Dicken              Aaron Wilson ‗11          Trombone                       Slauson/Lawton
                                 Tappan/Holt             Hope Wilson ‗11             Tim Rittinger ‗11
Oboe                                                       Belleville                   Forsythe/Northside
                               Vijay Ilankamban ‗11
Linda Relson ‗11                 Tappan/Pittsfield       Chris Haddlesey ‗11         Kaylee Schonsheck ‗12
                               Becca Shipan ‗13            Forsythe/Wines               Tappan/Pattengill
Nora Rast ‗13                    Tappan/Iowa             Halley Bass ‗14
   Ann Arbor Open
                               Monica Fink ‗12             Ann Arbor Open/Eberwhite
Caitlin Berrigan ‗11             Tappan/Burns Park       Bo Peng ‗12
   Tappan/Chicago                                          Tappan/Bryant/Pattengill
Sara Long ‗12                  Tenor Saxophone           Jack McKarns ‗12
   Slauson/Eberwhite           Takeo Cauley ‗12            Tappan/Pattengill
                                 Slauson/Dicken          Henry Pakela ‗13
                               Jack Fan ‗12                Forsythe/Haisley
James Campbell ‗11               Ontario
   Slauson/Dicken                                        Euphonium
Alex Baum ‗11                  Baritone Saxophone        Elliot Polot ‗14
   Tappan/Burns Park           Edward Lee ‗11              Slauson/Lawton
Kevin Zhang ‗12                  Tappan/Burns Park       Chris Hass ‗11
   Slauson/Lawton                                          Slauson/Lawton
Angela Yang ‗11                French Horn
                                                         Nina Freter ‗12
   Slauson/Lawton              Kevin Flannagan ‗12        Slauson/Dicken
Julia Pakela ‗11                 Ann Arbor Open
   Forsythe/Haisley            Veronika Olszewski ‗11   Tuba
Yuming Liu ‗12                   Tappan/Allen            Jonathan Evans ‗11
   Canada                      Katie Copp ‗11              Slauson/Bach
Alyssa Natoci ‗11                Slauson/Dicken          Mario Sulaksana ‗12
   Tappan/Burns Park           Kate Centurione ‗11        Slauson/Eberwhite
Meera Desai ‗11                  Tappan/Daycroft
   Forsythe/Go Like The Wind   D‘Arcy Cook ‗12           Bass
Gina Son ‗13                     Slauson/Lawton          Aidan Cafferty ‗11
   Tappan/Pattengill           Natalie Roll ‗11           Forsythe/Daycroft
Hyungjae Jung ‗11                Tappan/Burns Park       Adam Olszewski ‗13
   Tappan/Korea                Rennie Cotner ‗13          Tappan/Allen
Seung-Yoon Michael Shin ‗13      Slauson/Lawton
   Tappan/St. Francis
Simmon Kim ‗11
   Korea                                                      Brass and Percussion Ensemble
      Ann Arbor Pioneer High School
2011 National GRAMMY® Signature School
The music programs of Ann Arbor Pioneer High School have a long history of
quality and recognition. In fact, Pioneer High School is the only school in the
history of the GRAMMY Signature School program ever to repeat the top
national honor. Here is a brief synopsis of the Pioneer Music Program‘s past
GRAMMY recognitions:
 2001-2002 Pioneer first applied for GRAMMY consideration and was
  selected as a GRAMMY Signature School as one of the top 100 high school
  music departments in the nation, receiving a grant for $1,000.
 2002-2003 Pioneer selected as a GRAMMY Signature School as one of the
  top 50 music departments in the nation, receiving a $1,000 grant.
 2003-2004 Pioneer selected as a GRAMMY Gold Signature School as one of
  the top 7 music departments in the nation, receiving a $5,000 grant from the
  GRAMMY Foundation.
 2004-2005 Pioneer selected as a GRAMMY Gold Signature School, receiving
  a $7,000 grant from the GRAMMY Foundation.
 2005-2006 Pioneer selected as the 2006 National GRAMMY Signature
  School as the best music department in the nation, receiving a $20,000 grant
  from the GRAMMY Foundation. As the reigning National Signature School,
  Pioneer was ineligible to reapply until 2009-2010 for the 2010 awards.
 2009-2010 Pioneer selected as a GRAMMY Gold Signature School as one of
  the top three music departments in the nation, receiving a check for $5,000
  from the GRAMMY Foundation.
 2010-2011 Pioneer High School Department of Music selected as the 2011
  National GRAMMY Signature School. Tonight, the Pioneer Department of
  Music receives a grant of $15,000 from the GRAMMY Foundation.
           2010-2011 Pioneer High School Music Students

                                          Concert Band
                             David A. Leach, Director of Bands
                          Nancy Waring, Associate Director of Bands
Flute                         Clarinet                     French Horn                  Tuba
Sara King ‗13                 Alan Zhou ‗13                Clare Higgins ‗13            Nathan Willette ‗14
  Tappan/Allen                  Emerson/Lawton               Slauson/Lawton               Slauson/Bach
Abbey Maxbauer ‗13            Tina Yu ‗13                  Reina Larkin ‗12             Sarah Begley ‗13
  Slauson/Lawton                Slauson/Lawton               Tappan/Bryant/Pattengill     Slauson/Eberwhite
Hannah Lynn ‗14               Harry Lee ‗13                Kiley Judge ‗13              Paul Reece ‗11
  Slauson/Dicken                Slauson/Lawton               Greenhills/Eberwhite         Forsythe/Wines
EunSoo Park ‗12               Ben Bielajew ‗13             Abraham Paternoster ‗14      Becca Fisher ‗12
  Slauson/Korea                 Tappan/Burns Park            Slauson/Eberwhite            Slauson/Lawton
Sara Park ‗13                 Michael Shapiro ‗14          Trumpet
  Tappan/Honey Creek            Tappan/Allen                                            Percussion
Andrea Martin ‗13             Kevin Jiang ‗14              Richie Peterson ‗11          James Boyd ‗12
                                                             Tappan/St. Thomas            Slauson/Lawton
  Ann Arbor Open                Slauson/Lawton
Hyewon Choi ‗12               Peter Wang ‗11               Alex Bartko ‗11              Conor Howe ‗12
                                                             Forsythe/Wines               Slauson/Honey Creek
  Tappan/Korea                  Slauson/Lawton
Megan Zheng ‗13               Wei Luo ‗14                  Charles Wang ‗14             Jordan McKay ‗13
                                                             Slauson/Dicken               Tappan/Burns Park
  Slauson/Pattengill            Tappan/China
Heewon Choi ‗11               Levy Li ‗11                  Daniel Olsen ‗14             Taylor Johnson ‗14
                                                             Emerson                      Tappan/Pattengill
  Tappan/Korea                  Slauson/Lawton
Christine Kokkales ‗11        Antonia Smith ‗13            Josh Sherick ‗13             Ken Simon ‗13
                                                             Tappan/Pattengill            St. Paul Lutheran
  Forsythe/Haisley              Tappan/Ypsilanti
                              Stephanie Terrell ‗14        Andrew Siddall ‗13           Meghan Kymal ‗12
Oboe                            Tappan/Burns Park
                                                             Tappan/Pattengill            Slauson/Lawton
Hyeyoung Kim ‗12              Shreya Bahl ‗13              Jesse Lemons ‗13             Audrey Park ‗13
  Hudson                                                     Ypsilanti Lincoln            Slauson/Dicken
Maddie Allen ‗12              Emily Liu ‗13                Kyle Kantebet ‗11            Peter Doyle ‗14
  Slauson/Bach                                               Clarkston                    Tappan/Burns Park
Patricia Nease ‗13            Laura Schickling ‗11         Moritz Lehner ‗13            Christopher Landau ‗11
  Slauson/Lawton                                             Tappan/Burns Park            Slauson/Lawton
                              Maria Ten Brink ‗14          Nicholas Lemerand ‗13        Meaghan Glanville ‗12
Bassoon                                                      Slauson/Lawton               Tappan/Pattengill
Thea Yagerlener ‗12                                                                     William Chen ‗13
  Tappan/Honey Creek                                       Trombone
                              Alto Saxophone                                             Tappan/Pattengill
Yeong Hyeon Koh ‗13                                        Chris Hass ‗11
                              Sam Lichtman-Mikol ‗11         Slauson/Lawton
  Slauson/Bach                  Slauson/Eberwhite
Galen Burrell ‗13                                          Nick Terrell ‗12
                              Niket Parikh ‗14               Tappan/Burns Park
  Ann Arbor Open                Emerson
Elizabeth Choi ‗14                                         William Wang ‗13
                              Hunter St. Pierre ‗11          Ontario
  Tappan/St. Francis            Tappan/Bryant/Pattengill
                                                           Hyun Won ‗13
Bass Clarinet                 Luke Mykolenko ‗11             Tappan/Angell
                                St. Paul Lutheran
Siyan Daniel Li ‗13                                        Samuel Blackburn ‗13
  Slauson/Bryant/Pattengill   Dean Brigham ‗13               Slauson/Eberwhite
Enze Xing ‗13                                              Nicholas Verhun ‗12
  Tappan/Angell               Austin Stout ‗14               Tappan/Bryant/Pattengill
Grace Iverson ‗13
  Tappan/Allen                                             Euphonium
                              Baritone Saxophone
                                                           Michael Buiteweg ‗13
Tenor Saxophone               Eddie Codrington ‗14           Tappan/Bryant/Pattengill
Alexander Ginsberg ‗14                                     Eric Dutton ‗13
  Tappan/Burns Park           Guanlun He ‗12                 Tappan/Bryant/Pattengill
Ruohao Li ‗12                                              Kristal Frazzini ‗11
  Tappan/China                                               Riverview
           2010-2011 Pioneer High School Music Students

                                            Varsity Band
                           Nancy Waring, Associate Director of Bands

Flute                          Bass Clarinet                    Trumpet                         Tuba
Hannah Sim ‗12                 Brian Pinsky ‘14                 Zak Eicher ‘11                  Sarah Begley ‗13
  Missouri                       Tappan/Pattengill                Slauson/Eberwhite               Slauson/Eberwhite
Kathy Sun ‘14                  Christian Castle ‘14             Gregory Kim ‘12
  Clague                         Tappan/Allen                     St. Francis/Dicken            Percussion
Jaewoong Cho ‘13               Konstantin Neyman ‘14            Remington Reackhof ‘14          Hangil Choi ‘14
  Slauson/Lawton                 Tappan/Allen                     Slauson/Bach                    Slauson/Bach
Alysha Szewczul ‘13            Anabel Cruz ‘14                  Kaylie Bullock ‘14              Ryan Teeter ‘14
  Slauson/Lawton                 Tappan/Pattengill                Tappan/Bryant/Pattengill        Tappan/St. Paul
Elisha Frison ‘11                                               Alex Copp ‘14                   Mackenzie Sapp ‘14
  Ann Arbor Christian, Wines   Clarinet                           Slauson/Dicken                  Tappan/Burns Park
Dana Shin ‘14                  Oliver Zhou ‘13                  Steven Corbin ‘14               Joe Osinski ‘13
  Tappan/Bryant/Pattengill       Slauson/Lawton                   Tappan/Pattengill               Slauson/Dicken
Sarah Starman ‘14              Amanda Sugai ‘13                 Danny Fonte ‘13                 Nathan Morningstar ‘14
  Tappan/Burns Park              Slauson/Lawton                   Slauson/Eberwhite               Tappan/Pattengill
Areen Goraya ‘14               Samantha Freshley ‘14            Ryan Basanta ‘14                TJ White ‘14
  Slauson/Allen                  Tappan/Burns Park                Tappan/Allen                    Tappan/Allen
Terralyn Parks ‘13             Jakob Smith ‘14                  Andrew Hocott ‘14               Rusen Karacaaslan ‘11
  Walled Lake/Belleville         St. Paul Lutheran                St. Francis                     Turkey
HanQiu Cheng ‘14               Ben Vinnik ‘14                   Anthony Brisson ‘14
  Tappan/China                   Slauson/Lakewood                 Slauson/Eberwhite
Manasseh McClair ‘14           Amaris Sim ‘14                   AJ Sanchez ‘11
  Tappan/Pattengill              Slauson/Missouri                 Clague/Eberwhite
James Oh ‘14                   Noah Thompson ‘14                French Horn
  Tappan/Korea                                                  Oksana Palczynski ‘14
Melissa Vorce ‘13              Tela Kabisch ‘14                   Tappan/Pattengill
                                 Slauson/Ann Arbor LC
  Slauson/Dicken                                                Hannah Rhodenhiser ‘14
Desiree Robinson ‘14           Haley Jakabcsin ‘14                Ann Arbor Open
  Milan                          Huron Valley Catholic School
                               Gabriel Puno ‘14
                                 Slauson/Illinois               Trombone
Oboe                                                            Kevin Blaesing ‘14
                               Brinda Yarlagadda ‘14
Maddy Hiller ‘13                 Slauson/Ann Arbor Open           Tappan/Bryant/Pattengill
                               Luke Erdevig ‘14                 Jae Pil Choi ‘13
Anna Hayman ‘14                  Tappan/Allen                     Tappan/Slauson/Bach
  Tappan/Burns park                                             Tanaka Chavanduka ‘14
                               Alex Kim ‘14
Hannah Lim ‘14                   Korea/Canada                     Ypsilanti
  Ann Arbor Christian/Lawton                                    Josue Hervert-Trinidad ‘14
                               Saxophone                          Slauson/Lakewood/Pittsfield
Bassoon                        Kevin Tian ‗14                   Luke Giordano ‘14
Miyako Cauley ‘13                Slauson/Bach                     Tappan/Slauson/Bach
  Slauson/Dicken               Ted Xiao ‗13
Kayla Zynda ‘13                  Slauson/Lawton                 Euphonium
  Tappan/Allen                 Nicholas Ivacko ‗13              Aina Kelsaw-Fletcher ‘14
Esther Im ‘13                    Slauson/Dicken                   Tappan/Bryant/Pattengill
  Clague/Northside             Shrikar Thodla ‗13               Troy Stansbury ‘13
                                 Slauson/Lakewood                 Slauson/Mt. Clemens
2010-2011 Pioneer High School Music Students

                           Concert Orchestra
                    Jonathan Glawe, Director of Orchestras
Violin                                 Viola
Susie Christensen-Rasmussen ‗12        Debbonique Brown-Murray ‗11
  Slauson/Honey Creek                    Slauson/Faithway
Drew Conrad ‗13                        Paige Crosset ‗11
  Tappan/Pattengill                      Slauson/Dicken
Keiko Diaz-Pezua ‗12                   Jonathan Hamermesh ‗14
  Slauson/Eberwhite                      Tappan/Hebrew Day School
Meg Erkkinen ‗13                       Elizabeth Hines ‗13
  St. Francis                            Tappan/Burns Park
Josh Graves ‗13                        Iris Ho ‗14
  Slauson/      Dicken                   Slauson/Lakewood
Nan Hu ‗14                             Claire Hughes ‗14
  Tappan/Burns Park                      Emerson/Lawton
Katie Li ‗13                           Lillian Huang ‗14
  Slauson/Lawton                         Tappan/Pattengill
Sherry Li ‗14                          Jack Meluch ‗13
  Clague/Slauson/Lawton                  Slauson/Lawton
David Liu ‗13                          Sarah Xie ‗14
  Slauson/Scarlett/Allen                 Tappan/Pattengill
Hoai An Pham ‗14
  Tappan/Allen                         Cello
Jana Pok ‗13                           Cellik Adams ‗13
  Tappan/Pattengill                      Tappan/Dexter
Janice Sim ‗13                         Hana Berkooz ‗14
  Hixson/Carmen Trails                   Tappan/Hebrew Day School
Emily Siu ‗14                          Tomer Chen ‗14
  Slauson/Lawton                         Tappan/Hebrew Day School
Charlotte Sondermann ‗12               Allegra Corwin-Renner ‗14
  Germany                                Home School
Vishal Subrahmanyam ‗14                Eva Fall ‗13
  Slauson/Lakewood                       Slauson/Lakewood
Chenxi Sun ‗14                         Sarah Goetzke ‗13
  Slauson/Lakewood                       Tappan/Burns Park
Hannah Tanau ‗13                       Hannah Graham ‗12
  Tappan/Lakewood                        Slauson/Dicken
Aoxue Tang ‗12                         Azba Gurm ‗13
  Ohio/China                             Tappan/Burns Park
Manik Tetarbe ‗12                      Patrick Pang ‗13
  Tappan/Pattengill                      Slauson/Taipei
Susanna Wang ‗14                       David Kim ‗11
  Tappan/Allen                           Slauson/Chorim Suji
Charles Wang ‗14                       Lizzie Zinn ‗14
  Slauson/Dicken                         Slauson/Eberwhite
Jan Wu ‗12
  Tappan/Allen                         Bass
William Yang ‗14                       Emily Golden ‗14
  Clague/Tappan/Lawton                   Tappan/Allen
Andrew Yu ‗14                          Gabe Novak ‗13
  Slauson/Eberwhite                      Illinois
Peter Zhang ‗14                        Drew Polovick ‗14
  Tappan/Central                         Slauson/Eberwhite
Jason Zhao ‗14
  Slauson       Lawton
2010-2011 Pioneer High School Music Students

                      Philharmonia Orchestra
                   Jonathan Glawe, Director of Orchestras
Violin                                Viola
Nicholas Aukerman ‗13                 Megan Bialek ‗13
  Slauson/Lawton                        Tappan/Pattengill
Ian Cooper ‗14                        Danielle Buckland ‗13
  Tappan/Pattengill                     Tappan/Pattengill
Keely Ferguson ‗14                    Deja Gray ‗14
  Slauson/Lakewood                      Bach
Priya Ghandikota ‗14                  Chanda Rollins ‗14
  Slauson/Lawton                        Slauson/Dicken
Eunice Jang ‗14                       Alex Todd ‗13
  Slauson/Dicken                        Slauson/Dicken
Carla Jesse ‗12                       Zaid Khatib ‗13
  Germany                               Saline
Dana Johnson
  Emerson                             Cello
Tae-Ho Kim                            Sena Adjei-Agbai ‗14
  Tappan/Korea                          Tappan/Eberwhite
Magdelina Koester ‗13                 Nicholas Barvinok ‗14
  Germany                               Slauson
Andrew Krenz ‗14                      Allison Brooks-Conrad
  Slauson/Dicken                        Slauson/Bach
Maris Reid ‗14                        Frank Diaz-Pezua ‗11
  Slauson/Lawton                        Slauson/Eberwhite
Akanksha Sahay ‗13                    Warda Farah ‗13
  Tappan/Valley Oak                     Tappan
Sean Sarkar ‗13                       Aaron Hawley ‗13
  Tappan/Pattengill                     Emerson
Maggie Schneider ‗12                  Chris Lloyd ‗14
  Germany                               Tappan/Pattengill
Drew Scotton ‗13                      Gavin Maier-Denk ‗11
  Tappan/Pattengill                     Forsythe/Wines
Neha Srivastava ‗13                   Adam Psarouthakis ‗13
  Slauson/Lawton                        Emerson/Lawton
Kenneth Stewart ‗13                   Michael Wilson ‗13
  Slauson/Lawton                        Slauson/Lawton
Michael Taylor ‗14                    Robert Wynn ‗14
  Tappan/Dicken                         Tappan
Melanie Vorce ‗14
  Slauson/Dicken                      Bass
Lillian Xie ‗14                       Adrian Koch ‗11
  Okemos                                Forsythe/Ohio
             2010-2011 Pioneer High School Music Students
                                                       Bel Canto
                               Steven R. Lorenz, Director of Choirs
                                                Paul Haebig, Accompanist
Miriam Alexander ‗13            Adriana Ellis ‗14             Elizabeth Morgan ‗12         Hannah Soderborg ‗13
   Tappan/ Hebrew Day School      Slauson/ Dicken               Tappan/ Burns Park           Slauson/Eberwhite
Emily Briggs ‗13                Sophia Garris ‗11             Greta Niethammer ‗12         Chelsea Stauffer ‗13
   Slauson/Lawton                 Forsythe/Abbot                Slauson/Eberwhite            Forsythe/ Abbot
Alexandria Cadavieco ‗12 Ivy Gleason ‗14                      Carlina Paull-Baird ‗12      Danielle Stevens ‗13
   St. Francis                    Slauson/Dicken                Ann Arbor Open               Slauson/ Lakewood
Molly Cocco ‗13                 Hannah Hesseltine ‗14         Chelsea Racelis ‗14          Katherine Summers ‗13
   Slauson/Eberwhite              Slauson/Lakewood              Slauson/Lawton               Ann Arbor Open
DeLaynna Corley ‗12             Clare Higgins ‗13             Elise Reichard ‗14           Natalie White ‗12
   Slauson/Dicken                 Slauson/Lawton                Slauson/Lawton               St. Francis
Rennie Cotner ‗13               Margaret Jones ‗13            Sabra Satz-Kojis ‗14         Zijun Zhao ‗11
   Slauson/Lawton                 Tappan /Bryant/Pattengill     Slauson/Eberwhite            Slauson
Ramya Dronamraju ‗12            Clare Lauer ‗12               Rebecca Shipan ‗13           Lauren Zyber ‗13
   Tappan/ Bryant/Pattengill      Forsythe/Abbot                Tappan/                      Slauson/Lawton

                               Steven R. Lorenz, Director of Choirs
Erica Ause ‗14                  Alexis Losacco ‗13            Jacqueline Portu ‗13         Lillian Sedman-Clark ‗14
  Slauson/ St. Margaret's         Slauson/ Abbot / Lakewood     St. Francis/ Lawton          Slauson Eberwhite
Sierra Bell ‗14                 Morgan Lucot ‗11              Elizabeth Postema ‗14        Abby Song ‗14
  Tappan/ Mack / Honey Creek      Forsythe/ Abbot               Slauson Eberwhite            Korea
Clare Evett ‗14                 Zoë Melcher ‗13               Lillian Reina ‗11            Abigail Stone Lauer ‗14
  Tappan/ Bryant/Pattengill       Slauson/ Dicken                Carl Sandberg Academy       Forsythe/Abbot
Anna Humes ‗14                  Emily Miller-Madaj ‗13        Fany Reyes ‗14               Hunter Walrod ‗14
  Tappan/ Bryant/Pattengill       Slauson/Eberwhite             Slauson Lakewood             Slauson/Eberwhite
Ariana Jackson ‗14              Emmalee Mills ‗14             Kreymohney Robinson ‗14      Anastasia Zolova ‗13
  Tappan/ Pattengill & Allen      Slauson/ Dicken               Milan Trump Academy          Slauson/Harvard
Gabrielle Keen ‗14              Sophie Morris ‗14             Olivia Roumel ‗14
  Emerson/ Lawton                 Tappan/ Burns Park            Tappan/Allen
Jordan Koenig ‗12               Krista Natelborg ‗14          Danyale Ryles ‗14
  Slauson/Lawton                  Ann Arbor Christian/          Lincoln/ Carpenter/Brick
Alexandra Kulaga ‗13            Kia Phelan ‗14                Lilly Scheerer ‗13
  Lapeer                          Lincoln Consolidated          Tappan/Burns Park

                               Steven R. Lorenz, Director of Choirs
Brandon Bertoia ‗14             Cedric Gin ‗14                William Kryska III ‗13       Travis Trombley ‗11
  Slauson/Lawton                  Slauson/Eberwhite             Slauson/Lawton               Slauson/Lawton
Nicholas Bertoia ‗12            Michael Grobosky ‗14          Spencer Miller ‗13           Timothy Williams ‗11
  Slauson/Lawton                  Slauson/Lawton                Slauson/Eberwhite            Flint
Bradley Blevins ‗11             Joseph Hathaway ‗14           Maksymillian Muno ‗14        Caleb Wilson ‗13
  Dearborn Heights/Wayne          Slauson/Eberwhite             Slauson/Lawton               Slauson/Eberwhite
Joseph Brabenec ‗14             Louis Hochster ‗14            Jacob Norton ‗14             Callaghan Wise ‗11
  Slauson/Eberwhite               Tappan/ Burns Park            Slauson/ Dicken              Slauson// Dicken
Tré Brown ‗13                   Ray Hong ‗11                  Remington Reackhof ‗14       Daniel Wu ‗14
  Tappan/ Allen / Bryant          Tappan                        Slauson/ Bach                Slauson Lawton
Denzel Cotton ‗14               Jacob Jedele ‗13              Paul Reece ‗11               Kenny Xue ‗14
  Slauson/Lawton                  Slauson/ Dicken               Forsythe/Wines               Slauson Emerson
Mason Embs ‗14                  Austin Kent ‗14               Elijah Rhodenhiser ‗13       Andrew Yu ‗14
  Slauson/ Dicken                 Slauson/Lawton                Ann Arbor Open/ Dicken       Slauson Eberwhite
Mitchell Fehrle ‗13             Joshua King ‗14               Stacy Richmond ‗13
  St. Paul                        Slauson/Lawton                Slauson/Lawton
Benjamin Freiband ‗14           George Koukios ‗14            Parker Sanford ‗14
  Tappan/ Burns Park              Tappan/ West Hills            Slauson/Lawton
        2010-2011 Pioneer High School Music Students
                        Steven R. Lorenz, Director of Choirs
Robert Eisentrout ‗11    Jordie Liao ‗13           Paul Reece ‗11            Taryn Thomas ‗11
Rebecca Fisher ‗11       Jessa Miller ‗11          Marielle Saunders ‗12     Allison Wier ‗12
Nicolas Gonzalez ‗11     Andrew Neevel ‗12         Michael Shack ‗11         Lucy Yao ‗11
JinYoung Lee ‗11         Madeleine Polovick ‗13    Cristina Tamer ‗11

                                 Desperate Measures
                        Steven R. Lorenz, Director of Choirs
Iman Aslani ‗13          Julian Jocque ‗11         Remington Reackhof ‗14    Callaghan Wise ‗11
Tré Brown ‗13            William Kryska III ‗13    Michael Shack ‗11
Mitchell Fehrle ‗13      Alex Massingill ‗11       Mark Strader ‗13
Nicolas Gonzalez ‗11     Andrew Neevel ‗12         Lukas Trierweiler ‗13

                        Steven R. Lorenz, Director of Choirs
Kelsey Detering ‗13      Jessa Miller ‗11          Ramya Dronamraju ‗12      Lilly Scheerer ‗13
Julia DeVarti ‗12        Madeleine Polovick ‗13    Greta Niethammer ‗12
Suh Eun Lim ‗11          Allison Wier ‗12          Natalie White ‗12

                        Steven R. Lorenz, Director of Choirs
Libing Dong ‗11          Marielle Saunders ‗12     Cristina Tamer ‗11        Sherry Wan ‗12
Victoria Reackhof ‗11    Katherine Summers ‗13     Taryn Thomas ‗11          Lauren Zyber ‗13

                        Steven R. Lorenz, Director of Choirs
Robert Eisentrout ‗11    JinYoung Lee ‗11          Jordan McKay ‗13          Jack Pilutti ‗12
Chewon Lee ‗11           Jordie Liao ‗13           Gabriel Novak ‗13         Schuyler Robinson ‗11

                                    Sha Bop Shoppe
                        Steven R. Lorenz, Director of Choirs
Libing Dong ‗11          Taryn Thomas ‗11         Sophia Garris ‗11          Lauren Zyber ‗13
Victoria Reackhof ‗11    Alexandria Cadavieco ‗12 Chelsea Stauffer ‗13

                        Steven R. Lorenz, Director of Choirs
Miriam Alexander ‗13     Clare Higgins ‗13         Jenny Nathans ‗13         Jacqueline Portu ‗13
Emily Ause ‗12           Clare Lauer ‗12           Carlina Paull-Baird ‗12   Karina Stribley ‗13
    2010-2011 Pioneer High School Music Students
       Rochelle D. Martinez, Humanities-Music, Piano, Guitar
Faisal Alsuhaibani ‘13       James Hochrein ‘11        Matthew Paquin ‘11
  Saudi Arabia                 Slauson/Honey Creek       Massachusetts
Darren Austin ‘12            Jacob Howland ‘11         Nicholas Porikos ‘11
  Slauson/Lawton               Slauson/Dicken            Slauson/Dicken
Cole Bardreau ‘11            Ryan Huffnagle ‘13        Loryn Prichard ‘14
  New York                     Slauson/Dicken            Tappan/Abbot
Krista Bose ‘11              Olivia Jayakar ‘14        David Ransdell ‘11
  Forsythe/Haisley             Slauson/Lawton            Tappan/Pattengill
Ozge Con Bozdag ‘12          Peng Jia ‘13              Abigail Raver ‘13
  Germany                      China                     Slauson/Eberwhite
Pebbles Brewer ‘11           Aaliyah Jihad ‘14         Andrew Ryan ‘11
  Forsythe/Abbot               Belleville                Brighton
Michaela Carmein ‘11         Barrett Kaib ‘11          Megan Schechtman ‘11
  Slauson                      Pennsylvania              Forsythe/Abbot
YooJin Chang ‘11             Brendan Kennedy ‘13       Laura Schickling ‘11
  Forsythe/Haisley             Dicken /Slauson           Tappan/Pattengill
Nadir Chaudhry ‘11           Riley Kent ‘11            Michael Schickling ‘14
John Chinchen ‘11              Slauson/Lawton            Tappan/Pattengill
  Slauson/Eberwhite          Ryan Kielczewski ‘13      Andrew Schmidt ‘14
Nikolus Collins ‘14            Lawton/                   Catholic School
  Fortis Academy/Carpenter   Yesse Kim ‗11             Anthony Schuurmans ‘14
Kathleen Copp ‘11              Tappan/Korea              Tappan/California
  Slauson/Dicken             Karolina Kolar ‘11        Jennifer Schwab ‘11
Andy Dai ‘11                   Austria                   Ann Arbor Open
  Slauson/Lawton             David Kwak ‘13            Katherine Schweitzer ‘14
Colin Darnton ‘13              Slauson/Dicken            Slauson/Lawton
  Slauson/Eberwhite          Meghan Kymal ‘12          Ben Silvers ‘11
Zachary Davis ‘13              Slauson/Lawton            Tappan/Pattengill
  Slauson/Eberwhite          Brenna Landry ‘14         Charlotte Sondermann ‘12
David Ysmael Desiderio ‘12     Royal Oak                 Germany
  Phillipines                Jerold Lewis ‘11          Kristen Stauffer ‘11
Frank Diaz-Pezua ‘11           Tappan/Canton             Forsythe/Abbot
  Slauson/Eberwhite          Dong Yeun Lim ‘13         Mark Strader ‘13
Stephen Dowker ‘13             Korea                     Slauson/Lawton
  Tappan/Pattengill          Joseph Lipson ‘11         Shelby Strohl ‘12
Hannah Dubov ‗12               Slauson/Pattengill        Slauson/Lakewood
  Slauson/Lawton             Tamar Lubman ‘13          Molly Thompson ‘13
Emma Fisher ‘13                Tappan/Burns Park         Tappan/St Francis
  Slauson/Lawton             Bryan Matney ‘13          Rachel Trouba ‘11
Zachary Fogel ‘13              Tappan/Pattengill         St Francis
  Tappan/Burns Park          Jason Matney ‘11          Matthew Van Voorhis‘11
Hayley Fonde ‘11               Tappan/Pattengill         Slauson/Lakewood
  Forsythe/Lakewood          Jacob McCabe ‘12          Matthew Van Wasshnova ‘14
Christopher Franklin ‘11       Wisconsin                 Slauson
  Tappan/Ypsilanti           Matthew McNeely ‘11       Brendan Vorobiev ‘14
Kristal Frazzini ‘11           Minnesota                 Tappan/Pattengill
  Riverview                  Eleni Michos ‘12          Samantha Warren ‘13
Rachel Freeman ‘11             Slauson/Lawton            Ypsilanti/Pinckney
  Slauson/Lawton             Soichiro Mitsuhashi ‘12   Harrison Watkins ‘13
Lauren Gaboury ‘11             Japan                     Tappan/Pattengill
  Forsythe/Abbot             Hyon-oung Moon ‘11        Jared Weiss ‘11
Emma Gardiner ‘12              Tappan/Pattengill         Wyandotte
  Slauson/Ann Arbor Open     Andrew Moore ‘13          Austin Wuthrich ‘11
Gabrielle George ‘11           Slauson/Lawton            Alaska
  Forsythe/Lakewood          Connor Murphy ‘11         Ayano Yamada ‘13
Joseph Gondek ‘11              Wisconsin                 Slauson/Japan
  Farmington                 Nicholas Nemetz ‘11       Cihan Yildirim ‘12
Nicolas Gonzalez ‘11           Forsythe/Wines            Turkey
  Slauson/Lawton             Zachary Pagani ‘13        Noam Zimet ‘11
Emily Guttman ‘11              Tappan/Pattengill         Tappan/Hebrew Day School
    2010-2011 Pioneer High School Music Students
                     MUSIC THEORY & TECHNOLOGY
         Nancy Waring, Associate Director of Bands, Orchestra
Riley Bean ‗11                Gabriel Joseph ‗11                James Sherline ‗14
  Slauson/ Emerson              Tappan/Burns Park                 Slauson/Bach
Samuel Beck ‗11               Arjun Kalra ‗11                   Lamon Simpson ‗11
  Slauson/ Bach                 Tappan/Lawton                     Tappan/Bach
Justinn Bernard ‗13           Frankie Kennedy ‗12               Bradley Smith ‗13
  Tappan/, Detroit              Slauson/Lawton                    Slauson/Southgate
Aaron Bowles ‗12              Kyung Joon Kim ‗11                Rashad Smith ‗13
  Slauson/ Haisley              Korea                             Slauson/Willow Run
Connor Brown ‗11              Zakk Kostner ‗12                  Ethan Spencer ‗13
  Slauson/ Dicken               New York                          Tappan/Allen
Kenny Brown ‗11               Eric Kristensen ‗13               Joel Strode ‗13
  Slauson/ Rochester Hills      Tappan/Pattengill                 Slauson/Lakewood
Holger Bruns ‗12              Joshua LaHaye ‗11                 Jeremy Taylor ‗13
  Germany                       Forsythe/Wines                    ClagueAbbot
Brady Butler ‗12              Thomas Lassen ‗12                 Remy Thomas ‗11
  Slauson/Eberwhite             Denmark                           Slauson/Bach
YooJin Chang ‗11              Jesse Lemons ‗13                  Ryan Thomas ‗11
  Forsythe/Haisley              Lincoln                           Slauson/Lawton
Zack Chetcuti ‗13             Ervin Lofton ‗11                  Joseph Titus ‗13
  Tappan/Pattenill              Tappan/Honey Creek                Slauson/Eberwhite
Hartley Combs ‗11             Michael Martino ‗14               Matt Van Voorhis ‗11
  Slauson/Lakewood              Christian Montessori/Lakewood     Minnesota/North Dakota
Katie Copp ‗11                Jamel McGowan ‗12                 Melissa Vorce ‗13
  Slauson/Dicken                Slauson/Lawton                    Slauson/Dicken
Johanna Cowley ‗11            Dakota Mermis ‗12                 Armando Vazquez ‗11
  Marquette                     Missouri                          A2Open/Angell
Douglas Crockett ‗11          Ian Moore ‗12                     Kyle Waitz ‗11
  Dexter/Detroit                Slauson/Lawton                    Slauson/Dicken
Nick DeMarsh ‗11              Jordan Mosley ‗11                 Samantha Warren ‗13
  Forsythe/Abbot                Ypsilanti                         Belleville
Zak Eicher ‗11                Nick Nemetz ‗11                   Isaac Wells ‗11
  Slauson/Eberwhite             Forsythe/Wines                    Honey Creek/Manchester
Jonathan Evans ‗11            Seiji Osawa ‗12                   DeAndre Whetstone ‗11
  Slauson/Bach                  Slauson/Eberwhite                 Clague/Inkster
Ali Fawaz ‗13                 Matthew Poleo ‗11                 Kaleel Whetstone-Sumpter ‗13
  Dearborn                      Forsythe/Bach/Wines               Lincoln/Allen
Sinclaire Fonville ‗12        Abby Raver ‗13                    Dayne White Bull ‗11
  Slauson/Dicken                Slauson/Eberwhite                 Forsythe/Haisley
Kyle Foster ‗11               Steven Reynolds ‗11               David Williams ‗11
  Ypsilanti Lincoln             Slauson/Lawton                    Slauson/Lawton
Nick Gonzalez ‗11             Timothy Rittinger ‗11             Holly Wilson ‗11
  Slauson/Lawton                Forsythe/Northside                Tappan/Angell
Nicholas Gorski ‗11           Gianni Robert ‗12                 Austin Wuthrich ‗11
  Ohio                          Slauson/Dicken                     Alaska
Nicholas Gottschlich ‗11      Megan Roberts ‗11                 Jasmine Yates ‗11
  Slauson/Lawton                Slauson/Dicken                    Tappan/Pattengill
Ivy Gregory ‗12               Ryan Rogerson ‗11                 Lincoln York ‗11
  Tennessee                     Illinois                          Ann Arbor Open
Grant Grimard ‗11             Adam Ronk ‗13                     Daichi Zembutsu ‗11
  Forsythe/Haisley/Lakewood     Slauson/Bach                      Japan
Tom Hadlock ‗13               Robbie Russo ‗11                  Eric Zimmer ‗11
  Emerson/Honey Creek           Illinois                          Tappan/Pattengill
Gary Hall II ‗12              Darius Sanderford ‗14             Aaron Zindel ‗13
  Tappan/Allen                  Tappan/Ypsilanti                  Slauson/Lawton
Abdulla Hassan ‗12            Judith Schaper ‗12
  Ohio/Dearborn                 Germany
Cameron Inniss ‗11            Nick Schlosser ‗11
  Grosse Pointe                 St. Paul
Jeremy Jackson ‗11            Jacob Scholin ‗11
  Forsythe/Haisley              California
Nick Jordan ‗11               Alexis Shelton ‗13
  Arizona                       Arkansas
2010-2011 Pioneer High School Music Students
   Rochelle D. Martinez, Humanities-Music, Piano, Guitar

Gersan An ‘13                Robert Hiner ‘13             Andres Sanchez Rini ‘11
  Korea                        Tappan/Pattengill            Clague Eberwhite
Davis Argersinger ‘13        James Hochrein ‘11           Megan Schechtman ‘11
  Tappan/Pattengill            Slauson/Honey Creek          Forsythe/Abbot
Collin Augustine ‘14         Ray Hong ‘11                 Farah Selman ‘14
Elijah Bates ‘12             Carla Jesse ‘12              Joshua Sherick ‘13
  Emerson/Daycroft             Germany                      Tappan/Bach/Pattengill
Riley Bean ‘11               Barrett Kaib ‘11             Nathan Shields ‘11
  Slauson/Eberwhite            Pennsylvania                 Slauson/Dicken
Ozge Con Bozdag ‘12          Zaid Khatib ‘13              Andrew Shin ‘11
  Germany                      Saline                       Emerson
Joseph Brabenec ‘14          Sundareshan Lakshmanan ‘11 Leah Shindelar ‘11
  Slauson/Eberwhite            India                        Oakland County
David Bullard ‘14            Kennedy Lao ‘13              Willie Smith Jr. ‘11
   Slauson/Eberwhite           Slauson/Eberwhite/Dicken     Tappan/Burns Park
Boris Burnam ‘13             Alexandra Lee ‘14            Bethany Stephens ‘14
  Tappan/Hebrew Day School     Slauson/Lawton               Indiana
Brady Butler ‘12             Hyunbin (Joe)Lee ‘13         Conrad Stoerker ‘13
  Slauson/Eberwhite            Tappan/Pattengill            Tappan/Massachusetts
Brittany Cheshire ‘13        Dong Yeun Lim ‘13            Joshua Stutesman ‘11
  Slauson/Bach                 Korea                        Forsythe/Wines
Heewon Choi ‘11              Jay Lipinski ‘12             Chenxi Sun ‘14
  Tappan/Korea                 Slauson/Eberwhite            Slauson/Northside/Lawton
Chloe Corley ‘11             Ervin Lofton ‘12             Jeremy Taylor ‘13
  Lincoln Consolidated         Tappan/Honey Creek           Clague/Abbot
Camille Couval ‘12           Henry MacConnel ‘11          Maria Ten Brink ‘14
  France                       Forsythe/Wines               Slauson/Lawton
Brennan Cowman ‘13           Michael Martino ‘14          Joseph Titus ‘13
  Forsythe/Haisley             Lakewood/Christian           Slauson/Eberwhite
Michael Cude ‘12             Andrew Matte ‘12             Travis Trombley ‘11
  Tennessee                    Slauson/Dicken               Slauson/Lawton
Zachary Delph ‘13            William McGuckin ‘12         Deandre Ward ‘12
  Slauson/Eberwhite            Slauson/Dicken/Lakewood      Tappan/Pattengill
David Desiderio‘12           Tsuchika Mito ‘11            Natalie White ‘12
  Philippines                  Japan                        St. Francis
Jasmine Edwards ‘12          Maho Murakami ‘12            Costa Willets ‘14
  Slauson/Lakewood             Japan                        Pinckney
Kristal Frazzini ‘11         Bethany Newman ‘11           Justin Wisely ‘11
  Riverview                    Forsythe/Bach                Forsythe/Haisley
Sarah Gallagher ‘11          Tabea Niemann ‘12            Shaoqin Yang ‘11
  Slauson/Lawton               Germany                      Tappan/Wixom
Jack Gondek ‘12              Grace Olsen ‘11              Gary Zakarian ‘14
  Farmington                   homeschool                   Slauson/Dicken
Joseph Gondek ‘11            Keegan Pape ‘13
  Farmington                   Tappan/Pattengill
Dylan Graham ‘13             Laurie Perrin ‘14
  Slauson/Lawton               Dicken/Slauson
Kaitlyn Greiner ‘11          Nikola Rakic ‘12
  Forsythe/Wines               Slauson
Hady Hewidy ‘11              Orion Rosales-Alfaro ‘13
  Egypt                        Scarlett/Mitchell
Kristina Hill ‘12            Ji Eun Ryu ‘11
  Tappan/Pattengill            Tappan/New York
            2010-2011 Pioneer High School Music Students
                          Jonathan Glawe, Director of Orchestras
Abesh Bhandari ‗12                       Tia Gough ‗12                               Ervin Trowell Lofton ‗11
  Canada/Pennsylvania                    Janese Honeycutt ‗11                            Tappan/Honey Creek
William Bishop ‗13                       Sarah Houamed ‗13                           Jamie Clare Lutz ‗12
  Tappan/Burns Park                        Tappan/Chicago                                St. Francis
Tyeler Bridges ‗10                       Dana Salam Husein ‗11                       Oriana Marrable ‗11
Tiffany Cole ‗11                           Tappan/Pattengill                         JoLisa Renee McRee ‗11
  Slauson/Lawton                         Hannah Husein ‗13                               Tappan
Stephen Culbertson ‗12                     Tappan/Pattengill                         DeShara M Pace ‗12
  Tappan/Pattengill                      Ariana Rena Jackson ‗13                         Tappan/Allen
Sharisse Dameron-Hatcher ‗12               Tappan/Pattengill                         DeAndra Paige ‘11
Cameron Evans, ‗13                       Jay Stanley Jackson II ‗11                  Nancy Michelle Pieh ‗11
  Tappan/    Pattengill                    Florida/Missouri                              Forsythe
Ali Ahmad Fawaz ‗13                      Andrea Valene James ‗11                     Tevis R Robinson ‗13
  Dearborn                                 Forsythe/Haisley                              Tappan
Sinclaire Fonville ‗11                   Gabriel Joseph ‗12                          Michael Sandusky ‗12
  Slauson/Dicken                           Tappan/Burns Park                         Lauren Victor ‗11
Emilio Fredes-Aliste ‗12                 Nicholas Kokkales ‗13                       Jane Vilorio-Santos ‗11
Caesar Fukuda ‗12                          Forsythe/Haisley
                                                                                     Davis Soh West ‗11
  Tappan/Pattengill                      Chloe Marie Krahnke ‗11                         Forsythe/Lakewood
Nicolas Gonzalez ‗11                       Tappan
  Slauson/Lawton                         Thomas Lassen ‗12

                                   ADVANCED GUITAR
                          Jonathan Glawe, Director of Orchestras
 Mercedes Arias ‗12         Delaney Gilligan ‗12               Jordan Mosley ‗11                  Ryan Thomas ‗11
   Tappan/Pattengill           Slauson/Lawton                    Ypsilanti                             Slauson/Lawton
 Ethan Atzmon ‗11           Zaid Khatib ‘13                    Shannon Porterfield ‗11            Noe Vilchis ‗14
   Tappan/Burns Park           Saline                            Forsythe/Wines                   Davis West ‗11
 Miles Bruns ‗11            Kyung Joon Kim ‗11                 Lucas Rigney ‗11                        Forsythe/Lakewood
   Slauson/Eberwhite           Korea                             Forsythe/Abbot                   Delaney Wright ‗13
 Dong-Yoon Choi ‗12         Christopher Klein ‗13              Line Rine ‗12                           Slauson/Lakewood
 Johanna Cowley ‗11         Ji Woo Lee ‗13                       Switzerland
   Bothwell/Eisenhower      Christine Lim ‗11                  Michael Sandusky ‗11
 Sophia Garris ‗11             Slauson/Lawton                    Tappan/Korea

                           Steven R. Lorenz, Director of Choirs
Keaira Banks ‗13            Ray Hong ‗11                       Duy Le ‗12                           Nicholas Shannon ‗12
  Slauson                      Tappan/Georgia                    Tappan/ Bryant/Pattengill             Tappan/Bryant/Allen
Abesh Bhandari ‗12          Maimouna Jammeh ‗12                Tamar Lubman ‗13                     Maria Sohail ‗12
  Canada/Pennsylvania          Germany                           Tappan/Burns Park                     Tappan/Bryant/Pattengill
Abigail Campbell ‗13        Bethany Johnson ‗12                Kelsey Maull ‗14                     Theresa Thompson ‗14
  Clague/Eberwhite             Slauson                           North                                 Tappan
Frank Diaz-Pezua ‗11        Zade Khatib ‗13                    Michelle Moore ‗14                   Sophia Vincent ‗13
  Slauson/Ebershite            Saline                            Slauson/Dicken                        Christian Montessori/Bach
Adriana Ellis ‗14           Kathleen Kollman ‗13               Blaine Nash ‗11                      Zijun Zhao ‗11
  Slauson/ Dicken              Tappan/Burns Park                 Tappan/Pattengill                     Slauson
Sylvie Epstein ‗14          Alexandra Kulaga ‗13               Sarah Rim ‗14
  Tappan/ Burns Park           Lapeer
             Pioneer High School Music Department

                          About Our Program
Symphony Band
This select group of wind and percussion instrumentalists is Pioneer‘s finest ensemble in
wind music performance. Symphony Band repertoire consists of outstanding literature
encompassing various styles and periods of music. The course reinforces technical,
rhythmic, listening, analytical and performance skills at a collegiate level. The
Symphony Band presents numerous concerts throughout the year and participates in
festivals. After-school rehearsals and performances are required of the students. All
members participate in Band Camp.

Concert Band
Students in the Concert Band have demonstrated an advanced level of musical ability.
The ensemble concentrates on concert performance throughout the year, participating in
all regular concerts and festivals. Concert Band reinforces high level technical, rhythmic,
listening, analytical and performance skills through advanced literature in a historical and
multi-cultural context. The Concert Band also works on marching fundamentals in the
fall, joining the regular Marching Band on the field at the Homecoming game. After-
school performances and rehearsals are required. All members participate in Band Camp.

Varsity Band
Members of the Varsity Band work on developing their basic skills in tone production,
articulation, music reading, scales, and solo and ensemble performance within their
instrument family of woodwinds or brass/percussion. Varsity Band introduces high level
technical, rhythmic, listening, analytical and performance skills. The ensemble comes
together as a complete band several times a year to further develop their group skills and
to participate in concerts. The Varsity Band spends approximately two weeks in the fall
learning marching fundamentals.

Jazz Band
Jazz Band is open to all qualified saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, keyboard, and
percussion players. This course provides opportunities for the performance of outstanding
jazz literature and the study of jazz styles, jazz history, and improvisation. Jazz Band
concerts are presented throughout the year. After-school performances are required.

Marching Band
The Symphony Band serves as the Pioneer Marching Band performing at pre-game and
half-time shows at all varsity home football games. The Concert Band joins the
Symphony Band for the Homecoming game.
             Pioneer High School Music Department

                          About Our Program
Symphony Orchestra
Symphony Orchestra members perform at an extremely high level of musical
achievement. The class consists of students from grades 9-12 who have met all audition
requirements. Advanced musicianship is a pre-requisite to membership. The ensemble
plays a wide variety of orchestral repertoire including masterpieces by well-known
composers as well as modern works. This class meets daily. The Symphony Orchestra has
rehearsals, concerts and festivals throughout the year, which occur outside of the standard
school day (about twice a month). Members of the Symphony Orchestra are expected to
maintain their eligibility by being held accountable for passing all playing and written
exams during the year.

Concert Orchestra
The Concert Orchestra consists of students in grades 9-12 who meet all of the audition
requirements. This class meets daily. Students in Concert Orchestra study a variety of
musical repertoire for their specific ensemble, including full orchestra opportunities in the
spring. The Concert Orchestra has rehearsals, concerts and festivals throughout the year
which occur outside of the standard school day, about once per month. Members of the
Concert Orchestra are expected to maintain their eligibility by being held accountable for
passing all playing and written exams during the year. In addition to developing their
playing skills, Concert Orchestra students develop knowledge of music history and music
theory. Students interesting in playing in the Symphony Orchestra but do not feel they are
at the appropriate level quite yet are highly encouraged to audition for Concert Orchestra.

Philharmonia Orchestra
The Philharmonia Orchestra consists of students from grades 9-12 and meets daily in two
sections. One class is for violin, and the other is for viola, cello, and bass. Students study
a variety of musical repertoire for their specific instrument including solos, etudes, and
string ensemble works. This ensemble has evening rehearsals (about once a month) as
well as concerts and other performing opportunities during the year. In addition to
developing their playing skills, Philharmonia students develop knowledge of music
history and music theory. This is a non-audition ensemble, though students are held
accountable for achieving a high level of musicianship.

The Symphony Band Supports the Symphony Orchestra
In addition to their leadership in the band program, select members of the Symphony
Band make up the woodwind, brass, and percussion sections of the Pioneer Symphony
             Pioneer High School Music Department

                         About Our Program
                        Curricular Vocal Ensembles

There are four curricular vocal ensembles, seven extra curricular ensembles and a voice
class offered at Ann Arbor Pioneer High School.
A Cappella is an auditioned, advanced choral ensemble of women and men, grades 9-12.
Students study music written for mixed voices from a variety of musical time periods and
genres, displaying advanced musicianship skills. Members study major works and are
expected to participate in Solo & Ensemble or Honors Choir. A Cappella performs
numerous concerts throughout the year at Pioneer and in the community, and participates
in District and State level festivals.
Bel Canto is an auditioned, advanced choral ensemble for women, grades 9-12. Students
study music written for treble voices from a variety of musical time periods and genres,
displaying advanced musicianship skills. Members must be ready to pursue advanced
music-reading skills, and are strongly encouraged to participate in Solo & Ensemble or
Honors Choir. Bel Canto performs in all concerts throughout the year and participates in
District and State level festivals.
Cantando is a non-auditioned women's chorus, open to all women who are interested in
singing, grades 9-12. Vocal technique, rehearsal, and music reading skills are developed
as the students explore music from a broad range of time periods and styles. Cantando
performs in all concerts throughout the year and participates in District and State level
Cantare is a non-auditioned men's chorus, open to all men who are interested in singing,
grades 9-12. Vocal technique, rehearsal, and music reading skills will be developed as the
students explore music from a broad range of time periods and styles. Cantare performs
in all concerts throughout the year and participates in District and State level festivals.
             Pioneer High School Music Department

                         About Our Program
                   Extra Curricular Vocal Ensembles
Pioneer has seven extra-curricular vocal ensembles, comprised of students enrolled in the
curricular ensembles. They are conducted, organized, and run by students, with the Choir
Director serving as advisor. The primary purpose of these groups is to give highly
motivated students an additional outlet for their exploration in vocal music.
Choraliers is a mixed a cappella group formed in 1959. Members are chosen by the
Pioneer choir director from interested members of the A Cappella Choir. Director of
Choirs Emeritus Mr. Robert Pratt, in his first year at Ann Arbor High School, created the
group. Choraliers repertoire has historically included carols, madrigals, and chamber
choir literature. They often substitute for the A Cappella Choir and sang their first
international concerts in June 2005 in Nuremburg and Tuebingen, Germany.
Desperate Measures is a men‗s a cappella group formed in the spring of 2003.
Desperate Measures has participated in District Solo and Ensemble festival, and their
repertoire consists primarily of arrangements of popular songs.
Harmony is a women's a cappella group formed in the spring of 1984. Harmony had
participated multiple times in District and State Solo and Ensemble festival, and their
repertoire consists primarily of arrangements of popular songs.
Loreleis is a women‗s a cappella group formed in the fall of 2004. The Loreleis have
participated in District and State Solo and Ensemble festival, and sang in Tuebingen,
Germany in 2005.
Pioneers is a men‗s a cappella group, formed in the fall of 1981. Director of Choirs
Emeritus Mr. Ken Westerman, '67, formed the group in his first year teaching at Pioneer.
Initially, their repertoire was made up of traditional a cappella selections, though it has
expanded to include arrangements of popular tunes. The Pioneers have participated in
District and State Solo and Ensemble festival.
Sha-Bop Shoppe was formed in fall of 1978 as an extra-curricular group made up of
outstanding singers from Huron and Pioneer High Schools with the option of academic
credit. Sha-Bop Shoppe is known for performance of numbers from Broadway shows
and choreographed presentations of popular songs, and is designed to present a look into
the world of the singing, dancing, actor.
Soulfege is a women‗s a cappella group formed in the spring of 2006. Soulfege has
participated in District and State Solo and Ensemble Festival, and was selected as an
alternate ensemble for Michigan Youth Arts Festival in 2008. In the spring of 2009
Soulfege won Varsity Vocals Midwest A Cappella competition and placed second
nationally singing at Alice Tully Hall in New York.
             Pioneer High School Music Department

                         About Our Program
                          Applied Music Classes
The goals of the Beginning Guitar class are that each student learn to play the classical
(nylon stringed) guitar, to read music notation and guitar tablature, and to obtain a
rudimentary to advanced understanding of various guitar-playing styles including blues,
rock, folk and classical. Students are expected to play scales, chords, and notes with
correct rhythms while playing alone or with others. The course is designed to be
appropriate for the beginning player with little to no background in music and/or guitar.
The goals of the Advanced Guitar class are for each student to learn to play the classical
(nylon stringed) guitar, to read music notation and guitar tablature, and to obtain an
advanced understanding of various guitar-playing styles, including blues, rock, folk, hip-
hop and classical. Students are expected to play scales, chords, and notes with correct
rhythms while playing alone or with others. The course is designed to be appropriate for
the advanced player with at least 1 semester of guitar or equivalent playing experience.
Music Theory and Technology
Music Theory and Technology is a one semester course open to all students 9th through
12th grade. It is a hands-on lab experience and no formal music background is required.
The course is designed to conform to the goals of the statewide Arts Education Content
Standards and Benchmarks to "apply skills and knowledge to create in the arts" and "to
perform artistically on electronic instruments." It offers a foundation in the fundamentals
of music theory and composition to students who either would like a better understanding
of music or plan to continue in a career in music. Students create their own musical
compositions using computer software and synthesizers. Students are not allowed to use
prerecorded loops, all work must be their own. Additionally instruction includes the study
and use of music notation software.
The Piano course is designed for students who wish to learn to read music and play the
piano or wish to continue previous study of the piano. Students at all levels of
performance skill may enroll. Emphasis will be placed on improving performance skills
and reading music. Each student receives individual coaching, and time for practice is
part of the course design.
Survey of African American Music.
This course is a study of the musical and cultural influence of African-Americans, from
their West-African roots to the present day, on American musical styles. Attention is
given to the mixing of these components with traditional European influences to shape
such American musical genres as ragtime, blues, Dixieland, jazz, bebop, gospel, rhythm
and blues, soul, jazz-rock, fusion and rock and roll. Specific musical technique (both
vocal and instrumental) to be successful in these musical styles are addressed. This
course is designed as a 1-semester course.
             Pioneer High School Music Department

                         About Our Program
                         Applied Music Classes
Voice students learn to sing using healthy vocal technique for the young adult voice. This
is a performance class and students are expected to sing with others and alone for the
instructor and the class. Many classes are taught in a master class fashion, where the
student receives instruction while the class listens and observes. The vocal literature
studied is comprised of traditional folk songs, musical theater songs, jazz standards,
operetta excerpts, and classical art songs. Video excerpts from musical theater or opera
may be studied. Music notation, diction, choral technique and sight-singing will be
studied and practiced. Voice is open to all students, grades 9-12.
       Pioneer High School Music Department
                      About Our Program
                        A Century of Excellence
      a partial listing of our current and former Pioneer High School Directors of Music

Directors of Bands                              Directors of Women's Glee Club:
  David A. Leach, 2002-Present                    Jessie Brown, 1915-1918
  Robert Albritton, 1982-2002                     Nora Hunt, 1913-1914
  Myles Mazur, 1976-1982                          O. V. Adams, 1911-1913
  Victor Bordo, 1963-1976                       Directors of Men's Glee Club:
  Dr. Emil A. Holz, 1962-1963                     Reuben Kempf, 1914-1916
  Clarence Roth, 1946-1962                        Earl V. Moore, 1913-1914
  Charles Yates 1943-1946                         O. V. Adams, 1910-1913
  E. Rollin Silfies, 1941-1943                    Minnie B. Caldwell, 1891-1892
  William Champion, 1928-1941                   Directors of Orchestras
  Nicholas Falcone, 1927-1928                     Jonathan Glawe, 2008-present
  Dr. Joseph E. Maddy, 1924-1927                  Andrea Yun, 2006-2008
  Student Conductors, 1913-1924                   Marijean Quigley-Young, 1984-2006
Directors of Choirs                               Gabe Villasurda, 1978-1984
  Steven R. Lorenz, 2010-Present                  Charles Gabrion, 1967-1978
  Kenneth R. Westerman, 1981-2010                 Richard Massman, 1956-1965
  Joan Knoertzer, 1978-1981                       Clarence Roth, 1954-1955
  Robert Pratt, 1974-1978                         Elizabeth A.H. Green, 1943-1953
  James Berg, 1973-1974                           William Champion, 1931-1942
  Robert Pratt, 1959-1973                         Juva Higbee, 1928-1930
  John Merrill, 1951-1959                         Dr. Joseph E. Maddy, 1925-1927
  Lawrence Skinner, 1950-1951                     George Oscar Bowen, 1920-1924
  Geneva Nelson, 1946-1950                        Russell Carter, 1919-1920
  Rose Marie Grentzer, 1942-1946                  Reuben Kempf, 1915-1916
  Juva Higbee, 1927-1942                          Mr. Schmidt, 1914-1915
  Dorothy Paton, 1925-1927                        Mr. Mack, 1913-1914
  Dr. Joseph E. Maddy, 1924-1925
  George Oscar Bowen, 1920-1924
  Russell Carter, 1919-1920
  Miss Kleyn, 1917-1918
  Jessie Brown, 1916-1918
            Pioneer High School Music Department
                            About Our Program
                            Recent Tours and Festivals
  Bi-annual spring or summer tours are a tradition at Pioneer. The ensembles participate in tours and
accredited music festivals around the country and around the globe, enriching our students with cultural
                                        and artistic experiences.

Bands                                                  Choirs
April-May, 2010—China                                  June, 2009—China
Chinese American Cultural Bridge Society               Concert Tour
Concert Tour                                           A Cappella and Bel Canto Choirs
Symphony and Jazz Bands
                                                       June, 2005—Austria & Germany
May, 2010—Sandusky                                     Concert Tour
Festivals of Music                                     A Cappella Choir
National Competition
                                                       June, 2001—England & Wales
Concert Band
                                                       Concert Tour
September, 2009—Detroit                                A Cappella and Bel Canto Choirs
International Jazz Festival
Jazz Band                                              Orchestras
April, 2008—Carnegie Hall, New York City               April, 2011—Germany &Austria
Ensemble Debut Series                                  Concert Tour
Symphony, Concert, and Jazz Bands                      Repertoire Orchestra, Chamber Ensemble,
                                                       Cello Choir, Symphonic Strings
January, 2008—Grand Rapids
Michigan Music Conference                              April, 2009— New York City
Symphony Band                                          Festivals of Music
                                                       National Competition
April, 2006—Toronto
                                                       Symphony and Concert Orchestras
Festivals of Music
International Competition                              April, 2007—Montreal
Concert Band                                           Festivals of Music
                                                       International Competition
July, 2006—Austria & Germany
                                                       Symphony and Concert Orchestras
Mid-Europe Music Festival
Concert Tour                                           April, 2005— New York City
International Competition                              Festivals of Music
Symphony and Jazz Bands                                National Competition
                                                       Symphony and Concert Orchestras
March, 2006—Western Michigan University
Spring Conference on Wind & Percussion Music           April, 2003—Virginia Beach
Symphony Band                                          Festivals of Music
                                                       National Competition
April-May, 2004—Orlando
                                                       Symphony and Concert Orchestras
Festivals of Music
National Competition                                   April, 2001—Atlanta
Symphony, Concert, and Jazz Bands                      Festivals of Music
                                                       National Competition
April, 2002—Chicago
                                                       Symphony and Concert Orchestras
Heritage Festival
National Competition
Symphony, Concert, and Jazz Bands
April, 2001—China
Chinese American Cultural Bridge Society
Concert Tour
Symphony and Jazz Bands
           All AAPS students receive a
        comprehensive K-12 music education
The citizens of Ann Arbor have long recognized music education as a priceless
component of a complete and well-rounded education. Music was the first subject to
have state and national learning standards based on a comprehensive K-12 education.
Music Education is recognized by the State of Michigan as an integral part of the
content standards and benchmarks of curriculum, with rigorous expectations of what all
Michigan students should know and be able to do in dance, music, theatre and the visual
arts at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Music is an invaluable part of
education for its intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, improved test scores, the ability to
learn, read and perform, and using tactile, auditory, and visual learning concurrently.
The Ann Arbor Public School K-12 Music Education Program and Music Faculty have
led the way in the state‘s comprehensive music education standards since the earliest
part of the 20th century. AAPS students routinely lead the state in standardized test
scores at every age level. As research has continually shown, music program quality
and test scores are closely linked. A 2008 University of Kansas study is one of multiple
recent research studies which continually confirm that K-12 students participating in
good music programs score higher on standardized tests than students who participate in
weaker programs or no programs at all, affirming Ann Arbor‘s music education
curriculum is best for student achievement.
Ann Arbor students routinely attain high academic, athletic and artistic achievements.
Graduates of the Ann Arbor Public Schools comprehensive music education program go
on to great success in every endeavor. Pioneer graduate David Westin‘70, who played
in the Pioneer Symphony Band and Orchestra and performed during Pioneer‘s first
appearance at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago in 1969, was president of ABC News 1997
-2010, and Director, the Associated Press; the Newseum; City University of New York
School of Journalism Advisory Board; Riverdale Country School; and Yonkers Partners
in Education.

―Being part of the Ann Arbor Pioneer Symphony Band for three years taught me the
importance of discipline, the value of teamwork, and – most important – what it means
to strive for excellence. I will always owe a debt to Victor Bordo, our conductor, and to
all of those with whom I played.‖
                                          — David Westin, former President, ABC News

      Music Education requires community support.
                  ADVOCATE for the arts.
         MAINTAIN our traditions of excellence.
  The success of future generations is depending on YOU!
   2010-2011 Ann Arbor Public Schools Music Faculty
Abby Alwin, Clague Orchestra                  David A. Leach, Pioneer, Band
Paul Bailey, Skyline, Slauson, Scarlett,      Steven R. Lorenz, Pioneer, Choir
  Forsythe, Lakewood, Orchestra               Jay MacArthur, Clague, Band
Gene Bartley, Slauson, Eberwhite,             Laura Machida, Carpenter, Vocal Music
  Lakewood, Band                              Rochelle Martinez, Pioneer, Piano, Guitar
Craig Beery, Huron, Tappan, Band              Beth McNally, Wines, Vocal Music
Kristi Bishop, Bach, Vocal Music              Misty Noble, Logan, Vocal Music
Carolyn Bybee, Ann Arbor Open,                Melissa Overhiser, Forsythe, Ann Arbor
  Burns Park, Logan, Clague, Band               Open, Abbot, Lawton, Allen, Band
Linda Carter, Clague, Orchestra               Cynthia Page-Bogen, Burns Park,
Lindsay Ciechanski, Skyline, Choir              Vocal Music
Kim Coulson-Mobley, Allen,                    Carol Palms, Slauson, Dicken, Lawton,
  Vocal Music, Orchestra                        Orchestra
Andrea Cowper, Skyline, Orchestra             Joey Parins, Clemente, Music/Theatre,
Joe DeMarsh, Tappan, Angell, Orchestra          Scarlett, Band
Bart Dunning, Thurston, King, Orchestra       Diane Platte, Huron, Ann Arbor Open,
Gloria Dunn, Lawton, Vocal Music                Logan, Northside, Orchestra
Melissa Finnegan, Dicken, Vocal Music         MJ Quigley-Young, Huron, (Interim)
Caroline Fitzgerald, Skyline, Clague,           Orchestra
  King, Thurston, Wines, Band                 Stephen E. Roberts, Huron, Band
Bridget Flaaen, Scarlett, Haisley, Choir      Yael Rothfeld, Thurston, Vocal Music
Kathleen Ford, Tappan, Angell, Burns          Katie Rowan, Forsythe, Abbot, Wines,
  Park, Pattengill, Bach, Clague, Orchestra     Orchestra
Jonathan Glawe, Pioneer, Orchestra            Katie Ryan, Angell, Vocal Music
Dianna Hochella, Clague,                      Debbie Smith, Slauson, Dicken, Bach,
  Choir & World Drumming                        Band
Susan Hoover, Northside, Vocal Music          Fred Smith, Tappan, Band
Doug Horn, Scarlett, Forsythe, Northside,     Jason Smith, Skyline, Band
  Pattengill, Haisley, Mitchell, Band         Gretchen Suhre, Lakewood, Vocal Music
John Hudson, Huron, Abbot, Vocal Music        Alice Tillman, Forsythe, Stone, Choir
Richard Ingram, Huron, Choir                  Dan Tolly, Ann Arbor Open, Vocal Music
Deb Katz, Scarlett, Pittsfield, Carpenter,    Barb Vanek, King, Vocal Music
  Band                                        Jack Wagner, Community, Jazz Band
Bonnie Kidd, Tappan, Huron, Choir             Louise Wallner, Bryant, Vocal Music
Richard Knapp, Pattengill, Haisley,           Nancy Waring, Pioneer, Band, Orchestra,
  Vocal Music                                   Music Theory & Technology
Cary Kocher, Forsythe, Band                   Cherry Westerman, Slauson, Choir
Rosalie Koenig, Mitchell,                     Timario Wilkins, Scarlett, Orchestra
  Vocal Music, Orchestra                      Jeff Willets, Eberwhite, Vocal Music
Diana Ladio, Haisley,
  Vocal Music, Orchestra
Carol Larsen, Pittsfield, Abbot,
  Vocal Music
    Why We Study Music in Ann Arbor
Music is Science:
 It is exact, specific, and demands exact acoustics. A musical score is a graph
 which indicates frequencies, intensities, volume changes, melody, and
 harmony all at once and with the most exact control of time.
Music is Mathematics:
 Rhythmically, music is based on divisions of time into precise fractions which
 must be done instantaneously, not worked out on paper.
Music is Foreign Language:
 Most music terms are in Italian, German or French. Music notation is a highly
 developed shorthand that uses symbols to represent ideas. Music itself is the
 most complete and universal language.
Music is History:
 Music reflects the environment and time of its creation, including its cultural,
 national and racial origins.
Music is Physical Education:
 Music requires fantastic coordination of fingers, hands, arms, lip, cheek, and
 facial muscles, and extraordinary control of the back, stomach, and chest
 muscles, which each must respond instantly to what the eye sees, the ear hears
 and the mind interprets.
Music Develops Insight and Demands Research:
 Organized, independent thought is required.
Music is all of these things, but most of all, Music Is Art.
 Music allows a human being to take all these technical terms, facts, and
 techniques and use them to create emotion —the one thing science cannot
 duplicate: humanism, feeling, and emotion.
Music should be studied
  Not so you can play or sing all your life,
  Not so you can relax,
  Not so you can have fun,
 but . . .
  So you will be human,
  So you will recognize beauty,
  So you will be sensitive,
  So you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world,
  So you will have something to cling to,
  So you will have love, compassion, gentleness, life.
      For of what value will it be to make a prosperous living unless
      you know how to live?
     Pioneer High School Music Department

                Thank You!

The students and faculty of the Pioneer Music
    Program thank the countless generous
  individuals —private teachers, clinicians,
  mentors, artists, business owners, alumni,
community members, families and friends —
    who have given professional expertise,
        volunteer time and their talents
       throughout the years to make the
     Pioneer High School Music Program
                 so successful.
   We sincerely appreciate your generosity
        and would like to acknowledge
  all that you have done for the students of
   the Ann Arbor Pioneer Music Program.
      You are ALL GRAMMY winners!
                  Ann Arbor Pioneer High School
                                             Department of Music
                                            ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN
                                             John Hieftje, Mayor
     Pioneer High School Music Faculty                                 Pioneer High School Administration
 Department Chair & Director of Bands                                      Principal Michael White
               David A. Leach                                           2011 Principal Kevin Hudson
                                                                          2012 Principal John Reece
           Director of Choirs, Voice
                                                                        2013 Principal Michael White
             Steven R. Lorenz                                             2014 Principal Lisa Anglin
         Director of Orchestras,                                       Athletic Director Lorin Cartright
    Survey of African American Music,                                         Ann Arbor Public Schools
            Advanced Guitar                                          Interim Superintendent of Schools
              Jonathan Glawe                                                   Robert Allen
      Associate Director of Bands,                                Coordinator of Fine and Performing Arts
      Music Theory & Technology,                                               Robin Bailey
Associate Director of Symphony Orchestra                                Director of Communications
                Nancy Waring                                                   Liz Margolis
     Piano, Guitar, Humanities: Music                                             Board of Education
          Rochelle D. Martinez                                         President Debra Mexicotte
                                                                      Vice President Susan Baskett
                                                                         Secretary Andy Thomas
                                                                         Treasurer Irene Patalan
                                                                    Parliamentarian Simone Lightfoot
                                                                Performance Committee Chair Glenn Nelson
                                                                 Planning Committee Chair Christine Stead

                                          Master of Ceremonies
                                          GRAMMY Presentation Concert Committee
David Baum, Wendy Conrad, Maggie Fulton, Mark Haddlesey, Caroline & Eli Nathans, Gail Ferguson Stout, Gloria Wilson, Rita Zyber
                 David A. Leach, Jonathan Glawe, Steven R. Lorenz, Nancy Waring, Rochelle D. Martinez ex-officio

                                  2010-11 Pioneer Band Association Executive Board
                                                President Gloria Wilson
                                Co-Treasurers Carol Flannagan and Paulette Schonsheck
                                   Co-Vice Presidents David Baum and Kathy Shipan
                                         Co-Secretaries Jan & Bill Maxbauer
                                 2010-11 Friends of the Pioneer Choirs Executive Board
                                         Co-Presidents Caroline & Eli Nathans
                                    Co-Vice Presidents Janet Fisher & Helen Tamer
                                        Co-Secretaries Susan Allen & Rita Zyber
                                                Treasurer Tammy Ause
                              2010-11 Pioneer Orchestra Parents Society Executive Board
                                   Co-Presidents Wendy Conrad and Maggie Fulton
                                               Secretary Joan Hartman
                                                Treasurer Judy Carillo
                                                 Special Thanks to
                        Brad Thompson and Inland Press for production of the printed program
                        David Lau and The Brookwood Studio for recording this evening‘s event
                                   Daryl Hurst of The Pioneer Centennial Project
                           Student and Parent Volunteers who made this evening possible.