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									               2004 Almanac

                        e love to think to the news not only as to something to read day by
                        day, but also as something to remeber after some months or years.

               So, we decided to put on this Almanac every news we published on
2004 Almanac during the last year, to remeber and to be remembered.

               Enjoy the reading.

2/2/2004 - Barovier on Repubblica

On February 2nd, 2004, one of the most
important italian newspapers published
an interesting article concerning the
history of our Company.

2/11/2004 - 2004 New Products

Finally we are going to market our new
creations, that renew our Veneziani and
La Forma catalogues. You can view them
in our Home Page and download the
press release.

2/18/2004 - House Beautiful
The famous interior design american
magazine "House Beautiful" - in its
march 2004 edition - pictured a dining-
room with our Fauve chandelier. It's a
12-lights chandelier in clear crystal, item
no. 5306/12/CC.

You can download the picture from the

4/11/2004 - New Forma Collections
On the occasion of the Milan Design
Week, April 14th to 19th, we introduce
the new collections - designed by
Daniela Puppa, Franco Raggi and
Alessandro Piva - that will enlarge our
new Forma catalogue, debuting next
May. A detailed press release introduces
them as a preview.

On display at our Showroom in Milano,
Galleria Manzoni 40, from 14th to 19th
April 2004, 10am-09pm no stop.

4/12/2004 - Goti in Japan
The Japan Patent Office has officially
registered our Trademark "I Goti de
Fornasa" with this certificate number

One more way to protect our trademarks
all over the world.

4/15/2004 - 2003 Almanac
This year too, we have grouped all the
news we published last year on You can find the 2003
Almanac in the Press Room area.

4/25/2004 - East Europen clients
On April 22nd 2004, a group of 65
clients from Eastern Europe (Russia,
Bulgaria, Ukraina) was in Murano, thanks
to our sales agent for Russia: WWTS srl,
Udine. The hosts visited our furnace
and our museum, and attended to a
commercial meeting and a good lunch.
They have met our General Manager,
Mr. Jacopo Barovier, our Marketing
Manager, Mr. Maurizio Bozzo, and our
Export Manager, Mrs. Luciana Borinato.

5/12/2004 - Fuori Catalogo 2004
Again this year we are happy to
announce the traditional sale of non-
catalogue items reserved to our clients.
These special objects that are no longer
in production are offered at very good

The items for sale include vases and

A visit is definitely worth your while -
our Milan Showroom is in Galleria
Manzoni, 40. The sale is open every day
from 10am to 1pm and from 3pm to
7pm (on Mondays, only in the
afternoon) from 15th May to 12th June

6/23/2004 - New Forma catalogue
Our new Forma catalogue is on the
market, with a brand new graphic layout,
starting a complete company identity
restyling. Emotional images, most on
black background to enforce glass shape
and textures, complete technical
information: these are the main
characteristics for a catalogue becoming
a book to read.

You can download the electronic version
(in pdf format) from the site. It takes
about 25 minutes to download with a
56Kb modem.

6/24/2004 - Presenting to the press
Yesterday, June 23rd 2004, we have
presented to the press our new Forma
catalogue. Many journalists have come to
the event, appreciating the new layout of
the catalogue, the buffet we have offered
and a little vase as a gift.

7/27/2004 - 2004 Summer holidays
We inform you that our offices will be
closed from July, 31st to August, 29th
for summer holidays. Our Murano
Showroom and our Museum are closed,

We will be at your service again on
August, 30th.

9/15/2004 - Important contract agreement
Our collaboration with Dolce&Gabbana,
famous        italian fashion  designer,
continues. Two years ago they choose a
black Taif chandelier for their
Showrooms in Milan, via della Spiga and
via Goldoni, and now other showrooms
around the world feature the same black
Taif chandelier: Puerto Banus (Spain),
London Selfridges (UK), Los Angeles,
Hirshleifer Manhattan New York e
Marshall Field Chicago (USA). And the
list will get longer.

11/3/2004 - Barovier in Russia
Salon Interior, a Russian magazine
published on the web too, in its nr. 84
issue features some of our most famous
realizations. Among all, our Farfalloni®
giant ceiling lamp installed at the
Houston Convention Center (USA), and
a red Taif chandelier.

You can download the articles from the

11/3/2004 - Christmas 2004
The traditional Christmas sale at our
showroom at Galleria Manzoni, 40 in
Milan will take place again this year.
From November 13th you can choose
your Christmas gifts from among the
many exclusive items made especially for
this year’s festival season. Don’t miss

11/13/2004 - High tide, again
It's high tide, again. Wednesday,
November 10th, the sea flooded Venice
with 133 cm of water, and the usual
inconveniences surfaced, both for
tourists and for residents. Eight years
after the publication of an issue of our
House Organ, where the Chief Executive
Mr. Jacopo Barovier wrote about the
high tide and the problems that this
cause, is useful reading it again to verify
that nothing has changed since then, and
the article seems to be written

You can download it from the site (in

11/13/2004 - The Henokiens in Italy
Last September, in Bassano del Grappa
(near Vicenza) the annual meeting of the
Henokiens - an association of family and
bicentenary        companies          like
Barovier&Toso - took place. Hosted by
Nardini family (the producer of the
famous Grappa Nardini), members
discussed on the future activities of the
Association and visited the city, after a
pleasant lunch. Group picture closed the
meeting with a goodbye to the next year.

12/7/2004 - Goti in Japan - 2
The Japan Patent Office has issued
another      certificate  (nr.    820475)
registering our "I Goti de Fornasa" logo.
On April, 12th we have published the
certificate nr. 804980 that registered the
trademark. We are strong involved in
protecting the authenticity of our

12/16/2004 - Murano Showroom
Considered the great success achieved by
our new collections, we have created a
new exposition for them, inside our
Murano Showroom.

From the site, you can download other
images of the new exposition room.

12/23/2004 - Merry Christmas!
With our Season's Greetings, please note
that we will be closed December 24th
through January, 9th 2005.

We will be at your disposal again starting
January, 10th


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