Smart Seal's Portable Containment Unit by pptfiles


									                    Is proud to present you with the latest in containment
technology! Smart Seal’s Portable Containment Units

1.05” OD schedule 40 aluminum pipes with Smart Seal male Fast Clip strips extruded
on every pipe extension. Pre-cast aluminum hex head set screw couplers, corners
and T’s for constructing a fast, durable containment structure that is an ease to
assemble anywhere, anytime. Each kit comes with a Black Canvas Handled bag to
carry in. Fast Clip female snap strips allow fast and easy attachment of plastic
sheeting up to three layers of six mil. You can create virtually any size containment

      *   Light weight and so easy to assemble you can work alone.
      *   Pre-cast Aluminum couplers, corners and T’s for great strength
      *   Fast Clip Female strips allow quick poly sheeting attachment

Applications: Water Restoration – Build drying, ozone and fogging chambers, wall
drying, on site pack-out for severe water damage, with drying and ozone chamber
ability. Field Uses - Containment for air duct cleaning, hurricane protection –
containment for office equipment to deter water damage. Mold remediation,
Asbestos abatement, lead abatement- Entry-exit, Decon, Clean room environment.
Construction- Cut rooms for tile or wood, portable paint booth. Sand, Soda and Dry
Ice blasting containment chambers

These are just a few of the ways Smart Seal’s Portable Containment Units
can work for you! Kit Sizes available or we can customize one for you 407-466-9189

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