Erste Bank opens new branch office in Split

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					                                                                                                            ERSTE&STEIERMÄRKISCHE BANK D.D.
                                                                                                            Jadranski trg 3a, 51000 Rijeka
                                                                                                            Tel: 062 37 5000
                                                                                                            Fax: 062 37 6000

                                                                                                            Ivana Lučića 2, 10000 Zagreb
                                                                                                            Tel: 062 37 1000
                                                                                                            Fax: 062 37 2000


                                                             Erste Bank opens new branch office in Split

Split, June 27, 2011 – Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d. (Erste Bank) today opened a new branch
office in Split, at Vukovarska 207, as part of City Center One. It is the fifth branch office of Erste
Bank in Split, in addition to: Trg hrvatske bratske zajednice 3, Dubrovacka 1, Ulica Rudera
Boskovića 9 and Boktuljin put bb. Erste Bank thus continues to expand its network throughout
Croatia despite challenging market conditions, and it now has 128 business units throughout the
The branch office has 6 employees, and it will offer clients all types of financial services for private
and legal persons, from opening a current account to savings, loans, credit cards, financial advice
and a whole range of Erste Group products. The total surface is 123.35 square metres, and one of
the three counters is adapted for persons with disabilities. The counter has special features which
allow this segment of clients to perform all their business in a simple and easily accessible way.
In the first three months from the branch office’s opening, until September 27, new clients will have
special benefits, in cases when the client:

     •     opens a current account and directs his or her regular income to it - the client will
           receive an account card and PIN for free, and will be able to choose one alternative
           distribution channel to use for free for the first six months (Erste NetBanking, Erste
           mBanking or Erste Fon)
     •     takes out a loan – the one-off fee for the processing of all loans will be 50% lower, and for
           all models of cash loans the interest rate will be 0.5% lower.
     •     gets a credit card of his or her choice (Diners, Visa, MasterCard) - the card will be
           issued for free, without enrolment or membership fees for the first year.
     •     makes a HRK or EUR term deposit, up to EUR 25,000, for a period longer than 6 or 12
           months – the client will be additionally rewarded with an interest rate higher by 15%. All
           those who make a term deposit of more than EUR 1,000 for a period longer than 6 months
           will be additionally rewarded with a special gift package.
To mark the opening of the new branch office, Erste Bank will also donate HRK 15,000 to the
Multiple Sclerosis Association for assistance with their activities. It will also provide a “Medo Stedo”
savings gift certificate to children in the “Hugo” – Split and “Antonija” – Stobrec kindergartens in the
total amount of HRK 20,000. A part of the funds is intended specifically for adapting the space for
the needs of persons with disabilities. Through its donation activities, Erste Banks strives to realise
and boost activities which will contribute to a higher quality of life in the environment in which it
“Erste Bank’s products and service quality have already been recognised and welcomed in Split, so
the need for another, fifth, branch office was recognised in our city. By coming to this location we
are trying to be even closer to our clients and we believe that we will continue to justify their trust
and remain accessible to them for all their financial needs,” branch office director Marija Prizmic

The newly opened branch office’s working hours will be from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., and from 9 a.m. to 1
p.m. on Saturdays. The branch office also includes a cash machine and a day-night deposit box,
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accessible during the centre’s working hours, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. during the week and 9 a.m. to 11
p.m. on Sundays.
                                                For more information:
                  Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d., 51000 Rijeka, Jadranski trg 3a,
                                             Communications Department
         Zagreb – Dario Gabrić, tel.: +385 (0)62 37 13 71; fax.:+385 (0)62 371 981; e-mail:
        Zagreb - Nataša Vuletić, tel.: +385 (0)62 37 15 21; fax.:+385 (0)62 371 981; e-mail:
      Zagreb – Danijela Trbović, tel.: +385 (0)62 37 15 31; fax.:+385 (0)62 371 981; e-mail:
     Rijeka - Irena Lošćac-Gombač, tel.:+385 (0) 62 37 52 22; fax.:+385(0)62 375 947; e-mail:

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