Lenders participating in the government HAMP Program

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					List of Lenders or Loan Servicers Participating in Government HAMP Loan Modification

As of November 21st 2009:

      Accredited Home Lenders (update: Accredited filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
       in May 2009. The company transferred servicing of all loans to other companies. You
       should have received some correspondence from them telling you who is now your new
       loan servicer.
      Acqura Loan Services
      American Home Mortgage: Home Retention Team
      Assurant
      Aurora Loan Services: Home Retention
      Avelo Mortgage (update: Litton Loan Servicing is currently servicing Avelo’s loans. The
       link will take you to Litton’s website)
      BAC Home Loans Servicing (For former Countrywide homeowners. The link will take
       you to Countrywide’s website)
      Bank of America
      Carrington Mortgage Services
      Chase Mortgage
      CitiMortgage: Office of Homeownership Preservation
      EMC Mortgage: Keep My Home
      First Horizon (you will be taken to First Tennessee Bank’s website)
      GMAC Mortgage
      Homecomings Financial (GMAC Mortgage is now servicing their loans. You will be
       taken to the GMAC website)
      HomEq Servicing
      HSBC Finance – Beneficial
      HSBC Financial – HFC
      HSBC Mortgage Services
      HSBC Mortgage Corp
      IndyMac (OneWest Bank is currently servicing their loans)
      Litton Loan Servicing
      Nationstar Mortgage
   Ocwen
   PNC Mortgage
   Residential Credit Solutions
   Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing
   Saxon Mortgage
   Select Portfolio Servicing
   SunTrust Mortgage
   SunTrust Bank
   Vericrest Financial
   Wachovia (owned by Wells Fargo)
   Washington Mutual (These loans are being serviced by Wells Fargo. The link will take
    you to the Wells Fargo website)
   Wells Fargo
   Wilshire Mortgage

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