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					                                                                 Voyle B. Martin Post 93
                                                                     The American Legion
                                                                 793 Crescent Beach Drive
                                                                   Eastsound, WA 98245
                                                                          July 2009

Hello to all, well I rambled on forever last month so to make up for it this month will be short and sweet.
                                       Weather is well hope you all are wonderful as we break into summer in
                                       the beautiful San Juans.

                                     The officers for the year 2010 have been elected and are as follow.
                                     Commander              Larry Everett Chaplain       Craig Anderson
                                     1 Vice Commander Mel Winsor Service                 Bob Cook
                                     2 Vice Commander Dick Boberg Sgt at Arms Dave Resch
                                     Adjutant               Jim Baxter    Finance        Steve Kastelitz

                                     Speaking for all of us who will be serving you in the coming year, thank
                                     you for the opportunity and I hope that we will be successful and that we
                                     will all have a good year.
                                     Since I seem to be still here for another term, I think its only fitting that
                                     the key ideas for the coming year do not change. There for the words that
                                     we will try to go by are Participation and Volunteerism.

                                     That’s it for now, Good luck and God Bless
                                                                               LARRY EVERETT, COMMANDER

                                     July 11 Noon Olga Cemetery services for Dick and Katherine
                                     Chaney. 1:00 p.m. at club for coffee, tea, cookies, cake (need a
                                     couple of folks to bring cakes and cookies). Bob will be contacting
                                     all color guard folks in the next week to confirm for services.

                                     July 4 Lions Salmon BBQ at the Legion parking lot 1 PM -7 PM
                FROM YOUR AUXILIARY
               The auxiliary will not meet again until September 9th,
               which will also be installation of officers. However, a
               reminder that we still have two joint fundraising events
               with the Post and SAL units for the building fund. Au-
               gust will be the food stand at the Library Fair; please let
               Larry Everett know if you can participate. There will be
               set up, selling, and tear down. We can put up a sign in sheet at the club, if
               that would make it easier for all. September will be steak dinner (w/
               famous Chef David Resch). Please let David know if you are able to par-
               ticipate. Watch for a sign-up sheet to be posted at the club.
                       Have a great rest of the summer and stay safe!

                                                                   Judi Resch, Recording Secretary

                                                                         KATHY EVERETT, PRESIDENT


               Thanks to all who attended our June dinner. A special
               ‘Thank You’ to Chef Everett Brooks for the truly spectacu-
               lar chicken that he prepared and cooked and his wonderful
               salads. Also, thanks to George Spees, Leila Elliff, Mick Ste-
               vens, John and Katie Curlett, and Dave Mireau for all of
               their help with the dinner.
               Our next dinner will be on Friday, July 31st. We are always looking for
               more volunteers, and any help would be appreciated. It’s only a couple of
               hours once a month.
               The Sons meeting will me on Monday July 20th at 7:00 p.m. Any and
all participation would be appreciated.

                                                                              SHAWN ELLIFF, COMMANDER

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  web site and via email. Please be patient as we work through the process.
  We truly appreciate the sponsors mentioned in this newsletter and we are in the process of digi-
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                       Happy Summer to All!

                       Long stretch of wonderful weather. We have had a lot of activity around the club since
                       Memorial Day weekend and the Pig Roast. July looks like a quieter month for the many
                       volunteers that are always there when needed. I will mention some dates for your calen-
                       dar; then, want to mention many volunteers who have been absolutely incredible.

                       July 4th Color Guard will march in the parade. We do not have Friday Harbor visiting
                       this year so we will get to stay to enjoy the rest of the parade. The Lions Annual
                       Salmon BBQ is also on the 4th; see calendar for the time.
                       July 10th Kitchen is rented for the day and early evening.
                       July 17th Birthday night-Old Fashioned Americana Picnic is the theme. Bring your fa-
                       vorite picnic dish. The club will provide macaroni salad and baked beans. Bill Yarlott is
                                    making his famous meat loaf-huge he tells me.
                                    July 26th Pancake Breakfast 8am-noon. July 31st SAL Outpost Dinner 6-8

                                    The garage sale was a phenomenal success! We are a little over half way to
                                    our goal for the new furnace and we still have two joint events to add to the
                                    building fund (In August Library Fair food stand and in September, Dave
                                    Resch’s famous steaks for dinner!). I want to thank everyone that donated
                                    items for the garage sale. We asked for no clothing and everything to be
clean and in operating condition. Everyone was great. Add to that the many volunteers that made it such a
huge success-WOW! Thank you to Eloise Monson, Mary Boberg, Jan Cleveland, Dar Resch, Barbara Saul,
Kathy Everett, Patty Resch, Jolette Kihlstrom, Diane Baxter, Erys Molina, Tony & Janis Ghazel, Conny Cong-
don, Dick Boberg, Glen Monson, Jim Baxter, Steve Kastelitz, Mel Winsor, David Resch, George Jackson,
Mick Stevens and Derek Molina. In addition to these folks, there were others that were in and out to help. Set
up, cleanup, and haul away went smoothly and it was great to see so many work so well together.

We had Sally Bennett’s celebration of life on June 13th. It was very special and again, took several volunteers
to put it together. Thank you to everyone that contributed food; it was a great turn out. The hard work of
Sally’s dear friends Cheryl (formerly Brandt) and Mary (formerly Ellis) resulted in everything running

I want to give a special thank you to Derek and Erys Molina, and Glen and Eloise Monson. They quietly ap-
pear when I need them the most and get the many little jobs done. Thank you to Mel Winsor and George Jack-
son for the badly needed repairs to the walk-in door; now we won’t lose any of our staff in there!

Also, thank you to our bartenders; Erys Molina, Sara Griffin, Blake Birchel, Debbie Melvin, Dar Resch, and
Lyn Brese. They do a very professional job and take very good care of our members and guests.

E-Disposal (TV’s, Computers, Printers, etc.) can be taken to: Aktion Club of Anacortes, 1014 26th St, Ana-
cortes, the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 2-4 p.m. Telephone 360-299-8889 AND/OR Consignment Treasures,
6739 Roche Harbor Rd, Friday Harbor WA, Mon-Fri 10:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Telephone 360-370-5562

I know this a lengthy one and I hope I did not forget anyone. Have a great July, stay safe, and God Bless all.

                                                                                         JUDI RESCH, MANAGER
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July 2009: Post #93 Calendar
Sun              Mon                 Tue         Wed                 Thu         Fri                  Sat
                                                 1 Noon—1 PM Lions 2             3                    4 1 PM —7 PM
                                                                                                      LIONS Salmon BBQ
5                6                   7           8 Noon—1 PM Lions 9             10                   11
                                                                                 Kitchen rented all   1 PM Dick & Kathe-
                                                 Post Exec Meeting               day                  rine Chaney Service
12               13                  14          15                  16          17 6—8 PM Birthday 18
                                                 Noon—1 PM Lions                 Night—Old Fash-
                                                                                 ioned Picnic Theme
19               20 7 PM S.A.L Meet- 21          22                  23          24                   25
                 ing                             Noon—1 PM Lions
26               27                  28          29                  30          31 6 PM—8 PM SAL
8 AM—Noon Pan-                                   Noon—1 PM Lions                 Outpost Dinner
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