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									annualreport   2008–2009
               UNC Asheville
Dear Friends,
In the following pages of our Annual Report,                Our newest class of freshmen is one of the largest
you will see the names of those who have made a             and one of the strongest academically in our history
difference in the lives and futures that are shaped by      and is more diverse. And for the 16th year running,
the UNC Asheville educational experience.                   major national rankings recognize our university as
The generosity of our donors—alumni, parents and            “one of the best educational bargains in the country.”
other friends of the university—has provided more           Our graduates are fulfilling their dreams in
than $9.3 million in gifts in the past year, including      communities across the globe as teachers,
cash and securities given, realized planned gifts           business owners, graduate students, community
and pledges for future gifts. Our endowment now             leaders, scientists, athletes, health professionals,
stands at $21.8 million. These gifts, especially            entrepreneurs and in many other careers.
during a difficult economic climate, are a testament        Your support has never been more important as
to the loyalty of our many supporters and their             we continue to build a financial foundation that
commitment to our mission.                                  will engage students in a world-class educational
Despite the trials of a difficult economy, our              experience and ensure that the future for UNC
university has persevered and become stronger.              Asheville is vibrant and flourishing.
We have used our Strategic Plan to guide us in
allocating funds that will ensure that the academic
core and the student experience are protected. This         Anne Ponder, Chancellor
planning will position us to be even stronger and           Alfred J. Whitesides, Jr.
more successful in the future.                              Chair, Board of Trustees (2008–09)
How have we become stronger in the past year?               James R. Buckner ’72
The evidence is remarkable. Our newest academic             Chair, Board of Trustees (2009–10)
facility, the $32 million Zeis Science & Multimedia
Building, was dedicated in September honoring two           Robert C. Roberts
of our most loyal supporters, Steve and Frosene Zeis.       Chair, UNC Asheville Foundation Inc. (2008–09)

Construction of the new $42 million North Carolina          James Hegglund
Center for Health & Wellness is ahead of schedule           Chair, UNC Asheville Foundation Inc. (2009–10)
with an anticipated opening of this wonderful
facility in spring 2011.

   UNC ASheville
                                       seniorstaff                                      2008– 09

Anne Ponder                            William P. Massey                        Christine Riley
Chancellor                             Vice Chancellor for Alumni and           Chief of Staff
Jane Fernandes                         Development                              Thomas O. Lawton
Provost and Vice Chancellor for        William K. Haggard                       University General Counsel
Academic Affairs                       Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
John Pierce                            Janet Cone
Vice Chancellor for Finance and        Athletics Director
    contributors                                                        to UNC A She ville

chancellor’s                                                            chancellor’s
                                  Landmark Landscapes                                                           J. Michael Burke (NCCCR)
                                  Estate of Julius Levitch                                                      Teresa & Cecil Cantrell

cabinet                                                                 club
                                  Greg Lucas                                                                    Capital Bank Charitable
                                  Shirley M. Maas                                                               Foundation, Inc.
                                  William P. Massey                                                             Joan & Avery Cashion
                                  Susan & Raymond McClinton                                                     Michael Casuccio
These alumni, parents,            Midland Fund of The Community
                                                                        These alumni, parents,                  The CBT Charitable Trust
foundations, corporations         Foundation of WNC                     foundations, corporations               Raymond M. Chapman
                                  Mills Family Foundation                                                       Charlotte Bobcats
and national, regional                                                  and national, regional
                                  Mission Healthcare Foundation                                                 Chevron Matching Gift Program
and community friends             Inc.                                  and community friends                   Cynthia D. Cogburn
contributed $5,000 or             Mission Hospitals Inc.                contributed between                     Janet R. Cone
                                  Cynthia & Joseph H. (’81) Mitchell                                            Stephanie L. (’95) & Milton H.
more in fiscal year 2009                                                $1,000 and $4,999 in
                                  Mountain Marble & Granite                                                     (’81) Conley
to be members of the UNC          Paddison Charitable Trust             fiscal year 2009 to be                  Ellen & Steven M. (’71) Coster
Asheville Chancellor’s            Parsec Financial Management,          members of the UNC                      Candace M. Credito (’99)
                                  Inc.                                                                          John Cross
Cabinet.                                                                Asheville Chancellor’s
                                  Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company                                                   Janet & Richard Culatta
                                  Barbara & Robert B. (’57)             Club.                                   Nancy & Walter Damtoft (NCCCR)
Vicky & James B. Anthony          Peterson
Louise F. Arnold                                                                                                Jamye & Al Davis
                                  Proctor & Gamble Fund Matching        Abbott Laboratories
AT&T Foundation                                                                                                 Danny Dawkins
                                  Gift Program                          John C. Ager, Jr.
Azalea Management & Leasing,                                                                                    Eleanor W. Deierlein
                                  Progress Energy                       Marc A. Allen (’89)
Inc.                                                                                                            Connie & Gerald DeLand
                                  Sally Rhoades                         American International Group Inc
Leslie M. Baker (UNCP)                                                                                          Delta Kappa Gamma Society
                                  Betty & Bill Rhoades                  Anchor Steam Power Company,
The Bank of America Charitable                                                                                  Gamma Chapter
                                  Rhoades 1993 Trust Established        Inc.
Foundation, Inc.                                                                                                Elaine & Clark Dey (NCCCR)
                                  April 28, 1993                        Rebecca & Edward Anderson
BB&T Charitable Foundation                                                                                      Joan & John Dickson
                                  Jan & Carl Ricker, Jr.                Catherine & Michael Andry
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of                                                                                   Mildred M. Dillard
                                  Ted Rollins                           ArvinMeritor, Inc.
North Carolina Foundation                                                                                       Dixon Hughes Financial Services
                                  Michelle & Robby Russell              Asheville Savings Bank
Brian E. Butler                                                                                                 LLC
                                  Alison & Robert Sipes                 Asheville Sister Cities, Inc.
C D Spangler Foundation Inc.                                                                                    Joyce & Laurence Dorr
                                  Coleman & Bretney Smith               AT&T
Carolina First Bank -                                                                                           David A. Eaker
Hendersonville                    Southeastern Container                Gayle & Michael Augst                   Jon W. Eaker
Chartwells                        Meredith & C. D. Spangler, Jr.        Joyce & Ross Austin                     James F. Eason
Children’s Welfare League         Sports and More                       Automatic Data Processing, Inc.         Bridget & Richard Eckerd
Citigroup Foundation              State Employees Combined              Avicrest LLC                            First Citizens Bank
The Cliffs Communities                                                  Bank of America Matching Gifts          Dorothy Z. Fligel
                                  Cissie & Jack Stevens                 Program
Gay & M. David (’77) Cogburn                                                                                    Joy & Tom Flora
                                  Jana & Dana Stonestreet               Bank of Asheville
Community Foundation of WNC                                                                                     Jorge Fontanals
                                  Alicia & David Sweatt                 Mary & Leland Bartholomew
Alita & Fredric Cooper                                                                                          Sandy & Charles Frederick
                                  Lynne & Michael S. (’01 MLA)          (NCCCR)
Darlene & J. W. Davis             Tanner                                                                        French Broad River Garden Club
                                                                        Basketball Club of Western North
Carol & Robert Deutsch                                                                                          Foundation
                                  Diane & John Teeter                   Carolina
Sara P. Duyck                                                                                                   Friends of Earth Garden Club
                                  Estate of James P. Topp (’92          BB&T - Asheville
Rebecca & John Ellis, Sr.         MLA)                                                                          GEM Fund of AAUW Asheville
                                                                        Biltmore Farms Hotel Group, LLC
Judy & Bruce Elliston             Pamela & James Turner                                                         Jasmin M. (’99 MLA) & Peter
                                                                        Thomas D. Blue, Jr. (’89)
George Hunter LLC                                                                                               Gentling (NCCCR)
                                  Van Winkle, Buck, Wall, Starnes &     Blue Ridge Bone and Joint Clinic
Gail & Philip Giardina            Davis, PA                                                                     Elaine & George Goosmann, III
                                                                        Blue Ridge Endurance LLC
Frank J. Giordano                 Verne Rhoades, Jr. Trust U/A                                                  Gould Killian CPA Group, PA
                                                                        BNSF Foundation
                                  June 8, 1990                                                                  Greenebaum Fund
North Carolina GlaxoSmithKline                                          Bowers Ellis & Watson Architects
Foundation                        Village Antiques and Interiors,                                               Carla & David Greenfield
                                  Inc.                                                                          Greenlife Grocery of Asheville LLC
Dianna & Jeffrey Goodman                                                Peggy & James Brazell (NCCCR)
                                  Volvo Construction Equipment                                                  Sylvia & G. Gordon Greenwood
The Grove Apartments                                                    Patrick L. Britz (’91)
                                  Wachovia Foundation                                                           Jose-Marie Griffiths & Donald
Heritage Lumber                                                         Bromley Plastics Corporation
                                  Estate of Jean W. Whitmire                                                    King
HomeTrust Bank                                                          Carole & Shirley Browning
                                  Harriette G. Winner (’82)
Jewish Foundation of Greensboro                                         Janice & Joe Brumit
                                  Estate of Julienne Winner                                                     Chancellors Club
Kellie & Joe Kiely                                                      Budweiser of Asheville                  continued on page 2
                                  Mary & Charles Wood, Jr.
Kiely Financial Services Inc.
                                  Frosene & Steve Zeis
Constance F. King
                                                                                                                                UNCP—UNC Press
King Service Group Inc.
Estate of James H. Laird                                                             NCCCR—The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement
                                     The Division of Alumni & Development makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of names and regrets any errors.
                                                       Please contact the office at 828.250.2303 or e-mail development@unca.edu to make changes.

                                                                                       20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt unC Asheville 1
     contributors                                                              to UNC A She ville

Chancellors Club
                                                                               honor roll
                                       Barbara & Barry Parks                                                       Ann C. (’70) & Norman Anderson
continued from page 1                  Peggy & Kenneth Partin                                                      Deborah S. Anderson
Paula J. Grillot                       Anna M. Payne & Carlene D.                                                  John C. Anderson (’01)
Barbara L. (’82) & George M.           Ouellette (NCCCR)                                                           Lillie & David Anderson
Groome                                 Sally W. (’76) & Lowell Pearlman        These alumni, parents,
                                                                                                                   Margaret O’Hagan & Michael K.
Bonnie Habel (NCCCR)                   Anne Ponder & Chris Brookhouse          foundations, corporations           (’91) Anderson
Dorothy Hamill                         Eleanor Ponder                          and national, regional              Matthew S. Anderson (’08)
John Battle Haslam                     Pam & King Prather                                                          Susan & Dewey Andrew
                                                                               and community friends
David Hayes                            Donna (Morrison) (’87) & Jesse                                              Sally & Michael Angelon
Sandra Hayes & John Highsmith          Ray, Jr.                                contributed up to $999 in           Melissa & William Angermeyer
Marsha & James Hegglund                Arthea & Donald Reed                    fiscal year 2009.                   Steven T. Anthony (’06)
(NCCCR)                                Anne Roberts                                                                Appalachian Solar Energy LLC
Kate Henry                             Carol & Robert C. Roberts               A. J. Fletcher Foundation           Charisma (Herndon) (’99) & Keith
Wanda & Jerry Hopkins                  Joan & William Rocamora                 AAUW Literature I Group             Arbogast
Heather (Enloe) (’66) & Frederick      Ramona & Charles Rowe                   Dorel A. Abbott                     Elizabeth M. Ariss (NCCCR)
Hudson                                 Leslie & Daniel Scannell, Jr.                                               Tiffany (Drummond) (’99) &
                                                                               Lucy E. Abbott (’98)
Institute for Applied Philosophy       Betty J. (’83) & William Seifert                                            Michael L. (’01) Armstrong
                                                                               Jane Pautz & Iwao Abe
Linda (Cody) (’71) & Eric              Shelco Inc.                                                                 Carl L. Arrington
Iovacchini                                                                     Anita & Federico Aberle
                                       Wilma & Jerry Sherrill                                                      Diane & Steven Arritt
Andrea (Wills) (’92) & Jimmy                                                   Brad M. Abernethy (’02)
                                       Joann (Drake) (’89) & John                                                  Mary E. (’79) Arrowood & Ronald
Jackson                                                                        Amy & Charles Absher                Moore
                                       Shriner, Jr.
James & Carol Kelly Fund of the                                                Accelerated Personnel Inc.          Gwen & Gary Ashburn
                                       Walter T. Sinclair, Jr.
Greater Cincinnati Foundation                                                  Martha A. Acker & Peter Estes
                                       Joann E. & Virgil L. Smith                                                  Asheville Citizen Times
James GK McClure Educational                                                   Melissa J. Acker
                                       Southern Community Bank &                                                   Asheville Fleet & Towing
                                       Trust                                   Emily Acker-Estes (’04)             Company, Inc.
Laura & Jay Jansen
                                       Lynn Spaight                            Katie & Junius G. Adams, IV         Asheville Merchants Corporation
Dianne & Ronald Juenger
                                       Carole & LaVoy Spooner                  Linda & David Adams                 Asheville MSBL
Carol & James Kelly
                                       Carl W. Stang                           Margaret & Robert Adams             Asheville Staffing Resources Inc.
Thomas S. Kenan, III
                                       Robin & James W. (’78) Stickney,        Marla & Joel Adams, Jr.             Asheville Symphony Guild
Karen & Kenneth C. Kendall, Jr.
                                       IV                                      Paige O. Adams                      Gail A. Ashley (NCCCR)
Kennametal Foundation
                                       Barbara & Bruce Stirling                Mariza & Walter Adamson             Brent Askeland
Marilyn & Arthur Koelsch                                                       (NCCCR)
                                       Ish Sud                                                                     AT&T Foundation Matching Gifts
Sheri & Thomas Kyle                                                            Cynthia & Randy Adleman             Program
                                       SunTrust Bank
Patrick J. Latta (’00)                                                         Advantage Printing Incorporated     Cheryl (Harris) Atkins (’89)
                                       Katharine & Johannes Tempelaar-
Rachel Perry & Tom Lawton              Lietz                                   Susan & Douglas Agor                Chris & Jim Atkinson
Barbara & Stephen Lehrer               Lee Thayer                              Carly & Eric L. (’02) Albee         Atlantic Coast Conference
Marjorie & Don Locke                   Claire & C. Brent Trexler, Jr.          Michael F. Alden                    John S. Atwater
Long, Parker, Warren, Anderson         Denise & Trent Tucker                   Cheryl & Douglas Alderman           Auman Law Offices
& Payne PA
                                       Joseph A. Tucker (’49)                  Claire K. Alderman (’09)            Elizabeth & William Auman
Rickie (Bell) Lowe (’82)
                                       UNC Asheville Accountancy               Kelly & Fred Alexander              Judy & John Austin
Linda (Greene) (’91) & Clifford        Association                             Linda & Mark Alexander              Mary F. Austin-Keller (’97) &
                                       James A. Washburn (’78)                 Max Alexander                       Michael Keller
Nancy & Walter McConnell
                                       Dianne & Zebulon Weaver, III            Charles Allen                       Jessica B. Autrey (’09)
                                       Barbara & Don Whitaker                  Dede M. Allen (’85)                 Patricia & Ivar Avots
Kaye & Randy E. McKinney
                                       Sara & Michael White                    Dustin L. Allen (’05)               Nancy & Michael Ayers
Norma J. (’70) & Hugh A. (’55)
Messer                                 Angela L. Williamson (’09)              Noah Allen                          Richard A. Babaoff
Mills Manfacturing Company             Leanne E. Winner                        Pamela (Gutbier) (’97) & Derek J.   Ronald C. Babb (’66)
Eugene H. Moore                        WNC Jewish Federation                   (’93) Allen                         Jane A. Bace
Judith & George Morosani               Deborah & William Wolcott, III          Richard C. Allen (’63)              Barbara & Donald Backer
Marion & Peter Mosheim                 Karla L. (McCorkle) (’97) & Gregg       Sarah A. Allen (’94)                Baggie Goose
                                       Worley                                  Lisa & Wayne Allgood                Elizabeth & Donald Bagwell
North Carolina Department of
Transportation                         Marcia & Robert Yearout                 Alliant Energy Foundation           David D. Bailey
Barbara & Charles E. Nesbitt           Nina & Chris Young                      Christine & John Almeida            Douglas M. Bailey
Northwestern Mutual Foundation         Zeus Investments LLC                    Huma Alvarado (’02)                 K. Ray Bailey
Office Environments of Asheville,                                              Marcia & Timothy Amos               Marianna & William Bailey
Inc.                                                                           Kathleen & Jeffrey M. (’95)         Amber E. Baird (’06)
Daphne & Richard Ottens                                                        Ancheta                             Angela & Robert Baisley (NCCCR)
                                                                               Annie (Orders) (’47) & William      Anastasia A. Baker (’09)
                                                                                                                   Barbara A. Baker (’71) & Don
                                                                               Dawn W. Anders (’86)                Kritsch
NCCCR—The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement
                                                                                                                   Cynthia A. Baker
The Division of Alumni & Development makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of names and regrets any errors.
                                                                                                                   Evelyn & Ted Baker
Please contact the office at 828.250.2303 or e-mail development@unca.edu to make changes.

2 unC Asheville 20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt
     contributors                                                           to UNC A She ville

James G. Baker, Jr.                   Deanne & Larry Benorden               Constance B. (’87) & Thomas             Leah (Willett) (’88) & William O.
Carolyn M. (’67) & Roy Baldwin        Angela & Korey Benson                 Boles                                   (’90) Brown
Gordon L. Baldwin                     Janet M. Benway (NCCCR)               Kristeen & Randy Booker                 M. Lane Brown
Nancy & Jeston A. Baldwin             Carol & Sterling Berberian            Marla & Mark Bookhout                   Mary & Thomas Brown
Nancy & William Baldwin               (NCCCR)                               Gloria & Larry Boone                    Melinda & James Brown
Erin W. Ball (’08)                    Shirley & John Berdie (NCCCR)         Frank C. Boseman, Jr. (’82)             Nancy & Kenneth Brown (NCCCR)
Mary C. Ball (’09)                    Evelyn S. Berger                      Diane & Alfred Bottego                  Patricia Brown
Jennifer & Patrick V. (’88) Ballard   Mary & Dan Berger                     Allan Bottomley                         Ray D. Brown
Rebecca S. (’71) & Rex Banadyga       Karen & William Berkeley              Thomas R. Boughan                       Sharon & Robert Brown
                                      (NCCCR)                               Barbara & Keith Boulware                Lisa & Keith Brownell
Bankers Insurance, LLC
                                      Mitchell P. Berliner                  Christian P. (’96) & Daniel             William E. Bruce
Dewey Barbee
                                      Beverly & Michael Bernard             Bounous                                 James T. Bryan, III
Claud B. Barbre, Jr. (’41)
                                      Cynthia A. Bernath                    Kathryn P. Bove (’09)                   Iris Bryant
Sarah E. Bare (’09)
                                      George A. Bernhardt, Sr.              Roger D. Bower                          Benita & James Bryson
Judy & Neal Barille
                                      John C. Bernhardt, Jr.                Michael D. Bowers (’06)                 Jada Y. Bryson (’07)
Robin & Mike Barker
                                      Cindy P. Bernstein                    Susan & Michael A. (’76) Bowers         Sharon G. (Reed) Bryson (’87)
Jim Barkley
                                      Joshua E. Bernstein (’91)             Elizabeth & David Bowles                Suzanne W. Bryson
Elaine (Davis) (’74) & David B.
(’72) Barnes                          Lori & Jason Berry                    Brett O. Boyd (’06)                     Kay D. Bucci
Charlotte E. (’96) Lackey &           Meredith B. Berry                     Conda Boyd                              Kimberly & Alan Buch
Donald Barnett (NCCCR)                Judi Berson-Levinson & Steven         Patsy B. (’67) & Charles G. (’73)       James F. Buchanan (’77)
Ruth & Luther Barnhardt, Jr.          Levinson                              Boyd
                                                                                                                    John W. Bucher
Deborah & John Barringer              Erika & Philip D. (’94) Best          Jason L. Boyles (’01)
                                                                                                                    Sarah W. Buchner (’09)
Stephen P. Barry (’02)                Richard L. Bestwick                   William Boyum
                                                                                                                    Pat Buck
Paul J. Bartels                       Beta Gamma Sigma                      Sandra Bradbury (NCCCR)
                                                                                                                    Norma Buckingham
Patricia & Leonard Bartholomew        Leslie Bevacqua-Coman &               Carolyn & Raymond Bradley
                                                                                                                    Mary Elizabeth (Belz) (’68) &
                                      Edward Coman                          Jane Bramham & Cam Collins
Kathleen & Michael Bartiss                                                                                          James R. (’71) Buckner
                                      Holly L. (’00) & James M. (’93)       Linda & Barry Brandt
Patricia A. Bartley                                                                                                 Lenna & Robert S. (’78) Bucy
BASF                                                                        Allison Brandy & David Scruggs          Carolyn S. Buffaloe
                                      Marguerite Bieschke
Jean & Charles T. (’54) Bassett                                             Brank Insurance Agency                  Karen & William Buhrman
                                      Big South Conference
Michael Bassett (NCCCR)                                                     Carolyn & Bill Braswell                 Kathy & Dean Bull
                                      Verna Billings-Wilson & Lester
Lisa A. (’05) & Dwayne Batten                                               Lori & Douglas Brawley, Sr.             Barbara & Barry L. (’74)
Nathan J. Bauer (’07)                                                       Marguerite A. Brennan                   Bumgarner
                                      Biltmore Farms, LLC
Patricia A. Baumgartner                                                     Susan & Jay Brew                        Holly M. (Spencer) (’00) & Bryan
                                      Eric S. Bindewald
                                                                            James E. Brewer                         Bunting
Stacey & Gary Bawtinhimer             Cindy Binzen & Rockwell Fuller
                                                                            Peter A. Brezny (’93)                   Elizabeth & Jacob Bunton
Stephen Baxley                        Ellen & Carl Bishop
                                                                            Jeanne R. Bride                         Elizabeth & Alan Burdett
Raymond L. Beale                      Cleone & Fred Black (NCCCR)
                                                                            Robert F. Bride                         Glenda & Robert Burgin
Patricia & Brian Beaman               Cynthia Black
                                                                            James B. Bridges (’92)                  Jennifer & James Burgin
Peggy & David Beaman                  Diane & Charles R. (’80)
                                                                            Beverly & Charles Briedis               Joni & Michael Burke
Bethany E. Beasley (’00) & David      Blackwell
D. Marshall (’00)                                                           Alice & Lash B. Briggs                  Georgia L. Burklow
                                      Cheryl & Lewis Blake, III
Hamlin Beattie                                                              Cynthia Bringle                         Bronwyn L. (Sheppard) Burleson
                                      Rebecca T. Blake
Becky & Randall Beaty                 Maria E. Blakeman (’07)               Karen L. Brinson (’96)
                                                                                                                    Cynthia & Ronald Burleson
Kimberley M. Beaver (’09)             Robert N. Bland                       Julie J. Brisson
                                                                                                                    Lydia & Jason S. (’94) Burns
Gary Bebber                           Susan & Thomas Blaylock               Terri D. Brne
                                                                                                                    Meredith (Begley) (’00) & Robert
Jackson C. Bebber (’95)               Margaret K. Bledsoe                   Donna & F. Edward Broadwell, Jr.
Lucia & Kenneth Bechdel               Gregory T. Bliss (’06)                Martha & Thomas Brodsky
                                                                                                                    Sharon & Tommy Burrell
Susan Beckerman                       Betsy M. Blose                        Jo & Richard Brokenshire
                                                                                                                    Cindy Rose & Stoel Burrowes
Joseph M. Beckert (’88)                                                     (NCCCR)
                                      Ellen R. Blose                                                                Clarita & William Burton
Joseph C. Beckham                                                           Athena (Fox) (’88) & Tom Brooks
                                      Judith & Harold Bobo                                                          Ann & Richard Bury (NCCCR)
Douglas Beeler                                                              Betty & Truman H. (’77)
                                      Jan B. Bodenhorst                                                             April & Shawn C. (’95) Busby
                                                                            (deceased) Brown, Jr.
Kimberly & James Beitler              Karen M. (Ledford) (’80) &                                                    Melissa & John Buscarino
                                                                            Betty B. Brown
Elizabeth Maczka & Christopher        Joseph Bodford
                                                                            Carolyn & Charles Brown, Jr.            Dorothy & Robert Busey (NCCCR)
Bell                                  Carol & Eric Bogaert
                                                                            Cynthia & Steven Brown                  Lucy C. Bush
Heidi C. Bell                         Judith & Michael Bohan
                                                                            Dudley M. Brown (’09)                   Robyn L. Busha (’09)
Jean G. Bell                          Jean M. Bohmbach (NCCCR)
Rebecca & Robin Bell                                                        Karen (Keil) (’81) & Elbert Brown,
                                                                            Jr.                                     Honor Roll
Kent Belmore, Jr. (’75)               Melody & Spencer R. (’03)
                                      Bolejack                                                                      continued on page 4
Robert A. Benites (’92)
Carol P. Benjamin (’96)
                                                                                         NCCCR—The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement
Carolyn & T.A. Bennett
Mary A. Bennick (’05)                    The Division of Alumni & Development makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of names and regrets any errors.
                                                           Please contact the office at 828.250.2303 or e-mail development@unca.edu to make changes.

                                                                                           20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt unC Asheville 3
     contributors                                                              to UNC A She ville

Honor Roll                             James C. Carter (’00)                   Rebecca Clough & Robert             Patty & Barry Cox
continued from page 3                  Tura H. Carter (’82)                    Turbyfill                           Jane & J. Kenneth Cozier, Jr.
Linda & Thomas Bushar                  Louise & Richard Caser                  Coach House Seafood and Steak       Cradle of Forestry
Ann McCleary & Gregory Bussard         James J. Cassara (’81)                  Sharon V. (’86) & Gary Cobb         Ginger & Robert Cranford
Melinda & Daniel Busse                 Daniel Casto                            Stephanie (Caldwell) (’96) &        Charlene & Mike Craver
                                                                               Caleb Cochran
Sally & Frederick Bussey               Ryan Casto                                                                  Carly J. Crawford (’09)
                                                                               Ashley C. Cody
Cathy & Ronald Butler                  Cecelia & Ronald Cauble                                                     Harriet & James Crawford, Jr.
                                                                               Nancy M. Coffman
Rose M. Butler (’06)                   Donna H. & Jonathan N. (’03)                                                Lisa & James Crawford
                                       Cauble                                  Fran & Max Cogburn, Jr.
Susan B. Butterworth                                                                                               Dustin Rhodes & Bray Creech
                                       Elizabeth G. Caudill (’78)              Kyle E. Cogburn (’07)               (’98)
Michael W. Byer (’94)
                                       Jason C. Caudle (’95)                   Lesley A. Cohen (’73)               Michael E. Creel (’98)
Bill Byerly
                                       Carol Lawrence & Peter Caulfield        Nancy & Donald Cole                 Crestview, LLC
Catherine & Thomas Byers
                                       Adam F. Cayton (’09)                    Rebecca & John Cole                 Pamela & Bill Crisp
Jeffrey A. Byrd (’01 MLA)
                                       Amy R. (Holbrooks) (’95) & David        Richard A. Coley                    Jonalyn J. (’93) & Wendell Crite
Nancy R. Byrd
                                       Cecil                                   Pandora College                     Laura & Jeffrey Crittenden
Sandra & Jones Byrd
                                       Eileen & Dennis Cedzo                   Nancy & James Collett               Michelle & Steven W. (’94)
Kathryn R. Cacia
                                       G. Jean Cerra                           Joel M. Collier (’04)               Cromer
Marilyn & Jerry Cade
                                       Mary A. Chakales                        Sommer & Dan Collier                Susan Pearson & Lucas Croop
Michele (Walton) (’91) & Darren
Cady                                   Patricia S. (’95) & Peter Chakales      James H. Collins (’57)              Denise & John Crosby
Christopher R. Cain (’06)              Shawaka (Mosley) Chamberlain            Darlene G. Colmar                   Kada M. Cross
                                       (’00)                                   Evelyn & Richard Coltman            Lou Crume & Hernan Navarro
Scott T. Cain
                                       Patricia Chamberlin                     T. Kinneil Coltman (’00)            Kathy & Brian Crutchfield
Cakes by Jane
                                       Amanda & Jeffrey Chambers               Kippy & Alex Comfort                Elizabeth M. Culatta (’09)
Adele A. (’38) & R.W. Caldwell, Jr.
                                       Pat & Robert Chambers                   Community Foundation of Burke       Kate & James Culbreth
Victoria & David Caldwell
                                       Karen & Robert S. (’88) Chandgie        County, Inc.                        Joseph M. Curran
Amy Mitchell & Louis A. (’89)
Caliendo                               Lucy & Dan Chartier                     Kristen R. (Chambers) (’90) &       Margaret & Francis Curran
                                       Wyllena & William Chase                 Andrew Compton
Patsy & Scott Camp                                                                                                 Bonnie J. Currie (’09)
                                       Maureen (Flynn) (’88) & Robert A.       Congregation Beth Ha Tephila
Penny & Joseph Camp                                                                                                Jacob W. Curtis (’08)
                                       (’88) Chason                            Congregation Beth Israel
Ashley A. Campbell (’09)                                                                                           Rochelle & Billy Curtis
                                       Cheek Insurance Group, Inc.             Verna & George Conklin
Heidi Campbell-Robinson & Ron                                                                                      Gregory J. Cutrell (’08)
Robinson                               Rhonda & Edwin Chesson                  Cristin E. Conneely (’97)
                                                                                                                   Lisa J. Cutshaw (’97)
Jane & Wayne Campbell                  Morna Childers & Stephen                Fatima (Johnson) (’98) &
                                                                                                                   Alan B. Cutter
                                       Kirbach                                 Nathaniel H. (’98) Conroy
Joseph C. Campbell (’92)                                                                                           Aaron R. Dahlstrom (’09)
                                       Jacquelyn P. (Naylor) (’05) &           Mark J. Conti (’09)
Margaret & Edmund Campion              Christopher R. Chilton                                                      Matthew P. Dalby
                                                                               Alice C. (’93) & Kim Cook
Edna Campos & Eldon Thomas             Loy K. Chipley                                                              Julia & Joseph Damore
                                                                               Brenda Cook
Patricia & Joseph Camut                Jane S. Chislett                                                            Cara & John Dancy-Jones
                                                                               Elizabeth & David Cook
Susan & Jerry Cannon                   Victoria A. Christian                                                       Marion Danforth
                                                                               Martha L. & Kenneth L. (’74) Cook
The Capital Group Companies            Sally & Harold Christman                                                    Ellie & James W. (’60) Daniels
Charitable Foundation                                                          Ruth A. Coontz
                                       The Chrysler Foundation                                                     Julia Daniels & Robert Trullinger
Margaret E. Caplan                                                             Anne & Thomas Cooper
                                       Melissa K. (’91) Church-Lawton &                                            Robin & Joseph Daugherty
Trudy & David Cappiello                                                        Jamye Cooper
                                       Patrick Lawton                                                              Jacqueline (Crawford) (’73) &
Joshua S. Capps (’09)                                                          Jessica C. Newton (’02) &
                                       Cheryl (Holcombe) Claiborne (’01)                                           Stephen Daughton
                                                                               Clarence D. Cooper, IV (’06)
Cynthia Messer-Carey & Paul B.         Dennis K. Clark                                                             Kathryn & Robert Daughton
(’83) Carey                                                                    Stephanie Cooper & Joseph C.
                                       Leslie & Gregory S. (’88) Clark         (’95) Harrison                      Kenneth A. Davenport, Jr. (’87)
Hollie & Bill Carley
                                       Sandra Gill Clark                       Susan & Paul Cooper                 Zanie O. Davidson (’69)
Beth & James Carmical
                                       Scott Clark                             Joshua J. Copus (’06)               Ann & Danny Davis
Everett C. Carnes
                                       Douglas D. Clarke (’92)                 Janice & Samuel Corbett             Debra & Bradford Davis
Ellen & Richard Carpenter
                                       Clark’s ATM                             Angela & William Corley             Dottie & Robert Davis (NCCCR)
Kevin M. Carr
                                       Charlene & Richard Clarkson             The Corner Kitchen                  Jan & Ann Davis
Teresa (Thompson) (’82) &
                                       Mike Cleary                             Michele & Steve Cornish             Jimmy T. Davis
Michael Carrelli
                                       Dee & Tom Clere                         Gail & Ricky D. Corriher            John W. Davis, III
Charles Carreno
                                       Beverly J. Clontz (’82)                 Jeremy D. Corriher (’09)            Keith L. Davis (’97)
Shawna L. Carroll (’09)
                                       The Clorox Company Foundation           Sonja Vaes & Dirk Corsus            Kevin C. Davis (’97)
Catlin D. Carter
                                       Nancy Fischman & David Close            Jennifer L. Costa (’96)             Leslie H. Davis
Deborah S. (Crowell) (’81) & Mark
Carter                                 Amanda (Gramer) (’00) & Brian           Brian D. Couey (’03)                Madeline & Roy Davis
Dorothy (Meadows) (’52) & Larry        W. (’00) Clossey                        John S. Covey (’86)                 Patricia & Harold Davis (NCCCR)
J. (’50) Carter                                                                Katherine & Glenn Cowan             Paul E. Davis
                                                                               Alice & Ken Cox                     Phyllis & Don Davis
NCCCR—The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement                                                            Randy H. Davis
                                                                                                                   Rebecca K. (’00) & Phillip Davis
The Division of Alumni & Development makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of names and regrets any errors.
                                                                                                                   Rich Davis
Please contact the office at 828.250.2303 or e-mail development@unca.edu to make changes.

4 unC Asheville 20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt
    contributors                                                         to UNC A She ville

Sara H. (’70) Davis & Dwayne       Jennifer & Phil Douglas               Day Ann & Bruce Emory                   Susanna & Michael Floyd
Stutzman                           Karen (Fowler) (’90) & Douglas        Erica E. Engel                          Mary & Michael Foley
Shannon N. Davis (’97)             Douthitt                              Fred A. Englert                         William B. Foley (’93)
Dorothy C. De Long                 Ashley J. Brown (’99)                 Hillary W. Ensminger                    Sammy J. Fong
Donna L. Deal                      Rebecca & Robert Doyle                Merianne M. Epstein                     Mark P. Fontaine
Carol & Kenneth Deal               James P. Drake (’72)                  Michael P. Erb (’07)                    Janet & Robert Foor, Jr.
Marilyn (McLain) (’77) & Dennis    Diane B. Drescher                     Summer E. Erb                           Marilyn Foote-Hudson & Orlando
M. (’77) Deal                      Judy & Kenneth Drum                                                           Hudson
                                                                         Peggy (Louise) Erickson (’84)
Deborah & Paul T. (’74) Deason,    Kristen L. Drum (’06)                                                         Harriet & Ernest T. (’80) Forbes,
                                                                         Rachel E. Ersoff (’05)
Jr.                                                                                                              III
                                   Susan D. (Cox) Dryman (’90)           Jennifer & Troy E. (’70) Erwin, Jr.
Ann M. Deaton                                                                                                    Janet & James Ford
                                   Sarah (Blankenship) (’03) &           Peggy & Michael D. (’76) Erwin
Christine & John DeBoer            Jeremiah S. (’03) Duffer                                                      Sandra & Brandon Ford
                                                                         Jana (Taylor) (’83) & George
Marshall DeBruhl                   Margaret H. Dugan                                                             Jeffrey R. Foreman
Susan DeCamp Freeze & Gary         Duke Energy Foundation                                                        Timothy F. Forrest
                                                                         Laura M. Eshelman (’08)
                                   Karen & Frankie Dull                  Catherine & Ned Etherington             Jennifer S. (Autrey) (’90) & John
John T. Decosimo                                                                                                 Forsyth
                                   Anita & Kim Duncan                    Marilyn & Mitchell Eudy
Laura G. Deeprose (’07)                                                                                          Robert T. Fortune (’90)
                                   Elizabeth C. Duncan (’08)             Charles K. Evans (’93)
Deerfield Episcopal Retirement                                                                                   Kathleen G. (’47) & A. Dan (’47)
                                   Kim M. Duncan                         Chelsea N. Evans (’09)
Community, Inc.                                                                                                  Foster, Jr.
                                   Katherine V. Dunham (’05)             Iris & Durward Everett, Jr.
Charlotte E. DeGraeve                                                                                            Wanda & Wallace Foster
                                   Edwin Dunlap, Jr.                     Syble & William Evins
Eleanor & Walter Deierlein                                                                                       Mary & Gary Fountain
                                   Jessica E. Dunlap (’07)               Leslie & William Ewald
Mark Delk                                                                                                        Daniel C. Fox (’07)
                                   Jan & Joel Dunn                       Barbara & Charles Ewing
Henrietta M. Dendy (’73)                                                                                         Elaine & R. Barry Fox
                                   Ann & Douglas Dunnam                  Alia J. Faghihi
Mary & Thomas Dendy                                                                                              Fox Sports South
                                   Libby Dunsmore                        Donna & Mark Falkner
Terri Dowell-Dennis & Warren                                                                                     Kevin C. Foy
Dennis, III                        Miriam (Evans) (’46) & Monty          Leigh Jeffreys & Paul A. (’93)
                                   DuPuy                                                                         Bernice A. Frame (NCCCR)
Karen & David Dent                                                       Fanning
                                   Deborah & David Dutcher                                                       Peggy Franc
Connie & Alan DeRatt                                                     Deborah & Raymond Farinella
                                   Margaret S. Dutnell                                                           Marty & Michael Franchot
Carol A. Dernbach                                                        Leslie & Paul Farley
                                   Dawn & Roy Duvall                                                             Lisa & Paul Francis
Emily M. Derrick                                                         Beth (’81) & Rick Farmer
                                   Dorothy A. Dvorsky-Rohner                                                     Mary L. (Brown) (’01 MLA) &
Frederick J. DeStefano (’09)                                             Yvonne Farnell & Robert Smedley
                                                                                                                 Charles M. (’43) Frank
                                   Jennifer A. (Corn) (’97) & Jimmy      Thomas A. Farr
Deutsche Bank Americas                                                                                           Linda J. Franklin (’88) & Donald
                                   W. Dyer
Foundation                                                               Andrew M. Faulk (’04)                   Lisnerski
                                   Patricia & G. Marvin Eargle
Julie Dews (’74)                                                         Susan & Thomas Fazio                    Jonathan P. Frappier
                                   Early Girl Eatery
Traci J. Diblasio                                                        Cynthia A. Feldman                      Mary M. Fraser
                                   Frances (Rickmond) Eason (’42)
Penelope & William Dickason                                              Lynda & Fred Feldman                    Tamara A. Fravel (’01)
                                   Jo Ann G. Ebbs
Denise A. (’78) Dickens & H. T.                                          Ann C. & Rubin Feldstein                Kevan D. Frazier (’92)
Upton                              Bobbie & Joe Eblen                    (NCCCR)
                                                                                                                 Mary & Robert Freedman
Lucretia & Donald Dickson          Ed Holmes & Associates Land           Pamela & Bruce Fenton                   (NCCCR)
                                   Surveyors PA
Alyssa P. Dillow (’03)                                                   Michael J. Ferguson (’06)               Kimberly R. Freeman (’02)
                                   Marietta & Stetson Eddy
John Dilworth                                                            Jane & James Fernandes                  Lisa & Jimmie Freeman
                                   Amanda (Thorn) (’99) & Derek L.
Emily & Nicholas Dimitris                                                Cheryl Fernandez                        Mary Anne (Glenn) (’01) & R.B.
                                   (’99) Edwards
Susan & Thomas Dipietro                                                  Amelia D. Ferren (’09)                  Freeman
                                   Carolyn & Wilson B. (’85)
The Directors Commercial Corp      Edwards                               Catherine & Wayne Fichtel               Scarlett L. Freeman (’04)
Sue & William Dismukes             Jason C. Edwards (’09)                Mary & James Fickle                     Susan & Gary Freeze
DM Custom Installations, Inc.      Russell J. Edwards (’04)              Mary & John Field (NCCCR)               John T. Fridl (’94)
Debra & Chris S. Dobbins           Cynthia N. Elderkin                   Deborah (Young) (’74) & R.              Lisa Friedenberg
Rebekah (Tuttle) (’00) & Douglas                                         Marshall Fields                         Anna & Kerry Friedman
                                   Mariam El-Khouri & Daniel Gerber
Dodd                                                                     Mary Ann C. Filliben (’75)              Sonya (Fuller) Friedrich (’72)
                                   Rebecca Elkin & James Petranka
Sarah L. (’96) Dodson-Knight &                                           Marian M. & A. Lawrence Fincher         Victoria Friendly
                                   Molly & Michael Ellingsworth
Edward Knight                                                            (NCCCR)
                                   Kassia Elliott & Lars Nance                                                   A. Roger Frisbee (’81)
Jacqueline J. Caswell                                                    Beth Fink
                                   Steven Elliott (’80)                                                          Morris Frisby
Jason E. Dollinger (’99)                                                 Carol B. (’94) & Charles M. Finley
                                   Larry E. Ellis (’87)                                                          Judith Quay & Robert C. Froelich,
Ron Dolsay                                                               Steve Z. Finley (’79)                   Jr.
                                   Karen H. (’90) & Stephen Ellis
Geraldine R. Donovan                                                     Paula & Sean Finneron                   Roxanne (Smith) (’88) & Michael
                                   Susan A. Ellis                                                                Frue
Wendy J. (Rash) Doran (’97)                                              Gayle & William Fisher
                                   Millicent & Miles Elmore
Phillip S. D’Orazio (’99)                                                Jonathan K. Fisher (’01)
                                   The Elmore Law Firm, PA
Luanna & Lewis Dorsett, Jr.                                              William P. Fitts (’09)                  Honor Roll
                                   M. Sara Sha & James Elstrom
Pamela Dorsett & John Mozzone                                            Florida Citrus Sports Events, Inc.      continued on page 6
                                   Mark A. Ely (’94)
Karen & Leslie Dorsky
Katharine & Victor Dossey                                                             NCCCR—The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement
Kattie & Frank M. (’74) Douglas,      The Division of Alumni & Development makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of names and regrets any errors.
Jr.                                                     Please contact the office at 828.250.2303 or e-mail development@unca.edu to make changes.

                                                                                        20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt unC Asheville 5
     contributors                                                              to UNC A She ville

Honor Roll                             Rebecca E. Gilbert (’00)                Sean M. Grasty (’06)                 Linda & Jonathan Hale
continued from page 5                  Susie & Stuart Gilbert                  Archer Gravely                       Diane C. Haley
Pamela & Richard Fry                   William C. Gilbert (’05)                Alice R. Green (NCCCR)               Sandra & Jerry Halford
Elyse Fuller (’08)                     Beau N. Gildersleeve (’04)              Jacquelyn F. Green (’72) & Jim       Jason G. Halko (’00)
Juliana M. Fuller (’09)                Glener B. (’67) & Jim Gilland           Cefaioni                             Ann & Anthony D. (’78) Hall
Mary & David Fuller                    Carol & Marty Gillen (NCCCR)            Jennifer E. Green (’02)              David K. Hall, III (’72)
Lori & Clifford Fulmer                 Carol L. Gilmore                        L. Kathrine (Smith) (’99) & Steven   Diane & Herman Hall
                                                                               A. (’01) Green
Susan & Donald O. (’70)                Lucienne & Alain Gilot                                                       Emily E. Hall
Funderud, Sr.                                                                  Nancy & Jerry Green
                                       Spencer R. Gilreath (’03)                                                    J. Philip Hall (’83)
David F. Funk (’08)                                                            Sue & Stan Greenburg
                                       David S. Gines                                                               Joselyn (Carreras) (’94) & Michael
Julia Fuog Caudill                                                             Joyce & James Greene                 E. (’94) Hall
                                       Barbara A. Ginnane
Furniture Market                                                               Nansi & George Greger-Holt           Justin B. Hall (’05)
                                       Mara Giovanni
G3 Medical - S                                                                 Clementine W. Gregory (NCCCR)        Linda M. Hall
                                       Givens Estates United Methodist
Lynn & Robert Gaar                     Retirement Community                    Lise Gregory                         Robert A. Hall, Jr.
Karen Jones & Clifford Gabriel         Sara K. Glance (’09)                    Ann & Tom Gresalfi                   Margaret A. Haller (’66)
Jane M. Gado                           Sherry L. (Reese) (’00) & Gregory       Maija & Philip Gresh                 Kevin C. Halling
Kim A. (Angelon) (’01) & Samuel        L. (’82) Glance                         Debbie (Frisbee) (’85) & Michael     Hallmark Corporate Foundation
Gaetz                                  WillieBea & Walter J. (’49) Glance,     Greth
                                                                                                                    Jeffrey B. Hallyburton (’09)
Ralph L. Gaffney (’73)                 Sr.                                     Blake S. Griffin
                                                                                                                    Ashley M. Halsey (’09)
Leslie & Larry Gains                   Lise & Richard Glazier                  Janet & Randall Griffin
                                                                                                                    Barbara Halton-Subkis & Edward
Barbara & Stephen Galatioto            Tarik S. Glenn (’06)                    Molly & Robert G. Griffin            Subkis
Susan & Elliot Galdy                   Corrine E. Glesne                       John B. Griffith, Jr. (’75)          Judith Hamill (’74)
John W. Gallagher (’09)                Global Impact                           Patricia M. (’97) & Christian        Cynthia & Eric Hamilton
                                       Alice S. Glover                         Griffiths
Patricia & Joseph Gallagher                                                                                         Betty Jean W. (’50) & Murphy
                                       Patricia (Anderson) (’72) &             Kim D. Grimes                        Hampton
Kristi R. (’94) & Chad Gallimore
                                       Charles Goan                            Patricia P. Grimes                   Lei Han
Rebecca & Hugh Gammons
                                       Jacquelyn & John Goehrke                Sheryl M. (’81) & James Groce        Kara N. Haney (’09)
Gannett Foundation
                                       Bruce Goforth                           Vikki & Ken Grodner                  Marjorie & Harold Hankin
Alisa (Squires) (’93) & Larry F.
(’99) Gantt                            Jill S. Goins                           Kelly (Thompson) (’90) & Daniel      Richard A. Hansley, Sr. (NCCCR)
                                       Mandy (Stockinger) Goins (’99)          Gromelski
Barbara B. (’08) & Charles                                                                                          Barbara A. Hanson
Gardner, Jr.                           Kelly & Robert Gold                     Ann & Gary Grooms
                                                                                                                    Sharon & Thomas Harbin
James T. Gardner, Jr.                  Jerri L. Goldberg                       Diana Donovan & Robert C. (’92)
                                                                                                                    Heather & Grant Hardy
Porter H. Garland (’36)                Irma & Basil Goldman                                                         Cathryn & Paul Harjung
                                                                               Lynda & William Gross
Douglas P. Garrett                     Maralee A. (Lundberg) (’87) &                                                Carol A. Harrell
                                       Harold Gollberg (NCCCR)                 Stephen C. Gross (’97)
Neil D. Garrett (’05)                                                                                               Cheri & Joseph Harrell
                                       Christie Y. Gonzales (’09)              Angelica M. Grow
Gregory W. Garrison (’05)                                                                                           Claudia Harrelson & Hollis
                                       Janice M. Goode                         Richard C. Grow (’09)
Lisa & Jeff W. (’91) Garrison                                                                                       Williams
                                       Carolyn M. Gooden                       Carmina & Stanley Grygiel
Cheryl L. Garvy (’00)                                                                                               Jamie A. Harrelson (’07)
Maureen A. Gates                       Margaret E. Goodson (’02)                                                    L. Kenneth Harris (’86)
                                                                               Albert H. Gudger
Debra & John Gay                       Donald R. Gordon                                                             Monisa A. (Fisher) (’94) & David
                                                                               Margaret & Thomas Guild
Catherine P. Gebsen                    Margaret & Bernard Gordon                                                    T. (’94) Harris, Jr.
                                                                               Joan & David Guilkey
Judy T. Gentry (’75)                   Gordon H. Greenwood                                                          Sallianne & Kim Harris
                                       Scholarship Fund, Inc.                  Farzaneh R. (’67) & Jack
Loise L. George (NCCCR)                                                                                             Sandra Martin & Mark Harris
                                       Lisa & Mike Gore                                                             Renee & Don Harrison
Mary & David George                                                            Crissy & Brian D. (’93) Gulden
                                       Bonnie & Stephen Gosnell                                                     Wayne Harrison, Sr.
Cynthia (Yount) Geouge (’80)                                                   Lorella J. Gum
                                       Marcia & Louis Gottleib                                                      Judy & Ray Harrison
Alina L. Gerall (’09)                                                          Gum, Hillier & McCroskey PA
                                       Dorothy & Coe G. (’57) Goulas                                                Earlyn & Dave (deceased) Hart
Linda C. Giannasso                     (NCCCR)                                 Amanda C. Guske (’09)
Nicole M. Giannatasio (’08)                                                                                         Stacy L. Hart (’01)
                                       Susan & Lowell Grabel                   Dixie & Glenn Guthrie
Sarah G. Giavedoni (’08)                                                                                            Kenneth A. Hartley (’98)
                                       Ronnie Grabon                           Lynda & Robert Haake
Dilton Gibbs                                                                                                        Susanna & Robert Hartmann
                                       Margaret Gradison & Gary Tiller         Louise & Lawrence Haas (NCCCR)
Elizabeth N. (’86) & Alan Gibson                                                                                    Katherine J. Hartness (’95)
                                       Gradison Foundation                     Peggy L. Haden
Lavonne & Loyd M. (’70) Gibson                                                                                      Nancy & Andrew Harver
                                       Bernard M. Gradman (’50)                Carla & John Hagan, III
Solomon Gibson                                                                                                      Diana (Burrell) Harvey (’89)
                                       Jason A. Graham (’00)                   Lacy A. Hagan
Miriam & Ronald Gieg                                                                                                Judith & John Harvin
                                       Katherine Graham & Alan                 Shiley K. (Brisini) Hagen (’03)
Julie (Elingburg) (’89) & Richard                                                                                   Maggie L. Harvin
                                       Zimmerman                               William J. Hager (’07)
Gifford                                                                                                             Sam R. Harwell, III
                                       Lisa & Kenneth Graham                   Linda & Bill Haggard
Jana M. Gilbert (’07)                                                                                               Mary A. Haskins (’92)
                                       Danette & Ken Granberry                 Ginger Hain (’88)
Linda & David Gilbert                                                                                               Lee & Jeffrey Hatling
                                                                               Harriett N. Haith
                                                                                                                    Renee Haugerud & John H.
NCCCR—The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement                        Jean & Douglas Haldane
The Division of Alumni & Development makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of names and regrets any errors.     Elizabeth & Phillip O. (’69)
Please contact the office at 828.250.2303 or e-mail development@unca.edu to make changes.                           Hawkins

6 unC Asheville 20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt
     contributors                                                           to UNC A She ville

Grant Hayden                          Erin & Ian N. (’98) Hines             Patricia & William Hubard               Helen Jarzembowski & Richard
Sarah E. Hayden (’08)                 Shirely & Blaney E. (’74) Hines       Debra Brackett Hubbard                  Duncan
Lark Hayes                            Jedediah W. Hinkley (’09)             Sara E. Huckbody (’08)                  Henrietta Jenrette
Mary (Ray) (’87) & Charles Hayes      Judith & Thomas Hinson, Jr.           Scarlet M. Hudgins (’06)                Gary P. Jensen (’71)
Geraldine & Stanley Haynes            Kimberly D. (Hillyer) (’95) &         George F. Hudson (’85)                  Ernest Jernigan
Harvey L. Haynes (’52)                Jonathan R. (’93) Hixson              Marylyn & Olson Huff                    Sharon S. Jewell (’08 MLA)
Joye Haynes-Ganger (’89) &            Cheryl & Christopher Ho               Joshua D. Hughes (’09)                  Wayne Jewsbury
Gregg Ganger                          Hobart Sales & Service                Pamela (Young) Hughes (’83)             Jim Barkley Toyota
Pamela S. Hayward (’88)               William M. Hoehn                      Lisa N. Huie (’09)                      Virginia & Klaus Jockwig
Pamela (Guthrie) (’91) & Daniel       Gwyneth R. (Dundee) (’00) &           Ashleigh E. Hummers (’99)               John Hancock Financial Services,
Headrick                              Robert Hoeweler                                                               Inc. Matching Gifts Program
                                                                            Emily K. Hunker (’04)
Suzanne (Bruce) (’78) & Jimmy         William H. Hoffard (NCCCR)                                                    Barbara & Malcolm Johnson
                                                                            James B. Hunt, Jr.
Hedden                                Joseph H. Hoffman, Jr. (’82)                                                  Cheryl M. Johnson
                                                                            Kyle B. Hunter (’09)
Marie G. Hefley (’09 MLA)             Vickie (Pruett) (’86) & Donald G.                                             Dorothy J. (’92) & William
                                                                            Timothy Hunter (’06)
Barbara & Michael Hefner              (’88) Hoffman, Jr.                                                            Johnson
                                                                            Judy & Gerry F. (’68) Huntley
Julie C. Heinitsh                     Ann & Rick Hogan                                                              Elizabeth & Kevin Johnson
                                                                            Lindalee & Ricky Hurley
Leslie O. Hemphill-Hennessee          JoAnne & Richard Hogg                                                         Gayle & Ronald Johnson
(’76) & Derek Hennessee                                                     Kathryn (Mashburn) (’08) & Adam
                                      Valerie & Harold Hogstrom                                                     James D. Johnson
Brenda L. Henderson                   Regina & Kenneth Hogue                                                        Janese L. Johnson (’06)
                                                                            Phyllis & Cecil Hutchins, Jr.
Henderson Oil Company                 Melissa (Starnes) (’01) & Jason                                               Jeannie A. Johnson (’01)
                                                                            Everette E. Hutto
Theodora Lovejoy & Thomas             Holcomb                                                                       Lisa & Alan Johnson
Henkel                                                                      Susan & Mark Hutton
                                      Susan P. (Matthews) (’90) &                                                   Patricia & Alan Johnson
Maridaun & Kevin Hennessy             Robert Holder                         HV Meenan & Assoc. LLC
                                                                                                                    Sheryl & Gregory W. (’00)
Annette & Robert Henry                Linda & Mark Hollamon                 Gloria & Lavon Hyatt
Deborah S. Henry                      Amy & Ronald Holland                  Dorothy & Arnold Hyde
                                                                                                                    Anne M. Jones (’91)
Kendra (Williams) (’03) & Sam         Deidra & Steve Holland                IBM Corporation Matching Grants
                                                                                                                    April L. Jones (’06)
Henry                                                                       Program
                                      Lora L. Holland                                                               Chris & Bill Jones
Kenneth R. Henry                                                            Stacey & George Ibrahim
                                      Margaret B. Holleman (’09)                                                    Gladys J. (’53) & Donald D. (’53)
Linda & Carey Henry                                                         Rachael & David Ide
                                      Mary & Mark Holliday                                                          Jones
Elise H. Henshaw (’86)                                                      Holly K. Iglesias
                                      Philip T. Holliday                                                            Joanne Jones & Frederick
Candy & Charles Hensley, Sr.                                                IMOCO, Inc.                             Seefeldt
                                      Rachael R. (Beach) (’08) & James
Joan (Nesbitt) Hensley (’85)          Hollifield                            Gillian & Thomas Inch                   Karen & Donald Jones
Nancy (Bowlin) Hensley (’80)          Vickie & Joseph Hollis                Sheila & John Ingersoll                 Kathryn (Clark) Jones (’85)
Sarah & David Henson                  Charlane & Mark Holloway              Ingles Markets, Inc.                    Linda & James Jones
Blair & Charles Herman                Nancy & Roy Holloway                  Bonnie & Dwayne Ingram                  Maya N. Jones (’93)
Kimberly E. Hersey (’09)              Lesli & David Hollowell               Joan S. (Crumley) (’83) & Bill          Samuel B. Jones (’98)
Reida & Irwin Herskowitz              Ed Holmes                                                                     Susan & James Jones
                                                                            Mischa T. Irsch (’00)
Esther Heymann                        Herman L. Holt, Jr.                                                           Carol F. Jordan (’05)
                                                                            Jo Ann & Jerry Isom
Peter Heymann                         Betty & Duane Hood                                                            Ginny & John D. (’05) Jordan
                                                                            Vicki & Justin Ivanitch-Gause
Rhoda & Douglas Hiatt                 Brian S. Hook                                                                 Frances Jorgenson
                                                                            Thorunn K. (’83) & David Ivey
Elizabeth & Jay Hibert                Toni (Stephenson) (’97) & Wesley                                              Jos. A. Bank Clothiers, Inc.
                                      S. (’98) Hooper                       J.B. Hardwoods
S. Junay (Rudisill) (’75) & Patrick                                                                                 Christine & Arthur Joura
W. (’75) Hickey, Sr.                  Hoops and Dreams, Inc.                Jack Lengyel Consulting LLC
                                                                                                                    Ann C. (’96 MLA) & Joseph O.
Lynn & Cecil Hicks                    Katherine (Davenport) (’88) &         Catherine (Hall) (’73) & Paul           (’50) Joyner (NCCCR)
                                      Ricky Hoots                           Jackaway
Mary & James Hierl                                                                                                  Clary L. Tedford (’08) & Daniel G.
                                      The Hop Ice Cream Cafe LLC            Kathryn M. Jackson                      Judson (’05)
Patrice (Ingle) (’75) & Wayne
Higgins                               Ruth & Stephen Hopkins (NCCCR)        Ellen & Wesley Jacobs                   Jeannie S. (Peek) (’96) & John A.
Highland Brewing Company              Hopkins LLC                           Beth (Harris) (’78) & Howard            (’96) Jump
                                                                            Jaekle, III                             Robin & Robert Junk
Jan N. (’88) & R. Hildebrand, III     Brenda B. Hopper
                                                                            Deborah G. (’73) & Charles G.           Jacqui C. Justice
Adam A. Hill (’09)                    Horizon League
                                                                            (’73) James, Jr.
Anne & Lawrence Hill                  Frank T. Horn                                                                 Margit Schmidt & Edson
                                                                            Vivian & Alexander A. (’89) James       Justiniano
Charles C. Hill                       Barbara & Jeffrey Horton
                                                                            James B. Hunt, Jr. Institute for        Jean D. (’01) & Donald Justus
Helen & Sam Hill                      Thelma B. Horton (’00)                Educational Leadership & Policy
                                                                                                                    Emily L. Kader (’01)
Jane & Stephen Hill                   Ellen Horvitz & Martin Nosowitz       Louisa Jamgochian
                                                                                                                    Lori & Ronald Kaglic
Kathy Pack-Hill & John Hill           Hertha & Bert Horwitz (NCCCR)         Joyce L. Jamieson
                                                                                                                    Peter D. Kairoff
Carol & James Hillegas (NCCCR)        Greg A. Hosler                        Jan Davis Tire Store Inc.
Lori (Beland) Hilliard (’91)          Patricia & W. James Host              Nanette & William Jarrell
David R. Hillier                      Monica S. Hough                                                               Honor Roll
                                                                            Lynn & Paul Jarrett
                                                                                                                    continued on page 8
Karen & Robert Hillman                Joyce & Arnold Howell
Daniel A. Hinchliffe                  Ashley A. Hoyle (’08)                              NCCCR—The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement
Andrea C. Hinek (’07)
                                         The Division of Alumni & Development makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of names and regrets any errors.
Mary & Douglas Hinek
                                                           Please contact the office at 828.250.2303 or e-mail development@unca.edu to make changes.

                                                                                           20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt unC Asheville 7
     contributors                                                              to UNC A She ville

Honor Roll                             Kristin L. Klemm (’09)                  Andrew L. Lawson (’55)              Amy & Lee Loy
continued from page 7                  Karlene Knebel                          Pauline Layman                      Dayna & Peter Lucas
Jennifer & Michael J. (’01)            Laura & Raymond Knepper                 Ronald P. Layne (’06 MLA)           Gregory J. Lucid
Kalbaugh                               Dorothy & Victor Knight                 Noreen & Ron Lazar                  Lucy Anne Boutique
Kani Louise Nicolls, DDS, PA           Margo & Will Knight                     Kelli R. Leach (’09)                Laura & Samuel Ludwig
Kansas Athletics, Inc.                 Deborah & Joannes Koenekoop             Learfield Communications, Inc.      Susan & Robert Lueck
Rona & Ronald Kappalman                Cynthia A. (’00) & Robert Koerber       Jean-Luc LeBlanc                    Pauline Lund & Mark Smith
                                       Monica M. Koerschner (’96)              Dorothy M. (’74) & Charles Lee      Luper & Associates, Inc.
Karen & Harold Karabell
                                       Sheryl D. Kolton                        Rebecca B. Lee                      Jordan S. Lurie
Jarrod J. Karl (’97)
                                       Louly & Jeff Konz                       Judi Leffe                          Amanda K. Lusky (’07)
Marjorie R. Karow
                                       Linda & David Kornreich                 Charles H. Lehrman (’05)            Robert W. Luther
Veronica & Timothy Karr
                                       Catherine M. Kozak                      Andrea E. Lemon                     Janna & Richard Lutovsky
Charlotte Kassab & Steven Turner
                                       Lenora (Fouts) (’94) & Andrew           Chris & Mark Lenderman              LWM Real Estate, Inc.
Caroline & Henry Kastelberg            Kraft                                   Ann & Rodger Lenhardt               Betty N. Mack
Maria A. (’92) & Jimmy                 Mary (Lerch) Kraft (’92)                Janine M. Lennon (’05)              Marian & Dal Macon
                                       Barbara & Richard Kramer                Carole L. (Waldrop) (’76) &         Alexandra C. (’95) & Matthew T.
David W. Kattermann, Jr.
                                       Jane Steiner & Bradley Krantz           DeVere C. (’49) Lentz, Jr.          (’94) Maddox
Miriam & Edward J. Katz
                                       Mary C. Krawiec                         Constance & Donald D. Leonard       Luke J. Maddux (’08)
Laura Kaufman & Wayne Moore
                                       Sandra & Michael Krecioch               Chelsea Boresford & Alexis          J. Craig Madison
Mary Kay & Lon Pierce                                                          Leonard
                                       Carrie & Mark Kreiser                                                       William M. Madison, Jr.
Marjorie Phillips & Howard Kazan                                               Melody G. Lepage
                                       Charles T. Kreiser                                                          Robert F. Maffett, Jr.
Dorothea & Joseph Kearney                                                      JoAnn Levo
                                       Jennie L. Krichbaum (’75)                                                   Sara O. Mahaffee
Helen & Rick Kearns                                                            Michelle R. Levo (’08)
                                       Teryll (Higgins) (’85) & Mark                                               Michael G. Mahan
Catherine C. Keckeley                  Krisher                                 Susan & Eric Levy (NCCCR)           Bonnie (Brooks) (’97) & Steven
Stephen H. Keebler (’00)               Fusako & John Krummel (NCCCR)           Becky & Ben Lewis                   Maiden
Martha C. Keel                         Mary Kruszewski-Kraft (’74)             Crystal A. Lewis (’09)              Carole E. Malek
Sandra (Hurst) (’90) & Gregory         Gregg M. Kuchar                         Nancy & Ralph Lewis                 Walter H. Mallorie
                                       Kuchar Tax Planning and                 Lorenzo Agustin & Jeffrey R.        Margaret Maloy & Drew Weigner
Rebecca & James Keil                   Financial Services                      Lewitsky (’02)                      Misty & Joseph Manas
Jana (Maxcy) (’06) & Seth Kellam       Susan A. Kucza                          Bryna & George Liebowitz            Ronald J. Manheimer
Caroline & Gerald Keller, Jr.          Sharon P. Kugelmass                     (NCCCR)
                                                                                                                   Linda & J. Ken Manley
Lynn & Darrell L. (’96) Keller, Jr.    Stephanie & John Kuklenski              Joe M. Liles
                                                                                                                   Teressa & David Manning
Susan M. Kelly (’90)                   Jane & Steven M. (’85) Kurzer           Judy & Todd Lilley
                                                                                                                   Dix Mansfield
Elaine & Jonathan Kennedy              Elesa J. Kuster                         Karla (Jacobson) Linder (’89)
                                                                                                                   Robin & Leslie Manuel
David P. Kerr                          Ellen & Michael Kutcher                 Sharon Topping & James T. (’67)
                                                                                                                   Maple Grove Association, Inc.
Adelaide D. Key (’01) & Margaret                                               Lindley
                                       Kim D. Lachler (’04)                                                        Joan & Gerard Marder
Smith                                                                          Ruth & John Link
                                       Mary & Robert LaCorte                                                       Marisa & Anthony Marder
Phyllis & Jesse Key (NCCCR)                                                    Edward S. Lipinsky
                                       Nancy & William Lacy                                                        Brenda & Anthony Marino
Sally Keys                                                                     Casey Liston & Robert Haake
                                       Nicholas K. Ladd (’09)                                                      The Market Place Restaurant
Barbara & Charles Kiehm                                                        Nancy & Karl Litten
                                       Jane M. (’91) & James Laferla                                               Diane Marlow
Alyson E. King (’81) & Ned Cost                                                Erica S. Little (’09)
                                       Lai Lam & Kah Pua                                                           Carole L. (Woodard) (’93) &
Corinthia & Edward L. (’76) King                                               Paula & Rodney Little
                                       Rebecca & Hugh Lamb                                                         Randy B. (’95) Marrs
Donna & Michael King                                                           Mary B. Liverett (’41)
                                       Ron Lambe                                                                   Martha S. Marshall & Theodore
Jennifer C. King (’92)                                                         Erika (Sprister) Lizee (’98)        Seitz (NCCCR)
                                       Sandra E. (Snyder) (’93) & Brian
Joyce & Robert King                    S. (’91) Lancaster                      Edward E. Loewe                     Sara K. Marshall
Joyce Watkins King & Gary King         Charlotte E. (’95) & Wesley Lane        Elizabeth & John Loflin             Amy & Jonathan Martin
Robert E. King (’73)                   Pamela & David Lane                     Patricia L. (’93) & Carl Loftin     Ann (Williams) (’72) & Hayes
Dan Kinney                             LaVerne Laney                           Theresa & John C. Logan             Martin
Jason A. Kinney (’09)                  Pamela & Bruce R. (’72) Lankton         Lon Pierce & Associates             Joel E. Martin (’85)
Morna Childers & Stephen M.            Phyllis & Kevin Lassen                  Sharon & Thomas London              Lynn & Glen A. Martin
(’00) Kirbach                                                                  Jill D. (Carr) Long (’91)           Nancy & Harry Martin
                                       William T. Lassiter (’89)
Andrew C. Kirk                                                                 Judy & Robert Long, Jr.             Nancy & John A. (’80) Martin
                                       Barbara & Monnie Laughinghouse
Jeff G. Kirk (’94)                                                             Norbert & Roger Longman             Rhonda (Schwartz) Martin (’96)
                                       Pamela J. Laughon
Margaret & Raymond S. Kirk                                                     Peter Looper                        Ryan P. Martin (’08)
                                       Brian P. Laverdure (’06)
Keith Kiser                                                                    Amy & David Lootens                 Sally (Bartoo) Martin (’68)
                                       Mary V. Laverdure
The Kiser Agency, Inc.                                                         Minie & Michael Loughead            Sidney A. Martin, Jr. (’66)
                                       Jeri J. (’88) & Robert Lawing
Marc T. Kiviniemi (’95)                                                        Mary & Jack Lovinger                Suzanne & Charles Martin
                                       Donna & John Lawlor, III
Nancy & Gregory Klaiber                                                        Joy Lovoy                           Michelle & Edwin Martinat
                                       Justin Lawlor (’03)
                                                                               Christy A. (’92) & Charles Lowder   Susan & Sanford Marx
NCCCR—The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement
                                                                                                                   John I. Mascari (’40)
The Division of Alumni & Development makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of names and regrets any errors.    Nancy L. Mason
Please contact the office at 828.250.2303 or e-mail development@unca.edu to make changes.

8 unC Asheville 20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt
    contributors                                                         to UNC A She ville

Nancy (Queen) (’68) & Stephen H.   Holly & David McIntyre                Miles Chemical Company Inc.             Madeline & Merritt Moseley
(’69) Mason                        Judy & Henry McKay                    Milkco                                  Virginia & Artus Moser, Jr.
Ryan G. Mason (’09)                Claudel & Neal McKenzie               Cynthia K. (Sproule) (’88) & Mark       Margaret (McMichael)
Sally & Boyd Massagee              Clifford F. McKenzie (’07)            Miller                                  Mossbarger (’80)
Sabyne Mussotte Massanga &         Kaye & Randall E. McKinney            Donna-Lynne & Harris G. Miller          Carlton R. Mott (’80)
Luiguy Massanga                                                          (NCCCR)                                 Mountain Java
                                   McKinney Enterprises of WNC
Massasoit of North Carolina        LLC                                   Katherine & Kelly Miller                Mountain Showcase Group, Inc.
Charles M. Massey                  Virginia & Charles McKnight           Linda & Roy Miller                      Mary B. Mountcastle
Wilhelmina H. Massinople (’98      Jean McLaughlin                       James E. Miller (’61)                   Karen & David Mouw
MLA)                                                                     Robert C. Miller (’68)
                                   Carson H. McLean                                                              John E. Mulder
Mast General Store, Inc.                                                 Catherine M. Mills
                                   Mary C. McLean (’75)                                                          Angela J. Mulkin (’89)
Elizabeth R. Mathewes (’88)                                              Fred G. Mills, Sr.
                                   Tammie & H. David McLean                                                      Dolly Jenkins-Mullen & Dwight
Leah G. Mathews                                                          Lois & Alan Mills                       Mullen
                                   Maida & Donald C. (’70)
Marion & Cleve Mathews (NCCCR)     McMahan                               Sophie J. Mills                         Suzanne & Frank Mullen
Nancy & John Mathewson             Rachel H. McMahan (’84)               Margaret & Daniel Millspaugh            Sally & Barry Mundt
Dora A. (’89) Matthews & William   Connie & Kevin McMillan               Kaye (Lanning) (’78) & Gregory          Lucy M. Murdock (’09)
Wood                                                                     Minchew
                                   Virginia McNair & Orfay Reyes                                                 Dorothy & T. Garvice Murphree
Luann & Charlie V. Matthews                                              Margery & John Misenheimer
                                   Leigh & John McNairy                                                          Debbie & Robert Murphy
Maria & Ralph May                                                        Donna V. Miseyko (’76)
                                   Nancy & Paul McNeill                                                          Lucretia & Philip Murphy
Suzanne & Robert Mayer                                                   Jane & Peter Mitchell
                                   Marilyn & A.G.G. McWilliam                                                    Peggy & Robert Murphy
                                   Justin E. Meadows (’09)               Kelly A. (Scarborough) (’99) &          Sheila A. & Dennis W. Murphy
Patricia Mayes                                                           Greg Mitchell
                                   Sharon & Glenn Mease                                                          (NCCCR)
Sarah & Glenn Mayes                                                      Meredith (Rymer) (’04) & John B.
                                   Betty & J.H. Medlin, Jr.                                                      Vinton & Richard W. Murray
Mayfel’s                                                                 (’04) Mitchell                          (NCCCR)
                                   Hugh V. Meenan
Marion E. Mayfield-Johnson                                               Erin (Trigonoplos) (’06) & Paul J.      Musician’s Workshop, Inc.
                                   Lisa (Schemmel) (’82) & James         (’06) Moerner
Gina (Worley) (’86) & Rick                                                                                       Amelia (Gregg) (’90) & William O.
Maynard                                                                  Ashley J. Molin (’09)                   (’89) Myers, III
                                   Thomas F. Meisenbach (’05)
Sandra & Horace Maynor                                                   Barbara L. Molina-Jarrin (’87)          Elaine C. (Woods) (’94) & David
                                   Roella M. Mellnik (’68)                                                       Myers
Mayo Clinic Department of                                                Donita & William Molony
Laboratory Medicine and            Ulana & Robert Mellor (NCCCR)                                                 Ellen K. Myers
                                                                         Violet & William Money
Pathology                          Deborah L. (’91) & William F. (’91)
                                                                         Barbara & Drew C. (’86) Monitto         John P. Myers (’90)
Kathryn & John Mayton              Melton, Jr.
                                                                         Dianne & Ronald Monroe                  Sue E. Myers
MB Haynes Corporation              Joan & Nicholas Mencher
                                                                         Julie E. Montanea                       Angelika & Sayeed Nabi
Margaret L. McBride (’71)          Nealie & Otis Mendenhall
                                                                         Nancy & Clifton Monteith                Darryl D. Nabors
Robert H. McCall (’77)             Lea A. Menser (’03)
                                                                         Michael Montgomery                      Nancy & Stan Nachman
Susan & Michael R. McCammon        Laura & Gregory Mercer
                                                                         Charles R. Moody (’78)                  Jann M. Nance
Amy M. McCandless                  John E. Merchant
                                                                         Kathy A. Moody                          Lisa M. Nance (’06)
Lynda (Huff) (’02) & Boyd          Tracey J. Merchant
                                                                         Sheila G. (’92) & Carl Mooney           Beate & Joseph Nassif
McCaskill                          Lisa Merrell
                                                                         James E. Moore, Jr.                     Edna & Louis Neaves
Amy McClellan & Scott Perwin       Bruce Merrifield
                                                                         Judith & Jeffrey Moore                  Dawn & Glenn Neese
Patricia & Thomas McClellan        Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation
                                   Matching Gift Program                 Linda & Robert Moore, Jr.               Wanda (Miller) (’85) & Robert
Andrea D. McClure (’09)
                                                                         (NCCCR)                                 Neild
Ann & Edward McCormick             Arlene Merritt (NCCCR)
                                                                         Tina M. Moore (’90)                     Linda L. (Lewis) (’69) & Charles
Robin B. McCoy                     Cynthia Messer-Carey & Paul                                                   Nelms
                                   Carey                                 Rebecca G. (Cory) (’96) & Gene
Susan & Martin McCoy                                                     Moran                                   Christine (Barry) (’89) & Jonathan
                                   Denise E. Messinger (’98)                                                     S. (’88) Nelson
Gary A. McCracken (’02)                                                  Marcia & James R. (’76)
                                   Donna & Stephen Metcalf                                                       Jennifer K. Nelson-Weaver (’94) &
Fern (Wallin) (’86) & N Russell                                          Morehead
McCrimmon                          Peter M. Meterko (’00)                                                        Michael Weaver
                                                                         Scott R. Morehead (’04)
Montey McCutcheon                  Metro Atlanta Chamber of                                                      Helen & Bertram Nestler
                                                                         Jacqueline & Donald Morgan
                                   Commerce                                                                      Rebecca L. (’84) Nettles & Curtis
Robert A. McDaniel (’74)                                                 Marisa & Malcolm B. (’79)
                                   Courtney E. Metz (’09)                                                        Coates
Linda & Robert McDermott                                                 Morgan
                                   Andrew M. Meyer (’09)                                                         Sarah Nettleton
Walda & R. Wayne (’75) McDevitt                                          Sheila (Scott) (’89) & Gregory R.
                                   Benjamin C. Meyer (’09)               (’88) Morgan                            Rochelle & Sheldon M. Neuringer
Marcia & Michael McDowell
                                   Catherine & Peter Meyer               Diane & Charles Morris                  (NCCCR)
Barbara & David McElroy
                                   Donna & Edward K. (’83)               Joyce & Robert Morris                   Luke E. Newbold (’09)
Christopher B. McGee (’07)
                                   Meyerhoeffer                                                                  Debra & Steven Newman
Mark D. McGinnis (’95)                                                   Kathryn & Robert H. Morris
                                   Michael B. Meyers
Jeanne & James McGlinn                                                   Margaret Noel, M.D.
                                   Betsi & John P. (’75) Miall, Jr.
Diane & Bill McGrady                                                     Brenda & Larry Morrison
                                   Microsoft Search and Give /                                                   Honor Roll
Joan McGrath & Frank W. Rowe                                             Madeline E. Moseley (’09)               continued on page 10
Nancy D. (Wright) McGuckin (’72)
Jackie & Richard McHargue                                                             NCCCR—The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement
Corey E. McIntosh (’06)               The Division of Alumni & Development makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of names and regrets any errors.
                                                        Please contact the office at 828.250.2303 or e-mail development@unca.edu to make changes.

                                                                                        20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt unC Asheville 9
     contributors                                                              to UNC A She ville

Honor Roll                             Timothy W. Owen (’92)                   Shelly & Jeffrey Peller               Gail & Patrick Powell
continued from page 9                  Andrea L. Owenby (’99)                  Barbara Pellin                        Margaret M. Powell
Michael Kay & Jack P. (’95)            Carole A. Owenby (’05)                  Elizabeth (Williams) Pendergrass      Robyn & Paul Powell
Newton                                 Coleen & Thomas Owens                   (’82)                                 Marcia Pozner-Thompson (’74)
Elizabeth (Altman) (’95) &             Marilyn T. Owens (NCCCR)                Timothy E. Penley (’87)               Jay F. Pratt (’00)
Christopher Nichols                                                            W. Don Penley
                                       Nicholas P. Owens (’03)                                                       Premier Matching Charitable Gift
Erica & Sterling Nicholson, III                                                Melanie & Robert Perrachon            Program
                                       Susan & Charles Pack
Marty Nicholson                                                                Anthony I. Perrone (’06)              Josephine & Eugene L. (’96 MLA)
                                       Sharon E. (Edmunson) Packer
Rebecca J. Nicholson (’76)             (’72)                                   Marlene J. Perry                      Presley
Sarah & Richard Nicol                  Estate of Ruth Paddison                 Timothy W. Perry                      Larry Presnall
Lisa & Angelo B. Nigro                 Linda B. (Baynard) Padgett (’90)        Alix (Popadines) Peters (’70)         Margaret Preston
Christian Nimsch (’99)                 Marilyn B. (’89) & Don Pagett           Carol & Bruce Peterson                Tamara S. Prestwood (’02)
Laurie Noblett                         Barbara & Robert Pahl                   Jennifer (Baker) (’00) & Brent T.     Jacques G. Primo (’03)
Elena & Robert Nolan                   Denise (Diamond) (’67) & Jerry          (’96) Peterson                        Amanda R. Pritchard (’09)
Jason A. Nolan (’05)                   Pakula                                  Jo L. Peterson Gibbs (’95) & J.       Margaret & Kenneth Pritchard
Patricia G. Noland (’96 MLA)           Brenda Painter & Michael                Christopher Gibbs                     James F. Pritchitt, II (’05)
John D. Noor (’07)                     Kennedy (NCCCR)                         Olga & Alexander Petrovets            Laura & Christopher T. Privalle
Paula L. Norby (’75)                   Shanna M. Palisoc (’09)                 Tonya & Charles Pettus                Holly L. Procita (’03)
Cynthia & Billy J. (’00) Norman,       Elaine & William J. Palmer              James A. Petty                        Joan (Sterk) (’86) & Robert D.
Jr.                                    Rosella S. Palmisano                    Karen (Bayne) Pfotzer (’80)           (’87) Proffitt
Jesse W. Norman                        Antonietta & Nicola Palumbo             Lindsey N. Pfundstein (’08)           Terri & David Pruett
Eileen Press & Karl Normington         Judith & Emile Pandolfi                 John J. Phaup (’91)                   James E. Pruette (’81)
Cheryl & Todd Norris                   Panera Bread Company                    Hoyt J. Phillips, III (’99)           Public School Forum of NC
Shon P. Norris (’00)                   Arthur Pappas                           Karla S. & Jeffrey Piccirillo         Jolanta & Olgierd Pucilowski
Elizabeth A. Obbink (’04)              Sara A. Pardys (’09)                    Dianna Jackson-Pierce & John          Brynn (Brown) (’79) & Mark C.
Daniel E. O’Brien                      Sherry & Jeffrey Paris                  Pierce                                (’77) Puckett
Patricia S. O’Cain (’09)               Tricia A. Parish                        Kelly L. (Berman) (’80) &             Carol & Fernando Puente
                                                                               Lawrence Pierce                       Naomi Pullman (’76)
Michael F. Ochsenreiter (’80)          Jayne O. Parker
                                                                               Martha & Robert Pierce                Erin K. Punter
Frances & Bruce O’Connell              Marie & DeFoix B. (’74) Parker
                                                                               Merrily Pierson                       Margaret & Dilip Purohit
Charles P. Ogiba (’07)                 Sallie M. Parker (’74)
                                                                               Carolyn S. Pilgrim                    Laura & Craig Putnam
W. E. Ogilvie, III (NCCCR)             Valerie (Strader) (’86) & James C.
                                       (’86) Parker                            Kimberly L. (’94) & Dominik (’98)     Linda D. Roper-Pyeritz
Angelia M. Oglesby (’84)                                                       Pilicek
James W. Oglesby                       Joan & James Parlier                                                          Julie & Jeremy L. (’98) Queen
                                                                               Carla M. Pinkerton
Catherine & Michael O’Hanlon           Helen & Rick Parrish                                                          Kennedy L. Queen (’84)
                                                                               Jana & Todd Pitner
Obiageli & Joel Okoli                  Donna & Grant Parsons                                                         Ellyn & Daniel P. (’96) Quesnel
                                                                               Theresa & Francis Pittinaro
The Old Wood Company                   Paul P. Partyka                                                               Ashley E. (Lusk) (’04) & Adam S.
                                                                               Angelica A. (’98) & Mark Pittman      (’05) Quilty
Karen & Michael Olert, Jr.             Elizabeth R. Passman (’07)
                                                                               Tamara (Bostick) (’98) & Brian W.     Richard D. Quinn (’97)
Linda H. (Baber) Olin (’80)            Becky & Steven Patch
                                                                               (’98) Pittman
                                       Regina & Richard Pate                                                         Christine & Michael Quirk
Lucy Oliver & Tom Rightmyer                                                    Sharon & James Pitts
(NCCCR)                                Patla Straus Robinson & Moore                                                 Quiznos
                                                                               Julie & Thomas Platte
Cecilia Raphael-O’Loughlin &           Foundation                                                                    R. Stanford Webb Agency
                                                                               Kathy & William F. (’66) Plyler, II
David O’Loughlin                       Carolyn & Price Patton, Sr.                                                   Margo & Lawrence Rabon
                                                                               Christine L. & Robert J. Pokorski
Mary Katharine & Larry O’Meara         Phyllis P. Patton (’88)                                                       Carrie S. Rabuck (’05)
D’Anne G. Omer                         Larry R. Paul (’93)                                                           Jeremy B. Rabuck
                                                                               Sydney A. Polak (’09)
Spence (Brooks) (’01) & James          Margaret & Ronald Payne                                                       Carrie F. Trutwin (’92)
                                                                               Rebecca (Wood) (’99) &
O’Neill                                Rodger M. Payne                         Christopher J. (’98) Polhamus         Linda Raftery & Philip Spiro
The Orange Bowl Committee, Inc.        Cathy & John Pearce                     Pomodoros Greek & Italian Cafe’       Dorma & Gene Rainey
ORBIT                                  Peggy Pearson & Frankie Smith           Debra A. Pongetti                     Carrie R. Rains (’09)
Stephanie & Steven Orr                 Susan E. Pearson (’09) & Lucas          James D. Pool (’81)                   R. Renee’ Rallos (’93)
Evelyn & Victor Osborne                Croop                                                                         Robert J. Ramsey (’83)
                                                                               William J. Pool (’76)
Susan E. Osborne (’08)                 Tamela & Robert A. (’86) Peaty                                                Robin W. & Nathan C. (’89)
                                                                               Rachel Paar & Andrew C. (’91)
Mary Ann M. Osby (’85)                 Margaret Downes & Michael R.            Pooser                                Ramsey
Linda L. Osteen                        (’85) Peck                                                                    Karen & Anthony Rand
                                                                               Ruth M. Pope (’90)
Elizabeth & Ronald Ouellette           Sarah E. Pedley (’77)                                                         Nancy (Bowman) Randall (’71)
                                                                               Max Poppers
Adrienne E. Outcalt (’07)              Neal Peek                                                                     Elaine & Erin Rankin
                                                                               Mary & John Porter
Outdoor Bird Company                   Stacy J. Peek (’94)                                                           Mildred & Charles Rankin, Jr.
                                                                               Stacy E. Porter (’06)
Bronte’ (Allen) Overby (’85)           Debra & John Pegg                                                             Shirley B. (Boardman) (’77) &
                                                                               Francella R. Poston
                                       Shirley & Phillip Pekala                                                      Thomas Rardin (NCCCR)
                                                                               Pamela & David Poteet
                                                                                                                     Araya Hansen Ratanaphrcks
                                                                               Gail S. Powell
NCCCR—The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement                                                              Marguerite C. Ratcliffe (’92 MLA)
                                                                                                                     Ravenscroft Family Health Center,
The Division of Alumni & Development makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of names and regrets any errors.
Please contact the office at 828.250.2303 or e-mail development@unca.edu to make changes.

10 unC Asheville 20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt
    contributors                                                          to UNC A She ville

Julia G. Ray                        Jennifer R. Robinson (’04)            Sallie & E. Mack (’82) Salley, III      Michele & Charles Sellers
Marissa & Keith Ray                 Jessica M. Robinson (’09)             Alice & John Salthouse                  Whitney K. Sellers (’08)
Susie R. (’54) & Robert Ray         Margaret Trauner & Charles            Sue (Brendle) Sams (’95 MLA)            Arlene & Murray Selman (NCCCR)
Milton L. Ready                     Robinson                              Zoe & Ronnie Sams                       Ilona & Michael D. Sena (NCCCR)
Susan Reardon                       Nancy K. (Bumgarner) (’74) &          Diana Samsom (’99 MLA)                  Servicemaster PBM Inc. of
                                    Michael Robinson                                                              Asheville
Elizabeth G. Redden                                                       Pat & Paul Samuels
                                    Shannon & Jonathan Robinson                                                   Alicia & Jacob Sessoms
Clare Reece-Glore & John                                                  Devon P. Sanchez-Ossorio (’08)
Strickler                           Edward C. Roche, Jr.                                                          JoAnne Setzer
                                                                          Mary & Mark Sandbank
Judy & Ronald Reed                  Katherine (Gibbs) (’95) & Markus                                              Deborah J. Sexton
                                                                          Hilary R. Sandell (’09)
                                    (’90) Roeders
Robert I. Reed (’00)                                                      Deborah & James Sanders                 Donna L. (Temple) (’95 MLA) &
                                    Joyce & Theodore E. (’00)                                                     Phillip Seymour
Ronald R. Reed (’78)                                                      Margaret L. Sanders (’84)
                                    Rogers, II
Peter C. Regis                                                                                                    Teresa & Arnie Sgalio
                                    Maria & Daniel Rogers                 Flor de Maria Santiago (NCCCR)
J.W. Reid                                                                                                         Laura H. Shaffer
                                    Michelle D. Rogers                    Inessa & Alexander Sarkisov
Katherine & Robert Reis                                                                                           Emilie L. Shapero
                                    Michelle P. (’02) & Christopher       Lizabeth & Dominic Sarno
Susan Reiser & Frank Patton, III                                                                                  Ivy & Robert Sharbaugh
                                    Rogers                                Robert B. Satterwhite (’81)
Sara (Buss) (’02) & Jon Rem                                                                                       Beth & Phil Sharpe
                                    Leondar Rogoff                        Karen (Carland) (’83) & Donald
Laura L. (Andrews) (’96) & Scott                                          Saucier                                 Carol & Freddy Sharpe
                                    Jean & Kempton Roll
Renegar                                                                   Susan (Sibley) Savell (’82)             Karen K. Shaw (’94)
                                    Maria Roloff
Kerie & John J. (’94) Renihan                                             Janet C. Sawyer                         Karen M. (Hisel) Sheets (’94)
                                    Lisa & Lee S. (’83) Rosen
Mary L. Resner                                                            Lucy & Peter M. (’00) Sawyer            Vera & Addison Shepard
                                    Wendy & Franklin R. (’71) Rosen
Cecilia & Jules Resnick (NCCCR)                                           Jessica & Allen Saxe                    Ethan M. Shepherd (’06)
                                    Carla & Robert Rosen
Emil Revala                                                               Kimberly Saylor & Ralph Taylor          Tammy & Alan Sheppard
                                    Arline L. Rosenberg
Barbara C. Reynolds                                                       Donald A. Scarborough (’70)             Anita J. & Allan H. Shields
                                    Denise & Louis Rosenbloum
Michele (Bienick) (’94) & Ryan                                                                                    (NCCCR)
                                    Alexander D. Ross, III (’69)          Bryan S. Schaffer
Reynolds                                                                                                          Michael T. Shildt (’93)
                                    Ann B. Ross (’84)                     Connie Schaller
Patricia G. (’94) & Raymond                                                                                       Lisa & David Shively
                                    Faith A. Ross (’08)                   Elizabeth & Gary Schenk
Reynolds                                                                                                          Bonnie L. Shockey
Susan & Robert Reynolds             Lilian Ross & Charles Winters
                                                                          Phyllis B. Scher                        Beth R. Shoenberger
Ann V. Rhoades                      Nancy & Alexander Ross
                                                                          Cheryl & Harvey Schestag                Marian & Ed Shoff
Lynanne Walker Rhoades & Neal       Polly E. Ross
                                                                          Aubrey P. Schierbeek (’08)              Kimberly (Ward) (’02) & Mark A.
D. (’86) Rhoades                    Cynthia & Jay Rossi                                                           (’02) Showalter
                                                                          Katherine Y. Schilt (’73)
Sara & William Rhodes               Heather L. Rossi (’03)                                                        Susan & Don Showfety
                                                                          Margaret & Steve Schleifer
Janet & Larry Rhoney                Sarah & Daniel Rossi                                                          Lopi & Sy Shved
Marya & Albert Rhoton               Rotary Club of Asheville                                                      Puletha & Michael Shy
                                                                          Chris A. Schmechel (’96)
Landrea & Ricky Rhyne               Foundation, Inc.
                                                                          Sally & Jason Schmeltzer                Sheila & John Silver
Brett D. Rice (’09)                 Eva L. Rothstein
                                                                          Mary & Stewart Schnapp                  Silver-Line Plastics Corporation
Phyllis & Homer Rice                Sharon (Daughton) (’80) &
                                                                          Carla M. (Wallin) (’97) & Matthew       Christine & Robert Simons
                                    William Rothweiler
Stuart H. Rice, Sr.                                                       H. (’97) Schneider                      Adelaide & James Simpson
                                    Brandon B. Rowe (’07)
Renee & Mark Rich                                                         Stuart L. Schnider                      Pamela & Dennis Simpson
                                    Jonna (McGrath) (’87) & Steven
Jeannetta & Kenneth Richardson                                            Barbara & Walter Schoen                 Pamela S. (’05) & Gary Simpson
Summer & Taylor L. (’05) Ricketts                                         Thomas A. Schram (’09)                  Shanon & John Simpson
                                    Karla J. Rowlett
Ruth & Jimmy G. (’58) Rickman                                             Dorothy L. Schultz (’97)                Myra S. Sims (’81)
                                    Jean & John Rowley
Robin & Bobby Riddle                                                      Nancy & Samuel Schuman                  Henry L. Sinclair (’03)
                                    Diane L. Royer (’93)
Mara R. Ridgeway (’09)                                                    (NCCCR)                                 Jennifer (Peterson) Singh (’98)
                                    Paul G. Royster
Mark A. Riggs (’75)                                                       Melissa & Barry Schumer                 Christine M. Singleton
                                    Janice & Richard Rubino
Deborah & Allen Rinas                                                     Amy L. Schussheim                       Susan M. (’94) & Albert Sinyai
                                    Lory-Ann & Robert Rubinstein
Anna & Marshall Ritchie, Sr.                                              Leah (Bolen) (’04) & Mark P. (’02)      Dustin F. Sipes (’06)
                                    Susan & Alan Rudisill
Elizabeth & Robert Rittase                                                Schuurman
                                    The Ruffed Grouse Society                                                     Allyson Sipple & Daniel Stewart
Robert A. Rittase, Jr. (’02)                                              Nancy K. (’89) & David Schwanke
                                    Diane B. (’84) & Mark Rumfelt                                                 Argie (Kanellos) (’90) & Richard
Mary Lou & Charles Rix                                                    Aviva & Robert Scully                   Sirmans
                                    Susan J. Rumfelt (’96)
RJ Reynolds Foundation                                                    Bonnie & John Scully                    Nancy D. Sisk (’70)
                                    Mary & Mark Rushing
Fred W. Roane (NCCCR)                                                     Pamela Seagle                           Carol & Bing Sizemore
                                    Mikela D. Russell
Robyn D. Robb                                                             Susan E. Seay                           Joan C. Skees
                                    Diane C. (’72) & Arthur Rutledge
Cathy & Noble S. (’75) Roberts                                            Ada A. Sedova (’09)                     Loretta & Thomas Skelton
                                    Ann & Philip Ryalls
Cynthia T. Roberts (’91)                                                  Alexander W. Seebeck (’09)              David E. Skema (’02)
                                    Marian F. Sadler (’09)
Ellen Roberts                                                             Lynda & William Seebeck
                                    Lisa & James Saintsing
Holly M. Roberts                                                          Donna & Robert Seligson                 Honor Roll
                                    Mayumi Sakamoto (’05)
Leesa & Guy Roberts, Jr.                                                  Andrea B. Seliski                       continued on page 12
                                    Geraldine R. (’91) & Lawrence W.
Betty Robinson                      (’92) Sallee
                                                                                       NCCCR—The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement
Brett L. Robinson (’08)
Jennifer D. Robinson (’05)             The Division of Alumni & Development makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of names and regrets any errors.
                                                         Please contact the office at 828.250.2303 or e-mail development@unca.edu to make changes.

                                                                                       20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt unC Asheville 11
     contributors                                                              to UNC A She ville

Honor Roll                             Allison L. Stapleton (’09)              Dawn & Alfred Talton, Jr.           Susan & Howard Tocman
continued from page 11                 Alberta E. (’83) & Hal Starnes          Michele & Edgar Tanner, Jr.         Kellyn P. Todd (’09)
Betty & Henry Skidmore                 Carol (Bradley) Starr (’86)             Cynthia J. Taplin                   Donna & Danny Tolar
Brent H. Skidmore                      Carol & Ned Steadman                    Claire & John Tate                  Patricia (Anderson) Tomberlin
Stephen D. Slate                       Kimberly & C. Thomas (’84)              Marian & Wyatt Tate                 (’75)
Deborah & Mark Slaughter               Steele, Jr.                             Patrick J. Tate (’09)               Charlene & Perry C. (’61) Tomlin,
                                       Susanna J. (’02) & Donald Steffen                                           Jr.
Judith B. & Jim Slautich (NCCCR)                                               Alisa (Lyda) (’86) & Eric Taylor
                                       Ann & Jonathan Stein                                                        Julie B. Tomlin
James M. Sloan, III                                                            Amber L. (’08) Wyatt & Joseph P.
                                       Stein Mart                              (’05) Taylor                        Susan (Johnson) (’99) & Gregory
Tanya T. (’93) & Scott Sloan                                                                                       Toole
Richard C. Slosman (’91)               Sharon & John Stenglein                 Emily C. (McSurley) (’97) &
                                                                               Michael W. (’97) Taylor             Karen & Kenneth Topalian
Sarah & Lawrence Smiley                Audran & Scott E. (’93) Stephens
                                                                               Harold M. Taylor (’05)              Julie & David Torbett
Ann & Richard Smith                    Barbara & Douglas Stephens
                                                                               Heather (Nicholson) (’00) & Carl    Town & Mountain Realty
Anne (Thrasher) (’77) & Larry T.       Clara Stephens
                                                                               Taylor                              Joseph C. Tracey, Jr.
(’77) Smith                            Julie J. Sterling
                                                                               John D. Taylor (’04)                Karen F. Traina
Elizabeth (Milholen) (’87) &           Krisztina & Henry Stern
Harrison L. (’87) Smith, Jr.                                                   Kristy & Millard Taylor             Crystal D. Travis (’09)
                                       Jerry V. Sternberg
J. Lovell Smith                                                                Lenore & Richard Taylor             Jodi G. Travis
                                       Alicia L. Stewart (’86)
Karen (Slough) (’95) & Benjamin                                                Rose Marie (Brown) Taylor (’51)     Sumiko & Patrick Tray
                                       Billie & David Stewart (NCCCR)
Smith                                                                          Sharon H. Taylor                    James E. Traylor
                                       Christine (Geske) (’00) & William
Karen & Thomas Smith                   J. (’00) Stewart                        Steven B. Taylor (’98)              Ariel C. Trcka (’09)
Michelle & Stuart Smith                Katherine E. (Wells) (’02) & Derek      Zahrah K. Taylor (’09)              Darryl E. Trcka
Nina M. Smith                          Stewart                                 Sandra L. & Frederick M. Teach      Margret & David Trivett
Ruth R. Smith                          Diane S. Stickney (’83)                 Tenet Healthcare Foundation         Paula & Bill Troxler
Sharon (Lyons) (’73) & Joseph          Annette & Thomas Stone                  Shirley Tenney & Paul Merriken      Melissa (Wright) (’89) & Thomas
Smith, Sr.                             Garrett A. Stone (’79)                  (NCCCR)                             L. (’87) Truitt
Susan (Ivey) Smith (’68)               Katherine M. Stone (’06)                Jennifer & Nicholas Tennyson        Glenna Trull
Susan (Snipes) (’94) & Todd            Laura & Cameron Stone                   Louise & Anthony Terlep             Sylvia & Larry Trull
Smith                                                                          Christina & Edward Terrell          George N. Tsiros (’93)
                                       Matthew R. Stone (’06)
Warren F. Smith                                                                Margaret M. (’93) & Charles         Michelle & Thomas N. (’93) Tsiros
                                       Megan M. Stone (’08)
William G. Smith, Jr.                                                          Tessier                             Angela (Chenault) (’88) & John
                                       Stoneridge Tavern
Yvette (Scott) (’86) & Marvin                                                  Lyn & Irwin Teven                   Tucker
                                       Catherine & Michael Stout
Smith                                                                          Thana & Phala Thach                 Elizabeth A. Tulou & James J.
                                       Sylvia & Karl Straus                                                        Ring
Smoky Mountain Landscaping                                                     Danelle (Clymer) Tharrington
                                       Skye C. Streppa (’05)                                                       Monica (Lomax) (’80) & William
Smoky Mountain Living                                                          (’90)
                                       Susan & Richard Stuart                                                      Turbyfill, Jr.
Denise & Rex Snodgrass                                                         Valerie J. Thelen (’08)
                                       Studio B                                                                    Anita M. Turley
Emily & Adam B. Snyder (’97)                                                   Sara & Charles Theobald
                                       Piper (Nieters) (’00) & Andrew Su                                           Elizabeth H. Turnburke
Lisa (Baker) (’88) & Mark Snyder                                               Linda & Stephen Thibodeau
                                       Dorothy & Joseph Sulock                                                     Suzanne & John Turnburke
Shirley & Benjamin Snyder, Jr.                                                 Anna K. Thomas (’03)
                                       Phyllis G. Sultan                                                           Ann J. Turner (’01)
Gail & Nelson Sobel                                                            Emily (Knight) (’74) & B. Smith
                                       Sunset Cemetary                         (’73) Thomas                        June & Conrad L. (’98) Turner
Cynthia & Joseph Solaka
                                       Richard I. Sunshine                     Joanna & Stuart J. Thomas           Sara & William Turner
Sonoco Products Company
                                       Glenda & Thomas Survant                 Monica L. (Eckstein) (’07) & Jim    Sharon & A.W. Turner
Eric W. Sopp (’08)
                                       Catharine J. Sutherland (’98)           Thomas                              Jerome E. Tuttle
Ryan C. Southern (’02)
                                       Edward W. Sutton                        Nancy M. Thomas                     Patricia D. (’98) & John Tweed
Nancy Costello & William
Spellman                               Matthew S. Swain (’08)                  Tyler A. Thomas                     Jeremy L. Twiggs (’04)
Patrick H. Spence                      Leslie A. Swann (’09)                   Amber H. Thompson                   Robert D. Tynes
Linda & James Spinder                  Paul J. Sweeney                         Chontelle & Kenneth Thompson        Gabriella & Jones Tysinger
Sports Outreach                        Tara L. Sweeney (’01)                   Colleen (Bridges) (’79) & Patrick   Ann & James Tyson, Jr. (NCCCR)
                                       Deborah (Thompson) (’77) &              Thompson
Richard C. Sprague (’90)                                                                                           Jane & Gary Ulicny
                                       Eugene T. (’76) Szymanski               Martha & Danny Thompson
Sarah & Ronald A. (’72) Sprinkle                                                                                   Margaret S. Ulrich (’09)
                                       T.R.Y., Inc.                            Sandra L. Thompson (’87)
Cynthia S. Sproull                                                                                                 Elizabeth (Saxman) (’01) &
                                       Table                                   Satasha (Evans) Thompson (’93)      Kristian Underwood
Gina B. (’87) & Terry Sprouse
                                       Joyce & Richard Tabor                   Suzanne C. Thompson (’91)           Grace Unruh
Renee M. (Shaw) (’94) & John A.
(’94) Squires                          Margaret & Jack (’90) Tackett, Jr.      Frances & Wilburn Thornton          UPS Foundation
Grace L. Yanovich (’09)                Max C. Taintor (’04)                    Jan & Bruce Thorsen                 Diane Upton
Mary & Joseph Sroka                    Kaye (Edwards) Taliana (’72) &          Pauline S. (’86) & Rick Thrash      Peggy (Cauble) (’70) & Bernard
                                       James Leigh                             Christopher E. Thuot (’02)          Van Berkel
Charles A. St. Clair (’81)
                                       Pamela & Andre Talley                   Jerry Thurman                       Joseph R. Van Cott (’90)
Margaret & Edward Stagl
                                                                               Alvis M. Tingle, III (’73)          Vanir Solar Thermal Construction
                                                                               Patricia C. Tipton                  LLC
NCCCR—The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement                                                            Vivian & Grant Varner, Jr.
The Division of Alumni & Development makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of names and regrets any errors.    Mike Varnier
Please contact the office at 828.250.2303 or e-mail development@unca.edu to make changes.

12 unC Asheville 20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt
    contributors                                                          to UNC A She ville

Carol & Henry Vaughn                Bert I. Weinstein                     Caroline M. Williams (’09)              Ann & Colin Wood
Debra R. & J. Michael Vaughn        Blanche & Herbert Weinstein           Christy T. (Taylor) (’84) &             Johnnie L. (’95) & Keith Wood
Elizabeth & James C. (’97)          Barbara & Fred Weisz                  Ransome Williams                        Mike Wood
Vaughn                              Lauren J. Weixler                     Consuelo & Lyons Williams, III          Sue & Donald Wood
Genevieve & M. Jerry (’63)          Harold S. Welch                       Frances & C. David (’68) Williams,      Susan & David Wood
VeHaun                                                                    Jr.
                                    Rebecca H. Welch                                                              Theresa & Roger Wood
Verizon Wireless - Greenville                                             George K. Williams (NCCCR)
                                    Anne & William Welder                                                         Jane & Richard Woodlee
Gaye Vickers                                                              Julie B. Williams
                                    Alice K. Wellborn                                                             Eddie E. Woods, Jr. (’99)
Michael Vickers                                                           Judi O. Williams
                                    Bernice & James J. Weller                                                     Fonda & Michael Woodward
Elise Vieraitis                                                           Laura L. Williams (’87)
                                    Susan & John Weller                                                           Richard M. Woodward (’69)
Elizabeth & Samuel Villegas                                               Lynette & Jeffrey Williams
                                    David F. Wells (’78)                                                          Cynthia (Moore) (’83) & Stephen
James M. Villegas (’00)                                                   Patricia J. Williams                    T. (’89) Woody
                                    Sarah R. Werden (’09)
Thomas J. Visnius (’97)                                                   Peter E. Williams                       Hanna B. Woody (’09)
                                    Deborah & Kenneth Wertheim
Kristopher R. Vorren (’09)                                                Robin & Kerry Williams                  Lillianna & Scott Woody
                                    Becky West
Julie A. Voss (’82)                                                       Stephanie (Skinner) (’99) &             Mary & Stephen Woody
                                    Donna & Bradley West
W.R. Burton & Associates                                                  Jonathan D. (’96) Williams
                                    Kyungmi & Ray F. (’72) West, Jr.                                              Michael B. Woody (’08)
Wachovia Foundation Matching                                              Teresa & Stewart A. (’92)
                                    Megan B. Westbrook (’09)                                                      Dianne (Cole) (’86) & David
Gifts Program                                                             Williams
                                    Jessica Westling (’01)                Christina & Edward Williamson
Wag Pet Boutique                                                                                                  Shirley & Edward Worlund, Jr.
                                    Amy & Kevin P. (’90)                  Paul B. Williamson (NCCCR)
Sarah T. Wagner                                                                                                   Harriet & Waring L. (’78)
Faye & James Wagoner                                                      Willie Stewart Baseball Camp            Worsham
                                    Phyllis J. Wexler (’99)
Rebecca & Kenneth Waight                                                  Candice (Littrell) (’92) & Thomas       Naomi R. Wray
                                    Anne & Robert White                   Willis
Mildred & William Wald                                                                                            Colleen & Wesley Wright
                                    Bryan C. White (’03)                  Robin A. Willis (’84)
Elizabeth & David Walker                                                                                          David N. Wright (’95)
                                    Cathie & Courtland White              Barbara & Mason Wilson, Jr.
Grace & Philip Walker                                                                                             Gregory S. Wright (’87)
                                    Jane (Siler) White (’46)              Betsy Wilson & Kern Parker
Matthew A. Walker (’05)                                                                                           Leslee & Douglas Wright
                                    Jane W. White (NCCCR)                 Brittany Ann Wilson (’09)
Jeffery B. Wall (’04)                                                                                             Helen H. Wykle
                                    Margaret & Rodney F. (’84) White      Carole & Bradley Wilson
Jennifer B. Wallace (’04)                                                                                         James J. Wynn
                                    Raynia J. White (’91)                 Helen & John Wilson
Theresa & Timothy Wallace                                                                                         Karen & Bill Yarborough
                                    Richard M. White, Jr. (’76)           James C. Wilson (’51)
Barbara & Melvin Wallk (NCCCR)                                                                                    Alison (Howard) (’97) & Robert
                                    Ruth (Reynolds) White (’44)           Janie & Larry Wilson                    Yates
Linda & Kenneth Wallmeyer
                                    Shirley J. White (NCCCR)              Jeremy B. Wilson (’98)                  Bertha & Mark Yates
Margot A. Wallston
                                    William V. White (’93)                Joan & Joseph M. (’97) Wilson           Yee-Fun Yin
Michele (Sussman) (’98) & Jack
                                    Diane & Charles Whitehead             Kelly (Zboyovski) (’98) & Kenneth       Harriet R. Yockey
H. (’98) Walsh
                                    Shirley & Alfred Whitesides, Jr.      M. (’98) Wilson, II
Deborah & Gerald Walter                                                                                           Karen (Griffiths) (’85) & Michael
                                    Kathleen & Joe D. Whitley             Linda & Gordon Wilson                   Yockey
Scott E. Walters
                                    Whitley Home Medical Equipment        Mary & William Wilson                   Carla H. York
Laura S. Walters
                                    Andrea N. Whitmire (’09)              Paul W. Wilson (’97)                    Amy W. Young
Jean U. Walthall
                                    Nathanael D. Whitson (’09)            Tracy V. Wilson (’97)                   Ann & Michael Young
Cindy & Scott Walton
                                    Cheryl & John E. (’76) Wicker         Wilson County Board of Education        Barbara & Dale Young
Susan M. (’82) & Richard Walton
(NCCCR)                             Steven T. Wicker (’01)                Susan N. (Blankenship) (’98) &          Betty M. Young (’74)
                                    Angela & Ty Wigginton                 Jason Wingate
Hai Y. Wang                                                                                                       Brenton L. Young
                                    Manori R. Wijewickrema (’02) &        Sandra & Dorland Winkler
Brenda & Cecil Ward                                                                                               Dara (Jones) (’03) & Brandon
                                    Joel Dockery                          Cathy & Dennis Winner                   Young
Penny S. Ward
                                    Mary E. (Massey) (’01) & George       Lawrence H. Winner                      Mary & Paul Young, Jr.
Elaine B. Warren
                                    Wike                                  Mary & Bill Winstead                    Tina & Glenn D. (’89) Young, II
R.G. Wasem
                                    Christie L. (Wright) Wild (’99)       Jonathan C. Wise (’03)                  William E. Young, Jr. (’08)
Robert E. Waskom (’09)
                                    Susan & Gerald Wild                   Teddy & Samuel Witherspoon              Lola & David Youngman
Carolyn D. Waters
                                    Toni & Ronald Wild                    WNC Community Health Services,          Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation
Stephanie & Steven Waters                                                 Inc.
                                    Wild Birds Unlimited                                                          Jeannie Zachary
Vikki & Travis E. Waters, Jr.                                             Marla & Edward Woeckener
                                    Joanna & James Wilder                                                         Nancy D. & Eric Zachary
Wright Waters                                                             (NCCCR)
                                    Joseph R. Wilkerson (’09)                                                     Krista & Michael Zarzar
Laura R. Wear (’09)                                                       Ann Marie S. (’95) & Sam
                                    Sharon & Jeffrey E. (’87) Wilkie                                              Gloria Zavala (’03)
Ann Weast                                                                 Woffindin
                                    Jack Wilkins                                                                  Lydia A. Zimmer (’08)
Jamie D. Weathers (’09)                                                   Genelda & Harry Woggon
                                    Mark J. Wilkins                       (NCCCR)                                 Margaret & Daniel Zinman
Jean & Robert Webb, Jr.
                                    Leyshon B. Wilkinson (’03)            Julie & Martin Wolf                     Eleanor S. Zitin
Ann Weber & John J. (’83) Quigley
                                    Adrienne & David Williams             Tamara & Vincent Wolfe                  Patricia & Phillip Zook
Gun I. & Harvey A. Wechsler
                                    Barbara & Dennis Williams             Womansong of Asheville Inc.
                                    Carole (Graham) Williams (’70)
Alvin K. Wehmeyer (’03 MLA)
Laurie & Glenn Weidenbacher                                                            NCCCR—The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement
Sherry B. (’84) & Henry Weiland        The Division of Alumni & Development makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of names and regrets any errors.
                                                         Please contact the office at 828.250.2303 or e-mail development@unca.edu to make changes.

                                                                                       20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt unC Asheville 13
                                               A l e g AC y
                                                                               of giving
                                       John & Jean Bernhardt                   Eaton Corporation Mechatronics     Lt. Col. Cecil C. & Lois H.
                                       Scholarship Fund                        Scholarship Fund                   Hutchins Scholarship Fund
                                       Bernhardt-Perry Undergraduate           Helen W. & Frederick R.            Independent Insurance Agents of

funds                                  Research Fund
                                       David W. Berson & James F.
                                       Smith Economics Fund
                                                                               Eckley, Jr. Management Leader
                                                                               Scholarship Fund
                                                                               Economics Award Fund
                                                                                                                  North Carolina Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                                  International Student Association
Listed below are the                   Phyllis Betts Fund                      Helen B. Edelstein Memorial        Iovacchini Family Scholarship
                                       Eddie Biedenbach Scholarship            Piano Scholarship                  Fund
endowed funds held by                                                          Environmental Studies Alumni       Thorunn & David Ivey
                                       Blackie & Cleta Blackwood
the University of North                Scholarship Fund                        Scholarship                        International Student Scholarship
                                                                               Environmental Studies              Fund
Carolina at Asheville                  Julius Blum Family Endowment
                                       for Curricular Development &            Scholarship Fund                   Paul A. Jensen Memorial
and the UNC Asheville                  Enrichment                              EQI Scholarship                    Scholarship Fund
Foundation Inc. Funds are              Elizabeth & Waring Boys                 Otto Feistmann Memorial Fund       Harold & Margaret Johnson
                                       Scholarship Fund                                                           Scholarship Fund
designated by individual                                                       Ruth Feldman Outstanding
                                       Peggy L. (Carson) Brazell               Scholar Award Fund                 Mary Louise Cocke Johnson
donors for student                     Scholarship Fund                        Ruth & Leon Feldman Endowment
                                                                                                                  Scholarship Fund
scholarships, faculty                  Sara & Joseph Breman                    Fund                               Harry Henry Johnston Memorial
                                       Professorship                                                              Fund
                                                                               Ruth & Leon Feldman
instruction and program                                                        Professorship Fund                 Ryan Patrick Jones Memorial
                                       Virginia Bryan Award Fund
support. In the fiscal year                                                                                       Scholarship Fund
                                       Johanna Lane Bushey                     Dorothy Zageir Fligel & Joan
                                       Scholarship in Health Care              Zageir Rocamora Scholarship        Charlie (Choo Choo) & Sarah
beginning July 1, 2008                                                                                            Justice Student Athlete
                                       Administration                          Fund
and ending June 30,                    J.W. & Rose Byers Scholarship           Arthur P. Foley/Foley Family
                                                                                                                  Scholarship Fund
2009, these endowments                 Fund                                    Scholarship for Women’s            Mortimer Kahn Scholarship Fund
                                       Philip G. Carson Distinguished          Basketball                         Mortimer Kahn Tuition
produced $988,901                      Professorship                           Department of Foreign              Scholarship-Management/
to support students,                                                           Languages Scholarship              Business
                                       Wayland H. Cato, Jr. Endowed
                                       Scholarship Fund                        James C. Fowler Endowed            Karpen Fund
faculty and programs of
                                       Children’s Welfare League               Scholarship Fund                   Leah Karpen Employee Loan
the university. (Source:               Scholarship Fund                        James C. Fowler Health & Fitness   Fund
University Controller)                 Class of 1981 Scholarship               Fund                               Adelaide Worth Daniels Key
                                       Endowment*                              Robert L. & Elizabeth B. Frank     Center for Service Learning
Darrel & Janet Abel Scholarship        George & Marjorie Cogdill               Scholarship                        Joe W. Kimmel Scholarship for
Fund                                   Endowment for Media Studies             Friends of the Earth Garden        First-Generation Students of
                                                                               Club Environmental Studies         Promise Fund
Akzona Management Library              Morton S. Cohn Enrichment Fund
Fund                                   for Mass Communication                  Scholarship Fund                   LaVerne H. Laney Scholarship
Gerald M. Allman Memorial              Stewart & Gay Coleman                   Martha Fletcher Game               Mark Lawson Fund for the Study
Scholarship Fund                       Scholarship Fund                        Scholarship                        of History
Alumni Legacy Scholarship Fund         Susanne Marcus Collins Stringed         General Endowment Fund             Lehrer Family Scholarship
American Institute of Industrial       Instrument Scholarship Fund             Frank J. & Sybil H. Giordano       Don C. & Marjorie P. Locke
Engineers Scholarship Fund             Susanne Marcus Collins Theater          Scholarship Fund                   Scholarship in Education to
                                       Scholarship Fund                        GlaxoSmithKline Distinguished      Enhance Diversity
Dr. Marcel C. Andrade
Scholarship in Foreign Languages       William R. Comfort, Jr. Memorial        Professor in Molecular &           Willie & Carlene Locke Athletic
                                       Scholarship Fund                        Chemical Biology*                  Scholarship Fund
Asheville Sales & Marketing
Executives Association Marketing       Tucker Cooke Scholarship Fund           Glaxo Wellcome Distinguished       Rick Maas Scholarship*
Scholarship                                                                    Professorship                      Dr. & Mrs. Alexander Maitland
                                       S. Tucker Cooke Scholarship
Atmospheric Sciences                                                           North Carolina GlaxoSmithKline     III Fund
                                       CSAC Scholarship
Departmental Endowment Fund                                                    Foundation Women in Science        Management Endowment Fund
                                       Curriculum Renewal & Faculty            Program
Balsam Mountain Preserve               Development Fund                                                           Management/Engineering
Undergraduate Research Award                                                   Tim & Peggy Haden Scholarship      Development Fund
                                       Joseph Dave Engineering                 Endowment Fund*
Ruth & Luther Barnhardt                Scholarship                                                                J. Willard Marriott Foundation
Scholarship                                                                    Dave Hart Athletic Scholarship     Scholarship Fund
                                       Harold & Patricia Davis Fund
Letcher R. Beatty Scholarship                                                  Robert Hartman Athletic            Amanda Lynne Massey
                                       Francine Delany Scholarship             Scholarship
Fund                                                                                                              Scholarship
                                       Joyce & Laurence Dorr                   Allene & William E. Highsmith
Carol G. Belk Distinguished                                                                                       Marion E. Mayfield-Johnson
                                       Lectureship in the Arts & Liberal       Distinguished Visiting Scholar
Professorship Fund                                                                                                & Edward M. “Mack” Johnson
                                       Arts                                    Fund
Bill & Elizabeth Belz Scholarship                                                                                 Scholarship
                                       Drama Development Fund                  Ralph F. Hooker, Jr. Baseball
Fund                                                                                                              Kimberly Heather McClinton
                                       Dreher-Wells Scholarship Fund           Scholarship Fund                   Scholarship Fund
Verna E. Bergemann Fund for
Education                              Harold E. Duncan Scholarship            Deryl Howard Lectureship           Nancy & Walter McConnell
                                       Brenda L. Dwight Scholarship            Endowment Fund                     Scholarship
John Christian Bernhardt, Jr.
Enrichment Fund                        Fund                                    Thomas M. Howerton Endowed         Claudel Brooks McKenzie
                                                                               Fund                               Honorary Accounting Scholarship
NCCCR—The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement
                                                                                                                  Duane & Peggy McKibbin
The Division of Alumni & Development makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of names and regrets any errors.   Scholarship Fund
Please contact the office at 828.250.2303 or e-mail development@unca.edu to make changes.

14 unC Asheville 20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt
                                           A l e g AC y
                                                                          of giving
Meyerson Fund for World             T.C. Roberson Scholarship Fund        William F. Wolcott Jr. Scholarship      Avril Dobbelaer
Federalism                          Robinson Hall Endowment               Fund                                    Mignon Durham
Samuel J. Millar Soccer             Elizabeth Reid Wright Janney          Manly Emerson Wright Award              Iris & Durward Everett
Scholarship Fund                    Rolfe Award                           James L. Yearout Degree                 Joan Farrell
J. Alfred & Berenice M. Miller      Theodore Seitz Scholarship            Completion Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                                  Ralph L. Gaffney (‘73)
                                    Carole Shapiro Memorial                                                       Frank J. Giordano
Ernest Mills Memorial               Scholarship Fund                      * Funds established in 2008– 09
Scholarship Fund                                                                                                  Rebecca M. & Bruce E. Greene
                                    Frank & Hazel Smith Scholarship
Ernest & Albina Mills Endowment                                                                                   Paula J. Grillot
                                    Dorothy Frances Snyder
for Excellence in Undergraduate
Education for the Benefit of UNCA
Ernest & Albina Mills Scholarship
                                    Phyllis Freed Sollod Memorial         laurel                                  Barbara (Lindsay) (‘82) & George
                                                                                                                  Joye Haynes-Ganger (‘89)
Mills Fund for the Dramatic Arts
Mills Professorship of the
                                    Lectureship Fund
                                    Southern Appalachian Mountains
                                    Initiative Air Quality Scholarship
                                                                          society                                 Julie C. Heinitsh
                                                                                                                  Jean Hoefner
                                    Carolyn White Spragins                                                        David Ivey
                                    Scholarship Fund                      Through the Laurel                      William M. Johnson Jr. (‘62)
James H. Mullen, Jr. Scholarship
                                    S. Dexter Squibb Lecture Series       Society, UNC Asheville                  Jeannie S. (Peek) (‘96) & John A.
                                    in Chemistry                                                                  (‘96) Jump
Elaine Hunter Myers Memorial                                              recognizes and celebrates
                                    Helen & Marion Swensen                                                        LaVerne Laney
Scholarship in Drama & Theater                                            those individuals who
                                    Scholarship Fund                                                              Mark Lawson (‘71)
Nantahala Power & Light
                                    Roy A. Taylor Endowment Fund          have included the UNC                   Susan (Nanney) Leffe’ (‘74)
                                    Roy & Evelyn Taylor Scholarship       Asheville Foundation Inc.               Barbara & Stephen Lehrer
NCUR Endowment
                                    Fund                                                                          (NCCCR)
NEH Distinguished Teaching                                                in their estate planning
                                    Jim Topp & Paula Grillot Poetry                                               Albert S. Lineberry Sr.
                                    Writing Scholarship in Honor of       to benefit scholarships
New Leaf Art Scholarship            Dr. Rick Chess                                                                Rickie (Bell) Lowe (‘82)
North Carolina Center for           James W. Turner Scholarship           and programs at                         Marion E. Mayfield-Johnson
Creative Retirement Fund                                                                                          (NCCCR)
                                    Virginia & Alvin Turner               UNC Asheville. Gift
North Carolina Fund                 Scholarship Fund                                                              Paula H. & Gerald C. McNabb Jr.
                                                                          commitments include                     (NCCCR)
Cary Caperton Owen                  UNC Asheville Art Alumni
Distinguished Professorship in      Scholarship                           bequests, gift annuities,               Lotte & Seymour Meyerson
Economics                                                                                                         Jann M. Nance (NCCCR)
                                    UNC Asheville Faculty                 charitable trusts, life
Paddison Family Music               Scholarship                                                                   W. E. Ogilvie III
Scholarship Fund                                                          insurance and retirement
                                    UNC Asheville International                                                   Lyn F. O’Hare
Paddison Family Scholarship         Experience Fund                       account gifts.                          Larry R. Paul (‘93)
                                    Undergraduate Research Fund                                                   Anne B. Phillips
P.B. Parris Visiting Writers Fund                                         Dorel A. Abbott
                                    Visiting Theatre Artists Residency                                            Anne Ponder & Christopher
Joseph M. Parsons Discretionary     Fund                                  Pam L. (Gutbier) (‘97) & Derek J.       Brookhouse
Fund for Mathematics                                                      (‘93) Allen
                                    Volvo Construction Equipment                                                  Tracy D. Proctor (‘92)
Joseph M. Parsons Lectureship in    Scholarship Fund                      Barbara A. Baker (‘71)
Mathematics                                                                                                       Shirely & Karl Quisenberry
                                    Wachovia Foundation Scholarship       Susan B. Barnes                         (NCCCR)
Joseph M. Parsons Scholarship
                                    Wachovia Fund for Excellence          Ruth & Luther Barnhardt                 Arthea & Donald Reed
                                    Jacob & Cilli Weizenblatt             (NCCCR)                                 Harry W. Robinson (‘34)
Pearlman Family Scholarship
                                    Scholarship Fund                      Mary W. & Leland E.                     (deceased)
                                    Dr. Sprinza Weizenblatt               Bartholomew (NCCCR)                     Sue (Brendle) Sams (‘95 MLA)
Sally & Lowell Pearlman Family
                                    Endowment at the North Carolina       John A. Bridges (‘45)                   Betty J. Seifert (’83)
Scholarship Fund
                                    Arboretum                             Margaret V. Burns
Howard E. Phillips Engineering                                                                                    Myra S. Sims (‘81)
                                    Weizenblatt Library Endowment         Ann R. & Richard L. Bury
Equipment Fund                                                                                                    Robert W. Storrs, IV (‘75)
                                    Fund                                  (NCCCR)
Provident Life Institute for                                                                                      Pamela & James Turner
                                    Weizenblatt Scholarship               Helen (Cole) Charbonneau (‘40)
Executive Leadership
                                    David Lee Wells Memorial                                                      David Whilden
Elizabeth L. Ray Classics                                                 Guadalupe Chavarria II
                                    Scholarship Fund                                                              Karla L. (McCorkle) Worley (‘97)
Endowment                                                                 Peter D. Collins
                                    Arnold Wengrow Fund                                                           Harry B. Wright (‘81)
David Reiner Economics Award                                              Susanne Marcus Collins
Fund                                West Asheville Optimist Club                                                  Frosene & Steve Zeis
                                    Endowment Fund                        Charlene Cook (NCCCR)
David Reiner Scholarship Fund
                                    Barbara & Don Whitaker                S. Tucker Cooke
Joseph O. Reiner Scholarship in                                                                                   If you have included the UNC
                                    Scholarship Fund                      Jamye Cooper                            Asheville Foundation Inc. in
Memory of Dr. David Reiner
                                    Jean W. Whitmire Endowed              Stephanie Cooper and Joseph             your will or estate planning,
A.C. Reynolds Award
                                    Scholarship*                          Harrison (‘95)                          please contact Julie Heinitsh in
John Mackey Reynolds Memorial
                                    Bob Williams Management Fund          Christine C. Curry                      the Development Office (828.
Scholarship Fund
                                    Julienne M. Winner Achievement        Jerome Dave                             232.2430 or jheinits@unca.edu)
Ruth Campbell Reynolds Fund
                                    Award Fund                            Constance R. Dierickx (‘90)             if you wish to share this information.
Dorothea Weaver Rhoades
                                    Dr. Linda C. Winner Scholarship
Scholarship Fund
Roy A. & Edith Riggs Scholarship                                                       NCCCR—The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement
Fund                                   The Division of Alumni & Development makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of names and regrets any errors.
                                                         Please contact the office at 828.250.2303 or e-mail development@unca.edu to make changes.

                                                                                       20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt unC Asheville 15
   vo l U N tA r y & A dv i S o r y
                                                   boards                     2008– 09

the UNiverSity of         Peaches Gunter Blank     Clarice Cato Goodyear      Jim W. Phillips, Jr.
North CAroliNA            Nashville, Tenn.         Matthews                   Greensboro

board of                  R. Steve Bowden
                                                   H. Frank Grainger
                                                                              Marshall B. Pitts, Jr.

governors                 Laura W. Buffaloe
                          Roanoke Rapids
                                                   Charles A. Hayes
                                                                              Gladys Ashe Robinson
Hannah D. Gage            Frank Daniels, Jr.       James E. Holshouser, Jr.   Irvin A. Roseman
Chair                     Raleigh                  (emeritus)                 Wilmington
Wilmington                John W. Davis, III       Southern Pines             William G. Smith
Peter D. Hans             Winston-Salem            Adelaide Daniels Key       Durham
Vice Chair                Phillip R. Dixon         Asheville                  J. Craig Souza
Raleigh                   Greenville               G. Leroy Lail              Raleigh
Estelle “Bunny” Sanders   T. Greg Doucette         Hickory                    Priscilla P. Taylor
Secretary                 (ex officio)             Ronald C. Leatherwood      Chapel Hill
Roper                     Raleigh                  Waynesville                J. Bradley Wilson
Bradley T. Adcock         Ray S. Farris            Cheryl Ransom Locklear     Durham
Durham                    Charlotte                Rock Springs               David W. Young
Brent D. Barringer        Dudley E. Flood          Charles H. Mercer, Jr.     Asheville
Cary                      Raleigh                  Raleigh
                          Ann B. Goodnight         Fred G. Mills
                          Cary                     Raleigh

UNC ASheville             J.W. Davis               Charles E. Nesbitt         Ex-Officio
foUNdAtioN iNC.           Asheville                Asheville                  Anne Ponder, Chancellor

board of                  Charles Frederick
                                                   Kenneth M. Partin
                                                                              William P. Massey,
                                                                              Vice Chancellor for
directors                 Dianna Goodman
                                                   Neal D. Rhoades
                                                                              Alumni & Development
                                                                              John Pierce,
James Hegglund            George Goosmann, III     Robert Roberts             Vice Chancellor for
Chair                     Asheville                Arden                      Finance & Operations
Asheville                 David Hammett            Robby Russell              James R. Buckner ’72
Michael Andry             Asheville                Asheville                  Suwanee, Ga.
Asheville                 Harry Harrison           Robert Sipes
Charles Atkins            Asheville                Asheville                  Rotating off the board at
Raleigh                   Tammy Huffman            David Sweatt               the end of the 2009 fiscal
William Boyum             Asheville                Asheville                  year: Rob Bowen and
Cherokee                  Timothy F. Johnson       Robert Tatum               Nicholas Ladd.
David Brown               Durham                   Asheville                  Joining the board in
Asheville                 Craig Madison            G. Edward Towson, III      August 2009 to begin
                          Asheville                Asheville                  their three-year terms:
Guadalupe Chavarria
                                                                              Martha Boyd, Antonio O.
Asheville                 Cortland Mercer          Charles H. Wood, Jr.       Fraga, Dan Scannell, John
Bobby Daugherty           (Student Government      Asheville                  Stevens and Ron Storto.
Swannanoa                 Association President)   Frosene M. Zeis
                          Charlotte                Asheville
Al Davis
Asheville                 George W. Morosani

16 unC Asheville 20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt
    vo l U N tA r y & A dv i S o r y
                                                         boards                     2008– 09

                            M. David Cogburn, M.D. ’77   Joseph Damore              Cissie Stevens
UNC ASheville               Secretary                    Asheville                  Asheville
board of                    Asheville                    Sue H. McClinton           Nicholas Ladd

trustees                    Janice W. Brumit
                                                         Audrey Byrd Mosley ’74
                                                                                    (Student Government
                                                                                    Association President)
                            James R. Buckner ’72         Washington, D.C.
Alfred J. Whitesides, Jr.
                            Suwanee, Ga.                 Douglas M. Orr, Jr.
Asheville                   Philip G. Carson             Black Mountain
                            Asheville                    Virgil Smith
Pamela M. Turner
Vice Chair                                               Washington, D.C.

                            Marilyn and Mitchell Eudy    Joyce Watkins King and     Ex-Officio
NAtioNAl                    Monroe                       Gary King
parents                     Sherry and Greg Glance       Raleigh
                                                                                    Anne Ponder, Chancellor
                                                                                    Bill Haggard,

council                     Candler
                            Carla and David Greenfield
                                                         Steve Mills
                                                         Chapel Hill
                                                                                    Vice Chancellor for
                                                                                    Students Affairs
                            Pittsburgh, Pa.              Margy Murphy and           Calvin Kelly,
Allison Brandy and
                            Jose-Marie Griffiths         John Erwin                 Assistant Vice Chancellor
David Scruggs
                            and Don King                 Candler                    for Student Affairs
                            Chapel Hill                  Obiageli and Joel Okoli    Mary Chakales,
Barbara and John Dower
                            Vikki and Ken Grodner        Snellville, Ga.            Director of Special
                            Mountain Brook, Ala.         Pam and King Prather       Programs,
Becky Doyle
                            Lisa Isenhour                Cary                       Rebecca Lamb,
                            Hickory                      Laura and Chris Privalle   Director of Annual Giving
Lilly Driver
                            Jayne Keifer and             Durham                     Jamye Cooper,
                            Jim Jenkins                  Pat and Paul Samuels       Major Gifts Officer
                            Cary                         Fairview

                            Joseph M. Beckert ’88        Tarik Glenn ’06            Ex-Officio
NAtioNAl                    Charlotte                    Asheville
alumni                      Jason L. Boyles ’01          Steven A. Green ’01
                                                                                    Anne Ponder, Chancellor
                                                                                    William P. Massey,

council                     Charlotte
                            Athena Fox Brooks ’88
                                                         Heather Enloe Hudson ’66
                                                                                    Vice Chancellor for
                                                                                    Alumni & Development
                            Asheville                    Camden, Ark.               Kevan D. Frazier ’92,
Neal D. Rhoades ’86
Chair                       Anne May Cagle ’86           Betty Jones Seifert ’83    Associate Vice Chancellor
Raleigh                     Rock Hill, S.C.              Charlotte                  for Alumni
Derek J. Allen ’93          James C. Carter ’00          B. Smith Thomas ’73
Greensboro                  Asheville                    Lawrenceville, Ga.
Barbara A. Baker ’71        R. Wiley Cash ’00            Karla L. Worley ’97
Durham                      Lafayette, La.               Dunwoody, Ga.
                            Jasmin M. Gentling ’99

                                                                  20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt unC Asheville 17
                              2009             endowedfunds                                                                           $ 21, 8 05, 578


                                         22                                                                                                     23.6
                                                                                                                                      19.5                 7.1
                                                                                                                     16.7                         6.1
                 Amount in Millions

                                                              15.1     14.8                             14.9                                                        7.3
                                          14   13.8                              13.6                                                 5.6
                                          10                   5.7       5.4                            5.1
                                                   5.1                            4.7       4.5
                                           0       8.7         9.5       9.4      8.9       8.6         9.8          11.3             13.9       17.5    18.5      14.5
                                                   99          00        01       02        03           04           05               06         07      08        09

                                     UNC Asheville Foundation                                            UNC Asheville
Unaudited figures for 2008–09 Source: University Controller

                                      2009          alumnisuport                                                                  $ 179, 6 4 0












                                                     01               02          03         04            05            06                   07         08         09
                                      Participation 11.6%            11.4%       14%         11%          9.3%         5.63%                 9.5%       8.3%       7.3%
      18 unC Asheville 20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt                                                                                    Unaudited figures for 2008–09
                       2009         waysofgiving                                        $ 9, 35 0, 55 4

          3.5% Planned & Estate Gifts Matured                                               0.3% IRA Gifts
          $324,670.28                                                                             $25,517

30% Value of Real Estate                                                                       35% Cash & Cash Equivalents
$2,840,000.00                                                                                                    $3,239,790

1.4% Value of Gifts-in-Kind
                                                                              11% State Appropriation for Endowed Professorships
           19% Pledge Payments                                                                                       $1,000,000
                                                                                                     0.1% Stocks and Securities

           Looking Ahead...
      	     $5,934,061.50	—	Value	of	multi-year	pledge	gifts	to	be	fulfilled	in	the	future
          	 $8,621,044.00	—	Total	estimated	value	of	estate	and	planned	gift	commitments	that	will	be	realized	in	the	future

2009 2009      wheredogiftscomefrom?                                                                          $ 9, 35 0, 55 4

                           2003–04          2004–05              2005–06           2006–07           2007–08         2008–09

Alumni                     $133,951         $661,941            $142,638          $265,488          $162,762         $179,640

Parents                     $39,344         $138,812             $52,660          $549,920            $79,617        $122,482

Other Individuals          $649,674         $688,702          $2,184,150         $1,117,877       $1,534,945       $1,954,705

Trusts                              †                †                    †                †                 †     $2,945,208

Foundations                $350,598         $299,945            $280,750          $235,450          $853,115       $1,926,587

Corporations               $849,613         $238,801            $329,014          $303,939        $1,005,255         $691,802

Government                          †                †                    †                †        $253,800       $1,500,050

Religious Organizations          $70           $2,200              $1,500            $1,550            $1,284            $900

Other Organizations           $7,099          $14,124             $57,865         $733,071          $698,558          $29,180

Total Outright Gifts* $2,040,349          $2,044,526          $3,048,577        $3,207,295        $4,589,336	     $9,350,554	

Unaudited figures for 2008–09 Source: Cumulative Fundraising Report
                                                                               20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt unC Asheville 19
* Deferred giving not included †Category funding not reported this year
                2009         operatingexpenses                                                         $ 75, 58 9, 78 8

             4.5% Student Services

      6% Academic Support
                                                                                                             19% Auxilliary Expenses
   8% Public Services
   $5,997,043                                                                                                           6% Depreciation
3% Research                                                                                                                   $4,230,218
                                                                                                           2.5% Financial Aid

                                                                                                      10% Operations and Plant Management
              31% Instruction                                                                                                   $7,817,453
                                                                                                          10% Institutional Support

Unaudited figures for 2008–09 Source: University Controller
Total commitments include outright giving, planned giving (including wills) and outstanding pledges

                           2009         revenuebysource                                                  $ 81, 253, 6 0 0

              3% Investments and Other                                                                 5% Non-capital Gifts and Grants
              $2,717,350                                                                                                   $4,167,356

      5% Operating Grants and Contracts                                                                      6% Capital Gifts and Grants
      $4,127,231                                                                                                             $5,029,968

   13% Sales and Services, net
                                                                                                             48% State Appropriations

       20% Tuition and fees, net

                                                                                                          Unaudited figures for 2008–09
       20 unC Asheville 20 08– 09 AnnuAl RepoRt                                                           Source: University Controller
University of North Carolina at Asheville
division of Alumni & development
owen hall, CPo #1800
one University heights
Asheville, North Carolina 28804-8507

The 2008–09 Annual Report of the University of North Carolina at Asheville covers the fiscal year July 1, 2008, to June 30, 2009.

Produced by UNC Asheville Office of Publications, November 2009.
This document is printed on FSC certified paper, containing at least 10% post-consumer waste, manufactured using
Green-e certified renewable energy.

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