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Interested clinicians and scientists are welcome to apply to chair and develop the scientific
program of an ESH-EHA Type III Hematology Tutorial.

ESH-EHA Type I, II and III Hematology Tutorials are interactive courses designed for a
maximum of 100 participants aiming to provide laboratory and clinical hematologists with an
integrated diagnostic and clinical work-up of hematological disorders. The scientific program
takes the participants through the diagnostic and clinical pathway of malignant diseases.

Tutorials consist of three types of sessions:

   1. Plenary lectures
   2. Interactively conducted clinical case study sessions presented as PowerPoint Slides.
   3. Interactively conducted self-assessment test-cases based on clinical cases using
      PowerPoint Slides and Voting Box System allowing participants to individually register
      their responses to multiple choice questions and to see how their responses compare
      with those of the other participants.

ESH-EHA Type III Hematology Tutorials are developed as part of the joint ESH-EHA
outreach program.

They use new lectures and the clinical cases and self-assessment test cases previously
presented at ESH-EHA Type I Hematology Tutorial uploaded to the EHATol online platform
available via and The Chair of EHATol Unit is responsible for
selecting the cases and self-assessment case studies from the EHATol database according to
the topics selected by the Chair(s).

ESH and EHA provide the teaching materials and equipment for ESH-EHA Type III
Hematology Tutorials (in English) including the Voting Boxes System and full support in all
organizational aspects and assistance on-site.

N.B. EHA-ESH does not provide any financial support for organizing ESH-EHA Type III
Hematology Tutorial. Financing of the ESH-EHA Type III Hematology Tutorial will be the
responsibility of the local organizers.

ESH-EHA Type III Hematology Tutorials are chaired (and the Faculty is composed) of local
speakers with the support of at least 1 EHATol Unit member. The local organizer may choose
the teaching language. The courses last 2 or 3 days starting on Friday or Saturday and ending
on Sunday. For each day, 3 session topics should be planned.

To apply, please follow the two-step procedure involving a Pre-Call and a Call for applications.

Calls for applications are announced on the ESH and EHA websites and in ESH and EHA e-
newsletters and e-bulletins. Applications are examined twice yearly by the Joint Executive
Committee (JEC). If you would like your application to be considered at the next JEC meeting,
please prepare and send the following documents to ESH and EHA by March 10, 2009.

   1. Your full name and contact information
   2. The proposed Main topic of the Tutorial
   3. A description of the proposed Tutorial’s objectives, the targeted audience, and an
      overview of what the participants stand to learn
   4. Suggested list of 2-3 co-chairs A list of 6 or 9 session topics to select from the list
      linked above
   5. Your preference between a tutorial scheduled in the spring or in the autumn (chairs
      should undertake to ensure that other major meetings covering similar topics do not
      coincide with the meeting they would like to organize).
   6. A list of potential providers of unrestricted educational grants.

Please click the link to see a list of Session topics to be selected for an ESH-EHA Tutorial
Type III.

The list of main topics includes the following subjects:

   1. Myeloid malignancies
   2. Lymphoid malignancies
   3. Anemia and Myelodysplasia

The ESH-EHA Joint Executive Committee will carry out a pre-screening in March and selected
organizers will be asked to develop a full application.

If your pre-call application is approved, you will be invited to develop a full application. This
application should include:

   1. A detailed preliminary program:
          a. For two days Tutorial, you will have to select 6 session topics from the list and
              the Faculty will include 6 participants
          b. For three days Tutorial, you will have to select 9 session topics from the list and
              the Faculty will include 9 participants
   2. Faculty:
          a. The Faculty list should include chairs, co-chairs and local invited speakers who
              have tentatively accepted to participate to the Tutorial Type III. At least one
              speaker should be a member of EHATol Unit.
          b. Faculty members should be informed that a teaching manual will be distributed
              to the participants: they will be expected to contribute a 2-3-page summary of
              their lecture accompanied by a list of references to guide further reading.
          c. All the Faculty Members are required to complete an on-line disclosure form at
     to report any potential conflict of interest.
   3. A fully developed list of potential providers of unrestricted educational grants who may
      be interested in funding your tutorial
The complete application guidelines will available on the website soon.


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