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									COINS Launches Open Architecture                                                                            In this issue:
Following the successful operation of
                                                                                                                  COINS Open Architecture
COINS Open Architecture (OA) at a
number of client sites, we formally                                                                              Contractor’s and House Builder’s
launched it at our two conferences                                                                               conferences review
earlier this year: initially at the
Contractors Conference and then again                                                                            Fastest growing companies use
at the House Builders Conference a                                                                               COINS
month later. Both launches clarified the
huge impact COINS OA has on the                                                                                  Development Partnerships
current and future capabilities of COINS.
                                                                                                                 Progress software costs are lowest
COINS OA is far from being a new
                                                                                                                 Latest innovations with COINS –
product, it is a change to the underlying
architecture of the system and provides                                                                          digital pens, handhelds and OCR
the platform for the continued evolution                                                                         pens
of COINS. The most significant change
                                                                                                                 New House Building modules
is ‘under the bonnet’ where the n-tiered
architecture provides a new Presentation Layer enabling simplified access to COINS through a range               Three Peaks success
of different user interfaces, a Database Server Layer to accommodate a choice of databases, and a
Business Logic Layer providing easy external access to the COINS database while retaining security               Geoffrey Osborne see big benefits
and database integrity. This combination has also allowed innovative new functionality to be                     in Development Partnership
introduced into the COINS application at a much faster rate than before.
                                                                                                                 Double success for COINS
At the launches, we demonstrated how COINS may be operated via a browser (Web) based interface                   Electronic Trading Community
using Internet Explorer, thus simplifying the deployment of functionality to sites and laptops for the
casual user whilst enabling the detailed customisation of the screen and data being seen by an
individual. In addition, it was explained how some clients were piloting the use of mobile technology
(PDA’s, scanner pens and even mobile phones) to read from and update their COINS systems.                COINS Client Base Grows
Clients felt that one of the most significant impacts of COINS OA is the huge improvement in             Our collection of hard hats is growing bigger by the day!
                                                                                                         We’d like to welcome our new clients to COINS:
reporting functionality. Various levels of enquiry and reporting capabilities, through browser based
technology, provide a range of options from simple ‘point and shoot’ ad-hoc reporting for end users
                                                                                                         P Elliott & Co                 Morris Homes
through to sophisticated customised querying and reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP),
                                                                                                         P J Hegarty                    Higgins Homes
statistical analysis, forecasting and data mining with optional graphical representation.
                                                                                                         Grenville Homes                Rectory Homes
                                                                                                         Strongvox                      Bowey Homes
                                                                                                         Hugh Bourn Homes               Churchill Retirement Living

Peak Performance                                                                                         O’Flynn Construction & Co      Dodd Homes

This year’s COINS Three Peaks Challenge (7th-8th May) raised over
£250,000 which is the highest amount secured in a single event by CARE
International in over ten years of running Challenge events. Teams were
challenged with climbing the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales in 24 hours,
including driving time in between! The event began at Glen Nevis in Scotland on the Saturday
lunchtime, with the ascent of mountain number one, Ben Nevis (1,344m). Mountain number two,
Scafell Pike (978m) in the Lake District, was tackled from early Sunday morning, followed by the
final peak, Snowdon (1085m) in North Wales. Despite battling blizzards, sleet, fog, sub-zero
temperatures, drifting snow and hail, thirty seven teams crossed the finishing line at Llanberis; the
fastest total time of this 41km hike and 2,709m ascent was 20 hours by Multiplex Team 3.

The Adventure Challenge
Four members of the Services
Team – Steve Jones, Tim Drake,
                                                                                                                 Fastest growing
Chris Westbury and John
Curtis at COINS are taking
                                                                                                               companies use COINS
part this September in the                                                                                  One fifth of the Sunday Times 2005 Fast Track
Adventure Challenge, also                                                                                   Top 100 (the fastest growing private
to raise money for CARE.                                                                                    organisations in the UK) is from the Construction
                                                                                                            and House Building sectors. Nine of these 20
This involves two hours
                                                                                                            companies are COINS clients.
of mountain biking, two
hours of orienteering, two                                                                                                Congratulations to:
hours of canoeing and a
                                                                                                               Laing O’Rourke       NG Bailey Bennet Homes
five hour walk up the Old
            Man of Coniston.                                                                                    Churchill Retirement Living        Gladedale
              Good luck lads!                                                                                 Keepmoat        May Gurney        Cavanna Group

                                                                                                                       Bowey Group       Morris Homes
                  One of the
                  COINS teams lead                                                                           Fast Track 100 ranks Britain's hundred fastest-growing
                  by our chairman Larry Sullivan                                                             unquoted companies across all sectors by sales growth.
                                                      COINS Special Interest Groups                                                                    Asta Powerproject
                                                                                                                                                       & COINS
                                                      It is our plan to have Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings twice per year. One
                                                                                                                                                       A new import
                                                      of these will be at the COINS Conference and the other as part of a series of days
                                                                                                                                                       facility is available
                                                      focussed on broad functional areas. Within each day there will be sessions on
                                                                                                                                                       for our House
Progress                                              various modules and topics with the agendas published in advance so that clients
                                                                                                                                                       Building clients to load forecast and
                                                      can plan to attend for either a full or part day. Full details are still being finalised,
Software costs                                        but the dates planned are as follows.                                                            actual construction stage information
                                                                                                                                                       for plots from Asta Powerproject.
are lowest                                                        2006                                                                                 This allows information prepared in
                                                               17th Jan     Procure to Pay                                                             Asta Powerproject to be made
The latest Embedded
                                                               19th Jan     Customer Relationship Management – House Building                          available to House Sales and VAP
Infrastructure and Mass-
                                                               24th Jan     Customer Relationship Management – Contracting                             users for enquiry, reporting and
Deployment Cost-of-Ownership
                                                               26th Jan     Contract & General Management – House Building                             transaction         validation.    Asta
Study from the Aberdeen
Group (Boston, Massachusetts)                                  31st Jan     Contract & General Management – Contracting                                Powerproject is the leading project
summarized the findings as                                      2nd Feb     Human Resources                                                            management and planning tool
follows:                                                        7th Feb     Asset Management                                                           for the house building industry.
                                                                                                                                                       It empowers you to monitor pre-
                                                                9th Feb     System
The lowest “visible” cost of                                                                                                                           construction activities, capture site
ownership (VCO) for workgroup                         When appropriate, additional SIG meetings may be arranged to allow for more                      progress promptly and speed up
embedded infrastructure in a mass-                    time to discuss particular topics.                                                               completion rates. Asta Powerproject
deployment architecture belongs                                                                                                                        i s u s e d b y a n u m b e r o f COINS
to Progress OpenEdge when                             Further details will be published shortly.
                                                                                                                                                       customers. The COINS integration
compared with the Microsoft                           It is proposed that a COINS Conference will be held in the autumn of next year,                  with Asta Powerproject means that
embedded infrastructure solutions                     probably October. Feedback from clients on this timing would be welcome (please                  there is no need to re-key actual and
over a five-year period. Aberdeen                     email                                                         forecast build information f r o m
defines VCO as the cost of
                                                                                                                                                       within COINS or Asta Powerproject.
ownership that the IT (information
                                                                                                                                                       Asta Powerproject is a client/server
technology) buyer may reasonably
                                                                                                                                                       system that can run in either
anticipate before buying a
                                                                                                                                                       standalone mode, over a local area
product, based on its history and
not including sales discounts.
                                                      Double success for COINS-etc                                                                     network or as a multi-user
Aberdeen estimates that the                                                                                                                            enterprise system.
Progress VCO over five years                          During the month of June two major             COINS-etc to double figures joining
is, on average, at least 40%                          COINS users made the decision to               Laing O’Rourke, Geoffrey Osborne,
less expensive than Microsoft’s.                      join COINS-etc (electronic trading             Ringway, Dean & Dyball, Trant, South
Although initial costs were higher                    community). Kier Group and Morgan              West Highways, Haymills and KMI                 Payroll Online
for Progress in small workgroup
environments, ongoing fees and
                                                      Sindall have an annual turnover of
                                                      around £1.5 billion each, and have
                                                                                                     and together these companies now
                                                                                                     represent a combined annual turnover
anticipated database administrator                    been considering their e-commerce              in excess of £6Billion.                         Year end target successfully
(DBA) costs were both lower.                          strategy for some time.
                                                                                                     “The benefits of COINS-etc are now              achieved
The lowest VCO for enterprise                         KMI (a Kier Joint Venture Company)             available for all to see. There are
                                                                                                                                                     The Inland Revenue decided to enforce a
embedded infrastructure in a                          has been a member of COINS-etc for             verified case studies, recommendations
                                                                                                                                                     change effective as of tax year 2004/5
mass deployment architecture                          more than twelve months and based              from users and best of all you can go
                                                                                                                                                     for Payroll Year End submissions. The
belongs to Progress OpenEdge.                         on their success Kier have now made            and talk to people whose companies
                                                      a Group Board decision to roll COINS-          have been using COINS-etc for more              change required that all employers with
Aberdeen estimates that the
                                                      etc out to all of the contracting              than three years. COINS-etc has now             an employee base of 250 or greater to
Progress VCO over five years
                                                      companies within the Kier Group                come of age and should be the natural           submit year end reports via the
is, on average, one-tenth as
                                                      (some 20 separate businesses)                  choice for all COINS users.”                    Government Gateway. This meant that
expensive as Oracle’s VCO and
                                                      beginning with Marriott.                                                   Mike Wallis         Payroll    software     developers    and
one-half as expensive as IBM’s
                                                                                                                COINS-etc General Manager            employers were faced with a very
VCO. Initial costs were usually                       Morgan Sindall have examined
                                                                                                                                                     difficult   challenge    in    terms     of
lower for Progress OpenEdge,                          carefully a number of options including
                                                                                                                                                     programming and infrastructure. From a
and ongoing fees and anticipated                      piloting COINS-etc at Morgan Est.
DBA costs were clearly lower.                                                                                                                        client point of view “operator/user-skills-
                                                      They have now settled on COINS-etc
Progress’s advantage is especially                                                                                                                   sets” had to be nurtured to enable a
                                                      for the whole Group and will roll it out
marked in large-scale mass                            to the other three Divisions of Morgan                                                         successful creation of the files in COINS
deployment architectures. In                          Sindall starting with Bluestone.                                                               and subsequent submission via the
these architectures, administrative                                                                                                                  Inland Revenue Gateway. Servers had to
                                                                            Morgan Sindall                                                           be reconfigured to allow communication
costs dominate, and Progress’s
                                                                            and Kier Group                                                           with the Government Gateway and after
superiority in administrative costs
                                                                            bring the number
makes it especially attractive.                                                                                                                      overcoming a few obstacles, all relevant
                                                                            of contractors in
                                                                                                                                                     sites were successful with their
                                                                                                                                                     submissions. To date we have had no
                                                                                                                                                     failures reported and our clients have
                                                                                                                                                     given us very positive feedback with
                                                                                                                                                     regard to the outcome.

                                        New House Building Modules
We are pleased to announce that two new modules have been added to our House Building solution. The Bill of Quantities module
will be available at the end of the year and Cash Flow and Profit Forecasting is available now.

Bill of Quantities                                  ● Improved tracking of progress with             Cash Flow and
                                                      Enquiries and Orders by linking the
The purpose of this module is to build                                                               Profit Forecasting
                                                      Schedules with Packages and Events.
up detailed Bills of Quantity to support                                                             Cash Flow and Profit Forecasting is an
the House Type and Development                      ● Facilitation of management of the
                                                                                                     extension to the functionality offered in
B u d g e t s i n VA P ( Va l u a t i o n s a n d     ordering and delivery process in line          the COINS Land Appraisal, House Sales,
Automated Payments).                                  with agreed construction program.              VAP (Valuations and Automated                 to tailor the system to suit their method
                                                    ● Reduction in the time and effort               Payments) and Financials modules. It          of forecasting.
Business Benefits:
                                                      required to maintain Bills of Quantity,        provides a single solution for collating
● Closer integration leading to reduced                                                              multiple appraisals, financial information,   Key business processes supported:
                                                      by the use of “intelligent resources”
  duplication of effort between                                                                      along with proposed and existing              ● Cash flow and profit forecast model
  surveyors/estimators and buyers.                    to add linked items in a single action.
                                                                                                     development details to form a                   definition.
● Reduced effort and improved                       ● Improved reporting of actual material          consolidated cash flow and profit forecast.   ● Ability to update and monitor forecasts.
  consistency in handling house type                  costs against budget by holding the                                                          ● Optimum mix of model developments
                                                      detailed Bill of Quantities to support         The high level of integration provided
  variants.                                                                                                                                          to achieve company objectives.
                                                                                                     with the rest of COINS significantly
                                                      the budget.
● Improved handling of schedule                                                                      reduces the time taken to produce a           ● Production of “what if” scenarios.
  changes and variation orders resulting            ● Improved efficiency in the production          forecast and improves its accuracy. It is     ● Reporting and Key Performance
  in time savings and increased accuracy.             of orders                                      also highly configurable, allowing users        Indicators.
Latest COINS Innovations
Digital Pen & Paper                                             capturing data at         to populate timesheet information
                                                               source which saves a       within COINS.
Digital Pen & Paper (DP&P) takes                            lot of time as well as
an age old convenient way                            improving accuracy substantially.
of information gathering                                                                  Optical Character
and enhances it.                                                                          Recognition Pens
Developed by Anoto Group AB in Sweden        Handheld devices
                                                                                          A number of COINS clients are now
you can capture and transmit information                                                                                                      printed text
                                             We are looking into                          either using or testing the use of OCR
as it is written using a wireless ink pen                                                                                                     or numbers
                                             using handheld                               Pens for input to COINS.
together with ordinary paper that has the                                                                                                     need to be input to COINS.
                                             devices in COINS.
Anoto digital pattern embedded into it.
                                             For example, in                              The pen comprises a small hand held
Handwriting is translated into pen strokes                                                                                                    One example of such a pen is the Iris
                                             Facilities                                   scanner, which is swiped across printed
and these pen strokes are transmitted                                                                                                         Pen, which costs just over £100 from
                                             Management                                   text or numbers. The pen then inputs
either via a mobile phone using GPRS or                                                                                              This includes all the
                                             (FM), operatives                             this text or number into any input field in
via a PC using a USB docking station.                                                                                                         necessary software – no software
                                             can receive details                          COINS as if it had been typed on the
Using this process, graphical images of
                                             of their jobs via a handheld device. They    keyboard. This technique works equally              modifications from COINS are normally
original documents and business forms
                                             will be able to tell COINS when they have    well with either COINS Plus or COINS                required.
can be delivered to back office systems
                                             arrived on site, when they have left a       Open Architecture.
in less than a minute. Pen strokes can                                                                                                        Considerable interest in this application
                                             site, and when they have completed
also be converted into data files and                                                     Potential applications already identified           of new technology with COINS was
                                             their work. They can also log any notes
delivered as XML.
                                             or further details about the job.            include suppliers’ invoice numbers and              generated on the final day of each of the
Examples of when you would use the           Furthermore, operatives can capture a        item descriptions in Purchase Ledger,               recent COINS conferences. The technology
Digital Pen and Paper include creating       signature from the client confirming         issue descriptions from customers’                  initiatives session also covered use of
requisitions (Procurement), snagging         the work is complete. The information        letters in Customer Care, “green card”              COINS with mobile phones, PDAs and
(Customer Care) and tick sheets (House       gathered regarding their times arriving      (or “proforma”) numbers for subcontract             Pentech digital pens (which capture data
Sales). The benefits are high, you are       on site and leaving the site could be used   payments in VAP, or anywhere that                   while it is being hand written).

   CASE STUDY: Osborne see big                                                                                 News in brief . . .
   benefits in Development                                                                  ● Within the last twelve months, the Valuations module has seen six
   Partnership – COINS Facilities                                                             successful ‘go lives’, two of which are contractors using the software at
                                                                                              the Heathrow Terminal 5 project. The product’s recent developments
   Management system                                                                          have strengthened our customer base and they have also attracted keen
                                                                                              interest from other parties. COINS views Valuations as a key product
   In early March 2005 one of Geoffrey       a business need to                               and plans to build on these significant improvements with commitment
   Osborne Ltd’s major maintenance           enhance the FM system                            to a new Open Architecture version.
   contracts achieved a successful ‘go       to assist in the efficient
   live’ on the new COINS Facilities         handling of larger-scale maintenance           ● COINS Framing (our CAD-based solution for designing timber/
   Management (FM) – a system that           contract work. There was some                    lightweight steel buildings) has had a new release – this version adds
   they developed in conjunction with        functionality that had not been                  many new features including compatibility with Autodesk’s Architectural
   COINS. The new software is designed       developed in the old FM module, such             Desktop 2006.
   to allow callers to make an               as planned, preventative maintenance
                                                                                            ● Centex Homes, one of the largest house builders in the US, has finished
   appointment for their repair on the       and scheduling capabilities, for which
                                                                                              rolling out COINS Framing across its regions – totalling 220 seats.
   first call. Operationally, the resource   demand was increasing, thus these
   scheduling      tools   will   increase   areas    required     attention.   This        ● Product sheets and Statement of Work (SOW) forms can be downloaded
   efficiency. Will Hughes, Project          business need could not have come at             from the client area of our web site. Note that all Product Development
   Manager for Osborne says: "All these      a better time. COINS had already                 Requests now require a SOW.
   benefits can only lead to greater         started their re-development of the
   client satisfaction”.                     COINS suite of modules into Open
                                             Architecture, and it was perfect timing
   Matthew     Sturmer,     director  of     for a re-development of a bigger and           UK CIS Tax Scheme Changes April 2006
   Osborne’s Housing Maintenance             better FM module. It was therefore
   Sector, has been very pleased with        evident that there would be business           Significant changes to the CIS Tax scheme for UK subcontractors are being introduced in April
                                                                                            2006. These changes will require software modifications within COINS as well as procedural
   the results and says that the whole       advantages for both parties, and so a
                                                                                            changes within construction businesses.
   partnering process – especially the       second development partnership was
   specification part and the user           born.                                          COINS are committed to providing all UK clients with the necessary software to fully comply
   workshops – with COINS has worked                                                        with the amended scheme, with as little disruption as practicable. The necessary software
                                             Founded in 1966, Osborne has a                 changes will be patched back to all COINS releases supported for fixes as at April 2006 (that
   well. Furthermore, Jackie Bell who is
                                             spectrum of specialist construction            is Release 10.06 & above).
   the account manager of the first
   contract to go live on FM, adds: "The     services operating throughout the              To assist clients in planning for these changes, a client briefing document was sent to all UK
   whole implementation process went         south of England. In building and              clients in May 2005. This outlined COINS’ current understanding of the changes based on
                                             maintaining railways, roads, homes,            information provided by HM Revenue and Customs as well as our approach to dealing with
   very smoothly”.
                                             hospitals,    schools    and    offices,       them. If you have not yet received a copy then you can request one from the COINS support
                                             Osborne’s key aim is to enhance                desk: 01753 501025
   Osborne has been a client of
   COINS for seven years and users of        people’s lives, whoever they may be.           Further updates will be issued as information becomes available.
   the   original  COINS    Facilities       As well as being the UK’s top
   Management (FM) system for four           performing supplier to the rail market,
   and a half years. The original FM         Osborne has been delivering a wide
   system    was  produced    via    a       range of services for the housing            Support on COINS Releases
   development partnership between           sector for ten years. They also provide
                                             services for the health, education,          We currently support the following releases of COINS:
   Osborne and COINS in 2000. As
   the company grew, it became clear         urban     infrastructure,    highways,
   to   Osborne   that   there    was        commercial and heritage sectors.              Release     First Version      Patches available       Support        Comments
                                                                                                      available from           until *           expiry date

             David Schofield                                                               V10.07          Jul 05             31 Jul 06           1 Feb 07       Current release
             Senior Developer for COINS FM                                                 V10.06         Mar 05              31 Mar 06           1 Oct 06
                                                                                           V10.05         Nov 04             30 Nov 05            1 Jun 06
                                                                                           V10.04          Jul 04             31 Jul 05           1 Feb 06
                                                                                           V10.03         Mar 04              31 Mar 05           1 Oct 05

                                                                                          ● Patches are available for 12 months after the initial release date, and are dispatched
                                                                                            in the first week after they become available. Fixes after the date shown in the
                                                                                            "Patches available" column are liable to be charged.
                                                                                          ● Support (i.e. software advice and guidance, fixes and PDRs) for a given release is
                                                                                            available for 18 months after the initial release date, and expires on the date shown
                                                                                            in the "Support expiry" column.
                                                                                          ● Releases earlier than those listed are not supported.
                                                                                          Please note that support is only provided for the last 6 patch versions of any
                                                                                          current COINS release.
 COINS Builds on Partnering
 Development partnerships enable                             developed in conjunction with one of our major
 COINS to enhance its product portfolio                      clients and is seen as a business critical extension to
                                                             the portfolio.
 Many of you will have heard us talking about
 Development Partnerships recently. Here is an
                                                             Marketing and Project Portfolio
 opportunity to find out more about the process that is
                                                             As with all of our products, the Marketing module is
 enhancing the product portfolio and ensuring it
                                                             being re-platformed in Open Architecture. We have
 accurately matches your business needs.

 As the leading provider of software to the
                                                             taken this opportunity to assess and update the
                                                             requirements for COINS Marketing and we have also
                                                                                                                           Conference Review
 construction and house building markets, COINS              extended the business functionality that it covers.           In April, we held the first COINS Conference for
 continually strives to improve its products and             Crucially the module will offer the ability to sub divide     Contractors and Specialists. This was followed in
 services. A key way of doing this is to form                projects and monitor separate bids for the same               June by the third COINS House Builders
 development partnerships with our clients. This             project even via different contractors. In addition, it       Conference.
 involves one or more clients collaborating with COINS       can track packages that you create as well as monitor
 to develop either a new module or significantly             the responses within the main project structure. The          In total, the conferences were attended by well
 improving an existing one, as a result of identifying a     Open Architecture platform allows for greater                 over a hundred client staff from about fifty client
 critical business need. COINS always develops               integration with MS Office and Outlook and links to           companies. This included clients from Australia
 software in partnership with its customers to ensure        other      COINS    modules     including     Document        and Eire as well as the UK. Feedback from clients
 that there is a business fit and the development            Management have been tightly specified. The aim is            was very positive, with most delegates who
 partnership process means it is now formalised.             for the marketing data to be the starting point in            completed the feedback form indicating that they
                                                             populating a project portal that will allow user access       would be very likely to attend a similar event in
 The lifecycle starts with the analysis and specification    to all (licensed) aspects of the project data.                the future.
 phase, which includes storyboarding and user
 workshops. With the requirements fully identified, the      Handheld Integration                                          “Having been to all three House Builder’s
 process flows through development, testing,                                                                               conferences, this one has outdone all the previous
                                                             Several projects have been commissioned around the
 deployment and implementation.                                                                                            in terms of content and delivery. The ability to see
                                                             use of mobile technology and COINS. As mobile
                                                                                                                           live sessions gave us a much better impression of
 The process is now being used in a number of areas          technology and PDA integration increases, so does
                                                                                                                           the product. It was also great to be able to meet
 and we are always keen to listen to your suggestions        the requirement to capture more data at source. A
                                                                                                                           the COINS team and interact with them.”
 for further partnerships. Detail of one of our recent       good example is Facilities Management where details
                                                             of jobs can be issued and updated by field based                                 Alan Tredgold, Crest Nicholson.
 successes with Geoffrey Osborne and Facilities
 Management is documented in a case study in this            operatives. Another initiative is based on updating on
                                                             site GRN information, allowing the GRN process (in            The conferences included a number of
                                                             terms of cost and time) to be significantly reduced.          presentations on COINS Open Architecture and
                                                             Many areas exist for how handheld and mobile                  other topics together with Special Interest Group
 Current Development Partnerships                                                                                          Meetings on many COINS modules. This provided
                                                             technology can be integrated with COINS and we are
 COINS Commercials                                           keen to work with our client base to develop further          clients not only with the opportunity to learn from
 COINS Commercials is a new module that is designed          real world examples.                                          COINS about recent developments and future
 to deliver greater visibility of contract performance                                                                     plans, but also to influence those plans through
 data throughout your organisation. It will reduce the                                                                     the interactive sessions.
                                                             Human Resources – Health and Safety
 reliance on locally held information such as data stored    COINS Human Resources is being enhanced to                    There was also time for informal discussions
 in spreadsheets, and it will facilitate the monthly         include Health and Safety to allow for greater                between clients and with COINS staff.
 reproduction of the CVR, thereby allowing greater           monitoring on site and to assist in the safety                Each conference included different evening
 emphasis to be placed on the End Day Forecast. We           monitoring requirements. We recognise the                     entertainment – either an after dinner comedian
 have been working in close partnership with two of          importance of the need to prevent harm to workers,            or a Thames cruise with a jazz band, so that
 our key clients to develop COINS Commercials and            property, the environment and the general public,             we could all relax after a hard day of
 we believe that it is a unique offering to the              and this will be reflected in the software. The Health        conferencing!
 construction sector in that it provides the best of both    and Safety extension will empower the user to
 worlds to the financial and surveying requirements.         promote occupational health and safety within
                                                             organisations by developing safer, healthier, and
 Bond and Guarantee System                                   more efficient ways of working.
 All companies need to maintain bonds and
 guarantees to ensure client confidence. Keeping track       We are always looking for further partnerships and
 of the overall and specific facilities available at any     welcome all ideas to improve on our product portfolio.
 one time is an important but time consuming                 If you would like further information on any of the
 exercise. The new system tracks and monitors                above partnerships, or if you would like to discuss
 existing bonds and reports in detail on the gross and       other potential partnerships, please contact Paul
 net funds available. Again this module has been             Stewart-Smith at

Upcoming Events                                                                                                          Have you migrated to
                                                                                                                         BACSTEL-IP yet?
Date                    Event                                                  For more information contact:
                                                                                                                         Companies and organisations throughout the UK who
August                                                                                                                   use the BACS service to make collections and payments
                                                                                                                         have been migrating to BACSTEL-IP, Bottomline
Thursday 4th            Pre and Post Upgrades (Client Skills Workshop)
                                                                                                                         Technologies’ online service. The old BACS dial-up
Wednesday 10th          Plant Control (Client Skills Workshop)                    service is due to be switched off at the end of 2005 so
Wednesday 17th          Invoice Matching (Client Skills Workshop)                 it is very important that everyone has completed their
Wednesday 24th          PO Variations (Client Skills Workshop)                    migration in advance.

                                                                                                                         BACSTEL-IP is a completely new way of accessing the
                                                                                                                         BACS payment services. It is based on internet
Friday 9th              Little Britain Challenge Cup – Isle of Wight         protocols and uses the latest Public Key Infrastructure
Tuesday 20th            IT Showcase – Bristol                                  technologies, making the service secure and reliable.
Thursday 29th           COINS Golf Day – Stoke Poges (by invitation only)
                                                                                                                           For more information please contact Kelli Diener:
                                                                                                                 , 01753 501020
Thursday 6th            IT Showcase – Manchester                     
Wednesday 12th          ETC Seminar – Heritage Motor Museum, Gaydon                  The next COINS News will be available in
Tuesday 25th            Construction Manager of the Year Awards – London          November 2005.

                                                                                                                           If you would like to publish an article in the
                                                                                                                           next edition of COINS News, please contact
Thursday 3rd            IT Showcase – Wolverhampton                  
                                                                                                                           Melissa Ma on 01753 501034 or email
Tue 8th – Wed 9th       Construction Computing exhibition – London     
Saturday 12th           England v Australia Rugby – Twickenham       
                                                                                                                           COINS Building
Saturday 19th           England v New Zealand Rugby – Twickenham               10, The Grove
Saturday 26th           England v Samoa Rugby – Twickenham                     Slough
Tuesday 29th            IT Showcase – Milton Keynes                              Berks SL1 1QP

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