Autograph Activity by wpr1947


									                            Autograph Activity
Find a person who fits one of the categories below. First, introduce yourself and if he/she
fits the description, get the autograph from that person. Try to get as many signatures
from different people as possible.

1. Likes ice cream ____________________
2. Has the same color hair as you____________________
3. Loves the beach__________________
4. Likes to sing_____________________________
5. Was born outside of the United States_________________________
6. Likes to read________________________
7. Has a brother and a sister________________________
8. Lives in the same city as you_______________________
9. Likes to dance_________________________
10. Likes to go biking_______________________
11. Likes classic al music__________________________
12. Has traveled outside the United States in the past year______________
13. Is wearing a watch and a ring_________________________
14. Likes to watch MTV________________________
15. Has seen or met a movie star in person________________________
16. Uses "Dial" soap_____________________
17. Loves to eat steak___________________
18. Is a vegetarian________________________
19. Watches football__________________________
20. Has attended a concert in the past year___________________________
21. Is wearing jeans_______________________________
22. Loves to swim_______________________________
23. Can count to five in another language__________________________
24. Likes "Mariah Carey" _______________________
25. Hates "Mariah Carey" _______________________
26. Exercises every day________________________
27. Loves spending time outdoors_____________________
28. Has been to San Francisco and Los Angeles______________________
29. Has a cat or a dog_________________
30. Read the Da Vinci Code _________________
31. Has more than four pets_______________________
32. Has seen Pirates of the Carribean Part 2 __________________

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