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									NorthStar Digital Literacy Project:
   WorkStar/Core Computer Literacy Standards

3) Windows
Identify the operating system used by a computer: Windows (Vista, XP, Windows 7),
Apple (MAC OS X), Linux

Shut down, restart or log off computer (start menu or Windows icon)

Open and close windows

Minimize and maximize windows

Switch between windows

Identify the toolbar and menus

Print and use print preview for documents, email, etc.

Identify the taskbar (or dock on some computers)

Start and exit programs

Define: Program
Recognize drives on a computer: CD/DVD, floppy, hard drive (C), USB port, network
drives (A, B, D, F, H, etc.)

Access the help menu

Define and identify desktop

Define and identify icons on desktop
Explain basic Windows file organization system and use it to locate files/documents,
including desktop, My Document and My Computer

Use "Search" to locate a file or document

Delete documents or files

Open programs
Identify basic office software programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and
PowerPoint, know what they do and be able to identify their corresponding file

Open files using appropriate programs

Mouse skills: Look under Basic Computer Skills

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Digital Literacy Task Force:
   Created 8/10
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