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INSIDE - Maui Chamber of Commerce


									                                                                                                         MAUI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE · FALL 2008 ISSUE · VOLUME 89

Electing Business Friendly
Chamber Committee Endorses Candidates for the 2008 Election.

       he     Maui     Chamber      of           Questions for County Council                approval processes to allow a
       Commerce’s          COMPAC                Candidates:                                 West Maui hospital?
       (Chamber of Maui Political                                                                                                             CAROLE KOOY
                                                 1. Where do you specifically stand
Action Committee) conducted the                                                           Questions for State House &
                                                    on the Transient Vacation Rental
candidate endorsement process again                                                       Senate Candidates:
                                                    issue? Do you support Transient                                                     CHAIRPERSON’S
this year to endorse business-friendly
                                                    Vacation Rentals in non-resort        1. Did you favor or oppose the card             MESSAGE
candidates. All county and state can-
                                                    areas? Why or why not? And,              check legislation passed by the
didates for each of the 17 races were
                                                    what will you do for a speedy            last session of the legislature and
invited to participate and each was

                                                    resolution?                              vetoed by the Governor? Will
sent a series of questions to answer.
                                                                                             you support or oppose it if it
They were informed that they must                2. What do you see as high priori-
                                                                                             resurfaces in the next session?
fully participate in the process by                 ties for infrastructure develop-
providing both a written response to
the questions and participating in the
                                                    ment and what specific propos-
                                                    al(s) will you make to maintain
                                                                                          2. With the difficult economic times
                                                                                             facing our state, will you propose    for Every
interview process to receive a                      and further develop Maui’s infra-        and support emergency funding
Chamber endorsement.                                structure?                               for the visitor industry?
   The initial written questions sent                                                     3. What legislation will you intro-
                                                 3. What is your definition of Home

to the candidates were based on                                                              duce to positively impact busi-           t is an interesting time to be the
                                                    Based Business? Do you support
issues we expect them to vote on, if                                                         nesses?                                   Chairperson of the Maui
                                                    Home Based Businesses? What
elected, while in office the next two                                                                                                   Chamber of Commerce. It is
                                                    legislation will you put forth?       4. What will you do to help with
years.                                                                                                                             also an interesting time to be a
                                                 4. What would you do to change              the maintenance and expansion         small business owner in Maui
                                                    the current legislation to stream-       of Maui’s infrastructure?             County. An opportunity for lead-
                                                    line the permitting process?          5. What will you do to move all of       ership is a challenge in the best of
                                                                                             the Maui Health Care Initiative       times, and in our county’s current
                                                 5. What are your plans to resolve
                                                                                             Task Force recommendations            economy, strong leadership is
                                                    the issue of water availability?

   INSIDE                                        6. Do you support repealing the
                                                    Residential Workforce Housing
                                                    Bill? What will you specifically
                                                                                          6. What workers compensation
                                                                                             reform initiatives will you pro-
                                                                                                                                       Within the Maui Chamber of
                                                                                                                                   Commerce, we are recognizing
                                                                                                                                   threats to business owners and
                                                    do to bring new affordable hous-         pose to help businesses in these      researching solutions that we can
                                                    ing and rentals online?                  economic times?                       all participate in. But the question
                                                                                          7. Do you support tort reform to         is: How are we coping with events
                                                 7. How important is the visitor
                                                                                             limit punitive damages?               that are apparently beyond our
                                                    industry to the economic well
                                                    being of Maui County? What            8. What steps will you take to move          Here are some of the things I am
                                                    will you do to further support           us out of being one of the worst      doing in my own business which
                                                    the visitor industry?                    states in the nation to do busi-      may assist your company.
                                                 8. Do you support urban growth              ness in? Will you introduce tax           This is an important time to
   Candidate Endorsements........p.4
                                                    boundaries as included in the            incentives?                           revisit your company’s strategic
                                                    Maui Island Plan? Why or why          9. What do you see as the major          plan. Last year, our entire staff at
   Governor’s Column ......................p.2      not?                                     transportation issues affecting       Kilakila met for two consecutive
                                                 9. How will you deal with the               Maui? What will you do in the         days to go through a strategic
   Presidents Column ......................p.3                                               legislature to help solve these       training focusing on growth and
                                                    shortfall in real property tax rev-
                                                    enues and what will you do to            issues?                               direction within the next few
   Committee Activities ..................p.3                                                                                      years. Input was taken from every-
                                                    make sure your proposal is fair       10.Would you support a state
   Summer Activities ......................p.5      and equitable?                                                                 one—from our front desk recep-
                                                                                             Constitutional Convention? Why        tionist to the CEO and chairman.
   New Faces New Places ..............p.6        10.Do you support allowing com-             or why not?                           Financial information was shared
                                                    mercial operations to utilize         11.Do you support commercial use         and ideas were exchanged. Our
   Membership Renewals................p.7           county property?                                                               planning will sustain us in years to
                                                 11.Will you be in favor of approving
                                                    zoning changes and streamlining           SEE CANDIDATES        PAGE 4
                                                                                                                                       SEE CHAIRMAN         PAGE 2

                                                                                                                                    RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

           PU‘UNËNË HI                                                                                                              Kahului, HI 96732
          PERMIT NO. 70                                                                                                             313 Ano Street
        U.S. POSTAGE PAID                                                                                                           Maui Chamber of Commerce
           PRSRT · STD
                                                      G O V E R N O R ’ S                                    C O L U M N
                                         declined last year, with an average of    already focused on formulating our         improvement projects for our infra-
                                         8.3 percent of the island population      next two-year budget and developing        structure, including our airports, har-
                                         living in poverty compared to the         innovative ways to maintain public         bors, highways, public schools and
                                         national average of 12.5 percent.         services at the highest level with         libraries, UH campuses, public hous-
                                         Additionally,       Hawai‘i        and    fewer resources, without increasing        ing facilities, hospitals and state
                                         Massachusetts tied for the lowest         taxes or fees that would raise the cost    parks across the state.
                                         percentage of uninsured residents for     of living or the cost of doing business       We are also looking at opportuni-
                                         2005–2007 at 8.3 percent, while           in the state.                              ties to obtain revenues from outside
                                         Hawai‘i’s median household income            In addition to the 4 percent restric-   sources, such as federal funding and
                                         rose 3.7 percent last year to $64,746.    tion of discretionary spending for all     private partnerships and investments,

        loha!                                Though these are positive signs,      departments that was implemented           particularly in our high-tech and
           Nearly 50 years after we      my Administration continues to            at the start of the fiscal year, we are     renewable-energy-related industries.
        became a state, there is an      abide by its policy of fiscal responsi-    planning additional spending restric-         My Administration is now hard at
increasing awareness of Hawai‘i on       bility, especially now that our eco-      tions, including the deferral of spend-    work preparing for the 2009 legisla-
the national and international stage     nomic growth is moderating. While I       ing cash for capital improvement           tive session and drawing up addition-
and of the major headway we are          am pleased that the Council on            projects within the Department of          al measures to improve Hawai‘i’s
making in the areas of innovation        Revenues did not revise its projected     Education and the University of            business climate and residents’ quali-
and renewable energy. As we work to      revenues outlook last month, we still     Hawai‘i.                                   ty of life. As always, we look forward
attract outside investment and build     need to be conservative. Since August        Paying cash for capital improve-        to Chamber members’ input. Please
on our reputation as a business-         2007, the Council has reduced its         ments may be reasonable when rev-          send my office your comments and
friendly state, I am confident that       forecast by $2.9 billion that the state   enues are abundant, but it is not pru-     ideas at,
Hawai‘i’s star will continue to rise.    has to spend for the six-year planning    dent to use cash for these projects        or visit my Website at www.
    A recent report by the U.S. Census   period of FY09 to FY14.                   when revenues are projected to be
Bureau shows that Hawai‘i was one            Prior to the Council’s September      lower. That said, we are moving for-       Mahalo,
of only 12 states where poverty          meeting, my Administration was            ward on bond-funded capital                Governor Linda Lingle

                                         ment team meets once a week, check-       strong leader is exemplified through        believe the best business leaders

     Chairman                            ing the pulse of what we are doing,
                                         solving problems through discussion
                                         and input. Our entire staff meets once
                                                                                   the success of his or her staff.
                                                                                      Ask your employees to help your
                                                                                   business by registering to vote.
                                                                                                                              empower their employees to do their
                                                                                                                              work, make decisions, offer training
                                                                                                                              opportunities, create team concepts
                FROM PAGE 1
                                         a month and is kept current on all        Employees represent a huge voting          and above all, enjoy what they are
                                         that is happening at Kilakila, as we      block that can affect change, so we        doing. A company that believes in
come, and will also guide us through     want our employees to know where          have included a note with paychecks:       what they do is reflected not only
the current economic challenges.         we are going. We encourage input,         “Our business needs your help.             within, but to clients as well. This is
   One of my leadership philosophies     questions and comments from all           Please register to vote.”                  the success every company aspires to.
is to encourage our employees to         departments. It is that team concept         These are just a few of the things         Good luck and keep moving for-
speak up regarding any situation         that encourages a strong work ethic       Kilakila does as it moves towards sus-     ward!
which may be facing us. Our manage-      and a bond between us. I believe a        taining and growing as a business. I

                                                              P R E S I D E N T ’ S                                    C O L U M N
                                                                                                                                sion, leadership, keys to excellence, and
                                           We’re All In This Together                                                           sales techniques. Marketing, revenue
                                                                                                                                enhancement/protection, and customer
                                           term solutions that meet members’          Maui Visitors Bureau, and our upcom-      service workshops are planned. Busi-
                                           needs, strengthen businesses, and          ing Hospitals, Health Care &              ness builder tips are also delivered via
                                           maintain      a   robust     economy.      Economic Opportunities luncheon on        eNews each week.
                                           Thankfully, we have a solid foundation     October 1st, so members can best posi-       Reliable economic information is
                                           to build upon, which allows us to          tion their companies.                     needed for strategic planning. Three
                                           expand services and provide additional        Member to member discounts,            updates will be presented this year. The
                                           benefits without raising costs.             starting with exclusive offers for        next one is the 2008 Maui Economic
                                              New and expanded programs               Chamber members from The Maui             Outlook, sponsored by First Hawaiian
     PAMELA TUMPAP                         include:                                   News, Oceanic Time Warner Cable           Bank, at the Maui Beach Hotel on
                                              Increasing our networking events        and us. Visit         October 17.
                                           (Business After Hours, luncheons, New      for savings on print, cable and Website      Let us never forget how fortunate

          hile the times may present       Members Socials, etc.) by 20% to help      advertising.                              we are to live and work here. Together,
          challenges, we are all in this   members connect the dots and build            Expanded education and training,       we will help each other succeed, design
          together. The Chamber is         relationships.                             amplifying offerings by 30% and pro-      our desired future, and elect leadership
heeding the call and addressing con-          Industry updates, such as our           viding cost-effective or free training    to carry us forward. With foresight and
cerns, while moving us forward. We         Visitor Industry Update breakfast in       opportunities. Recent classes include:    ingenuity, we can move forward with
continue to focus on short- to long-       August, featuring Terryl Vencl of the      importing/exporting for market expan-     growth and prosperity.

                                           G O V E R N M E N T                                    A C T I O N
                                                                                      to focus on where each candidate          future development of our island. The
Focus on the Issues                                                                   stands on certain issues. On the state
                                                                                      level, we are dealing with the card-
                                                                                                                                Chamber provided members with an
                                                                                                                                opportunity to review the Maui
Neal Shinyama · Chair, Government Action Committee                                    check bill, infrastructure improve-       Island Plan at an interactive forum
                                                                                      ments (including harbors and air-         with Maui County Planning Director

           ith a new fiscal year, the       economy, there are things that we          ports), healthcare facilities and com-    Jeff Hunt on Friday, Sept. 5, where he
           Government           Action     cannot control. Within our communi-        mercial use of oceans, parks and          clarified some of our primary con-
           Committee (GAC) is prior-       ty people losing jobs, businesses          beaches—to name a few. At the coun-       cerns. In this election, we should not
itizing the issues that impact our         struggling with fewer visitors, and        ty level, there are transient vacation    only understand the positions of our
membership and the Maui communi-           government legislation has made            rentals, home-based business, infra-      candidates, but also our current elect-
ty. What has changed significantly          business on Maui even tougher.             structure development, commercial         ed officials. To get through these
from last year is that our economy            GAC is addressing these issues by       use of parks and beaches, affordable      tough times and embrace the good
has weakened, and Maui businesses          providing business advocacy and            housing and the Maui Island Plan.         times to come, we need to work
have felt the impact. In part, with the    working with county and state              The Maui Island Plan is at the fore-      together on all levels.
cost of oil and the overall national       officials. In this election year, we need   front as it will set the tone for the

                                                                                                                                              CONNECTIONS     FALL 2008   3
                C A N D I D A T E                                    E N D O R S M E N T S

Chamber of Maui Political
Action Committee (COMPAC)
2008 Candidate Endorsements
                                                                                                                                             T HE C HAMBER ’ S M ISSION
                                                                                                                                           The Chamber is dedicated to advancing and
Senate - District 5                               House - District 12                         County Council                             promoting a healthy economic environment for
(SOUTH AND WEST MAUI, KAPALUA, KÄ‘ANAPALI,        (PUKALANI, MAKAWAO, OLINDA, PULEHU, KULA,   Kahului                                    business and advocating for responsive govern-
LAHAINA, MÄ‘ALAEA, KÏHEI, WAILEA, MÄKENA)         ‘ULUPALAKUA)                                                                            ment and quality education, while preserving
                                                                                              No Endorsement                                Maui’s unique community characteristics.
      Jan Shields                                      Mickey Vierra                          (Neither candidate met the
                                                                                                                                          B OARD OF D IRECTORS 2008-2009
                                                                                              minimum score requirement.)
Senate - District 6                               House - District 13                                                                  Chair ........................................Carole Kooy
(HÄNA, EAST AND UPCOUNTRY MAUI, MOLOKA‘I,         (KAHO‘OLAWE, MOLOKINI, LÄNA‘I, MOLOKA‘I,                                             Chair Elect................................Joe Bradley
LÄNA‘I AND KAHO‘OLAWE)                            KEANAE, WAILUA, NAHIKU, HÄNA)
                                                                                              County Council
                                                                                                                                       Past Chair..................................Bill Russell
                                                                                              South Maui
No Endorsement                                    No Endorsement                                                                       Treasurer ..................................Bill Russell
(Neither candidate met the minimum                (The incumbent did not respond to
                                                                                                  Don Couch                                     Kathy Borelli          Melissa McCoy
score requirement.)                                our invitation to participate in the                                                           Grant Chun           Mitchell Nishimoto
                                                   process in time.)                          County Council
                                                                                                                                                     Tom Cole          Ryan Ouye
House - District 8                                                                            Makawao-Ha‘ikü-Pä‘ia
(WAILUKU, WAIHE‘E, WAIEHU, PU‘UOHALA, WAIKAPÜ)    County Council                                                                                  Randy Endo           Tom Reed
                                                                                                  Mike Molina
      Joe Souki                                   East Maui                                                                                   Karen Fischer            Carol Reimann

                                                       Bill Medeiros                          County Council                                   Paul Gammie             Trish Rohlfing
House - District 9                                                                            Upcountry                                            Jim Kartes          Neal Shinyama
                                                  County Council                              Gladys Coelho Baisa                        Myles Kawakami                Jeanne Skog
                                                  West Maui                                                                                       Frank Kiger          Jeffrey Strahn
No Endorsement                                                                                County Council
(The incumbent did not respond to    No Endorsement                                                                                                Jeff Knight         Terryl Vencl
our invitation to participate in the (The incumbent does not seek any                         Läna‘i                                          Steven Knight            Kevin Yoshida
process, and the opponent did not    endorsements and the other candi-                            John W. Ornellas
meet the minimum score requirement.) dates did not meet the minimum
                                     score requirement.)
                                                                                              County Council                            C HAMBER OF C OMMERCE S TAFF
House - District 10                                                                           Moloka‘i                                          Pamela Tumpap
(LAHAINA, KÄ‘ANAPALI, KAPALUA, MÄ‘ALAEA, KÏHEI)   County Council                                                                                              PRESIDENT

      Angus McKelvey                              Wailuku-Waihe‘e-                            No Endorsement                                                Katie Hazen
                                                  Waikapü                                     (The incumbent did not respond                  MEETINGS & EVENTS DIRECTOR
                                                                                              to our invitation to participate                               Rachel Wy
House - District 11                                    Michael Victorino                      in the process.)                                       EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT
(MÄKENA, WAILEA, KÏHEI)                                                                                                                                   Kayla Graham
                                                                                                                                              RECEPTION/DATEBASE MANAGER
      George R. Fontaine

                                                                                                                                                C OMMITTEE M EETINGS
                                                  respond and was not considered for          dates for the West Maui seat did par-

Candidates                                        endorsement and candidate Ramon
                                                  Madden, for House District 10, run-
                                                  ning against Angus McKelvey, also
                                                                                              ticipate and were considered. South
                                                                                              Maui candidate Wayne Nishiki sub-
                                                                                              mitted a written response, but did not
                                                                                                                                       Meetings are held monthly at the MCA conference room adjacent
                                                                                                                                         to the Chamber office. Dates and times subject to change.
                                                                                                                                                     Westside Committee
                FROM PAGE 1                                                                                                                  (at Lahaina Restoration Foundation)
                                                  did not respond and was not consid-         schedule an interview. Therefore, he                     1st Wed. (9 a.m.)
                                                  ered for endorsement.                       was not considered for endorsement
                                                                                                                                            Government Action Committee (GAC)
     of our oceans, parks, beaches,                                                               There were five candidates for the                2nd Wed. (11:30 a.m.)
                                                  Council Races
     and Marine Life Conservation                                                             Läna‘i seat. Two Läna‘i candidates
                                                    We interviewed at least two candi-                                                                        COMPAC
     Districts? Why or why not?                                                               did participate, however, Sol                                  As Scheduled
                                                  dates in seven of the nine Maui
                                                                                              Kaho‘ohalahala and Matthew Mano,                    Business & Education (BEC)
12.What will you propose to sup-                  County Council seat races, and inter-
                                                                                              did not respond and Winifred                             3rd Wed. (12 p.m.)
   port and diversify agriculture to

                                                                                              Basques did not submit the required                    Membership Committee
   help local farmers?
                                                                                              written response so all three were not                     As Scheduled
   At least one candidate for each of                                                         considered for endorsement.                              Made In Maui (MIM)
15 races—out of 17 total county and
state races—engaged in our endorse-
                                                         …congruent with the                      Candidates were scored by each
                                                                                              COMPAC member, based on written
                                                                                                                                                          As Scheduled
                                                                                                                                         Small Business Action Committee (SBAC)
ment process, with 29 out of 39 total                                                         and oral responses to the questions                     As Scheduled
candidates participating.                                 Chamber’s values                    they received and replied to, with
                                                                                              each question specifically scored on a
State Races
   We interviewed at least one candi-                       and positions                     point scale. The point totals from all
                                                                                              COMPAC member scorecards for
date in seven of the eight state races,
                                                                                              each candidate were totaled to reach

as Representative Mele Carroll is                                                                                                                          Editor-in-Chief
                                                                                              an overall candidate total. This num-                       Pamela Tumpap
running unopposed and did not
                                                                                              ber was then divided by the number                               Editor
respond in time to be interviewed.                viewed for eight of the nine races as
                                                                                              of COMPAC members to obtain an                             Sarah Ruppenthal
For Senate District 5 and House                   Councilmember Danny Mateo is run-
                                                                                              average score for each candidate. A                         Advertising Sales
Districts 11 and 12, we interviewed               ning unopposed, did not respond,
                                                                                              minimum score of 60 percent of the                           Katie Hazen
all three candidates for each race.               and was not considered for endorse-
                                                                                              total points available (as set by the                       Graphic Design
Candidate Tasha Kama, for House                   ment.     Councilmember        Mike                                                              Studio Creative Associates
                                                                                              COMPAC) was required for a candi-
District 8, running against Joe Souki,            Victorino is running unopposed and
                                                                                              date to be endorsed. The candidate                          Printed by
noted she was busy with other                     participated in our endorsement                                                                   Maui Publishing Co., Ltd
                                                                                              who met the required minimum score
endorsements, and did not get back                process. Councilmember JoAnne
                                                                                              and whose responses were most con-                            Mailing
to us, and was not considered for                 Johnson does not seek any endorse-                                                                  Able Mailing Services
                                                                                              gruent with the Chamber’s values
endorsement.      Incumbent        Bob            ments and was not considered for
                                                                                              and positions in each race became the
Nakasone of House District 9 did not              endorsement. The other two candi-
                                                                                              candidate the Chamber endorsed.

Chamber Summer Activities
Economic Update and                      Installation Luncheon
SBA Awards Luncheon                         On June 27, the 2008-09 Officers
From a culinary genius to a budding      and Board of Directors were intro-
young entrepreneur, the 2008             duced at a luncheon hosted by the
Economic Update and Small Business       Fairmont Kea Lani. Sponsored by
Administration (SBA) Awards Lun-         Central Pacific Bank, the event fea-
cheon honored some of our most           tured keynote speaker Lt. Gov. James
dedicated and inspiring small busi-      “Duke” Aiona, a farewell tribute to
ness owners. Hosted by American          outgoing board members, and the
Savings Bank, the luncheon featured      presentation of the T.S. Shinn Award
guest speakers Dr. Carl Bonham,          to Everett Dowling. Chamber mem-
from the University of Hawai‘i, SBA      bers welcomed Chairperson Carole
Representative Jane Sawyer and           Kooy, Chairman-Elect Joe Bradley,
American Savings Bank CEO Connie         Treasurer Bill Russell, and Presi-
Lau. The winners were: Beverly           dent/Secretary Pamela Tumpap. New
Gannon, Small Business Person of the     board members include: Kathy
Year for the State of Hawai‘i; Pamela    Borelli, Ohana Steel Buildings; Grant
Tumpap, Business Journalist for the      Chun, A&B Properties; Thomas
State of Hawai‘i and Region IX;          Cole; Randy Endo, ML&P; Karen
Richard S. Ouye, Entrepreneurial         Fischer, The MACC; Paul Gammie,
Success Award; Neil Hasegawa,            Gammie Homecare; Jim Kartes,
Family Owned Business Award;             Paradise Television Network; Myles
Brennan Purtzer, Young Entrepre-         Kawakami, Hawaiian Carpet One;
neur of the Year Award; Richard          Frank Kiger, HC&S; Jeff Knight,
Kehoe, Financial Services Champion       Oceanic Time Warner Cable; Steven
Award; Sky Barnhart Schual, Small        Knight, Expeditions; Melissa McCoy,
Business Journalist Award; and           McCoy Custom Travel & Cruise;
Carole Kooy, Women in Business           Mitchell Nishimoto, First Hawaiian
Champion Award.                          Bank; Ryan Ouye, Service Rentals &
                                         Supplies; Tom Reed, Aloha Recy-
Golf and Gala
                                         cling; Carol Reimann, Maui Hotel &
   Golf enthusiasts gathered at The
                                         Lodging Association; Patricia Rohl-
Dunes at Maui Lani to take a swing
                                         fing, Bank of Hawaii; Jeanne Skog,
at winning some exciting prizes at the
                                         MEDB; Neal Shinyama, Maui
annual Golf and Gala event on May
                                         Electric Co.; Jeff Strahn, Maui Dive
23. Thanks to all of our generous
                                         Shop; Terryl Vencl, Maui Visitors
sponsors, the tournament and gala
                                         Bureau; and Kevin Yoshida, Central
dinner at Café O’Lei at The Dunes
                                         Pacific Bank.
was a huge success!

                                                                                 CONNECTIONS   FALL 2008   5
New Faces, New Places March · April · May · June · July · August · 2008

    Allegiance Excavation, Inc.                        Able Mailing Services Serving                  I'm Jaki Ives and Arbonne creates                  Dan Brown’s Condo Care, Inc.
    Provides a wide variety of services for            Maui and other islands for over a              fabulous Health and Wellness prod-                 Professional Cleaning Services.
    commercial & residential projects.                 decade. We provide comprehensive               ucts, AND offers an incredible busi-               Carpets. Upholstery/Mattresses.
    Services include Site/House Grading,               mailing services and specialized data-         ness opportunity! Let me show you                  Stone/Tile Care. Windows/Screens.
    Underground Utilities, Septic Systems,             bases. Save on postage call us at (808)        how to create another stream of                    Structural Drying. Floods. Choose Our
    and more. Call Scott Graham (808)                  877-3722.                                      income from home!                                  Personable Services! 669-2727 or visit

    Maui native Derick Sebastian has                   Karin Frost Is the President and               Kilakila Employer Services assists                 Nai‘a Properties Inc’s primary busi-
    matured musically beyond his 26                    Creative Designer of the                       businesses with payroll, workers                   ness is the management of properties,
    years, and is taking the music world by            ERGObaby Carrier, a family owned               comp, TDI, health insurance, human                 including homeowner & community
    storm. For more information visit his              company that markets a line of baby-           resources, claims and risk manage-                 associations, timeshare units, vacation
    Website,                  wearing products worldwide. Visit              ment through the co-employment of                  rental programs and long term rentals.
                                                                            their employees.

    The PuroClean team restores proper-                Clearly Maui Real Estate, located in           Sturdevant Refrigeration & Air                     Western Window Systems manu-
    ty damaged by water, fire/smoke, and               North Kïhei, handling real estate sales.       Conditioning Provides air condition-               factures custom windows, doors and
    mold. Their combination of technology,             Allen T. Yap is the Principal Broker,          ing, refrigeration, heating systems,               insulating glass, specializing in multi-
    training, compassion, and personal                 CCIM and Byron J. Yap is the Senior            sheet metal work, rain gutters and                 slide door systems. Mac McMinn is
    attention results in an unmatched serv-            Broker. Visit              architectural metals for residential and           on-site in Hawai‘i, servicing customers
    ice experience.                                                                                   commercial properties. Serving Maui                for Western.
                                                                                                      since 1980. (808) 871-6404.

A American Self Storage          Arbonne International              Collections                    Eugene F. Simon, Inc.           Global Payments Hawaii             Kula Country Farms
300 Ohukai Road                  P.O. Box 667                       P.O. Box 1003                  236 Halaulani Street            45 Hakuhale Place                  365 Koheo Road
Kihei, HI 96753                  Kula, HI 96790                     Makawao, HI 96768              Pukalani, HI 96768              Lahaina, HI 96761                  Kula, HI 96790
874-7496                         808-283-9030                       808-572-0781                   572-1313                        808-259-1383                       808-878-8381
Able Mailing Services                     D/C Oceanfront Accomodations   Extra Space Storage        
P.O. Box 260                     Auntie Terri’s Treats, LLC         4025 Maalaea Bay Place         340 Ala Makani St.              Hironaka Enterprises, Inc.         Lulu Williams Realtor (B)-
Puunene, HI 96784                P.O. Box 1641                      Wailuku, HI 96793              Kahului, HI 96732               118 Ke’alohilani Street            Coldwell Banker Island
808-877-3722                     Kihei, HI 96753                    808-242-7185                   808-877-2600                    Kahului, HI 96732                  Properties      808-249-8435                                  871-0767                           P.O. Box 1312
Allegiance Excavation, Inc.      Awapuhi Adventures                 Dan Brown’s Condo Care, Inc.   EZ To Use Island Pages          Integrated Broadband Network       Kihei, HI 96753
115 Lower Kimo Drive             151 Ho’okui st.                    P.O. Box 12877                 1149 Bethel Street, Ste. 803    Solutions (IBNS)                   808-283-3783
Kula, HI 96790                   Kahului, HI 96732                  Lahaina, HI 96761              Honolulu, HI 96813              68 Polale Street         
878-2663                         808-269-6031                       808-669-2727               Kihei, HI 96753                    McEntire Realty
Aloha Events                          Girl Scouts of Hawaii           808-875-1441                       161 Wailea Ike Pl. # A-105
40 Halili Lane 4-G               Clearly Maui, Inc.                 Ergobaby Carrier               420 Wyllie Street                      Wailea, HI 96753
Kihei, HI 96753                  635 Kenolio Road                   1215 Piiholo Road              Honolulu, HI 96817              Kilakila Employer Services:        808-874-8688
808-870-7773                     Kihei, HI 96753                    Makawao, HI 96768              (808) 595-8400                  Lahaina                        874-6406                           808-572-6953                 180 Dickenson Street, Suite 218    Nai’a Properties, Inc.
                                                                            Lahina, HI 96761                   4260 Lower Honoapiilani Rd.
                                                                                                                                   667-0615                           Lahaina, HI 96761

                   MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS                                                                                                                                            Mahalo
                                                                                                                                                                                    FOR YOUR
                         IN MARCH · APRIL · MAY · JUNE · JULY · AUGUST 2008                                                                                                         SUPPORT!

60 YEARS                           23 YEARS                            Maui Youth & Family Services         12 YEARS                           Kamehameha Schools Maui           Charlie Keller, Realtor (B)
Ah Fook’s Supermarket              Niwao & Roberts, CPAs,              Whalers Village                      Napili Kai Beach Resort            Campus                            Maui Real Estate Weekly
                                   A Professional Corp.                Shops/Restaurants                    A Dream Wedding: Maui Style,                                         Maui Family Support Services, Inc.
48 YEARS                                                                                                                                       6 YEARS
                                   Carpet Care                         Wailea Community Association         LLC
Credit Associates of Maui, Ltd.                                                                                                                S.T.ART                           2 YEARS
                                   Volcano Signs, Inc.                 Uncle Louie’s Sausage Co.            Northwest Electric, Inc.
                                                                                                                                               Kahana Nui, LLC                   Honua Kai-Intrawest/Maui Beach
40 YEARS                           Trilogy Excursions                  Hawaii Video Memories                MW Commercial Realty, Inc.
                                                                                                                                               Horizon Financial, LLC            Resort Limited Partnership
Maui Office Machines               Vacation International              McDonalds - Wailuku                  Maui Clothing Co., Inc.
                                                                                                                                               Hawaii Publications, Inc.         Jim Falk Motors of Maui
35 YEARS                           Blue Hawaiian Helicopters           Hawaiian Classic Perfumes, Inc.      MDK Enterprises, Inc.
                                                                                                                                               KSD Hawaii                        Vantaggio HR, Ltd.
Kaanapali Land Management                                              Valley Isle Appraisal Company        Inacom Information Systems
                                   22 YEARS                                                                                                    OfficeMax-A Boise Co.             Timeshare Resales Hawaii
Corp.                                                                                                       Pacific Disaster Center
                                   Hyatt Regency Maui Beach Resort     17 YEARS                                                                Wailea Golf, LLC                  Paradise Self Storage
                                   and Spa                                                                  Hawaii Job Corps Center
30 YEARS                                                               Munekiyo & Hiraga, Inc.                                                 Ali'i Resorts, LLC                Ohana Steel Buildings
                                                                                                            - Maui Site
Helen Christman                    Maui Prince Hotel/Makena Resort     Grace Church                                                                                              Truog-Ryding Company, Inc.
                                                                                                            The Wailea Group, LLC              5 YEARS
                                   Gilbert & Associates, LLC           Pacific Radio Group                                                                                       The Hansen Ohana at Coldwell
28 YEARS                                                                                                    Aston Maui Lu Resort               Keller Williams Realty Maui
                                                                       Maui Humane Society, Inc.                                                                                 Banker Island Properties
Marmac, Inc.                       21 YEARS                                                                 Whalers Realty, Inc.               Maui Cattle Company, LLC
                                                                       Realtors Association of Maui, Inc.                                                                        Haiku Web Services, Inc.
Pali Kai Inc. Realtors             Destination Resorts Hawaii, Inc.                                         Island Star Excursions             Ilsa Mitchell Jencks, R(S)
                                                                       EvCom, Inc. dba Visitor Magazines                                                                         Art and Automation, Inc.
Paradise Flower Farms, Inc.        Hale Makua                                                               Windward Air Conditioning, Inc.    Maui Massage Company
                                                                       Polli’s Mexican Restaurant                                                                                Arquitectura, LLC
Maui Toyota                        Pioneer Inn                                                              Travel Network, Inc.               Lanai Real Estate, LLC            DHX (Dependable Hawaiian
                                   Hawaii National Bank                16 YEARS                                                                Quill Group, Inc.                 Express, Inc.)
27 YEARS                                                                                                    11 YEARS
                                   Noelani Condominium                 Child And Family Services                                               Aloha Kia of Maui                 Service Rentals & Supplies, Inc.
Maui Land & Pineapple Co.,Inc.                                                                              FIM Group
                                   Arisumi Brothers, Inc.              Seabury Hall                                                            Hana Maui Sea Sports              Pacific Rim Land, Inc.
                                                                                                            All Ways Maui’d Weddings
26 YEARS                           Beppu Realty, LLC                   Kahana Falls Resort                                                     Krispy Kreme                      Matteo’s Pizzeria
                                                                                                            & Ceremonies
Haleakala Ranch Company            BEI Hawaii                          Maui Trade Dollars Assoc.                                                                                 Na HALE O Maui
                                                                                                            Mama’s Fish House                  4 YEARS
Hasegawa General Store             Carlsmith Ball, LLP                 Valley Isle First Aid Supplies                                                                            Aloha Self Storage Lahaina
                                                                                                            Extreme Steam, Inc.                Ohana Makamae, Inc.
Hawaii Medical Service Assoc.      Anheuser-Busch Sales of Hawaii,     Valrose Maui, Inc.                                                                                        TMC General Contracting, Inc.
                                                                                                            GP Roadway Solutions               Beach Activities of Maui
Imua Family Services               Inc.
                                                                       Truck & Industrial Supply            Aloha International Employment,                                      Heartland Payment Systems
                                   First Hawaiian Bank - Kahului                                                                               MAUIPARADISE.COM, LLC
Island Movers, Inc.                                                    Friends of the Children’s Justice    Inc.
                                   Hawaii Community Foundation         Center, Maui                                                            Maui County Veteran’s Council     1 YEAR
Kaiser Permanente                                                                                           Maui Accommodations Guide
                                   The Gas Company, LLC                Island Essence, Inc.                                                    BJ Furnituremart                  Ruth’s Chris Steak House
TS Restaurants                                                                                              Kula Community Federal Credit
                                   BOC Gases/Gaspro                    Kenneth Shaner                       Union                              Aloha Pets Maui, LLC              Best Hawaii Activities
Lahaina Restoration Foundation
                                   Ing & Jorgensen, a Limited          The Wright Company, LLC              Maui Print Works                   Maui Dive Shop                    Joanne Foxxe Kapalua Realty
Lloyd Y. Kimura, CPA, Inc.
                                   Liability Law Partnership                                                                                   MORRAD Foodservice                Maui Family YMCA
Star Ice & Soda Works                                                  The Water Store                      Hawaiian Island Weddings
                                   Friendly Charters                                                                                           I-Lend Mortgage, Inc.             Mr. Appliance of Maui
Tanikai, Inc.                                                          James & Associates, CPAs, Inc.       Dairy Road Express Mart
                                   Toma & Drayson, CPA’s, LLP                                                                                  Maui Communicators                Maui Muscle Sports Club Kahana,
                                                                                                            Division of Vocational
25 YEARS                           AAAAA Rent-A-Space                  15 YEARS                             Rehabilitation                     Maui Food Bank                    LLC
This Week Publications             Meadow Gold Dairies-Hawaii          Chris Hart & Partners, Inc.          McCoy Custom Travel & Cruise       Monsanto Company                  BlueEarth BioFuels, LLC
Title Guaranty Escrow Services,    Maui Disposal Co., Inc.                                                                                     QKC Maui Owner, LLC               Dermatology & Laser Center of
Inc.                                                                   Maui Coast Hotel                     10 YEARS                                                             Maui
                                   20 YEARS                                                                                                    Mountain Movers, Inc.
The Honolulu Advertiser                                                Maui Coffee Roasters                 Glenn Y. Kadohiro, D.D.S.                                            Jenny Craig
                                   Diamond Resort Hawaii                                                                                       David K. Futch, R(S)
Hotel Hana Maui                                                        Lokahi Pacific                       Outback Steakhouse                                                   Cartridge World of Maui
                                   Luana Kai Resort                                                                                            The Paradise Yellow Pages,
Japo I. Yokoyama Bldg.                                                 Verizon Wireless                     The Fairmont Kea Lani Maui                                           First Wind
                                                                                                                                               A Yellow Book Company
Contractors, Inc.                  Maui Printing Co., Inc.             Workforce Development Division       Maui Oma Coffee Roasting Co.,                                        Maui Mortgage Lady
                                                                                                                                               Countrywide Home Loans
KAOI/KDLX/KNUQ/KMKK                Elite Properties Unlimited, Inc.                                         Inc.
                                                                       Yaksic Cleaning & Maintenance,                                          West Maui Land Co.                Platinum Business Development,
Kumulani Vacations and Realty,                                         Inc.                                 Reflections Photography                                              LLC
                                   19 YEARS                                                                 by Martin Wyand                    Alexander & Baldwin,
Inc.                                                                                                                                                                             Smith Barney
                                   Gammie Homecare, Inc.               14 YEARS                                                                Inc./Government & Community
Lahaina, Kaanapali, & Pacific                                                                               Elua II Dental Laboratory
                                                                                                                                               Relations                         Maui Real Estate Professionals
Railroad                           The Mortgage Store, Inc.            A White Orchid Wedding, Inc.         Maui Vacation Properties
                                                                                                                                                                                 Market America
Maui Beach Hotel                   Hawaii Grower Products, Inc.        Pacific Dive                                                            3 YEARS
                                                                                                            9 YEARS                                                              L’amour Wedding/Bridal Salon
Peter H. Fay, D.M.D.               Dowling Company, Inc.               Maui Suncoast Realty, LLC                                               Hawaii Hideaways, Inc.
                                                                                                            Warren & Annabelle’s                                                 Maui Tech Guru
Maui Electric Company, Ltd.        Four Seasons Resort, Maui at        Noufer & Brown                                                          Natural Nails By Mimi
                                   Wailea                                                                   Kalama Heights Retirement                                            Ka Hale Olinda, LLC
Maui Kai Condominium Resort                                            Haleakala Bike Company, Inc.                                            Studio Creative Associates
                                                                                                            Community                                                            Pacific Cancer Foundation
                                   Goodfellow Bros., Inc.              Maui High Performance                                                   Lahaina Grill
Expeditions                                                                                                 The Nanny Connection, Inc.
                                   Sakamoto Properties Limited         Computing Center                                                                                          Business Works of Hawaii, Inc.
Royal Mauian Homeowners                                                                                                                        Access Information Management
                                                                                                            The Dunes at Maui Lani Golf                                          Catering From Soup to Nuts, Inc.
Assoc.                             Miyake Concrete Accessories, Inc.   Royal Hawaiian Weddings                                                 Hawaii
Territorial Savings Bank-Kahului   Bank of Hawaii-Wailuku              Viewpoints Gallery                                                      Ben Bridge Jeweler                Jobline X-Press, Inc.
                                                                                                            Hawaiian Pacific Benefits, Inc.
Branch                             Maui Economic Opportunity, Inc.     Plastic Surgery Center of Maui                                          SkyShades Hawaii, Inc.            Maui Digital Imaging, LLC
                                                                                                            Maui Weddings From the Heart
                                   Cheeseburger In Paradise, Inc.      Sir Wilfred’s                                                           Retriever Hawaii, Inc.            Boys and Girls Club of Maui
                                   Grand Wailea Resort, Hotel & Spa    Ali‘i Mortgage                       8 YEARS                            Milagros Food Co.
Maui Plant Rentals
                                   Akina Bus Service, Ltd. aka Akina                                        Maui Invitational Basketball
The Wharf Cinema Center                                                13 YEARS                             Tournament
                                   Aloha Tours
Gary Robert Attorney At Law A                                          Maui Net                             Rod Muscio [Electrical
Law Corp.                          Maui Oil Company, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                  M a j e st i c
                                                                       Kula Hardware & Nursery
Kahului Florist                    Maui Rents, Inc.
                                                                       Consolidated Resorts, Inc.           Katsuyoshi Kawai
Sam Sato’s, Inc.                   Maui Publishing Company, Ltd.
                                                                       Commercial Properties of Maui,                                             INSURANCE AGENCY
                                   Kihei Gas, Kar Wash & Kwik Stop                                          7 YEARS
Standard Furniture & Appliance                                         LLC
Surf Rents Trucks                  Maui Marble & Granite, Inc.
                                                                       Maui Ocean Center
                                                                                                            Honua‘ula Partners, LLC               Peaches Kong
Takamiya Market, Inc.
                                                                                                            Wal-Mart #3290                        Account Executive            7 Aewa Place
                                   18 YEARS                            Zack’s Flooring
Equity One Real Estate, Inc.
                                                                                                            The Love Shack-Maui                                                Pukalani, Maui, HI 96768
                                   Resort Quest Real Estate of         ACME Studios, Inc.
                                   Hawaii, Inc.                                                             Spectra Color Hawaii Printing                                      office 808.573.5948
                                                                       Ka Lima O Maui                       & Imaging, LLC
                                   Kihei Kai Resort                                                                                                                            fax 808.572.4531
                                                                       Jim Sanders Realty, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                               cellular 808.283.1003

Prudential Maui Realtors dba       Sounds of Sebastian, LLC            Team Women International             Wailea Design
Maui Beachfront                    P.O. Box 63                         P.O. Box 130153                      P.O. Box 1268
256 Papalaua Street                Wailuku, HI 96793                   Carlsbad,CA 92013                    Kïhei, HI 96753
Lahaina, HI 96761                  808-870-8460                        760-599-0492                         808-276-1981
Puro Clean Emergency               State Farm Insurance                Tropical Maui Weddings               Watanabe Ing & Komeiji, LLP
Restoration Services               77 Ho‘okele St. #101                P.O. Box 127                         2200 Main St. Ste. 527
415 Dairy Road, Suite E-138        Kahului, HI 96732                   Kahului, HI 96733                    Wailuku, HI 96793
Kahului, HI 96732                  808-873-6717                        808-875-6700                         808-243-0030
268-6701                                     Sturdevant Refridgeration           Vincent’s Painting Service           Western Window Systems
Rusty Harpoon Restaurant &         & A/C, Inc.                         535 Kainalu Place                    1215 South Kihei Rd. Suite O Box
Tavern                             300 Ho‘ohana Street                 Wailuku, HI 96793                       603
2290 Ka’anapali Parkway            Kahului, HI 96732                   244-9757                             Kïhei, HI 96753
Lahaina, HI 96761                  871-6404                                                                 808-344-2259

                                                                                                                                                                                CONNECTIONS            FALL 2008 7
                                          JOIN THE CHAMBER

                                   Yes, I want to invest in the Chamber and

                                   help it to be an even stronger organization.
                                   My investment is enclosed.
                              Company Name: __________________________________________________
                              Mailing Address: __________________________________________________
                              Telephone: _____________ Fax: ______________
                              Primary Contact Name & Title: ________________________________________
                              Other Contacts (max. 3): ________________________________________
                              GET or Fed. I.D. #________________________ No. of Employees: ______
                              Type of Business (Yellow Pages Classification): ______________________
                              Primary Reason for Joining: ____________________________________
                              What do you expect from your membership: ________________________
                              Dues Computation. Membership is based upon a fair-share investment. The base rate is $284.35 for up
                              to five employees. For companies with over 5 employees, multiply $9.10 times the number of employ-
                              ees over the base of 5. For example: Base = $284.35 + $63.70 (7 employees X $9.10) + $30 administra-
                                                             tion fee = $378.05 total membership due.

                              _______ – Base Rate                                  Method of Payment:
                              _______ + Additional Employees                       ___Check ___Visa/MasterCard/AMEX
                              _$30.00_ + Administrative Fee                        Card No. ______________________
                              _______ = Total Membership Investment                Expiration Date: __________________

                              Signature: ______________________________________________________
                              The Maui Chamber of Commerce is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian organization, serving as an
                              effective voice for business on legislative, business, social, governmental and community issues.
                              This application for membership will be in effect for one year and will be renewed yearly unless
                              written notice is received prior to billing date. Your investment is deductible as a business expense
                              and is non-refundable.
                                                                  MAIL APPLICATION         TO:

                                              313 Ano Street · Kahului, Maui, Hawai‘i 96732
                                                Ph. 808-871-7711 · Cel. 269-0141 · Fax. 808-871-0706

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