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Helpful Links for Students


									                                    Helpful Links for Students

 Apply for graduation online at the Recorder’s Web site at It’s
 good to apply well in advance of your planned for graduation date so that any potential problems can be
 spotted and hopefully corrected. Six to twelve months ahead is good. Remember: You must apply for
 minors by contacting the advisor in the minor dept. (except for BUS minors – See reverse side.)

Registering for Classes:
To officially register go to
       You’ll need to login first. OneStart is a “live” system and is always up-to-date.

To more easily browse lists of classes go to and click on Class Schedule to see
what courses are available. Remember that this site is 24 hours behind the OneStart site as far as updated
registration information. If a class is close to being full, be sure to register promptly.

Topics course descriptions:

Intensive Writing courses by semester:

Summer Course Schedule: This course listing comes out before the official
schedule, which is posted on the Registrar’s web site in early Spring.

Registration problems?
       Call 855-8200 (8 to 5, M through F)
       Franklin Hall 101 (9 to 4, M through F)

Other important links:

How are you doing? Keep track of your progress toward your degree.
       Go to OneStart -> Student Center -> My Academics. Then look for a link to your Academic
Advisement Report (AAR). This is a crucial resource that will help you keep track of your degree progress.
Check it both before and right after you register for classes to verify what classes you need and how the ones
you registered for are counting. Sometimes there are surprises! We’ll review this each time you make an

Find many excellent resources for undergraduate students on the College Web site:

Looking for a tutor ?
      Econ tutors for E201, E202, & E370 can be found on our website:
  (on the left-hand bar click on “tutor list”)
      Check with other departments for any available lists. Contact the Bloomington Learning Center:
  (Bill Maki) or call 335-1809 or stop by 421 E. 3rd St.

Need an unofficial transcript?        Go to Student Center>My Academics>Transcripts

Looking to get involved at IU?        Check out possibilities at
Student Academic Center offers many short, free classes on improving study and test taking skills,
managing stress, and much more. Help for specific classes may also be available.
        Check out the latest sessions at

 To apply for Business Foundations certificate at Kelley School of Business – Apply during the semester in which you take the
last required course.

Apply for a minor in business & other business minors by going to

Wondering if classes you might take off-campus have been equated to an IU Bloomington course?
     Go to the Credit Transfer Service at

Learn all kinds of IT skills by taking FREE workshops through IU’s IT Training & Education program!
      Browse the huge array of classes offered at or call 855-7383.

Job Search Skills and Strategies:
      1. Career Development Center offers several good classes to help with career development, job
          search, etc. All count toward College credits.
              ASCS Q294: Basic Career Development (2 cr, Fr & Soph, 8-wk course)
              ASCS Q299: Job Search Strategies for the Liberal Arts Student
                              (2 cr; Soph, Jr, & Sr; 8-wk course)
              ASCS Q377: The Art of Meaningful Work (3 cr.)
                      The CDC offers many services to help students find the right major, career, job,
              internship, or graduate school! Be sure to register for their services at
              and check in every semester to keep your profile accurate.

       2. Kelley School of Business Career Services may be fully used by non-Kelley students who have
       taken either Kelley’s X420 (sign up for a lab X430 too) Business Career Planning and Placement
       course (2 cr., juniors or seniors) or X220 (sign up for a lab X230 too) Career Perspectives (2 cr.,
       freshmen or sophomores). Kelley placement services can be extremely helpful for BUS-related jobs.

Sources for Research: Our libraries offer many useful and free academic databases for your
      perusal. Check out their TOP RECOMMENDED RESOURCES. Also check out the
      Guide to Library Research: for your next term paper. An extensive, reliable, and accurate group of databases available free to Indiana
      residents. Includes thousands of full-text magazines, newspapers, and much more!
Scholarships/Financial Aid:
      IU Foundations web site
      Scholarships for IU undergraduates: Incl. study abroad, summer, &
              after graduation opportunities.
       Career Development Center web site for undergrad & graduate funding:
Service Learning Courses:

Grad School Info: (IU’s University Graduate School) (Career Development Center’s web site)

                                                                                              Updated 07/10

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