A chandelier for a cyber princess Making the invisible visible I by wpr1947


									                                                                                                                         Photo Chikaro Harada
Photo Chikaro Harada

                                                                  Helsinki Lighthouse
                                                                  Helsinki Lighthouse is an installation
                                                                  and light fitting, lyrically beautiful in
                                                                  a sci-fi way. Designed by Timo Salli, it
                                                                  is constructed of thin acrylic tubing and
                                                                  light fibres. Light creates space: the rays
                                                                  of light form a circle, a house of light. 

                                                                  Making the invisible visible II
                                                                  When an incense stick burns in its
                                                                  holder, you can only smell the smoke,
                                                                  not see it. Pentagon Design made the
                       A chandelier for                           invisible visible in its own design for
                       a cyber princess                           a room scent holder for the Shoyeido
                       Medusa is a chandelier for a cyber         Corporation of Japan. With an LED in
                       princess, shining, living and changing     the base of the holder, the wafting smoke
                       shape. This motorized light fitting was    is lighted to create almost a meditative
                       designed by Mikko Paakkanen for            experience. The holder was made by
                       Saas Instruments. The chandelier           Saas Instruments. 
                       is made of light fibre and the             www.lisn.fi
                       microprocessor-steered motor makes         www.saas.fi
                       it breathe in ghostly silence. 
                                                                  The latest and most interesting ideas,
                                                                  concepts, embryo designs of tomorrow
                       Making the invisible visible I             and phenomena that are only just
                       Another design for Lisn Helsinki           emerging are usually found in schools of
                       making use of the play of light and        design. Students at the Lahti Institute of
                       smoke was Ilkka Suppanen’s aptly           Design were asked to redesign objects
                       named Porcupine scent holder. The          related to everyday life – how they might
                       holder has an LED and narrow tubes in      look in the near future. Riku Rikala and
                       prickly array dispersing light and smoke   Juho Huotari developed the V lamp
                       into free movement. This scent holder      that opens up like a concertina or folds
                       was also created in association with       away. The LED lights shining through
                       Saas Instruments.                         white plastic are well suited to the lamp’s
                       www.lisn.fi                                slightly weird sci-fi look. 
                       www.saas.fi                                www.lamk.fi

                       26                                              Finnish Design Yearbook ’08–09 Borderlands   27

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