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H70 Variant Configuration with Assembly Processing - Download as PowerPoint

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									      Scenario Overview

H94: SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) –
       Compliance Management
           SAP GTS – Compliance Management
           SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS)

                                                                                 SAP GTS is powered by
                                                                                 SAP NetWeaver
                                                                                   • Managing global trade
                                                                                     activities across
                                                                                     technology landscapes
                                                                                   • Gain business
                                                                                     insight through
                                                                                     analytical reporting
                                                                                   • Integration with
                                                                                     Adobe Forms

          SAP GTS, a packaged composite application enables
           Proactive regulatory compliance
            (Sanctioned Party List Screening, Embargo Check, Import/ Export Control)
           Faster customs clearance
            (Product Classification, Printing of Trade relevant Forms and Documents, Electronic
            Communication with Customs Authorities, AES, NCTS and ICS certification)
           Automation of regional trade agreement processes
            (Trade Preference Processing capabilities to utilize benefits of EU Trade Agreements and

 SAP AG 2006
           SAP GTS – Compliance Management
           Ensures Trade Compliance Across Borders
                           SAP                     SAP                        SAP
                  Compliance Management    Customs Management           Risk Management

         Key Capabilities                                                    Benefits
 Sanctioned Party List Screening                                Avoid costly fines and penalties
  Screen business partners                                     through facilitating tighter national
  Screen documents at every step                               security
   (order-to-cash and procure-to-pay
   process                                                      Shorter delivery times
  Comprehensive documentation                                  through automated trade compliance
  Integration with Logistics, HR,                              processes
                                                                Improve worker productivity
 Export/ Import Control                                         via moving to management-by-
  Manage export and import licenses                            exceptions
   Automated assignment of licenses to
                                                                Secure your corporate brand
   a specific business transaction
  Track quantity and value depreciation
                                                                by avoiding negative press
 Embargo Check
                                                                Be prepared for legal audits
  Check for potential embargo
                                                                by having all required documentation at

                                                                Provide visibility
                                                                by having one global view across the
                                                                entire enterprise

 SAP AG 2006
           SAP GTS – Compliance Management
           International Trade Compliance is a Must-Have

                 Compliance   Sanctioned Party List
                                                      Export Control   Import Control
                 Management        Screening

                Sanctioned Party List Screening
                   Avoid doing business with denied parties
                   Interface to external data providers
                   Comprehensive screening against multiple lists, all business partner
                   Phonetic and linguistic checks
                   In every process step – order to cash, purchase to pay
                   Checks include one-time customers as well as address changes in documents
                   The sensitivity of checks is adjustable to specific business needs

                                                        Import/ Export Control
                                                           Ensure vigilant compliance with trade
                                                           Check and manage import and export licenses
                                                           Check for embargoes
                                                           Automatic track both quantity and value
                                                            depreciation with an import/ export license
                                                           Simulation capabilities

 SAP AG 2006
           SAP GTS – Compliance Management
           Brings Process Centric Collaboration

      Yesterday                                        Today
          Each business unit with its own ERP            A common enterprise-wide Global Trade
           systems and Foreign Trade implementations       Service implemented
          Compliance data spread among systems           Compliance data is centrally maintained
          Collaboration knowledge spread across          Collaboration knowledge is shared across
           systems                                         systems
          Relatively difficult to change                 Relatively easier to change
          Higher IT maintenance costs                    Relatively lower IT maintenance costs
          Standardization of compliance process          Standardization of compliance processes

                                                                                SAP GTS
                                                                                  External systems:
                                                        Internal systems of     exporters, government
                                                       the various business        agencies, freight
                                                       units of an enterprise      forwarders, etc.

 SAP AG 2006
           SAP GTS – Compliance Management
           System Landscape

 SAP AG 2006
           SAP GTS – Compliance Management
           Business View: Sanctioned Party List Screening
                 Prerequisites               Customer              Supplier/Manufacturer            Business Benefits

          Before compliance checks
          can be performed for a sales                             Preparatory Transactions
          order, some preparatory work                              (Load SPL Data / Load
          has to be done. You have to                                    Master Data)
          upload (XML) SPL master
          data, and transfer master data
          from the feeder system (e.g                   Create Sales Order
          R/3, ERP, legacy systems)
          into SAP GTS. During the                                                              Integration of sales order
          transfer of the customer                                                              processing.
          master data from the feeder                              Create Sales Order in ERP
          system to SAP GTS the                                         with SPL Check
          customer master records are                                                           Sales documents are blocked
          checked against the                                                                   automatically when a
          sanctioned party list master                                                          sanctioned Party list is
          data. In this scenario,                                 Release Blocked Documents     detected and subsequent
          customer H94-1000 with name                                     in SAP GTS            processes (create delivery or
          Schneider is blocked because                                                          invoice) are blocked.
          of a record in the SPL list with
          name Schneider.                                                                       SPL Screening is only
                                                                                                possible with the use of SAP
                                                                   Deliver Sales Order in ERP   GTS

                                                                      Bill Delivery in ERP

 SAP AG 2006
           SAP GTS – Compliance Management
           Business View: Embargo Check
                 Prerequisites              Customer               Supplier/Manufacturer            Business Benefits

          As preparatory work, you
          have to enter all the countries                          Preparatory Transactions
          with which you do business                                  (Maintain Embargo
          in the embargo service. You                                    Information)
          require the legal regulation
          combined with the country of
          departure and destination                    Create Sales Order
          information for an embargo
          check that SAP Global Trade
          Services performs on                                                                  Integration of sales order
          documents and business                                  Creating Sales Order in ERP
                                                                     with Embargo Check         processing.
                                                                                                Sales documents are blocked
                                                                                                automatically and subsequent
                                                                                                processes (create delivery or
                                                                      Monitoring Blocked
                                                                                                invoice) are blocked if the
                                                                                                customer is in a country
                                                                                                subject to an embargo by
                                                                                                your country.

 SAP AG 2006
           SAP GTS – Compliance Management
           Business View: License Determination Service
                 Prerequisites              Customer               Supplier/Manufacturer             Business Benefits

          The maintenance function
          enables you to classify your                              Preparatory Transactions
          products and assign export                              (Create Licence for Dual Use
          and import list numbers to                                        Material)
          products. These export and
          import list numbers indicate
          whether you need a license or                Create Sales Order                        Integration of Sales Order
          not. Customs authorities are                                                           Processing.
          responsible for ensuring that                                                          If the system detects that the
          companies that trade goods                              Creating Sales Document in     license master is missing, the
          across borders do so in                                  ERP with Export License       document is blocked
          accordance with applicable                                     Determination           automatically and you have to
          laws and regulations. To                                                               assign a license to the sales
          import and export some                                                                 order and then release the
          goods, customs authorities                                                             blocked documents in SAP
          and other government bodies                              Assigning License to Sales
          demand trading companies to                                        Order
          apply for licenses, for
          example, a shipper’s export
          declaration. When you create
          a sales order in your backend                           Release Blocked Documents
          system containing a material                                    in SAP GTS
          that you cannot export
          without authorization, you
          need to find a suitable license
          in SAP GTS. When a license is
          needed SAP GTS determines
          automatically an appropriate
          license and assigns it to the
          export transaction. A value
          and/or quantity depreciation
          of the license is possible.

 SAP AG 2006
           SAP GTS – Compliance Management
           Component View
                Customer                                  Supplier/Manufacturer

                                          SAP GTS                             SAP ERP

                                   Create Data Provider for
                               Sanctioned Party List Master Data

                           S       Create Sanctioned Party
                           P          List Master Data                 Initial Loading of Master Data
                               Check Blocked Business Partner
                                                                            Create Sales Order
                                                                              with SPL check
                                 Release Blocked Documents

                           m      Enter Country Information
                           a      Legal Regulation: Country
                                 of Departure and Destination              Create Sales Order
                           r                                               with Embargo check
                                Monitoring Blocked Documents

                                  Define Export List Numbers

                                      Maintain Customs
                           L           Product Master
                           c       Maintain Export License
                           n        Determination Strategy
                           s          for License Types
                           e            Assign License
                                         to Sales Order                  Create Sales Order with
                                                                       Export License Determination
                                 Release Blocked Documents

 SAP AG 2006
           SAP GTS – Compliance Management
           Business Overview: Sanctioned Party List (SPL) Screening

                             Create          Create sales order; Ship-to party is
                             Sales           not on the list but the address or
                             Order           name is partially identical to an
                                             business partner on the list

                         Check against SPL
                                             A check against SPL is executed;
                                             system detects a sanctioned party;
                                             document is blocked.
                          Check blocked
                         document; reason
                             for block       The list entry which was matched by
                                             SPL is shown.

                         Release Document
                                             Sales order can be released:
                             Create          business partner is not on the list;
                             Delivery        delivery and billing document can
                                             now be created


 SAP AG 2006
           SAP GTS – Compliance Management
           Process Overview: Export Control with Embargo

                            Create         Create sales order; an embargo
                            Sales          exists for the country Liberia; the
                            Order          document is blocked, a delivery
                                           cannot be created

                                           A check in SAP GTS (Embargo
                        Check in Embargo   Check Service) is executed ->
                          Check Service    message: embargo situation

                                           No release of document in this
                         Check blocked     process because of the embargo
                        document; reason   but it is possible to release it in SAP
                            for block      GTS.

 SAP AG 2006
           SAP GTS – Compliance Management
           Business Overview: Export Control w/License Management

                             Create           Create License (for processor,
                             License          laser, chips -> Dual Use)
                                              without activation
                                              Create sales order; the export
                                              license for the business partner
                             Create           exists but is not activated or not
                             Sales            valid any more (or no document
                             Order            number); document is blocked,
                                              delivery cannot be created
                          Check in LCE        A check in SAP GTS (Export
                                              Cockpit) is executed -> message: no
                                              valid license
                        Call up license and
                                              After the license has been updated
                              activate        the sales order can be processed;
                                              delivery and billing documents are


 SAP AG 2006
           SAP GTS – Compliance Management

         Installation of SAP GTS 7.0 (Add On)

         Mapping of organizational structure

         Upload of SPL list

         Creation of comparison index

         Aggregation of comparison index

         Initial transfer of customers / materials

         Index for business partner adresses

         Set up dual use scenario

 SAP AG 2006
           SAP GTS – Compliance Management
           Product Structure

                                 Product Structure

                      H94-1000                    H94-1001
                 TITANIUM MD 8056 PC           G550 Dual DVI Chip
                        HAWA                        HAWA

                 Material is used for the     Material is a „Dual Use“
                 scenarios:                   material and is used for
                                              the scenario:
                  SPL screening
                                               License Management
                  Embargo Check

 SAP AG 2006

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