Cultures by shuifanglj


                Arctic Cruise
August 18 to September
9/02, 20 02
From Tromsø to the north
western tip of Svalbard
Ramon Massana
Carlos Pedros-Alió
Fabrice Not
Wenche Eikrem
     Stations sampled

M09, N09, Z01, Z11, Z18, Z59, Z69, T06
           Cultures from St. M09
Pseudopedinella spp
Imantonia rotunda
Phaeocystis sp.
Micromonas pusilla,
Pseudonitschia sp,
non-motile pico eukaryote,
centric diatome
Prorocentrum cf minimum,
Parapysomonas cf. imperforata
          Cultures from St. N05
Synechococcus red,
Micomonas pusilla
Imantonia rotunda,
Pseudonitzshia sp,
naviculoid diatome,
non-motile pico eukaryote,
heterotrophic stramenopile,
Phaeocystis sp,
Cf. Corymbellus,
Pseudopedinella cf. tricostata
          Cultures from St. Z01
Micromonas pusilla,
phototrophic pico flagellate,
Synechococcus red,
ultra sized flagellate with two unequal flagella and one
bell shaped chloroplast,
nano sized heterokont flagellate with long trailing
         Cultures from St. Z11

Synechococcus red,
Chrysochromulina sp.
         Cultures from St. Z18
Synechococcus red,
heterotrophic pico sized flagellate,
Emiliania huxleyi
         Cultures from St. Z59

Synechococcus red,
Pseudopedinella sp. with four chloroplasts,
cf. Isochrysis, non motile stage
       Cultures from St. Z69

Pseudopedinella spp
Cf. Micomonas
Cultures from St. T06

Chrysochroulina sp.
Pseudopedinella spp

Have cultures from 4 samplings alive and
(16 Jan. , 27 March and 22 May 2001,
27 Feb. 2002)

Have sampled more, but break down of culturing
room at 10 and later at 15 and 17 °C lead to loss
of many cultures
        Novel ?? species in culture
Maintained at 7°C

Pseudopedinella with
four chloroplasts from
the Arctic Cruise
Maintained at 5°C

Pyramimonas sp 3-6 μm,
from the Oslofjord
        Other species in culture

Blue green pico-sized cyanobacterium living inside ”sacs”
Red filamentous cyanobacterium 1-2μm in width
Chlorella stigmatophora,
Pyramimonas sp, nano-sized
Cf. Rhodomonas nano-sized
Apedinella spinifera
Green coccoid 2-4 μm (isolated on agar)

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