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  April 2008
                       Zion Outreach
                           April 2008

                     Zion Lutheran Church
                 The Reverend James R. Reemts
                    Home Phone: 342-4180

    Zion Lutheran Church
    P.O. Box 202
    183 William Street
    Portland, CT 06480

    Telephone 860-342-2860

    E-mail: zion.lutheran@snet.net
    Web site: www.zionlutheranportland.org

                  Worship—Sunday—9 a.m.
             Sunday School/Coffee Hour 10:15 a.m.

    Council Members:
    Kathy Richards - President
    Beth Keser - Vice President
    Mary Wagner - Secretary
    Richard Borg, Jr. - Treasurer
    Conny Bower - Assistant Treasurer
    Donna Berndtson - Financial Secretary
    Other members: Barbara Helming, Ivar Jozus, Paula Brown,
    Chris Cote, Lisa Peterson, Tom Keser, John Stokke, Henry
    Klick, Richard Murphy

    Mission Statement
    As members of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, We
    exist to honor and proclaim the life of Jesus Christ
    through our words, actions and deeds.
Brothers and sisters in Christ,

        As I sit to write this letter I am preparing for a week
of vacation. It is Sunday afternoon and starting tomorrow
Joyce and I will be taking a week off together. As people
were shaking my hand as they were leaving church this
morning, (after I had announce that I would be on vacation
for the next week,) people kept asking me, “Are you going
somewhere on your vacation, or are you just taking it
easy?” (I must admit that I was a bit evasive with my an-
swers, fearing that if people heard that we were hanging
around here that I might get phone calls that would interrupt
a needed break.)
        But I found the question an interesting one. There
were two choices: 1.Going somewhere, or, 2. Just taking it
easy. Both are acceptable answers. A vacation is meant to
be a time away from the regular routine. Just a relaxing
break can be a good thing while having an agenda to go and
see or do something is also good.
        It struck me that this is analogous to our life of faith.
Our walk with God can take on different shapes as well.
Sometimes we just need to get away. Sometimes finding in
our faith a simple break from the routine and from the pres-
sures of life can be “exactly what the doctor ordered.” But
sometimes more than that is warranted. Sometimes we need
to be “going somewhere” with our faith. On occasion we
are called to use our commitment to Christ as a challenge or
calling to help take us to new places and to see new things.
God likes to lead us forward in our lives and to challenge us
to take on fresh directions in our lives.
        What is best for you and your faith right now? Do
you need a time apart? Then take it gladly and listen as God
would say to you in echoes of our Gospel lesson this morn-
ing, “Peace be with you.” Or maybe this is one of those
times when God is trying to lead you to new sights and
places where you can serve Him in fresh ways. Consider

    that possibility as well. Maybe it is time for you to go some-
    place new in His service. Either way, know that He will be
    there with you.

    In His service and yours,

    Pastor Jim

    A Special Note -- Newsletter Lite -- A Special Note

    This April edition of Zion’s newsletter is sort of a
    “newsletter lite” edition. Since the deadline came right in
    the midst of the Easter rush, and also as we were in the midst
    of a string of four funerals in less that two weeks, there may
    not be as many articles as normal. We will be back to nor-
    mal for the next edition. For now – I hope that this will be

                      Those Receiving First Communion
                              March 16, 2008

                                Jacqueline Brown
                                   Tyler Ghent
                                 Justin Willette

This was
sent to us
by Lucy

       At the Altar
       March 5, 2008
       March 10, 2008
    George E. Hanson

        March 15, 2008
        March 19, 2008
    Norma Hall Olson

        March 18, 2008
        March 22, 2008
    Clifford Gustafson

        March 21, 2008
        March 25, 2008
    Ernst Karl Vogt, Sr.

The family of George Hanson extends our thanks for your sup-
port, cards, sympathy, food and flowers following George's death.
Special appreciation to Pastor Jim and Valerie, to John Stokke for
making sure all went smoothly for the funeral, to Sandy for sing-
ing, and to David Werner for tolling the chime after the service.
Our gratitude to Mary Wagner and all who contributed food and
worked to organize the reception. The family also thanks his
friends and relatives who visited George over the past few months
and years, including Dawn May and the Outreach Committee.

     To all who helped with the Olson funeral
     Thank you for all your efforts and work, it is
     much appreciated.

     Norma Olson’s daughters
     Doris and Pam, and other family members

           We Welcome to the Congregation
              Zion’s Newest Members
           Baptized Today, March 30, 2008
                 William Andrew Srb
             Parents: Ben and Holy Srb
         Sponsors: Marli Field and Justin Srb
               Thomas James Hetrick
       Parents: Robert, Jr. and Heather Hetrick
    Sponsors: Kyle Fitzgibbons and Wendy Violissi

      The family of Ernst Vogt would like to thank the ladies
      of Zion for once again putting on a wonderful reception
      after the funeral. Your hard work was very much ap-
      preciated by all of us.

             Children’s Clothing Tag Sale
                  Saturday, April 5
                    10 am - 1 pm
       Fellowship Hall at Zion Lutheran Church
Items for sale
Shop for the following items: infants and children's clothing (girls up
to size 14 and boys up to size 16), snow pants, coats, hats, shoes, boots,
cleats, dance shoes and costumes, nursing tops and maternity clothes.
Also, for sale will be baby equipment, large Little Tykes toys, sporting
equipment and children's bikes.

                Portland CROP Hunger Walk, April 27, 2008
                Organized locally, the Portland CROP Hunger Walk
                seeks walkers and supporters to help stop hunger and
                poverty here in our community and around the world.
                CROP means Communities Responding to Overcome
We’ll meet on Sunday, April 27 at First Congregational Church, 554
Main Street in Portland. Registration is at 1:00 p.m. and the walk be-
gins at 1:30. The walk to, across, and back the Arrigoni Bridge, and
then back to First Congregational Church is approximately four miles
long. You may walk any or all of the distance. Sponsor sheets are
available at First Congregational Church and checks made be made
payable to CWS/CROP. Please bring a non-perishable food item for
the Portland Food Bank. A matching gift program will donate one dol-
lar to CROP for each food item.
This year Portland and some 2,000 cities and towns nationwide are
joining together in interfaith community CROP Hunger Walks around
the theme "We walk because they walk." Walkers proclaim their soli-
darity with the millions of neighbors around the world who have to
walk to live -- as well as with the millions served by local food pan-
tries, food banks, and meal sites here in the U.S. These local ministries
share in the funds raised by CROP Hunger Walks. 25% of the funds
raised will go to the Portland Food Bank.
For more information about the CROP Hunger Walk, contact Deb
Hunt at 342-4435 or First Congregational Church of Portland at 342-
3244. You can also visit www.cropwalk.org.
     April 6, 2008 Third Sunday of Easter
     Kathy Richards - Lector
     Mary Wagner - Worship Assistant
     Christina LaRosa and Cheryl Heyl - Acolytes
     Walter and Carol Tacke - Ushers/Greeters
     Pauline Neumann - Altar Guild

     April 13, 2008 Fourth Sunday of Easter
     Donna Berndtson - Lector
     Peter Willse - Worship Assistant
     Cory Nesci and Ryan Healy - Acolytes
     Walter and Carol Tacke - Ushers/Greeters
     Pauline Neumann - Altar Guild

     April 20, 2008 Fifth Sunday of Easter
     Kathy Richards - Lector
     Fran Connelly - Worship Assistant
     Avery May and Becky Mancini - Acolytes
     Walter and Carol Tacke - Ushers/Greeters
     Pauline Neumann - Altar Guild

     April 27, 2008 Sixth Sunday of Easter
     Nancy Beebe - Lector
     Pauline Neumann - Worship Assistant
     Zachary L’Hote and Cheryl Heyl - Acolytes
     Walter and Carol Tacke - Ushers/Greeters
     Pauline Neumann - Altar Guild

            Pictorial Directory

     Good news!! Zion will be doing a new Pictorial Directory this
     Professional photographers will be at Zion on the following dates:

                   Wednesday April 23rd          3 pm to 9:30 pm

                   Thursday April 24th           3 pm to 9:30 pm

                   Friday April 25th             3 pm to 9:30 pm

                   Saturday April 26th           10 am to 5 pm

     We need all of Zion’s families to participate! Each family that is
     photographed will receive a free 8x10 photo and a free copy of the
     directory. Additional photos may be ordered. Photo selection and
     ordering will occur immediately after the photos are taken. Sign ups
     will start Today.

                The Word in Season Daily Devotions
                for April, May and June are in and are
                available in the lounge.
Can you answer these questions about Biblical Liars?

(Answers on page 19)

1. Who told the first lie?

2. Who told his wife to lie to Pharaoh?

3. Who lied to God about laughing?

4. What did Jacob lie to his father to obtain?

5. Jacob woke up in bed with the wrong wife because he was
   deceived by whom?

6. Who did Potiphar’s wife falsely accuse of making sport of

7. Who was Rahab protecting when she lied to the search party
   in Jericho?

8. Who lied to Philistine Achish about the locations of his raid-
   ing expedition?

9. To trick her father, Saul, what did Michal put goats’ hair

10. Who did Ananias and Sapphira lie to?

                               Calling All Drivers!

              Do you have a clean driver’s license? Do you have
              spare time? Have you ever thought it would be nice to
              “give back” by helping others? If you are reading this
              and thinking to yourself, “Yes that sounds like me” then
please call us!
We are in urgent need of people who would be willing to volunteer a
few hours a month to help drive the elderly to medical appointments
and Veterans to the VA Hospitals. We work around your schedule and
ask only for a commitment of four hours a month.
Don’t procrastinate … Spring is the time for new beginnings!
Call 347-5661 to register for our next monthly volunteer training ses-
St. Luke’s Eldercare Solutions of Central Connecticut

             Rehearsals for Choir and Chime Choir are Wednesdays
             at 6:30 p.m. for the Chime Choir and 7:30 p.m. for the
             Choir. The Choir and Chime Choir are always looking for
             new member. Please contact Barbara Hanson at 613-0701
             for details.

                      Sunny Hill Preschool News

                Zion Lutheran Sunny Hill Preschool is currently regis-
tering students for the 2008-2009 school year. In addition to the exist-
ing three- and four-year-old preschool programs, Sunny Hill is offering
a new kindergarten readiness program this year for five-year-olds
whose parents feel they may need an extra year of preschool before
starting kindergarten. Please be sure to spread the word to family,
friends, and neighbors about Sunny Hill’s high-quality programs!
The Sunny Hill Preschool Board of Director’s meeting is April 3rd
at 6:30.
Sunny Hill will be closed for spring vacation from April 14th through
April 18th.
The Worship & Music Committee will meet on April
10th at 7:00 p.m.
         The Grace Guild April meeting is Monday, April 21 at
         7:00. We will have a speaker from the Northern Mid-
         dlesex YMCA tell us about the Y programs in the
         community, such as the Portland After School pro-
         gram. All members of the congregation are welcome
         to attend and find out how the Y is more than swim-
         ming and exercise. Hostesses are Carol Kapitzke and
         Brenda Bell.

         The Easter bread sale fundraiser was a big success,
         with $224.75 earned, plus $200 from Thrivent for a
         total of $424.75 for the Pastor's Contingency Fund
         Thank you to all who supported it, and to Loraine
         Taylor, Phyllis Peterson and Carol Kapitzke for mak-
         ing it happen.

         Grace Guild Reminder: save you Campbell Soup
         labels for the Cromwell Children’s Home. They will
         benefit by receiving educational and computer sup-
         plies. There is a container for them by the front door
         or give them to a Grace Guild member.

         Grace Guild News: Raffle items are needed for Ital-
Please   ian Night We are looking for donations of new or
         gently used items that someone would love to take
Donate   a chance on. There will be a box in the narthex for
         this collection starting March 30th. We would like all
         items by April 21st. Please call Carol McAllister at
         342-1086 with questions or if you would like to help.
         Items for raffle will be on display for viewing, Sunday
         morning April 27.

               LIAR, LIAR!

               1. Satan (Genesis 3:4)

               2. Abraham (Genesis 12:13)

               3. Sarah (Genesis 18:15)

               4. A blessing (Genesis 27:19)

               5. Laban (Genesis 29:18-24)

               6. Joseph (Genesis 39:17)

               7. The spies (Joshua 2:4)

               8. David (1 Samuel 27:10)

               9. An idol (1 Samuel 19:13-17)

               10. The Holy Spirit (Acts 5:3)

                                     Donate a car… change a life! Get a
                                     nice tax deduction and help a fam-
                                     ily in need. Unlike many adver-
tised car donation programs, we are not a for-profit liquidator. Good
New Garage is an established 11-year old non-profit who has proudly
awarded over 3,000 vehicles New England-wide. All donations qualify
for a tax deduction.
To donate call 1-877-Give-Auto or visit www.GoodNewsGarage.org

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