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									                 Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission
                      Commission Meeting Minutes
                               July 26, 2010

Commissioners                         Absent
David T. Williams, Chair              Bill Bauer, Vice-Chair
David Daugherty, Commissioner         Jacqui Romer-Sensky, Commissioner
Frank Anderson, Commissioner          Jack Licate, Commissioner
Michelle Dillingham, Commissioner

Michael Rench, Administrator; Eileen Corson, Communications Director;
Kathleen Luebbert, Contract Services Director; Chris Hansen, Chief Financial
Officer; Marc Protsman, Fiscal Officer; Erik Williamson, BDD Director; Brandi
Scales, Legislative Liaison; Kim Hartman, Assistant Legal Counsel; Janet Cool,
QA Manager; Shirley Marchi, Executive Assistant; James Clinkscale, CAC

Randall Jones, CAC; Calvin Davis, PBS; Denise Williams, CAC; Darlene
Clinkscale, CAC; Suzanne Minnich, Brain Injury Association; Julie Keil, OARF;
Faye Spratley; Sue Jones; Janet Miller CPO; Carl Laule, CAC; Stephen Thomas,
CAC; Shonda Causey, CAC; Arthur Young, CAC; Holly Hunt, Goodwill
Columbus; James Curry, CAC; Kiana Hill, CAC; Greg Powers, CAC; Deb
Shinoskie, Goodwill Columbus; Nathanial Jones, CAC; Mario DeSantis, ODMH;
Holly Pendell, NMSS Ohio

Open Session/Call to Order
At 9:00 a.m., Chair Williams convened the Open Session of the July 26, 2010
Commission Meeting at the Statehouse, Atrium, Columbus, OH.

Approval of Agenda
Commissioner Daugherty moved to approve the agenda, seconded by
Commissioner Anderson. Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes
Commissioner Anderson moved to approve the May 19, 2010 Commission
Meeting Minutes, seconded by Commissioner Daugherty. Motion carried.

Legislative Ad Hoc Committee Report
Commissioner Anderson reported the Legislative Ad Hoc Committee met on
June 16, 2010. Legislative Liaison Brandi Scales reported the U.S. Senate
approved the extension of Unemployment Benefits for over 150,000 Ohioans and
RSC Commission Meeting Minutes
July 26, 2010                                                              Page 2

almost 2.5 million Americans. This extension will last through November 2010
and is retroactive.

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) unveiled a new
website      for       unemployed        Ohioans: connects users to information and resources from both
public and private entities that can help them search for a job, find education and
training opportunities, and learn about the many other services and supports that
might be available to them.

The new federal health care reform law requires the U.S Department of Health
and Human Services to set up a temporary health insurance program – or
“high‐risk pool” – in each state for uninsured people with preexisting health
conditions. Each state had the option to determine whether it would run its own
high‐risk pool or have the federal government run the program instead. Ohio
decided to establish an Ohio specific high risk pool. The Department of Insurance
will begin taking applications on August 1st for coverage which will be effective
September 1st. The program will last until 2014, when full federal reforms will
take effect.
The Ohio Legislature is on recess and will only schedule sessions as needed in
In addition Ms. Scales reported the Budget Planning and Management
Commission met three times. Discussions have included discussing solutions for
the budget gap projected at $4 billion or $8 billion for the next biennium and
understanding more about the gap and what led to the gap.
RSC went before the Controlling Board on July 17, 2010 with a request to waive
competitive selection in the amount of $1,300,000.00 for FY11 to contract with
Griffin-Hammis Associates, to implement a statewide supported and self-
employment demonstration, training, and technical assistance project. The
request was approved without being held.
Juniors and seniors from all over the state came to Columbus to learn more
about Leadership and Advocacy via the Governor’s Council on People with
Disabilities’ Youth Leadership Forum (YLF). Youth heard a panel presentation in
the House Finance Committee Room.
Finally, Ms. Scales reported Senator Sherrod Brown won a seat on the Senate
Appropriations Committee. The committee approves all federal spending for
programs that are authorized annually, such as defense, education, housing and
RSC Commission Meeting Minutes
July 26, 2010                                                            Page 3

Budget and Audit Committee Report
Commissioner Daugherty reported the Budget and Audit Committee met on June
30, 2010 (attachment A). The May FFY 2010 monthly budget report was
reviewed with the committee. Meeting highlights include slight increase in
spending levels for VR Case Services, the VRP3 Program and the Board of
Regents Program, a potential Maintenance of Effort shortfall for the year, and
concerns regarding the status of State General Revenue Fund. CFO Hansen
reported on the Monthly budget (attachment B).

Program Planning Committee Report
QA Manager Cool reported the Committee met on June 24, 2010. There are no
significant changes to the Program Planning Committee Charter. Two additional
items have been completed on the Recommendations Response Scorecard -
one RSA finding and one Performance Audit finding. All agency policies will be
coordinated through Chief Legal Counsel but each bureau/team will be the
subject matter expert. The Strategic Plan was updated at the last Commission
Meeting. Quarterly updates will be provided to the Commissioners. The VR
State Plan has been filed with RSA. We are waiting on RSA approval.

Two Administrative Rules
Assistant Legal Counsel Hartman reported Rule 3304-1-15, Employee Access to
Confidential Personal Information is a new rule and establishes criteria for when
and how RSC employees may access personal confidential information and how
RSC will track such access. Commissioner Daugherty moved to approve Rule
33-04-1-15, seconded by Commissioner Anderson. Motion carried.

Roll Call
      Commissioner Daugherty – Aye Commissioner Anderson - Aye
      Commissioner Dillingham – Aye Commissioner Williams – Aye

Ms. Hartman reported on Rule 3304-1-02 which converts any reference to the
“Executive Director” to be interpreted as a reference to the “Administrator.”
Commissioner Daugherty moved to approve Rule 3304-1-02, seconded by
Commissioner Dillingham. Motion carried.

Roll Call
      Commissioner Daugherty – Aye Commissioner Anderson - Aye
      Commissioner Dillingham – Aye Commissioner Williams – Aye
RSC Commission Meeting Minutes
July 26, 2010                                                        Page 4

On-Line Café Conversations Update
Communications Director Corson reported two on-line Café Conversations were
held on June 24, 2010. People were directed in a chat room where they could
read each others feedback. The feedback is posted on the website.

Consumer Advisory Council
Commissioner Dillingham moved to approve Zachary W. Holler as a member to
the State CAC, seconded by Commissioner Anderson. Motion carried.

Directors provided program updates on their respective areas.

Public Comment
CAC Member Carl Laule stated RSC needs to hire more people with disabilities
to fill the retention issues in BDD.

At 10:45 a.m. Commissioner Daugherty moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded
by Commissioner Dillingham. Motion carried.

Americans with Disabilities Act 20th Anniversary Celebration
Commissioners participated in the 20th Anniversary of the Americans with
Disabilities Act event at the Statehouse Atrium.

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