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Satellite communications, earth observation, navigation and positioning
and control stations
                                                    VECTOR ANALYSIS

                                                    VAM is the Indra COTS solution for signals
                                                    measurement and spectrum surveillance
Overview                                            Architecture

VAM is an acquisition device that can be            VAM is a multi-client system that provides      The acquisition unit is composed by an
programmed by a client to automatically             an IF input channel for signals measurements,   industrial chassis with watchdog and
monitor carriers, measure and detect                and offers a TCP/IP interface for remote        digitizers embedded (Advanced option) and
parameters deviations, surveillance the full        M&C.                                            the Indra VAM software, developed
transponders spectrum and detect                    Typically, a down-conversion stage is needed    specifically for carriers measurement and
unauthorized use, increasing the QoS of             for RF signals characterization (Advanced       spectrum surveillance.
satellite operators and services providers.         option). VAM can be configured to               VAM collects all the measurements, detect
The current traffic plan is loaded to the VAM       automatically tune the proper frequency for     deviations and non-authorized signals,
through the TCP/IP interface. Then, the VAM         a certain channel acquisition, digitizes the    broadcasting them to all clients connected
can be configured to perform the                    full channel and process all the defined        through its TCP/IP interface.
measurement tasks:                                  signals at a speed of more than ten carriers
• RF (EIRP, center frequency, overall               per second.
  bandwidth, C/No)
• I/Q (symbol rate, bit rate, FEC and Reed-
  Solomon classification)
• Recording of signals and/or channels
  spectrum (resolution configurable)
• Calibration (Rx gain, rain fading, noise floor)

VAM Basic                                            VAM Advanced

Acquisition device: Spectrum analyzer                Acquisition device: High speed digitizer                                  • Symbol rate
Carrier measurements:                                Carrier measurements:                                                     • FEC, bit rate and Reed-Solomon
• Spectrum                                           • Spectrum                                                                  classification
• Center frequency                                   • Center frequency                                                        • I/Q plots
• Overall bandwidth                                  • Overall bandwidth                                                       • Alarms checking
• Satellite EIRP                                     • Satellite EIRP                                                          Spectrum surveillance
• C/No                                               • C/No                                                                    Speed: >10 carriers per second
• Alarms checking                                    • Eb/No                                                                   Full transponders acquisition up to 72 MHz
                                                                                                                               per second (at 800 Hz resolution)
Spectrum surveillance                                • Modulation (BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, m-PSK,
Speed: 1 carrier per second                            m-QAM), CW


                                                     RF analysis (EIRP, bandwidth, center                                      I/Q analysis improve the capabilities of carrier
                                                     frequency, C/No, spectrum trace) is                                       measurements and/or characterization: I/Q
                                                     performed over the carriers defined on the                                plot, symbol rate, bit rate.
                                                     database, or over detected non-authorized                                 Unknown signals can be measured and
                                                     signals.                                                                  classified against a catalogue database
                                                                                                                               depending on its bit rate, FEC and Reed-

VAM Specifications

 Standard TCP/IP Interface              VAM offers two TCP/IP ports for measurements broadcasting (Monitor port), configuration (Control port), and spectrum traces reporting (Traces port)
 Multiserver                            Different clients can be connected to the VAM for signals monitoring and spectrum surveillance
 Input channels                         Up to 2
 Digitizer                              Sampling frequency: 420 Ms/s
                                        Number of samples: 4M
                                        Y scale resolution: 12 bits
                                        Dynamic range: up to 1.5V (AC)
                                        Frequency reference: Internal or external (10 MHz)
 Watchdog                               Motherboard embedded. User-configurable (1, 5 or 15 min)
 RF measurements                        EIRP, center frequency, overall bandwidth (3dB method), C/No, spectrum trace
 I/Q measurements                       Symbol rate, bit rate, I/Q plots. FEC and Reed-Solomon classification
 Recording capabilities                 Recording of signals and/or transponders spectrum in ASCII files (frequency and power) in a programmed cyclic way, for further analysis
 API                                    Standard interface for VAM monitoring and control
 Calibration (option)                   Rx Gain: VAM can access to a pilot injection system to perform a programmed Rx gain calibration, improving the EIRP accuracy
                                        Beacon measurement: VAM can be configured to automatically measure a signal (beacon) to correct rain fading
                                        Noise floor: VAM can measure in a cyclic way the noise floor of the system, to improve the C/No determination
 Automatic spectrum surveillance        Signals not included on active traffic plan are marked as non-authorized access. Alarms are reported upon deviations

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