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					              CNC Machining Systems
              and Accessories
              Issue 2008/2009
	 Sign	Making
 large advertising signs, panel blanks, lighted acry-
 lic signboards – you can produce all of that quick-
 ly, rationally and nearly without size limitation

 everything that has to be done in the engraving
 studio, from nameplates up to sophisticated relief
 works – of course with highest precision

 manufacturing front plates and housings as well
 as production of prototypes and small lots of
 printed circuit boards

	 Industry	and	Manufacturing	Sector
 machining plastics, metal or wood – no matter
 whether needed for prototyping or serial produc-

	 Model	Making
 no matter whether you have to produce ship,
 train, plane or architectural models – a vhf CAM
 system always ensures premium quality

	 Rapid	Prototyping	&	Mould	Making
 milling threedimensional forms and models from
 a solid block – using quite different kinds of ma-

	 Switch	Cabinet	Production
 fully automatized engraving and milling of (serial)
 labels for cables and console panels, respectively
 warning and information signs

	 Special	Applications
 the flexibility of vhf CAM systems opens up several
 further fields of application – including customer-
 specific special designs
                                                  Welcome to vhf!
                                                  It is a pleasure for me that you are inter-
                                                  ested in our engraving and milling systems.
                                                  You probably have already noticed the most
                                                  significant change of this new catalogue is-
                                                  sue: for the first time we have printed it fully
                                                  coloured. But this is by no means everything
                                                  that’s new – again we have improved many
                                                  system modules and integrated new ones.
                                                  A new module is for instance an optical work-
                                                  piece and register mark recognition with a
                                                  camera system. So the milled contours will
                                                  fit perfectly to a printed workpiece. Very in-
                                                  teresting for processing metal is the resource-
                                                  saving minimum quantity lubrication. And
                                                  everyone who attaches importance to a com-
                                                  pact and protected control computer will be
                                                  happy about the Touch PC with its touch-sen-
                                                  sitive screen.
                                                  Often improvements have been made in the
                                                  details, but achieve great effects. As examples
                                                  we could name a cover for the automatic tool
                                                  change which protects it from heavy chip
                                                  loads or a pneumatic tangential cutting unit
                                                  which can cut also stronger materials.
                                                  On page 5 is a summary of important im-
                                                  provements. Please do not hesitate to contact
                                                  our friendly vhf team for any questions, if you
                                                  need a detailed offer or if you would like to
                                                  visit us for a presentation. A phone call or an
                                                  e-mail would be sufficient. And as a matter of
                                                  fact – we will also support you in word and
                                                  deed after you have bought a system.
                                                                          Frank Benzinger

All prices exclude VAT, customs duties and transportation/packaging fees • Deliveries are always subject to our Terms of Sale; we would be glad to send them
to you on request and you will find them on the internet at • All trade and product names mentioned in this catalogue belong to
their owners • Technical modifications and errors excepted • February 2008.
Picture credits inside front cover (from top to bottom): Harisch Werbetechnik, Bad Emstal; Detailor, Baisingen (3x); Postma & Partner, Delft; vhf camfacture,
Ammerbuch; Murrplastik, Oppenweiler; Detailor, Baisingen.
                                                                                                     CNC Machining Systems
General Information

                                                                                               Table of Contents
                                Structure of                                                   General Information
                                                                                               Don’t Hesitate to Test us...             6
                                This Catalogue                                                 Financial Facilities
                                                                                               Delivery and Installation Service
                                                                                               2 Years Warranty/Free Support            7
                                                                                               System Modules                           9
                                                                                               CAM Basic Systems                       11
                                                                                                     CAM 100 – CAM 450 Classic         12
                                                                                                     CAM 0505 – CAM 2025 Premium       16
                                                                                                     CAM 1010 – CAM 2040 Active Pro    20
                                                                                               Machining Units                         25
                                                                                                     Rotary Current Spindles           26
                                                                                                     High Frequency Spindles           28
                      n   System Modules                                                             Standard Spindle                  30
System Modules

                                                                                                     Dot Embossing Unit                31
                                             Using this chapter you can assemble your                Cutting Units                     32
                                             CAM system step by step. It shows units                 Oscillating Cutting Units         33
                                             (basic systems, spindles, fixing devices, ...)    Fixing Devices                          35
                                                                                                     T-Slot Fixing Attachment Set      36
                                             which are ready-to-use and are equipped                 Polystyrene Surfaces              37
                                             with all required accessories. So you can con-          Special Vacuum Tables             38
                                             figure a system which meets your demands                Grid Vacuum Tables                39
                                             exactly.                                          Accessories                             41
                                                                                                     Workpiece Levelling Unit          42
                                                                                                     Automatic Z Adjustment Unit       43
                                                                                                     Line Laser Unit                   44
                                                                                                     Optical Workpiece Recognition     45
                                                                                                     Automatic Tool Change             46
                                                                                                     Dust Extraction Unit              47
                                                                                                     Cooling/Spraying Unit             48
                      n   Production Software                                                        Minimum Quantity Lubrication      49
                                                                                                     Housings                          50
                                             Whether you want to cut out fonts or logos,             Safety Devices                    51

                                             mill three-dimensional moulds or emblems,               Control Panel                     52
                                                                                                     Touch PC                          53
                                             produce front plates or printed circuit boards
                                                                                                     System Racks                      54
                                             or if you just want to engrave signs – we offer         Tool Sets                         55
                                             the proper production software for any task.
                                                                                               Production Software                     57
                                             A selection of special engraving fonts com-       Cenon                                   58
                                             pletes this chapter.                              Cenon PCB                               62
                                                                                               Labelling Software ACS                  65
                                                                                               3D Software                             66
                                                                                               Engraving Fonts                         67
                                                                                               Expendable Items                        69
                                                                                               Collet Chucks/Spindle Accessories       70
                                                                                                     Collet Chucks, Cap Nuts etc.      70
                          Expendable Items                                                           Tool Fittings                     71
Expendable Items

                                                                                                     Carbide Lances/Knives             72
                                             Consult this chapter if you already own a vhf     Fixing Devices                          72
                                             CAM system and if you need expendable                   Fixation Bars                     72
                                                                                                     Hand-lever Clamping Devices       72
                                             items or other accessories, e. g. a special             Clamps                            72
                                             collet chuck for your spindle, special adhe-            Pneumatic Clamping Devices        73
                                             sive film for fixing your workpieces, or if you         Vises                             73
                                             simply need slide nuts for the T-slots of your          Polystyrene Stripes               73
                                             working table.                                          Vacuum Adaptor Mats and Fleece    74
                                                                                                     Special Adhesive Film             74
                                                                                               Miscellaneous                           75
                                                                                                     Accessories for Dust Extractors   75
                                                                                                     Slide Nuts                        75
                                                                                                     Reducing Bushes                   75
                                                                                                     Stop Rings                        76
                                                                                                     Lubricants                        76
                                                                                                     Switching Unit                    77
                                                                                               How To Find Us                          78
                                                                                               Offer Form                              79
                                                                                               The Companies of the vhf Group          80
                                                                                               vhf Online Shopping                     80
                                                                                               Order Form                              81
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                               

                        News from vhf: Products and Services

                                                                                                                                    General Information
Since we have published the last edition of our catalogue, vhf has presented several news and innovations which we would
like to introduce briefly on this page. It is also worthwile when you visit our News section on the internet from time to time.
There you’ll find the latest news from our development department and other pieces of information about vhf. Just visit our
web site and click on “News”.

n   Active Pro Line
                                                From 2005 on we have been offering all systems of the Active line also in a
                                                much more stable “Pro” version. This performance package has proven to
                                                be so successful that we have finally decided to offer just the Pro model in
                                                Here is a brief summary of its most important advantages: The drive units
                                                have become more powerful and precise by the use of high-revving motors
                                                with gearing. Two sliding carriages in x and y direction as well as an addition-
                                                ally doubled linear guide in x direction and a strengthened bridge construc-
                                                tion increase the rigidity of the whole system. See page 20 for more details.

n   Minimum Quantity Lubrication
                                                In addition to the already very economically working cooling and spraying
                                                unit, vhf now offers an electronically controlled minimum quantity lubrica-
                                                tion which reduces the required amount of lubricants to a few millilitres per
                                                hour. This lowers costs and workplace exposure and improves the quality of
                                                your workpieces at the same time.
                                                The primary goal of this kind of tool cooling is not to dissipate heat with cool-
                                                ing liquid, but to prevent the generation of heat by applicating the atomized
                                                spray directly onto the machining spot between cutting edge and workpiece.
                                                See also page 49.

n   Line Laser Unit
                                                You can now adjust your workpieces quickly and accurately with the help of
                                                laser beams. This adjustment is being made easy by two thin red lines which
                                                will be projected in a right angle onto the machine table.
                                                So a mechanical stopper won’t be necessary any longer. Moreover, such a
                                                stopper can probably interfere with the machining process. A decisive ad-
                                                vantage of this kind of workpiece alignment lies in the possibility of placing
                                                the workpieces at any position of the machine table. The two line lasers are
                                                mounted in an angle of 90 degrees at the bridge of the machine and so they
                                                change their position when the CAM system is moving. See also page 44.

n   Optical Workpiece Recognition
                                                This module – consisting of a CCD camera mounted at the z axis and appro-
                                                priate software – is used for an optical recognition of workpieces or register
                                                marks which are printed on them. The software independently aligns, scales,
                                                stretches or compresses the output graphics according to the captured posi-
                                                tion of the marks on the workpiece.
                                                This method is especially interesting when you want to cut or mill work-
                                                pieces which have already been printed. Alternatively, it is also possible to
                                                recognize the edges of the material when there can be/shall be no marks
                                                printed on the workpiece. See page 45 for further details.
                                                                            CNC Machining Systems

                                                                                   Visit Us...
General Information

                                                                       ... for example at a trade fair. We exhibit
                                                                       our CAM systems at about one dozen trade
                                                                       fairs per year in Germany and abroad. At
                                                                       this occasion it would be a pleasure for us
                                                                       to answer any of your questions. Please ask
                                                                       us for the dates or see the trade fair calen-
                                                                       dar on our web site at www.vhf-camfac-
                                                                       If you visit our company, we are of course
                                                                       able to go even more into the details of
                                                                       your problem. And if you bring along one
                                                                       of your own files (e. g. EPS, DXF, AI, HPGL,
                                                                       Gerber and 3D formats) we can process
                                                                       your project under practical conditions.
                                                                       Afterwards you can be sure that the CAM
                                                                       system will really be suitable for your ap-
                                                                       plication. Directions how to find us are on
                                                                       page 78.

                      vhf will be the right partner for you, too, if
                      you want to save your liquidity. We would
                      be glad to work out a leasing or financial
                      concept for a CAM system which is tailor-
                      made for your budget.
                      Especially leasing a CAM system has advan-
                      tages in the commercial sector: Your line
                      of credit remains untouched – so a leasing
                      contract does not have a negative effect
                      on the future engagement of your bank.
                      Moreover leasing rates are immediately
                      fully tax-deductible and remain constant
                      during the whole contract period. In most
                      cases, they can be financed directly from
                      your earned proceeds. And when the con-
                      tract period has ended, you can take over
                      the system for a defined residual value.
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                              

     Delivery and

                                                                                                                                   General Information
  Installation Service
When you order a new CAM system, it will
be delivered free of charge to Germany,
Austria and Switzerland. Friendly and com-
petent staff members will install the system
ready to use in your premises. For all other
countries we offer graded rates; within the
European Union, we only charge a well-
priced lump sum.
However, the service of vhf does not end
with the installation. In order to enable
you to start using your engraving and mill-
ing machine productively right away, you
will also get a comprehensive introduction
into the usage of the system. You will learn
about the operation of hard- and software
and about basic safety regulations. Addi-
tionally, you will get some tips and tricks
concerning the use of tools and materials.

                                                                                       2 Years Warranty
                                                                                   A vhf CNC machining system is made of
                                                                                   high-quality system modules which har-
                                                                                   monize well with each other. Prior to the
                                                                                   delivery, it will be tested in an extensive
                                                                                   trial run. The reliability of our CAM systems
                                                                                   has proven to be great, even under high
                                                                                   load and in everyday-use. That’s why all
                                                                                   components of the system have a warranty
                                                                                   period of two full years according to our
                                                                                   terms of guarantee.

                                                                       Free Support
                                           It is a self-evident part of the vhf philosophy to give you best support – also after
                                           the purchase. Thus our multilingual hotline would be glad to answer all of your
                                           questions via phone, fax or e-mail without further expenses for you. Together with
                                           our experts a solution will be found as quick as possible if you should get stuck.
                                           In most cases the possibility to exchange files via e-mail makes sure that you can
                                           continue your work within a short time span.
   CNC Machining Systems
System Modules                                            Basic Systems

These system modules are units which you can use
for assembling a complete system according to the
modular design principle. Such a CAM system can
exactly meet your specifications. All modules har-               Units
monize with each other so that you can choose from
any of the following four categories. You just start
your assembly with the basic system which has to be
equipped with different spindles, fixing devices and
further accessories.
                                                          Fixing Devices
We deliver the complete systems free domicile with-
in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Moreover, our
staff members will install and assemble your new
CAM system and give you an introduction so that
you can start using it productively already at the day
of delivery. You will also get a parts warranty for two     Accessories
full years on all systems.
10   CNC Machining Systems
CNC Machining Systems                                               11

  The first step to your new CAM system is to choose
  a basic system which consists of the mechanics and
  the CNC controller. You can choose from three model
          CAM Basic Systems

          The systems of the Classic line are robust and
          highly precise. They cover the smaller and me-
          dium positioning ranges and are also available
          as pure table systems.

                                                                     1. Basic Systems
      n   The systems of the Premium line have been
          developed especially for challenging industrial
          applications. They distinguish themselves by a
          more stable construction and more powerful
          drive units.
      n   The Active Pro line is particularly suitable for
          sign making, but also for similar purposes. It of-
          fers the largest positioning ranges – and this at
          an extremely favourable price.
  It is common to all type series that they can be used
  for real 3D works. All systems may be extended with
  further vhf system modules. On top of that, every type
  series is available with numerous different positioning
  ranges and passage heights – so there will always be
  a system which has the optimum size for your applica-
     12                                                                                     CNC Machining Systems

                            CAM 100 – CAM 0
                               CLASSIC                                              Technical Data
                   vhf’s Classic line has been present on the market successfully
                   since 1992. Numerous detail improvements of the basic me-        n   construction using high-strength aluminium
                   chanics which has proven its worth for more than thou-               profiles ensures extreme stiffness and low
                   sand times and a completely new developed controller of              weight
                   the third generation guarantee the state of the art. The very    n   T slot table for easily fastening workpieces
                   stable basic mechanics is a key feature. Its low-vibration           and fixing devices
                   construction with precise steel linear guides and highly         n   precise steel linear guides driven by hybrid
                   accurate hybrid motor drives makes the systems universally           motors
                   applicable for powerful milling works and finest en-             n   ball screw spindles free from backlash with
                   gravings. However, they are also excellent for special tasks         flanged bearings (x/y/z: 16 x 5 mm, other
                                                                                        leads are available)
                   like cutting, dispensing, marking or screwing.
                                                                                    n   dimensioning of x/z axis: 175 mm
                   We deliberately use high-tensile aluminium profiles              n   Teflon-coated rubber seal protects the spin-
                   for the construction of our CAM systems. The honeycomb               dles from chips
1. Basic Systems

                   construction of these profiles guarantees extreme stiff-         n   repetition accuracy +/- 1/100 mm
                   ness of the whole system and little weight. One decisive         n   3 end/reference switches, accuracy < 1/100
                   advantage goes along with this fact: There is less mass to be        mm
                   moved around with the axes. This leads to high process-          n   cable drag chains for all cables
                   ing speeds, little vibrations which become transferred to        n   easy-to-maintain construction
                   the substructure of the system and therefore to high-class
                   results. On top of that, due to the protective anodic oxida-
                   tion of the aluminium, your CAM system will always look as
                   if it were new – even after years.
                                                                                    What are Hybrid motors?
                   Due to a positioning range of up to 1,040 x 1,250 mm, these
                   systems are suitable for small to medium-sized workpieces.       Hybrid motors are brushless motors which are
                   However, you can push through larger workpieces in               equipped with high-grade ball bearings. They
                                                                                    have permanent magnets as well as electro
                   machine direction under the bridge, so that they can be
                                                                                    magnets. We always use them for driving vhf
                   processed by stages. When you think of the required ma-          CAM systems because they offer a number of
                   chine size, keep in mind that it may lead especially in the      advantages:
                   industrial sector to a greater economic efficiency when you      n rotational speed stability even under load
                   choose a bigger basic system for little extra expenses. If you      variations; this enables finer resolutions
                   produce several smaller workpieces on a larger panel,            n highest torque in the lower speed range, no
                   you can considerably reduce time and costs for tool and             complex and maintenance intensive gear
                   workpiece changing.                                                 units necessary
                                                                                    n lowest after-running and smallest transient
                                                                                       response – micro step operation increases
                                                                                       the positioning accuracy considerably again
                                                                                    n highest holding torque without brake dur-
                                                                                       ing standstill which leads to a generally in-
                                                                                       creased stiffness of the CAM system
                                                                                    n reduced risk of machine damage and injury
                                                                                       at blockage
                                                                                    n longest lifetime and maintenance-free

                                                                                    n our HighTorque hybrid motors are the high-
                                                                                       est-quality version of stepper motors

                                                                                    Scope of Delivery
                                                                                    n   engraving and milling system – see table for
                                                                                        sizes and positioning ranges etc.
                                                                                    n   controller CNC 580
                                                                                    n   manufacturing computer with flat screen
                                                                                    n   separate emergency stop button
                                                                                    n   complete cable set
                                                                                    n   delivery, installation and introduction with-
                                                                                        in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by a
                   The smallest vhf system – CAM 100 Classic                            friendly and competent vhf staff member
                   (positioning range: 290 x 335 x 70 mm)
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                                  13

                                                                                CAM 100 – CAM 0
Order Numbers
                                                                      These CAM systems are very robust and reliable; thus they
Description                Article No.                                are very well suitable for every-day usage in a development
Basic System                                                          laboratory, in a workshop or in the industrial production.
CAM 100 Classic            CM01-BT-CAM-100                            Due to their modular construction, the systems are easy to
CAM 200 Classic            CM01-BT-CAM-200                            maintain and meet all required safety standards.
CAM 220 Classic            CM01-BT-CAM-220
CAM 250 Classic            CM02-BS-CAM-250                            All systems from CAM 250 on are equipped as standard with
CAM 300 Classic            CM02-BS-CAM-300                            a stable underframe which ensures a safe stand. The ta-
CAM 330 Classic            CM02-BS-CAM-330                            ble systems from CAM 100 to CAM 220 are so compact that
CAM 450 Classic            CM02-BS-CAM-450
                                                                      they can be placed on every laboratory table. However, on
                                                                      request, they can also be equipped with an underframe.

Peripheral Equipment

                                                                                                                                        1. Basic Systems
Description                   Article No.
Underframe CAM 100            CM04-UG-100
Underframe CAM 200            CM04-UG-200
Underframe CAM 220            CM04-UG-220
Lift 260, passage 300 mm      CM02-BS-DL300
Lift 460, passage 500 mm      CM02-BS-DL500

Please see page 50 for Covering Caps and
Housings in different variants.

Special Devices for your CAM system (e. g. a
rotary axis for working on cylindric objects) are
available on request.

                                                                                CAM 200 Classic, here with covering cap
                                                                                (positioning range: 540 x 500 x 70 mm)

        CAM 100 – CAM 0 Classic

   Model           x/y Positioning                    Mounting           z Axis Lift          z Passage    Under-         Controller
                     Range (mm)                      Area (mm)               (mm)         Height (mm)       frame
   CAM 100 Classic       290 x 335                     500 x 600                 70                  105         *          CNC 580
   CAM 200 Classic       540 x 500                      750 x 850                70                  170         *          CNC 580
   CAM 220 Classic       540 x 500                      750 x 850   160, 260*, 460*      170, 300*, 500*         *          CNC 580
   CAM 250 Classic        540 x 750                   750 x 1.100   160, 260*, 460*      170, 300*, 500*      incl.         CNC 580
   CAM 300 Classic       790 x 850                  1,000 x 1,350   160, 260*, 460*      170, 300*, 500*      incl.         CNC 580
   CAM 330 Classic      790 x 1,000                 1,000 x 1,500   160, 260*, 460*      170, 300*, 500*      incl.         CNC 580
   CAM 450 Classic    1,040 x 1,250                 1,250 x 1,750   160, 260*, 460*      170, 300*, 500*      incl.         CNC 580

   * optional equipment
     1                                                                                    CNC Machining Systems

                            CAM 100 – CAM 0
                               CLASSIC                                             Further Advantages
                   A customer-specific equipment of the machines with op-
                   tional accessories is also possible. For instance, in combi-    n   high-class, EMC-compatible connectors at
                   nation with a fourth axis many additional opportunities (e.         the machine and the controller ensure a reli-
                   g. rotary axis with tailstock unit) become available. So            able operation
                   it will be possible to process workpieces from all sides for
                   manufacturing also more complex objects. If you should not
                   find what you need when you study our catalogue with the
                   standard systems, please tell us your exact specifications.
                   Even if you plan to integrate a vhf CAM system into an exist-
                   ing system of production sequences (production line), we
                   can offer you in most cases a practical solution.
1. Basic Systems

                                                                                   n   everything is in best order: all connecting
                                                                                       lines have been laid accurately in cable drag

                                                                                   n   full flexibility regarding the equipment: You
                                                                                       can mount for instance a spindle as well as a
                                                                                       cutting unit next to each other at the z axis
                                                                                       in order to perform not only engraving and
                                                                                       milling works but also cutting works on the
                                                                                       same system

                   CAM 450 Classic in a special design with complete housing
                   and automatic lift gate
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                  1

                                                     A good controller is as decisive for good results as a good
Technical Data                                       basic mechanics. However, this point is often being disre-
                                                     garded. CNC 580/980 is a three-dimensional controller
Common Features CNC 580/980                          for CAM systems with up to five axes. It is the link between
n simultaneous interpolation of up to five axes      the production software and the basic mechanics. CNC 580
n real 3-D processing                                is always part of the scope of delivery of all Classic systems.
n continuous velocity along the path, in 3D
                                                     Due to their more powerful drive units, the Premium and Ac-
  and real-time with dynamic pre-calculation         tive Pro systems will always be delivered with CNC 980.
  of path
                                                     The modern real-time operating system uses the potential
n greater smoothness of running, more pow-
                                                     of your CNC machining system to full capacity. Due to expo-
  erful and more accurate due to microsteps
  (1/64 step), automatic change-over to full
                                                     nential acceleration ramps and an automatic change-over
  step mode for greater rates of feed                to the full-step mode, the maximum speed will be reached
n high processing speed, exponential accelera-
                                                     quickly. The continuous velocity along the path and the
  tion ramps                                         resolution of 64 microsteps per step ensure clear edges of cut
                                                     and a high working speed, even when there are very narrow

                                                                                                                        1. Basic Systems
n easy adaptation of different software pack-
  ages via command set similar to DIN 66025          radii to be processed.
  (G codes) with many powerful features like
                                                     Four digital in- and outputs each serve for measuring and
  automatic tool change and workpiece or tool
                                                     control purposes, e. g. for the tool measuring key of the au-
                                                     tomatic tool change or for an electronically switched cool-
n 4 digital outputs (24 V, together max. 3 A)
  for controlling process flows (e. g. clamping      ing/spraying unit. The additional Ethernet interface offers a
  devices for workpiece feed) or extra devices       high data throughput and the possibility to integrate
n 4 digital inputs (24 V) for security appliances
                                                     the controller into your network. So the computer and
  (light grids, etc.) or measuring devices           the CAM system may also be located in different rooms.
n spindle interface (digital and analog)             On request, older vhf CAM systems and also some machine
n connection for control panel                       types of other manufacturers can be upgraded to this new
n connection to PC via RS 232 or Ethernet; the       controller. You will see: there are poles apart whether you
  Ethernet connection may also be used for           drive your machine with a simple controller or with a high
  easy equipment condition monitoring or re-         end controller like CNC 580/980.
  mote control/maintenance
n halt function with continue or program ter-
n status display via LEDs

n robust and isolated metal housing

n upgradable hard- and software

Power Data CNC 580
n output power 40 V each, max. 3 A

Power Data CNC 980
n output power 80 V each, max. 8 A

Connection Sockets
n   spindle controller for different spindle types
    (page 26 – 28)
n   electronic workpiece levelling unit for an
    evenly dipping depth (page 42)
n   automatic z adjustment unit (page 43)
n   automatic tool change (page 46)
n   automatically switched tool cooling (page
n   safety installations (page 51)
n   control panel (page 52)

                                                                                                    C 580
                                                                                         d speed: CN
                                                                             recision an
                                                                       hest p
                                                                For hig
     1                                                                                                 CNC Machining Systems

                         CAM 00 – CAM 202
                             PREMIUM                                                            Technical Data
                   The characteristics of the Classic model range apply in prin-
                   ciple also to the Premium line starting with CAM 0505: high                  n   substructure construction using high-
                   precision due to ball screw spindles free from backlash and                      strength aluminium profiles ensures extreme
                   a high machining speed in three dimensions due to the                            stiffness, low weight and highest load capac-
                   intelligent controller CNC 980. However, the Premium line                        ity
                   offers considerably more on top of that.                                     n   massive T slot table (thickness: 20 mm) for
                                                                                                    easily fastening workpieces and fixing de-
                   A feature which has to be pointed out especially is the great-                   vices using slide nuts
                   er stability of the system. The very stiff construction of                   n   precise steel linear guides driven by hybrid
                   the substructure using panel profiles offers great con-                          motors
                   structive advantages. The profiles that have been bolted                     n   stable underframe as integral part of the ma-
                   against each other horizontally ensure an extremely stable                       chine
                   machine table which is provided with a 20 mm thick T-slot                    n   ball screw spindles free from backlash with
                   plate of massive aluminium. The internal honeycomb struc-                        flanged bearings
1. Basic Systems

                   ture of the high-tensile aluminium profiles of which the                     n   2 axes in y direction enable a better distribu-
                   whole system is constructed is so resumed in principle in a                      tion of force and more flexible designs of cus-
                   large scale. This results in a maximum stability at minimum                      tom-made systems
                   weight and thus in highest driving dynamics.                                 n   dimensioning of x/z axis: 225 mm
                                                                                                n   Teflon-coated rubber seal protects the spin-
                   Thanks to more powerful drives with double linear                                dles from chips
                   guides and two y axes, it is also possible to work at higher
                                                                                                n   repetition accuracy +/- 1/100 mm
                   rates of feed on materials which are difficult to machine. A
                                                                                                n   4 end/reference switches, accuracy < 1/100
                   great running smoothness while machining the work-
                   pieces and therefore a first-class quality of the cut edges is a
                                                                                                n   cable drag chains for all cables
                   self-evident feature of the Premium line.
                                                                                                n   easy-to-maintain construction

                                                                                                Scope of Delivery
                                                                                                n   engraving and milling system – see table for
                                                                                                    sizes and positioning ranges etc.
                                                                                                n   controller CNC 980
                                                                                                n   manufacturing computer with flat screen
                                                                                                n   separate emergency stop button
                                                                                                n   complete cable set
                                                                                                n   delivery, installation and introduction with-
                                                                                                    in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by a
                                                                                                    friendly and competent vhf staff member

                                                                     Large format system
                                                                     CAM 1525 Premium with
                                                                     front clamping range
                                                                     (positioning range 1,550
                                                                     x 2,510 x 190 mm)
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                              1

                                                                         CAM 00 – CAM 202
Order Numbers
                                                                   The stable design also enables a construction of broader
Description               Article No.                              machines at a smaller depth. Just compare for instance
Basic System                                                       a CAM 2010 with a CAM 1020. Although both system have
CAM 0505 Premium          CM05-BP-CAM-0505                         a positioning range of slightly more than two square me-
CAM 1005 Premium          CM05-BP-CAM-1005                         ters, the machine front of CAM 1020 is only one meter wide
CAM 1010 Premium          CM05-BP-CAM-1010
                                                                   whereas the front of a CAM 2010 is two meters wide. So the
CAM 1015 Premium          CM05-BP-CAM-1015
CAM 1020 Premium          CM05-BP-CAM-1020                         mounting area will be better accessible. This means for you a
CAM 1510 Premium          CM05-BP-CAM-1510                         more convenient operation, a quicker change of work-
CAM 1520 Premium          CM05-BP-CAM-1520                         pieces and tools and the possibility to work on broader
CAM 1525 Premium          CM05-BP-CAM-1525                         plate formats (thanks to the push-through option).
CAM 2010 Premium          CM05-BP-CAM-2010
CAM 2015 Premium          CM05-BP-CAM-2015                         The Premium line is also more flexible regarding the size
CAM 2025 Premium          CM05-BP-CAM-2025                         of the machine. Starting with a positioning range of 550 x
                                                                   510 mm, there are numerous machine sizes in 500 mm steps

                                                                                                                                    1. Basic Systems
                                                                   available. The standard z axis lift can be either 190, 290 or
                                                                   490 mm. In principle it is also possible to manufacture spe-
Peripheral Equipment                                               cial designs or to integrate the CAM systems into complex
                                                                   industrial production environments. The inputs and outputs
Description                  Article No.                           of the controller allow the use of automatized accessories
Front clamp. range 250 mm    CM05-BP-FSB250                        and measuring units.
Front clamp. range 500 mm    CM05-BP-FSB500
                                                                   Even the very large CAM
Lift 290, passage 300 mm     CM05-BP-DL300
Lift 490, passage 500 mm     CM05-BP-DL500                         systems can be equipped
                                                                   with a housing for safety,
On request, we can equip the Premium line                          cleanliness and noise
CAM systems with a number of individual ex-                        protection reasons. The
tras which are not listed in the chapter “Acces-                   housings are available
sories”. We would be glad to provide you with                      in different variants, ei-
more details about:                                                ther partly or completely
n pneumatic clamping devices                                       enclosed, and with dif-
n systems for workpiece feeding                                    ferent door solutions.           CAM 1010 Premium
n rotary axis for working on cylindric objects                     Please see page 50 for           with housing
                                                                   further details.
An example for a special design of the Premium
line with a front clamping range for working on
housings etc. can be found to the left and on
page 19.

       CAM 00 – CAM 202

   Model                   x/y Positioning           Mounting           z Axis Lift          z Passage      Front   Controller
                             Range (mm)             Area (mm)               (mm)         Height (mm)      Clamp.
   CAM 0505 Premium                550 x 510           600 x 900   190, 290*, 490*      200, 300*, 500*       *       CNC 980
   CAM 1005 Premium              1,050 x 510         1,100 x 900   190, 290*, 490*      200, 300*, 500*       *       CNC 980
   CAM 1010 Premium            1,050 x 1,010       1,100 x 1,400   190, 290*, 490*      200, 300*, 500*       *       CNC 980
   CAM 1015 Premium            1,050 x 1,510       1,100 x 1,900   190, 290*, 490*      200, 300*, 500*       *       CNC 980
   CAM 1020 Premium            1,050 x 2,010       1,100 x 2,400   190, 290*, 490*      200, 300*, 500*       *       CNC 980
   CAM 1510 Premium            1,550 x 1,010       1,600 x 1,400   190, 290*, 490*      200, 300*, 500*       *       CNC 980
   CAM 1520 Premium            1,550 x 2,010       1,600 x 2,400   190, 290*, 490*      200, 300*, 500*       *       CNC 980
   CAM 1525 Premium            1,550 x 2,510       1,600 x 2,900   190, 290*, 490*      200, 300*, 500*       *       CNC 980
   CAM 2010 Premium            2,050 x 1,010       2,100 x 1,400   190, 290*, 490*      200, 300*, 500*       *       CNC 980
   CAM 2015 Premium            2,050 x 1,510       2,100 x 1,900   190, 290*, 490*      200, 300*, 500*       *       CNC 980
   CAM 2025 Premium           2,050 x 2,510        2,100 x 2,900   190, 290*, 490*      200, 300*, 500*       *       CNC 980

   * optional equipment
     1                                                                                    CNC Machining Systems

                         CAM 00 – CAM 202
                             PREMIUM                                               Controller CNC 90
                   Due to the construction with two y axes left and right of the
                   mounting area, special designs of CAM systems can be            n   The scope of delivery of your basic system
                   produced in many different variants. Whether you need an            includes the controller CNC 980 which can
                   uncommon working area or a cut-out in the machine table             drive up to five axes simultaneously. Its pow-
                   for a special application – just tell us your specific task.        erful output stages always ensure a smooth
                                                                                       machining process. You will find a detailed
                   An already standardized application for such a special ma-          description of all features on page 15.
                   chine is the housing production. For working also on the
                   fronts of very long housings, it is possible to provide the
                   machine with a recess at its front (see images on page 16
                   and 19) in which you can fix your workpieces vertically. The
                   workpieces which are being processed in this front clamp-
                   ing range may reach nearly down to the ground while they
                   are worked on at their top. This front clamping range has a
1. Basic Systems

                   standard depth of 250 or 500 mm and the width of the x po-
                   sitioning range (see table). On the rest of the mounting area
                   of the machine, you can fix your workpieces as accustomed.

                                                                                   Further Advantages
                                                                                   n   ball screw spin-
                                                                                       dles of high al-
                                                                                       loy steel ensure
                                                                                       stability, highest
                                                                                       precision and a
                                                                                       reliable power
                                                                                       from the High-
                                                                                       Torque drives

                                                                                   n   two y axes with
                                                                                       double     linear
                                                                                       guides each en-
                                                                                       able a low-vibra-
                                                                                       tion operation
                                                                                       and thus guar-
                                                                                       antee clear-cut
                                                                                       results    when
                                                                                       milling or en-

                                                                                   n   an     extremely
                                                                                       stable construc-
                                                                                       tion of the hold-
                                                                                       ing angles of the
                                                                                       bridge ensures
                                                                                       a powerful ma-
                                                                                       chining,    even
                                                                                       on large sys-
                                                                                       tems with a very
                                                                                       broad bridge

                   Detail view of the bridge with the z axis of a CAM 1525 Pre-
                   mium with high frequency spindle SF 600P
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                                  19

                                                    Multiple spindle systems for
                                                    processing several workpieces on
                                                    a larger panel

                                                                        The smallest system of this model range:
                                                                         CAM 0505 Premium with a positioning
                                                                           range of 550 x 510 x 190 mm (x/y/z)
     Detail view of the

                                                                                                                                        1. Basic Systems
front clamping range
   of a CAM 1010 Pre-
mium – very practical
 for working on hous-
               ings etc.

               All vhf CAM systems can option-
            ally be equipped with a rotary axis
            for processing cylindric workpieces

                              Just ask us if you need a special solu-
                                tion for fixing your workpieces – we
                                offer many possibilities to minimize
                                                   your setup times.

                                More than five square meters of work-                                 An extra high passage (here
                                ing area and highest stability: CAM 2025                              500 mm) with a long z axis
                                Premium with a positioning range of 2,050                             enables the processing of very
                                x 2,510 x 190 mm (x/y/z)                                              high parts
     20                                                                                     CNC Machining Systems

                         CAM 1010 – CAM 200
                            ACTIVE PRO                                              Technical Data
                   The Active Pro series is the measure of all things for appli-
                   cations which demand a large working area. Positioning           n   construction using high-strength aluminium
                   ranges of up to 2 x 4 meters are already part of the stand-          profiles
                   ard program. So it becomes possible to process all common        n   stable underframe as integral part of the ma-
                   plate formats. The CAM 2030 Active Pro displayed below               chine
                   with its positioning range of 2 x 3 meters has proven to be a    n   reversed rack-and-pinion drive with precise
                   real fast seller, especially for sign making applications.           double linear guides and hybrid motors for
                                                                                        x and y axis
                   The low-weight aluminium construction enables very high          n   high-revving hybrid motors with gearing for
                   acceleration rates; thanks to powerful hybrid motor drive            x- and y axis
                   units, it is possible to mill materials of nearly all hard-      n   two axes in y direction enable a better distri-
                   ness grades. A substructure made of panel profiles that are          bution of force and a broader scope for spe-
                   bolted against each other horizontally ensures high stability.       cial designs
                                                                                        z axis with ball screw spindles free from back-
1. Basic Systems

                   Its rack-and-pinion drive achieves a remarkable repetition ac-
                                                                                        lash with flanged bearings
                   curacy of 5/100 mm. Thus such a vhf CAM system does not
                                                                                    n   special vacuum table – with suction units in-
                   only produce excellent milling results for its size, it can
                                                                                        tegrated into the substructure of the machine
                   even be used well for engraving works. The z axis is driven          – makes it possible to exchange workpieces
                   by ball screw spindles and complies with highest demands             within seconds and offers high fixation force
                   concerning precision.                                                (e. g. suction power for CAM 2030 Active Pro
                                                                                        576 m3/h in four separately switchable cham-
                                                                                    n   dimensioning of x axis: 250 mm, dimension-
                                                                                        ing of z axis: 175 mm
                                                                                    n   repetition accuracy in x and y direction: +/-
                                                                                        5/100 mm; in z direction: +/- 1/100 mm
                                                                                    n   4 end/reference switches, accuracy < 1/100
                                                                                    n   cable drag chains for all cables
                                                                                    n   easy-to-maintain construction

                                                                                    Scope of Delivery
                                                                                    n   engraving and milling system – see table for
                                                                                        sizes and positioning ranges etc.
                                                                                    n   controller CNC 980
                                                                                    n   manufacturing computer with flat screen

                                                                                    n   special vacuum table with suction
                                                                                        units and vacuum fleece
                                                                                    n   separate emergency stop button
                                                                                    n   complete cable set
                                 Large format system CAM 2030                       n   delivery, installation and introduction with-
                                   Active Pro (positioning range:                       in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by a
                                   2,020 x 3,020 x 70 mm) with                          friendly and competent vhf staff member
                                integrated special vacuum table
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                                  21

                                                                           CAM 1010 – CAM 200
Order Numbers
                                                                              ACTIVE PRO
                                                                    A real highlight of this machine series is the special vacuum
Description                Article No.                              table which is integrated into the machine table and
Basic System                                                        included with the vacuum suction units in the system price.
CAM 1010 Active Pro        CM06-BA-CAM-1010P                        As it has been trimmed by surface milling, you will achieve
CAM 1020 Active Pro        CM06-BA-CAM-1020P                        an optimum plane parallelism. Your workpieces can be
CAM 1520 Active Pro        CM06-BA-CAM-1520P
                                                                    exchanged within just a few seconds and will be fixed with
CAM 2030 Active Pro        CM06-BA-CAM-2030P
CAM 2040 Active Pro        CM06-BA-CAM-2040P                        high adhesive force. During the milling process, the vacu-
                                                                    um table itself is protected by a fleece so that the tool cannot
                                                                    damage its surface. Please see page 38 for further details.
                                                                    Single modules can be taken out of the serial vacuum ta-
Peripheral Equipment                                                ble in order to fix extraordinary high workpieces at the
                                                                    open areas. So they can be processed at their face sides. With
Description                   Article No.                           single T slot plates which will be held on the table, some

                                                                                                                                        1. Basic Systems
Lift 160, passage 200 mm      CM06-BA-DL200                         workpieces can also be fixed with (clamp) attachments.
On request, we can equip these CAM systems
with a number of individual extras which are
not listed in the chapters “Spindles“ or “Acces-
sories”. We would be glad to provide you with
further details about:
n rotary axis for working on cylindric objects

n Single     T slot
   plates as sup-
   plement to the
   special      vacu-
   um table make
   sense when you
   have to fix e. g.
   (clamp) attach-
   ments for the
   production      of
   special parts

                                                                    All Active Pro basic systems are equipped with an integrated
                                                                    vacuum table; the suction units, too, are integrated space-sav-
                                                                    ingly into the underframe of the machine

       CAM 1010 – CAM 200

   Model                    x/y Positioning           Mounting      z Axis Lift      z Passage          Machine       Controller
                              Range (mm)             Area (mm)          (mm)      Height (mm)              Table
   CAM 1010 Active Pro         1,020 x 1,020        1,000 x 1,000     70, 160*        100, 200*        Special VT        CNC 980
   CAM 1020 Active Pro         1,020 x 2,020        1,000 x 2,000     70, 160*        100, 200*        Special VT        CNC 980
   CAM 1520 Active Pro         1,520 x 2,020        1,500 x 2,000     70, 160*        100, 200*        Special VT        CNC 980
   CAM 2030 Active Pro         2,020 x 3,020        2,000 x 3,000     70, 160*        100, 200*        Special VT        CNC 980
   CAM 2040 Active Pro         2,020 x 4,020        2,000 x 4,000     70, 160*        100, 200*        Special VT        CNC 980

   * optional equipment
   Basic systems with other dimensions on request
     22                                                                                       CNC Machining Systems

                         CAM 1010 – CAM 200
                            ACTIVE PRO                                                Controller CNC 90
                   The serial five axis controller CNC 980 makes the Active Pro
                   systems real all-rounders: milling spindles and tangen-            n   The scope of delivery of your basic system
                   tial cutting devices can be used both. They can be ex-                 includes the controller CNC 980 which can
                   changed easily – depending on the current application. So,             drive up to five axes simultaneously. Its pow-
                   for instance, it becomes possible to cut also digital printings,       erful output stages always ensure a smooth
                                                                                          machining process. You will find a detailed
                   textile and synthetical fabrics or veneer into shape.
                                                                                          description of all features on page 15.
                   This model range is ideal for working on metal when your
                   machine is equipped with a plasma-cut fixture. So you can
                   cut steel plates with a thickness of a few centimeters at high
                   rates of feed without mechanical strain on the CAM system.
                   A water container protects the substructure of the system.
                   Please contact us when you need a special design with
1. Basic Systems

                   specific dimensions. The construction of these CAM sys-
                   tems using panel profiles and rack-and-pinion drives for the
                   x and y axis which can be extended to nearly any size grants
                   as much freedom as possible. An example would be a system
                   with a size of 3 x 14 meters which we have manufactured for
                   the production of side plates of refrigerated trucks.

                                                                                      Further Options
                                                                                      n   the Active Pro
                                                                                          systems are also
                                                                                          available with a
                                                                                          greater passage
                                                                                          height – e. g.
                                                                                          when you work
                                                                                          on higher work-
                                                                                          pieces    (here:
                                                                                          200 mm passage
                                                                                          height and 160
                                                                                          mm lift)

                                                                                      n   realize    com-
                                                                                          pletely   differ-
                                                                                          ent processing
                                                                                          techniques on
                                                                                          one system: an
                                                                                          optional quick
                                                                                          change equip-
                                                                                          ment      allows
                                                                                          to quickly ex-
                                                                                          change spindle
                                                                                          and cutting unit

                                                                                      n   as an alternative
                                                                                          you can also use
                                                                                          a plasma cut-fix-
                                                                                          ture for cutting
                                                                                          different sorts of
                                                                                          metal; here the
                                                                                          workpiece just
                                                                                          has to be laid
                                                                                          on a metal grid
                                                                                          which covers a
                                                                                          water container
                   Detail view of the bridge with z axis of a CAM 2030 Active Pro
                   where a rotary current spindle SPC 1000 is mounted.
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                            23

                                              Due to their high precision, Active
                                              Pro systems are also well suitable
                                              for fine engraving works

                                                                   Using an optional CCD camera
                                                                   system, register marks on the work-
                                                                   pieces will be analysed in order to
                                                                   adjust automatically the alignment
                                                                   and scaling or the extension/com-

                                                                                                                                  1. Basic Systems
                                                                   pression of your graphics

       For a low-maintenance operation:
        the sliding carriages of the linear
       guides will be kept clean by a chip
         protection roof and a chip wiper

                                                                                    Stable underframe of the machine: verti-
                                                                                    cal crossbars make the system very rigid
                                                                                     – this leads to a low-vibration operation

                                                                 CAM 1020 Active Pro – a smaller variant of
                                                                 this model range with a positioning range
                                                                 of 1,020 x 2,020 x 70 mm (x/y/z); there is
                                                                 a fivefold tool change station for a cone
                                                                 change mounted at the front
2   CNC Machining Systems
CNC Machining Systems                                             2

  In the second step, you choose an appropriate ma-
  chining unit. Its quality determines that of your later
  results decisively. That’s why we offer a great variety
  for each kind of application and each price segment:
          Machining Units

          rotary current spindles – much power for great
          removal performance; they can also hold the
          biggest tool diameters

                                                                   2. Machining Units
      n   high frequency spindles – you will achieve best
          results with these precision spindles when you
          work at high rates of feed and high rotational
      n   standard spindle – a plain spindle at a reason-
          able price
      n   dot embossing unit – ideal for inscriptions in
          very hard sorts of metal
      n   cutting units – by cutting instead of milling,
          many materials can be processed quicker and in
          better quality.
  For selecting your suitable spindle, you can ask your-
  self two guiding questions. Of course, we would be
  glad to advise you in considering all relevant details.
  When should one choose a spindle with a high maxi-
  mum rotational speed? Usually you can follow for
  working on most kinds of plastics and non-ferrous met-
  als with smaller tool diameters (up to approximately
  8 mm) the principle “high rotational speed instead of
  high torque”. Here less force will act on the workpiece,
  this means an advantage of safety during the machin-
  ing process and smoother edges of cut. Furthermore
  you can process your workpieces at higher rates of
  And when should one choose a spindle with a high
  power output? A spindle with much force and torque
  is especially suitable when a high chip removal rate
  should be achieved using bigger tool diameters (from
  approximately 10 mm onwards) and when the work-
  pieces will be fixed solidly on the machine table.
     2                                                                                       CNC Machining Systems

                           Rotary Current Spindles
                     These rotary current asynchronous motors are due to their
                     high torque very well suitable for powerful milling works        Technical Data
                     with bigger tool diameters in plastics and metal. Maximum
                     rotational speeds of up to 40,000 RPM allow high rates of        Rotary Current Spindles, Generally
                     feed even when you are using medium tool diameters. As           n nominal power, rotational speed and chuck-
                     standard we offer rotary current spindles with up to 4 kW          ing capacity see table
                     nominal power.                                                   n tool change: manual with special wrenches
                                                                                        or with pneumatic cone change (see table)
                     A tempered and grind sleeve shaft with several bearings
                                                                                      n software-controlled frequency converter with
                     guarantees high precision. So even fine engravings can be
                                                                                        monitoring functions (temperature, overload
                     done. The intelligent controller enables constant rotational       etc.) and status indication via LEDs
                     speeds, even when the load is changing. On top of that, the      n compressor cooling unit for protecting the
                     spindles are fully software-controlled and integrated into the     spindles from overheating under high load
                     safety concept of the CAM system.                                  (see table)
                     All P models have a pneumatic cone receptacle which is a
2. Machining Units

                     prerequisite for an automatic tool change. Thus your ma-
                     chining process can go on in a highly automatised way. On
                     page 46 you will find appropriate tool change devices.           Requirements
                                                                                      Please note that you need a dry and oil-free
                                                                                      compressed air supply for all rotary current
                                                                                      spindles with pneumatic tool change or block-
                                                                                      ing air. You will need a constant pressure of 6
                                                                                      bar. The air consumption of the pneumatic tool
                                                                                      change can be disregarded, the consumption of
                                                                                      blocking air amounts to approximately 100 to
                                                                                      150 litres per minute. Depending on the whole
                                                                                      equipment of your CAM system, it is possible to
                                                                                      choose between different types of compressors.
                                                                                      Several questions may lead you to the right mod-
                                                                                      el: how high is the consumption of blocking air,
                                                                                      is there a cooling/spraying unit or a pneumatic
                                                                                      tool change, how long are the hoses, what is the
                                                                                      maximum noise level of the compressor?
                                                                                      The spindle types SPC 2000P, SPC 3800P and
                                                                                      SPC 4000P will be delivered with a frequency
                                                                                      converter which has to be installed in a 19 inch
                                                                                      system rack. The spindle types SPC 2000P and
                                                                                      SPC 4000P will be delivered with an extra com-
                                                                                      pressor cooling unit. For the installation of these
                                                                                      components, an appropriate 19 inch system
                                                                                      rack is required (see page 54).
                                                                                      For all spindle types from SPC 2000P on, there
                                                                                      are additional machine safety measures (see
                                                                                      page 50/51) required. Please ask us for detailed
                                                                                      advise regarding the precautions which have to
                                                                                      be taken for your system. The spindle type SPC
                                                                                      3800P can be used only on CAM systems of the
                                                                                      Premium model range.

                                                                                      n   ideal for heavy milling works, also with big
                                                                                          tool diameters
                                                                                      n   high precision
                                                                                      n   long lifetime of spindle bearings
                                                                                      n   adjustable rotational speed
                                                                                      n   high torque
                                                                                      n   large clamping range
                                                                                      n   software-controlled frequency converter with
                                                                                          monitoring functions
                     Rotary current spindle SPC 3800P with pneumatic cone change
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                                         2

Scope of Delivery
n   rotary current asynchronous motor
n   frequency converter SPC 980 in table hous-
    ing or 19 inch slide-in housing for SPC 1000;
    frequency converter for integration into the
    underframe of the system or for installation
    into a 19 inch system rack for SPC 1500; fre-
    quency converter for installation into a 19
    inch system rack for all models from SPC
    2000P onwards
n   collet chucks: always 3, 4, 6 and 8 mm, ad-
    ditionally for SPC 1500, SPC 2000P and SPC
    4000P: 10 mm, additionally for SPC 3800P:

                                                                                                                                               2. Machining Units
    10, 12, 16 and 20 mm; spindles with manual
    tool change will be delivered additionally
    with hook wrench, spindles with pneumatic
    cone change will be delivered additionally
    with one cone and hook wrench
n   shielded motor cable
n   cables to CNC controller
n   compressor cooling device for SPC 2000P
    and SPC 4000P

Order Numbers                                                            Rotary current spindle SPC 1000

Description                    Article No.
Rot. curr. spindle SPC 1000    CM12-SPC1000
Rot. curr. spindle SPC 1500    CM12-SPC1500
Rot. curr. spindle SPC 2000P   CM12-SPC2000P
Rot. curr. spindle SPC 3800P   CM12-SPC3800P
Rot. curr. spindle SPC 4000P   CM12-SPC4000P
For Re-orders
Collet chucks, cones
and accessories                page 70

                                                                         SK-30 cone in optional carrier       Controller SPC 980, e. g. for
                                                                         for SPC 3800P                        spindle SPC 1000

        Overview Rotary Current Spindles

    Model                Power           Power         Power           Rot. Speed                  Tool Block. Cooling          Chucking
                             S1*           S6**       Pmax***         Range RPM                 Change        Air        Unit    Capacity
    SPC 1000         1,000 Watt            ◯             ◯          3,000 – 30,000               manual        no          no     1 – 8 mm
    SPC 1500         1,500 Watt      1,900 Watt    4,100 Watt       5,000 – 30,000               manual       yes          no   1 – 10 mm
    SPC 2000P        2,000 Watt      2,400 Watt    4,000 Watt       3,000 – 40,000     pneum., HSK 25         yes         yes   1 – 10 mm
    SPC 3800P        3,800 Watt      4,600 Watt    6,600 Watt        1,000 – 24,000       pneum., SK 30       yes          no   3 – 20 mm
    SPC 4000P        4,000 Watt      4,800 Watt    6,000 Watt       3,000 – 40,000     pneum., HSK 25         yes         yes   1 – 10 mm
    * S1     mechanical output power under continuous load of the spindle (100% machining time)
    ** S6    mechanical output power during a simulated machining cycle (60% machining time, 40% positioning time)
    *** Pmax maximum mechanical output power of the spindle
    ◯	       value not determined
    Please ask us also for spindles with other power characteristics (output power, rotational speed range, torque, ...)
     2                                                                                      CNC Machining Systems

                         High Frequency Spindles
                     You should always decide for an HF spindle when your work-
                     pieces have to be produced with highest precision. Their        Technical Data
                     true running accuracy lies in the range of a few micrometers.
                     Due to their power of up to 1.3 kW, these spindles are also     High Frequency Spindles, Generally
                     suitable for medium tool diameters. The high rotational         n nominal power, rotational speed and chuck-
                     speed (up to 100,000 RPM!) enables amazing rates of               ing capacity see table
                     feed with small tool diameters.                                 n tool change: manual (SF 170 with quick
                                                                                       chucking device) or pneumatic
                     The spindles can be equipped with different kinds of tool
                                                                                     n connection for blocking air (except SF 160
                     changing devices. The smallest model, SF 170, for instance        and SF 170) which prevents entering of liq-
                     is available with a quick chucking device with which you can      uid and other foreign substances in the bear-
                     even manage a manual tool change comfortably within sec-          ing area
                     onds.                                                           n software-controlled frequency converter with
                                                                                       monitoring functions
                     The model SF 300 is either available with a manual chucking
                                                                                     n displays for rotational speed, load, spindle
2. Machining Units

                     device or a pneumatic chucking device. For all spindles
                                                                                       overload etc. from SF 300 up
                     with pneumatic chucking device, we recommend an auto-
                                                                                     n compressor cooling unit with 600 W cooling
                     matic tool change (see page 46) with which this process is
                                                                                       power for spindles from SF 1000P up
                     being executed fully automatized within seconds. All spin-
                     dles from SF 650P up are always equipped with a pneumatic
                     chucking device.
                                                                                     Please note that you need a dry and oil-free
                                                                                     compressed air supply for all high frequency
                                                                                     spindles from SF 170P up. If the spindle has an
                                                                                     pneumatic tool change, a constant pressure of
                                                                                     6 bar is required. The air consumption of the
                                                                                     pneumatic tool change can be disregarded, the
                                                                                     consumption of blocking air amounts, depend-
                                                                                     ing on the spindle size, to approximately 50 to
                                                                                     100 litres per minute. Depending on the whole
                                                                                     equipment of your CAM system, it is possible to
                                                                                     choose between different types of compressors.
                                                                                     Several questions may lead you to the right mod-
                                                                                     el: how high is the consumption of blocking air,
                                                                                     is there a cooling/spraying unit or a pneumatic
                                                                                     tool change, how long are the hoses, what is the
                                                                                     maximum noise level of the compressor?
                                                                                     The spindle types from SF 1000P up will be de-
                                                                                     livered with a compressor cooling unit. For its in-
                                                                                     stallation, an appropriate 19 inch system rack
                                                                                     is required (see page 54).

                                                                                     n   high rotational speed, infinitely variable rota-
                                                                                         tional speed spectrum
                                                                                     n   great rotational speed stability, even under
                                                                                     n   very silent operation
                                                                                     n   high efficiency at low weight and size
                                                                                     n   precision bearing
                                                                                     n   high reliability
                                                                                     n   completely software-controlled
                                                                                     n   quick chucking device respectively pneumat-
                                                                                         ic chucking device available

                     High frequency spindle SF 1300P
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                                        29

Scope of Delivery
n   HF spindle incl. motor cable and spindle car-
    rier with cooling ribs
n frequency converter (power depending on
    spindle type) incl. cables
n cooling unit for heat abstraction of the spin-
    dle (from SF 1000P up)
n collet chucks: always 3 mm, additionally for
    SF 300 to SF 1300P: 4 and 6 mm
The spindle type SF 160
has an adjustable height
compensator        in    its
mounting device for lev-

                                                                                                                                              2. Machining Units
elling height tolerances
of up to 5 mm mechani-
cally. The device is lock-
able for milling works.

Order Numbers
Description                   Article No.
SF 160                        CM13-SF0160-BK
SF 170                        CM13-SF0170-BK
SF 170P                       CM13-SF0170-P                            High frequency spindle SF 170 with quick chucking device
SF 300                        CM13-SF0300-BK
SF 300P                       CM13-SF0300-P
SF 650P                       CM13-SF0650-P
SF 1000P                      CM13-SF1000-P
SF 1300P                      CM13-SF1300-P
For Re-orders
collet chucks and accessories page 70/71

                                                                       High frequency converter (in-       Compressor cooling unit
                                                                       cluded in scope of delivery)        (from SF 1000P up)

        Overview HF Spindles

    Model             Power           Power          Power         Rot. Speed                    Tool Block. Cooling            Chucking
                         S1*            S6**        Pmax***       Range RPM                  Change         Air      Unit        Capacity
    SF 160          160 Watt            ◯              ◯        2,000 – 50,000                manual         no         no   3 – 3,175 mm
    SF 170          170 Watt            ◯              ◯        5,000 – 60,000        quick chucking         no         no   1 – 3,175 mm
    SF 170P         170 Watt            ◯              ◯        5,000 – 60,000             pneumatic        yes         no   1 – 3,175 mm
    SF 300          300 Watt        340 Watt       360 Watt     5,000 – 60,000                manual        yes         no        1 – 6 mm
    SF 300P         300 Watt        340 Watt       360 Watt     5,000 – 60,000             pneumatic        yes         no        1 – 6 mm
    SF 650P         650 Watt        830 Watt     1,200 Watt     5,000 – 60,000             pneumatic        yes         no        1 – 6 mm
    SF 1000P      1,000 Watt      1,100 Watt     1,600 Watt     5,000 – 80,000             pneumatic        yes        yes        1 – 6 mm
    SF 1300P      1,300 Watt      1,500 Watt     2,500 Watt     5,000 – 60,000             pneumatic        yes        yes        1 – 6 mm
    * S1     mechanical output power under continuous load of the spindle (100% machining time)
    ** S6    mechanical output power during a simulated machining cycle (60% machining time, 40% positioning time)
    *** Pmax maximum mechanical output power of the spindle
    ◯	       value not determined
    The spindle types SF 170, SF 170P, SF 300 and SF 300P are optionally available with a rotational speed range up to 100,000 RPM
     30                                                                                     CNC Machining Systems

                                 Standard Spindle
                     This spindle offers a nominal power of 560 watt and a speed
                     range of 10,000 to 30,000 RPM. The selected rotational speed    Technical Data
                     will be held constant even under load by an electronic cir-
                     cuit. This spindle is a reasonably priced alternative for all   n   nominal power: 560 W
                     kinds of works which do not demand highest precision. The       n   power consumption: 1,050 W
                     main field of application lies in drilling and milling wood,    n   rotational speed range: 10,000 – 30,000 RPM
                     synthetic material and aluminium.                               n   electronic circuit for constant rotational
                                                                                     n   chucking capacity: 3 – 8 mm
                                                                                     n spindle switchable (on/off) via software-con-
                                                                                       trolled-switching unit; integration into the
                                                                                       emergency stop concept
2. Machining Units

                                                                                     n   good-value spindle

                                                                                     Scope of Delivery
                                                                                     n drilling and milling spindle

                                                                                     n 4 collet chucks: 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm and 8
                                                                                     n hook wrench

                                                                                     n mounting block

                                                                                     n switching unit for automatic control

                                                                                     Order Numbers
                                                                                     Description                Article No.
                                                                                     Standard spindle           CM11-STD900
                                                                                     Switching unit             CM11-STDSE
                                                                                     For Re-orders
                                                                                     Collet chucks & accessories page 70

                     Standard spindle
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                      31

                                                                  Dot Embossing Unit
                                                        This unit has been especially designed for lettering metal.
Technical Data                                          It is possible to work on very hard types of metal like steel or
                                                        stainless steel. The tip of the tool is made of extremely hard
n   very high processing speed up to approxi-           metal and nearly free from mechanical wear and tear.
    mately 80 mm/s
                                                        This method works without chip removal as it would be
n   no rotating tool
                                                        the case in the engraving or milling process. The dot emboss-
n   workpiece surface will be compressed punc-
                                                        ing unit compresses the surface of the workpiece by numer-
    tiform by vertical oscillation of the inscription
    needle                                              ous little “hammer strokes“ with a thin needlepoint. The nee-
                                                        dle oscillates with a frequency of about 300 Hertz so that the
n   usable for nearly all kinds of workpieces (also
    tempered up to approx. 62 HRC)                      single dots adjoin each other very closely even at higher rates
n   inscription needle nearly free from mechani-
                                                        of feed. The inscriptions look as if they have been engraved.
    cal wear and tear                                   The dot embossing unit is powered by compressed air,
n   small height differences on the workpiece           a modification of the air pressure modifies also the dipping
    will be levelled                                    depth of the needle. Although the tip of the needle is

                                                                                                                            2. Machining Units
n   may be attached to all vhf CAM systems, in          nearly resistant to wear, it can be regrind if necessary. A
    many cases also in addition to an engraving/        dot embossing unit is a good supplement for an engraving
    milling spindle
                                                        or milling spindle when harder materials have to be inscribed
                                                        more frequently.

Please note that you need for the dot embossing
unit a dry and oil-free compressed air sup-
ply which has to provide the unit with 8 bar in
continuous operation. Depending on the whole
equipment of your CAM system, it is possible to
choose between different types of compressors.
Several questions may lead you to the right mod-
el: how high is the consumption of blocking air,
is there a cooling/spraying unit or a pneumatic
tool change, how long are the hoses, what is the
maximum noise level of the compressor?

Scope of Delivery
n   dot embossing unit
n   compressed air hoses
n   pressure control valve for regulating the com-
    pressed air between 4 and 8 bar

Order Numbers
Description                    Article No.
Dot embossing unit             CM14-PPK-GS

                                                        Dot embossing unit powered by compressed air
     32                                                                                       CNC Machining Systems

                                      Cutting Units
                     By using special cutting units, you can considerably extend
                     the range of applications of your CNC machining system. De-       Technical Data
                     pending on the material which has to be processed and the
                     accuracy which is necessary, there are different possibilities.   Drag Knife Unit
                                                                                       n very good bearing of the knife
                     The drag knife unit is a good-value solution for cutting
                                                                                       n adjustable cutting force
                     film. During the cutting process, the knife turns immedi-
                                                                                       n can also be mounted next to engraving/mill-
                     ately into the right direction due to its very good bearing.
                                                                                         ing spindles
                     Possible inequalities of the material will be levelled by the
                                                                                       n suitable for cutting film
                     spring-mounted knife. This unit shows its strengths espe-
                     cially in combined milling, engraving and cutting works, as       Tangential Cutting Unit
                     they come up often in sign making tasks (for instance when        n moveable lance with automatic justification
                     engraved plates should get coloured logos).                         into cutting direction
                                                                                       n for absolutely burr-free cutting-tasks, also in
                     The tangential cutting unit is more precise than the drag
                                                                                         thicker films
2. Machining Units

                     knife unit because the knife is being adjusted automatically
                                                                                       n optionally    available with quick-change
                     into the cutting direction. You should choose this unit if you
                                                                                         equipment for a quick exchange of spindle
                     have to cut thinner materials (film etc.) with high accuracy.       and cutting unit

                                                                                       Scope of Delivery
                                                                                       Drag Knife Unit
                                                                                       n spring-mounted knife-unit

                                                                                       n knife

                                                                                       Tangential Cutting Unit
                                                                                       n Tangential cutting unit incl. additional axis
                                                                                         card for CNC 580 respectively CNC 980
                                                                                       n lance

                                                                                       Order Numbers
                                                                                       Description                 Article No.
                                                                                       Drag knife unit             CM15-SK-SM
                                                                                       Tangential cutting unit     CM15-SK-TSK
                                                                                       For Re-orders
                                                                                       Lances/knives               page 72

                     Spring-mounted drag knife unit, here right of the spindle
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                 33

                                                         Oscillating Cutting Units
                                                    It is much better to cut some materials like foam rubber, card-
Technical Data                                      board or compounds with an oscillating knife into the re-
                                                    quested shape than to mill them with a rotating tool. Here
Oscillating Tang. Cutting Head (Generally)          a thin carbide lance moves up and down with high speed.
n moveable lance, automatic justification into      So it becomes possible to work on much thicker materials
  cutting direction                                 than just on film. Especially when cutting soft materials or
n high oscillation frequency                        materials which tend to fray easily, you get burr-free and
n for absolutely burr-free cutting-tasks, also in   clean-cut edges of cut. You will get absolutely precise re-
  thicker materials, optimally suitable e. g. for   sults because the lance is being adjusted automatically into
  model making, sign making, packaging tech-        the cutting direction. We offer two models which differ from
  nology, industry, ...                             each other mainly in their oscillation frequency and lift.
n for working on wallpapers, carpets, balsa
  wood, cardboard, rubber materials (seal-          The oscillating tangential cutting unit is electrically
  ings, mats), foamed plastics, many typical        powered and has a oscillation frequency of approximately
  sign making materials (PVC foam, polysty-         3,600 strokes per minute at a lift of approximately 3 to 4 mil-

                                                                                                                       2. Machining Units
  rene, Kappa, compound materials, capillary        limetres. So it is already well suitable for working on most
  plates), textile fabrics, leather, sandblast      kinds of materials.
  foils, pool foils, truck tarpaulins, ...
n optionally     available with quick-change        The pneumatic oscillating tangential cutting unit is
  equipment for a quick exchange of spindle         powered by compressed air and has a oscillation frequency
  and cutting unit (for another image, please       of approximately 9,000 strokes per minute at a lift of approxi-
  see page 22)                                      mately 10 millimetres. So it can be used for thicker materials
Oscillating Tang. Cutting Head (Electric)           and also at higher rates of feed.
n Oscillation frequency
                          ~ 3.600 strokes/min.
n lift approximately 3 to 4 mm

n lance oscillation electrically powered

Oscillating Tang. Cutting Head (Pneum.)
n Oscillation frequency
                        ~ 9.000 strokes/min.
n lift approximately 10 mm

n lance oscillation pneumatically powered;
  here a compressed air supply is necessary
  which has to provide at least 6 bar in continu-
  ous operation, the air consumption amounts
  to approximately 250 l/min.

Scope of Delivery
Oscillating Tang. Cutting Head (Electric)
n oscillating tangential cutting head incl. addi-
  tional axis card for CNC 580 respectively CNC
  980; electric cables
n lance

Oscillating Tang. Cutting Head (Pneum.)
n oscillating tangential cutting head incl. ad-
  ditional axis card for CNC 580 respectively
  CNC 980
n electric cables and pneumatic hoses incl.
  pneumatic oiler
n lance

Order Numbers
Description                  Article No.
Oscillating tangential cutting
head (electric)              CM15-SK-OTSK
Oscillating tangential cutting
head (pneumatic)             CM15-SK-OTSKP          Oscillating tangential cutting head (electric), mounted with
                                                    optional quick-change equipment
For Re-orders
lances/knives               page 72
3   CNC Machining Systems
CNC Machining Systems                                            3

  n       Fixing Devices
  The third step is to find an appropriate device to fix
  your workpieces on the machine table. You can choose
  between plain clamping or adhesive devices and
  vacuum tables.
  On the following pages, we would like to present you
  fixing devices of these kinds:
      n   fixing by hand-levers

                                                                  3. Fixing Devices
      n   pressing on by clamps
      n   gluing with special adhesive film
      n   sucking on vacuum tables
  However, we can also produce customer-specific fixing
  devices for your special kind of application, e. g. for
  the serial production of workpieces.
     3                                                                                    CNC Machining Systems

                     T-Slot Fixing Attachment Set
                    This twelve-part set contains three different kinds of fixing
                    elements and is used for fixing the workpieces directly over    Scope of Delivery
                    the T-slots of the working table of the CAM system.
                                                                                    n   4 clamps
                    The clamps are made of stable cast aluminium and press the
                                                                                    n   2 hand-lever clamping devices
                    workpieces with high force on the working table. The clamp-
                    ing height can be adapted to the height of the workpiece by     n   6 fixation bars (length: 125, 175 and 225
                    an adjusting screw.
                    The hand-lever clamping devices achieve with a hand
                    force of 100 N a clamping force of up to 2,000 N. By exerting
                    the hand-lever, the clamping jaw will be extended and press-    Order Numbers
                    es the workpieces horizontally against the fixation bars.
                    The fixation bars in three different lengths can be arranged    Description                    Article No.
                                                                                    T-slot fixing attachment set   CM21-TNUT
                    freely on the working table. They help you to fix your work-
                    pieces equally and quickly.                                     For Re-orders
3. Fixing Devices

                                                                                    Clamps, hand levers,
                    There are also pneumatic clamping devices available (see        fixation bars                  page 72
                    page 73) – on request even with a specific construction for a
                    serial production of the same workpiece type.

                                                                                        Fixation bars:

                                                                                        Hand lever
                                                                                        clamping devices:


                    T-slot fixing attachment set (here on polystyrene surface)
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                  3

                                                             Polystyrene Surfaces
                                                    The workpieces will be usually fixed with a special adhesive
Scope of Delivery                                   film on the polystyrene surface. However, an advantage of
                                                    the polystyrene surface is that the T-slots of the working ta-
n   polystyrene stripes, 6 mm thickness, trimmed    ble remain accessible, so that you can also use the T-slot
    by surface milling in size of the positioning   fixing attachment set or a vise within the area of this surface.
    range                                           We recommend to use the polystyrene surface as standard
n   1 roll of special adhesive film DX 2            for machines without a vacuum table.
                                                    The polystyrene surface will be trimmed directly on the ma-
                                                    chine by surface milling so that an optimum planar-parallel-
                                                    ism is being ensured. It can be trimmed for several times,
Order Numbers                                       thus you have to replace it only rarely. The single stripes have
                                                    a width of 40 millimetres.
Description                     Article No.
For Classic line:
Polystyrene surface CAM 100     CM22-PS-0100

                                                                                                                        3. Fixing Devices
Polystyrene surface CAM 200     CM22-PS-0200
Polystyrene surface CAM 220     CM22-PS-0200
Polystyrene surface CAM 250     CM22-PS-0250
Polystyrene surface CAM 300     CM22-PS-0300
Polystyrene surface CAM 330     CM22-PS-0330
Polystyrene surface CAM 450     CM22-PS-0450
For Premium line:
Polystyrene surface CAM 0505    CM22-PS-0505
Polystyrene surface CAM 1005    CM22-PS-1005
Polystyrene surface CAM 1010    CM22-PS-1010
Polystyrene surface CAM 1015    CM22-PS-1015
Polystyrene surface CAM 1020    CM22-PS-1020
Polystyrene surface CAM 1510    CM22-PS-1510
Polystyrene surface CAM 1520    CM22-PS-1520
Polystyrene surface CAM 1525    CM22-PS-1525
Polystyrene surface CAM 2010    CM22-PS-2010
Polystyrene surface CAM 2015    CM22-PS-2015
Polystyrene surface CAM 2025    CM22-PS-2025
For Re-orders
single polystyrene stripes      page 73
special adhesive film           page 74

                                                    Trimmed polystyrene surface on the working table
     3                                                                                      CNC Machining Systems

                           Special Vacuum Tables
                    A key feature of this special vacuum table is that it can also
                    be used for milling works, e. g. fretworks or outline con-       Technical Data
                    tours. With most vacuum tables, it is not possible to cut
                    completely through the workpiece; time-consuming rework-         n   size: 15 models from 250 x 300 mm to 2,000
                    ing measures like manual separation and deburring follow.            x 2,500 mm
                    However, this special vacuum table makes these measures          n   height: 63 mm
                    obsolete, because it is protected by a special vacuum fleece     n   10,000 holes/m2
                    or a perforated rubber mat. They can be replaced from            n   different adaptor mats for different kinds of
                    time to time.                                                        applications available
                                                                                     n   vacuum suction unit (1,100 W, suction vol-
                    Thanks to the large vacuum chamber, the workpiece will still
                                                                                         ume 144 m3/h, 227 mbar negative pressure);
                    be fixed reliably even if some areas of the table are not cov-       number of necessary units depending on the
                    ered. The special vacuum table reduces the time for the              size of the vacuum table
                    workpiece exchange to a few seconds; you can’t fix your          n   table size and total suction volume:
                    workpieces in a more elegant way.
                                                                                     Table Size       Volume    Suitable for
3. Fixing Devices

                                                                                     in mm            in m3/h   System
                                                                                     250 x 300          144     CAM 100
                                                                                     500 x 500          144     CAM 200/220/0505
                                                                                     500 x 750          144     CAM 250
                                                                                     750 x 1.000        288     CAM 330
                                                                                     1,000 x 500        288     CAM 1005
                                                                                     1,000 x 1,000      288     CAM 1010
                                                                                     1,000 x 1,250      288     CAM 450
                                                                                     1,000 x 1,500      288     CAM 1015
                                                                                     1,000 x 2,000      288     CAM 1020
                                                                                     1,500 x 1,000      432     CAM 1510
                                                                                     1,500 x 2,000      432     CAM 1520
                                                                                     1,500 x 2,500      432     CAM 1525
                                                                                     2,000 x 1,000      576     CAM 2010
                                                                                     2,000 x 1,500      576     CAM 2015
                                                                                     2,000 x 2,500      576     CAM 2025

                                                                                     Scope of Delivery
                                                                                     n   special vacuum table with suction unit
                                                                                     n   suction hose with connecting pieces
                                                                                     n   vacuum fleece

                                                                                     Order Numbers
                                                                                     Description                     Article No.
                                                                                     Vacuum table 250 x 300 mm       CM23-SV-0100
                                                                                     Vacuum table 500 x 500 mm       CM23-SV-0200
                                                                                     Vacuum table 500 x 750 mm       CM23-SV-0250
                                                                                     Vacuum table 750 x 1000 mm      CM23-SV-0330
                                                                                     Vacuum table 1000 x 500 mm      CM23-SV-1005
                                                                                     Vacuum table 1000 x 1000 mm     CM23-SV-1010
                                                                                     Vacuum table 1000 x 1250 mm     CM23-SV-0450
                                                                                     Vacuum table 1000 x 1500 mm     CM23-SV-1015
                                                                                     Vacuum table 1000 x 2000 mm     CM23-SV-1020
                                                                                     Vacuum table 1500 x 1000 mm     CM23-SV-1510
                                                                                     Vacuum table 1500 x 2000 mm     CM23-SV-1520
                                                                                     Vacuum table 1500 x 2500 mm     CM23-SV-1525
                                                                                     Vacuum table 2010 x 1000 mm     CM23-SV-2010
                                                                                     Vacuum table 2000 x 1500 mm     CM23-SV-2015
                                                                                     Vacuum table 2000 x 2500 mm     CM23-SV-2025
                                                                                     For Re-orders
                                                                                     Vacuum adaptor mats             page 74
                    Special vacuum table for CAM 200 with adaptor mat                Vacuum fleece                   page 74

                                                                                     The Active line is already equipped by standard
                                                                                     with a version of the special vacuum table.
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                             39

                                                            Grid Vacuum Tables
                                                   The grid vacuum table offers most advantages when you en-
Technical Data                                     grave or mill pockets predominantly (it is not possible to
                                                   cut through the workpieces on this vacuum table). You just
n   size approx. 290 x 335 mm for CAM 100 and      place the workpiece on the vacuum table at the stopper and
    approx. 480 x 480 mm for CAM 200/220 and       switch on the pump; the workpiece will be adhered and can-
    CAM 0505; however, this vacuum table can       not be moved any more.
    also be mounted on the bigger CAM sys-
    tems                                           These grid vacuum tables achieve very high holding forc-
n   grid size 3 mm                                 es, also against lateral movements. The vacuum area will be
n   trimmed by surface milling                     defined by a sealing cord which can be placed freely within
n   other table sizes and grid sizes on request    the grid. These double-sided grind vacuum plates distinguish
                                                   themselves by a very high planar-parallelism and are thus
                                                   suitable for finest engravings without height adjustment.
                                                   They will also be levelled on the appropriate CAM system.
Scope of Delivery

                                                                                                                   3. Fixing Devices
n   aluminium grid vacuum plate
n   electric vacuum pump with accessories, 3 m3/
    h or 6 m3/h (850 mbar negative pressure)
n   alternatively there is also a vacuum pump
    available which is powered by compressed
n   sealing cord for defining the vacuum area

Order Numbers
Description               Article No.
Grid vacuum table
   • for CAM 100          CM24-VT-100
   • for CAM 200/220/0505 CM24-VT-200

                                                   Aluminium grid vacuum table for CAM 200
0   CNC Machining Systems
CNC Machining Systems                                                 1

  n       Accessories
  In the fourth and last step you can complete your sys-
  tem with useful accessories. Each of these components
  either improves your results or makes your work more
  In detail, you will find the following accessories on the
  next pages:
      n   workpiece levelling unit
      n   automatic z adjustment unit

                                                                       . Accessories
      n   line laser unit
      n   CCD camera system
      n   automatic tool change
      n   dust extraction unit
      n   cooling/spraying unit
      n   minimum quantity lubrication
      n   housings/covering caps
      n   additional safety devices
      n   Control Panel
      n   Touch PC
      n   system racks
      n   tool sets

                      For safety reasons, every CAM system
                      has to be equipped either with a dust
                      extraction set or with a housing/cover-
                      ing cap. However, we also offer individ-
                      ual safety concepts for your company.
    2                                                                                     CNC Machining Systems

                      Workpiece Levelling Unit
                 This electronic measuring device levels inequalities on
                 the workpiece surface. The controller calculates the height       Technical Data
                 profile and lifts respectively lowers the z-axis accordingly so
                 that the dipping depth will be consistent everywhere              n   precision measuring key, accuracy: +/- 1/100
                 on the workpiece.                                                     mm
                                                                                   n   levels inequalities on the workpiece surface
                 This unit is especially useful for engraving acrylic which has
                                                                                   n   software definable number of measuring
                 a tolerance in the material thickness of about 10%. Engrav-
                                                                                       points in x and y direction
                 ings without a height levelling often become uneven due to
                                                                                   n   calculation of height profile by controller
                 the differing dipping depth of conic tools. The workpiece
                                                                                   n   no damaging of sensitive workpieces due to
                 levelling unit finds a remedy here by levelling out the dip-
                                                                                       pointwise measurement
                 ping depth of the tool three-dimensionally according to the
                                                                                   n   combinable with all spindles
                 surface condition. So the use of this unit leads to perfect
                 The disadvantages of a mechanical height adjustment
                 (scratches on the surface of damageable workpieces) do not        Order Numbers
. Accessories

                 occur with this electronic solution. Furthermore you can use
                 it on all kinds of materials because the surface will be meas-    Description              Article No.
                 ured by a precision measuring key. This also works on reflect-    Workpiece levelling unit CM32-HT-STD
                 ing or transparent materials where an optical workpiece lev-
                 elling may get into trouble.

                 Workpiece levelling unit (here mounted left of the spindle)
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                3

                                                    Automatic Z Adjustment Unit
                                                    This handy tool is used to adjust the workpiece origin in z
Technical Data                                      direction (i. e. the surface of the workpiece) within seconds
                                                    with highest precision. The workpiece itself does not have to
n   quick adjustment of the workpiece origin in     be accessed directly any more.
    z direction
                                                    For adjusting the z origin, the adjustment unit has to be
n   no scratching of workpiece necessary
                                                    placed between tool and workpiece when lowering the z
n   usable at any position of the workpiece
                                                    axis. As soon as a contact between the tip of the tool and the
n   accuracy of height adjustment independent       metal surface of the adjustment unit has been established,
    of tool length and workpiece thickness with-
                                                    the z axis stops immediately and you have determined your
    in the range of a few 1/100 mm
                                                    workpiece surface. So it can be ensured that the distance
                                                    between the workpiece surface and the tip of the tool
                                                    always is exactly the same after the measuring process – in-
                                                    dependent of the thickness of the material and the length of
Requirements                                        the tool.
It is necessary for the measuring process that an

                                                                                                                      . Accessories
electrical contact can be established between
the tip of the tool and the adjustment unit. How-
ever, the rotary current spindles with pneumatic
cone change (SPC 2000P, SPC 3800P and SPC
4000P) have an isolated cone receptacle and so
they are not suitable for the automatic z adjust-
In general, the automatic z adjustment unit is
only suitable for machining spindles, so for in-
stance not for cutting units or the dot emboss-
ing unit.
Please ensure also that all tools which you use
are electrically conductive.

Order Numbers
Description                 Article No.
Automatic z adjustment      CM35-AZJ-STD

                                                    Adjustment of the z origin of a workpiece within seconds
                                                                                        CNC Machining Systems

                                 Line Laser Unit
                 A precise alignment of your workpieces becomes easy
                 when you use the line laser unit which projects two thin         Technical Data
                 red lines in a right angle onto the machine table. So a me-
                 chanical stopper won’t be necessary any longer which could       n   ideal for a precise alignment of workpieces
                 possibly interfere with the machining process, moreover.             when no sidewise stoppers can be used
                 And you can place your workpieces at any position of the             (zero point setting)
                 machine table because the two line lasers are mounted in         n   defined x/y offset to the spindle
                 an angle of 90 degrees at the bridge of the machine.             n   line width approx. 1 mm in a distance of
                 Thanks to a defined x/y offset to the spindle, each re-          n   class 2 laser (the eye is protected here by the
                 quested workpiece origin can be marked precisely. As soon            eyelid closure reflex, even when using optical
                 as you have aligned your workpiece, you move back with the           instruments); wave-length 635 nm; power
                 spindle to your starting position and begin the machining            max. 1 mW (measured at the module)

                                                                                  Scope of Delivery
. Accessories

                                                                                  n   2 line lasers for x and y stopper
                                                                                  n   fixture attachment for z axis
                                                                                  n   controlled by CNC 580/980

                                                                                  Order Numbers
                                                                                  Description                   Article No.
                                                                                  Line laser unit               CM41-LL-2L

                 The line laser unit (top left) projects lines onto the machine
                 table – using them, you can align your workpieces easily
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                     

                                                                 Optical Workpiece
Technical Data
                                                                 Recognition System
                                                      This module consists of a CCD camera which is mounted at
n   optical recognition of register marks on the      the z axis of your machining system and appropriate soft-
    workpiece or of the edges of the workpiece        ware. It enables an optical recognition of workpieces
    itself with a CCD camera system; comparison       or register marks which are printed on them. The soft-
    of the captured actual values with the saved      ware independently adjusts the output graphics according
    reference values
                                                      to the captured position of the register marks, that means
n   automatic positioning and alignment or scal-      they will be aligned by rotating, scaled proportionally or
    ing (including stretching/compressing in
                                                      stretched/compressed in one direction.
    one direction) of the output graphics by the
    software                                          This method is especially interesting when you want to
n   alternatively operation in positioning and        compensate inaccuracies of the printing process on
    scaling mode or only in positioning mode          workpieces which have already been printed. The optical
    (if the final product shall have an exactly de-   workpiece recognition allows to mill, engrave or cut them
    fined size)
                                                      precisely fitting. The appropriate register marks are print-
    bright CCD camera with direct connection to

                                                                                                                           . Accessories
                                                      ed in the reject area of the workpiece. Alternatively, it is also
    the manufacturing computer
                                                      possible to recognize the edges of the material when
n   camera preview where the capturing process
                                                      there can be/shall be no marks printed on the workpiece.
    of the marks can be followed
                                                      On top of that, the optical workpiece recognition makes your
                                                      work easier, too, when you have to process oversized mate-
                                                      rials in several steps on your CAM system.
Scope of Delivery
n   CCD camera in a stable aluminium housing
    with fixing arm for z axis
n   CAM software for analysing the register
    marks and scaling the output

Order Numbers
Description                   Article No.
Optical workpiece
recognition system            SW-OSC-KS

                                                      The CCD camera system recognises register marks on the work-
                                                      piece or the edges of the workpiece itself
                                                                                       CNC Machining Systems

                       Automatic Tool Change
                 You can increase the speed of your whole production proc-
                 ess by changing the tools automatically. Your CAM system         Technical Data
                 will work with greater effectiveness when your jobs can
                 be processed without interruption.                               For High Frequency Spindles
                                                                                  n usable with all HF spindles with pneumatic
                 All pneumatic high frequency spindles and rotary current
                                                                                     collet chuck (P models)
                 spindles (P models) can be equipped with an automatic tool
                                                                                  n for 9 respectively 19 tools up to 6 mm shank
                 change station. After a tool has been changed, the length of
                 each tool will be measured automatically with the measur-
                                                                                  n adaptation to other shank diameters with re-
                 ing key. This procedure ensures that the dipping depth
                                                                                     ducing bushes possible
                 that has been set once, will be applied exactly to all tools,
                                                                                  n precise measuring key with an accuracy
                 even if they differ in length.                                      of 0.01 mm for exact determination of tool
                 If you have a high frequency spindle, only the tool itself          length (automatic interpretation by control-
                 will be exchanged. It has to be equipped with a stop ring           ler)
                 and will be placed in an appropriate tool fitting. This solu-    n resilient tool fittings

                 tion is space-saving and enables a greater number of tool fit-   Optional
. Accessories

                 tings. If you have a rotary current spindle, a cone (SK 30/      n automatically controlled pneumatic alumin-
                 HSK 25) will be exchanged. It holds the collet chuck which         ium cap for protecting the tool fittings from
                 holds the tool. So there are no stop rings or reducing bushes      chips
                 necessary, but this solution demands more space. However,
                                                                                  For Rotary Current Spindles
                 depending on the actual circumstances there are numerous
                                                                                  n 5 fittings for cones HSK 25 or SK 30, tool di-
                 individual solutions possible.                                      ameter only depending on the used collet
                                                                                  n precise measuring key (see above)

                                                                                  Scope of Delivery
                                                                                  For High Frequency Spindles
                                                                                  n station incl. measuring key with 9 respective-
                                                                                     ly 19 tool fittings for tools up to 6 mm shank
                                                                                  n 5 stop rings each: 3 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm

                                                                                  n enringing set with pin punch

                                                                                  n connecting cable to controller, if required
                                                                                     pneumatic hose
                                                                                  For Rotary Current Spindles
                                                                                  n fittings for cones with carrier

                                                                                  n precise measuring key with connection to
                                                                                  n 5 cones and 5 collet chucks at your choice

                                                                                  n Please note that the maximum positioning
                                                                                     range of your CAM system can be reduced
                                                                                     depending on size and position of the tool
                                                                                     change station

                                                                                  Order Numbers
                                                                                  Description           Article No.
                                                                                  For High Frequency Spindles
                                                                                  Station for 9 tools   CM36-WW-SF09/40
                                                                                  Station for 19 tools  CM36-WW-SF19/40
                                                                                  For Rotary Current Spindles
                                                                                  Station for 5 cones SK30 CM36-WW-SPC5-SK
                                                                                  Station for 5 cones HSK25 CM36-WW-SPC5-HSK
                                                                                  other types on request
                 Tool change station for high frequency spindles (in the front:   For Re-orders
                 measuring key)                                                   Tool fittings             page 71
                                                                                  Reducing bushes           page 75
                                                                                  Stop rings                page 76
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                   

                                                                Dust Extraction Unit
                                                      Our dust extraction unit offers you an elaborated concept
Technical Data                                        for the removal of coarse filings and fine dust particles. The
                                                      suction pipe remains closely above the workpiece during the
Dust Extraction Unit                                  whole working process. There the tool is being surrounded
n extraction of fine particles and coarse filings     completely by the suction shoe; however, for the tool change
n protection against contact during working           it will be released automatically. This increases your safety
  process                                             in practice due to a protection against contact with the
n simultaneous use of cooling/spraying unit           tool without losings in the ease of use. A large cross-sec-
  possible                                            tion of the pipe without many windings guarantees best
n adjustment only once nesessary, even for dif-       results during the engraving and milling process. Cooling
  ferent tool lengths; easy adjustment of the         liquid can be supplied through a sidewise inlet directly to the
  dust extraction unit                                cutting edge of the tool.
n usable with manual or automatic tool
                                                      The optional industrial dust extractor removes large quan-
                                                      tities of chips without problems. It is also available with a
Optional                                              special filter for fine particles. This is a must when you work
n industrial dust extractor for dust category L

                                                                                                                         . Accessories
                                                      on materials that may be damaging to your health or the
  (dust with MAC values > 1 mg/m3) for extrac-        environment like printed circuit boards or wood.
  tion of dust which is not explosive and not
  dangerous to health; container size 33 to 55        For safety reasons (protection against contact with the ro-
  litres                                              tating tool), a CAM system which is not equipped with a
n industrial dust extractor for dust category         housing must be equipped with a dust extraction set. This
  M (dust with MAC values > 0.1 mg/m3) for            dust extraction set can also be used in combination with an
  extraction of dust of wood, printed circuit         automatic tool change.
  boards, etc.; container size 22 to 55 litres
n special industrial dust extractor for dust cate-
  gory M (dust with MAC values > 0.1 mg/m3)
  for extraction of flammable, explosive dusts
  with approval 1 (B1); container size 63 litres
n automatic switching of the dust extractor af-
  ter start and end of work

Scope of Delivery
n suction unit with suction tube

n industrial vacuum cleaner (see above)

n switching unit for automatic control

Order Numbers
Description                  Article No.
Dust extraction unit,
universal type               CM33-SA-WW
Dust extraction unit for
rotary current spindles
with HSK 25 changer          CM33-SA-HSK
Switching unit               CM33-SA-SE
You will find an overview of the different types of
dust extractors in our price list.
For Re-orders
Accessories for dust
extractors                 page 75

                                                      Dust extraction unit (with height levelling to workpiece over a
                                                      linear guide)
                                                                                      CNC Machining Systems

                    Cooling and Spraying Unit
                 Cooling the tools is required for milling or engraving many
                 kinds of materials. So you will get better edges of cut and     Technical Data
                 a longer life of your tools. Here we offer two different
                 concepts: the cooling and spraying unit and the minimum         Cooling and Spraying Unit
                 quantity lubrication (see opposite page). If you mainly proc-   n fine spray, thus little consumption of coolant
                 ess softer sorts of metal like aluminium, you could choose      n regulable discharge of coolant
                 between both alternatives; if you mainly process steel, you     n 1 spray nozzle
                 should decide for the minimum quantity lubrication. In this
                 case, the lubricating effect determines a successful machin-    Optional
                 ing process.                                                    n automatic valve for switching the cooling
                                                                                   spray after start and end of work
                 The cooling and spraying unit creates fine spray of cooling
                 liquid under high pressure which ensures especially at high
                 rotational speeds that the cooling liquid will reach the cut-
                 ting edge directly. Optionally, it is also possible to switch   Requirements
                 the cooling and spraying unit automatically by the produc-
. Accessories

                 tion software, so that there will not be used more cooling      Please note that you need a compressed air
                 liquid than necessary.                                          supply for the operation of the cooling/spraying
                                                                                 unit. The average consumption of air amounts to
                                                                                 approximately 50 litres per minute. Depending
                                                                                 on the whole equipment of your CAM system, it
                                                                                 is possible to choose between different types of
                                                                                 compressors. Several questions may lead you to
                                                                                 the right model: how high is the consumption of
                                                                                 blocking air, is there a pneumatic tool change,
                                                                                 how long are the hoses, what is the maximum
                                                                                 noise level of the compressor?

                                                                                 Scope of Delivery
                                                                                 n cooling and spraying unit with 1 nozzle incl.
                                                                                    tubes for liquid and air
                                                                                 n pneumatic valve for automatized operation

                                                                                 Order Numbers
                                                                                 Description               Article No.
                                                                                 Cooling and spraying unit CM34-MC-BK
                                                                                 Cooling and spraying unit
                                                                                   with pneumatic valve CM34-MC-EG
                                                                                 For Re-orders
                                                                                 Cooling liquids             page 76

                 Cooling/spraying unit (right of the high frequency spindle)
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                  9

                                                      Minimum Quantity Lubrication
                                                      The technically most perfect solution for cooling the tools is
Technical Data                                        an electronically controlled minimum quantity lubrica-
                                                      tion unit which reduces the required amount of lubricants
n   finely dosable, electronically controlled sys-    to a few millilitres per hour. We strongly recommend this
    tem for finest liquid particles without any       unit for working regularly on steel.
    viewable spray
n   minimum consumption of cooling liquid
                                                      This tool cooling system combines the advantages of dry
    (depending on the adjustment only a few           processing with those of flood lubrication: The neces-
    millilitres per hour)                             sity of cleaning machines and workpieces is reduced as
n   2 spray nozzles which can be adjusted inde-       well as disposal problems. On top of that, the workplace
    pendently from each other                         exposure to harmful vapors or skin contact to cooling liq-
n   tank size 1 litre, suitable for special minimum   uids will be reduced considerably. The tools, however, re-
    quantity lubricant WST 20                         main within their optimum temperature range during the
                                                      machining process.
                                                      The primary goal of this method is not to dissipate heat with
                                                      cooling liquid, but to prevent the generation of heat by

                                                                                                                        . Accessories
                                                      lubrication. The lubricant will be atomized so finely by a
                                                      precise dosing technology that there is no spray viewa-
Please note that you need a compressed air
supply for the operation of the minimum quan-         ble. Altogether, these droplets have an extraordinary big
tity lubrication. The average consumption of air      surface. The resulting very thin lubricating film remains
amounts to approximately 80 litres per minute.        there even under high pressure and reduces the friction en-
Depending on the whole equipment of your              ergy during the machining process. This reduced stress of
CAM system, it is possible to choose between          the tool leads to clean edges of cut and an increased endur-
different types of compressors. Several questions     ance at high rates of feed.
may lead you to the right model: how high is the
consumption of blocking air, is there a pneumat-
ic tool change, how long are the hoses, what is
the maximum noise level of the compressor?

Scope of Delivery
n   liquid tank with controls and instruments
n   2 spray nozzles with capillary hoses
n   1 litre special lubricant WST 20

Order Numbers
Description                Article No.
Minimum quantity
  lubrication MKS          CM34-MC-MM-MKS
For Re-orders
Lubricants                 page 76

                                                      Minimum quantity lubrication with two flexible spray nozzles:
                                                      top left: liquid tank with controls and instruments
    0                                                                                    CNC Machining Systems

                 A housing especially improves the safety of the machine and
                 the cleanliness of its surroundings. A three-sided housing       Technical Data
                 prevents greater amounts of chips from spreading around
                 in your workroom and gives you a basic protection against        n   basically the housings consist of a stable
                 touching moveable machine parts accidentally. A full-height          aluminium profile construction with polycar-
                 machine housing meets considerably higher safety require-            bonate panes and a cable grommet at their
                 ments. The front of this housing is protected by a dense             back
                 grid of light barriers which ensures that the machine will       n   there is a great scope of individual variations.
                 stop after an intervention. A housing which is circumferen-          So, among other possibilities, we can equip
                                                                                      the housing of your CAM system with:
                 tially closed with a pneumatic lift gate or covering cap
                                                                                      n additional access doors
                 prevents nearly completely that chips or cooling liquid pol-
                                                                                      n slots for pushing your workpieces through
                 lute the surroundings of the machine. It is also a protection
                                                                                          to the back
                 against parts which may fly around and lowers the
                                                                                      n complete housing with ceiling
                 noise level. Furthermore it is the best protection against un-
                 wanted interventions as the lift gate remains always closed          n sound-insulating measures

                 during the working process.                                          n additional safety devices
. Accessories

                                                                                      n doors that can be opened sideways in-
                 Starting from the basic types shown here, it is possible to              stead of lift gate
                 construct a multitude of different customer-specific             n   for choosing the proper housing, please start
                 housings. So just tell us the exact circumstances at the in-         with one of the following 4 basic types which
                 stallation site of the CAM system and we can offer you the           can still be varied accordingly:
                 appropriate housing construction. For safety reasons, CAM
                 systems that are not equipped with a dust extraction set have
                 to be equipped with a housing.                                                                 Housing
                                                                                                                closed on 3 sides
                                                                                                                (height of the side
                                                                                                                panels 61 cm) open
                                                                                                                at the top and the

                                                                                                                Housing With
                                                                                                                Light Grid
                                                                                                                closed on 3 sides
                                                                                                                (height of the side
                                                                                                                panels 111 cm)
                                                                                                                open at the top,
                                                                                                                front secured with
                                                                                                                light grid

                                                                                                                Housing        With
                                                                                                                Lift Gate
                                                                                                                closed on 3 sides
                                                                                                                (height of the side
                                                                                                                panels 111 cm)
                                                                                                                open at the top,
                                                                                                                front secured with
                                                                                                                pneumatic lift gate
                                                                                                                (closes automatical-
                                                                                                                ly during the work-
                                                                                                                ing process)

                                                                                                                Housing With
                                                                                                                Covering Cap
                                                                                                                closed on 3 sides,
                                                                                                                covering cap with
                                                                                                                gas operated com-
                                                                                                                pression     springs
                                                                                                                (optionally     with
                 CAM 1010 with housing with pneumatic lift gate                                                 safety contact)
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                1

                                                                    Safety Devices
                                                    You should not neglect the safety of your CAM system, espe-
Technical Data                                      cially when the operating personnel changes frequently or
                                                    when unskilled employees work at the machine. While the
Different Safety Concepts                           machine is working, there is a risk of injury when the opera-
n safety shut-off mat (as soon as one steps on      tor interferes with the range of the rotating tool. Different
   the mat which can be placed in front of or       concepts may increase the safety of the operator:
   around the machine, the system switches
   into the “halt” mode)                            For instance, a safety shut-off mat may be placed in front
n light grid (protection by a dense grid of light
                                                    of the CAM system. As soon as someone steps on this mat,
   barriers – as soon as one interferes with the    the machine as well as the spindle stops. Another possibility
   positioning range of the machine, the system     is to protect the machine by a light grid or to define a se-
   switches into the “halt” mode)                   cured area around the machine by a light barrier system.
n secured area by multi-beam light barrier          Here a basic rule is that the safety devices are not activated
   which is set up around the machine (espe-        during the setup operation of the system. So you may step
   cially recommendable for machines without        into the secured area for setting up workpiece and tools.
   housing)                                         Only after you have started the output process (and thus the
n flexible safety wall system which will be in-

                                                                                                                      . Accessories
                                                    spindle), the safety devices will be activated.
   stalled around the machine as protection
   against touching moveable machine parts          The emergency stop switch always stops the machine im-
   during the machining process and as protec-      mediately, also during the setup operation. So, extra emer-
   tion against parts which may fly around          gency stop switches at different locations increase the
n safety contact for housing door (the machine      safety, too. We would be glad to develop a safety concept
   will be halted when the housing is opened)       according to your specific situation.
n safety lock for covering cap or door

n signal light which indicates “machine opera-
n additional emergency stop switches

n workpiece lighting for bundled light directly
   at the tool/workpiece surface, with flexible
n more safety devices on request

Order Numbers
Description                   Article No.
Additional emergency stop     ET-NA-STD
Multi-beam light barrier
system with device and
mirror columns                ET-SE-MLS

                                                    A safety light grid stops the machine in case of interventions
                                                    during operation
    2                                                                                 CNC Machining Systems

                                 Control Panel
                 The control panel makes the setup of your CAM system
                 easy and comfortable. The long cable gives you lot of free    Technical Data
                 moving space. Thus settings like accessing the starting po-
                 sition do not have to be made in the production software      n   mountable directly at the CAM system
                 on the computer any more, but can be set quickly and ac-      n   approaching workpiece origin and chang-
                 curately with a precise control wheel. The current position       ing rotational speed of spindle and feed rate
                 can be imported afterwards into the vhf production software       with control wheel
                 (Cenon or CNC Term) at the push of a button.                  n   integrated emergency stop switch and pause
                 The control panel can be mounted at the front of the CAM
                                                                               n   splash-proof metal housing
                 system, so you will have a good view on the workpiece
                                                                               n   import of current position in Cenon and CNC
                 surface while positioning the axes. The control panel             Term
                 also has an emergency stop button and can interrupt and
                 continue the output process. During the output process, the
                 rotational speed and the feed rate can be modified.
                                                                               Order Numbers
. Accessories

                                                                               Description                Article No.
                                                                               Control Panel              CM31-HSB-CP

                                                                               If you use a pure output software (e. g. CNC
                                                                               Term) for controlling your system, we recom-
                                                                               mend the space-saving Touch PC with touch-
                                                                               sensitive screen. Like the control panel, it can be
                                                                               mounted directly at the CAM system. Please see
                                                                               the opposite page for further details concerning
                                                                               the Touch PC.

                 Comfortable setup of the CAM system with control panel
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                3

                                                                          Touch PC
                                                     A manufacturing computer with monitor is part of the scope
Technical Data                                       of delivery of each basic system. However, in some cases it
                                                     may be more practical to choose the Touch PC instead or as
Touch PC                                             completion. It is a full computer in a robust and compact
n full PC on little space (size approximately 32     industrial housing. Its high-contrast TFT touch-screen en-
  cm width x 30 cm depth)                            sures an easy operability, so no separate keyboard or mouse
n robust design in industrial housing for liable     is necessary. It will be fixed by a hinge arm to the CAM sys-
  operation, fan with filter                         tem, so you’ll have an unobstructed view at your work-
n high-contrast display (12.7 cm/5 inch screen       pieces during all set-up works. And an emergency stop
  diagonal, resolution 800 x 600 pixels) en-         switch increases the machine safety additionally.
  sures great clearness
n touch-sensitive screen for program operation
                                                     The delivery extent includes the control software CNC Term.
  without keyboard and mouse                         It is used for a comfortable output of your CNC files to the
n all necessary interfaces available: serial, Eth-
                                                     machining system. Accessing the starting position will
  ernet and USB (the latter directly on the top      be done with this program as well as switching accessory
  plate)                                             components (dust extraction, cooling liquid supply, etc.)
                                                     or performing an automatic z adjustment or a workpiece

                                                                                                                      . Accessories
n all cables are bundled in flexible cable rout-
  ings                                               levelling.
n combination with Control Panel possible
                                                     The Touch PC is especially then ideal, when there is a strict
Control Software CNC Term                            separation between the working environments for design
n setting all necessary output parameters            and production, especially in the case of industrial serial
n setting-up start position and administration
                                                     production or for manufacturing threedimensional objects.
  of position memories; rotational speed and         No space for a separate PC is required.
  feed control also during machining process
n switching of machine components

n z adjustment and automatic workpiece level-
n direct communication with controller and
  precise status information in terminal win-

Order Numbers
Description             Article No.
Touch PC incl. CNC Term CM39-PC-CAM-TPC

                                                     Touch PC in a robust and compact industrial housing
                                                                                      CNC Machining Systems

                                 System Racks
                 All controller components (CNC controller, frequency con-
                 verter and – if necessary – the compressor cooling unit) are   Technical Data
                 also available as 19 inch plug-in units. So they can be
                 installed in a lockable 19 inch system rack. The computer      n   stable metal housing with powerful fan
                 with monitor which is included in the scope of delivery of     n   lockable
                 the basic system can be integrated, too. This means protec-    n   space for all controller components in 19 inch
                 tion against unauthorised operation of the system. On top          plug-in housings
                 of that, a system rack is space saving and you will get an     n   central switch for controller and CAM com-
                 optimum clearness of the operating elements. Some                  puter system (separate fuse protection pos-
                 spindle types even demand a system rack in order to be able        sible)
                 to integrate all necessary components.                         n   extensible keyboard drawer, separate place-
                                                                                    ment area for mouse
                 The components which are installed in the system rack will
                                                                                n   emergency stop switch at central position
                 be cooled by a powerful fan. Computer system and con-
                 trollers may be turned on and off by central switches. An
                 additional emergency stop switch increases the machine
. Accessories

                 safety additionally.
                                                                                Order Numbers
                                                                                Description                Article No.
                                                                                19 inch system rack        CM39-SYS-FT

                            All controllers clearly
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                                  

                                                                                          Tool Sets
                                                                    These tool sets contain collections of commonly used high-
Technical Data                                                      quality carbide tools from our extensive assortment for
                                                                    different kinds of applications. Please visit also our separate
Tool Start Set, 4 – 6 mm*                                           tool shop, respectively see our tool catalogue for details, siz-
10 parts, 4 resp. 6 mm shank diameter                               es, cutting edge geometries, etc.
Article number: CM40-WS-S6S
                                                                    A tool set is an ideal basic equipment, so that you will be
1 graver (90°/0.20 mm)
                                                                    prepared for the majority of cases without having to study
1 engraver’s milling cutter (0.50 mm)                               too much technical data of tools. When we deliver a complete
4 single tooth cutters Varius® (1 x 3.00 mm; 1 x                    CAM system, you will also get an introduction in the proper
    4.00 mm; 1 x 5.00 mm; 1 x 6.00 mm)
                                                                    use of the tools, i. e. which tool has to be used for which kind
3 single tooth cutters with polished flute (1 x                     of material and which is the proper rotational speed or feed
    6.00 mm; 2 x 4.00 mm)
                                                                    rate. In the vhf production software, these parameters have
1 router bit (long hole slot cutter: 16.00 mm)                      already been pre-set.
Tool Start Set, 3 mm*
20 parts, 3 mm shank diameter

                                                                                                                                        . Accessories
Article number: CM40-WS-S3S
5 gravers (1 x 15°/0.30 mm; 1 x 36°/0.20 mm;
    1 x 36°/0.40 mm; 1 x 60°/0.20 mm; 1 x
    90°/0.20 mm)
1 engraver’s milling cutter (0.20 mm)
3 single tooth cutters Varius® (1 x 1.00 mm; 1 x
    2.00 mm; 1 x 3.00 mm)
1 single tooth cutter with top profile (3.00
2 single tooth cutters with polished flute (2 x
    3.00 mm)
2 single tooth cutters with hawk beak profile (2
    x 3.00 mm)
6 double tooth cutters with fishtail (2 x 1.00
    mm; 2 x 2.00 mm; 2 x 3.00 mm)
Tool Start Set Electronics*
20 parts, 3 mm shank diameter
Article number: CM40-WS-ELS
2 gravers (36°/0.20 mm)
5 double tooth cutters with fishtail (3 x 2.00
    mm; 2 x 3.00 mm)
6 isolation engraving tools
4 rub out cutters (2 x 0.50 mm; 2 x 1.00 mm)
3 PCB profile cutters (1 x 1.00 mm; 1 x 2.00
    mm; 1 x 3.00 mm)

Drill Set (Electronics)
50 parts, 3 mm shank diameter
Article number: CM40-WS-BOS
4 x each diameter 0.50 – 1.00 mm, 2 x each
1.10 – 1.50 mm, 1 x each 1.60 – 2.90 mm, 2 x
3.00 mm

* The dimensions indicate
the cutting edge diameter
(in case of the gravers also                          bide
                                                     mo and
the top angle). For more                                nd
detailed       information
concerning the tool
geometries, please see

our separate tool cata-

logue. There you will
                                    e 20

find also tools for re-
ordering and tools
which are not in-
cluded in these


                                                                    vhf tools: high quality and endurance
   CNC Machining Systems
Production                                                          Cenon

                                                               Cenon PCB
What would be a CAM system without an appro-
priate production software which can import your
projects trouble-free from different layout programs
of the CAD or DTP world? In our software, we have
put special emphasis on the import filters and an
easy usability. As the production software Cenon              3D Software
has been developed in our house, you will have a
contact person for all questions. All in all, vhf offers
the following software solutions for the CAD/CAM
   n   Cenon – the universal production software
   n   Cenon PCB – special application for the en-         Engraving Fonts
       vironmentally friendly production of printed
       circuit board prototypes
   n   ACS – software for industrial (mass) labels
   n   several applications for 3D production
   n   special engraving fonts
                                                                                         CNC Machining Systems

                                                                                 Cenon is a universal production software
                                                                                 for your CNC machining system. You can ei-
                                                                                 ther import your projects from your fa-
                                                                                 voured design software (CorelDraw, Auto-
                                                                                 CAD, etc.) or you can edit them with Cenon.
                                                                                 Using Cenon, you can concentrate on the im-
                                                                                 portant steps of the CAM output; intelligent
                                                                                 algorithms perform the exact conversion of
                                                                                 the graphics to your CAM system.
                                                                                 It doesn’t matter whether you import DXF
                                                                                 or EPS files or if you create your own graph-
                                                                                 ics – the steps to the output are quite simple.
                                                                                 You just have to assign the proper tool to each
                                                                                 process step and start the machining right
                                                                                 away. The double-sided tool radius cor-
        Give shape to your ideas – here an inlay work made of coloured acrylic   rection ensures that your workpieces will
                                                                                 become exactly true to size, regardless of
                                                                                 whether you mill inline contours, pockets or
                                                                                 outline contours.
                                                                                 In producing technical workpieces, you will
                                                                                 benefit from special power functions for mak-
                                                                                 ing threads, countersinks or chamfers. The
                                                                                 possibility to produce several smaller items
                                                                                 on a large panel and the serial number
                                                                                 function will help you when you produce
                                                                                 some workpieces in larger quantities.
                                                                                 For sign making or engraving tasks where
                                                                                 the work is focused on perfect letterings,
                                                                                 graphics or logos, functions for well-fitting
        Comparison of the sizes: even most          Using Cenon you can work
                                                                                 inlays or for thinning the letters of stamps
        filigree model parts can be produced        from the solid
                                                                                 quickly turn out to be indispensable. Moreo-

                                                                                 ver, thanks to the PostScript technology,
                                                                                 you can use all fonts of your computer sys-
                                                                                 tem or software. It is no longer necessary to
                                                                                 use special engraving fonts (except when you
                                                                                 want to achieve a very high working speed).
                                                                                 If you should want to re-edit an imported
                                                  Manufacturing indus-           graphics: just use Cenon’s comfortable edit-
                                                  trial parts including          ing functions to make all necessary changes.
                                                  thread cutting                 Cenon does not limit the size of your work-
                                                                                 pieces, either. Even if a workpiece does not
                                                                                 fit completely on the working table of your
                                                                                 machine – no problem: you can split the job
                                                                                 into different working cycles and thus produce
                                                                                 also very large advertising signs or compound
                                                                                 Cenon controls CNC machining systems
                                                                                 and cutting plotters as well as laser plot-
                                                                                 ters and jet cutting systems. However, in
                                                                                 combination with our vhf CAM systems, you
                                                                                 can benefit from the great advantage that
                                                                                 – depending on the configuration – you can
                                                                                 monitor and control all important functions
                                                                                 and peripheral devices by software.
          Engraving, milling and drilling,
          for instance on nameplates
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                                                          9

Cenon at a Glance
n high-quality import filters for all important
  file formats (see table) with automatic file
  format recognition

                                                                                                                                        Photo: Kaweba, Grafengehaig
n automatic assignment of colours from the
  imported graphics to layers in Cenon; DXF
  layer recognition
n automatic merging and filling of paths

Graphics and Editing Functions
n easy and ergonomic to use

n exact preview with zoom function

n editing functions, also for re-editing the im-
  ported graphics (lines, arcs, rectangles, bez-
  iers, text)
n removal of hidden areas

n usage of type 1 and true type fonts

n function for aligning elements

n undo and redo for several steps
                                                                                           om 1908
n special power functions (e. g. threads, sink-                  iss steam    locomotive fr
  ings, “pushing through” too long workpiec-       Model of a Sw
  es, bond webs, inlay works)
n serial number function

n panel production

n font editor

Path Calculation
n tool radius correction (vectorial algorithm

                                                                                                           Photo: Detailor, Baisingen
  and halftone algorithm) for internal and ex-
  ternal contours guarantees exact results

n 3D halftone image handling without vectori-
  zation (darker grey tones lead to deeper dip-
  ping depths)
n standard and contour filling algorithms

n algorithm for path optimization
                                                   Advertising sign of plastics and acrylic
n high output quality due to floating point
  accuracy and completely vector-oriented
n individual parameter settings for each tool
  (diameter, feed, dipping depth etc.), com-
                                                           Import Formats
  fortable administration of the tools in maga-
                                                      n   PostScript (EPS, PS)
n position memories with parking position for
  quick approach to different workpiece ori-          n   Adobe Illustrator
  gins and fixing devices                             n   DXF
n wide range of possible tasks (milling, en-          n   HPGL
  graving, drilling, plotting, cutting, counter-      n   Gerber (Extended and Standard)
  sinking etc.)                                       n   halftone images (TIFF, GIF, JPG etc.)
n stepwise working possible, optional finishing       n   ASCII (e. g. text lists for serial production)
                                                      n   drill data (Excellon, Sieb & Meyer)
n output to vhf CAM systems and to HPGL and
  DIN 66025 compatible systems, also plotters
  and cutting plotters
n selection of drivers for adaptation of other
                                                           Order Numbers
n thinning function for 3D effects in the pro-
  duction of stamps, signs, etc.
                                                      Description                 Article No.
                                                      Cenon                       SW-CE-OS-BD
                                                      Updates from previous versions on request
 0                                                                                                                                              CNC Machining Systems

                                                                                                                 Signboards and nameplates without
                                                                                                                 limitation of size
        Photo: Theis Werbung, Neuwied

                                                                                                                                  Thanks to the PostScript technology you can use
                                                                                                                                  all fonts that are installed on your computer

                                                 You can achieve special effects by
                                                milling out letters or logos, if neces-
                                                       sary they can be metres high

                                                                                            Precise engravings on brass – no
                                                                                                         problem for Cenon

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Photo: Detailor, Baisingen

                                             You will create especially sophisticated
                                                                                                                                                                     Photo: Harisch Werbetechnik, Bad Emstal

                                         signboards by using backlit letters or logos
                                                               Photo: Detailor, Baisingen

                                                                                                                                                Cutting wood parts for the furni-
                                                                                                                                                ture production
        Photo: Postma & Partner, Delft

                                                                                                                 Even complicated architectural models can be pro-
                                                                                                                 duced with highest precision
                             CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                  1

                                                                                    All kinds of front plates can be produced completely with
                                                                                    Cenon, in larger quantities also on a panel
Photo: Detailor, Baisingen

                                                                                                                  Individual production of indus-
                                                                                                                  trial workpiece fixtures

                                         Milling pockets in foam plastics, e. g.
                                          for the customer-specific equipment
                                                                  of tool boxes

                                                       The serial number function supports the
                                                                quick production of type plates

                                 Usage Scheme of Cenon
                                  n Data Import                             n Application                            n Output

                                  DTP Software
                                  n CorelDraw,    Adobe Il-
                                    lustrator, QuarkXPress,
                                    Freehand etc.                           Cenon (Universal Pro-                    Cutting Plotter
                                                                            duction Software)                        n cutting film
                                                                            n data     preparation for
                                                                              CAM output
                                  Mechan. CAD Software
                                                                            n editing functions (also
                                  n AutoCAD, Auto-Sketch,                                                            CNC Machining System
                                                                              for re-editing the im-
                                    DynaCAD, ...                              ported files)                          n milling, engraving, drill-
                                                                                                                       ing, cutting, deburring,
                                                                            n thinning function
                                                                                                                       chamfering,       sinking,
                                                                            n relief function
                                                                                                                       thread cutting, ...
                                  Spread Sheet Software
                                  n Excel, dBase, ...
  2                                                                                                                 CNC Machining Systems

                                                                                                                      Cenon PCB
                                                                                                           Cenon PCB is a software with which you can
                                                                                                           produce prototypes and small series of
                                                                                                           printed circuit boards quickly and eas-
                                                                                                           ily. Due to the use of the standardized formats
                                                                                                           PostScript and Extended Gerber, Cenon
                                                                                                           PCB opens you a new dimension of quality
                                                                                                           and openness: environmentally friendly
                                                                                                           prototypes “directly from the computer” with-
                                                                                                           out the usual steps like exposing or etching!
            Photo: Detailor, Baisingen

                                                                                                           Producing prototypes with the outline meth-
                                                                                                           od makes you independent from waiting
                                                                                                           times and high costs for prototypes that come
                                                                                                           from your PCB manufacturer. Cenon PCB is
                                                                                                           the new link between your PCB design
                                                                                                           system and the prototype. As usual, you
                                         Cenon PCB – everything around printed circuit board prototyping   design your PCB layouts until they are in the
                                                                                                           prototype stadium, and then you create the
                                                                                                           appropriate layout and drill data files. But now
                                                                                                           you don’t send them to your PCB manufactur-
                                                                                                           er any more, but import them in Cenon PCB
                                                                                                           where intelligent algorithms prepare them
                                                                                                           for the output process.
                                                                                                           Cenon PCB calculates around pads, tracks or
                                                                                                           ground areas isolation channels which en-
                                                                                                           sure an electric separation of the poten-
                                                                                                           tials during the engraving process. Common
                                                                               Contours of any shape       working steps like exposing, developing and
                                                                                                           etching the PCB become dispensible just like
                                                                                                           the environmentally hazardous disposal of the
                                                                                                           chemicals. Of course, the drillings and out-
Cenon PCB

                                                                                                           line contours will be interpreted and proc-
                                                                                                           essed, too.
                                                                                                           You just have to fix the base material on your
                                                                                                           CNC machining system and after a short while
                                                                                                           you will get a ready-to-assembly PCB with
                                                                                                           engraved isolation channels and fitting
                                                                                                           drill holes. With this method, you achieve the
                                                                                                           readiness for marketing of your developments
                                                                                                           quicker and less expensive.

                                         Automatic generation of panels for small lots
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                 3

Cenon PCB at a Glance                                    Import Formats
n special layers for text, logos and rub out        n   PostScript (EPS, PS, AI)
n layer administration for separating different     n   DXF
  working steps                                     n   HPGL
n intuitive operation                               n   drill data (Excellon, Sieb & Meyer)
n preview (WYSIWYG) with zoom and scroll-           n   Extended Gerber (RS 274X) and Standard Gerber (RS
  ing function                                          274D)
n editing functions: lines, rectangles, circles,    n   ASCII (e. g. text lists for serial production)
  text, drill markers
n modification of imported layouts

n adjustable registration marks for a precise
  turn-over of the PCB for double-sided pro-
Path Calculation                                         Import Advantages
n generation of isolation channels

n Blow Up of isolation channels

n Rub Out calculation of definable copper ar-
                                                    One of the key features of Cenon PCB is the usage of the for-
  eas, e. g. for HF applications                    mats PostScript and Extended Gerber. Their main advantage
                                                    lies in the uncritical handling:
n automatic tool radius correction
                                                    n no errors due to wrongly assigned or missing apertures
n high quality due to floating point accuracy
                                                        (every Extended Gerber output file also contains all neces-
  and fully vectorised processing                       sary aperture data)
n intelligent optimising algorithm for quick
                                                    n no limitations concerning special soldering pad forms (e.
  output                                                g. heat traps)
n support of user-defined area fillings with dif-
                                                    n ground areas will not be prepared with numerous lines for
  ferent tools                                          the output process. This reduces the time for the calcula-
n removal of remaining copper                           tion considerably.
n panel generation for small-lot production

                                                                                                                       Cenon PCB
Tool Administration
n individual parameter assignment for each
  tool (diameter, feed rate, dipping depth,
n assignment of tools to working layers                  New!
n comfortable tool administration in tool mag-
                                                    n   The complete functionality of Cenon PCB can be integrat-
                                                        ed on request also into the universal production software
n drilling, milling, engraving, rubbing out             Cenon. So you will need not more than one application
n position memories allow a quick access of dif-        with which you can carry out all of your engraving and
  ferent workpiece origins and fixing devices           milling tasks.
n control of the complete output process by
  Cenon PCB
n output to vhf CAM systems and to HPGL and
  DIN 66025 compatible systems

Order Numbers
Description                Article No.
Cenon PCB                  SW-CP-W32-FULL
Updates from previous versions on request

                                                                  Prototype of a
                                                                 special connector
                                                                                                    CNC Machining Systems

                                                For making soldering easier, the isolation
                                                channels can be broadened artificially with
                                                the so-called Blow Up function (very useful
                                                for SMD boards).

                                                                                      Very convenient for HF applications is the
                                                                                      Rub Out function. Here the whole PCB or
                                                                                      parts of it can be freed from copper rests.
                                                                                      So you will achieve true to original results
                                                                                      – comparable to the etching process.

              For milling the outside or inside contours of special
            PCBs, Cenon automatically performs the appropriate
                                             tool radius correction.

                                                   You can label your PCBs with logos which
                                                     you can import from any DTP program.
Cenon PCB

              Usage Scheme of Cenon PCB
                 n Data Import                               n Application                            n Output

                 EDA Software
                 n Eagle, Protel, Pads, Ulti-
                   board, PCAD, ...
                                                             Cenon PCB                                CNC Machining System
                                                             n prototyping of printed                 n engraving         isolation
                 Mechan. CAD Software                          circuit boards (genera-                  channels on the PCB
                 n AutoCAD, Auto-Sketch,                       tion of isolation chan-                n drilling and milling the
                   DynaCAD, ...                                nels)                                    contours of the PCB
                                                             n production     of  front               n milling and engraving
                                                               plates and signs                         signs, front plates, etc.
                DTP Software
                n CorelDraw, Adobe Illus-
                  trator, ...
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                               

                                                        Labelling Software ACS
                                                  ACS is a powerful labelling system with database for pro-
ACS at a Glance                                   ducing all kinds of labels for the industrial sector. This pro-
                                                  gram shows its strengths when (serial) labels have to be
General Features                                  produced in large quantities.
n relational data base
                                                  The data for your labels can either be imported from an
n OLE import
                                                  ECAD program (e. g. connection scheme) or from a spread
n import of external data (e. g. Excel, Access,   sheet program like Excel. Of course, it is also possible to
  dBase, ASCII, ECAD programs)                    enter your data directly in ACS; the program has a data base
n universal labelling system                      function. In ACS, you then assign an appropriate layout to
n for Windows                                     the label data.
Power Tools for Plates                            ACS labels can be used for single conductors, hoses, control
n font editor                                     units and terminal designations of different manufacturers.
n symbol creation

n parameter setting

n access authorization

n PPS interpretation

n CAD link

n WYSIWYG view

n duplication mode

Labellings in control cabinets

Order Numbers
Description              Article No.
ACS Bundle               SW-ACS-W16-BU

                                                  Different terminal designation signs for all kind of cables
                                                                                            CNC Machining Systems

                                                                                         3D Software
                                                                         For reaching the third dimension in processing your
                                                                         workpieces, we offer different software packages which
                                                                         are optimised for special applications in each case. We
                                                                         will give you here some hints which should help you to
                                                                         decide which program suits your needs best.
                                                                         For relief and thinning works in the artistic/crea-
                                                                         tive sector where signs, medals, coins, stamps, em-
                                                                         bossing forms, emblems and similar objects have to be
                                                                         produced with three-dimensional effects, AHSoft offers
                                                                         fully developed solutions. The software packages HCAM
                                                                         and iSIGN+ are available in different stages of extension.
                                                                         Among others, there are functions for producing reliefs
                                                                         or inlays, for working in layers or for engraving pictures
                                                                         from greyscale images. Complex fonts or logos can be
                                                                         mapped to 3D objects on top of that. Other programs in
                                                                         this sector are Type3 and ArtCAM.
                                                                         Tool and mould making as well as rapid prototyp-
                                                                         ing in the technical sector creates a different demand
                                                                         to the production software. Here the focus lies on the
                                                                         production of models and prototypes, injection moulds
                                                                         for plastics, die cast moulds, deformation tools or moulds
                                                                         for technical articles, etc. For designing three-dimen-
                                                                         sional objects, there are pure CAD programs available
                                                                         like Solid Edge, SolidWorks or Rhino3D. In this case, your
                                                                         projects will be imported via standardised file formats like
                                                                         IGES, STL or VDA from the CAD to the CAM programs.
                                                                         For calculating the tool paths, CAM programs like Desk-
                                                                         Proto or SUM3D are used then. These programs have to
                                                                         be able to realize different machining strategies for dif-
3D Software

                                                                         ferent tool geometries. However, there are also programs
                                                                         in the technical sector which can be used for both, con-
                                                                         struction and output (CAD and CAM). One of them is
                                                                         for instance Mastercam. Finally, the CAM software cre-
                                                                         ates with a post processor machine-specific data sets
                                                                         which contain all necessary data and parameters for the
                                                                         machining process.
                                                                         For setting up the CAM system, it is necessary to use
                                                                         either the Control Panel (see page 52) or the control
                                                                         software CNC Term. The latter establishes a link between
                                                                         the data which has been created by the post processor
                  CNC Term                                               and the machining system. After you have imported the
                                                                         data, you can access the workpiece origin or measure the
                                                                         workpiece surface or the z origin if your system should
              Key Features CNC Term                                      have the appropriate equipment. Moreover, a position
              n link between post processor and CNC machining sys-       memory makes it easier to handle different workpieces.
                tem                                                      Switching accessory components (dust extraction, cool-
              n setting all necessary output parameters                  ing/spraying unit, ...) can be done by a simple keystroke.
              n setting the start position and administrating position
                                                                         Functions for 3D effects which are usually necessary for
                memories, changing the feed rate even during the ma-
                                                                         sign making purposes (thinning, grey scale engraving,
                chining process
                                                                         thread cutting, ...) are already part of our comfortable
              n switching machine components
                                                                         and well-priced production software Cenon (see page
              n performing automatic z adjustment and automatic
                tool measurement
              n direct communication with controller, status informa-
                tion via terminal window

              Description              Article No.
              CNC Term full version    SW-CNCTERM-VV
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                                  

                                                                                  Engraving Fonts
       Order Numbers                                               These engraving fonts are high-quality single or multi line
                                                                   fonts that have been developed especially for the engrav-
                                                                   ing process. They have no fillings, so they do not have to
  Description                                       Article No.
                                                                   be cleared out time-consumingly. Moreover, there is no tool
  vhf engraving fonts, single font                  SW-FN-F-V1
                                                                   radius correction necessary for these fonts which reduces the
  vhf engraving fonts, each additional font         SW-FN-F-V2
  vhf engraving fonts, compl. pack. (13 fonts)      SW-FN-F-VK
                                                                   calculation times. You can get the engraving fonts separately
  OEM engraving fonts, single font                  SW-FN-F-O1     or as a package.
  OEM engraving fonts, each additional font         SW-FN-F-O2     The vhf fonts are available in Type 1 (PostScript) or Open-
  OEM engraving fonts, complete package             SW-FN-F-OK
                                                                   Type format and can thus be used under Windows (from
  Please indicate the font name(s) in your order.
                                                                   Windows 2000 on), Mac OS X or Linux. They are available as
                                                                   single or double-line variant.
                                                                   The OEM engraving fonts are available in PostScript or True-
                                                                   Type format and offer a great variety of typefaces. The
                                                                   multi-line fonts achieve – depending on scaling and use of
                                                                   the proper tool – typographically high-grade results.
                                                                   The design of type 1 and true type fonts demands closed
                                                                   paths. Due to the fact that this would lead for single line fonts
                                                                   to longer engraving times than necessary, especially the vhf
                                                                   fonts have been optimized in a way that only very few parts
                                                                   have to be engraved twice (redundancy optimization).

                          4 Line (Ant0103)                                 1 Line (San0103)
                          6 Line (Ant0104)                                 4 Line (San0103)
                          4 Line (Ant0133)                                 1 Line (San0143)

                                                                                                                                        Engraving Fonts
                          4 Line (Ant0203)                                 4 Line (San0143)
                          4 Line (Ant0303)                                 1 Line (San0203)
                          8 Line (Ant0303)                                 4 Line (San0203)
                          4 Line (Ant0403)                                 1 Line (San0303)
                          4 Line (Ant0503)                                 4 Line (San0303)
                          4 Line (Ant0603)                                 1 Line (San0403)
                          4 Line (Ant0703)                                 4 Line (San0403)
                          4 Line (Ant0733)                                 1 Line (San0503)
                          1 Line (Dek0103)                                 4 Line (San0503)
                          1 Line (Dek0203)                                 1 Line (San0603)
                          4 Line (Dek0303)                                 1 Line (San0633)
                          1 Line (Dek0403)                                 1 Line (San0643)
                          1 Line (Dek0503)                                 1 Line (San0653)
                          4 Line (Dek0603)                                 4 Line (San0703)      single-line vhf engraving fonts
                          1 Line (Dek0703)                                 4 Line (San0803)      (each also available as double-
                          1 Line (Dek0803)                                 4 Line (San0903)      line font)
                          4 Line (Dek0903)                                 4 Line (San1003)
                          1 Line (Scr0103)                                 4 Line (San1103)
                          4 Line (Scr0103)                                 1 Line (San1203)
                          1 Line (Scr0203)                                 4 Line (San1203)
                          4 Line (Scr0303)                                 1 Line (San1283)
                          4 Line (Scr0403)                                 4 Line (San1283)
                          4 Line (Scr0503)                                 1 Line (San1303)
                          4 Line (Scr0603)                                 4 Line (San1303)
                          4 Line (Scr0703)                                 1 Line (San1403)
                          6 Line (Fra0103)                                 4 Line (San1403)
                          4 Line (Fra0203)                                 1 Line (Sla0103)
                          6 Line (Fra0303)                                 4 Line (Sla0103)
OEM engraving fonts with different numbers of lines (please indicate in your order the
font name, the number of lines and the code in brackets)
   CNC Machining Systems
Expendable                                                   Spindle

This chapter contains expendable items and acces-             Devices
sories for everybody who already owns a vhf CAM
system. Among others you will find here:
   n   collet chucks and tool fittings for different
       kinds of spindles
   n   separate T-slot fixing material and vises                Mats
   n   polystyrene stripes
   n   vacuum adaptor mats
   n   special adhesive film
   n   accessories for industrial vacuum cleaners
   n   slide nuts
   n   stop rings and reducing bushes
If you should need any other accessory device which
you cannot find in this chapter – just contact us. We
can help you in most cases.
     0                                                                                     CNC Machining Systems

                                                              n Spindle Accessories

                                                              Standard Spindle
                                                              Description                                      Article No.
                                                              Collet chuck 3 mm for standard spindle           ET-MS-900-30
                                                              Collet chuck 1/8 inch for standard spindle       ET-MS-900-31
                                                              Collet chuck 4 mm for standard spindle           ET-MS-900-40
                                                              Collet chuck 5 mm for standard spindle           ET-MS-900-50
                                                              Collet chuck 6 mm for standard spindle           ET-MS-900-60
                                                              Cap nut for standard spindle                     ET-MS-900-UM
                                                              Carbon brushes (2 pieces) for standard spindle   ET-MS-900-KB

                                                              SPC 0, SPC 1000
                       Collet chuck for manual
                       tool change                            Description                                      Article No.
                                                              SPC 650
                                                              Collet chuck 3 mm for SPC 650                    ET-IS-650-30
                                                              Collet chuck 1/8 inch for SPC 650                ET-IS-650-31
                                                              Collet chuck 4 mm for SPC 650                    ET-IS-650-40
                                   jaw wrench                 Collet chuck 5 mm for SPC 650                    ET-IS-650-50
                                                              Collet chuck 6 mm for SPC 650                    ET-IS-650-60
                                                              Hook wrench for SPC 650                          ET-IS-650-HS
                                                              Set cap nut, jaw and hook wrench for SPC 650     ET-IS-650-UWS
                                       hook                   SPC 1000
                                                              Collet chuck 3 mm for SPC 1000                   ET-PE-1000-30
                                                              Collet chuck 1/8 inch for SPC 1000               ET-PE-1000-31
                                                              Collet chuck 4 mm for SPC 1000                   ET-PE-1000-40
                   Cap nut                                    Collet chuck 5 mm for SPC 1000                   ET-PE-1000-50
                                                              Collet chuck 6 mm for SPC 1000                   ET-PE-1000-60
                                                              Collet chuck 8 mm for SPC 1000                   ET-PE-1000-80
                                                              Hook wrench for SPC 1000                         ET-PE-1000-HS
                                                              Set cap nut, jaw and hook wrench for SPC 1000    ET-PE-1000-UWS

                                                              SPC 100 – SPC 000P
                                                              Description                                      Article No.
                                                              SPC 1500, SPC 2000P, SPC 4000P with Cone HSK 25
Expendable Items

                                                              Collet chuck 3 mm                            ET-HS-2000P-30
                                                              Collet chuck 4 mm                            ET-HS-2000P-40
                                                              Collet chuck 5 mm                            ET-HS-2000P-50
                                                              Collet chuck 6 mm                            ET-HS-2000P-60
                                                              Collet chuck 8 mm                            ET-HS-2000P-80
                   Cap nut and HSK25 cone for                 Collet chuck 10 mm                           ET-HS-2000P-100
                   SPC 2000P/4000P                            HSK25 cone for
                                                              collet chuck 1 – 10 mm (SPC 2000P/SPC 4000P) ET-HS-2000P-WZA
                                                              Hook wrench for HSK25 cone                   ET-HS-2000P-SSL
                                                              SPC 3800P with Cone SK 30
                                                              Collet chuck 3 mm                                ET-HS-3800P-30
                                                              Collet chuck 4 mm                                ET-HS-3800P-40
                                                              Collet chuck 6 mm                                ET-HS-3800P-60
                                                              Collet chuck 8 mm                                ET-HS-3800P-80
                                                              Collet chuck 10 mm                               ET-HS-3800P-100
                                                              Collet chuck 12 mm                               ET-HS-3800P-120
                   Collet chuck                               Collet chuck 16 mm                               ET-HS-3800P-160
                   for SPC 2000P                              Collet chuck 20 mm                               ET-HS-3800P-200
                                              Collet chuck    SK30 cone for collet chuck 1 – 20 mm             ET-HS-3800P-WZA
                                              for SPC 3800P   Hook wrench for SK30 cone                        ET-HS-3800P-SSL
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                               1

SF 10 – SF 100P
Description                                             Article No.
SF 170
Collet chuck 2 mm for SF 170                            ET-JA-170-20
Collet chuck 3 mm for SF 170                            ET-JA-170-30
Collet chuck 1/8 inch for SF 170                        ET-JA-170-31
                                                                                              Collet chuck for
SF 170P                                                                                       SF 300
Collet chuck 3 mm for SF 170P                           ET-JA-170P-30
Collet chuck 1/8 inch for SF 170P                       ET-JA-170P-31
SF 300
Collet chuck 1 mm for SF 300                            ET-JA-300-10
Collet chuck 2 mm for SF 300                            ET-JA-300-20
Collet chuck 3 mm for SF 300                            ET-JA-300-30
Collet chuck 1/8 inch for SF 300                        ET-JA-300-31
Collet chuck 4 mm for SF 300                            ET-JA-300-40
Collet chuck 5 mm for SF 300                            ET-JA-300-50
Collet chuck 6 mm for SF 300                            ET-JA-300-60
Hook wrench for SF 300                                  ET-JA-300-HS
Set cap nut and hook wrench for SF 300                  ET-JA-300-UWS
SF 300P – SF 1300P
Collet chuck 1 mm for SF 300P – SF 1300P                ET-JA-300P-10
Collet chuck 2 mm for SF 300P – SF 1300P                ET-JA-300P-20
Collet chuck 3 mm for SF 300P – SF 1300P                ET-JA-300P-30
Collet chuck 1/8 inch for SF 300P – SF 1300P            ET-JA-300P-31
Collet chuck 4 mm for SF 300P – SF 1300P                ET-JA-300P-40          Collet chuck for SF 300P – 1300P
Collet chuck 5 mm for SF 300P – SF 1300P                ET-JA-300P-50
Collet chuck 6 mm for SF 300P – SF 1300P                ET-JA-300P-60
SF 1600P
Collet chuck 3 mm for SF 1600P                          ET-JA-1600P-30
Collet chuck 4 mm for SF 1600P                          ET-JA-1600P-40
Collet chuck 5 mm for SF 1600P                          ET-JA-1600P-50
Collet chuck 6 mm for SF 1600P                          ET-JA-1600P-60
Collet chuck 8 mm for SF 1600P                          ET-JA-1600P-80

Tool Fittings for Automatic Tool Change
n   These tool fittings are necessary to hold the tools in an automatic tool
    change unit.
Description                                             Article No.
Tool Fitting for Tool Change of SF 170 P – SF 1600P                                         tool fitting for high
                                                                                                                     Expendable Items
Tool fitting (10.6 mm ring diameter)             ET-JA-WS-6                                 frequency spindle
     2                                                                       CNC Machining Systems

                                             Carbide Lances
                                             n   We offer different kinds of lances or knives for our cutting units. For
                                                 the oscillating tangential cutting head, you can choose between three
                                                 lengths for different material thicknesses and between a regular type
                                                 and an extra thin type each (e.g. for processing Kappa).
                                             Description                                             Article No.
                                             Lances for Oscillating Tangential Cutting Head
                                             Lance, 5 mm length, regular type                        HL-OT-05
                                             Lance, 5 mm length, extra thin type                     HL-OT-05ED
                                             Lance, 10 mm length, regular type                       HL-OT-10
                                             Lance, 10 mm length, extra thin type                    HL-OT-10ED
                                             Lance, 15 mm length, regular type                       HL-OT-15
                                             Lance, 15 mm length, extra thin type                    HL-OT-15ED
                                             Knives for Tangential Cutting Head
                                             Standard knives for tangential cutting head             HL-TS-STD
                                             Knife for Drag Knife Unit
                                             Standard drag knife                                     HL-SM-STD

                                             n Fixing Devices

                                             Fixation Bars
                                             n   The fixation bars are made of stable cast aluminium and can be fixed
                                                 on the T-slots of the working table. They ensure a proper lateral fixa-
                                             Description                                             Article No.
                                             Fixation bar, 125 mm                                    ET-IS-AS-125
                                             Fixation bar, 175 mm                                    ET-IS-AS-175
                                             Fixation bar, 225 mm                                    ET-IS-AS-225
                                             Packaging unit: 2 pieces each

                                             Hand-lever Clamping Devices
Expendable Items

                                             n   The workpiece is pressed via hand lever to a fixation bar. With a hand
                                                 force of 100 N, a clamping force of 2,000 N will be achieved.
                                             Description                                             Article No.
                                             Hand-lever clamping device SH 1                         ET-IS-SH-1
                   Clamping     Clamping       • for fixing workpieces > 1 mm
                   device SH2   device SH1   Hand-lever clamping device SH 2                         ET-IS-SH-2
                                               • for fixing workpieces > 10 mm

                                             n   The clamp presses the workpiece with high force on the working ta-
                                                 ble. The clamping height can be adapted to the height of the work-
                                                 piece by an adjusting screw.
                                             Description                                             Article No.
                                             Clamp with adjusting screw                              ET-IS-SE-1
                                             Packaging unit: 2 pieces
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                       3

Pneumatic Clamping Devices
n   Pneumatic clamping devices offer great advantages, especially for
    the serial production. These clamping devices consist of a moveable
    and a fixed clamping jaw and a lifting cylinder. In combination with
    the fixation bars, it is possible to fix workpieces of any size quickly and
    hold them reliably. The two models offered here differ mostly in their
    size and clamping force. On request, the pneumatic clamping devices
    may also be switched automatically by the controller electronics.
Description                                                Article No.
Pneumatic clamping device SP 1                             ET-IS-SP-1
   • lift 10 mm, clamping force 0 – 90 N,
     size clamping jaw 65 x 20 mm
Pneumatic clamping device SP 2                             ET-IS-SP-2                          Clamping
   • lift 5 mm, clamping force 0 – 630 N,                                         Clamping     device SP2
     size clamping jaw 65 x 50 mm                                                 device SP1

n   The vises can be fixed over the T-slots directly on the working table.
    They are available in two sizes and made of cast iron. Vises can be rec-
    ommended especially for fixing smaller workpieces or objects with a
    special form which cannot be fixed with other devices. They are also
    very well suitable if you want to process the narrow sides of objects.
Description                                       Article No.
Vise, small type                                  ET-IS-SS-S1
   • length x width x height: 150 mm x 142 mm x 64 mm;
      span width: 65 mm; jaw width: 85 mm, jaw height: 30 mm
Vise, big type                                    ET-IS-SS-S2
   • length x width x height: 222 mm x 176 mm x 63 mm;
      span width: 110 mm; jaw width: 120 mm, jaw height: 30 mm

Polystyrene Stripes, Self-adhesive
n   The polystyrene stripes (width: 40 mm each) will be fixed directly
    on the working table and can be trimmed by surface milling. The T
    slots of the working table remain accessible, however, so that your
    workpieces may also be fixed with the T slot fixing material. It is also
    possible to mount a vacuum table over the polystyrene surface.
Description                                                Article No.
Polystyrene stripes 350 mm                                 ET-PS-350
                                                                                                             Expendable Items
Polystyrene stripes 500 mm                                 ET-PS-500
Polystyrene stripes 750 mm                                 ET-PS-750
Polystyrene stripes 850 mm                                 ET-PS-850
Polystyrene stripes 1.000 mm                               ET-PS-1000
Polystyrene stripes 1.250 mm                               ET-PS-1250
Polystyrene stripes 1.500 mm                               ET-PS-1500
Polystyrene stripes 2.000 mm                               ET-PS-2000
Polystyrene stripes in different lengths are available on request
                                                                CNC Machining Systems

                                 Vacuum Adaptor Mats
                                 n   Depending on the size of the workpieces that you usually process
                                     (respectively the size of the area of the vacuum table that remains
                                     uncovered), you can use perforated rubber adaptor mats with differ-
                                     ent hole diameters for the special vacuum table.
                                 Description                                              Article No.
                                 Size: 300 x 250 mm
                                 Adaptor mat without holes                                ET-SV-VM-300-00
                                 Adaptor mat 0.7 mm hole diameter                         ET-SV-VM-300-07
                                 Adaptor mat 1.0 mm hole diameter                         ET-SV-VM-300-10
                                 Adaptor mat 1.2 mm hole diameter                         ET-SV-VM-300-12
                                 Adaptor mat 1.5 mm hole diameter                         ET-SV-VM-300-15
                                 Size: 250 x 500 mm
                                 Adaptor mat without holes                                ET-SV-VM-250-00
                                 Adaptor mat 0.7 mm hole diameter                         ET-SV-VM-250-07
                                 Adaptor mat 1.0 mm hole diameter                         ET-SV-VM-250-10
                                 Adaptor mat 1.2 mm hole diameter                         ET-SV-VM-250-12
                                 Adaptor mat 1.5 mm hole diameter                         ET-SV-VM-250-15
                                 Size: 500 x 500 mm
                                 Adaptor mat without holes                                ET-SV-VM-500-00
                                 Adaptor mat 0.7 mm hole diameter                         ET-SV-VM-500-07
                                 Adaptor mat 1.0 mm hole diameter                         ET-SV-VM-500-10
                                 Adaptor mat 1.2 mm hole diameter                         ET-SV-VM-500-12
                                 Adaptor mat 1.5 mm hole diameter                         ET-SV-VM-500-15
                                 Adaptor mats for special table sizes are available on request

                                 Vacuum Fleece
                                 n   The vacuum fleece consists of a special, 2 mm thick, foamed material
                                     which is permeable to air. Your workpieces will still be fixed safely
                                     even if some areas of the table remain uncovered.
                                 Description                                              Article No.
                                 Vacuum fleece (2 mm), 500 x 500 mm, 5 pieces             ET-SV-VV-02-05
                                 Vacuum fleece (2 mm), 1 m width, from roll               ET-SV-VV-02-R1

                                 Special Adhesive Film
                                 n   This especially thin and plane film is used for fixing workpieces di-
Expendable Items

                                     rectly on the polystyrene surface or the acrylic plate. The film can be
                          DX 2
                                     easily and completely removed after use. The DX2 type has double
                                     adhesive force.
                                 Description                                              Article No.
                                 Special adhesive film DX1                                ET-XF-DX1
                                    • 25 m x 50 cm
                                 Special adhesive film DX2                                ET-XF-DX2
                                    • double adhesive force; 25 m x 50 cm

                   DX 1
CNC Machining Systems                                                         

n Miscellaneous

    Accessories for Dust Extractors
    Description                                                Article No.
    Filter bags, 12 litres for vacuum suction units
    (5 pieces)                                                 ET-NF-SB12
    Suction Shoes for Dust Extraction
    Suction shoe for high frequency spindles                   ET-SA-S-SF
    Suction shoe for SPC 650 and SPC 1500                      ET-SA-S-S6
    Suction shoe for SPC 1000 and standard spindle             ET-SA-S-S10
    Suction shoe for SPC 2000P and SPC 4000P                   ET-SA-S-S20
    Accessories for Festool Dust Extractor
    Crevice nozzle, plastic, 300 mm length                     ET-FS-FD
    Suction brush, plastic, 70 mm diameter                     ET-FS-SP
    Dirt trap for collecting wet, coarse dirt
       • 22 litres                                             ET-FS-FSB22
       • 33 litres                                             ET-FS-FSB33
    Long-life filter bags (polyester fleece), robust and
       • 22 litres                                             ET-FS-LFS22
       • 33 litres                                             ET-FS-LFS33
       • 44 litres                                             ET-FS-LFS44
       • 55 litres                                             ET-FS-LFS55
    Standard filter bags (paper), 5 pieces
       • 22 litres                                             ET-FS-SB22
       • 33 litres                                             ET-FS-SB33
       • 44 litres                                             ET-FS-SB44
       • 55 litres                                             ET-FS-SB55
    On request, there are also further accessories available

Slide Nuts
n   For usage in the T-slots of the machine table (width for Classic sys-
    tems: 10 mm; width for Premium systems: 13 mm).
Description                                                Article No.
10 pieces slide nuts M6 (25 x 10 x 6 mm)                   ET-IS-GM-10-10
25 pieces slide nuts M6 (25 x 10 x 6 mm)                   ET-IS-GM-10-25
50 pieces slide nuts M6 (25 x 10 x 6 mm)                   ET-IS-GM-10-50
10 pieces slide nuts M6 (25 x 13 x 6 mm)                   ET-IS-GM-13-10
                                                                               Expendable Items
25 pieces slide nuts M6 (25 x 13 x 6 mm)                   ET-IS-GM-13-25
50 pieces slide nuts M6 (25 x 13 x 6 mm)                   ET-IS-GM-13-50

Reducing Bushes
n   Reducing bushes are used to clamp tools with a smaller shank diam-
    eter into a bigger collet chuck. So it becomes for instance possible to
    clamp a tool with a shank diameter of 4 mm into a collet chuck with a
    diameter of 6 mm when you use the reducing bush RH-46. The reduc-
    ing bushes can be also used with the automatic tool change.
Internal Ø External Ø Length                               Article No.
3 mm       6 mm       20 mm                                RH-36
4 mm       6 mm       20 mm                                RH-46
                                                  CNC Machining Systems

                   Stop Rings
                   n   The stop rings made of nickel silver are suitable for automatic tool
                       changing units with collet chuck receptacles and high frequency
                       spindles, the plastic stop rings are suitable for changing the tools
                       manually. You can equip those tools with stop rings by yourself which
                       are not already delivered with a ring. This enables a quicker exchange
                       of tools without having to re-adjust the dipping depth afterwards.
                   External Internal Height             Material      Pack.   Article
                   Ø        Ø                                         Unit    No.
                     7.7 mm   3 mm   4.5 mm               plastics     20     AR-300K
                    10.6 mm   3 mm   6.5 mm           nickel silver     5     AR-300N
                    10.6 mm   4 mm   6.5 mm           nickel silver     5     AR-400N
                    10.6 mm   5 mm   6.5 mm           nickel silver     5     AR-500N
                    10.6 mm   6 mm   6.5 mm           nickel silver     5     AR-600N

                   n   Using our enringing set, you can enring your 3 mm, 4 mm and 6
                       mm tools with stop rings by yourself. The set consists of an enringing
                       plate and a steel pin punch. You will need nothing more, but a little
                   Description                                             Article No.
                   Enringing set with pin punch                            AR-BP-SET

                   Cooling Liquids
                   n   If you use a special cooling lubricant for milling or engraving, you
                       will achieve better results and the tool life will be extended. For some
                       kinds of materials it is even absolutely necessary to use a cooling lu-
                   Description                                             Article No.
                   Spray lubricant Emulgan-D (1 litre)                     ET-MK-EMUL
                   for milling, drilling, grinding steel
                   (water soluble up to 1:10); recommended
                   for manual application
                   Spray lubricant ALU-N (1 litre)                         ET-MK-ALUN
                   for milling, cutting, sawing non-ferrous
                   metals and steel; for usage in cooling
                   and spraying unit
                   Special lubricant WST 20 (1 litre)                      ET-MK-WST20
                   for working on non-ferrous metals
                   and steel; only for usage in minimum
                   quantity lubrication unit
Expendable Items

                   Universal Lubricant
                   n   Especially systems of the Active line demand a lubrication of their
                       toothed racks from time to time. Linear guides which are not pro-
                       tected (e. g. those of the dust extraction unit) should be lubricated,
                       too. EP plus is a strongly penetrating lubricant with long-term effect
                       for high pressure loads. It has an excellent creep effect, cleans and is
                       dust and dirt repellent.
                   Description                                             Article No.
                   Universal lubricant Fin Lube EP plus (500 ml)           ET-FT-FLEP
CNC Machining Systems                                                    

Switching Unit
n   Using the switching unit PSW 01 you can switch any consumer
    load with a power input of up to 230 V/10 A via the controller CNC
    550/580/800/950/980. So you can automatize your workflow. You
    just have to connect PSW 01 to one of the switched outputs of the
Description                                         Article No.
Switching unit PSW 01 (230 V/10 A)                  CM-IO-SE230

                                                                          Expendable Items
                                                                                                                                                                CNC Machining Systems

                                 How To Find vhf in Ammerbuch-Altingen
              Stuttgart                                                                                                                                               Directions:
                                                                                                                                                                      n   Leave the “Autobahn”
                                                                                                                                                                          A 81 at exit Herrenberg
                                Junction                                                                                                                                  (toward Tübingen).
                                                                                                                                                                      n   After approximately 500
                                                                                                                  Mönchberg                                               meters, you have to turn
                                                                                                                                                                          left and immediately
           berg                                                                                                                                                           right again onto Herren-
                                                                                                                                                                          berger Straße.
                                                                                                                                                          Kayh        n   Follow the sign to Altin-
                                                                                                                                                                          gen and turn right onto
                                                                                                      B               g     er
           To                                                                                                                                                             Approximately 1,000 me-
                                                                                                            28                   ße
           Gültstein                                                                                                                                                      ters after you have passed
                                                                                                                                                                          the     gypsum      factory
                                                                                                                                                                          (“Gipswerk”) to the left,
                                                                                                                                                                          you have to make a right
                                                                                                                                                                          turn into the industrial
                                                                                                                                                                          park “Hagen”.
                     A 81                                                                                                                                                 Here you have to turn

                                                                                                                                                                          right onto the first street

                                                                                                                                                                          where you can already

                                                                                                                                                                          see the vhf building on

                                                                                                                                                                          the left side of “Im Marx-
                                                                                                                                                 Gypsum Factory
                                                                                                                                                                      n   We wish you a pleasant

                                                                                                                               Berger W

           Gültstein                                     Industrial Park












                                                er S


                       To                                                                  ge

                                                                                       -   Ha


                          Ammerbuch-                                                                        Train Station






           Please	Note:
           If your navigation system should not know the
           street “Im Marxle”, please enter “Hagenring” or
           “Lettenstraße” as destination.                                                                                      Welcome to vhf...
CNC Machining Systems                                                                                                          9


                                                                   contact person

       vhf camfacture AG
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                                        vhf Submits You an Offer
We would be glad to submit you a detailed offer for a CAM system which really suits your demands. Please specify your ap-
plication and demands as clearly as possible. We will then return an offer to you – of course free of charge and without any
obligation. So, please spend a few moments of your time to answer the questions and send this form via mail or fax back to

In which field of activity are you involved?                       Which material do you work on?
    o sign making                                                     o aluminium         (up to ___ mm)
    o engraving                                                       o brass             (up to ___ mm)
    o rapid prototyping and mould making                              o steel             (up to ___ mm)
    o industry and manufacturing company                              o PVC               (up to ___ mm)
    o switch cabinet production                                       o polystyrene       (up to ___ mm)
    o electronics                                                     o polyurethane      (up to ___ mm)
	 o model making                                                      o acrylic           (up to ___ mm)
    o ____________________________                                    o compound mat. (up to ___ mm)
                                                                      o wood              (up to ___ mm)
What are your applications?                                           o printed circuit boards (FR2, FR4, Pertinax)
  o milling                                                           o ____________________________
  o engraving                                                         o ____________________________
  o drilling
  o cutting                                                        Which maximum size do your workpieces have?
  o deburring                                                         _________ x _________ x _________ mm
  o thread cutting
  o printed circuit board prototyping                              How do you process your workpieces?
  o ____________________________                                     o 2D                 o 3D

Are you interested in a presentation?                              With which design software do you work (e. g.
    o yes                                                          CorelDRAW, AutoCAD)?

Please describe briefly possible specifics of your application:
  0                                                                                                   CNC Machining Systems

                                        The Companies of the vhf Group
           vhf camfacture is the oldest company of the vhf group and was founded already in 1988. In addition to this first company, the
           group consists of three more companies meanwhile which we would like to introduce to you briefly: vhf tools manufactures
           the majority of vhf’s range of tools. vhf interservice develops the manufacturing software Cenon and administrates the web
           site of the vhf group. vhf elektronik has developed the complete control logics which is described in this catalogue. However,
           they are also a competent partner for PLD/FPG design in VHDL and customer-specific electronic developments.

                                                                                             vhf	camfacture	AG
                                                                                             n   CNC machining systems
                                                                                             n   special-purpose machines
                  vhf	tools	GmbH
                                                                                             n   carbide tools
                  n   production of the vhf tools
                                                                                             n   diamond tools

                              vhf	interservice	GmbH                                                vhf	elektronik	GmbH
                              n   software development                                             n   electronics development
                              n   online shop                                                      n   VHDL design
                              n   merchandise management system                                    n   industrial electronics

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                                                             All articles from this catalog can also be ordered online via internet. On
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                                                             Every article is presented with an image and a short description including
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2   CNC Machining Systems
            Product Catalogue Carbide and Diamond Tools
In addition to our CAM systems, we offer a full range of high-quality tools. Not only the long endurance and the sophisti-
cated cutting edge geometries, but also the short delivery time are arguments which support the choice of vhf tools. As we
always have about 20,000 tools on stock, it only happens rarely that you have to wait longer for your delivery. The cata-
logue provides a detailed description of each tool, including its respective fields of application and many tips and tricks. If
you order via our Online Shop (, the delivery will be even free of shipping expenses.

                                                  and s
                                            b ide    ol
                                         Car ond To


                           y is


                                 g fo
                                   r yo


vhf	Tools:                                             Triple Tooth Cutters                   Thread Cutters
     Gravers                                           Four Tooth Cutters                     Drills
     Engraver’s Milling Cutters                        Isolation Engraving Tools              Special Tools
     Single Tooth Cutters                              Rub Out Cutters                        Diamond Milling Cutters
     Double Tooth Cutters                              Router Bits                            Diamond Polishing Cutters
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