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									               2003 Almanac

                        e love to think to the news not only as to something to read day by
                        day, but also as something to remeber after some months or years.

               So, we decided to put on this Almanac every news we published on
2003 Almanac   Barovier.com during the last year, to remeber and to be remembered.

               Enjoy the reading.

20/01/03 - New lamps in the *Rinascimento* family
This 2003 opens with a pleasant piece of
news: "Rinascimento" lamps, very
popular with our clients, upgrades with
two new table lamps. All the news in this
press release in Acrobart pdf format.

15/03/03 - Euroluce 2003 Fair
We are proud to announce that as two
years ago we will exhibit at Euroluce
2003 Fair, in Milan from april 9th to
14th, 2003. We will present some new
collections - the preview is available here
under - and the restyling of old well-
known collections from our "La Forma"
catalogue. Don't miss it!

21/03/03 - Barovier.com is brand new!
Eighteen months after version 2.0 of
Barovier.com (the version 1.0 has been
on-line since 1995 until 2001), we are
very proud to present version 3.0 of our
internet site.

Completely redesigned, Barovier.com 3.0
has a structure similar to the previous
version, but is an evolving project: new
sections will be added, new Internet
Applications will be available for our
business partners, interactions with our
clients will be enforced...

Don't miss to visit us frequently to
discover the new features we are going
to activate.

In the meanwhile, please sign our
Guestbook and tell us what do you think
about the new site!

Happy surfing!

15/04/03 - Euroluce has closed
This year's edition of Euroluce fair has
closed. So much people visited our
booth to see our new collections and
appreciate them. A lot of them was really
interested on Axacum, the big white-
and-red installation that you can see in
the picture at right.

15/04/03 - Fuori Catalogo 2003
Again this year we are happy to
announce the traditional sale of non-
catalogue items reserved to our clients.
These special objects that are no longer
in production are offered at very good
prices. The items for sale include vases
and glasses. A visit is definitely worth
your while - our Milan Showroom is in
Galleria Manzoni, 40. The sale is open
every day from 10am to 1pm and from
3pm to 7pm (on Mondays, only in the
afternoon) from 10th May to 7th June

24/04/03 - New Goti de Fornasa leaflet
What are the Goti de Fornasa? Now, our
resellers have a visual instrument to
explain that: a leaflet featuring our Goti
on one side and our Goti Luminosi on
the other side, with some pictures and a
brief explanation about the origins of
Goti de Fornasa. They will be delivered
with a dedicated display box.

24/04/03 - HD2003 Las Vegas
On May 1st 2003, at Sands Expo and
Convention Center in Las Vegas, HD
2003 - Hospitality Design 2003
opens.We couldn't miss it, to exhibit
some of our new creations, already seen
at Euroluce 2003 in Milan, and to
strengthen the relationships with our
american and international clients.The
exposition is open 9.30am - 5.00pm
(saturday may 3rd 9.30am - 3pm). You
can find us at booth n. 3070. You can
download the Expo map here under.

24/04/03 - Hall of Fame
Our Hall of Fame presents another
historical creation. This month, still
spring-time, the "Piccione Primavera"
(litterally: Spring-time Pigeon): it's one of
the most important and famous creations
by Ercole Barovier.

07/05/03 - Our Almanac
We decided to collect all the news
published on Barovier.com during the
past years. You can find the easy-to-use
Acrobat PDF documents in the Press
Room area.

21/05/03 - Hall of Fame
Our Hall of Fame this month features a
stylized red horse, in a very graceful
position and with a glance that touches
your heart.

21/05/03 - Glassmaking terms
Thanks to the work and passion of
Angelo Barovier, the new Glassmaking
Dictionary is on-line. Reading it you can
discover the meaning of particular words
used in the furnace by glass workers and
see the tools they use to create their

24/06/03 - Hall of Fame - Tigre Reale
Another "bigwig" inside our Hall of
Fame, this month featuring Tigre Reale.
Our    trip    discovering   Barovier's
masterpieces continues...

07/07/03 - Cartier in Tokio
The       special    relationship      that
Barovier&Toso has established with
important names in luxury goods
continues to flourish. After choosing our
chandeliers for its Milan and Peking
showrooms, Cartier asked us to provide
a chandelier for its new Tokyo
showroom. As always in the case of
special projects, a team of our
technicians went to Tokyo to mount the
huge chandelier (4.30 meters high: a
special scaffold was built, as shown in
the picture) and to train local technicians
with regards to maintenance and

11/07/03 - Summer holidays
We inform you that our offices will be
closed from July, 28th to August, 26th
for summer holidays. Our Murano
Showroom and our Museum are closed,
too. We will be at your service again on
August, 27th.

21/07/03 - Hall of fame - Spacchi
Our 1982 catalogue features one of the
masterpiece of our production: the
Spacchi vase, designed by Toni Zuccheri,
with its elegance and linearity. Our Hall
of Fame couldn't forget about it.

22/07/03 - Triplani
The brand new Four Seasons Hotel in
Miami asked us to create this "Triplani"
by design: four big suspensions 3,7mt
length, 2,15mt width, 2,10 mt height, 650
kg with 160 glass tubes. Other
realizations inside the Contract Area.

09/09/03 - New Export Managers
Starting September 1st, Barovier&Toso's
abroad commercial relations have been
assigned to Mrs. Luciana Borinato (top
in the picture) and Mrs. Cristina Sanelli,
our new Export Managers. A hearty
welcome to them by our entire staff.

25/09/03 - Gotidefornasa.com
In a very short time the brand new
Gotidefornasa.com website will be on-
line and available for you to discover our
entire Goti de Fornasa collection and
catalogues. You will find the site at
www.gotidefornasa.com. Don't miss it!

03/10/03 - Gotidefornasa.com
We are very proud to introduce the
brand new site dedicated to our Goti de
Fornasa.The site answers all that you can
ask about this particular product line that
increases its success year after year,
thanks to the multi-coloured and multi-
shaped Goti. You can find the site at
www.gotidefornasa.com. Don't miss it!

21/10/03 - Hall of fame - Piatto con paesaggio
This month our Hall of fame features a
plate designed by Ercole Barovier in
1930 and showed at the Biennale in

22/10/03 - Boston Major visiting us
On Friday, October 17th 2003, we have
been visited by an american delegation,
guided by the Major of Boston Mr.
Thomas Menino. The group visited our
furnace and our museum, ending with
the signature of our guestbook. Among
the others, there were: Mr. Gregory
Laham, president of the "Sullivan
Medical Supply Company"; Mr. Jack
Brennan, ex Massachussets senator,
actually president of the "Brennan
Group", and his wife; Mr. Paul Fosters,
Vice President for Government Affairs
and Communications at Reebok
International, his wife Cecil e their
daughter; Ms. Christine Dunn, President
of "Dunn Associates". In the picture, Mr
Menino receives a gift - as all the others
in the group - by Mr. Barovier's hand.

22/10/03 - Slideshow available
The Contract section of our website
grows: by now, a brand new slideshow is
available to our commercial and to
everyone visiting us, to see our best
realizations around the world. The
Macromedia Flash Player is needed to
view the slideshow: you can download it
for free.

11/11/03 - Renaissance Arts Hotel
Our collaboration with the well known
Marriott      International   hospitality
company        continues.   For    their
Renaissance Arts Hotel in New Orleans,
we have realized 8 ceiling lamps
(Excelsior type, 140cm diameter) and a
group of wall-lights. They have been
installed in the main banquet room and
in some meeting rooms.

11/11/03 - Christmas 2003
The traditional Christmas sale at our
showroom at Galleria Manzoni, 40 in
Milan will take place again this year.
From November 15th you can choose
your Christmas gifts from among the
many exclusive items made especially for
this year’s festival season. Don’t miss

12/11/03 - New site section
Following your requests, we have added
a section to the "Community" area: the
Hall of Fame archive. In this new section
you will find every Hall of Fame edition -
it appears in the home page on a
monthly basis - in one single page, easy
and fast to browse and review some of
the Barovier's masterpieces. Check it out!

20/11/03 - New Objects 2004 Preview
The annual Christmas sell at our
Showroom in Milan is the right place to
preview our new Objects 2004. They will
be available for sale in 2004 first quartes.
Download the press release.

25/11/03 - Prestigious Museums guide
The "Touring Club Italiano", prestigious
italian travelling guide publisher, has
published a guide to the Italian
museums: "Musei dell'artigianato" edited
by Roberta Corbò with the high
sponsorship of Italian Ministry of Art.
The Barovier&Toso Museum, the only
private museum dedicated to glass art, is
listed at page 97.

20/11/03 - Museum on the radio
Italian radio station Radio24 hosted an
interview with our Chief Executive, Mr.
Jacopo Barovier, about our Museum.You
can listen at it (in italian).

09/12/03 – Houston Convention Center
The brand new Houston Convention
Center Hotel - 1200 rooms - features
some Barovier&Toso lighting. Among
others, the "Farfalle" ceiling lamp, 3,5 mt
diameter, made by 150 single glass items.

09/12/03 - Murano 2003
On December 15th, at our Headquarter
in Murano, the annual Sales Meeting will
take place. During this happening, we
will discuss 2003 selling results and 2004
selling forecasts with our Italian sales
representatives. We will also introduce
the new products that will be marketed
next year; a preview is available.

09/12/03 - Eetcafé de Beurs
The new Eetcafé de beurs, in Gent
(Belgium), shows a Giant Goti
Chandelier in its main room and some
other Goti lighting fixtures on the walls.
The big Goti Chandelier is also the
symbol of the Coffee Shop, appearing on
every advertising and illustrative leaflets.
Their internet site is available for
information about shop's activities and

16/12/03 - Merry Christmas!
With our Season's Greetings, please note
that we will be closed December 24th
through January, 11th 2004. We will be
at your disposal again starting January,

23/12/03 - Fenice Theater
The Phoenix resurrected again. Finally, 8
years after the big fire that destroied the
Fenice Theater in 1996, the most famous
venetian theater opened, completely
rebuilt, with a one-week grand-opening,
full of events and concerts - from
Director Riccardo Muti to Elton John.
While we are really happy for that, we
can't forget that nobody has invited to
any event who - like us - contributed to
the reconstruction with 53 million lire in
1997, earned with an auction of Goti
d'Autore at Sforzesco Castle in Milan.


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