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I . Complete the sentences with correct words
 1 A lot of paper _______________in our office.
   A. wasted                   С. is wasted
 B.will waste                 D. are wasted

2. No one has seen him _________yesterday.
A. for                          С. from
В. since                        D . with

3.________cake isn't good for you.
A. Too much                        С . Too more
В . Too many                       D. Too most

4. You will enjoy your stay here if you ____________to our street songs,
A. will pay attention              С. pay attention
В. will give attention              D. give attention

5. I really dislike hot porridge.___________.
A. And she does                    С . She also does
В. So does she                      D. As she does

6. I am better _____________cooking than my sister.
A. on                         С. with
В . at                        D. -

7. Brazil is _________________largest country in the world.
A. the fiveth                   С . five
В. fifth                        D. the fifth

8. In Moscow the cost of _______is very expensive.
A. living                           С. the living
В. life                            D. lives

9. I picked up_______ on that course.

A. an interesting knowledge                          С. some interesting knowledge
В. interesting knowledges                            D. some interesting knowledges

10. __________to go to bed.

A. All of us didn't want
B. None of us wanted
С. None of us didn't want
D. None of us did want
lI. Match the English words and word combinations with their Russian equivalents
1. doorman                     а) бирка с номером
 2 key rack
3. letter rack                   b) посыльный
4. chief receptionist             с) швейцар
5. register                     d) стойка для ключей
6. number tag                    e) люстра
7. porter                        f) стойка для писем
8. pageboy                       g) панель для вызова служб
9. chandelier                    h) журнал для регистрации
10. service bell panel          i) главный администратор
                                j) носильщик

III. Read the text and do the task below.

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg were coming back from their first trip to Europe. On board the Queen Elizabeth
they got acquainted with a Frenchman. His English was good and soon they got quite friendly. The
Frenchman told the Greggs that he was an artist and his name was Lautisse. He asked them to keep
it a secret. He did not like publicity.
The Greggs didn't know any artist whose name was Lautisse. So they talked to the ship's librarian
and found out that their new friend was the famous artist. His pictures were very expensive. The
librarian found a book with a biographical sketch and a photograph. The sketch of his life said that
the artist retired at fifty-three and lived in a villa on the Riviera. He said he would never touch a
brush again.
Lautisse was planning to spend a month in New York. Mrs. Gregg suggested that he come to their
house for the weekend. The artist accepted the invitation and made them promise not to invite
anyone and not to speak to him about art.
At the appointed time Lautisse arrived at the Greggs's house. The Greggs were happy to see him.
Mr. Gregg and his wife did their best to entertain the famous artist, but he wanted just to sit and
The next morning Mr. Gregg got up very early, as he wanted to paint the fence around the vegetable
garden. He took a brush and was about to start painting when Lautisse approached him. As soon as
he saw the brush, he seized it from Mr. Gregg, and started painting the fence.
The same day Lautisse went to New York. Some reporters found out about Lautisse's stay in New
York .An article was published in one of the newspapers saying:" Mr. Lautisse has spent all his time
in New York except for the weekend at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Gregg. He met the Greggs on the
ship coming from Europe.
The day after the story appeared, two reporters came to the Greggs's house. They wanted to know
every-thing about the stay of the famous artist at their house. They were shown the fence painted
and signed by Lautisse. A long article, headlined " Lautisse Paints Again", was published the next
day.                                           ,
The fence turned out to be a valuable thing. It was sold for a lot of money. It was taken to a
museum. Mr. Gregg could not keep from laughing when he saw his fence in the museum. The fence
was not worth it.
1. Выберите заголовок.
A. Lautisse and the Greggs;
B. A Famous Painter;
C. The Valuable Fence;
D. The Stay of Lautisse in New York.
2. Выберите ответ на вопрос.
What is the writer trying to do in the text?
A. To tell a funny story about Lautisse.
B. To describe the stay of Lautisse in New York.
C. То describe the life of the famous painter;
D. To recommend a voyage on a ship.

3. Какому вопросу соответствует ответ? The Queen Elizabeth was coming from Europe.
A. What was the name of the ship where the Greggs met with Lautisse?
B. Where was the ship, on which Lautisse met the Greggs's, coming from?
C. When did the Greggs get acquainted with Lautisse?
D. What was published in one of the newspapers?

4. Найдите продолжение фразы в соответствии с содержанием текста. Lautisse asked the
Greggs not to invite anyone because...
A. He wanted to paint the fence.
B. He did not want to see the reporters.
C. He wanted to go to New York.
D. He did not like publicity.

5. Найдите правильный перевод предложения.
The artist accepted the invitation and made them promise not to invite any other people and
not to speak to him about art.
A. Артист принял приглашение и попросил их никого не приглашать и не говорить i ним об
B. Художник принял приглашение, обещая, что никого из людей он не пригласит и не будет
говорить об искусстве.
C. Артист принял приглашение и пообещал, что он никого не пригласит и не будет говорить
ни с кем об искусстве.
D. Художник принял приглашение и заставил их пообещать, что они никого не пригласят и
не будут говорить с ним об искусстве.
6. Расположите фразы в том порядке, в каком они следуют в тексте.
1. The artist retired at fifty-three
2. The Greggs met a Frenchman on board the ship.
3. The fence was sold for a lot of money.
4. Mr. Gregg wanted to paint the fence. A. 1234; B. 2134; С 1243; D. 2143.
IV. Read the letter and answer it.
 In your letter
- invite Jessica to stay at your place or advise her some place to stay in
- advise Jessica about some places she could see
- inform Jessica about some sport/sports she can do in the place where you live in this time of the
You should write 100-150 words. Do not forget to write the address.

It was nice to hear from you and get your card. I am glad that everything is OK with you and your
I am completing the semester at school and looking forward to the coming holiday. My parents do
not mind if I go abroad for a couple of weeks. I have always wanted to visit your country, and now I
have a chance to do it.
Could you give me some ideas where to go and what to see? Is there any chance to do any sport?
And I also want to learn more about the history of your country and about your lifestyle. I want to
meet more people and make new friends in Russia.
If you can give me some practical advise about a place where I can stay, my Mum will happy.
Write soon,

Jessica Green lives in Newcastle upon Tyne
Princess Square,2
Code NE99 1DX