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                                                                                 as possible. We will help you find
                                                                                 the best location in Portugal to
                                                                                 suit your needs as well as help
                                                                                 you find the property that will
                                                                                 exceed your expectations and
Have      you always dreamed                                                     perfectly fit your lifestyle. With
of living on the sunny shores                                                    offices in Lisbon, Porto and Faro,
of Portugal? Portugal is home                                                    we are fully capable of covering
to fresh breezes off the Atlantic                                                the entire country and are ready
that are lightly kissed with the                                                 to assist you in every way possible.
scent of the sea, day after day
of sunny, temperate weather
that makes doing anything                                                        <>      has
at all outdoors a simple joy,                                                    developed this guide to serve
traditional, colorful boats that                                                 as an overview to the entire
bob in small harbors after                                                       process    from     considering
bringing in the fresh catch                                                      purchasing property in Portugal to signing the actual documents
that now awaits your dining              foreign country is a daunting one       that give you ownership of a dream come true. Facilitating the
pleasure, and where ancient              and this dream is often set aside       transition to owning property in Portugal is what we excel at;
history has infused every aspect         with the justification that it is too   our company is positioned as the leader in Portuguese Property
of this picturesque country              complicated, too expensive or           Consultants and our personalized service, friendly demeanor
filled with hospitality, tradition       just too difficult a task to manage.    and expertise will guide you through every step of the process.
and modern convenience.
Dreamed of it perhaps, but               <>        is
for many the prospect of                 currently the only privately
purchasing property in a                 owned company of Property
                                         Consultants based in Portugal
                                         that focuses entirely on
                                         Portugal. Once you’ve begun
                                         to consider the possibility of
                                         purchasing property in Portugal,
                                         we promise to aid you in making
                                         the entire process as simple,
                                         understandable and as efficient

                                     2                                                                              3
 Flying to Portugal                                                         Portugal ID Card
We all know how little time it takes to reach this sunny destination
- just two and a half hours in a plane and you’ve arrived. The recent   Size: about 900km from South
improvements have made the flights cheaper with more choices of         to North and about                          Football: The national
airport and departure times. The most popular destination is Faro       200km from East to                            sport! Just like the
in the Algarve which can be reached from at least thirty UK & Irish     West                                              English and the
destinations. The exciting news now is the opening of several routes                                                      Brasilians, the
into Lisbon and Porto. Look below to see your nearest option.           Population: 10                                    Portuguese live
                                                                        million approx.                                 for their soccer.
                                                                                                                    Usually they support
           Check from where you can fly to Porto and Lisbon!            People: Happy, very                        either Benfica, Sporting
                                                                        friendly, considerate,                     Lisbon or Porto. Both
                                                                        generous,                                  Ronaldo and Mourinho
   Bristol                                                              passionate,                               are great ambassadors
   Dublin                                                               honest,                                   of the current game. Of
   Liverpool                                      Porto                 welcoming and                             the three major clubs,
   London                                     (Green Coast)             laid back!                              Benfica with 6 million
   - Gatwick                                                                                                    fans, makes it one of
   - Heathrow                                                           Sports:The                               the biggest clubs in the
   - Stansted                                                           Portuguese                               world.
                                                                        love their
                                                                        sports; golf,                             Food: The Portuguese
                                                                        cycling, rugby,                            have a mediterranian
   Birmingham                                                           swimming, fishing,                         diet: lean meat (roast
   Bristol                                                              rollerskating                            chicken and chips is a
   Dublin                                        Lisbon                 hockey, surfing,                    tradition), tasty fresh fish and
                                             (Silver Coast)             windsurfing, yoga                   great salads with lashings of
   London                                                               and sailing are                     olive oil!
    - Gatwick                            (Estoril and Cascais)
                                              (Blue Coast)              all huge passions
    - Heathrow                                                          but it’s football              Drink: Try a bica - it’s a small but
    - Luton                                                             that rules the people!         very strong coffee!

                            APPRECIATING                                     LIFESTYLE
Airlines - With flight times of less than three hours, a great choice of   Invigoration - Prevention is better than cure and with the warm climate
airports and low cost airlines the whole of Portugal is close, easy to     and clean air it’s no surprise the doctor’s prescription often leads to a
reach and affordable.                                                      holiday here. If that’s not enough the healthcare here is top class with
                                                                           many private schemes available.
People - With characteristics and personalities much like ourselves
it’s not difficult to see why the Portuguese are some of our oldest        Affordability - Based on the prices in the UK and Ireland, its nice to know
acquaintances. They are warm, friendly and welcoming whether you           prices of property are still very affordable. For those clients retiring or
are on holiday or a new neighbour.                                         relocating, it allows the opportunity of downsizing to release equity/
                                                                           cash from the sold property back home to use as a nest egg or money
Protection - Protection from the sun yes, but we really mean the           for a rainy day - not that you’ll have many!
security that Portugal offers. One of the lowest crime rates in Europe
and the capital was recently voted the safest in Europe.                   Temperature - The combination of hot summers cooled by the Atlantic
                                                                           breezes and warm winter days make the climate unbeatable.
Recreation - Over 50 Golf Courses are available or under construction!
Add to this every type of watersport, horse riding, football and even      Infrastructure - With three main airports and new motorways spanning
skiing in the north and there won’t be time to lie on the beach.           north to south and east to west its easy to navigate and the roads are
                                                                           incredibly uncongested – even in summer.
English - The joy of speaking Portuguese (and being understood) is
something for everyone to try and it’s fun even if we make the odd         Nature - It’s a beautiful country and the Portuguese are keeping it
mistake. When it comes to legal issues or health concerns however, it’s    that way with strict planning regulations. That keeps the beaches,
a great relief to know that English is widely understood and you can,      countryside and wonderful pine forests free for us to value and enjoy.
when necessary, return to your mother tongue.
                                                                           Gastronomy - With the Atlantic on it’s doorstep and some of the best
Costs - You’ll be pleased to know the price of food and drink remains      growing conditions in the world, it’s understandable that some of the
incredibly low and a 3-course meal can be less than 10 euros. Running      best fish and meat dishes can be enjoyed here at remarkable prices.
costs (gas, water and electric) together with public transport costs are   With the increasingly popular red, white and ‘vinho verde’ wines you
almost a pleasure to pay!                                                  shouldn’t rush dinner times!

                                   6                                                                            7
 Porto and the North                                                                                  The Silver Coast

                                                    facilities without forgetting its glorious                                                      established the village. This place must
                                                    past. It has a state-of-the-art airport which                                                   be seen, its square is surrounded by a
                                                    has just received recognition as one of the                                                     magnificent church on one side and an
                                                    top three airports in Europe. Also, a multi-                                                    outstanding view on the other – unless you
                                                    million investment has just given Porto                                                         are afraid of heights. The ladies (typically
                                                    a new metro spanning the city making                                                            the older ones) still wear the traditional
                                                    public transport between the airport,                                                           Nazaré costumes with short skirts (of seven
                                                    town and beach very simple, swift and                                                           layers!) and long stockings. With plans to
                                                    affordable.                                                                                     build a new Marina, this will bring Nazaré a
                                                                                                                                                    new sophisticated taste.

                                                                                                     This has for many years been an elected
                                                                                                     spot by the Portuguese for their summer
Near the site of the earliest origins
                                                                                                     holidays and is now growing in international
(Guimarães) we find the second largest and
                                                                                                     recognition mainly due to it’s beauty and
some say the most dynamic and forward-
                                                                                                     the attractive low prices.
thinking city in the country. Welcome to
Porto, the ‘capital’ of the north. Porto is a
                                                                                                     It is compared to the Algarve of fifteen
“cidade invicta” which translates to “the
                                                                                                     years ago and is now attracting a wealth
city that has never been defeated”. Unlike
                                                                                                     of investment with leading developers
Lisbon that was conquered several times
                                                                                                     and hotel operators such as Hilton, Campo
and ruled by exterior forces Porto has
                                                                                                     Real and Marriot moving into the area.
remained 100% Portuguese. This pedigree
                                                                                                     There are brand new shopping centres and
has undoubtedly helped it to become the
                                                                                                     international schools providing relocation
youthful and fascinating city it is today.
                                                    Porto is known throughout Portugal for its       options as well as supporting the holiday
                                                    dazzling night life, having a wide variety       trade.
The city lies on the bank of the River Douro.
                                                    of bars and clubs for every possible taste -
Here, some of Portugal’s best wine is                                                                                                               São Martinho do Porto just ten minutes
                                                    and don’t think you’re past it – the nightlife   Nazaré is the most popular destination and
produced and enjoyed. The river not only                                                                                                            south of Nazaré is quieter and geared up for
                                                    here is geared to every age – often we           has been popular for many years. It has a
contributes to good wine but beautiful                                                                                                              younger families or those seeking beauty
                                                    bump into our parents!                           long and wide sandy beach lined by bars,
scenery as it twists and turns through the                                                                                                          with peace and quiet. It has a unique
                                                                                                     restaurants and shops. On top of Nazaré
enchanted Douro Valley. There are beautiful                                                                                                         horseshoe bay which is protected from
                                                    The coast near Porto is called “The Green        is ‘Sitio’ – where the original inhabitants
wine cellars in Gaia – just across the river                                                                                                        the Atlantic allowing the bay’s waters to be
                                                    Coast”, having several beautiful beaches
from Porto – that hold some of the best                                                                                                             warmer and gentler.
                                                    not nearly as well-known (we are glad!)
Port wine and where you mustn’t pass the
                                                    and touristy (that’s why!) as the Algarve.
opportunity to taste and learn more about                                                                                                           The whole coast has sandy beaches
                                                    The beaches are still as nature intended
                     its production.                                                                                                                everywhere you look and has become very
                                                    them with little development, just the
                                                    occasional wooden beach bar. It’s wild,                                                         much a surfer spot. One of the other sporting
                    Today,    Porto       is                                                                                                        options is golf and Praia del Rey, just south
                                                    unspoilt and uncrowded. The weather is
                    a           fascinating                                                                                                         of Nazaré and São Martinho do Porto was
                                                    very pleasant and while temperatures are
                    combination          of                                                                                                         recently voted the best golf resort in Europe.
                                                    cooler than the Algarve, it’s still warm all
                    modern, up to date

 Lisbon                                                                                                   Estoril & Cascais Coast
Lisbon became the capital of Portugal               with a few more people, a few more cars and
in 1255. Centuries of turbulent times               a few less caravels. The truth is that it is a big                                                           Just twenty minutes from the centre of
had resulted in different rulers like the           European        city                                                                                         Lisbon, it’s close to the airport and all that
Romans and then the Moors but finally it            without       being                                                                                          Lisbon has to offer. But their independent
was wrestled back into Portuguese hands             too big! The facts                                                                                           spirit keeps both Cascais and Estoril
where it became and remains today the               are that it’s about                                                                                          wanting to keep back the urban growth of
proud capital.                                      a quarter the                                                                                                Lisbon. They are right to protect themselves
                                                    size of London -                                                                                             as this really is a place that stands head and
                                                    a population of                                                                                              shoulders above its competition.
                                                    rising close to                                                                                              In Estoril, you will find one of Europe’s
                                                    three million.                                       This part of the Portuguese coast is
                                                                                                         considered to be the most appealing place
                                                    Built on seven                                       to be in the whole of Portugal. This is said,
                                                    hills Lisbon is all                                  if somewhat smugly, by the people who
                                                    but monotonous;                                      live there. It doesn’t take long to see if their
                                                    it swerves, it                                       claims are biased.
                                                    turns, it goes up,
                                                    its goes down –                                      The great weather is here, the golden
It was from Lisbon that most of the                 thankfully it’s famous                               beaches are here, the architecture, the
exploration caravels sailed and where               yellow trams help                                    restaurants, the cobbled streets, the
most of the spices, mainly from India, were         with the steep parts! It’s not a city to try         nightlife, historical monuments, the
later sold to central Europe. So the city           and capture within one weekend – that’s a            promenades and the shops. So yes it has
was always full of merchants from all over          waste. Yes, come for a weekend but book up           all the ingredients of a great dish, but there
Europe, making it a cooking pot of races            another before you leave.                            is a magical sauce that somehow conjures
and cultures all bubbling together. Lisbon                                                                                                                       biggest casinos. The ‘Casino Estoril’ is set
                                                                                                         up great images of the majestic times that
was a very liberal city full with people of         We like Lisbon, it has a little bit of everything                                                            just five minutes walk from the beach in
                                                                                                         this region once had with royalty and the
high intelligence and religious values and a        including incredible historical monuments                                                                    a wonderful park. It was in this area that
                                                                                                         wealthy landowners of the past. To be here
place where there was very little racial and        like “Castelo de São Jorge”, “Mosteiro dos                                                                   several World War II spies and ex-royals
                                                                                                         makes you feel important; whether you live
cultural prejudice.                                 Jeronimos” and “ Padrão dos Descobrimentos”                                                                  lived. It was also here that  Ian Fleming
                                                                                                         here, own here, holiday here or are passing
                                                    which give tourists and the locals constant                                                                  was inspired to write his 007 novel “Casino
                                                                                                         through - you just want to look (especially
This cosmopolitan feel is still apparent            reminders of Lisbon’s beauty and past –                                                                      Royal”. 
                                                                                                         on the beach!) and act a little bit better!
today but over a much bigger expanse,               indelibly linked to its river - the “Tejo” and
                                                    its entrance to the oceans of exploration. If                                                                Estoril and Cascais both started as small
                                                    it’s modern you want, visit the Expo area –                                                                  fishing villages and although there are still
                                                    Oceanarium, cable cars and a casino with the                                                                 fishermen working the sea its much more
                                                    revolving bar!                                                                                               of a play place now for the rich and famous.
                                                                                                                                                                 Latest fashions driving the latest cars.
                                                    Safe, with so much to do and see – traditional                                                               Men sailing their yachts and ladies being
                                                    and modern – appealing to young and old,                                                                     plucked, waxed and massaged for the
                                                    Lisbon is highly underrated – but that’s going                                                               gruelling day ahead. It’s a place to people
                                                    to change.                                                                                                   watch, a place to indulge and a place to live
                                                                                                                                                                 life to the full.

                                               10                                                                                                           11
 Blue Coast                                                                                         Alentejo
As you leave Lisbon heading southwest                                                              The Alentejo Coast starts about an hour and
across either bridge the scent soon changes                                                        a half south of Lisbon. “Costa Vincentina” as
as does the landscape. On the other side of                                                        the Portuguese call it, is a great place to
the River Tejo – we find the Blue Coast and                                                        relax, enjoy the nature and dream.
Lisbon’s closest beaches.

There is a micro-climate here; the sea is
warm and the sky sunny even when Lisbon

                                                                                                                                                         surf shops all give an upmarket but laid-
                                                                                                                                                         back feel

                                                                                                                                                         Some of the better beaches are often found
                                                                                                                                                         down dirt tracks - great examples of some
                                                                                                                                                         super beaches are “Malhão”, near the village
                                                                                                                                                         of Vila Nova or “Arrifana” near the town
                                                                                                                                                         of Aljezur - deep in the centre of one of
                                                                                                                                                         Europe’s biggest natural parks.
                                                                                                                                                         In winter you can have most of the place to
                                                   The town of Palmela has one of the best                                                               yourself. Enjoy a peaceful walk or sit on the
is cloudy. The sea is a beautiful deep blue
colour and it’s not uncommon to see                kept castles in Portugal. Access is simple
dolphins enjoying the Portuguese waters. It        by car and the views are outstanding and
was the blue colour of the sea that brought        panoramic.
about the name of the coast.
The climate is partly due to the dramatic          Sesimbra is the most popular tourist            The climate here is close to the Algarve
Arribida mountain range which hugs a               destination and has a wonderful beach,          with warm summers and dry winters. Small
great part of this coastline, protecting it        promenade, fort (which is a great focal         coves and beaches backed by sand dunes
from further development with its unique           point), fantastic fish restaurants and a        really allow you to see the coastline in
vegetation and wildlife.                           recently opened spa adding a wonderful          pristine condition. Most of the area is part
                                                   sparkle of sophistication. Just a few minutes   of the natural park and so it will remain
                                                   drive from Sesimbra is the small village of     protected in the future. Some of Portugal’s
                                                   Meco. The beaches at Meco are fantastic         most beautiful scenery is here and most
                                                   and it’s the horse riders, dog walkers and      of the beach users are fishermen, surfers,
                                                   surfers who make the most of them.              windsurfers, and hikers.

                                                   Troia is a beautiful stretch of beach, on a                                                           terrace listening to the birds. Once summer
                                                                                                   This part of Portugal is full of small fishing
                                                   peninsula, which is just half a mile wide at                                                          arrives it all changes and bars open in
                                                                                                   villages and town squares where the locals
                                                   certain points. Its waters are warm and the                                                           places that look like they were abandoned
                                                                                                   gather to talk about the days events. One
                                                   whole place has a very tropical feel. A great                                                         years ago. The villages are very clean and all
                                                                                                   of the most popular villages is Vila Nova de
                                                   deal of investment is transforming this to                                                            the properties are traditionally white and
                                                                                                   Milfontes which brings together an ideal
                                                   one of the most luxurious destinations in                                                             blue.
                                                                                                   blend of amenities to supplement a day on
                                                   the area.                                       the beach. Coffee shops, restaurants and

                                              12                                                                                                    13
 Algarve                                                                                              Appreciating in value
Theall-singing,all-dancingAlgarveiswithout                                                           Having seen the regions on the preceeding
doubt what most of us know as Portugal.                                                              pages, you’ll be starting to understand the
Sublime temperatures all year, beautiful                                                             dedication we have in finding the best that
marinas, boat trips, nightlife and cuisine for
                                                                                                     is available. Each region has it’s benefits and
all tastes.                                                                                          we are best placed to recommend either
                                                                                                     the perfect place to unwind or the latest
It’s where you will find most British and                                                            investor hotspot.
Irish but you will still notice the Portuguese
love the Algarve as much as we do.That’s the          like Vilamoura and Albufeira are family
clearestsigntousthattheareahasnotlostany                                                             The British & Irish still continue their love
                                                      favourites which draw back the tourists
of its charm.                                         year after year. Being very different in       affair with Portugal. Not only does it offer
                                                      themselves they certainly compliment           great potential, it is one of the safest places
There are changes in scenery from east to             a family holiday where the late teens
west. On the east side near Tavira starts the                                                        to invest in the world. We like to think it’s
                                                      can safely party the night (and day)
RiaFormosaNatureReserve,acoastalestuary               in Albufeira leaving mum and dad to
                                                                                                     where the common-sense investors choose
protectedfromdevelopment,fullofwading                 sample the sophisticated tastes on the         to be.
birds and beautiful flamingos. Many of the            Vilamoura Marina. Vilamoura is also the
beaches here are like secret hideaways only           home to five championship golf courses
reachable by boat. Once there, it’s like you          and it’s this together with the climate that   European funds
own the island, miles of glorious unspoilt            makes it a great year-round destination.       Portugal is currently receiving 8.8million euros a day from the EU to
beachwhereyouplacevirginfootprintsfrom                The beaches are wide, golden and sandy
dawn to dust.                                                                                        improve tourism facilities and the coastal infrastructures and this will
                                                      – and blue flag so you know it’s safe.
                                                                                                     continue until 2013, resulting in a 25 billion investment.
It’s the centre that is busiest and it’s              As we move west we reach Lagos which
no surprise why. Established resorts                  for many combines all the best bits of the     New Infrastructures
                                                      Algarve. The old part of Tavira, the marina    New airports coming! - A new international airport is being built in
                                                      of Vilamoura and the cosmopolitan feel
                                                      of Albufeira. It’s all here plus some of the   Lisbon, three times bigger than the existing one and early discussions
                                                      best beaches in the Algarve including          are taking place to build an airport in the western Algarve, located in
                                                      ‘Porto Mos’.                                   the Lagos area. Add to this a new airport at Beja, servicing the Alentejo
                                                                                                     region and you can see portugal’s just about covered!
                                                      With Faro airport less than an hour from
                                                      the most popular destinations and the
                                                      A22 motorway running almost the whole          New TGV – High Speed Train Link. The estimated cost is 5 billion euros
                                                      length of the Algarve everything is easy       - 80% will come from European Union (EU) funding. It will reduce the
                                                      to reach. There are no tolls in the south,
                                                                                                     journey time from Madrid to three hours making Portugal the fastest
                                                      allowing you to keep those euros for a
                                                      strong Portuguese coffee or a cold bottle      beach destination for the greater population of Madrid (six million
                                                      of Sagres beer – perfect!                      approx)

The Process...                                                           sit down with you and go over          prior to closing so that the
                                                                         this information it is vital that      lawyer may make these
                                                                         you ask any questions pertaining       payments on your behalf.
Acquire the Services of a                                                to either document so that you
Lawyer                                                                   are entirely comfortable with the      Signing
                                                                         terms laid out in the contract.
Once you have located the                                                                                       When all the funds are in
property you are interested                                              Payment of Deposit and                 place and payment for the
in purchasing, you will need                                                                                    various taxes and closing
to appoint a lawyer to assist
                                                                                                                costs have been made and
you through the legal process      to investigate the history of the                                            the closing date has arrived,
                                                                         Once     the     paperwork     has
of becoming owner of the           property to ensure that the title                                            you will sit down with
                                                                         been completed and you are
desired property. We will be       is free of debt and that there                                               your lawyer to sign all the
                                                                         satisfied with the terms and
happy to recommend any of          are no legal roadblocks in the                                               closing documents and go
                                                                         fully understand all that has
a number of lawyers we have        way of your purchase. If you are                                             over any last minute details.
                                                                         heretofore     transpired,    your
worked extensively with, or        purchasing a property under                                                  When all the forms have
                                                                         lawyer will ask that the remainder
you may choose your own.           construction, a similar process                                              been signed your lawyer
                                                                         of the deposit be transferred
Nonetheless, your lawyer           is enacted though the focus is                                               will release the keys to you.
                                                                         to the lawyer’s client account.
will first secure a reservation    more on the land and the actual
payment from you to allow          development of the property.          You should then begin to arrange
your desired property to be
                                                                         for the balance of the purchase
taken off the market, and this     Promissory Contract                   be sent to the lawyer. If you need
will also secure the property
                                                                         a mortgage then you would
at the negotiated price. At this   Once the lawyer has finished a        now apply for the mortgage and
point, the lawyer has between      complete report on the history        upon acceptance the bank will
ten and thirty days in which       of the property in question           work with your lawyer to ensure
                                   and deems it free and clear of        that the funds for the payment
                                   debt, you will be given a copy        of the balance are placed in the
                                   of the report in addition to a        lawyer’s client account prior to
                                   promissory contract that spells       the completion date on the title.
                                   out the details of the sale as well   In addition, all the funds for taxes
                                   as additional information such        and closing costs would also need
                                   as the completion date of the         to be transferred to the lawyer
                                   sale. Though your lawyer will

 Buy like an investor
          Even if it’s your preference to buy a holiday home
          in the sun, shouldn’t you make money as well?                         Buying Off–Plan                          Multiple Purchases
                                                                                Patience is not just a virtue, it’s a    Money makes money and we have
                                                                                strategy to make money!                  secured exclusive arrangements
                      Follow the Investors tips!                                                                         to reduce the deposit even
                                                                                Purchasing a property in the             further with certain developers
Don’t Use Your Money                       of golf and increasingly surf        early stages of construction             for clients buying more than
Here at Portugal              destinations that are open           is up to 20% cheaper than                one property. Be warned! - these
we can provide you with the                and popular all year. While it       buying it already built. We have         developments sell very quickly so
best contacts. We have a great             depends on the region you            arrangements with certain                you’ll need to be fast!
selection of banks with choices            choose you can have year-            developers that will allow you to
that can be tailored to your               round rentals which produce          put a maximum of 30% deposit             Going For It!
needs. Interest only mortgages             a good yield sufficient to cover     upfront and pay the remaining            -Arrange an equity release back
and up to 80% Loan–to–value                the costs of the property and        funds and buying costs at the            home
mortgages will allow you to                make a profit. In all the regions,   time of the public deed.                 -Buy properties Off- Plan
make the most of your money!               summer is packed and so that’s                                                -Take an interest only loan-to-
                                           the time to avoid coming if you      During      the      period      of      value mortgage
You should also consider using             can. If you can’t then at least      construction, your property is           -Rent out your property
equity that is in your property            you’re paying yourself!              increasing in value, brick by brick      -Buy as many properties as you
for the initial deposit. This keeps                                             and you’ll also be benefitting           can reasonably afford.
any cash reserves and makes                                                     from any economic gains.                 -Look to sell the property while
excellent use of the gains seen
                                                                                                                         it’s still desirable.
on most UK & Irish properties in                                                And that’s not all, as you
recent years.                                                                   wait it’s highly probable that
                                                                                improvements in the local
The process is very simple and                                                  infrastructure could result in a
we will personally introduce you                                                new road or golf course being
to a bilingual representative of                                                added providing further uplift in
the bank or financial institution.                                              the value of your property.

Proven Rental Income
Portugal offers a great choice

                                      18                                                                                19
 Taking you there...
                                                                                                Ask yourself this...........
How can I purchase property from you?
                                                                                     How long are you going to put up with this?
The popular choice - Our
                                  We have fixed the price for this
Inspection Trip                                                                          Do you deserve something better?
                                  service and it costs no more than
                                  150 euros per person for up to two
The majority of clients choose                                             Recent surveys confirm 43% of British people are considering
                                  people. Additional costs apply for
to come on our three day                                                   buying a home in the sun and 31% are planning to retire abroad.
                                  more than two people in a party.
Inspection Trip. This is a                                                 The same survey confirmed that Portugal is in the top three most
                                  This price includes the flights, hotel
business trip typically lasting                                            popular destinations and is now the most searched destination
                                  accommodation and breakfast.
three days where we can explain                                                                   on the internet...
everything in detail, show you
                                  So, stop surfing the net, stop saying
the area, recommend the ideal
property to you and start the
                                  you’ll do it one day, be proactive...                       Isn’t it your turn?
legal process of reservation.

While a lot of information is              Administration of Flights
given to you its not crucial
you remember everything.                  Airport Pick-up and Return
Remember this is just the start             Hotel Accommodation
of our relationship and we
will be with you until the end.         Mortgage Options and Advice

                                                Buying Costs

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                                       Location Appraisal and Viewing

                                       Recommended Property Options
                                       Legal Process and Buying Steps
                                        Aftercare & Furniture Solutions

                                  20                                                                      21
It would be very easy to provide                 always sell quickly at a fair price
you with pages and pages of the                  even before a photograph is taken.
properties we have for sale at
the time of publication but this                 So it’s a waste of your time giving
wouldn’t get us anywhere. We                     you details of a property which
don’t recommend properties that                  could be sold as we write. We do
have been on the market for long                 provide property information
periods of time - if they are, they are          on-line as that’s ‘real time’ but          Exclusive 3 bed apt in Foz, Porto. Prestigious
not good enough for us to sell or                the only way of guaranteeing              Location. River view. Prices from 699,000 euros
for you to buy. The right properties             you are receiving the best and
                                                                                                                                               Studios & 2 bed apartments in the
                                                 most up-to-date information is               1 & 2 bed apts with sea views in East
                                                                                                                                               Blue Coast with 5% rental guarantee.
 3 bed townhouse with sea views in Silver        to contact us. That way, we give              Algarve. Prices from 215,000 euros.
                                                                                                                                                    Prices from 109,000 euros
    Coast. Prices from 285,000 euros.            you the best advice reflecting
                                                 any changes that may have just                                                              Brand new
                                                 occured. What we have given                                                                 2 bed apt nr
                                                 below is an idea of the properties                                                           Porto. 10
                                                 we like to sell and an indication of                                                         mins from
                                                                                                                                             the beach.
                                                 the price to allow you to budget.
                                                 Enjoy browsing but don’t just keep
                                                 dreaming, do something about
                                                 it and let us take you there..........                                                                 2 bed apartment in the
                                                                                           2bedapartmentinLagos,Algarve.Twominutesfrom                centre of Albufeira, Algarve.
                                                                                                  the beach. Price 315,000 euros.                         Price 245,000 euros

     3 bed apartment in the luxurious Quinta da
        Marinha, Cascais. Price 800,000 euros

                                                        3 bed apartment in Silver Coast.
                                                          One minute from the beach.
                                                              Price 255,000 euros.

                                            22                                                                                        23
 Our Aftercare Solutions
                                                                              The current price for the Comprehensive package is 449 euros for
Our business is to sell lifestyle                                             twelve months membership. The Supreme Package is 949 euros for
changes or investments and                                                    the first year reducing to 349 euros thereafter. We have detailed the
quite regularly, a combination                                                services on the following pages.
of the two. That’s why it is
fundamental to our business                                                   The Supreme package leads the way – it’s unique and has been totally
that we can provide all the                                                   tailored to your requirements by existing clients.
necessary back-up to ensure
your dream purchase continues                                                                    No home should be without it!
to be that.

After reserving a property there
may be a wait of up to two years
before the deed is completed or
it can be as little as three weeks
if the property is finished. It’s at
this stage that we work harder
than ever because that’s when                                                                Comprehensive Package
                                          The Comprehensive Package
you need us the most. If there are
                                        takes care of the basic formalities
any teething problems, it’s now                                                                 Introduction to Fiscal Representative
                                            providing you with a clean
that they will surface and we                                                         Fully comprehensive Snagging List before completion
                                           conclusion to your property
want to be on top of it for you.                                                  Accompaniment to the lawyers for completion of the deeds
                                        purchase. Our Supreme Package
That way you will realise how                                                   Airport pick up and drop of when you come to complete the deeds
                                            is unlike anything else you
dedicated we are to providing                                                                    Key collection and holding service
                                          will have seen. It takes care of
the complete service and giving                                                               Free consultation with interior designer
                                           the basics (it includes every
you immense satisfaction.                                                                  Industrial clean prior to furniture installation
                                        service from the Comprehensive
                                         Package) but the real emphasis         Free furniture installation when you purchase one of our packages
We are proud to introduce our                                                          Utilities connection – Cable TV, internet, telephone
                                             is placed on giving a firm
two Aftercare Solutions....                                                                   Introduction to foreign currency broker
                                         foundation from which to start
                                         enjoying your new Portuguese                      Introduction to your personal bank manager
 The Comprehensive Package
                                                     way of life.                            Introduction to personal insurance broker
  and our Supreme Package

                                       24                                                                      25
 The Supreme Package                                                     Cherry picking the
The Supreme Package already
includes everything from
                                                                        best properties in the
the Comprehensive Package
but with some amazing and                                               best locations all over
unique additions.
It’s been developed with the
true spirit of why we love to
look after you.

This list doesn’t include
everything but gives you a
flavour for the direction in
which you’re heading......hold
on tight!
        Discount Vouchers / 24-hour emergency assistance
 Twelve-month subscription to a leading magazine about Portugal
Twelve-month subscription to AFPOP – property owners in Portugal
          Exclusive ‘Golden Pages’ – our business directory
 Assistance with condominium set up / Newsletter about Portugal
    Concierge service for rental clients – ask us to meet & greet
   Free verbal translation service / Introduction to making a will
  Co-ordination and advice with installation of pre-installed items
Two free tickets to an event of your choice up to a value of 50€ each
       Personal Booking Assistant / Expatriate get-togethers
     Personal introduction to doctors / health service / schools
               Three language lessons free of charge                    Contact us now   0800 098 8001
Assistance with Golf membership / Removals advice and assistance
    Car import or purchase – all the benefits and all the pitfalls!
  Organisation of cleaning services / Organisation of pet passports

Furniture options   Standard package
                    This package is based on an      MASTER BEDROOM                LIVING AND DINING
                    apartment with 2 bedrooms,                                     ROOM
                    lounge/dining room, kitchen      Double bed 1
                    and one bathroom. Furniture      Mattress 1                    3 seated sofabed 1
                    packages can be sold like this   Chest of draws 1              2 seated sofa 1
                                                     Bedside table 2
                    or alternatively we can study                                  Coffee table 1
                                                     Mirror 1                      TV Stand 1
                    and customise a package to       Wardrobe 1                    Dining table 1
                    suit your new home.              Ceiling lights 1              Dining chairs 6
                                                     Bedside lamps 2
                    KITCHEN                                                        TV 1
                                                     Curtain pole 1                DVD 1
                                                     Set of curtains 1
                    Cordless kettle 1                                              Rug 1
                                                     Pillows 2
                    Toaster 1                                                      Curtain pole 1
                                                     Pillow cases 2
                    Iron 1                                                         Set of curtains 1
                                                     Quilt cover 1
                    Ironing Board 1                                                Ceiling lights 2
                                                     Quilt 1
                    Dinner Plates 6
                                                     Bottom sheet 2
                    Deep Plates 6
                                                     Extra Blanket 1                BATHROOM
                    Bowls 6
                    Cups and Saucers 6
                                                     SECOND BEDROOM                 Towel rail 1
                    Salad bowl 1
                    Fruit Bowl 1                                                    Toilet roll holder 1
                    Knives 6                         Single bed 2                   Toilet brush 1
                    Forks 6                          Single Mattress 2              Toothbrush holder 1
                    Dessert spoons 6                 Dressing table 1               Soap holder 1
                    Tea spoons 6                     Bedside tables 2               Towel ring 1
                    Cutlery tray 1                   Mirror 1                       Hand towels 4
                    Water Glasses 6                  Ceiling lights 1               Bath Towels 6
                    Apron 1                          Bedside lamps 2                Bidet towels 4
                    Wine Glasses 6                   Curtain pole 1                 Bath mats 1
                    Tea Pot 1                        Set of curtains 1              Ceiling light 1
                    Milk Jug 1                       Pillows 2
                    Sugar Bowl 1                     Pillow cases 2                 OUTDOOR
                    Chopping Board 1                 Quilt cover 2
                    Set of storage jars 1            Quilt 2                        Wooden table 1
                    Salt and Pepper pots 1           Bottom sheet 4                 Wooden chairs 6
                    Clothing airer 1                 Extra blanket 2                Ceiling light 1
                    Rubbish bin 1                                                   Outside umbrella 1
                    Absorb cloth 1
                    Table cover 1
                    Set of dustpan & brush 1                      Standard Price / Luxurious Price
                    Mop 1
                    Set of frying pans 1                   One bedroom apartment 11,500€ / 14,000€
                    Plate rack 1                           Two bedroom apartment 12,500€ / 15,500€
                    Vinegar/oil set 1
                                                          Three bedroom apartment 14,000€ / 17,000€
                    Oven gloves 1
                    Kitchen knives 1
                    Sieve 1                          Thesepricesincludedelivery,assembly,spaceplanningand
                    Ceiling light 1                                       decoration.

               28                                               29
                                                    Our commitment
                                                     to you..............

This Portugal Property Guide has been developed to give you an overview
of the processes involved in buying your dream property in Portugal. It
has outlined our commitment to you and how we will not only guide
you through the purchase of your property but also assist you beyond
completion of the deeds with our After Sales services. We pride ourselves
on our client care and we strive to make the process as efficient, stress-free
and pleasurable as possible.

From helping you choose the right location or the right property type for
your needs to the connection of your utilities, we at <portugalproperty.
com> guarantee to assist you with whatever you require and to help you
make a smooth transition to your new property.

Our team of property professionals is standing by to introduce you to the
lawyers, mortgage lenders and tax experts that will help make your dream a
reality. We only work with the best in each field to ensure that you have the
best possible experience and we regularly review these associates to make
certain that they continue to provide exemplary service.

In addition, <> is fully versed with all aspects of
purchasing property in Portugal and we keep up to date with the latest
news and laws that might have an affect on any aspect of purchasing
property in Portugal.

No matter where you are in the process, from either dreaming of owning or
actually considering properties, <> is here to assist.
Call us today; we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have and
we’d be delighted to show you our beautiful country in the hopes that you
to might fulfill your dreams of owning property in paradise.

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