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									Vypracovala: Anna Veletová

I would like to tell you something about:

 Types of shops
 London markets
 Danger of shopping
         Types of shops:

Stationery store                         Bookshop
                                          Shoppers can choose
                                         from many different
                                         magazines, newspapers ,
                                         maps, book for instruction
                                         or for pleasure.

 We usually buy accessories for
school and office in a stationery shop
(e.g. pens, writing paper, brushes,
postcards, stamps and calendars).
Furniture store                         Haberdashery
                                       In a haberdashery we can buy
                                      cloth, needles, crochet, towels, wool
                                      yarn, scissors, zippers, buttons and

 A furniture store typically sells
shelves, cupboards, wardrobes,
chairs, desks, beds and carpets.
Domestic appliances                   Dry cleaning shop
  We can select there what we need
    for our household (cutlery,
    dishes, vacuum cleaners,
    cookers, food mixers, freezers,
    lamps, batteries, mirrors, coat

                                         Dry cleaning shops
                                        offer clean clothes.
        Bakery                            Sweet-shop
 We can buy bread, cripsy
rolls, buns, doughnuts and pies
filled with poppy seeds, plum
jam, apples or nuts.
    Such a store can be found very
   easily because there is the scent of
   fresh warm bread… 

                                           We can buy candies, ice
                                          cream, pastries filled with friut,
                                          whipped cream or chocolate.
Clothing shop                               Shoe store
                                           • shoes
                                           • boots
                                           • court shoes
                                           • slippers
                                           • gumboots
                                           • cossack boots

 „ Clothes do much to make a man “

 Shops with clothes are very popular,
you can buy there every part of your
clothes – socks, suits, caps, T- shirts,
skirts, blouses…
Butchery                            Pet store
                                   • dogs
                                   • cats
                                   • parrots
                                   • hamsters
                                   • rabbits
                                   • snakes
If we want to buy:
• salami
• sausages
• mayonnaise salads                              feed
• meat broth                                     cages, coops
• piece of liver, kidneys, heart
• meat for lunch
          – pork, beef, mutton,
             lamb, poultry
Drugstore         Pharmacy
                o ointments
                o pills
                o drops
                o herbal cosmetics
                o bandages
                o vitamin-enriched candy
• soap
• shampoo
• skin cream
• toothbrush
• toothpaste
• beauty aids
• lipsticks
• nail polish
Greengrocery                            Tobacconist
 There is a wide selection of fruit
and vegetables:
          - apples, oranges, lemons,
bananas, nuts, plums, carrots, onion,
leeks, cucumbers, beans, lentils…

                                        • cigarettes
                                        • newspapers
                                        • alkoholic drinks
                                        • sandwiches
 Jewellery                                  Flower shop
We can buy:
 chains
 rings
 bracelets
 earrings

                                            There are flowers arranged
                                            according to your wishes.

                                            roses, lilies, orchids, tulips,
- Items here are of gold, silver or other   fresias, carnations
precious metals.
             London markets
 - London has got
        -40 000 shops
        -over 300 street markets
-> It is a great place for shopping!

              Let´s see some of old London markets 
              Portobello Road
       The World´s Largest Antiques Market

It´s got:
 old books
 boxes                            photos
 bottles                          furniture
 cameras                          handbags
 carpets                          telescopes
 clocks                           tins
 radios                           watches
 toys                             lamps
                 Borough Market
One of the capital´s oldest and largets food markets.

 open on Friday and Saturday
 food from all over the world
 fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat, seafood
Danger of shopping

  some people love shopping so much, that they cannot
  stop, they are called „shopaholics“

  buying cheaper things in sales can be great, but the
  guarantee is not included

  some shop assistants may behave rudely (especially
  shortly before closing time ;-)

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