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									                               NATO UNCLASSIFIED

                                        PART I

                      POST NUMBER: AF RESFIN 0020
                    CLOSING DATE: 19 July 2011
HEADQUARTERS / UNIT: International Security Assistance Force Headquarters
                               (ISAF HQ)
                 LOCATION: Kabul, AFGHANISTAN
               JOB TITLE: Deputy Financial Controller
                           GRADE: ICC IIIB

     Interviews planned to take place in Joint Forces Command Brunssum in the
                            Netherlands (31 August 2011)

                              The benefit package includes:
               - € 7117.00 monthly salary, tax-free in the host country.
                          - € 78.90 per day spent in the Theatre
           (€ 45.09 Hazard allowance + € 33.81 austere living allowance).
                    - Installation allowance equal to one-month salary
      (50% to be reimbursed if not completing two consecutive years of service).
                       - Accommodation in the Camp, free of charge.
                        - Meals of good quality available to purchase.
                                 - Laundry at nominal charge.
                            - Two days of annual leave per month.
                     - Start of Tour & End of Tour paid transportation.
             - 5 + 2 days “Leave from Theatre” plus reimbursement of ticket
                  up to € 1.000 for every 6 months spent in the Theatre.
         - Medical Insurance from Van Breda International, small fee charged.

                                 PART II – CE DUTIES

Post Context:

   The Financial Controller (FINCON) is both Chief of the Budget and Finance
   Branch and the ISAF Theatre Financial Controller (TFC). The Joint Forces
   Command (JFC) Financial Controller (FC) delegates his authority to the
   incumbent for the appointment as the HQ ISAF FC. The Theatre FINCON serves
   as the HQ ISAF senior executive responsible for the management of the financial
   implications related to operations directed or supported by the Commander ISAF
   (COMISAF). The Theatre FINCON is the financial Advisor to COMISAF, and
   functionally responsive by the JFC FC, for the administration and control of all in-
   theatre ISAF financial operations. When TFC is not available, the Deputy Theatre
   Financial Controller and Chief Budget and Finance is his/her main representative.

Reports to:

   Theatre Financial Controller (TFC)

Principal Duties:

                               NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                             NATO UNCLASSIFIED

The incumbent’s duties are:
Operational Duties:

-   On behalf of Commander in Chief of the International Security and Assistance
    Force (COMISAF) through the Theatre Financial Controller, exercises
    expertise and specialist control over all accounting, procurement/contracting
    and budget related matters.
-   The Deputy Theatre Financial Controller is responsible for coordination of the
    day-to-day operations of all sections of the TFC Office: Theatre Head of
    Contract, Purchasing & Contracting, Theatre Budget & Disbursing, and
    Theatre Accounting Office.
-   In coordination with the Theatre Budgeting and Disbursing, Finance and
    Accounting, Purchasing & Contracting heads assists the TFC in managing the
    finance and accounting processes, balancing and directing funding priorities,
    ensuring compliance with NATO Financial Regulations, allocating routine work
    priorities and maintaining the work schedules and timetables.
-   On behalf of the Theatre FC the deputy will be responsible in accordance with
    ACO Directive 70-1 dated 25th March 2009, and its ISAF Supplement dated
    July 2010, to ensure that the Budget and Finance Branch has branch security
    personnel to meet the following requirements: Divisional Security Officer
    (DSO), Document Control Officer (DCO) and Terminal Area Security Officer
    (TASO). In coordination with the Internal Review Officer Deputy TFC verifies
    that appointment letters are updated and proposes modifications to the TFC.

Framework Duties:

-   Maintains awareness of current activities and developments across all
    financial functions of the branch.
-   Ensures that Budget, Contracting and Finance Area Standard Operating
    Procedures, and handover packages are developed as per TFC guidance.
-   Undertakes work as part of a project team or working group as directed or
-   In coordination with the Theatre Accounting Officer develops and carries out
    procedures for Nation Borne Costs recovery accounting.
-   Ensures coordination of all Budget and Finance staff training related to
    operations, Budget, Contracting, Purchasing, Disbursing and Finance to
    ensure a coherent and competent capability exists within the Branch.
-   Legal Authority held: None
-   Budget Authority held: Responsible for the ISAF Theatre Budget Allocation.
-   Evaluates and endorses changes to budget allocations in compliance with
    NATO Financial Regulations and JFCB, SHAPE directives and guidance.
-    Decision Authority held: Authorised to make decisions regarding the work
    priorities of the staff of the branch. Authorised to intervene to adjust the day to
    day work priorities of the staff of the branch to ensure that they match those of
    the TFC and the Deputy Chief of Staff or Resources.
-   Prepares documents, memos, point-papers, official reports of principal and
    precedence setting nature as directed by TFC.
-   Ensures that all HQ ISAF internal correspondence and taskers are correctly
    filed and recorded through manual or electronic means.


                             NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                               NATO UNCLASSIFIED

   -   Holds delegated message release authority from FC for matters affecting
       assigned functional area.
   -   As final authorising authority screens routine electronic bank transfers for
       correctness and completeness of all necessary data and finally approves
       payment of invoices and payroll.
   -   Chairs the Contract Awards Committee and presents the Committee’s
       decision to TFC for final approval/decision.
   -   Supervisory duties: Directs and supervises the work priorities of the staff of
       the Branch.
   -   Ensures and supervises the full and correct use of the automated financial
       system (finS) and establishes user training.
   -   Supervises all security issues related to cash, access to building, document
       control, etc.

Additional Duties:

   -   Performs other related duties as directed by TFC or when deputising for the
       TFC by COMISAF, or the JFC FC.
   -   May be required to undertake TDY assignments both within and beyond
       NATO’s boundaries.

                            PART III - QUALIFICATIONS

Essential Qualifications:

   Professional / Experience:

   -   Proven experience in the field of financial administration, including exercising
       supervision, direction and control over an organisation or staff engaged in
       financial/budget/contracting and administration and management functions.
   -   A proven record of successful performance in challenging leadership
   -   Proven knowledge and experience to determine when legal aspects are
       related to financial decisions and procedures.
   -   It is essential for the incumbent to be familiar with NATO procedures and
       systems associated with finance, budgeting and procurement.
   -   General knowledge of the capabilities and good practical use of computing
   -   Knowledge of the Operational Planning Process and operation of a Combined
       Joint HQ.

   Education / Training:

   -   A University degree in business administration, finance or related field with
       four years experience.

   Security Clearance:

       National/NATO Security Clearance


                               NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                                NATO UNCLASSIFIED


       Mandatory Proficiency:
       English: SLP 3333

       The normal working language within the organisation is English for all written
       and oral work.

   Standard Automated Data Processing (ADP) Knowledge:

       Word Processing            : Working Knowledge

       Spreadsheet (MS EXCEL): Advanced Knowledge

       Graphic Presentation       : Working Knowledge

       Database                   : Working Knowledge

Desirable Qualifications:


   -   Experience with operation of automated budget and financial accounting
   -   Experience as Administrator, Finance, Budget and/or Procurement Officer in
       the forces of a NATO member country, in NATO, or other multi-
       national/international organisation.

   Education / Training:

   -   An advanced University degree in business administration or related field and
       six years or experience.
   -   Recognised formal technical training associated with operation of automated
       financial management systems.
   -   At least 5 years or Military experience in specialities related to finance,
       budgeting and contracting.
   -   Financial (CJ8) training (at JFC Brunssum)
   -   Previous deployment experience would be an advantage.


       Desirable Proficiency:
       French: 2222


   Personal Skills and Attributes:

   -   Requires proven professional judgement and political sensitivity to decide on
       financial matters based on existing directives and procedural guidance and


                                NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                             NATO UNCLASSIFIED

    apply these to operational needs in order to advise the Theatre Financial
-   Must understand, and be able to integrate, the functionalities of the various
    staff elements within a Combined Joint Headquarters.
-   Should be able to argue diplomatically and convincingly on sensitive issues in
    order in simple terms to counterparts from the non-NATO environment.
-   Needs to be an effective communicator or results, confident in dealing with
    very senior officers.
-   Must be able to deal concurrently with a variety of different subjects.
-   Must be able to deal with a wide variety of problems on different subject
    matter and to manage, supervise and to coordinate the work of subordinates.
-   Good health, ability to travel frequently and work irregular hours.
-   Mature and tactful individual, open minded, possessing sound judgement,
    flexibility, and the ability to express himself/herself persuasively, both orally
    and in writing.
-   Works under broad guidance from TFC with full accountability for own work
    and assigned responsibilities.

Managerial Responsibilities:

-   Helps TFC to provide professional and functional accounting, budget guidance
    on financial management aspects to HQ ISAF Fund Managers, Purchasing
    and Contracting (P&C) staff and Travel staff.
-   Works in close coordination with all members of the CJ8 team and contributes
    to foster the team spirit.

Professional Contacts:

-   Maintains constructive working relationships within HQ ISAF, subordinate,
    lateral and higher international military headquarters and NATO agencies as
    well as financial staffs of member nations on financial and accounting matters.
-   Represents the Financial Controller Branch in meetings, boards and

Contribution to the Objectives:

-   Consistently supports and contributes to TFC mission effectiveness and
    efficiency with timely and relevant advice on all matters of budget planning
    and execution.
-   Makes a significant direct contribution to the objectives of all HQ ISAF
    organisational elements.

Work Environment:

-   The office environment is austere with strong environmental influences due to
    seasonal extremes of heat and cold and health-related issues during the
    malaria season. The influence of blowing sand is significant throughout the
    year. The incumbent may be called upon to perform duties from bunker or
    deployed field locations.


                             NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                                NATO UNCLASSIFIED

   -   The incumbent has to undergo hardship of military camp environment in an
       operational environment, shared accommodation, movement restrictions and
       wearing personal protection equipment.


Only applications from candidates meeting essential requirements and possessing
valid certificates/diplomas will be taken into consideration.
If, following the interview stage, applicants are invited for further consideration; they
will be required to be proactive in providing the pre-employment documents. These
include a full medical pack, with supporting reports and signed off by a doctor. In
addition, confirmation is required that the candidate has been issued/can obtain a
valid NATO Secret security clearance; this can take some time and should therefore
be initiated upon being selected for further consideration.
Initial 12 month contract with possible extensions.
Because of the dynamic environment, ISAF Crisis Establishment posts are under
regular review and therefore job contents, including contract duration and contractual
grade may change during the contractual period.

Once selected the candidate must attend the required preparatory training, such as
functional training before deployment at Joint Forces Command Brunssum and
formal software training on the NATO Automated Financial System (FinS).
When TFC is not available and he is deputising for the Senior Financial Advisor, the
incumbent reports to COMISAF in accordance with Article 21 of the NATO Financial
Regulations. When deputising as Theatre FC, the incumbent reports for functional
matters directly to the JFC FC in accordance with the Article 22 or the NATO
Financial Regulations.


                                NATO UNCLASSIFIED

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