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                                 Chairman’s Ruling

                                      10 May 2011

Complaint 11/201

                      Complainant: J. van Zeist
                      Advertisement: Sky Network Television Limited

Complaint: The television advertisement for Sky Multiroom featured a man and a
woman sitting on their couch watching television. The man was holding his breath.
Just when he was about to pass out the woman turned to him and said:

       “Ok. Fine. Watch the All Blacks then.”

The man then exhaled, laughed and began watching the match.

The voiceover then stated, in part:

       “Or, you could be grown up about it and get a second decoder. Watch what
       you want with Sky Multiroom for just $25 a month.”

Complainant, J. van Zeist, said that the advertisement was misleading because “if
the two people were really grown up about it, they would SHARE the experience,
they would discus and together decide what to watch … What this commercial is
showing is that it is better to be childish …which I am certain is a wring example for

The relevant provisions were Basic Principle 4 and Rule 2 of the Code of

The Chairman noted the Complainant’s concerns about the childish behaviour
shown on the advertisement. However, after watching the advertisement, she was of
the view that the man holding his breath so as to watch the All Black game was
light-hearted and intended to be a humorous way to advertise a solution to a
common problem that can occur when members of a household want to watch
competing programmes on different channels. The Chairman further found that,
instead of the advertisement condoning the man’s behaviour, the line “Or you can
                                         2                                    11/201

be a grown up about it,” positioned the man’s behaviour as childish rather than a
being a positive way of behaving.

While noting that the advertisement was distasteful to the Complainant, the
Chairman was of the view that the advertisement was not misleading and had been
prepared with the due sense of social responsibility to consumers and to society
and, as such, she found that there was no apparent breach of the Codes for

The Chairman ruled that there were no grounds for the complaint to proceed.

Chairman’s Ruling: Complaint No Grounds to Proceed

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