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					        NEWSLETTER                                         11/12                                        APRIL 2011

                                                 Have a fun and safe Spring Break!!
       “Jr/Sr Spots” is published by the Guidance & Counseling Center & mailed to each Jr. & Sr. with interims/ report cards

         ☺☼☺BULLETIN BOARD☺☼☺                                        SENIORS: Please remember to send out thank you notes to
SENIORS!!!!!                                                         colleges that have accepted you, but you have decided that
GRADUATION TICKETS? – see enclosed flyer.                            you will not be attending. This allows them to give your space
                           ☺☼☺                                       to students on waiting lists, and keeps you in good standing
SPECIAL SEATING NEEDS FOR GRADUATION?                                with them in the future should you reconsider.
                       - see enclosed flyer.                                                    ☺☼☺
                           ☺☼☺                                        Check out our hall wall for news worth bragging about on the
GRADUATION PHOTOS? - see enclosed flyer.                                          "Oh the Places You'll Go!!!" Wall.
                          ☺☼☺                                                                   ☺☼☺
  Attention Jrs: If you are interested in doing some PIG                Junior/Senior Spots is posted on the Newark School
   hours for next year early, Mrs. Volk in the Guidance                           District website. Please visit us @
 Center needs one very responsible graduation volunteer.                   
    You must be available June 24 & June 25th. Please                                           ☺☼☺
               leave your name at her desk.                          Ms. Buerkle, Member of Congress informs interested
                          ☺☼☺                                        students that a Service Academy Day will be held on
FYI - FAFSA forms will not be available in schools. For              Saturday, April 30 in Syracuse for students interested in
FAFSA on the Web worksheet go to and                   being nominated to one of our Service Academies. More
submit your application there free or you can call 1-800-            information in Guidance or call 315-423-5657 - Lindsay
4-FED-AID.                                                           Bednarczyk with questions.
                          ☺☼☺                                                                   ☺☼☺
NCAA - a reminder to student athletes – If you intend to                 High School Summer Volunteer Program at Strong
tryout for any Division I or II college sport, you need to            Memorial Hospital for all students 14 or older willing to
file NCAA eligibility papers. See your coach, counselor               commit 3-4 hours per week for 10 weeks 6/27-9/3/11. If
or apply online@ or                         interested you may call Friends of Strong starting May 2                                                          for a summer placement appointment at 585-275-2420.
Please enjoy and use the information that we provide in                        ☺☼☺ DATES TO REMEMBER ☺☼☺
the JR/SR SPOTS and share each issue with your                       4/18-22/11 - Spring Recess School Closed
family/student, to keep everyone up to date and informed.            5/20/11 - next Interim Report & JR/SR SPOTS mailing
                          ☺☼☺                                        5/30/11 - Memorial Day School Closed
All students are reminded that Wednesdays are "College               6/24/11 - Graduation
Wear Wednesdays". Wear your college clothes, put your
name in the drawing with the Guidance Counselors and                                   ☺☼☺EXAMS ☺☼☺
become eligible for some great prizes. Seniors, show off those         If you believe you may qualify for fee waivers for these
colors of the college you plan to attend in the fall!                             exams, please see your counselor.
                         ☺☼☺                                         SAT TEST DATES:
Information is available in Guidance for any student                 (You may apply online
wishing to join the Wegmans' LPGA Pitch-In Club and                          *Test May 7, 2011 register by April 8.
do volunteer work at the competition the week of 6/20-                       *Test June 4, 2011 register by May 6.
                                                                        *NOTE: Starred test dates are traditionally given at NHS.
                                                                     ACT TEST DATES :( You may register online
             ☺☼☺CONGRATULATIONS!! ☺☼☺
                                                                             Test June 11, 2011 register by May 6.
(This part is written by you! Stop by the Guidance Center with
                                                                             NOTE: ACT tests are not offered at NHS.
  your good news and with your permission, we will share it
                                                                     AP EXAM DATES: May 2-13, 2011.
           with all your friends and classmates.)
      ☺☼☺COLLEGE OPEN HOUSES ☺☼☺                                         COMMUNITY FOUNDATION - ROCHESTER
     (Please confirm all dates with your choice of colleges and                  TELECOMMUNICATIONS SCHOLARSHIP- created to
       universities as date changes and misprints do occur.)                     assist employees with their children's cost of college and
4/16 - Morrisville, Keuka, Franklin Pierce & Cobleskill                          local students interested in the fields of
                                                                                 telecommunications and technology. Criteria/application
          Open Houses and Nazareth College Jr. Open House.
                                                                                 in G.C. or @ Due by 5/6.
4/16, 4/30, 5/7- Cazenovia College Open Houses.                          DONNIE DURGAN AWARD- for seniors who show persistence
4/21 - Hobart & William Smith Colleges Open House.                               and dedication towards academic, athletic and personal
4/16, 4/18-All majors Admitted Student Days, 4/30 Saturday                       achievement. Obtain 3 letters of recommendation, be
          Information Day & 5/2- Jrs. Open House, 7/22,                          accepted into the Education field at college level,
          10/10, 10/29, 11/11- Open Houses@ SUNY Oswego.                         application due to the G.C. as soon as possible, letters of
4/16, 6/11 - Fredonia Open Houses.                                               recommendations due by 5/06.
 4/16, 7/15 - Plattsburgh Open Houses.                                   EISENHOWER COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION
4/16(Syracuse Campus), 4/30(Ranger School Campus)-Open                           SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST- write an essay of 500 words
                                                                                 on one of the three given topics by 5/31 to try to win
          Houses for SUNY College of Environmental Science                       $1,000 award good at the college of your choice.
          & Forestry.                                                    ELKS- Special Sr. Scholarship Opportunity- if your father was a
4/17 - C.W. Post Long Island University Spring Open House.                       member of the Elks at the time of his death or is totally
4/18- Niagara University Open House.                                             disabled please contact John Oakes @331-1249.
4/18 - Preview Day, 7/19/11, 8/9/11 Open Houses at Roberts               FINGER LAKES REGIONAL HEALTH
          Wesleyan.                                                              SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM – for students employed by
4/18-22 - Springfield College Open House for Juniors.                            the health system to pursue their educational goals and
4/23 Information Session at Plymouth State University.                           build a foundation for their future through strong work
                                                                                 performance and high academic achievement.
4/23-SUNY Canton Open House.
                                                                         GEHRES AWARD- for a graduating senior who will attend FLCC,
4/30 - Open House at St. Thomas Aquinas.                                         shows leadership, integrity, vocational/technical aptitude
5/7 - ITT Technical Institute Open House & "Call of Duty"                        (or military interest), financial need, passing grades,
          Gaming Tournament. RSVP @ 877-488-0011.                                community service & write a short essay. Due 5/13.
5/6, 5/13(High Sch. Jrs.)Open Houses@ Towson University.                 GRAND LODGE KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- offering 2
5/9, 7/11(Fulton Campus) 6/13, 8/8(Auburn Campus) -                              opportunities: Poster Contest: Don't Be A Bully, Be A
          Cayuga Community College Nursing Information                           Friend or Volunteer, Make a Difference in Your
          Sessions.                                                              Community due by 5/9, & Achievement Award: 1
                                                                                 nominated from each school who has shown extraordinary
                                                                                 involvement in community affairs & volunteer work request
             ☺☼☺COLLEGE VISITORS ☺☼☺
                                                                                 nomination in Guidance by 5/13.
None scheduled at this time, please listen for announcements.
                                                                         GREATER NEWARK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE-
                                                                                 scholarship offered to graduating senior with passing
               ☺☼☺ SCHOLARSHIPS☺☼☺                                               grades, and a desire to promote, enhance, and be an
(Scholarship applications and information are available in the G.C.              integral part of the Newark/Arcadia Community.
and are advertised here as we receive them. Please stop by to get a              Apply by 5/5. Info & applications in the G.C.
copy of any scholarship that may pertain to you. Please note that we     INLIKEME.COM SCHOLARSHIP- essay contest open to all high
do not endorse any of the advertised opportunities, we are only                  school juniors and seniors. Choose one topic out of three
making you aware of their existence from mailings we have received)              and write a 250-500 word essay. Deadline is May 31 to
SENIORS PLEASE NOTE: Many colleges offer Merit-Based or                          apply at
          Academic-Based Scholarships to students applying. There        INSTITUTE OF CULINARY EDUCATION- $10,000 awarded to
          are so many that we will not be advertising them here, but             culinary applicants who have overcome medical hardship.
          the information will be in the college’s folder in our file.           Apply at ASAP.
          Always ask the college if there are any scholarships which     KIWANIS CLUB OF NEWARK SCHOLARSHIP- given to a
          may apply to you and how do you get that information.                  Newark High graduating senior for their community,
ANNE CROTHERS VAN NORMAN SCHOLARSHIP- For student                                church and participation in government activities and 500
          pursuing a career in the medical field. Requires essay, due            word essay. Criteria in Guidance are due 5/20.
          date 5/13. More info in the Scholarship Drawer.                MARGARET TIEDEMANN SCHOLARSHIP – for a graduating
ARCADIA HOSE COMPANY SCHOLARSHIP- $750 award made                                senior actively involved in the community and who has
          to one of the following: child of a member of Arcadia Hose             been accepted at college. Applications due by 5/3.
          Company who is pursuing an education in Firematics, or         MUSIC BOOSTERS SCHOLARSHIP AWARD- to a graduating
          any student pursuing the field of firematics or a student              Newark Senior who has participated in the high school
          pursuing the field of Police Science, Agriculture or                   program for 2 years and is planning to pursue a degree
          Forestry. All students must be maintaining 70-80 GPA.                  in the music field at college. Due date 5/12.
          Apply by 5/20.                                                 NEWARK ELKS LODGE SCHOLARSHIP - recognizes seniors at
ASHLEY HENKEL SCHOLARSHIP AWARD- $200 award                                      graduation who are actively involved in their community
          to a graduating senior of NHS accepted to a 2/4 yr                     and show financial need. Applications are in the G.C. and
          college majoring in Special Ed, Medical, Physical or                   due by 6/1. (Please return completed to Guidance.)
          Occupational Therapy. Applications are due by 5/6, get         NEWARK ROTARY CLUB- application mailed to each senior is
          one in the G.C.                                                        due by April 17. One application applied towards three
CSEA COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS- 3 different scholarships on                           different scholarships given at graduation!
          one application for family/members of CSEA in NYS.             PERKINS SCHOOL PTA AWARD- $500 to a graduating senior
          Apply by 4/22.                                                         who attended Perkins School Elementary School K-
                                                                                 2nd grades. Apply by 5/2. Info in G.C.
PRESCOTT FAMILY MEMORIAL AWARD- for a member in                         FAST WEB - Need money for college? The largest and most
       good standing of a church within the Newark School                       popular FREE scholarship search of 600,000 college
       district. Application is available in Guidance and is due                scholarships worth $1 billion is now available at
       by May 15th.                                                   
ROBERT W. CHRISTMANN SCHOLARSHIP- given annually to a                   GET EDUCATED- Common Black College Application allows
       senior entering the field of education. Application                      black students to file one application for $35, which
       information in the G.C. , due by 5/13.                                   will be shared by 31 Member Institutions. Online
SAFARI CLUB INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP- Awards                                   applications are available @
       for seniors planning to major in Forestry, Conservation,         HESC - Use for financial aid info.
       Environmental Science, Veterinary Medicines or Fisheries                 NYS Higher Education Services Corporation has
       & Wildlife Management. Apply by 5/24.                                    created new electronic products and services.
SHEER EGO INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL – offering scholarships                          NYMentor Web site ( provides the best
       of $800-$1000 for their cosmetology program. Forms are                   college and career exploration services that help you
       in the G.C. This is an ongoing opportunity, check it out.                apply successfully for college admission.
       CHANNEL 8 - (5) $1000 awards will be given to seniors                    – info available from several different agencies.
       accepted to college, have good academic standing, and             JOB CORE- information available to “Train for your future”.
       involved in community service. Due date 5/12/11.                 LATINO COLLEGE DOLLARS - free online scholarship guide for
WALMART FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS- several                                        Latino students @
       scholarships for employees/families and non-employees            LIFE WORKS - Read about real people who have achieved
       with varying criteria and due dates. Check it out at the                 success in their careers. Find careers that match
       Wal-Mart Foundation site on the web.                                     your personal interests, skills and abilities in the fast-
WAYNE COUNTY RURAL HEALTH NETWORK’S                                             growing field of health and medical sciences @
       SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM FOR NURSING                                
       STUDENTS-your employer repays your loan when you                 MCC SAT PREPARATION COURSE SCHEDULE- for 2011 has
       begin your career. For info, call 315-483-3200.                          arrived and is available in Guidance.
WILL TO WIN SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM- 2 $5,000                               MERIT AID – website for good money, great schools.
       scholarships will be awarded t0 2 seniors with asthma in         MILITARY INFORMATION - We have files available on all
       each of the following categories: Performing Art, Visual                 branches of the military and scholarships/programs that
       Arts, Community Service, Athletics, Science. Apply by                    they offer such as The Coast Guard Project Aim.
       April 30.                                                        NAZARETH COLLEGE- we have application fee waivers.
                                                                        NCAA - A reminder to student athletes – If you intend to try
    ☼☺SPECIAL PROGRAMS & OPPORTUNITIES ☺☼                                       out for any Division I or II college sport, you need to
(This list includes resource materials we have available for websites           file NCAA eligibility papers. See your coach, counselor or
  and special programs/opportunities we feel you may appreciate.                apply online@ or
      Please note that we do not endorse any of the advertised         .
opportunities, we are only making you aware of their existence from     NEED A LIFT? - College Financial Aid Handbook is now
                       mailings we have received).                              available on-line
AMERICORPS – members who successfully serve at least 1,700              NELNET- free college & financial aid planning, tools, info
           hours during a 9-month period are eligible to receive an             and resources @ or
           award of $4,725 to use towards education.                            (866)-866-7372.
ASSOCIATION FOR TEENAGE DIPLOMATS – info in the G.C.                    NYS ED DEPARTMENT – announces “Making It REAL!” a
CAPPEX.COM- Find out which colleges want you before you                         website to include career information, education
           apply. They are also offering several scholarships                   requirements & opportunities, online & distance learning,
           worth up to $25,000.                                                 job search info, career growth and more @
CAREER CRUISING –to help in your quest for career and                 
           college searches go to which you      NEW YORK NEEDS TEACHERS- info available.
           may access anytime at home: Enter- Name: Newark,             ONE CAMPUS NYC.COM- one-stop access to all NYC Colleges.
           Password: Wayne.                                             ROTARY EXCHANGE PROGRAMS – info available.
CLEP-Pass an exam through the College-Level Examination                 SALLIE MAE SCHOLARSHIPS – includes info regarding
           Program (CLEP) and earn credit for what you already                  “Knowledge for College”, Scholarships & Wired
           know. Visit CLEP at This        
           testing is available regularly at MCC. Info in G.C.          SCHOLARSHIPS (The Program) - A scholarship resource
COLLEGE TOOLKIT - giving away a $10,000 scholarship. To                         program that is available @ or
           find out more log on to       & for financial aid
DISCOVER COLLEGES - offers online financial aid and college                     info go to General information
           admissions tips @ or                        listed @
           Christian colleges              SELECTIVE SERVICE REGISTERING - Reminder to young men
ECAMPUS TOURS- virtually explore campuses on the                                if you are 18 years old, you must register with the Selective
           computer and “How to Get Money for College” at                       Service System. Register at age 17 & 3mos and after at
  .                                      or paperwork is available at your local Post
EDUCATIONAL HOUSING- student off-campus housing for                             Office. Registration is important to be eligible for college
           college students in New York City. Info at                           financial aid and employment purposes.
                                       STUDENT’S GATEWAY TO THE U.S. GOVERNMENT-
FAIRVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT EXPLORERS- There is                          Info here for anything you can think of.
           information available in Guidance regarding signing up       SUNY LEARNING NETWORK—courses offered that may
           for this very active program.                                        be taken by motivated high school students interested
                                                                                in earning college credits prior to graduation. More
                                                                                info @
SYLVAN LEARNING CENTER - information & SAT Prep                      #14. Barnard College has coed programs in Liberal Arts,
       course schedules are in G.C.                                          Liberal Arts Intensive and Young Women's
USA.GOV- go to for everything from loans to driver’s                 Leadership Institute.
                                                                     #15. Adelphi University interact with talented and prestigious
WEEKLY SCHOLARSHIP ALERT SITE!- Sign up at and scholarships
                                                                             faculty, study with current undergraduate students,
       are emailed to you each week. This is a great free site for           live in the Garden City Campus.
       all college bound students to find scholarship money.         #16. Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill program for
WEGMANS - has a Youth Program with paid work experience.                     promising young female leaders who have a
                                                                             demonstrated concern for civic and social issues and
             ☺☼☺ COLLEGE PROGRAMS☺☼☺                                         dreams of making the world a better place.
Materials received and advertised are in the Summer Program boxes    #17. Lebanon Valley College Daniel Fox Youth Scholars
               filed by the # (Number) assigned here.                        Institute for exceptional high school students to
       ****Please remember that all of these opportunities                   experience this residential program while completing
         have deadlines to apply and fill up quickly.****
                                                                             challenging academic activities.
#1. RIT offering E.Y.F. (Explore Your Future) for Deaf and
                                                                     #18. The George Washington University presents Discover
        Hard- of- Hearing Sophomores and Juniors in 6-day
                                                                             Washington DC while making the nation's capital
        career awareness programs. Deadline to apply
                                                                             your classroom. More info at
                                                                     #19. Carleton College Summer Writing Program, Summer
#1. RIT offering "Steps to Success" for Deaf and Hard-of-
                                                                             Science Institute and Carleton Liberal Arts
        Hearing African-American, Latino and Native
                                                                             Experience for information visit
        American Students 9th grade. Deadline to enter
                                                                     #20. Drexel Summer Institutes include Business, Engineering,
                                                                              Law, Media Arts & Design, Medicine and more.
#1. RIT offering "Techgirlz" for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing
                                                                     #21. Boston University invites students to preview college life
        9th grade girls who are interested in careers in
                                                                              while experiencing one of four great programs this
        science, technology, engineering and math.
                                                                              summer including PROMYS-Program in
        Deadline to enter 5/31/11.
                                                                              Mathematics for Young Scientists.
#2. Close Up offering several Washington High School
                                                                     #22. The American academy of Dramatic Art offering 4
        Programs until July 2011. Check it out at
                                                                              week and 2 week summer intensive studies.
                                                                     #23. St. John Fisher College presents College Bound
#3. Cornell University wants you to experience living on an
                                                                              Program 5 days no charge, register by April 15. This
        Ivy League campus while earning college credits
                                                                              date has been extended! Sign up soon.
        during one of a 3 or 6 weeks program.
                                                                     #24. Alfred University summer program includes Astronomy,
#4. Springfield College presents Athletic Training Student
                                                                              Art Portfolio Prep, Creative Writing, Consumer
        Workshop July 10-14 call 413-748-5287 if this is of
                                                                              Chemistry and much more.
        interest to you. Details in Guidance.
                                                                     #25. Ithaca College Summer College a residential pre-
#5. Georgetown University summer studies, check it out at
                                                                              college program for one or three weeks of outings,
                                                                              events, campus life and classes.
#6. New York State Department of Environmental
                                                                     #26. Pratt Institute offering pre-college program in Art,
        Conservation offering camps to learn about the
                                                                              Architecture, Fashion Design, Illustration Jewelry,
        environment, outdoor skills and to connect with
                                                                              Photography and much more.
        nature for 12-17 year olds.
                                                                     #27. Baruch College summer High School Program featuring
#7. Carnegie Mellon pre-college programs in Advanced
                                                                              Pre-Med, Pre-Law & Entrepreneurship.
        Placement, Fine Arts, National High School Game
                                                                     #28. New York University's Pre-College program for this
        Academy, Drama & Music.
                                                                              summer includes college level courses, Writing
#8. New York University offering several Pre-College
                                                                              Workshop, College Planning, and Student Life.
        Programs helping students learn about campus life.
                                                                     #29. Syracuse University Summer College of Writing,
#9. Cornell University summer programs CURIE &
                                                                              Architecture, Engineering, Forensic Science, Law,
        CATALYST for students who excel in math and
                                                                              Acting, Recording, Fashion and much more.
        science. Info in Guidance.
                                                                     #30. Otis College Summer of Art, a 4-week College
#10. Northfield Mount Hermon Summer Sessions include
                                                                              Preparation Program in art and design.
        Middle School Program, College Prep Program,
                                                                     #31. University of Rochester offering Summer Residential
        English as a Second Language, Contemporary
                                                                              Programs and computer Programs throughout the
        Dance, New Zealand Summer Abroad.
#11. Washington University in St. Louis offering High
                                                                     #32. Canisius College offering a two-day experience for
        School Summer Scholars Program and High School
                                                                              Juniors at Career Days.
        Summer Institute with Creative Writing, Japanese
        Popular Culture and Pre-Medical.
#12. Harvard Summer School prepares you for college
        through visits, workshops and admissions talks while           THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED MAKE
        taking college courses in subjects that interest you.          OUR COLLEGE FAIR TRIP A SUCCESSFUL
#13. Alfred University offering residential summer English                EDUCATIONAL EVENT FOR OUR
        Equestrian Camp with western and English riding.                          STUDENTS!!!!!!

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