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					Clothes Designer
         By Renee Murray
What do you do in this

     Clothes Designers work independently.
      What they do is they distinguish
      materials and make clothes out of it
      and also need to Know how to handle
      the materials they use.
How much does this job pay on

   The highest average is 6,168,150
What is the lowest salary someone
might make in this career?
       The lowest salary
        is $29,648 for this
What is the highest salary
someone might make in this

The highest salary someone might make
in this career is $19,610.
What education do you need for this
career ?

  They need a bachelor’s degree and junior
   technical community college degree, they
   need a high school diploma first before their
   bachelor’s degree
What things should you be good at to do well in
this career? What skills must you have to do this

   You should be good at using your
    senses. Also you should be good at
    sketching and working independently.
Why did you choose to research this career?

 I choose it because my grandma taught me
  how to sew ,and I love it.
What do you think you would like about this
                 career ?

             I think I would like
              how you have to use
              all kinds of different
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