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Clothes and Food Sorting


       Clothes and Food Sorting
1.	 Print	out	pages	2	and	3.
2.	 Cut	out	Food	and	Clothes	pictures	and	glue	them	to	a	manila	folder	(one	
per	side).
3.	 Laminate	the	folder	to	make	it	more	durable.
4.	 Laminate	and	cut	out	the	rest	of	the	pictures.
5.	 Place	a	piece	of	velcro	on	each.
6.	 Place	10	pieces	of	velcro	on	each	side	of	the	folder.
7.	 Glue	an	envelope	to	the	back	of	the	folder	for	spare	pieces.        
8.	 Modify	to	meet	individual	needs	of	your	students!                     
                                                                                    Tel: (317)274-8162
                                                                                           select option “0”

                                Materials Needed:
                                     1.	 Print-outs
                                   2.	 Manila	Folder
                                        3.	 Velcro                                      Christian Sarkine Autism
                                      4.	 Laminate                                          Treatment Center
                                                                                           Department of Child
                                       5.	 Scissors                                    and Adolescent Psychiatry
                                         6.	 Glue                                       702 Barnhill Dr., Rm. 4300
                                                                                          Indianapolis, IN 46202
                                                                                     For referrals, call 317-274-8162
                                                                                     For research, call 317-274-8162
                                                                                    Other resources: call 317-274-8162
                                                                                                option “0”


                                    Materials provided are samples only!
           They may need to be individualized to meet the particular needs of a person with an ASD!
Academia: Clothes and Food Sorting                     HANDS in Autism

 HANDS in Autism                                                                                    Academia: Clothes and Food Sorting

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