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									    Il filo d’Arianna

  Paolo Rusticelli
I was born in 1948 in
Borgo Panigale, a town
very close to Bologna.
I’m the third of five
I attended compulsory
education until the
age of 14 and then I
started working.
   Il filo d’Arianna

I worked most of my life as a
technician for SIP (Società Italiana Telefoni),
the old state telephone company
and, until recent times, the only one
existing in our country.
    Il filo d’Arianna
                        I’ve always known how
                        important education is,
                        so I began to attend
                        evening school after
Unfortunately I had
to quit school due to
serious family
                           In the meanwhile I
                           met my future
                           wife, Emma. We
                           got married and
                           had a son,
  Il filo d’Arianna

I started volunteering
when I was just 20
years old for AVIS, the
Italian Association of
Blood Donors.
The association was
founded in Milan in
1927 by a doctor and
nowadays it is one of
the largest and most
important no profit
association in Italy.
   Il filo d’Arianna

The numbers
over 1.000.000 donors per year
over 1.800.000 donations per year
    Il filo d’Arianna

I’ve been the president of
Crespellano branch since
The biggest branches are
provided with daily service
and staff for blood collection.
In Crespellano a mobile unit
for blood collection is
available every 3 months. A
volunteer can donate blood
every 3 months (400 cc) and
plasma every 45 days.
Crespellano counts more than
300 donors in its official
Il filo d’Arianna

AVIS rewards the donors’
  generosity in different ways:
- Free medical visits, blood
  tests and other exams keep
  their health monitored
- They are granted one day off
  work for each donation
  and…free breakfast after the
- They are given a medal at the
  achievement of a specific
  number of donations (blood
  and plasma)
- Involvement in social
  activities such as parties,
  dinners and local fests to
  raise money for the
     Il filo d’Arianna


This is another
charity I’ve been
volunteering for
since 1982, the
year of its
We volunteer in
support to the
National Health
Il filo d’Arianna

               Pubblica Assistenza is part of a
               larger association operating at
               national level named ANPAS
               (Associazione Nazionale Pubbliche
               Assistenze). The Province of
               Bologna counts 20 associations like
               ours which cooperate with the NHS
               paramedics providing first aid with
    Il filo d’Arianna

The volunteers drive the
   ambulance and provide
   first aid assistance to
   casualties in
Before starting their
   volunteer work they are
   trained by medical staff
   for different purposes.
The service we give to the
   citizenship is on 24/7 all
   year round.
Il filo d’Arianna

                    The local branch of Castello
                    di Serravalle involves
                    approximately 200
                    volunteers and 400
                    supporters and covers the
                    area north-east of Bologna.

                    In addition to emergencies,
                    the association provides
                    first aid assistance during
                    public events (concerts,
                    local festivals …), transport
                    to privates from home to
                    hospitals and organize first
                    aid courses for the
Il filo d’Arianna
                    The new technologies have made
                        available a new efficient
                        service the association
                        provide to elderly people who
                        live at home alone: a remote
                        monitor assistance available
                        24/7 and free of charge.
                    The person assisted can contact
                        the operator anytime, day
                        and night.
                    As a routine service the operator
                        contacts every day the elderly
                        person to make sure he/she
                        is in good health and to find
                        out if any kind of assistance
                        is required.
Il filo d’Arianna

           Finally, I’m actively involved in an
           association founded in 1997 in
           Crespellano which gathers
           approximately 50 members with
           one passion: restoring old
Il filo d’Arianna

We restore for free old
and antique pieces of
furnitures belonging to
the Town Halls and the
parishes of the
Samoggia Valley
Il filo d’Arianna   Every year we organize a
                    course for those who want
                    to learn the techniques to
                    restore and renovate old
                    pieces of furniture. The
                    course is run from October
                    to April. People participate
                    mostly to restore their own
                    old furniture.
Il filo d’Arianna

 We also organize courses to
renovate frames and old straw
An art professor teaches us
how to recognize the different
furniture styles and ages and
to this purpose takes us out
to visit old mansions and
antiques shops
Il filo d’Arianna

            Volunteering is part of
            my life and gives
            meaning to it.
            I can’t really imagine
            my life without it.

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