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									Boot verbs in the preterite

Unlike the present tense:

Only the “ir” boot verbs undergo a change

This change only takes place in the 3rd person

o  ue


Morí                                        Morimos
Moriste                                     Moristeis
Murió                                       Murieron

Dormí                                       Dormimos
Dormiste                                    Dormisteis
Durmió                                      Durmieron


Pedí                                        Pedimos
Pediste                                     Moristeis
Pidió                                       Pidieron

Write in the third person (singular and plural)

despedirse de = to say goodbye
divertirse = to enjoy oneself
hervir = to boil
pedir = to ask for
preferir = to prefer
rendirse = to surrender
repetir = to repeat
seguir = to follow
sentir = to feel, to be sorry
servir = to serve
vestirse = to get dressed
More changes in spellings

Some spelling changes occur in the 3rd person of a limited number of verbs which
do not have a spelling change in any other person.

Verb                   1st person        3rd person    3rd person
                       singular          singular      plural

caer = to fall         caí               cayó          cayeron
creer = to believe     creí              creyó         creyeron
leer = to read         leí               leyó          leyeron
oír = to hear          oí                oyó           oyeron
destruir =             destruí           destruyó      destruyeron
to destroy
construir =            construí          construyó     construyeron

Ahora te toca a ti

1. Yesterday my parents said goodbye to my grandparents (despedirse de)

2. Did you enjoy yourself in Spain? My brother didn’t enjoy himself in France

3. Miguel repeated his homework (repetir)

4. They fell over in the snow (caerse)

5. The glass of milk boiled in the microwave (hervir)

6. I asked for a beer but Esteban asked for a coffee with milk and my parents asked
for a tea (pedir)

7. This morning my dad read el País but I read Marca (leer)

8. The waiter served the dinner at eight o’clock (servir)

9. I preferred to play football but Luisa preferred to watch television (preferir)

10. They followed the motorway whilst I followed the coast (seguir)

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