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									Smart Fitness is run by Tracey and Simon Kennedy. Our belief is fitness should be an enjoyable
part of everyday life. Our programs include Boot Camp, cardio boxing, self defence, personal
training and running group.

Boot Camp is run all year round RAIN - HAIL - OR SHINE, winter program running now at Largs Bay

What Is Boot Camp?
Boot Camp is a fun, motivating military style outdoor training programme designed to challenge all
aspects of health and fitness. Its 6 weeks of intense training that will give you visible results. It
consists of 12 1hr session’s run twice a week.

Why is Boot Camp different to other fitness programmes?
   It is run completely outdoors.
   Safe programme design with emphasis on cardio
   fitness and functional strength
   A focus on pushing through the mental barriers
   to achieve more from your training.
   Motivation comes through working as a team and encouraging each other.
   You will see and feel the difference in 3 weeks.

Do I need to be fit to do Boot Camp?
No! On day one of the course we put all recruits through a Basic Fitness Assessment (BFA) allowing
us to cater to your level and place each recruit into a team depending on his/her individual fitness

Session Location, Times and Prices
Largs Bay Beach, north side of jetty
Thursday 6am – 7.15am
Saturday 6.30am – 7.45am

$150 for Members & return recruits for 12 sessions
$75 for 6 sessions
$180 for non member for 12 sessions (inc a Boot Camp t-shirt)
$90 for 6 sessions (Boot Camp t-shirts can be purchased for $20)

Boot Camp Rules
 Boot Camp T-shirt must be worn to every session or penalties will be incurred
 If unable to attend a session call or text your instructor either the day before or from 5.30am
  on the morning of or the whole team will be punished with 10 burpies per person

    Ph: 8240 1876     Mobile: 0403 087 493        Fax: 8240 5727
                    Email: tracey@smartfitness.net.au
                     Web: www.smartfitness.net.au
 You must listen to your trainer’s instruction without side talk or interruptions. If you fail to do
  so and your trainer has to repeat herself/himself as a result of this, you will be punished with
 Agree to come to every workout in a timely manner. Understand that warm-up is an essential
  part of having both a productive workout and preventing both short-term and long-term
  injuries. Agree to come to every workout with the exception of a doctor-approved absence,
  family emergencies, or a pre-approved absence from your instructor
 Feet must be moving at all times, if you fail to do so you will be punished with burpies
 Will have a positive attitude, have fun and not use the words no and cant. Instead you will say,
  I will try my best (or something like that). Will allow my instructors to push me and show me
  that I am stronger than I ever imagined
 Fully understand that it is entirely up to you; and you alone, to do what has to be done to get
  results. Therefore, you must understand that:
  Exercise AND Nutrition will directly affect any goals to be achieved from the Boot Camp (both
  good and bad). You must FULLY understand that you should not expect noticeable results if
  you are less than 90% compliant to BOTH your exercise and nutrition program.
 Put 100% in every drill/challenge that is presented to you
 Try to always encourage and support your team mates and be positive
 Fitness is a mental disciple; if you tell yourself you can do it Boot Camp will strengthen both
  your mind and body
 If feeling any pain or injury stop straight away and your instructor
 If on any medication or suffer from asthma or diabetes inform your instructor

Your Boot Camp Instructors!
Tracey Kennedy – Cert 4 Fitness, Personal Trainer, Gym and Boxing Instructor, 2nd Dan Black Belt
Karate – Zen Do Ryu, instructor martial arts 7 yrs
Simon Kennedy – 2nd Dan Black Belt – Zen Do Ryu instructor martial arts 7 years

   Ph: 8240 1876     Mobile: 0403 087 493        Fax: 8240 5727
                   Email: tracey@smartfitness.net.au
                    Web: www.smartfitness.net.au
1. Diet Tips – Fat Burning Tips to Get It Off and Keep It Off

 Eat To Loose Weight
Most people think that they should eat less and exercise more to loose weight, but that is
not quite right. Yes, you should eat fewer calories and exercise to loose weight, but you
should never starve yourself or cut your food intake back to a point where you are
consuming next to nothing. This method of dieting is outdated and serves to do more
damage than good. You will loose weight, but it will be muscle (which is an active tissue that
allows your body to burn more calories at rest) and water, with very little in the way of fat.

Limiting calories too much will reduce your energy levels, increase the hunger pangs, and
put your body into a state where it will actually hold onto its fat supplies and will store any
extra calories as fat. This happens because your body starts to believe you are in a famine.

This eating plan allows you to eat small frequent meals every three hours to fuel and feed
your body the nutrients, while stimulating your metabolic rate.

 Fad Diets
There are many new fad diets every year promising the world, but only delivering health
risks, short term body fat reduction and a lighter bank balance. Diets that promise you will
loose 10kg in 2 weeks are dangerous and do not promote lasting weight loss (fluid and
muscle tissue are lost, not fat). Once you go off these type of diets you will put the weight
straight back on. Fad diets are exactly that, a fad.

This eating plan keeps you interested with easy to follow recipes and food suggestions that
allow you to create an eating pattern that you can follow for life.

 Making The Commitment
The weight that you loose will not come off overnight. It takes time to stack on that
unwanted body fat, so do not expect to take the weight off overnight either. You should
realistically loose between .5kg to 1kg per week depending on how committed you are.

 Ph: 8240 1876 Mobile: 0403 087 493         Fax: 8240 5727
              Email: tracey@smartfitness.net.au
               Web: www.smartfitness.net.au
Lasting weight loss results are achieved with commitment, healthy eating habits and an
increased exercise output.

 Keep The Furnace Burning
Never miss a meal. This is one of the worst things that you can do. It will slow down your
metabolism, burn muscle tissue and will set you up for bingeing later on in the day.

The theory of skipping a meal to loose weight is old and outdated. Your body works hard to
process the food you have eaten, burning many calories, thus speeding up your metabolic
rate and fuelling your muscles. Skipping meals is a recipe for storing body fat. Eating small
frequent meals spaced throughout the day in a three hour pattern gives you constant
energy, controls insulin spikes and hunger pangs, and keeps your metabolism burning
continuously. No other method works better to loose weight!!

 My Parents Are Large So It’s Genetics
This is one of the biggest myths and most commonly used excuses for people who are
overweight or who are hard muscle hard-gainers. Although genetics will play a part in
determining how your shape will look, it’s not an excuse to be overweight.

 Behaviours That Are The Seeds To An Unhealthy Body And Low Energy Levels
  Skipping meals
  Eating processed, junk food
  Not exercising or exercising too much
  Neglecting relaxation
  Not getting enough sleep
  Going past your own fatigue point
  Using sugar, caffeine, nicotine, drugs or stimulants to function
  Worrying
  Neglecting fun activities
  Putting yourself last
  Negative emotions
  Shallow breathing

While Smart Fitness can get you on track with an eating and exercise program to help
restore your health and help you to loose weight, you must also make the effort to change
some lifestyle habits. Doing this will not only further your success, but will help your body
repair itself and work at a more optimum level. You in turn will gain more energy and a
further vigour for life.

 Are All Fats Bad For You?
No, not all fats are bad for you. Fats such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 polyunsaturated fats are
required in your eating plan to maintain good health, lower cholesterol and aid in weight

    What Omega-3 Oils do for you:
     Act as a natural anti-inflammatory agent
     Are a precursor for hormone production-essential for life
    Ph: 8240 1876 Mobile: 0403 087 493         Fax: 8240 5727
                 Email: tracey@smartfitness.net.au
                  Web: www.smartfitness.net.au
     Regulate metabolism
     Stimulate fat burning

Not only that but good fats are essential for healthy hair, skin and nails. Omega-3 and
Omega-6 polyunsaturated fats are essential to the body and must be consumed in small
quantities. These are oils found in fish, beans, grains and nuts. Fish oil capsules are a great
supplement to use in your eating plan.

Stay away from eating trans-fatty hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats and oxidised

    What these fats will do to you:
     Accelerate aging
     Compromise the immune system
     Damage the reproductive organs
     Decrease testosterone in men
     Increase body fat
     Inhibit fertility in women
     Contribute to the risk of developing cancer
     Increase problems with mental functioning such as autism, ADD, ADHD, Parkinson’s,
      Alzheimer’s and depression

To avoid these fats, stay away from the following:
Bottled Salad            Chips                Biscuits                          Corn Oil
Cottonseed Oil           Deep Fried Foods     Imitation mayo                    Shortening
Margarine               Non-dairy Creamers Imitation Sour Cream                 Processed food
Junk Food               Sandwich Spreads      Pressurised Whipped

Only use olive oil, safflower and sunflower oils to cook with, but make sure they are cold
pressed. Avoid safflower and sunflower unless it states they are cold pressed.

DO NOT use vegetable oil to cook with or canola oil – unless the canola is cold pressed. Most
vegetable oils become toxic when heated and become unrecognisable to the human body.
These trans-fatty acids damage cells and lead to heart disease, cancer, and other
degenerative diseases. The generation of trans-fatty acids also produces free radicals. Free
radicals damage cells, which are more likely to mutate to cancer.

 Fibre In Your Diet
When eating carbohydrates, make sure you consume ones that are rich in fibre. Fibre rich
carbohydrates are low in glycaemia and will slow the absorption of food through your
system giving you longer lasting energy throughout the day.

Soy and linseed breads, rolled oats, and some fruits and vegetables all contain lots of fibre
and are included into your eating plan. Food containing fibre tend to fill you up more,
providing satiety, and help control your insulin levels by keeping them steady and flat.

    Ph: 8240 1876 Mobile: 0403 087 493         Fax: 8240 5727
                 Email: tracey@smartfitness.net.au
                  Web: www.smartfitness.net.au
Low GI carbohydrates are very important for diabetics and those looking to prevent onset of
diabetes and good health. Fibre is also important for bowel motions, toxin elimination, and
preventing constipation. If you are constipated, toxins will sit in your intestines, and some
will be reabsorbed. Fibre helps to reduce this by pulling them out of your body before they
can be reabsorbed.

 Is Sugar Your Poison?
Sugars come in different forms and are considered high glycaemic carbohydrates that will
raise your insulin to high levels. This is a state that we do not want to occur (unless after
training). Raised insulin will convert excess fat and calories into body fat.

Sugar also affects your moods and behaviour. It makes you want more and leaves you cranky
when you do not have it. One sugar hit leads to another!

Heavy consumption of products containing sugar can lead to fluctuating blood sugar levels
and when your body is in the too low phase (hypoglycaemic) you will crave more sugar to
get it back to normal. Sugar consumption also depletes B vitamins and lowers your body’s
resistance to bacteria, viruses and yeasts. Sugar also makes your brain irritable and

Avoid sugar and all things sweet, including honey, cakes, biscuits, soft drinks, fruit drinks and
lollies. For use in cooking and for those of you who like sweetened tea and coffee, try using
natural plant derived sweeteners such as Stevia, Xylitol, Sorbitol or Fructooligosaccharides
(FOS). These healthy sugars are available from health food stores and some supermarkets.

Please stay away from artificial chemical sweeteners such as NutraSweet and Splenda. They
are as their name suggests “chemicals”. Their chemical names are aspartame and saccharin.
Aspartame has been linked to breast cancer, brain cancer, seizures, headaches, blurred
vision, depression, nausea, insomnia, fatigue and diarrhoea just to name but a few.
Saccharin has been extensively studied and linked directly to cancer.

Processed white flour is also your enemy and acts the same way as sugar does in your body.
In fact, your body can’t tell the difference between white flour and sugar nowadays as we
consume so many highly processed foods. Watch out for marketing hype with 97% fat free
products, the fat may be low but the majorities of these products contain large amounts of
highly processed white flour and or sugar which are high glycaemic carbohydrates.

 Eat Only Natural Low Glycaemic Carbohydrates
This will make the biggest difference to the way you will look, especially if you are of a body
type that gains fat and weight (i.e Endomorph). You will feel much better with longer lasting
energy to get you through the day when eating natural low GI foods.

Anyone who regularly skips meals, restricts food intake or eats a diet of processed junk or
take away food will see a dramatic improvement in their overall health and vitality and an
immediate drop in body fat once they swap to a diet of a real whole foods. Real food is

 Ph: 8240 1876 Mobile: 0403 087 493         Fax: 8240 5727
              Email: tracey@smartfitness.net.au
               Web: www.smartfitness.net.au
anything that you could theoretically pick, gather, milk, hunt or fish foods that are very close
to their natural state.

Real foods include:
   o Eggs, butter, milk, cheese
   o Fish and shellfish
   o Meat and poultry
   o Oils (seed, nut & fish oil)
   o Fruits and vegetables
   o Grains and legumes
   o Nuts and seeds

Of these foods you will learn to pick only the low GI ones. Learn which carbohydrates are
low from the GI index attached.

 How to Switch to a Low GI Diet
The basic technique for eating the low GI way is simply a "this for that" approach - ie,
swapping high GI carbs for low GI carbs. You don't need to count numbers or do any sort
of mental arithmetic to make sure you are eating a healthy, low GI diet.

   o   Use breakfast cereals based on oats, barley and bran
   o   Use breads with wholegrains, stone-ground flour, sour dough
   o   Reduce the amount of potatoes you eat
   o   Enjoy all other types of fruit and vegetables
   o   Use Basmati or Doongara rice
   o   Enjoy pasta, noodles, quinoa
   o   Eat plenty of salad vegetables with a vinaigrette dressing

When you consistently eat balanced meals of real whole low GI foods you will loose weight,
increase your metabolism, burn your fat away from the middle, develop ideal body
composition and have less cellulite.

 Ph: 8240 1876 Mobile: 0403 087 493         Fax: 8240 5727
              Email: tracey@smartfitness.net.au
               Web: www.smartfitness.net.au
By avoiding saturated fat from cakes, pastries, biscuits, deep fried foods, fatty meats and full
cream dairy foods you will also help your cholesterol levels in the healthy range (4.2 – 5.4
mmol/litre). And remember one gram of fat contains 9 calories compared to protein and
carbohydrates, which contain only 4 calories per gram, therefore the calories will soon pile
up if you consume too much fat.

Below is a sample eating plan designed by a nutritionist taking into account all the factors
discussed above. Follow it for 3 weeks and coincide it with your training to really get the
best results possible.

Option 1 - Cereal                              Option 2 - Toast, baked beans and egg
45g Special K (Original or forest berries)     1 slice toasted burgen soy and linseed bread
Or 45g All Bran (Original or tropical)         with 1 poached or boiled egg and ½ cup
                                               weight watchers baked beans

                                      Mid Morning
Option 1 - Fruit and Nuts                  Option 2 - Cottage Cheese on Crackers
Choose from an apple, pear or banana and   100g low fat cottage cheese on 2 x multigrain
20g of either cashews, almonds or walnuts  vita wheats - add vegemite or tomato if

Option 1 - Sandwich                             Option 2 - Soup and four bean mix
2 slices burgen soy & linseed bread spread      ½ can Heinz very vegetable soup with a 100g
with 1 tsp light cream cheese and filled with can of four bean mix, drained and added to
either tuna or chicken plus salad               soup, plus 1 x multigrain ryvita spread with
                                                low fat cream cheese

                                      Mid Afternoon
Option 1 - Flavoured tuna and crackers       Option 2 - Yoghurt and nuts
Can of greenseas flavoured tuna with 2 x     1 x tub forme diet flavoured yoghurt with 20g
multigrain                                   of either cashews, almonds or walnuts added

Option 1 - Meat choice and                    Option 2 - Vegetarian option
vegetables/salad                              5 x egg white omelette or 140g beans or
120g lean chicken or 150g white fish or 120g chickpeas with as many vegetables as you
lean steak with as many veggies as you want want
(no potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread, rice or (no potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread, rice or
pasta allowed)                                pasta allowed)

 Ph: 8240 1876 Mobile: 0403 087 493         Fax: 8240 5727
              Email: tracey@smartfitness.net.au
               Web: www.smartfitness.net.au

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