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					Roster            December 2004         January 2005          February 2005
                                                                                                            Weekly Publication
Attendance Virginia Morris           John Beitzel                                                                  Of

Regalia & John Innis                 Alex Knowles
    Coming Events:                                                                      RI Theme
    1st January 2005 Brunch at Rotary Park
    7th – 10th January 2005 Antiques Fair
                                                                                       2004 - 2005   Volume 29 No 23 13th December, 2004
    10th January 2005 Meeting at Jupiters following antiques fair                                                      Community Service Merv Craig
                                                                                         Congratulations               Vocational Service Peter Eldred
           Date                        Function                  Chairperson            We have lift off for the 2005/ International Service Alyson McCall
                                                                                2006 Rotary year with the election of Youth Service            Virginia Morris
20th December 04          Christmas Party (Ladies night                         a team to carry the club forward and           Sandy can reserve 6th
                          $20 - 6.00 for 6.30pm)                                those who presented themselves for February 2005 for pre PETS
27th December 04          No meeting                                            positions are to be congratulated.     (presidents elect training seminar)
                                                                                                                       and 12th – 13th March for PETS at
3rd January 05            No meeting                                                                                   Cherribah, Warwick. He will also
                                                                                                                       lead the team to the District
                                                                                                                       Assembly at Mullumbimby High
                                                                                                                       School on 15th May after which they
            Tonight’s Program              Last Meeting: 6th December 2004                                             will be all fired up to undertake a new
                                           Attendance: 15 Members present                                              year of Rotary.
“                                          Visiting Rotarians:
          Members guest Spots
                                           Guest of Rotarians:
                                           Club Guest:                                                                            Board Decisions
               Chairperson                 Guest Speaker:                                                                      A meeting of the board has
                                           Make-up:                                     President elect Sandy Brill    decided to make an undertaking with
        John Innis                         Honorary Members:                    (left) with current president Alyson   the St Judes School in Arusha,
                                           Apologies: Eric Appel, Judy Blake,   McCall and past president Bill         Tanzania to provide US$5000 toward
                                           John Goulding, John Innis, Jeff      Walker will be part of the elected
                                           Sutherland                                                                  the purchase of additional land to
           Members Birthdays                                                    team composed of;                      allow expansion of the school. The
                                           Heads & Tails:
                                           Raffle:                              President               Sandy Brill    funds will be made available at the
                                                                                Vice President          Bill Walker    time when sufficient additional
                                                                                President Elect 06/07 tba              moneys have been raised by the
                                                                                Secretary               Paul Brennan   school to cover the total cost of the
               Anniversaries                                                    Treasurer               Barry Kent     purchase.
                                                                                Directors:                                     `The Elanora Uniting church
                                                                                Club Service            tba            request for assistance in staging their
Carols by Candlelight was also             then the holiday itself, then the rest of
approved.                                  the week to get over it.                    Dinner Apologies                            ( By 12 noon on Mondays)
                                                          Nat Gould Author                                          To      Bill Walker Phone: 55305077 (H)
         News filtering through
                                                                                       decided upon by Watt and                     The Numbers Game
   The dilemma of keeping all members               Metrication Mystery                Boulton after observation of            It’s appropriate that this item is
informed of upcoming events of               Last week’s metrication item raised       heavy draught horses at work.        directly below details of dinner
interest is one not easily resolved.       the point as to why the electrical term     When Watt found that his steam       apologies because the numbers
Information about a multitude of           watt was named after James Watt             engine could be used to operate      game which Bill has to play on a
subjects comes to the club through         who is mainly known for his work            pumps and other mechanisms           weekly basis in advising the
sources such as our official address, E-   with steam engines. The answer is           then worked by a horse walking       venue of attendees has become a
mails to individuals, faxes to             probably contained in this extract          in a circle and pressing against a   serious gamble. Punters
individuals, the media and member’s        from a fifty year old motor manual’s        pivoted arm attached to a central    invariably lose when they punt
interests. Weekly meetings provide the     “1001 Hints”.                               shaft, it was natural for him to     against a sure thing and paying
first forum for dissemination to             James Watt (1736-1819) , inventor         express the power of his engine in   for all meals ordered has become
members who are present and the club       hailing from Scotland and connected         terms of the number of horses it     a sure thing.
bulletin can report the subject to those   with the University of Glasgow as a         could replace. In his partnership       Members can therefore expect
not in attendance. Delays of two weeks     maker of astronomical and                   with Boulton, Watt was able to       to receive a letter detailing
from receipt to complete distribution      mathematical instruments, improved          manufacture his steam engine         changes to the rules of the game
can therefore easily occur.                on the steam engine of Thomas               with commercial success. The         which will effect their hip pocket
   Prompt communication of any             Newcomen (1663-1729). The unit of           partners carefully studied the       if they take a punt on not
information is therefore essential if we   electrical power, the watt, was named       amount of work done by circle        apologizing on time. Make this a
desire to provide a positive outcome.      in honour of James Watt. The term           walking horses. They observed        game where you don’t gamble.
The necessity for outside organisations    watt is defined as the electrical power     also the strong dray horses                  Now THAT’S PR !!
wanting input from the club to             necessary to keep a current of one          working eight hours a day at the        The 130 word media report on
recognize that these lead times exist is   ampere flowing under a potential            London breweries and checked         the opening of a museum
also important to ensure that their        difference or electrical pressure of        their observations by going into     exhibition in Canberra on the
proposal gets the desired consideration.   one volt. ( 746 watts = 1 horsepower)       the question of the work done by     efforts to rid the world of polio
   Have you got a solution to this
                                                                                       a horse in drawing coal from a       which authorities hope to
dilemma? If you do, please
                                                                                       coal pit. The figure at which they   eradicate world wide by next
communicate with the editor so that
                                                                                       arrived , namely, 33,000 foot        year, contained the detail that it
your thoughts can be published.
                                                                                       pounds per minute, has been used     features an iron lung invented in
                                             Horsepower is the conventional            as a standard of h.p. ever since.    Australia.
         Thought on Vocations
                                           unit of motive power and a relic of           However, it has been shown            85 of the words were taken up
  The only job where you start at the
                                           the days when the horse provided            that the power of an average         with the politician who performed
top is digging a hole.
                                           most of the power harnessed for             horse, labouring at the rate of      the opening and his brush with the
               Jockey on The Track
                                           purposes of all kinds. It was first         eight hours a day, puts forth a      disease whilst no mention is made
                                           adopted as a standard for estimating        maximum of only 0.69 of the          of the iron lung inventor’s name
        Thought on Vacation
                                           the power of steam engines. The             standard horsepower.                 or who the “ authorities” are.
  (What the Australian) requires is the
                                           standard unit of the rate of work was                                               Obviously a politicians PR release.
day before to prepare for the holiday,