2009    PMIS114975  ARRA Funded
1. SCOPE: The contractor shall provide all services necessary to clean and conserve the
   metal, glass, and fabric and all parts of the two large chandeliers at the Melrose
   mansion, located at Natchez National Historical Park in Natchez, MS. The contactor
   shall provide all necessary labor to remove, treat, rewire, and re-hang the chandeliers,
   and provide detailed treatment reports and photographs. Offerors submitting a
   proposal shall include a history of past performance related to preservation of historic
   cemetery headstones with a minimum of 3 references and their contact information.
   Offerors who do not provide past performance information will be considered non-

2. BACKGROUND: Melrose, an 1840s antebellum mansion, is one unit of Natchez
   National Historical Park.
   Both chandeliers were electrified ca. 1930 after the mansion was first wired for
   electricity in the 1920s, and this original fixture wiring is still in place. The complete
   rewiring of the Melrose mansion in 1995 replaced only the circuits in the house but
   not the wiring within any fixtures. When a third large chandelier was permanently
   removed from the Melrose parlor in 2001, an examination of its wiring showed
   considerable deterioration and brittleness of the wire and its cloth covering.
   The Drawing Room chandelier, NATC 12399, an ornate five-armed gilded brass oil
   lamp patented in 1845 by Cornelius & Baker of Philadelphia, is the only light fixture
   in the mansion listed on the inventory of furnishings sold with the mansion by the
   McMurran family in 1865. The Back Hall chandelier, NATC 12400, a bronzed two-
   lamp carcel oil fixture with a patented clock mechanism for pumping oil to the wicks,
   is not listed on the 1865 inventory but shows prominently in the earliest interior
   photographs of the mansion, ca. 1900.
   The two chandeliers are displayed in the furnished room exhibits of the Melrose
   mansion and date to the nineteenth century. Along with other original furnishings,
   these chandeliers are considered as contributing elements to the estate’s National
   Historic Landmark status.

   All conservation treatment must be carried out in accordance with the principles and
   practices specified in the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the American
   Institute for Conservation (AIC). Ethical considerations as well as NPS Management
   Policies call for restoration treatment to be the minimum necessary, fully
   documented, and without fraudulent intent.

   NPS policy calls for a “minimal intervention” treatment strategy of doing the least
   possible to the object that in any way alters its significant characteristics. However, it
   is recognized that appearance is a high priority in the conservation treatment of fine
   arts and decorative objects, which are valued for aesthetic reason.

   It is most important that a licensed electrician sign off on the correctness of
   the rewiring.

3. JOB CONDITIONS: Any visits to the job site for examination or on-site work must
   be coordinated during regular work hours with the park museum curator, Cheryl
   Munyer, so that she can be on-site. She can be reached at 601-445-5395 (office) or
   601-870-8011 (cell) via e-mail at Food, drink, and tobacco
   products are not allowed inside the Melrose mansion. All work on-site must be done
   in accordance with NPS safety policies.

4. ARRA Funded Project This project is funded by the American Recovery and
   Reinvestment Act of 2009.

5. PROPOSALS: The contractor should include the following information in the

      a. A current resume that indicates education and experience in conservation
         treatment that provides at least three references with email information.

      b. A detailed description of approach, including commonly used methods,
         techniques, materials, and expected results. Include plans to disconnect and
         remove the chandeliers for transport to an off-site facility and methods of
         transportation (e.g., methods of packing and shipping) and security of facility
         where work will be accomplished.

      c. A statement indicating technical capacity to accomplish the work required
         (e.g., facilities, equipment, insurance requirements) and of ability to meet
         required dates of completion.

      d. Include a statement that a licensed electrician(s) will assist with the removal
         and re-installation of the chandeliers and will sign off on the project when

      e. Evidence of past experience in comparable projects.

      f. A sample treatment report.

      g. The contractor shall make and independent assessment of each chandelier
         either by a scheduled onsite visit or by the photos provided. Based on this
         information, the contractor shall submit treatment proposals to Warren Pannell.

      h. Submit proposals by 4/5/2010:
         Attn: Warren Pannell
         Lead Contracting Officer: West ASU - SERO, (NATR MABO)
         National Park Service
         Address: 2680 Natchez Trace Parkway
         City, State, & Zip Code: Tupelo, MS 38804
         Telephone No. 662-680-4009
         Fax No. 662-680-4033

      i. Questions and requests for photographs by CD should be submitted to:

         Cheryl Munyer, Museum Curator

         By Email:

         By Mail:
         Cheryl Munyer
         Natchez national Historical Park
         640 South Canal Street Box E
         Natchez, MS 39120

         By Fax: 601-445-5399

        a.   The contractor shall make and independent assessment of each
             chandelier either by an onsite visit or by the photos provided. The
             photos of the chandelier are not equal to an onsite visit as they do not
             show every area of the chandeliers. A site visit is highly
             recommended. Based on this information, the contractor shall submit
             treatment proposals to Warren Pannell.

          b.      The contractor shall propose how to disconnect and remove the
                  chandeliers for transport to an off-site facility. The statement should
                  describe proposed methods of transportation (e.g., methods of packing
                  and shipping); security of facility where work will be accomplished.

          c.      The contractor shall ensure that the ceiling, plaster medallion, walls,
                  carpeting, doors, and other parts of the mansion and period furnishings

              are not soiled or harmed in the process. Park staff will remove
              furniture from the area.

       d.     The contractor will provide any scaffolding or stage to access the 15
              foot ceilings and will promptly remove it upon completion.

       e.     A licensed electrician must assist with the removal and re-installation
              of the chandeliers.

       f.     The contractor will clean and conserve the chandelier, polish the
              metals where polish is needed, repair broken areas and restore areas of
              loss. Special attention should be paid to preserving the original finish
              and patina of the metals. While a clean and conserved product is
              desired, a “shiny new” look is not desired and would reduce the
              object’s historical integrity. Except for the old wiring, replacement of
              components with new material should be approved by park staff in
              advance. Regarding the fabric wrap on the carcel chandelier, a large
              sample of the original fabric and both tassels should be cleaned and
              returned to the park. The contractor should replace the wrap with an in
              kind silk fabric approved by the park.

       g.     The contractor should not “strip” the chandeliers of their finish. Care
              should be taken to examine the objects, determine the original finish
              and appearance and preserve the patinated areas. All efforts should be
              made to preserve the original finish, original plating, original coloring
              and patina.

       h.     Environmentally friendly materials should be utilized when available.

       i.     Once awarded, the contractor shall carry out the treatment as proposed
              and approved by park staff.

       j.     The contractor shall provide property insurance coverage. Total value
              to be insured is $100,000.00.

       k.     Upon completion, the contractor shall deliver detailed treatment
              reports for each chandelier detailing exactly what treatment was
              carried and what materials were used. The report must include before,
              during, and after photos both printed and on CD. The treatment report
              shall include recommendations regarding post-treatment care of the
              chandeliers. Documentation signed by a licensed electrician certifying
              the correctness of the re-wiring must be included.

Treatment shall take into account the possible importance of preserving signs of wear
and patina

7. DELIVERABLE: The deliverable for this project is the conservation and
   rewiring of two of the Melrose mansion chandeliers, NATC 12399 and NATC
   12400. A second deliverable includes the detailed treatment reports, excess
   materials, and sign off by an electrician.

8. DELEGATING AND SUBCONTRACTING: As the project requires work in a
   variety of areas including metals, fabric, and electrical rewiring, it is likely the
   contractor will delegate and subcontract portions of this project. If the contractor
   delegates work, he or she is directly responsible for the work. This includes work
   delegate to trainees, volunteer, subordinates, or outside agencies.

9. EXCESS MATERIALS: A sampling of six inches of the old wiring from each
   chandelier should be saved and any other materials removed as part of the
   treatment shall also be preserved, labeled, and returned to the park in sealed
   ziplock style bags.

10. CONTRACT PERFORMANCE PERIOD: The government requires
    completion of this contract within 120 days of the notice to proceed.

11. PAYMENT: One lump sum payment will be made when the job is complete
    unless alternate payment is arranged with the contracting officer in advance.


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