Courtland Delta Loop

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					Courtland Delta Loop

Start in Courtland and park near post office or school on Primasing

Leaving Primasing, turn left onto River Rd./Hwy. 160

7.0 miles, optional detour in historic Locke

8.3 lefthand bend toward Stockton/Lodi

9.3 enter San Joaquin County

13.7 left onto Thornton Rd. (Co. Rd. J8)

16.0 Sacramento County line

16.7. Optional stop at Cosumnes River Preserve

17.4 right onto Desmond Rd. (becomes Bruceville)

19.5 left onto Twin Cities

20.7 right onto Franklin

22.8 left onto Lambert Rd..

29.1 left on River Rd.

30.9 You're done. Food options include Al the Wop's in Locke or Tony's
Taco truck in Courtland.