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                 How Can I Transfer Kindle Files to iPad 2?

                                                If you bought a lot books on Kindle, and you
                                                newly bought an iPad 2, you may wanna
                                                transfer Kindle files to iPad 2. But most
                                                Kindle books have DRM protection. So
                                                before transferring transferring files from
                                                Kindle to iPad 2, you need to remove DRM
                                                from Kindle AZW books using Kindle DRM
                                                Removal, such as iPubsoft Kindle DRM

After DRM removal, convert the non-DRM books to ePub format, which can be read
on iPad, iPad 2 or iPad 3. Then use iTunes to transfer books to iPad. Following is the
step by step guide.

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Step-by-step Guide:

Step 1: Remove DRM from Kindle files with iPubsoft Kindle DRM Removal. Input the file,
then click "Remove DRM" to remove DRM from AZW.

Step 2: Open the output folder. Download Calibre to convert the output file to ePub format.

Step 3: Link iPad to computer, and use iTunes to sync the books to iPad for reading.

That's all. All of the process needs Kindle DRM Removal, Calibre, and iTunes.

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